The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 17, 1931 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1931
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

DAILY HEWS. ntEDEBICHt BID, THURSDAY. DECEMBER IT, 1931. Here's What The Well-Dressed Gift Will Wear *Be of goo^e rttgeye - Aerial Fireman Theater News BY WM. E. Secretary AjurricJiii ti.-Mst Tr- play :na: itfv ft 'ie tir^ as brU£e is Cv-4? ATJ _ grace ! AQ-9-7-2 V 10-5-2 410-7-3 *9-5-2 4K-8 VA-Q-84 · 9-8-2 *A-Q-74 NORTH t- m CO ui en 5 H P*aler SOUTH AA-J- 10-64-3 VJ-7 · J-6-4 AK-J A 5 VK-9-6-3 · A-K-Q-5 * 10-8-6-3 «« Ltk« EdoV. however, she beetled I two tuper-tongsiers are a; toe the call o! HoUyuood and is now gain- land todaj In l/cner, Come Back Ins * tad wider !ame, TtrvU. Although F-1 ri Carter asi Ca»r- 'u? Gr«nwoa3 were sdlng *'a^ ht music*) comedy »lajf for v. i «j"* -t r?"E-str«rd JOT :af s'rwi rtr's :~«-sn tojetscr C*rwr Is ti»« star »aa M'JSS Or^» cod iise cornsdieiia* oJ S»ajuc GO m ? production. "Palmy Dsw % a- :ht T-^o-U i?s-a Wd«y M'rf rvi the pr!\..' j Like Cantor, too. Mias Greenwood screen hit in a cel- -··'ree: Jrorn the theater :n whi-h Cinto- w*s starring In i mace her first lul-o.d version o' hrr b.y,*rtt stage suc- t sf. It was the ZSejVId cuisirai com- i cd\ ' Who~p*«" »iuch tnMle Cantor a ' s- -e»i» fixture ated Mis* Grefr»srood won i :-c - rl^n reno»n In "So lx«s L*uy/* sn , d.}p*A'£0n Of lh£ £QU£*Cai 32?dj ! v n_~b «»s her bixj^st Bro*d»~»y bit ( Toil.. A *hon attractions include a , \ in Dine mys'jrrr h.' and a RS;'»y 5«ra- i Maryland. l_-v*rrr. v Ttbieu and Orac Moore. Ms." the roaaatii draaia from "New Moon." ind Adolphe Menjoa and Roland Youriz. A comeiy Is also on the The At contract South one start tie Wrapping up the Christmas pick- ' / --d they were to use any design in figures !or ths motifs are siriklcg. ages uus year in:: be a ver!iatte pleas- pre.'erenre » holly. I Formalized fir tiKi. la cutout Jer Tire, so lovely are is* new papers. · Assasg the loveliest new papers are , sign !n sol* or tilver. make the cus«st tags bsses, «tisiers, r.bbons and o'.her ' copper ships In s:l',er or said sailnss . (jew stickers. Tags introduce a Jsun»r- idgezs. , a blue baci^rouni; or a. whol? fleet i ous to the way of dosgy dedgc*- N«TF Carhtrcas papers use sky-bluts. of sail-nj -.c^els Sa black and nrJw ' And u:e nemess. ribbon for wrapping greens and fcr-3-it ora-?e- e-.en Fa. hour.d £;e-ss 1= gsy rjd and b^ci pacxazes is so!l s^srje psoer ribbon. rMn they use the tracr_ior.a! ajalnst a ·s-i.'.j ground. ar.d rcacy w»U- | »1:h Christmas hymn raaek and words red and Chrzstrnas tr«* ereea. i paper des^ns :ha: use old-Iasarosed pnawd la go'^ °^ silver. sj.d 5^5* :'h Ho ^^^. J e» A *.d d :^-\ :o pi" I t.'* co-jri o-".' 2Ut ih^-\i a good b:i- .. taste! -nore ACCESSORIES OF VELVET ARE DONE UP BROWN Harney Harcey, Dec. 17.-- Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Wolff had as their dinner . guesi Sunday Mrs. Clara Weeat and 1 Mrs. Maude --Mr. and Mrs. Lenunon and sons, Eagene and Thomas. Frederick and Mr. and Mrs. Roseoe Kiser and Cbarles Eikenrode, toys, were supper guests of their metier, Mrs. Hannab EcSenrode. --Mr. and Mrs. George Hess and Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Hess called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Croose, Two Taverns. Saturday --Mr. and Mrs Patridge, ^llllams- port, specs Sunday afternoon with Mr and Mrs. Norman