Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 2, 1965 · Page 21
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 21

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 2, 1965
Page 21
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YOUR PRfiEDOM NfiWSf APfitt tl *jK^^*?l Jffi *!].««' aft «quall^«dcw«i by tftei* Outer, and m *BS Jy JjSK ??^rT??^^%-i^-L^ ^*" ^^ JCPlrootti aftd But it li^svcrj .5 iwlnnifBi FftedoOQ is BoLNGontrol. no cnore, no inti f TO dlMnarg* this responsibility, tree men. to the but of their i .iMUty, must understand and apply to dally living the great moral * ffuides expressed in the Ten Commandment*, the Golden Rule and * tnd "Declaration of Independence. .... TBfli newipaper u dedicated to AmUihlM tatermaflon to oat rs 10 that they can better promote aid *»r»s«rve their own two and encourage others to see ita blesstnm For only when man understands Freedom and la tree to control mnMU and all he WoduMS, can (10 develop to his utmost capabtliues ID Mrmony with tne above moral prlndrJes. .* «* * J3LOV1S NEWS-JOtJRNAL, Sunday, May % 1968 81XTH AND Election Facts, Figures Republican Presidential candidate Barry Ooldwater won a majority of the vote in only 60 dfthe country's 436 Congressional*'districts In last year's Presidential, election. 'Of those 60 districts, according -to a Congressional Quarterly survey, all but 14 were located iti- ttfe southern states. Gold- watefr's biggest wins were in Alabama (8 districts), where President' Johnson was not on the "ballot, Florida and Georgia (7 districts in each), Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina (5 -districts in each) and Virginia- (4 districts.) -•President Johnson, on the oth- er'iand, was the victor in 375 Congressional districts, winning a solid majority in every region 6T the country (including the South). The breakdowns: Congressional Districts Carried ••• •• Johnson Goldwater while Goldwater led Republican House candidates in just 161 dis East South Midwest West National 122 73 119 61 375 0 ticts: Presidential Candidates To ojisTp Party's House *•'• Candidates Johnson Goldwater East , South Midwest' West National Ahead 9824 106 • 46 274 Ahead 24 95 19 23 161 The South was the only region in which Goldwater ran better in .relation to other Republicans than Johnson did in relation to other Democrats. But of the 95 Southern districts in which Goldwater is listed as leading his party's House candidate, there were 37 in which the Republicans actually had no one contesting the House seat. Eighteen Republicans actually won election to the House from the South. But in those 108 46 j districts, Goldwater ran ahead of — and thus presumably help- 60 pockets of Goldwater strength outside the South were ~six districts in Southern California;- including both in Orange J -County, five in the suburban areas of Chicago, 111., and one each , 4» Arizona, Idaho and Nebraska. „ Goldwater failed to carry a sin• -gle congressional district in the \ , entire Northeastern United States. ,By contrast, former Vice President Richard M. Nixon, the 1960 jJeRublican Presidential candidate had carried 228 Congressional districts to 206 for the • Democratic candidate, John F. Kennedy. Nixon won 53 Eastern seats, 47 in the South, 93 in the .'. Midwest and 35 in the West. .„- The 1964 election also witness- "t ed a major shift in the typical ,£ postwar pattern of Presidential r. candidates in relation to their ."j! party. In 1948, 1952, 1956 and • 1960, the Republican presiden- , i tial -candidate had always run -/ substantially ahead of his party's House candidates while the . .Democratic presidential candidate,.trailed his party's House extenders. President Johnson, however, became the first Democratic Presidence since Franklin D. Roosevelt to run ahead of his •party's ticket. The national to- ed — only seven of the victorious GOP contenders: five in Alabama, one in Georgia and one in Mississippi. The. other 11 Reran better in their districts than Goldwater did. Outside