The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 7, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Wednesday, January 7, 1948
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Wtjfc V -',' FAOB f ",i* " i."· / -'.'.' -TWO "~ THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILI*, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7, 1948 The Daily Register * ' t ·'";.· ' - · . * XE»UbIl«hed ;l869; n Saline " ^ ; Register.) Published cvenlngg except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine street, Harrisburg, Illinois, by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. oMIarrisburg, , . MRS. ROY L. SER1GHT, , ; -President. CURTIS G. SMALL, "'Editor and, Manager. Entered as .'second class matter *t tihtj post office at Harrisburg, aillnois^under actof March 3,1879. ' ^Subscription'Rates: 'By'Carrier 20 .cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, $5.00 per year in -advance; $1.50 for three months. '.Outside' Saline and'adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 lor three months; 75 cents per month. , The .Dally Register "Js a .private business institution. 'The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for .use either as a -news item or a 'paid advertisement. UNION| ~BIBLE THOUGHT F0$ TODAY "Evil at long last'is overthrown. Ue on the side of infinite power. --Heb. 13:1: "Let every soul be /subject unto -the -higher \powers, .for'there is;no^power but-God: The powers that be 'are ordained of God.", , .-BIBLE-READING FORiTOb'AY ?Jan. 7. God Our Refuge.--Psalm 46. The ijDaily -Register. 20c a week, by carrier boy Bring Your Ford Your FORD Dealer "I'll Bet My Pop Can Lick Your Pop!" Uipw Pearson Says: Friend, ship I-outl is Ueiiw Distributed KfficiiT.tly. but Difficulties At- I lcn:I Identifying Americans as Givois: Impiovement Needed in Boosting U. S. Abroad. 1 "BOLOGNA, Itab--(By Wireless) I --When I left the United States i I pro!!ii.-ed \arious editors in cities , v.lnch lu-d contributed to the ; l-'nend-ship Train that I would give ' them a caicful report on the dib- tribulion of, tho Icod and whether tho people of France and Italy lullv rcjlked that it came from | Since last July. Italy has received '" food from the Italian premier said: "Hitler and Mussolini committed a Brave ,,.-mi- when they attributed the error w ..v. when tliey . possibility of American interyen- tion to economic consideniuons alone . . . j "During i\ parade up U t o a i l w u y i to tho city Hnll in New V o r k 1| was struck by the view ol a l i t t c old churcli -set. with its cliurcli- vard, just off Wall Street. t h o | financial center of the world. In this narrow space, that little church State «allH- lly M|| Texas leads tho nation i, mlleuec with 15.800 mil,.! "' u Kornnri u'lil i *,.. is second Pennsylvania. miles. 11.758 third 10.1 impress upon the peoj ,... r _,.-- . . that the food conies irom the i(lc . l]s of its f olini icrs. Those ideaN United States. However, it is Alt-1 rcstra j n the material elements of wood's conclusion that they still cconom j c nf e today. realize this only vaguely and that, in the smaller towns at least, the Vatican and Stalin arc still getting the major credit. Part ol' this misunderstanding is due to the fact that the U. S. economic "The Friendship Train shows, that democracy and liberty can | bring to the bin-face what is hot ( in man and. for supplying ub with , tliis evidence, we thank you. 1 ask vou to convey back to y o u r ; " the very warmest Low-Cost Residence Burglary Insurance is the answer is probably the only machinery possible for bulk handling, but (y.ll over-all reaction has been excellent ?