The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 13, 1932 · Page 13
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 13

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1932
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY OT5WB, FKZDZKICK, WD., FRIDAY, RAT 15, 1931 THIRTEEN Gossip BV DAN THOMAS A Little Short To The Green H'ly.v^-d Miy 13 --No's: they're say- ' Gi-.?a s t.v f^stt:t "comer" in HcOy- bo;rds 25 r:-..r.s m;ae the cvsst rapid, in the ir. 1931 . she ! 5 (of- 4 v^.j.o iOO ?-·= .- - arid : a ojvc" deCi?ic:an: cf Arthur Mid- ' dleton :ne ~i no i_;-it--» cf the Efcclar- ' Those chorus c:" the · Mu^ic BJX Revue" on i Broadway ; 5-e c^n s r,j too re- ! member S- LJ-.IS Bra-*' -n "The; Kinds of W -aiei .ini she is all : tfeere _:: t"*:* -tr.le .normal bedroom, Shots the inr.-es applv as insights irtto characters r:.d so f.^rth . . . and we BOTH he.- "k= t -s ^re dimpled . re- · I'mb.-r -hx:n in Dr Jetyll"» j A Good listener. Til? Ut'.l- g.rl from Sa.2::r;ah lies to ; j!t and :i_t. . . and she Ii:ens ex- I traordinir;'-'. v, _" :he talkers sav . : .j ner f_\^r.:e is 3 T She v.c^rs r^e'al cl^'h pa'3:*ias srourid ;ne ! x ou=* a-.d ne - .er - *-al--:s doxn a flisn: cf ^" viTivtit crowing her Ungers her 12-. ,r::ei are Lynn Fonianne. Rcb- ) ?r: C^-ra:: ar.d Aaclphe M.n; J . . . she's i jus: cr. --.Mi frcm Aus^r. Parier, the | !T -er . Ar.d .-.' · . - .-.a ^.'d a :'.S-d prov- j Here's a ne-s- hazard in golf, d^piaved br two charrr.-riy University of in co-eds playing a: Columbia. Mo. They are. !ef; :o ri?h - . Cordelia Schroeder of Wichi:a, San. and Jess.e Lou McGrai-. El Dorado, Ark. Makes a oreltr fair way 13 play around eh? The Francis Scott Key Hotel COFFEE BOOM SPECIAL DINNER 75c SEKVED FROM 5:59 f. St--«.»· P. M. Grsprfnlt OK Tora»t« Joir* OK CUm Ch««4rr OK C»u*UM OllTrt Chvtcc «' 2: Ck»w Ch«« Brvilid Silver B» Swrrtkrradl OK Choir* ·!: I»IB OK F*rk. lOd XM»hT»*M *B T»»»t OK Cfa*lr« »C I. Sw*rt r»t»lo« OK B»tt«n4 B»t» OK Frwd Elf FUnt OK Fru Spirrt) F««r Cholc* ·« OB M*r»ro«B Cu*t»rd pi* OK Str»»b*rr» OK Ch*r*l«tc Ic« OK Omi(« U» OK Kce P»««iJc OK Freit JrU* Choic* ft: CoBM Tr Milk COMBINATION' PLATTEKS S*» Tr««t OR S*» Cr*»ta ». P»Ut«M. B»rU. C.Or* _ or*. »**»« »Bd C«B»* Shad Got. r»lr Sl»w. Pvuta Cip* »Bd C*9r* Omrlrl »:tb Crramrd SwMrlbr*»d«. r*a. P»l»t»*». C»He» Crramnl Snrlbmd* and Mnihr»«m» » T»ail. \r*r Fried rotitoo and CaBre __ - . -- ~ NDJOBILEE GE SUNDAY Synonyms" Price (no'-ni), coot, c expense, va.ue Trorth Word s:udy "Cse 3 Trord three asc it is yours ' Le* ": increase our vocabulary by'er:r:r cne vrord eac.i diy Tjsay's wore- Irascible: one ta ariger · He ?.'as 3. peppery ar.d i :rasc:"o:« old ge^tieaia^.' · j Expect 10.000 At Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church. Warner Bros. Theatres ICELEBRATION AT THURMONT ! T \ v O LI Preparat.ons .de at 1 Th-jncon; 10 hand 10 000 persons iho j j are expected :o vis.; :he :o^-n Siinc?y i ! for 'he diamond ;ub--ee ce'.yorsnon of ; Hopkins, irho has been chosen as the ca'-staadiivj new star of 1931. ing :ha- she is ai leas; a fu Hoilywooti res:-dea; . . . she sleeps in Greta Garbo's bee ha-- ng leased -he iioxise Greta former!- occupied . . . and they =ar the dimple jn her nght knee is bigger than the one -n her left ~ # s The Coming Mr. Tracy. And whJe Tve're talking abou; comers, we'd be'ter not leave oat Spencer Tracy . . he loois like one of the real finds cf recent rears . . ^ a man's man and a favorite -n-^h our leading feminine stars . . . Randolph Scott .s another one rou m:ghL keep in mmd Colleen lloore a reported to have rorned dotrn the proSered lead in "Rei Headed Woman" . . . Jean Harlow iras to have the role . . . anc probably -s-ili get It ... and Korma Talmadge may make another one for or.e cf the :n- . r\..