The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 11, 1924 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1924
Page 7
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE SEVEN TO DARKEN HAIR APPWSAGE TEA "Look Young! Bring Back III Natural Color, Gloss and Attractiveness. Common garden sngo brewed Into a heavy tea with sulphur added, will turn gray, streaked and tailed hnlr bountifully dark nnd luxuriant. Just a few applications will provo r. revelation it your hair Is failing, streaked or gray. Mixing the Sngo Tea and Sulphur recipe at homo, though, Is troublesome. An easier way Is to pet u bottle ot Wynth's Sngo and Sulphur Compound at any drug .store all roail tor use This Is the old-time recipe improved by the addition of oilier ingredients. While wispy, gray, laded hnlr is not sinful, we nil desire to retain our youthful appearand and at- tr:ft;v«>-. iiy darkening your hair with Wyetl-'s Sage and Sulphur Compound, no one can tell, because It does It so naturally, so evenly. You just dampen » sponge or noil brush with it and draw this through your hair, taking one small strand at a time; by morning all gray hairs have disappeared, anil, after another .application or two, your hair becomes beautifully darl:, glossy; soft ami luxuriant. She Played With Fire f All her life she had i possessed everything her \\ heart could desire. But ,' she had one tragic weak- 1 tiess—a burning love of a gay lira*. She littlo realized to what bitter consequences hei extremes of folly might lead. Even when after marriage aha •ncouraged the attentions of the dashing young Walter " Itf-tcdonald, she did not awake to her extreme peril until aha tiud fjone too far to escapa the terrible penalty* Her frank confession la • * •tory that every girl ahould lead. It is entitled "Simply • Fool," and appears as one of the many startling features in December True Story Maga« tine. Buy it at the newsstand a today, 1 hie Story EMPLOYMENT IN SLACK MONTHS Construction of Two Buildings Will be Stimulus to Business Here. Business conditions In Hutchinson this winter will be stimulated bs the fact that two largo build-Ings will bo under construction. M. C. Foy. contractor, will commence the construction of the large addition to the Grace Hospital just as soon as materials, which have been ordered, arrive. The largo assembling and distributing plant for the Massey- Harrls Hnrvcstcr Co. will bo begun within a short time. Engineers for the company are expected this week, to draw up the plnns for the building which will be constructed on the two and a half acre tract Jrtat. south of the Santa Fe tractk on Easley street recently purchased. Ed Hnckett,' secretary of the Chnmber of Commerce, stated today that the- officials ot the harvester company expect to have their plant completed by March 1st, when they expect to begin shipping machinery here to be"as- semblcd. Kansas Title Men Meet Here Thursday The Kansas Association of Title Men will hold. Us annual convention here TlTursday, Friday anil Saturday of this week. More than 100 title and abstract men from all parts of the stnto are expected* to bo present. J. W. Woodford, treasurer of the American Title Association, from Tulsa will be one of the speakers on the program. Tho convention meetings will be held, at tho Chamber of Commerce. The arrangements are being taken care of by Hlchnrd Hall and Guy Morton of the Hall Abstract Co. Tho convention visitors will be given a luncheon at the Carey salt mine Friday noon and Friday evening they will be banqueted at the Hornbaugh-Wlley Tea Room. Robt. Campbell, Wichita, secretary of the Guarantee Title and Trust Co., will give ono ot Ills speeches on "The Advantages of Kansas." Students to Eat Waffles. The Student Council ot the senior high school will 1 have a wattle feed Nov. 25 In the high school cafeteria. The party will Include a special business meeting. Sixteen members are expected to attend. Cuticura Should Be In Every Home Daily use of Cuticura Soap keeps the pores active and the skin clear and healthy, while the Ointment heals pimples and other irritations. Cuticura Talcum is a delicately medicated antiseptic powder of pleasing fragrance. * lusplw Praa fc* Mifl. AAima: "OMltarsLkfetW- fttottM.DeplliMfoldMia .MMi." Sold tv«rr< whnreJSca.p SSc .'Qlntossjnltt t>tvl «t. T*Jrom2i*. sfJaV Cuticura Product* Are Raliabla. Beauty A Gleamy Mass of Hair 35c "Danderine" does Wonder* for Any Girl's Hair While at work driving spikes on the Krfsco near Lyons, August Orosco. Mexican section hand, was Injured by being struck In the Ire with a splinter of steel. The metal was deeply Imbedded. Robert McCHintock, a brother of Councilman J. 1*. McCllnlock, of Lyons, was elected representative from Kingfisher county In Oklahoma In the recent plecllnu. He was for many years u resident ot liico county. Mullinville is looking around with a viow of building a new rural high school building. Steve Winfrey, night rook «t a Kingman lunch room lilt a cartridge with a hammer. He knows better now. The cartridge went off. ot course, and the bullet went Into his right arm. Rev. John Hantln, a former St. .lohn boy, has received wide recog- nil I MI for good work he js doing as head of a mission church In Sioux City, la. He Is a graduate of the St. John high