- ! anil tlie tooci is being distributed 'efficiently. Iio.;e\er, thine was one develop- i JJe^alfd Tus" GOP colleagues v who in Paris which indicates the cut lhe heart out 0 { the State Mr rearon. are best qualified to tell them simply and .sincerely how ciifticulty of getting American aid identified tor w h a t it is--American. i l l wii a-uecd bv American church and lohef ;iotipa in France that after the lirst Fnendblnp Train Department's propaganda program. And finally it'i due to some of the most inept public relations imaginable. For instance, w h e n the United :ai to Ma^eilies. at leait one Stal ^ recently"turned over to Italy Amciican v.ould noc on e?ch of 2 2 Italian,warships given the Unit WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Calomel--And You'll Jump Oat ol Bed in the Morning Ruin* to Go The liter should pour out about 2 pints of ROBERTSON, CRECELIUS, AND GHENT Phone 1000 Rose li'J It taVos those milJ, Eontlc CartrrN Little tht loo:i h.:a been collected and Representino THE TRAVELERS, Har«J Herald Tribune, did a fine job of this on the first train and Henry Cassidy ot the National Broadcasting Company together with Hariy Hill, president ol the reed a?ed to unearth Conte Grande, one of Italy's prue passenger vessels, actually had j been allocated to Brazil and t h a t , the U. S. goveinment paid $60.- j 000.000 to Brazil to get the ship. (American club in Pans, agrceu«j^i. and give it to " Italy. The to get either an American ne\\s-, Italian . pcoplCt howevcr knew nothing about this. No one in the Brushy Dinner for Husbands by Gaistia Home Bureau Members of the Galatia gel, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Small, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Boyette, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Will Dickerson, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hale, Mrs. Pearl Webber, Mrs. Phil Boczkiewicz, and Mi. and Mrs. Miley. Bureau unit held their Christmas diner for their husbands at the Home Charles Lockwood, who broke home of Mr. and Miley on Dec. 30. Mrs. Robert A delectable dinner served in the best Home Bureau fashion was enjoyed by the twenty-eight present at tables for four. The festive Christmas spirit was manifested throughout the lovely country home of the Mileys. Holiday greens and a -tree made the belated gifts-doubly delightful. a rib a week ago -when he fell from a ladder while repairing the telephone iine, is improving. Joe Small, a sophomore at the University of Illinois, who has been home for a two weeks' vacation, returned to Urbana Sun!da. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Golliher spent Sunday with his brother, Wilson and family, of Marion. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Small and daughter, Mary Margaret, visi- A. great variety of games put j ted Mrs. Bedie Harris and Mrs. .the guests,, through their paces I V-thenne^iegel..Sunday^ both mentally and physically. These "were: directed byi Mrs.; Joe Hatchers arait^irsr -John^O. -Small. Those' present' \vere" Mr. and Mrs. Clvde Webber, Mr. and Mrs. ,, t-r T^-:_I n_ T»_J. ·*!·«. ,-Tr.o son and Bother relatives. Not Even Eleanor '*' Antarctica is the only continent on which woman has never set foot. Homemokers Column From Saline County Home Bureau Mary M. Harper man or an American businessman tu accompany each train. The American iclief agencies also agreed to ser.d a man on ahead to r r . T ,. v c PRTX - T each to .MI. in order to organize | ITALIANS PRINT i.ppropri-ue receptions and to give " one in American government took the trouble to. inform them. One hundred and fifty big trucks, 1 the storv of the Friendship Train j draped with Italian and American j j t o local'iiewspapera-. In addition, flags, left the Rome railroad sta-' ' relief agencies agreed to print a · tion during my last day in Rome booklet w ith pictures of the food! to drive slowly up to the historic beiii^ c'isti Touted in older further j Campidoglio. In the trucks were , to impress the people with' bags of flour, some marked with the way the food was being used' greetings from Fort Worth, Texas; ar.d vrieie it had come from. ,some with greetings from Buffalo. Foliov.in_ r my departure for Italy, ! N. Y.. Richmond, Va.. and from ho.'