The News from Frederick, Maryland on August 31, 1967 · Page 17
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 17

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1967
Page 17
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THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Page A-17 Thursday. August Si, 1W7 World Today AP News Analyst Coconut Factions Battle BV JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (AP) -- The lews out of South Vietnam was z~zr,~'C': ;~~~ *,, so unpleasant, with reports the ioRK^^kS°uJ£ Sept 3 presidential election may be bubbled icr-sl, State, Area Markets Baltimore Livestock Auction CALVES 11» Comparad 25th cowt 50-75C C A T T L E 1*1 lo Fnd«y As feeder cattle steady v -alert tlaady to ArAPiTirn MM!TM (API _ fwd * r ca "" sleadv vltr$ * v ACAPULCO, Mexico CAP) -- , M h , sntr ,,,, , avarice ,,, cull arvJ Farmers' Livestock Exchange BUTCHER CATTLE Staert--Mad I Cd to 25 10 Plain M M-23 31 Mailer*-Good « 75 13 35 Mad * Gd Jl Ot 21 U cows-Mad KU-I* N c»x ireo-iaoo broke out in Acapulco's slum rigged that Congress district Sunday and police re- with indignation and ported 22 dead Police said the shooting erupted after dissident members broke up a banquet in the un- More than Utility not enough bulls on o«ar for market test Shelly 1* 75 down BULL* Mad IJW-MM Plain 1f M- SLAUGHTER STEERS Few head 21 25 Stock $taar»--Gd «· M» Mad Choice and Prime 800-725 Ib Club^calve» 23 00-2} 75, Plain JO I5-J1 75 CALVES Ch 3*00-3*50 Gd 70 persons were report- President Johnson had to step in ' ^ ^ He named the militaiy lead-' TM' s £)*£"**£ ers, whose top men are running i ed W ounded the nation now and are up for I state police and soldiers were election, that crooked balloting called m to halt the fighting, would cost South Vietnam the Santo Godoe, subcmef of the support of the American people. ^^Ived^ere^inS A Whether or not the American questioning indignafon is justified, it seems An Associated Press check of a little self-righteous major hospitals revealed at least 70 wounded and police es- It appears to be asking the timated the total at 2lose to 100 South Vietnamese people, with A police spokesman said the no real experience m politics or 1 battle took place at the two-sto- democracy, to achieve suddenly ry headquarters of a copra an ideal political purity which workers union Copra is coconut this country has found trouble m eat from which oil is extract- achieving alter almost two cen- ed tunes of elections Officeis of the union and 27 40-27 50 26 70-27 00 rim couple head Good 72MOO Ibs COWS Utility and Commercial 17 40 VEAL 14002750. Med » 00-3*50 » 00-15 00, Plain W 00- couple""higrT'yTeldirtg"' JtwTy i» 10-1 31 00. Lite t Grean 33 00 down ' .-.-..-- 2)00 . aoo LAMBS Mad to tin. Plain 21 25 Shaap to 4 00 HOGS 19 00 1950 Cutter 1570-1*00 tew high yielding individuals to 1900 Canner 1250-1620 BULLS Couple Commercial for slaugh ter 23 00 23 90 tew head Cutter and Util ty 20 75 21 50 V E A L E R S Good 165270 IDS 3350 3600 Standard 125-215 Ibs 3000-3400 Utility 95120 Ibs n 00-32 00 Cull 75110 Ibs 24 00 28 00 tew 45 70 Ibs 20 00-23 00 FEEDER CATTLE Few Choice 535-670 Ib steers 27 00-27 10 Good 525-WO Ibs 24 25 26 80 Few Standard and low Good 400 775 Ibs 21 60-23 00 few Good 625 72S i* he fers 20 35 21 40 few Good and Choice 300-475 Ib steer calves 27 00-30 00 HOGS 38 BARROWS AND GILTS Faw lots US 1 i 198 230 Ibs 21 25 21 50 SHEEP 20 Couple lots Choice Spring Slaughter Lambs 90-105 Ibs 32 25 24 00. Pred'k Stock Auction MO-MO JOOO- 1W225 20 00-10. M MO-J75 1» M- 20 00 Sow* U 10-17 50 Pifli Par Hd 12 00-13 00 Par Cwf 1» 00-21 00 Slock Sow* Par Hd ft Pit* » 122.00 Boari Cwt 13JS-1375 Woodsbor* Livestock Auction .. t »,, ,,,,,,,. some members were holding a In this century Amencans 25th anmversary banquet w £ en MVC r^f,L h^h^^here has a ^ OU P dwwtiified with union I SSr*. To *» 13.10 can polling booths I here nas e ] ectlons four mont h £ ago tried c-rad n 9 Good 150200 ms been widespread political cor- to crash t th h spokes- Ifo^VsS/V* % a % ruption The Senate still finds it man sa)d * »~ ^hT^le" 100126 ibl T Reports from the area indicated about 600 men were inside ruption necessary to check on some of its memoers' campaign funds and how they got the money. And it wasn't until 1965 that Congress passed a law to make it possible for thousands of Negroes in the South to vote for the first tune The basis for the American in dignation. of course, is that American lives and wealth are being spent in Vietnam to help the people there to