the south, most of the districts in w 'h 1 c h Goldwater ran stronger than the GOP House candidate were districts which weak or unknown candidates were running on the Republican ticket. In fact, Goldwater ran ahead of only one Northern Republican House candidate who was actually elected: Rep. George V. Hansen (R. Idaho): Everyone of tho other 122 victorious Northern GOP candidates ran stronger than Goldwater, thus appearing to win despite rather than because of, Goldwater's presence on the ticket. By contrast, Nixon in 1960 and run ahead of GOP House candidates (including most of those who were elected) in. 311 districts. Kennedy outpaced Democratic House candidates in only 134 districts. Democrats won easy majorities in the House in both the 1960 and 1964 elections. But in 1960 they lost 21 seats they had controlled in the previous Congress. In 1964 the Democrats gained 38 House seats, for a new margin of 295-140 in their favor, Rcady To Knock Down Another Pillar? STATES felGHTS-i American Way By TOM AANDERSON A newspaper .wiresetviee re* ports that "twenty.two of Alabama's most influential bust* fiess groups, possibly indicating a crack in the state's hard line" segregation stand, today called upon the people of Alabama to obey the civil fights law: 'In the light of recent developments in Alabama, we feel that the business community has an obligation to speak out for what it believes to be right'.., ." And what is it that the bus! ness community feels to be "right" Making a profit. That is almost the only thing most of the business community is interested in. I have had long experiences first hand with the business community. And my con empt for it is collossal. I say this in spite of the fact that I have been actively opposing Socialism and promoting free en terprise for 31 years; and in spite of the fact that I have owned my own business for 18 years. The businessmen who made the above pronouncement are ananymous. That's par for t h e course. They took their stand through the ChamDers of Com merce and various manufacturers associations. They are petrified at the mere thought that the federal government plans to cut off federal aid and federal loans to al' states, communities and individuals who "discriminate." They are frightened sick at the threats throughout the nation to boycott Alabama products. So, what's new? At the Battle of Little Rock, "Main Street' was the first to capitulate. I was in Oxford, Mississippi the second day after the occupation The first businessman I ap proached on the Square was "despondent: "Look what this has done to business!" he moaned. j n j s mouth"— much to thc cm- "They may be thc finest plan? ., .., :.,_ -' barrassment of some O f his su- in t!v> world", he acknowledges "They may be just what we need. I am not questioning that But 1 am questioning the flout- THE ALLEN- SCOTT REPORT During the pasts few weeks brand it Is In the nature of what* these columns, we have re-j ever keeps on worsening to come viewed two books in the three- |to an end. volume set of new translations! "In fact, there comes a time of the works of the French econ-jwhcn the progressively accel- omist Frederic Bastiat. The ; erating destruction of wealth third, and final, volume is en- goes so far that the plunderer titled "Economic- Sophisms" 1 is poorer than he would have (published by Van Nostrancl, 120|been if he had remained hoti- Alexander St., Princeton, N.J.; jest." $6.7;-,). Tiff: PETITION This volume contains 39 of Also included in this volume Bastial's essays, all sparkled:is Bastiat's famous "Candle- with the same logical reason maker's Petition," We've seen and delightful wit that charac- examples of special pleading for terized and immortalized the protective laws for various in- man who practically ridiculed dustries. based-upon the fallaci- t.o death socialism 'during the ous idea that such laws will last century. i boost employment. Bastiat car- Ties this to its absurd conclusion END INEVITABLE '., mj phrases his petition