The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 17, 1951 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 17, 1951
Page 3
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PFTM" P. TWO The Newt, Frederick, Md., Saturday, November 17, 1951 Weekly Church Services Ml S*int*' Parish | 9:15 a. m.--Worship. All S«int«' Parish Rt Rev. Noble O. Powell, O. D. Rev. Charles M. Coldren, Tb, O. Rev. Edmund Gettier. All Saints' Church: 8 a. m.--Holy communion. 9:30 a. m.--Family service and church school 11 a. m.--Morning prayer, confirmation and sermon. Bishop Powell. Thanksgiving Day: 8 a. m.--Holy communion. 10:30 a. m.--Morning prayer and sermon. St. Timothy's Chapel: 9:45 a. m.--Church school. 7:30 p. m.--Evening prayer and sermon, Bishop PowdL St. Barnabas* Chapel: 10 a. m.--Church school. 4 p. m,--Evening prayer and sermon, Bishop PowelL Centennial Memorial Evangelical United Brethren Church Rev. John H. Ness, Jr., minister. 9:45 a. m.--Sunday school. 11 a. m.--Worship, subject, "No Other Book." 11 a. m. -- Children's worship, speaker, Mrs. Lawrence Hardin. 6 p. m., Wed.--Worship. Evangelical Reformed Church Rev. Paul JL. Althouse, pastor. Dr. H. L. G. Kieffer,. emeritus. 9:45 a. m.--Sunday school. 11 a. m.--Service, CoL Hugh Cort, speaker. 7:30 p. m.--Worship in Trinity chapel. 9:15 a. m.--Worship. 10:15 a. m.--Sunday schooL Haugh's: 9:30 a. m.--Sunday school, 10:30 a. m,--Worship. Rocky Hill: 10 a. m.--Sunday schooL Chapel: 1 p. m.--Sunday school. 2 p. 1 m.--Worship. Monrovia Church of the Brethren Rev. Carl F. Smith, pastor. 10 a. m.--Church school. 11 a. m.--Worship hour, Rev. David Hanawalt, guest minister. 3 p. m.--rDistrict Youth Rally. Locust Grove, near Linganore: 10 a. m.--Church school, 11 a. m.--Worship. Evangelical Lutheran Church Dr. W. V. Garrett, pastor. Rev. E. J. Alexis, assis't 8:45 a. m.--Early service. 9:45 a. m.--Church school. 11 a. m.--Service. 6:30 p. m.. Covered dish supper, motion picture. First Baptist Church Rev. Wm. C. Royal, pastor. Rev. R. I. Berghauser. supply. 9:45 a, m.--Bible school. 11 a. m.--Worship, subject. "Then Opened He Their Understanding." 6:15 p. m.--Training Union. 7:30 p. m.--Worship. Doubs Methodist Charge Rev. James C. Haskih, minister. Doubs: 9 a. m.--Church school. 10 a. m.---Worship. Forest Grove: 10 a. m.--Church school. 11 a. m.--Worship. Point of Rocks: 10 a. m.--Church school. Jefferson: 9:45 a. m.--Church school Brook Hil! Methodist Church Rev. L. Gene Stewart, minister, 9'30 a. m.--Worship. 10:30 a. m.--Church school. BruMwick-LovetWVlH* Evangelical And Reformed Church Rev. N. H. Fravel. pastor. First Church. Brunswick: 10:15 a. m--Church schooL 11:15 a.m.--Worship. St. James, LovettBville: 9:15 a. m.--Church schooL 10 a. rn.--Worship. Brownsville Church Of The Brethren Rev. Newton L. Poling, pastor. West Brownsville: 9:45 a. m.--Worship. 10:45 a. m.--Sunday schooL South Brownsville: 9:45 a. m.--Sunday schooL Brownsville: 9:45 a. m.--Sunday schooL 10:45 a. m.--Worship. 7:30 p. m.--Thanksgiving service, Rev, Paul E. Shultz, speaker. Brunswick Church Of God Rev. Clair E. Ebersole, pastor. 10 a. m.--Bible school. 