Eess. --Those wt«o attended the funeral of Robert Shnner. Gettysburg. Sunday afternoon were: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shrher and daughter Margaret; Mr and Mrs. Mervin Spangler and daughter Marie, Mrs. Granville Study, Mrs Clara Weant, Mrs Maud Wantz and Mr. and Mrs. Harry J Wolff. --Ho!!y communion will be observed in St. Paul's church on Sunday at 10 a. m , with Sunday school at 9 a. m . the Rev. Mr. Sanderson Is pastor. --Both churches are busy get-ting ready lor taelr Christmas enterta n- raents. --Franklin GQds and MSss Clara Devilbiss and' their pupil* are gcttmg ready for an entertainment followed by a social in the ball on Dec. 23. -»-Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bentz, near Taneyiosn, spent Saturday and sun- day with Mr. and Mrs, Ambrose V. Eckanrcde- --Mrs. Clarence Uafile, Mrs. Harry Wolff and Miss Ruth Sn'der. attended the Homemakers club in Taneytown Friday afternoon. --Charles Beck Manchester, and Ralph Yealy. Westminster, spent the week-end wita their parents, here. doub North ihouM respond o' one *pa2j ~ em simp!} taiu ·.sf bid of :ao f ties So^th wojld pxs6 srv 1 Weit would oe jujt-Sifd in g-^'r 1 ^ -o Vxir spaces, wnicn wou'd c x ' -c c^ntrart^s The Play couth has ths oo'njg lead and pUjs the iing o' diarmnds conunulng with ti» quees and follow.ns rl^h: with the a». Th^ fourth should not be Sea as St xi!5 g:\e ;h« de- c^rer a ru3 :n en" hznd arc! a discard in the othrr Ssu.n's next luad te :he threw of cl"3s. me fear u p'a; ed from dummy, cerlarer w:cr-jg the trsei with the jics. A srasl! spade Is BO» led and sr= with 5urcasy'3 Sc^»5 The etsat of spaces if rs:urr;cd from i dummy, North p'ar* the nine and East, ' the declarer, finess.rjg :ae !0 spot. South shows ou:. discarding a heart. I The declarer r:as alreaiy lost three j tricks and it looks as if he must lose i the queen o! spaces Of cour««. :here ! a tbe change ;oa- a erand rou? play . may work. SD t 1 ^, ce~.3r r d^i'des to i t^y for it and 'tads his king a! cldbs.! i overtaking ^j cunucy w:'h the ' The sasalj club :s ret-^rnsa f-cm my and trumped br dsclarer -x.^h the Tour o£ spaces. Tse jars o! r^^r^ a then ted. South refj^^s ta co'.er anc ·ne d^;larer n:us- De ca-eTa! :o p ay ;ne queen from d'Jinar. The QJteu of cear's Bast, tec ce'l^rfr, trumps n!3 good queen of clurfc. Ri:h Lhe si^ of -pades The seven of heara is SPJ! by csclarer and tress in comirT «-:n tee , ace. Now a heart is rc-u-ned frooi aunkcy, which North .s forcea v trunjp with the seven ol spades, de- (uarer oTertrumpicg ^i:h *he jar's of spades and then leading ois ace. picking up North'* queen. M D iDoc Ator. abo\e a^trusl pllX or -r.e C."jr-ii;c rouui, hai been cwsnooeeo by of l^Atr.l ^r.d WaUac*. Ind. »nd C«B- · trails 11 for the Carnegie medal j Pile 1 \'-?r v^K«\er«l three n^ht firw i this -Neaso". Mved lisa Uv*« of ejjht | Pcrsoii^, aii*i ^c-ss'blj, 53^*^ th* tourn of ^ VVjClac^. b ^'Ax^puxij to* and warning reslderts of tne Eaii. the deilarer. has literally c/j- rardea vac :mn:pks in ord^r to bnnf hw trja'.p d ''AH to t:.e sasie aumt^r as that h-- d by Nor: a This play is snown as :::e grind coup When two trumps are Jlrpoied of. :'. is a double grand coup To prevent prisoners escaping from i Jail, steel shoea with b*U»hape4 soles · that rexju're car* In walilnjf to preseni'e J balance ha'.c beer, adopted is Germany. , ace DOPE? NOT HERE! IT'S true thst many cough srups contain DOPE. (Morp h i n e , O p i u m , Ether. Chloroform). But--Smith Brothers" Triple Action Cough Syrup has NO DOPE. It stops cougbsquick!