The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 30, 1948 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1948
Page 8
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M. 1MI The Nation \Knotc America JAMES XAXLOW June 30 FMtMent Thomas E. *ays, there'll b* the "finest A. Whe«l«r. New Yo*-k lawyer, congressman. Vice President under Hayes, born at Malone. X. Y. Died June 4. 1887. - * 182*--Frederick F. Low, California. hau*ede*iun« Washisftaa ever ·aw." This may give the impression that i the praent swarm of people work- j inc. for the government would be fired. That hardly seem* likely. Y«u can M* why from this: He could use the broom only in the executive branch of the gov-| emrceat. j The people working in the other j two branches--judicial and legislative--are practically by any President For example, take the judicial branch-- pioneer, banker, governor and j diplomat, born in Winterport, Maine. Di-d July 21. 18SML years ago 1 Edward Bur- designer of cup-winning yachts and an entomologist of note, born in Sandwich, Mass. Died July 12. 1591. 1855--William B Caperton. admiral- commander-in-chief of the Pacific fleet ia World War I. born at Spring Hill. Tenn. Died Dec. , Zl, 1941- untouchable 1S60 _ Edward fuller. Philadelphia newspaper editor and author, born in Syracuse. X. Y. Died April 29. 1938 There are about 275 U. S judges · 1568--Mabel Cratty New York so- of all kinds and about 3.000 people j cial ^ ortter ^ known as the ·working under them, luce court · -statesman o f the Y. W. C A clerks. Almost everyone of the judges now sitting' OB a bench has been appointed for life by President Truman or some previous President So they're safe. And the court employes have alzaoct all been appointed by the judges, and they're beyond the presidential touch. So Dewey as President would really b« able to do only one th'ng in the judicial branch: Appoint new fudges as vacancies'occurred. Now take the legislative branch- Congress--without counting the members of the House and the Sen- bom at Bellaire, Ohio. Died Feb 27, 1920. Today la Riatory 1783--The Continental Congress, driven from Philadelphia by a mob of mutinous and half-drunken soldiers, meets at Princeton, N. J. 1815--Historic treaty with Algiers-the Algerians renouncing claims to tribute they had demanded from the United States. 1834--Indiana Territory established by Act of Congress. 1902--The U. S. Army adopts the olive drab uniform. ·tors, all of whom are elected by j 1905--25-year-old Albert Einstein, the people--has about 4.000 em- ployes. They include stenographers, clerks, secretaries, and others. The members" of Congress hire them and the President, unless there are a couple of minor exceptions, has nothing to do with hiring or firing them. That leaves only the people in the executive branch of the government--various departments and agencies--for Dewey to work on. They number 2.048.000 everywhere: In Washington, the rest of the country and overseas. -Of that total 92 per cent, or 1.884.160. are Civil Service employes The rest. 163.840. are non-Civil Service and have been appointed to jobs. It's on that second group--the non-Civil Service people--that Dewey could do most of his broom- work. But take the Civil Service workers first They are people who have taken competitive examinations for their jobs and are making a career of ·working for the government. They include bureau heads, clerks, stenographers, and so on. They can be fired for only two ressons: 1. If they've done something j ago. ·wrong. Prof 2. If their jobs,are wiped out. Dewey could sweep them out the Swiss student, writes first essay on what was to become the Theory of Relativity. 1906--The Pure Food and Drugs Act enacted by Congress. 1919--Prohibition in effect at midnight 1930--The fiscal year ends with the budget balanced--for the last time. 1941--President Roosevelt dedicates the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library. Hyde Park. N Y. 1942--The Civilian Conservation Corps abolished. 1943--Deliveries of New York City newspaper halted by mass "illness" among the deliverers. 194C--Fourth atom bomb dropped in Bikini experiment. 1947--President Truman signs the modified rent control bill as the "lesser of two evils." Today's Birthdays Walter Hampden. famed Shake- spcrean actor, born in Brooklyn. N. Y.. 69 years ago Leo Spitz, executive head of production. Universal - Internationa!, born in Chicago. 