^ T '.;** n~ \*" -%·---* ^"o^*n^i" (~"o-irtl-·« Ulir t i^l_t Q_ _V.-?^.l. V*.l..l^r. V^^.1.O..\, ( · The annr-'crssry is to be celebrated | Tn:h a. somr: high cnsss on trie cnnrch grcuads in the morning, and a large number of Catholic church officials in 1 the stare are expected to be present. ! Rev. FT. Joseph L Carraru rector of th-e church.'siid TJiursdav that he has j received C32un^nic£tions frora otner churches throughout the state saying ' that these congregations expect to send : delegations Msgr. Bradiey, of the Moust St. I ira-- s Seminary, "rill celebrate the mass. Bishop McXamara, of Baltimore, · will preside, ana the sermon -Kill be j preached oj Msjr. Tlemey, of Mount 1st \£ary's Sean=ary. State police are to oe detailed to the locality and nurses ·a'til be on hand to care for any psrs-sns 7 no become -11, The interior of the structure, -vh;cr. ·s-as ced.cated is 1S57, --as recently renovated. -WHEN A FELtW MEPSAS'S!? From It' BE WISE-- BUY WISE-- AND ECONOMIZE AT S H U L L ' S --AND SAVE THE DIFFERENCE I Smoked Hams or Half lb "· Round Steak Porter House Steak Ib 17 Smoked Picnics lb Ground Beef ...................... 2 Ibs. 25c Pork Rack, whole or half ........................ Ib. 12^c Pork Chops .'. ............................................. Ib. 15c Veal Chops ............................................... Ib. 17c Veal Steaks ......................................... Ib. 31c Fresh Pork Shoulders ........................ Ib. 9c Breast of Veal for Dressing ................... Ib. 14c Fresh Hams . ............. Ib. 12%c Lard 2 Ibs. 15c What a difference when yon can buy strictly fresh meat at a price so reasonable. i! IlL C. JIM SHULL 313 East Patrick St. Phone 386 e Sell Seven Day Coffee^ . · OPERA HOUSE T O M O K JK O W At 2-6-7.30-9.00 Daily JLesson In : English I i ' I have no kick to offer." Saj "I have no objection"' Often m^prc-nounced: Hoof Pronounce tr.e oo as in boot, no; as in K5K. Often misspelled: CrjciaL Observe TIM McCOY In Hi, l Jtrat H-bJrlwind of Action-"TEXAS CYCLONE" -- 1LSO-- CHAPTER _VQ. 3 OF-"AIR MAIL rrSTERr- CARTOON EIOT ·^ -3T -Sf Goodby To 575,000. Most of the rush Sino-Japanese pictures hare been shelred . . . the war at Shanghai cadn't last I;n~ enougr.i to held public mteres" through the Summer rr.or.:hs . it -as sa.d that $75.000 had already been sper.- on "Corae on. Manxes" before it was decided to let it Oi-'.er Hardy, of the lamotis comedy team cf Laurc: anc Harcr ,? a graduate of th: c2 Georgia at Athens * -rf ~ Jost A Story. i.-tey tell a good one at the Bro'sn I^erbr . . . -jamos Gl^a^ott. hai gone to the spot :n his streat sn^rt. direct from the s-jd o ... in order to pat h:.-n at ease. 7«Ion:« Sins, another ns"J~ ' s ~-th --mm Gleaso-i --as s.ttins. re- Ae.r oca's . . --hereupon Karpo Marx Ten: the-r. or.e bevr'by :abng off h_; trousers and Sn-sh:ng his meal ." trscs attire. BEAUTIFUL! UT beauty is only one of the things these new spring designs of Armstrong's Linoleum have to offer. Stop in at onr floor style show, and let us tell you all about these modern good~housekeepir:g floors. Cooker Explodes: 7 Dead. ' Fr^n.-tl.n. O. ?,Iay 12--Seven men! xr* ki:»sn to be d"ad and ;-=-o --ere j .n an -crol-as-^n that ·sroc-tec. i a r.v-ry cccscr ai the Chsney Pulp j and ??r"" Companr here Iste todav. THE RUG MTLLFNTX BENTZ 4 EAST PATRICK ST. A NEW TASTE THRILL Garber's FROSTED DOUGHNUTS For Sale By Your Grocer The Garber Baking Company WEEK END FEUITS AND VEqETABLES FRESH TENDER STRING BEANS 2«..19 TEXAS ONIONS 4 FRESH GREEN PEAS 2 ib». 