. c\ c?r. Donald Lou cry. head oflJackoon county. .Missouri--PreM- the Y. M C A. in Paiis, called a ' dent Truman's home--and from j Today's Peace Plate suggestion! mcet! n S O f American church and'scores of other cities and towns reminds me of an old jingle: ,' re hef gioucs and urged that what in the U. S. "Of all the meat what am goou he cnllet j tilc '.p eai son balljlioo"! On the sides of the trucks were to eat -e dropped. He proposed that the I big posters, showing a picture of From turKcy down lO.ham toad ^ ^-.^ted on schedule., the Friendship tram in the United The one;.tnat tickles my palate but , A l t h o u t the inc uously agreed- States with a"message in the Ital^K 'T^.K i'nJ«K''» "P OI: i jl '°£ ram to identify jt with ian language. \Ve had these post"*" '" m r "" ^ the. American ^gr.ers. With the crs especFally printed in the United brought along 'paste and adhes-l tape to guarantee their use. j Is lamb, lamb, Ray Durham. Mr. #n Hatcher, Mr. and "Mrs."*Howard Malone, Mr. and Mrs,.Phillip JLew- is, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest 'Flink- houser,vMa% lets .._-..Glazed.Bananas .-. . aiu % starting trouble M · - ~ vflff 1/iefie/p of nM Oil Olers spec/ally foinedin 2 pound o£ ground mea£ j to do with the Friendship · food arriving at Naples and Rome and shoulder of Iamb ov breast i though ur.officsally its staff has the long Knc of them parading with one pound o£ --either o Now. the " f Jamb. The recipe serves four, i been" of tremendous help. I Besides the lamb, you'll ne^u i u p o n U ig'-:^ of the embassy, milk .or water, one-half cup . - previously planned Ceremonies for Cereal" flakes or dry bread cru:r^5.! each Fnondbhip Train have been one cup . . . minced onion. t.;o j t -einstated tablespoons.-.,.,,..and salt.and pep-ir^ S pT p'uBLIC RELATIONS ' per to taste. . { The New York II-:rald Tribune's William Attv.ood has just published nn i.iteresting report froni Arsoli. through the city attracted throngs in the streets. DE GASPERI Train have been I THANKS AMERICANS Later, at Campidoglio Square. Mix all» the ingredients together jvvell. and shape into the fprnj of lamb cutlets or chops'. P.ub the surface with a little shertcn- Place under the faroiier-- in on a rack, or in a ten-inch pi* plate. Broil the cutlets until they are well browned on one side -"that takes five to seven minutes beside the statue of Marcus Aurelius. the mayor of Rome thanked the American people for their generosity while Premier Alcide De raly. entitled "No -G;ie Knows J Gaspcri and Foreign Minister Car- j /I.o Sent the Foods." In it he los Sforza applauded. But due i tells hov.. thanks to American aid. 2,000 people 1.1 one Italian village are eating belter and are warmer than at an:, time since the war but the local mavor is a Communist _ 1.41V. * V ^ . C t * * i » l « ^ W » *O V* * w - V * » * * * « V » * * t f c » V --and then turn the cutlets and. and ho tells "the people that the . brown them on the other side. ! With the cutlets serve buttered peas--canned, fresh, or frozen-and the glazed bananas. Incidentally, we're getting more C and more bananas these days. 1m- u n i tcc f stales ports have been increasing ever since the iow year of 19'12. iJy .spring 'we .may.'be getting c-.en more ·banana's'*tKan we liad befc«-c American food w hich he distributes is from Staiin. while the people think the food distributed by the church groups is from the Vatican. Nobody gives any credit to the Don't let unnecessary starting trou- . ble plague your winter driving! Save yourself annoyance and expense by relying on the help of "Personalized Service" Specialists.. .Standard Oil Dealers who have satisfactorily completed the refresher