7 p. m.--Young People's service. 7:30 p. m.--Worship. 7:30 p. m.. Wed.--Prayer service. Weverton Baptist Church Rev. S. A. Candal, minister. . 9:45 a. m,--Sunday school. 11 a. m.--Worship. 7:30 p. m.--Worship. 7:30 p. m.--Mid-week prayer service. Walkersville Methodist Church Rev. Ben F. Hartley, minister. Mt. Pleasant: 9:30 a. m.--Service. 10:30 a. m.--Church school. Walkersville: 9'30 a. m --Church school. 10.45 a. m.--Service, Dr. Edgar Cordell Powers, speaker. Mt. Zion: 1:30 p. m.--Church school. 2:30 p. m.--Service. Lewistown: 9:30 a. m.--Church school, 7:30 p. m.--Service. Grace Evangelical And Reformed Church Rev. Dr. R. E. Wilhelm. pastor. 9:45 a. m.--Church schooL 11 a. m.--Worship, subject, "Let Us Give Thanks." 11 a. m.--Junior C. E. Presbyterian Church Rev. W. M. Weaver, minister. 9:45 a. m.--Bible school. 11 a. m.--Church nursery. 11 a. m..--Worship, subject, "This One Thing I Do " 7:45 p. m.--Worship. Trinity Methodist Charge Rev. L. Gene Stewart, minister. 10 a. m.--Church school. 11 a. m --Worship, subject. "The Prophet Jeremiah and His Message." 7:30 p. m., Wed., Nov. 21-Thanksgiving service. Church Of The Brethren Rev. Ralph E. White, pastor. 9'45 a. rn.--Sunday school. 11 a. m.--Worship, subject, "You Can Take It With You." 7:30 p. m.--Worship. Full Gospel Church Rev. Bion E. Cecil, pastor. 9:45 a. m.--Church school. 11 a. m.--Worship. 7:30 p. m.--Evangelistic service 7:30 p. m., Thurs.--Y. P. E. serv Ice. Edgrwood, Oak Hill And Bark Hill Churches Of God Rev. Robert Easterday, pastor. Edgewood 10 a. m --Sunday school. 7:30 p. m., Tuos--Bible study. Oak Hill 9:30 a. m.--Sunday school. 7 p. m.--C. G. Y. A. 7:30 p. m.--Preaching. Bark Hill: 9:30 a m--Sunday school. 10-30 a. m--Prenchmg. IjamsvHle, Flint Hill. Araby. Urbana Methodist Churches Rev. John W. Kuschol, pastor. Ijamsville. 9 a. m.--Sunday school. 10 a; m.--Service. Flint Hill: 10 a. m.--Sunday school. Araby: 10 a. m.--Sunday! school. 11 a. m --Service. Urbana: 10 a. m.--Sunday school. 8 p. m --Combined service. Church Of The Naiarene Rev. Wm. D. Mowen, pastor. 10 a m.--Sunday schooL Mr Grant Swank, superintendent. 11 a. m.--Worship, subject, "Giv ing. The Greater Blessing." 6.45 p. m.--Young People's serv ice. 7:30 p. rn., Wed. -- Mid-week prayer and praise service. Calvary Methodist Church Rev, Edward A. Godsey, minister 9:45 a. m.--Church school. 11 a. m.--Worship, subject, "The Spirit Of Thanksgiving." St. John's Catholic Church Rev. James M. Hogan, pastor. Rev Herbert R. Jordan, assis't. Rev. Robert A. Bozel. assis't 7, 8. 9, 10, 11:30 a. m.--Sunday masses. 7:30 p. m.--Miraculous Medal No vena devotions. 7:30 p. m., Wed.--Sodality devotions. 6:45 a. m., week-days --Mass Visitation chapel, 8 a. m.--Church. Sat., 4:30 p. rn. to 6 p. m., 7:30 p. m. to 8.30 p. m.--Confessions. Parkway Church Of God Rev. F. P. Brose, pastor. 9:45 a. m.--Sunday school. 10:45 a. m. -- Worship-harvest home. 6:30 p.m.--C. G. Y. A. meeting. The Bethel Tabernacle Rev. 4. F. Sengstack, pastor. 10 a. m.--Sunday school. 11 a. m.--Worship. 7:30 p. m.--Evangelistic service. Rev. Leland Cole, speaker. 7:30 p. m.. Wed.