school. The ten months old baby boy ot Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Tolaiid of St. John wns quite severely burned $2 <i .t0, pretty good wages for thr-" nights of hunting. "The flight of crows In my section of the country has been unusually heavy this tall ' said Woods, Dr. P. \V. Kurtz, president of Me riierson College, will deliver an ad dress at Treston on November V when he upset a bowl of hot food 1 as a feature of the program ot JSdu Into his lap. ! cational Week. A bad accident occurred on the Pawnee south of Ness City, when little Jessie Cranston carried a lamp Into a closet which caused a can of gasoline to e\plode. The little girl died n short time Inter and Miss Opal May. ot N'ess C'ltv. a teacher In the Cranston district, was severely burned. In the October Issue of "The County Official," published at.To- pelia. a write-up was printed concerning the work of IJllinn Alton county clerk of Kingman count> and her deputy. Pearl Blxler. The Kingman county clerk office tin Ished figuring their tuxes earlier than other counties. The title of champion crow hunter of Itice county 1« now worn by John M. Woods of East Washington township who appeared at the county clerk's office Saturday with 2114 crow heads which ho cashed In at 10 cents per head, a total of Howard Stoskopf. of ITolslngtnu gets $5 for sending a halloon th' farthest distance from the Bnrtor county fnlr this fall. This weei' It. W. Price, of Mound Va1l«y. Kan. sent In a balloon that had Howard' name on ihe accompanying trip Scores of cards have been recelvc<i from points ion miles sway an! more, but Howard's balloon w ;i- found 264 miles from Great Bend- HONOR SOCIETY TO Bfi SUBJECT OF DEBA.T The House of Hetirof-ntatn e* >:\ the senior high school will ha\e a debate at. the next rcculur meet Ing. Tuesday. Nov. IS. The aubj<"-: is: "Resolved. That the Natlnna Honor Society should be tutm duced Into Ihe schools." The KIU denls on the affirmative are Ken noth Sontney and Bill Diinfnrih. those on the negative are italpi Kidwell and Sylvester Huffman, ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS, By Ollvs Robtrtf, Barton. NO 20—THE BROWNIES SAVE JACK'S HOUSE "How do you do?" a aid the white crow, "Don't you worn'," said Mister Plm Pirn, the brownie man, to tho Twins. "Why It wouldn't matter If you were stuck on a mountain twice as high as this one. All 1 have to do la to call my million brownies and your troubles will be over." , "It's a good thing you came, that's all I've got to say," said Nancy. "Not that Nick .and I for a long time. Not for fifty years have I enjoyed anything as much as I did the rldo down the mountain. Thanks a lot." "Oh. are you magic?" asked Nick. "1 never saw n white crow." "No, sir, I'm not magic any more than a hard-boiled egg," laughed the crow. "I'm a mountain crow and lots of mountain crows are white. But speaking of magic, Plm thinking and thinking, to help you." "Good!" declared Mister Plm. "Let's hear it." "Well to begin with," said the crow, "Mother Goose is a very goocl f end of mine. She comes to the mountain top every day with her broom and sweeps my nest out and tidies up for me. I'm going to tell her about everything and together we shall hunt up Yum Vwai Land and Daddy Gander." "Tint we're miles and miles from Yum Yum Land!" said Nick. "You'll never find It." "Ot coursfc we will!" cried the crow. "Tho Yum Yum Landers are Ihe g:-..'*pst eaters in all the world. You can hear the people going 'yum yum' at their meals, miles away, it's very imr •ir.nerly, but true. Rut I'd better be off. Goodbye! " "Good-bye!" "Good-bye!" called Mister Plm and the Twins. (To Be C. " ued.) (Cupyrlgh 1924 NBA Sendee Piui Inc.) MRS.BUSH TELLS . OTHER WOMEN HowPairuin Sideand Dragging Down Feelings Were Relieved by Lydia E. Pinkham's VegetableCompound Massena,New York.—" 1 had terrible pains in both my sides and a ~fld r a g g i n g-down feeling that af- fectedraeeothat I could hardly walk, and I cot rundown. Atriend who had taken Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Compound advised nvj to try it and 1 have taken it with the best results. I do my housework and also some outdoor work on the farm. The Vegetable Compound has given wa back my health and I cannot T>raise it enough. J am perfectly willing that you should use these facta it' my letter will help other women who , atlll suffer."—Mrs, DELBEKT BUSH, "B. P. D. 1, Mnssena.N.Y. The spirit of helpfulness shown in the letters we are constantly publishing is worthy of notice. *'' These women know by experience • what Lydia E." Pinkham s Vegetable i Compound will do. Your troubles ate ' Ihe same as theirs. If you have pains and a dragging down feeling and are nervous and lr- ' ritable, profit by Mrs. Bush's experience and mve the Compound • trial Girls'. Try this! When combing and dressing your hair, Just moisten your hair-brush with a little "Danderine" and brush It through your hnlr. The otfect Is startling! You can do your hair up immediately and It will appear twice as thick and heavy—a mass ot gleamy hair, sparkling with life and possessing that Incomparable softness, freshness and luxuriance. While beautifying the hair "Dan­ derine" la also toning and stimulating each single hair to grow thick, long and strong. Hair