21 Fancy Ripe Bananas '. . 3 Ibs. 13c Marsh Seedless Grapefruit 3 for 17c Crisp Iceberg Lettuce 3 for 25c Fancy Rhubarb bunch 5c Large Florida Oranges dozen 33c Medium Florida Oranges dozen 25c FANCT C. S. NO. 1 NEW POTATOES 3*. 20= FANCY QUALITY MEATS SMALL. LEAN PORK LOINS «. 12% CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS lb. 17c FANCY j TENDER CHUCK ROAST! RIB ROAST Ib. lb. BOILING BEEF FRESH GROUND BEEF Ib 7'^c lb. 17c LEAN SMOKED HAMS *. 13%« Whole or Half SLICES OF SMOKED HAM lb. 25c VEAL Cutlets Loin Chops Eib Chops Rump Roast COLD CUTS lb. 31c Jellv Tongue lb. 25c lb. 25c Ham Bologna lb. 25c lb. 19c : Midget Bologna lb. 17c lb. lie Cooked Ham * ' z lb. 16c FANCY LEG OF LAMB n. 21 LEAN LEAN FRESH FRESH HAMS SHOULDERS MT. CITY GARAGE introduces QUAKER STATE Insured Lubrication Insured lubrication means we will replace any burned out and inoperative bearing due to lack of proper lubrication. Realizing that you may be confused as to this service, we ask you to visit us, that we may explain in detail this modern lubrication. 24-Hour Service WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER Telephone 701 Our Regular Price--Not A Special PURE REFINED Sugar 10 ·» 39' 100 Ib. bag $3.90 Finest Quality Creamery Butter Cu j fr ° m tub Sunnyfield Print Butter 2-43 2 Ibs. 47c Dailv Oyster Shell 100-lb bag; S9c Daily Ege Scratch 103-Ib bag$1.49 Daily ESK Mash 100-lb bag $1.89 Daily ESS: Starter 100-lb bag; $1.95 POULTRY FEED Daily ERC Growint Mash 100-lb. bag Sl-90 D»i!r EIK FIne Chick Feed 100-lb ba e $1-75 Cigarettes carton«l .25; 2 **» Lucky Strike. Old Gold. Chesterfield. Camel Rich Creamy ib. 17c i BREAD ! GRANDMOTHER'S Big Pan loaf i Ige wrapped loaf 5c 7c Sliced or unsliced IONA BRAND WEEK-END SPECIAL APRICOTS 2 Large cans WEEK-END SPECIALS WHITE HOUSE EVAPORATED MILK QUAKER MAID BEANS cans 25' cans 12 CANS 49c CASE 24 CANS 97e DEL MONTE PEARS 2 H 37 OCTAGON SOAP Q cakes SUPER SUDS Ige. pkg. 2 sm. pkgs. 15c ICED TEA--NOTHING REFRESHES SO EFFECTIVELY'. UPTON'S TEA a 23 fXEEDA BAKER'S i ASST FRUIT FLUFFS English Style Biscuits pkg. 29c CRISPO BARS OR GINGER SNAPS 2 »s 19, DRIED LIMA BEANS *. OUE COFFEE TRIO 8 O'CLOCK "SSLST IB 19 Rich and Full Bodied . Vigorous and Wine RED CIRCLE IB. 23c BOK AR ib. 27c I/EYSTONE II VALUES MEN'S AND BOYS' Tennis Shoes 39c Brown or \\hilc. All Sixes. QUALITY Hearv as$ Vppers Soles Tennis Shoes 69c Brown or White All Size* Y S OU CAN'T BEAT Keystone's Selection of Ladies' White Slippers Straps and Ties ft* $1.98 TYLES IN BOYS' Sport Oxfords To Salt The Most Particular $1.98 Sizes to 8 FOR Children's Barefoot Sandals Only 69c Sizes np to 2 |NLY KEYSTONE Offers These Values: Men's White Silk Sport Sox, 25c Men's Mesh Sox, 20c Boys' Golf Sox, 15c Men's Fancy or Plain Sox, 9c |0 WONDER Our Business is Good See Our Values for Yourself and Ton Will Know Why! STYLES FOR 'VERYONE | At Prices That Fit the Pocketbook For R»by. Bister, Brother, · Mother and Dad. A Wide Selection For AIL HOSIERY FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY S \ MEN'S HOES FOR WORK In Solid Leather Soles and tppers or Welt Composition Soles. $1.98 OSE Ladies' Pure Silk Lace 59c Pure Silk Chiffon 42 Gange Dull Finish 69c Full Fashioned VER 50 DIFFERENT STYLES ' IX LADIES" Pninps, Straps. Ties and Oxfords in Blonde, White. Brown and Black, at $1.98 ·VERY MAN Should see oar Genuine Calfskin Oxiorfls at , $2.98 KcaUy Remarkable Values s TYLES IN Shoes for Men at S1.77, S1.98, 82.67, S2.98, and S3.67 KEYSTONE SHOE STORES 151 North Market St.

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