in the Particularly noteworthy is the words of a ca ndlcmaker w h o author's essay "The Physisolo- flsks for ., , aw rcqu i r i ng the Hy of Plunder" for it offers hope , I()sing nf all w j n dows. sky- wollarc state. He cites a natural i,a hts an d other openings that welfare state. He cites a natura pormit Slin ljght to enter houses, law that has been proven time- After n |, lhink of thc boom and again throughout history. ; )his wil , hring , 0 tht , can d] C mak- "Plunder alwavs carries within ing industry! that ultimately, Although ' Bastlafs reasoning ; itself the ge I kills if plunder is thc trans- is not f^acy-proof, it stands >r of properly from person ,„,.,,, and snm ,| ( | m a h ove the ,to another, u.smg coercion rath- m;mv W( ,if a re- s tater.s who today .cr than persuasion. It is legali/- profess to know something about 'ed. of coiii^e. through nil man- )lf( , and PC , )n omics. For this •ner of law s tanHs. subsidies, reason, the student of cconom- spet'ial (axes, etc j t . s (;an ],. arn morr . f ron , jj as . hastiat points out that "phm- f ia f s century-old writings than ,'''''',, ""' ""'>' redistributes h( . rnn [rom most O f todav's wealth: it always, at the same tune. deMro;,s a part of it." | "Thank* to this law." he con- 'tinues. "tiii- balance is alwavs ; tending to be upset; either bei cause the plunderers c<mp to re- 'ali/e that too much wealth is : benis' de.l roved, or. in the a'v- •sence of this reali/atinn. beeaiis- ( « t!)c evil ;s con'-tantlv worsening. textbooks Kv \VAY\K (I. IWANDSTADT M. I). r W»T Newspaper Enterprise Assn. ';' 1>( I !l OFFICE CAT hen Mr. ha<i Sveamore'<; ordered t!:at WASHINGTON Assistant In private talks with other' Is your child^ to pr Defense Secretary Arthur legislators, Hcbcrt says he has tect his health imm ("news management") Sylves- not reached thc poi nt °f passing sources or (iocs ter has again stuck his foot in on either of the mergers. leiiri ii i •I all i,; ui;:;r;:' MlC had A!>,- Recently I was talking with a clubwoman who declared: "We should go ahead and integrate. Integration is only right, and besides that-, it's inevitable." What she really meant was that Services Subcommittee his "once voice' she thinks it is inevitable, and edmembers>f you should relax and enjoy it. She? She is the Queen of the Country Club. Equality? She doesn't even speak to most of the members. At this particular Club, there is a social system just like cows and chickens have. The "in" group, a thin layer ol cream, greet each other with kisses. To the next lay- periors. The "news Czar" of the Pentagon, who claims the govern- ]nu ment has the right to lie, shock- CUI1tinue to question u " survev tionai 1 S ( Public I l Congress, and I Arm-od w i t h He points out that McNamara and Tea 1 he testified on plans to merge is proceeding to carry nut hi 1 concept when mi . rger plans W1 ,hout in-t >cek rom t: the miitary services" public Con '' - "" ing specific authorization affah-s offices under his control. under sentative F. Edward bv La., chairman, Sylvester frankly , The care your cin! When McNamara appeared )vp his b(n j , s U)o 1 "£ to defend his action. Hcbt-rt told {Q , )C ]( . {t |0 s , u . h , () Defense Department chief: k . r ^^ h i ^, lir ,, l ,,, ] n- d ,, fie d tho law. ' ' stated he was "delighted" that^ ^uV^ted the invent of only Secretary McNamara s i 1 , Ll "- U1 «.())(ii'ls I prt , v ,. nt f llt(irt . tals showed Johnson leading his the biggest majority since New party's ticket in 274 districts]Deal days. Solon Travel Too It says in the paper—and solan executive — even a Chief It must be true — that the Democratic National Committee has, with considerable grumbling, Executive — worth only twice as much in annual salary as it costs to haul him around for one units with the National Guard was appearing in the Washington newspapers, which are read religiously by members of Congress. He also vigorously contended what you have area" on down to the grunt and stare and finally the turn of the back. I replied: "Yes, and the first thing we should integrate is your Country Club." She looked at me in horror. Her Country Club, where she plays golf daily as (need congressional approval to M v ,. nd the country goes down the drain, I put into effect his controversial .