self- determination as Johnson explained. But e\en if the elections are honest, or fairly honest, undoubtedly there will be new troubles for Johnson to endure at a time when so many Americans are divided about the war, wanting tbe bombing stopped or the war stopped For instance. Thich Tri Quang, the militant Buddhist monk, has indicated Vietnam may be in for another burst of Buddhist riots if Lt Gen Nguyen Van Thieu now chief of state, is elected president | Thieu along wth Gen Nguy*n Cao K\, now premier and running foi vice president on the ticket with Thieu. is part of the military group which is and has been for vears giving Vietnam the only government it has It was a recent remark by Ky---that the ruling military junta would overthrow anv government winning the election by fraud--which prompted the out cries in Congress But from the moment the elections were arranged Americans had reason to be skeptical about the outcome or the ability or stabihtv of anv goveinment which was not run bv the military The histoiv of South Vietnam since fie Fiem.ii were driven out in 19"4 has been a nistory of dictatoiship no matter how thmlv disguised bv one man or a group and a succession of coups bv military men anxious to take power If nonmilitarv candidates won the election t h e v couldn t sur- i v e w i t h o u t the help and obedience of the r n i h t a i v Therefore remembering the political historv of the country since I'M and the unsopmsu- cated political condition of the masses of peasants who have nad no moie experience in the ·deals of d e m o t r a c v than in the ideaK of c o m m u n i s m it should he no s u i p i t s e t h a t if civilians von the election honestlv they w e t e t h e n tossed out bv the m i l i t a i v a t t t i a d e c e n t interval for Arnei :can b c n fit But t*ie u p o i t s from \ i e t n a m point to t h e likelihood t h a t Thieu and K \ w i l l w i n t h e election casilv Thn 1 1 e the n d v a n 'age f t o m t h e n v e a r s o f public e x p o s m t o hi me better known to the voters than any of their r i v a l s the union hall, and about 1,000 outside. CATTLE Spnnginf Dairy MaKara-- Per Head Up to 3700* Slock Halfart-- Bulu--25 00-30 50 Cwt Butch Heifers Med Good 1950-2150 Cwt Stock Steeri iT'y-K CATTLE Good run vary I 2s 50-2« 00 Cwt -- Plain Staart sold for act^StocK^sTe^s .f^/^tofk Heif* 21» Cwt Butchar £". »»»75 Cwt ers to 24 00 By the Head to »2 00 Stock L'ght 'Wt »«''* *'*«·»» _££, ,, ,,, "B'UTCHE? CATTLE st*r. to 23 10 ' *%TM*\*TMr* * "*«?,% B £ BUTCHE , R 00 C ^ T e- rE uX' 1 ^ 1 C^Sheny Canner, ,7 OO^Cwt (.^n tiva Good It Choice Selling up to 40 00 Cwt Med Good 35 00-35 r« Cwt, Light Med 27 00-31 00 Cwt LAMBS Butch Ewat 744 Cwt HOGS Pta«-- Per Head 1300-1600 Gd Cho Butch Host 180 2» 20 00 21 50 Cwt 275300 1(00-1(75 Cwt Heavy Weight Butch Sows 1725-1(00 Cwt Heavy Boars 13 50 Cwt POULTRY Fowl-Heavy Per Lb 12 l«c. Light Par Lb 3-lOc Fryars--Per Lb COWS 1 00 lower Utility and Com mercial 1700-1810 Csnners and Cutters 1£ 50-17 00 Shelly 1550 down VEAL CALVES Large run but 1 00 der last week Grading Choice 145-220 130160 Ibs 37 to 40c 33 to 37c 1 JO- ing Commercial Ibs 26 to 31C Light Calves 100 120 IBs 27 to 32C 00-100 Ibs 24 to 28c 75 and under 37c down Wat and rough calves 24c down HOGS 100 lower Pigs Per Head «2S- 1/00 20 80 2000 Butcher Hogs 190220 Ibs 2000 230-260 Ibs 1925-2025 140-160 to Sows to 1700 Boars 11001215 . 14 He Ducks-Par Lb M3C MISC Rabbit*-- Per Haad Lard-- Per Lb 4-fc »5c l 40 GOVERNOR TRIES HIS LLCK -- Harold E Hughes, Governor of Iowa (centei tned his luck in fishing for walleyes (jack salmon in Missouri), m the Lake of the Ozarks while attending the mid-west G o v e i n o i s ' C o n f c i e n c r \t left is tne gui I* it at light is a bCtuntv officer T h e ushing was good--but t h catching was bad Tht caugm no us!. Sharif Pooli-I'oohs ,'' Kiss ( harge HOLLYWOOD \P1 -- Omar Sharif pooh poohs criticism from a C mo niiigarme because he kissed B a r b i a Streisand who is Jewish in the new film "Funny Girl " The Egyptian born Sharif "is no longer Arab " the magazine asserted Asked Tuesday about the charge Sharif commented "I have never asked a girl her nationality or religion before I kissed her." Easter Seal Drive Surpasses Goal As a result of a recent statement indicating that the 1K7 Easter Seal Campaign was $77 below its goal several anonymous gifts have been received bringing the campaign ovr the top, according to the 1%7 Easter (Seal Campaign Chairman James W. Freeman. I I . 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