60 years ago. James A. Moffett. oil man. one. time housing administrator, born j in Parkersburg, W. Va.. 62 years Louise Pound of the University of Nebraska, professor of English literature, born Lincoln, second way: By asking Congress! Nebr. 76 years ago. not to vote any more money for i Florence S. Kerr their jobs. By voting little or no money for a certain agency. Congress could reduce the number of its employes or cancel out their jobs altogether. But stilL this can't be done with too many agencies. Now take those other 163.840 non-Civil Service people who have been appointed to their jobs or accepted them without Civil Service examination. Right off the bat Dewey would be sure to replace the heads of the big departments, like Secretary of of St Paul. Minn . former assistant administrator of the Federal Works Agenc3 r . born Harnman. Tenn, 58 years ago. Glenda Farrell. actress, born at Kremlin. Okla.. 44 years ago Ex-Postmaster General Robert E. ("Bob") Hannegan born. Rev. Dr. O. Frederick Nolde. dean of the Graduate School. Lutheran Theological Seminary. Philadelphia, born in Philadelphia. 49 years ago. Prof. Harold J. Laski, famed English political scientist, born 55 State. Agriculture. Labor and so i years ago. on. i They are the members of the j TOUT'S Horoscope President's cabinet. Each Presi- j If born in the early part of the dent appoints his own cabinet j ^ 3 J"- the tendencies are astute and ·which steps out when he retires j practical, but later they take on an Dewey, naturally, would appoint j element of self-indulgence. If this his own cabinet. Then he could be expected to get rid of most, if not all. the heads of 5f the disposition is not given over the independent government agen- j to license. Guard carefully against cies--there are less than 100 such j anv desire to break away from a agencies--who were appointed by j perfectly straight path in life, for sidciil Truman or President · such impulses are easily intensi- nature is carefully trained, there is the making of a worthy person. Roosevelt and did not through Civil Service. come up i5ed Such agencies include the Mart- Tini-t^t T^-urn. time Commission, the Interstate I O I . OW " Commerce Commission, and so on.! Fello'H'sllip Week Then there'd be the special as- j sistants to the department or agen- « Tinytot Town. Carroll Parkway cy heads who are not Civil Serv- | and Bentr street municipal play- ice people. | ground enterprise for pre-school There are other non-Civil Service employes--like the chauffeur to the cabinet member or special secretaries to department heads-who'd be likely to go The new- department heads would pick own peopla. But even so the government has to be run- Good people willing to work for government salaries are not easy to find And Dewey. who has the reputation of being a good administrator, probably -,\ould be careful about firing good people doing a good job. age children, participated in "Fellowship Week" with a special Mother Goose tea-party Tuesday afternoon. During the summer, the tots' their P^ a "£round and equipment is supervised daily except Sunday by j leaders and committee-women from | 10-12. 3-5-and 630-8 j Approximately 35 parents, tiny j tots and guests attended the tea- ! party Tuesday. ! The corr.mittee assisting the! Stairway To Desolation A View Of Devastation ' The rooms to the left of the entrance hall are connected by a pair of swinging doors, still in good condition, one of wtiich is sho\vn above. Xotc heaps of plaster and debris. In the room in the foreground, just out of camera range, is a pool of stagnant water. The 'L/v/ng Room' Of Catoctin House Catoctin House Fast Succumbing To Ruin tCMtttoned from Pace One) rooms, the well set windows arc the product of excellent planning and the walls of stone even room partitions in places are heavy stonework) have survived years of neglect. Catoctin house has had some very famous neighbors in recent years. As it has drowsed jbehiad thickets of honeysuckle and g-ant weeds. President Roosevelt. Winston Churchill, the ihen General George C. Marshall, and others of the war great sped by-u en route to Shangri-La, only a few miles distant by mountain path. President Truman has shared his predecessor's delight :n the Catoctin mountain camp and has used it a: a secluded holiday spot. Natives wonder if the chief executive ever has rsoticed the impressive old house and whether h's feeling for history is affronted by the decay of property under Federal ownership. When