„. a "! d1 ^. .",, is not only white, but you have Belle-.. to e.\|H-iiMve arid health habits. In addition to this, parents MiOu'd encourage their children t" practice the health habits laugh! Ik-herb also believes that SyVjjt sr j, 0 i,! prefera>.:\ b\ .-« V .nf vester's "one-voice" concept has a R()0( j i. x;iirii ,],.. it was. (We Invite qrectlons ti economics and the proper reactions of government which will n«t in. lcn ."' nn lure anyone.) j ' lst as l,TF.ST[ON: "What typ* of a i.'U.*.;ne-.s would you call a 'pub"!,.',.... : ' : ' •"'' <>ir::nodaf!on' and would ;,','. hilt . '• "•[ ••->> I--'! the propiietor (.£ , •<'••• \ii-i (i;:-->- "!' Trie*' or religion"' ' ! l -n M. ]-!, L-cll. Santa Ana. , ,' ,,;' ANSVYKK: Any <ort nt hu-!. W g patronak'p. --ay that any IK;- ; .M'r ha* tip ri fur any believe you have, in clone in this in;' the jia an*i;rul the •.r! ]•'••• a h!Ue rea<-(in ••? C. lie has Apr: M a y May Secretary Mc.Vamara does not S °. (l ^" ra ,f'' members of Con- has backfired against create an '!ie :ii".' to rehisp to tr, business, juvt 35 the c.\i<-. ''vas f':e n,;!it !o to • if! l.ii-,im-^ with any rner li" a rn'Tcnant sayj );<• v.,}'. to oril\ N'ejjroes. to tiinw o: iran df-scr-nt, to Jev,^.:-, ; to blondes or brun«-!:c< t to come from a long line of the most white and most advantaged to belong. Historically, most of the fat- to centre u. pub.ic a,. ^^>^!^ n f 11 f O C f\f tna cftfftftm- in •* fairs offices of the services in one unit. Representative Hebert one of critics of the cats always "go along" with ipH^hp^^ifino ^lo,f' lnlf ' rject " its hearings those in power. They played ball menr issue nfo huT ag f,' 'o one of j.._;— *L_ r>..._:__ «.',...:._ men i issue into his inquirv with r ., ,,,,-„. j ., sardont n^i 1U f"' y P chief's power grab. That battle win come ear!\ in May, as soon as Hebert's Armed Services Subcommittee winds up It could develop in- the historic debates of the l%0s since Hebert i- sa>- ing. "This is one battle 1 intend to win " The '-'.i of e\c:y i j.lare ID in tlie sci abuiit 70 rvr-y rmpn.'! 1 ::^'-'! iitii educ.i'.H'!! :- . L.iuid and laat !h ;'l\ e sin ;, educa 1 uii.K. Ir. a l.i.'^f high ^-hfH.i > per Cell* were •! to ha\e ttie>.c fal>t- bvlit-is about -paid the Air Force $150.000 for|day? ' use of its planes by Democratic j Let us take the case, of say, politicians, including Our Leader]a General Motors executive. Let " Himself. us suppose that as head of the • , (Nut, Bolt & Screw division he J We were curious about how a. knocks down $250,000 a year. President gallivants a r ou n d!wvi^t «-nniH r.\r B ctrwthnMarc l; What would GM's stockholders then hea All >ta!i':nenls ni.idf In driii' advMi-etsients to the gener.;! j,,,!,;,,. arr true. lls and .sleeping p I 1! power. They played during the Russian Revolution,! they played ball with Hitler, and vester now they're in Johnson's pocket. | They will do anything to stay) "I never have seen an In- Members of his subcommittee ! can '| M ', su f,.!, taken vutho u on top, which jr. one of the main stance where a department has art ' planning to circulate among medical supemsmr reasons we're on the verge of a : tr i e( l its case so effectively in other legislators the recent re- corporate Socialist dictatorship. tn e newspapers — and this is a l >on ()f llit ' American Society of The same scalawags who are compliment to you." said Hebert Newspaper Kditors' Freedom frantically Installing Negro vice presidents (near the windows) its case so effectively in other legislators the recent re- \ j catered p-M ill"' ti'.e be '! !!:>-' iii.->easei. Klo-.iMdes are added t< r:!i 1 .;!.'