--Prayer service. Christian Science Society Pythian Castle. N. Court St.: 11 a. m.--Sunday school. 11 a. m.--Church service, subject, "Mortals and Immortals." 11 a. m., Nov. 22--Thanksgiving service. Quinn A. M. E. Church Rev. R. L. Tillery, pastor. 9:30 a. m.--Church school. 11 a. m.--Worship. 6:30 p. m.--A. C. E. League. 8 p. m.--Worship. County Churches Woodsboro Lutheran Parish Rev. R, C. Myers, pastor. Woodsboro: Jefferson Evangelical And Reformed Church Rev. G Ermine- Plott, minister. 9.30 a m--Sunday school. JO 30 a m.--Worship. 7:30 p. m.--Service, Rev. Walter Mehrling. 7'30 p. in., Wed.--Thanksgiving service in Lutheran church. Lingnnorc-Llbcrtytown Methodist Churches Rov. Kenneth A Tyson, pastor. Liberty town. 10 a. m.--Worship. 11 a. m.--Sunday school. Linganore: 9:45 a. m.--Sunday school. H n. m. -- Worship, homecoming. 2 p. m --Homecoming service 7-30 p. m.--Special Thanksgiving service, Wednesday, at Libertytown church. Brunswick And Pptersville St. Francis Parish Rev, Paul J, Dougherty, pastor. St. Francis, Brunswick. 9-30 a m--Sunday school 10-30 a m --Mass 7:30 p. m , Wed --Novena service. 8 a m , Thurs, Thanksgiving Day--Mass St. Mary's, Pctersville: 8:30 a. 9:30 a. m --Sunday school. Brunswick Lutheran Parish Rev. Ralph H. Miller, pastor. Bethany, Brunswick: 9:45 a m --Church school. 11 a. m.--Service. Luther Chapel, Petersville: 10 a. m.--Church school. 7:30 p. m.--Rededication service. Rev. John C. Stuff, D. D., guest preacher. Brunswick St. Mark's Episcopal Parish Rev. Paul E. Shultz, rector. Grace Church: 7:30 a m.--Holy communion. 9.30 a. m.--Church school. 7 p. m.. Thurs--Young People's meeting. 10:30 a. m., Thanksgiving Day-Holy communion and sermon. St. Mark's, Merryland Tract- 11:15 a. m. -- Holy communion and sermon. St. Luke's, Brownsville: 7:30 p. m.--Prayer and sermon. 7:30 p. m.. Wed.--Thanksgiving :ervice at Church of the Breth- ·en. Brunswick First Methodist Church Rev. Geo. H. Bennett, minister. 9:45 a. m.--Church school. 11 a. m.--Worship. 6:30 p. m.--Fellowship hour. 7:45 p. m.--Worship. 'irst Baptist Church Rev. L. D. Carmack, pastor. 9:30 a. m.--Sunday school. 11 a. m.--Worship. 6:15 p. m.--Training Union. 7:30 p. m.--Worship. 7:15 p. m., Wed.--Prayer meet- ng. Brunswick Christian And Missionary Alliance Rev. Franklin J. Klein, pastor. 9:45 a. m.--Sunday school. 11 a. m.--Worship. 7 p. m.--Youth Fellowship. 7-45 p. m.--Service. 7:30 p. m.. Wed.--Prayer service. Manor Lutheran Pariah Rev. A. Roger Gobbel, pastor. St Luke's: Service, 9 a. m. 10 a. m.--Sunday school. St. Matthew's: 10 a. m.--Sunday school. 11 a. m.--Service. St. Mark's: 10 a. m.--Sunday schooL 7:30 p. m.--Service. Grace Trinity Evangelical And Reformed Church Rev. Walter D. Mehrling, pastor. 10 a. m.---Church school. 11 a. m.--C. E. meeting. Walkersville Ev. U. B. Church Rev. H. C. Kottlcr, pastor. 9.45 a. m.--Sunday school. 11 a m.--Worship. 7:45 p m.. Wed.. Nov. 21 -Community Thanksgiving service in Lutheran church. Rocky Ridg-c ~ " Church Of The Brethren Rev. S. R. Weybright, elder. 0:30 a. m.--Sunday schooL 10.30 a. m.--Worship. Utlca Lutheran Parish Rev. E. Koontz Helwig, pastor. Bethel: 10 a m.