course at Standard Oil's clinics in modern car care. At these clinics . . . the latest training methods are employed. Here dealers and attendants learn the newest ways to care for the individual needs of your car. And the clinics will continue . · . class after class . . . to train additional Standard Oil dealers and attendants. Let "Personalized Service" Specialists help you now to guard against starting troubles and other driving problems that come with winter. n/antsfinest Gasofine ...for Storting ZfC£wjw5£^ SEE YOUR STANDARD OIL DEALER. STANDARD SERVICE FOR "PERSONALIZED SERVICE 1 John's Standard Service Church and Vine John "Sonny" Cummins Join Dameron Guard's Standard Service Commercial and Poplar DAVIS Standard Service Maifi and Walnut ~ i the war. But let's return to Banan;s. Glazed. ^Ther best bananas ."o^ glazing are the all-jellow or : slightly green-tipped fruit. Pec! L-.IO banana for each person. Bivsh with lemon juice, ant 1 ro! ! IP sugar. " Then saute* slowly r. a -killet. in s little butter or fortified margarine, until the banr.:us are tender and golden brown. Turn them occasionally and they'll h-o vn more evenly. Dessert today is made of can: eel peaches and a package of \a:. In pudding. Of course that's not quilc all. You'll need milk, .wo cups . . . vanilla pudding, one package . . . eggs, tv.o c^gs. * \ crated--almond flavoring, one I.slf U-aspoon .,. and the canned ^iced reaches. Add the milk to the puling mix. Stir over lo\v heal i til thick. Remove froir. the -.,-:·. cr.d slir slowly into the r .''en tgg yolks. Return to lov.- h at, and cook two minutes Cool shelly. Add the flavoring He,' 4 be tgj; \\hitcs staff, fo'.d into -i-c pudding, and chiH. \r;y.z? 'no *ljced peaches in dishes, top \ ,tn the pudding, and as the old X- hooks used to iay. "Sen - c it for'i.""- If you arc more hurried t ^a usual, or if you arc lrm;4 \r .-.-ci weight, you mav p\i«h to* ·· ~.-£ a tossed creen salad and f~i!$ Ihe peach dessert. Here's a food tip thnt c. ne along with the Peace P1;V- ig- j,cstion. Instead of the i;i'iled Ix:mb Cutlets, if you'd rr.ther h ve a T-bonc Steak--1 hasten l«» -2' it's an economy T-boi c Sir.-.-- u«c ground chuck beef i r - ' - a d ol ground lamb. Put the m;\\ ,rein a ten-inch pie plate, pal ; the shape of a T-bonr s'tu-.. :r i-.n one inch thick. Broil fro.-:i 1 1 Jn to fifteen minuJc.s depend,n or! hsw rare you like ;J. and i . m the meat once, as Mon as its brov-.n. pplauded. to diplomatic niceties, Premier De Gasperi could not speak at the j Campidoglio. since this is Rome's city hall and the sanctuary of the mayor. Later., however, be Gas-j peri entertained all those connect-1 ed with the Friendship Train at | his official home, where he spoke i eloquently. Referring to the spontaneous} gesture of the American people in ' , organizing the Friendship Train. 1 Listen to "CLAUDIA] WEBQ, 10:30 A. -M.| BOniED UNDER AUTHOatY Or THE COCA-COW COMPANY BY Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Harrisburg © 1947, Tb» Coca-Cola i THE ELECTRIC RANGE WITH C THE ^ Only PRESTELlNE-of all Electric Ranges-gives you tho Safer/ Top! Tiny tots can't reach hot surface uniJs. Fopr-in-Iine elements across the back mean generous front working soace--just where you need it! Presseline's giant oven-the biggest of them all- holds a 30-!b. turkey, with room to sgarel And the Presty-matic Aulomatic Oven Control does your baking or roasting while you spend hours away from your kitchen. Come in today-let us show you the 21 features that moke PRESTELINE the answer to your kitchen needs. Seven of Jhcse features are obtainable on/y in PRESTELiNE! Complete o: Shown Above First Paper .Mill The first paper mill in!ca was built in 1630 in, Pennsylvania, according to the Eni cyclopaedia Britannica. Poplar St., Just West of Main SPAPFRf NFWSPAPFK!

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