stops falling out and dandruff disappears. Get a bottle of "Danderine" at any drug or toilet counter and just see how healthy and youthful your hair appears after this delightful, refreshing dressing. dom is worth a thousand times more than all the magic in the world? I've got a wise Jtead, 1 have, and 1 use It. I have heard all your troubles and I've been couldn't get away if we wanted to did it ever occur to you that wis- with our muglc shoes 'n everything! but the House-That-Jack'Bullt would be too heavy for us to carry. It would Just stick up hero on this old mountain top for over." Mister Plm Plm took a whistle out ot his pocket and blew and blew. At that a horde of tiny men swarmed up the sides of the mountain, making funny noises as they came. And they picked up the House- That-Jack-built on their shoulders us though it was made of cardboard, and shouting and singing, they bore It down a steep path with Nancy and Nick and Mister Plm Plm inside. Then very gently they set it on the ground and scampered off to their hiding holes under tho ground that led to Brownieland. "But we aren't any better oft than before," said Nick. "We're still miles away from Mother Goose Land, and we can't possibly tako Jack's house back to him unless we can find Daddy Gander and his magic dustpan." 'Hold on, hold on," croaked a hoarse volco down the chimney. "I've beon watching the whole affair. I think that it is tlmo for a wise head like mine to help you out." The Twins and Mlstor Pirn Pirn ran outside, and there sitting on the roof was a big white crow. "How do you do," said the white crow. "I've been sitting up here HOLADAY ORCHESTRAS IN DEMAND TODAY The Lloyd llolladay orchestra motored to Liberal '.!>' l- ^.ning to play for a dance to be given by tho American Legion lu celebration o£ A-r.ilstlce il.iy, and the Hollnday Serenaders went to Grueusburg to play for an ArmlsMco day celebration being held there ' -j the Ame- 1- can legion. A dance will conclude the day's program at the town hall. Telephone 449 Now Sport Hose That Flatter the Ankle AETNA-IZB Drehm's. NOW. Phone 42- 8-3t VVhy do your own Family Washing when our Terms .are so Reasonable. PHONE HUTCHINSON FAMILY WASH LAUNDRY A. H. Tuttle, Proa, If The President Telephoned You- Would It Thrill You? Yes It would—and this very thing Is possible with a radio. We have a number of different size sets from which you may make a selection. And our stock of parts, some of which are listed, is very complete. Prices are extremely lew. Batteries Rheostats Tubes Horns Detectors Condensers FOUR NORTH MAIN QIZABETHARDEN Venetian Toilet Preparations Bringing the Resources of a Famous Salon Within Reach of Tour Dressing Table By enabling you to purchase the Venetian Preparations at our toilet goods counter and furnishing you with a booklet containing instructions for their u*e, wc have provided you with the means of applying in your own home the Muscle-Strapping Skin-Toning Treatments given in the Salons of Elisabeth Ardcn in New York, London and Paris. Venetian Cleansing Cream. Seeps into the porrj and cleanses the skin of all impurities. $1,$2, Venetian Ardena SUn Toole. A mild astringent tonic, whitens and refines the skin. $.85, $2, Venetian Velva Cream. A delicate nourishing cream recommended for Sensitive skins. $1,12, Venetian Orange Skin Food: A rich cream, nourishes hungry and flaccid tissues; excellent for thin, lined or aging face. II, $1.75, $2.75, Venetian Amoretta Cream. A protective vanishing, cream. Forms an ideal foundation for powder. $1, Venetian Lille Lotion. A powder in liquid form. Smooths and protects the skin, and gives it an exquisite bloom. White, Cream, h'alurcUe, Special Rachel, Spanish Rachel, Ocre. $1.50, Venetian Special Astringent. Tightens facial muscles, restores a youthful contour. $2.25, $4. Venetian Antl-Wrlnkle Cream. Contains both astringent ingredient* and nourishing oils. $2, Venetian Adona Cream. and shoulders. $1.50, Venetian Pore Cream, plexion. $1, , A tksue builder fur filling out hollows in neck Closes enlarged pores and refines a coarsened rom- Ask at our toilet t°ods counter for "The Quest oj thi Beautiful", a booklet which describes all of the Venetian Preparations and tells how to apply the Muscle Strapping Treatments. « » You'll be proud o{ your ankles iu tlicse new Windsor Full Fashioned silk-and-wool sport hose. Their .sliccrness and fit rival chiffon—yet they have- all the durable absorbent qualities of wool— Jn the season's newest shades including black, brown, grey, fawn camel, buckskin and piping rock. Priced $2.25 the Pr. Thanksgiving Sale of LINENS Now in Progress— F.very home lover and every woman who loves to entertain, has great regard for fine Linens. This Special Linen Sale, coming as it does, just before the holidays, is a fitting occasion to buy linens ot every kind— Prices that Mean an Appreciable Saving Half-Price Millinery Sale Continues Formerly $2.50 to $15; Now $1.25 to $7.50 Excellent bargains in many of our season's choicest hats. All hats from $2.50 to $15 are included (except metal and satin hats). The newest color combinations and the latest feather trimmings. Smart shapes iu popular novelty styles. You are sure to find something you will like.

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