--Church school. Creagerstown: 9:15 a. m.--Service. 10:15 a, m.--Church school Utica- 1:30 p. m.--Church scnool Walkersville- 9-30 a. m.--Church school. 10:45 a. m--Service. New Market Methodist Church Rev. Thomas Morgan, minister. New Market: 10 a. m.---Church school. 11 a. m.--Service. 10 n m., Thurs.--Thanksgiving service. Central: 11 a. m.--Church school. Mt. Carmel: 10 a. m.--Church school. 11 n. m.--Worship. Kmmitsburjr Ellas Evangelical Lutheran Church Rev. Philip Bovver, pastor. 930 a m--Sunday school. 10:30 a. m.--Service. 0:30 p. m --Luther League. 7 p. m.--Vespers. Grace Episcopal Church Rev. Leon P. F. Vauthipr. rector. New Market: 930 a. m.--Holy communion. 10:30 n. m.--Church school. 10 a. m , Thanksgiving Day-Union service in M. E. church St. Paul's, Poplar Springs 10 a m--Church school. 11 a.m --Morning prayer. St. Jnrnes. Mt. Airy: 9:45 a. 'm.--Church school. 7:30 p. m.--Evening prayer. Gcrmantown Bethel-Blue Mountain Churches Of God Rev. Clarence McGaha, pastor. Germantown Bethel: 9.30 a. m.--Bible school. 10:30 a. m--Worship. 7 p. m.--C. E. 4: C. G. Y. A. 7:30 p. m., Thurs.--Prayer service. Blue Mountain: 930 a. m--Bible school. 10:30 a. m.--Worship, Rev. Walter West, speaker. 7:30 p. m.--Worship. 7:30 p. m.. Wed.--Prayer service. Graceham Moravian Church Rev. Paul Zeller. pastor. 9.30 a m.--Church school. 10:30 a. m--Worship. 7 p. m.--Christian Endeavor. Utlct Chaif e, Eraftf elletl And Reformed Church Rev, W. H. Anderman, Jr., pastor. 7:30 p. m. -- Thank-offering service In Mt. Pleasant church, 8 p. m., Tucg. -- Charge-wide service in Utica church. Grace Church, Pleasant Hill: 10 a. m.--Sunday *chool. Mt. Pleasant Church: 10 a. m.--Sunday school. St. Paul's, Churchu Utica: 9-30 a. m.--Sunday school. 11 a. m.--Service. Zion Church, Charlesville: 10-30 a. m.--Sunday school. 9:30 a. m.--Service. Buckeystown Methodist Charge Tvev. I. P. Blackman, minister. Rev. O. B. Jackson, assis't. Pleasant View: 10 a. m.--Sunday school. 11 a. m---Worship, Rev. O. B. Jackson, speaker, Sunnyside: 12 p. m.--Sunday schooL Buckeystown: 10 ». m.--Sunday schooL Glade Evangelical And Reformed Church, Walkersvill« Rev. Chas. A. Price, minister. 10 a. m.--Church school. 11 a, m. -- Service, Rev. Dr. Perry L. Smith, guest speaker. St. John's, Woodsboro: 9:15 a. m.--Service, Rev. Dr. Perry L. Smith, guest speaker. 10 a. m.--Church school. Locust Valley Church Of God Rev. C. E. Ebersole, pastor. 9:30 a. m.--Bible school. 10:30 a. m.--Worship. 7:30 p. m.--Evangelistic services. Thursday evening -- Special Thanksgiving service. Adamstown Trinity Evangelical and Reformed Church Rev. Walter D. Mehrling, pastor. 9:45 a. m.--Sunday school. 11 a. m.--Worship. 7:30 p. m.--Christian Endeavor The Myersville Lutheran Charge Rev. Raymond L. Markley St. John, Church Hill: 9 a. m --Worship. Church school, after worship. St. Paul, Myersville: 9:20 a. m--Church School 10:30 a. m.--Worship St. Mark. Wolfsville: 9:30 a. m.--Church School MyersvUle Ev. U. -B. Church Rev. E. Stephen Raby, pastor. Pleasant Walk: 9 . m--Worship 10 a. m.--Church School Myersville: 9 a. m.--Church School 10 a. m.