the Catoctin area work was undertaken in 1935. Dr L. C. Gray, director of the Division of Land Utilization, said. "We look i upon the Catoctin project as am excellent illustration of how ooor- j ly used lands can be developed to 1 great public advantage." While ' applauding that sentiment and appreciating the conversion of depleted, waste lands to national park use. the countryside questions the wisdom of abandoning a house of eiigcity aad charm, so closely linked to the industrial history of the ares. Several months ago a sroup of Frederick iren went 10 Washington and with Congressman J. Glenn Seall conferred with Conrad L. \V:rth and other National Park Service officials to urge restoration of the house. Representing this c:tv. Ru?;^'J H. McCain. Charles S. Lane. HI." Charles McC. Mathias. Jr.. and Charles F Bov.-ers were assured no funds for such work , are available. As Superintendent W i l l i a m s phrases it. "To 5x up the house would take as niuch as we have to spend in the whole area in three or four years " The Catoctin Area v/ith 10.000 acres and 133 buildings to be maintained, this year has 3. Ssca! budget of S10.000. a sum that :n its entirety would be an insignificant beginning in an un- dertaking like icstorinf Catoeiiii house. There has been;talk of giving the house to the Stt -te of Maryland «· but the Federal government is reluctant to mcTjfde in the donation any appreciable acreage, a condition the Fres State refuses to j accept. j Even aequisitio..i by a wealthy antiquarian wiUir.s to spend the "mint of money" to restore an oSd || house seems bey«nd the realm of " possibility for Cs tocUn house be| cause sale of res d estate by th* ' Federal governrru ^nt to a private , o\\ ner must be an thorized by special act of Congrei^s and is a ponderous intertnins) ile matter. So it seems thi weeds and the 'brambles will have their way un' disputed and in a few more years then will cover ib e heap of rubble that was Catoctin. house. \ The stairway which stretches up to the nttsc still is sound and sturdy, despite missing bannisters and accumulated trash. Note the broken window sashes, the basement door denuded of hardware, and the length of pipe once part of a water system with an attic tank for rainwater. DR. WALTER SNOW OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined -- Glasses Fitted 41 North Market St. Phone.835 ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR TROUttE? CALL EAST END GROCERY 1657 ANYTIME Commercial Domestic Franklin (hdi Stockman 100 E. 6th St Electrical Appliances Repaired HOT CROSS PUNSt* SMITH Holiday Week-end Specials R O L L S For IL our Picnic Sandwiches CAKES, COOKIES DINNER ROLLS BREAKFAST BUNS DANISH PASTRIES Remember! Stores Will Be Closed Monday Place Your Order Earlv 213 NORTH MARKET STREET FREDERICK, MD.' TELEPHONE 1446 TO IXSTALL OFFICERS Frederics Chapter Xo. 347. Women of the Moose, will have its an- Bual installation of officers when it holds its regular rnon'hly meeting tonight at eishi o'clock at the Mccse home West South street- Friends of the Co-xvorkers and members o£ the Men's Lodge Xo. 371 ttave been invited to the open meeting. Edward Saitzman. governor of the local r-.en"s lodge, has · Iseen invited to preside as the installing oScer. He will be assisted by Edwin D Aibaugh. installing chaplain: a-nd Leonard Allison, installing guide. The following officers \rail be installed in the crder named- Octavia Zimmerman. ' pianist: Ethel Long. Argus: Ethel Monngstar. Sentinel: Harriet Weddle. Assistant Guide: Hilda Win- piglcr. Guide 1 Hilda King, treasurer: Anna W. Smith, recorder. Theima Welier. chaplain: F?iza- beth M Engle. Junior R _ent: Anna , M. Brown, Junior Graduate Regent: j Charlotte Bartgis. Senior Regenf. ' Refreshments will be served. Romsburg. Mrs Robert Ritchie. 1 Worn- often misused Do r.«* Mrs Fred. Kressssg. Mrs. C. Ro-' say. It is ju«: i.kc I ir"v %!S .y .' bert Stuo. Mrs. Victor Palmer and! would be ' Sa. It 35 as I Mrs. Richard L Karget! Leaders ,' thought ;t would be ' were Mrs Kathr-ne Bennett and I Often rr!i=Drorou-c-'i -\u-i 'a-Miss Elaine Chandiee. syne _ Pronounce rid i;^ *!P. *.r= : Guests included Richard Har- .« s? :r a :! . sccond as as ,_ ,,,,,- , gett. Jr. Donna Lee riargett. Jea- as , r 5,,.^ nette and Gay Stup. Mr. Victor "(y.^^,.-.