.', water to Ki;! N'ei'.e: eal diseases are i Information Committee W.MC without cracking a smile "I am afraid I don't deserve Blasted McNamara and Selves- it" replied Sylvester. " ter for their "news manage- wien he's acting more like a; say if they found out his trans . to appease the almighty govern- . Candidate than a President fhe j portation bU1 was $ 12 5,000 a day ment are selling wheat to Rus- 4<I haven>t seen anything about Ilu>llt " .Air.Force says that it cost $2.- _ aboul nalf his salary? Can • almiehtv dollar ! these he a""fis in the local ,, a - '^<- report denounce^- MeNam- M,,.t 350 an hour to operate the Pres- you just imagine o This impor . ia lo * n ltle almighty dollar- lpers ., ^^ ^^ I* ^ |ni . ^ ., im> . viiu . ( , , ,,,„., ii( , )Ki ., ideots personal jet, Air Force { ant fellow might be prcsumed so tne >' ca " send their children ; wouldn't know there Iris been ^u.r«mi; tnat his directive • bai One. We have no idea how this lo travel at least 100 days of to posh, segregated schools and, any criticism of the plan " riiiK correspondents from free figure is calculated; whether tt tne y eari bringing his transpor -(belong to segregated country i "I am delighted " said Sslves act ' ess to airbases and other includes fuel, depreciation, in-j tation (and this doesn't include clubs and maintain two . inch'-! 1 ":.. ' '" military installations and pro- terest on the national debt, sal-l food booze> and tips) to aries pensions and fringe bene- ! JQQ QQQ a V ear fits of the aid and ground crews, what. thick drawing room carpets up-'t * We should say that there on which no black foot will ever 11 \, 0*IV>U>V« O%* J fcHfc* fc V*»V-1 V. t ._ would be much activity among | De P^mitted to tread, except as But it does work out that at'the proxy-holders at the next j a servant. $2,350 an hour, it costs $53,400 meeting of the share owners. every time the President takes Air- -Force One out of the barn for a day. This is more than half the annual salary of the President, not counting his expense allow- Now, it occurs to us that an una«tural ratio obtains here. Js'home more. We are not suggesting that our Leader should be carried around in a commercial airplane like some middle-echelon bureaucrat; but it does seem to us, as we mourn our income tax payment of yesterday, that maybe j our presidents ought to stay! Plane Rides Expensive .Perhaps It should be stated.. Apparently the least the Con- In $e name of fairness, that our'gress can do for a fellow mem- pres'idents are not the only ones,ber who has be«en relieved of who treat themselves to exten-j his toga by an ungrateful con- slve travel. stituency is to send him on a vacation at the expense of the boobs back home. Sort of a * Take congressmen. There was an aborted move in t0fm -, na , . 0 ,,^ the'last Congress to eliminate i terra)nal leave from congressional junkets the; The expense vouchers for lame duck congressmen. It wasjthe«* juu&ets are available for th*-i»m«culat* reasoning of the ; unction; but the General Ser- ef this ecooowy feat vices AdministraUon, vhicb is always ready to criticize the bureaucrats for their free ways with a dollar, throws all the congressional vouchers is a big box. You are welcome to go through «i u" » congressman were about to ,. b* retired to private life the :. aaUofi stood to gain almost noth- .• iag from sending him abroad to . tespact the sanitary facilities oa J Guadalcanal (one day) with a in • dwrt ttwo-weei) stopover ^.^^^ uncatalogued and uinje- • ^jjaiasiss^iww «P— «•*« - I when you are done you will know But the things never got out i m0f9 • you Ii the worid'i largest dty. ToJtyo, there are at most as many people as then are in the whole continent o| Aostrali*. Within 87 miles ol the center of Tokyo there are owe than 25,000,000 people. The lation of the city itself. t * Worid War fl air raids, il OM of the world's a(Mt oodero "You may have to go back VK ^' n K an 'escort' lor every tor- might," reprimanded at Becunt >' matters but at con- fighting .same I 'nrefi i.H'i ated c'^u r.c.'i r ;ii.i'l c-an l»e eaten w :t!;out lear oi tifi',1 pdisomii'.!. but i-annef sliOllld nut be kept cans after beinsi ojH-ned (-\en n. the rein-ieiator. Toothpa.