--Worship 7:45 p. m.--Youth Fellowship Middletown: 10 a. m.--Church School 11:15 a. m., worship. ITatirmont JtMprm** Charf* I Rev. Edouard Taylor, pastor. Apple's: 9:30 a. m,--Worship. 10:30 a. m.--Church schooL 7:30 p. m.~Thankoffering service. Mt, Tabor: Church school, worship, Lutheran. Trinity: 9:45 a. m.--Church schooL 11 a. m,--Worship. Sabillasvlllc Reformed Church Rev. Claude H. Corl, pastor. St. Jacob's: Sunday school at regular hour St. Stephens's: 9:30 a. m.--Sunday schooL St. John's: 9:30 a. m.--Sunday schooL Thurmont Episcopal Church Rev. Oscar F. R. Treder, pastor. Harriot Chapel, Catoctin: 9:45 a. m.--Church school. 11 a. m.--Morning service ant sermon. First and third Sunday -- Holy communion. 7 p. m., Tues.--Young People's Fellowship. St. Stephen's, .Thurmont: 8 a. m.--Holy communion. Middletown Zion Lutheran Church Rev. H. J. McCarney, pastor. 9:30 a. m.--Sunday schooL- 10:45 a. m.--Worship. Middletown Valley Church Of The Brethren Rev. Samuel D. Lindsay, pastor. Grossnickle's: 9:30 a. m.--Worship, sermon by Prof. Nevin W. Fisher. 10:30 a. m,--Church schooL Myersville: 9:45 a. m.--Church school. 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.--Wor- ship, with Prof. Nevin W. Fisher. Harmony: 9:30 a. m.--Church schooL Pleasant View-Sharpsburg Church Of The Brethren Rev. John S. Bowlus, elder. Pleasant View: 9.30 a. m.--Sunday schooL 10:30 a. m.--Worship, sermon by Rev. Basil Grossnickle. Wolfsville Ev. U. B. Church Rev. Albert Snyder, pastor. Wolfsville: 9-45 a. m.--Worship. 10-45 a. m.--Sunday schooL Garfield: 9:45 a. m.--Sunday schooL 11 a. m--Worship. Pleasant Valley: 2 30 p. m --Worship. Union Bridge Lutheran Parish Supply from Gettysburg College. St. James: 9.30 a. m.--Sunday schooL No worship. Mt. Tabor: 9.30 a. m.--Worship 10:30--Sunday School Keysville: 9.30 a. m.--Sunday schooL 11 a. m., worship Thurmont Ev. U. B. Charge Rev. Ivan G. Naugle, pastor. Thurmont: 9:30 a m.--Sunday school. 10:30 a. m.--Worship. 6:30 p. m.--Youth Fellowship. Deerfield: 9 a. m.--Worship. 10 a. m.--Sunday school. Smithsburgr Methodist Church Rev. Orrin Carroll, minister. Smithsburg: 9 45 a. m.--Worship. 10.45 a. m.--Sunday school. Mt. Bethel: Second and fourth Sundays-Sunday school. 2 p. m.--Worship. Mt. Zion- First and third Sundays--Sund a y school, 2 p m . 3 p. m.--Worship. Thurmont Lutheran Charge Rev. C. H. Corbett, pastor. Thurmont: 9.30 a. m.--Sunday school. 10:45 a. m.--Worship. Sablllasville: 9:30 a. m.--Sunday schooL Thurmont Methodist Church Rev. A. E. Grim, pastor. Emmitsburg- 9 a. m.--Worship. 10 a. m.--Sunday schooL Tom's Creek 9 a. m.--Sunday school. 10 a. m.--Worship. Thurmont: 10 a. m.--Sunday schooL 11:15 a. m.--Worship. Catoctin: 1-30 p. m.--Sunday'school. 2-30 p. m.--Worship. Thurmont Catholic Church Rev. Vincent J. Tomalski, pastor. 9 a. m.--Mass. Confessions before mass. Thurmont Church of the Brethren Rev. Carl Yoder, pastor. 10 a. m.--Sunday school, 11 a. m.--Worship. Burkittsville Lutheran Charge Rev. Martin L. Zirklc, pastor. St. Paul's: 9:45 a. m--Sunday school. 11 a. m.--Worship. Knoxville: 9:30 a. m.--Worship, 10.30 a. m.