} -Yet it's safe -- tafe for tbfUrea 35i Oreenland is rejarfed as the "Urges: island, although some geographers regard it as an island-continent. It has an area of 827.000 square miles, "Se-s Guinea, wish aa area of 330.COO squan miles, racks second, and Be.--30, -with 280,000 square inilas, is third. STIEFF'S SILVER Eose, Puritan and Clinton Patterns FULL LINE CARRIED IN STOCK EXCLCSIVE AGENT FOB FREDERICS JAMES E. DOLL JEWELER FOE OVEE 50 YFMIS (Frc-ra Milgran, New Yori For estra special wear, 'arhes yta ·arant to loot roar besc. tiiere is oataznaolc a, ^amorous acc-.sssry es«sab^ of hat, puaaps snd purse of Lyxa vs:re^ TSc hat is the nsw Veneiuii; beret, draped asi aspjratg to a tiny oriia, and :ts soft n tone !s b;.git^ed by a Estal EC-tif -·' gold on t2e drsps-a oaZf- Tne pomps are aiatching bro-sn reive:. »ich i^orr and orcnzs bac^e* ti;gt are up- aadlng, is the rcadem rcarner. Tne cro^r. -D^~X c:a?;is I.r.ej, -r^h a gobl and bnllian; niorozrajn to adorn i:. One Of Life's Ironies We carry only standard coals, 'rtieir quality cannot be sur" passed. Geo. S. Rodock Son Hftb St. at Pia. R. R. Fbooe 9W. '·V I Tg if § § V 8 ·3 I 1 THE POST (MortUns) . . . O R . . . THE NEWS Frederick County's Home Newspapers To tie son atray at college: to a friend Trh" iras a for- ^ier resident of F-w;- T:CA or to anTore. TTe $end an attractive card to the person who b to the paper. hi SUBSCRIPTION- RATES Sovet Russia :.ates ic'.ve 'is '. That coutrrv d- bs IE its de- Three Months is helping the United Tbe Boy Scout rnovejEent ·**£ started - problsin. 3 ngir.aT.y J Englar". bv Sir Robsrt ·' g ft Voflr :t nae rer s--ead :a 27 § U " e *6ar w! a nKtnb.-r-nip o* over ^ is SUing 6000 $1.00 $4.00 A A A "K i ARE USEFUL GIFTS 5PLENTJID ASSORTMENT PRICED EXTREMELY LOW THE RUG STORE MCLLrXTX BEXTZ i EAST PATRICK STREET OFF". r^IATsGS TTNTTC CnK!STU5 I ' (6ROCER) "A Sure Sign of Service G. L. Ginger Snaps 2 »»· 23c Your kiddies will love them. NUCOA 19 "Best Butter Substitute" CRISCO 1 lb. can Smells sweeter--tastes sweeter and stays sweeter than other fats. For better all- around results. "UNEEDA BAKERS" Premium Sodas lb. pkg. 1 Fresh and Crisp. Palmolive Soap Sl»«. B»rUi» funvin Ox-Heart Cocoa jar Warms you up on these cold, winter mornings. New Eecleaned CURRANTS 18c Seeded or Seedless RAISINS HALLOWH DATES 2«». 23 Win-Son Coffee Your family deserves the best--serve Win-Son. Stravor Coffee lb. One Pound Sugar FEEE Country Side Coffee lb. A delicious coffee at such a low price. Barbara Fritchie Coffee « 25c Try a ponnd today--nse it always. 3 MACARONI,SPACMETT: 1 Op American Cheese F B £ 5 H · S H I P M t H T Pillsbnry's Cake Flour box 30 When three minion women ^dopt it in two I?«ITS, it most be Morton's Salt boxes J_ f c Blue Ridge Smoked Hams, 10-12 lb. average Slab Bacon . . Sliced Bacon, ^-Ib. pkg. lb. 16c lb. 15c pkg. 14c ATMOBE'S CELEBRATED Mince Meat "· Bosco Chocolate Syrup jar 23. Makes delicious double chocolate malted milk. HOLLAND EOLL CREAMERY BUTTER 2 lb. roll "Always Fresh and Sweeii" CARNATION MILK Baiids Healths Coteoted Babies Brer Babbit Molasses (Green Label) large can BEE BRAND RUM EXTRACT bottle For jeneral cooWnt. Esctllent for those ptes and cakes. SHINOLA, ioc size can c vour Shoes a good treat--use Shinola. rS?j*

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