-les and numthwa-':. e- will Kill the germ-, ;n :•».: mouth TiirM' and man> other !a!-• belief-, indicate a di.^ma> : ' L confusion that can be di-jM-la-'i only by a vigorous progiam i>: health education. y -- 1 weigh my babv ]»••'.»:( and alter each time 1 nui -> him When 1 use a oVodorai/ he doe-n'l Cet a^ m.ich irj'k .> rac '•'•••* < r -a'.',.'! > ^"rVs i '\'idUa!- wi.oin rs.i\e }«-.ti-. i;..- and a<1mifHv T :.itc to rhoosf tt CKP they will ass'.K-;ate •';a> ri"t d:si n::;::: •<• IH- f.Kjl,-,.'! Ti.ev in the makini •'• *\;ir.i e of t'<r t::e | I'.eMi to I de. |,t!r n J!)e ,, rt l Jev,-l. i,rn«» tr.,. .,t is !,.•-{ , Vn . t f .e: in II/iK -4 t ' "IIU1IUCU ' aeoert, a former crusading city trollinp what American fig editor. "I thought you miijht be mt ' n sa - v •" interested in seeing both sides "KH1NO TIIK \K\VS--Heaw so that members of Congress P resslJI1 ' by Hntain has forced and the public will have all the Wpst ( 'f'many to abandon a make their judgment " P' an t" "old a meeting of the wouldn't take me ^ e< ^ t<ra l Senate in West lU-rlm replied Sylvester during the week of Queen Kli/a- ALL-I'OVVERFLi, — Sylvester belh s Vlhlls lo tn<> beleaguf-red was just as contemptuous of the c ''^ Earlier this month the subcommittee in defending his ( -' ommu r» i > l s blocked the land plan to consolidate the publi" ai routes t(J Berlin in piotest fairs offices of the three services a K<"nst '< " ' ' under his supen-ision. that city ^ ^ "What authority do you p] an Son feared that a Senate meet- t ', l( , breast deuend^ "f t 1 ..- alto use to accomplish this rner- in ^ an-anged for Aj>ril :«J. would i s ( ,f the nnlk' gland- to -ecie-e ger? demanded Hebert lea(J to another outburst of re- m ^ an ,j t'u- abilit;, ••! • ! e "I would say, from observa- ta ' latlon He was concerned this baby to emptv t'^e imast A tion so far under the authority coultl eas 'l v " ave rumbled uitg deodorant would isot ailed tin-e of the Secretary of Defense" ^ a - % an( ^ t'i'niaxed into a Coin- factors directly but if ' ."ir- . i answered Sylvester. ' munist demonstration during the t \ ran onto t-e mi-pie '•• '.'.•'•• "Well, he considers himsef V ueen ' s Vls)t that same week mjgtit object to the ta^U- Try omnipotent, so I suppose he be- ^ r ' tain . which with France and usiiu 1 . the deodorant but wa-h- lieves he has the authority " the l s - is responsible for West- ing the breast just bef .iv nu ••cracked Hebert. :Berlin, made it clear to Bonn ing your baby. "I think Congress made him tliat lihe would vet o the meeting that", restorted Sylvester. Tne L ' s joined in the request. "That is what we are trying to undo right now," shot back . Hebert. Ja *s than those which have o! ail mankuisl on this farm. Question* are limited to feo- era] human relations questions that wilt improve the well-being of all mankind on tnU earth. I People and Things Afi»**r to Prtviou* Puill* w , 1( . n j , inn , Bundestag session in yVhy is thi-" prime Minister Wil- A— The amount of rnilk ->2 MinuU ptrUdc< *S Indian 44 i rjlu 611 u U;'' 44 Katln-r IftrJ 62( <.ntuti>c4 " 64 !(<>{ UAX request. ^^ _ made man — A lion i There will never "be" better ble exanipk ° f unskmei1 lab( " "I hope you have no success" never been enacted said Sylvester disdaJn/ullv. ! .. ~~~ u one GQ1XG TO THE CORK — The Johnn y ~ M - v falher can llck real i«sue in both merger plans yo " r fatlier ~ s ° th f re! as far ^ Representative Hebert Jimniy ~ Blg deal ~ so can Friends are made by acts and can be lost by is concerned, is "whether Me my mother! Namara will cooUoue to flout the Congress and defy the laws ! something in A woman 's face is her for-'won't work'* or whether Congress is going tune only when it draws much, Mrs Smith to assert itself." iinterest i.t^,,- Caller. — Good mornms> Mi N ;Snntii. I'm fiom the gas com jpany I understand there thy house that — Yes. he's up

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