--Sunday school. Middletown Christ Evangelical And Reformed Church Rev. Warren A. Breisch. pastor. 9-30 a. m.--Church school. 10:45 a. m.--Worship. 6:30 p. m.--Junior C. E. Strength For Today By Earl L. Douglass COMMUNISM PLANS SUICIDE Before the communist revolution in Russia,every home contained a holy icon. In fact the house was built about that sawed relic. We may disagree with all this as valid religious procedure, but the fact remains that every Russian, from the Winter Palace to the bleakest hut in Siberia, had an icon and cherished it. All that is swept away today. The heavy handed hoodlums who occupy the Kremlin, following the teachings of the atheistic Karl Marx, have thrown the holy icon into the discard But they have done much more than this. With the object has gone the reverence of vast multitudes of people for sacred things and hopes in powers beyond themselves. Today they look to Moscow Lenin. and listen attentively to fche propaganda being poured into their ears by radio broadcasters. Instead of churches, they now have the Kremlin: instead of priests, they have commissars; instead of the liturgy of the Church, they have five-year plans; instead of the Bible, they have the writings of Marx and Yet we may take a certain satisfaction in all this for our enemy is killing; himself off more surely by this procedure than if we were to drop a thousand atomic bombs on his territory. The holy icon has Rone out of his house, out of his heart, out of his life. Communism has thus definitely decided upon suicide. (Copyright Babson Newspaper Synd.) Minute diamonds are occasionally found in meteorites which have crashed. In 1891. Dr. G. A. Koening found a diamond in Canon Diablo, Arizona. SPECIAL SERVICE at CALVARY BRETHREN CHURCH Mt. Airy, Md. Sun., Nov. 18, 1951, 2:30 P. M. By- Rev, and Mrs. Ernest Ecker and Their Nine Children , / Of Baltimore, Md. " SUBJECT: "WHO IS GOD?" PEOGRAM CONSIST'S OF MUSIC, BOTH VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL, SCRIPTURES AND VERSE EACH MEMBER OF FAMILY TAKES ACTIVE PART COME AND GET A, BLESSING ALL WELCOME CalvaryMethodistChurch West Second Street at Memorial Park REV. EDWARD A. GODSEY, Minister Will observe it« fifth annual CALVARY CHEST FUND DAY SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18th, 11 A. M. Sermon by the Minister: "THE SPIRIT OF THANKSGIVING" SPLENDID MUSIC BY THE VESTED CHOIR DR. EARLE B. BLAKESLEE, Director Anthems: "In Heavenly Love Abiding" Diggle "Praise The Lord, 0 My Soul" Smart 9:45 A. M. Church School, departments for all ages. All Members Expected! All Others Invited! ORGAN M.4CTKONIC O t t A H Series 25, Two Manual CONVENIENT TERMS *· This new, two mMmrf dee- troak organ makes k possible foraaydrarch.ciMpei or boow to have gtorio**, tradfriood organ arask at low COM. A demonstration iosptring tone, classical bewM? COLOIN1AL MCSIC SHOP 14 East Patrick St. GO IOC Two Symbols £s~ Tkaabgivi Everyone know* that the turkey it a symbol of Thftokcgiviaf . But, do 70* recognize *h« other symbol -- the more important one? It is the smite on tins lad's face! A ton-key, after affl, k not *M«nt»afr to the