^ c Palmer ar.d Betty. Mrs. Louis ... *"p' \'TM Schoolman and David Jon and 1'"" ^ " · ' Barbara Kreissig. Gerald Coulter. Carolyn Rogers. Grace Marie Of- , . futt. Corinne Bennett. Cheryl Rita Welis. Mr? R Lee Keyser. Robert and Judj-. Paul Romsburg and Roy. Jr. Mrs. Carroll Hendrickson arid Huni. Miss Mary Flsmgan. Patricia Vaughan. Mrs. Wallace Burdette and Robert. The once gracious iivire room, to the right of the broad entrance lattune and paper httcr the floor, window sashes are missing, portions been ripped out by Photos by Frank Kcefcr hall. :s a shambles Plaster, of the \\oofien mantel have ^ S-c." a quar- read etc rro- Sjnonms Justice, jusirjcss f LICENSE A marriage license has been issued ;n Washington to John Yinger, 49 of Frederick, and Dora Burton. 54. 1654 Park road X W , Washington. equity. lc"aht\. Word study ' Urc a v ord ".^irce times and it ss yours " Let us increase our vocabulary by TMacr- ing one word each d?y Today 5 word. ?-»eihod!cal. chsrcctcr-.TCT by method or orderliness s.« ste^afc Ke came and \\ent with rrcthod:- ca! rcgulsntj " ONE ARREST One arrest va? Tade overnight bv c:ty police Oiive Gray, colored. Bradnock. wa= c^arced v ith rntox- icat-.on b Officer TV.entev and held unde - So and cost: Ar:\ crl^seincn;: Way to Relieve itchy Pimples jour ^k:n is irr:tated ivith n:r.^p"t5. red blotches and other skin blen*:shes. and oure cra:y~ i\ith ;ich.:-,2 torture, here's fast relief Gst a 3oc box of Pciersor. s Oint- ·^crst st \our druggist and apply this sooth;:.s bal" Promptly re- hcves srrarting ?rd itching Your s;r. !ro-;? better. feel% better. 7.7o".cv bac-c iT nit delichted FAST TLME " Rarnilton. Bermuda, June 29 «J^ --Four P-80 jet fighter planes of 'the United States, Air Force today flew the 821 miles from-Andrews Meld. Md. to Klndley Field herej ia one hour and 50 minutes. They flew at an altitude of 32.000 feet and finished with a half rovrve of gasoline. Now Is The Time For all carpentry work, repairing, remodeling, new construction, see Thomas Constr.Eng. Co. 310 Jefferson Street Phdne 2144-J XOTM'E! The telephone number of VIXDOBOXA HOTEL has been chanced to 5241 Braddock Heights. We are now serving meals a,; follows: LUNCHES i TO 2.30 P." M. DINNERS 5:30 TO S P. M. Sundays and Holidays 12:30 to 7:30 P. M. M. J. CROGHAN. Your OUTBOARD MOTOR KOW AVAILABLE SHIPLEY'S SPORT STORE 103-105 N. Market St. A KNOCKOUT/ That's what folks -sav about The ElfctrOTj'.f: Shop's df pcnda »'e *rtricr When ou brins your radio or television receiver to u« for ser\:ce, you arc assarcd that she work tvsil he performed bv men w h o are st!!ed and «ho are properly equipped for the -wrork they do. ELEaROHICS SHO , , r TUEVtSK)K SERVICE HOWPATRICKST. KELLY JtthLruj/Lid NEW KELLY CRUISER Here's ,great rieu-s for your pocketbook! Dependable Kelly tires at new low cost. See these husky, full-size, modem design Kelly Cruisers. No need to look around for bargains, when these new Keliys cost so little. Full trade-in allowance for the unused mileage in your old tires. FOR THE BEST TIRE DEAL IN TOWN, SEE MONOCACY MOTORS, Inc. Just For Fun I BEACH BALLS, $1.69 Larte, tri-color. talve-type bladder. PLAYGROUND BALLS,, S1.89-S2.49 All-i ubber. SWIM TRUNKS, 89c to $4.95 AQUA-M1TS, S2.95 pr. Men's ani Boys* Sizes EAR .PLUGS, 29c-?J9c pr. SHOP AT SHIPLEY'S Tour Friendly Sporting Good Sitore 103-105 ?!. Market St. NOW MUCH DOES A LOfiN COST? S25 forl - )week '35c fcficZ cost Other a.rnou nts up to $300.00 arc based «-n thfr came j»ro~ portlona;* cosi_ No deduo uons cr .3 av-st*saLUoa fee* are n^ac* »02 any ICSLS """ No e=ibarr -assms iarestixa- tiona--Xon 5 o£ tne ssnal red tape -- N t Delay -- For * »m;cle sicci .lure loan--se« u* % today. If rc oney is needed In A hurry, c none us first. «c Ehar vre ca ji haie the cast re*dr by ' the time 1C w:I take you £1» reach our offic*. tOS W. Patrick St. Phone 1270 615 North Market St. Phone 150 LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE and earn big money Finest trainii 1 ^ la all phases of 1 Scanty Culture. D ay or evening- class* s. In- dividual in 5truc- tion. SPECIAL RATES Small ' Enrollment Fee KEW BtMMSR CLASSES NOW B ORMIXG Approved for G. L Tralnlnj For 'Information Phone 1'rederick 478-B Or Write Frederick Beauty School, Inc. 12 S. Marked St, Fred'ick, MA , Robert E. tee Hotel SERVING FREDERICK COUNTY Commercis 1 and Industrial BKTRIQU ENGINEERING HOUSE WIRING ElECTRICVl CONSTRUCTION REFRIGERATION Sales And Service C O N W A Y ' S VALLEY ELECTRIC MIDDLI:TOWN, MD. Phone Frederick 6-3000 or MiddJetown 12-W DAT *OR NIGHT

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