celebration of Thanksgiving Day. Some folks prefer duck, or steak, or even a* old-fashioned m«*t4oef. But a smile is indispensable! For thankfulness and happiness are cut from the same fabric. Thankfulness is really happiness with * sense of direction. It i* happiness that traces its source to the goodness of God, and expresses frs destiny hi humble reverence. The smile of a thankful Christian se the natural symbol of Thanksgiving. And it explains the meaning of this sacred Day: GOD HAS SMILED ON US! raE CHTOCH FOR All . . . ALL FOB THE CHURCH Tbe Church a the greatest factor on earth for the building of character and good citizenship It w a storehouse of spiritual values Without a strong Church, neither democracy nor civilization can survive. There are Jour sound reasons why every person should attend services regularly and-support the Church They are. (1) F °' hls , own sa *«- (2) For his children s sake (3) For the sake o! his community and nation H) For the sake of the Church itself, which needs his moral and material support. Plan io go to church regularly and read your Bible daily. Book Chapter Verses Sunday Psalmi or it Monday ... Psalm» Tuesday , ..Luke Wednesday. Psalm» 1 Thursday . .Psalmi It 1.7 Friday. .Luke Saturday... Psalrnj 73 17 11-21 23-28 S Copyncfet 1951, Kastfr Adv. Service, Strufaurx. V This Series of Ads is Being Published Each Week and Is Sponsored by tlie Following Individuals and Business Establishments: ZIMMERMAN'S FLORIST COLLEGE AVE.--PHONE 1251 KEY CHEVROLET SALES, INC. CADILLAC-CHEVROLET Service All Makes HARMONY GROVE FEED AND SUPPLY, INC. CUSTOM GRINDING AND MIXING Harmony Grove, Md. FREDERICK COUNTY PRODUCTS INC 1927 BLUE RIDGE BRAND--CATOCTIN BRAND MEAT PRODUCTS BOYER TRANSPORTATION CO. INC. MOVING--STORAGE--CRATING Knoxville, Md. Phone Brunswick 4768 . CONWAY'S ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL, ENGINEERING Construction and Maintenance 411 Middle St. Phone 3660 WOODSBORO IMPLEMENT CO. "YOUR JOHN DEERE DEALER" Woodsboro, Md. Phone Walkersville 3172 WOODSBORO LIVESTOCK SALES, INC. SALES EVERY TUESDAY Woodsboro, Md. THE IDEAL GARAGE CO., INC. "BUICK SALES AND SERVICE" "Since 1911" 112-114 E. Patrick St. Phone 400 CARMACK'S GROCERY FANCY MEATS * GROCERIES GLEN R. NIKIRK'S MASTER PAINTERS * DECORATORS Phone. 656 E. W. REEDER PLUMBING-HEATING Phone 829 D AND D SERVICE STATION SHELL PRODUCTS K. Patrick *nd Water Sts. STONY'S RADIO SERVICP RADIOS AND TELEVISION ..HOT POINT APPLIANCES 3«2 W. Patrick St. PRICE ELECTRIC CORP. Frederick, Md. THE FREDERICK MOTOR CO. Ford Sale* * Servio* FTOE INSURANCE THE MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. OF FREDERICK COUNTY FREDERICK PRODUCE CO. INC. WholeMl* DtetribHtorc DULANY FROZEN FOODS BUD'S ESSO STATION J. Norman Despeaux, Prop. 167 W. Patrick St. Frederick, Md. JOHN T. FOGLE ALLIS-CHALMERS SALES SERVICE New Midway, Md. FREDERICK TAILORING CO. HOME OF NORTHCOOL TROPJCALS EBERT ICE CREAM CO. MFG. OF EBERT'S FAMOUS ICE CREAM SINGER SEWING CENTER 11 N. Market St. V Phone 2473 Frederick, Md. HILLSIDE COAL OIL CO. We Will Keep The Home Fires Burning With Coal Or Fuel Oil FISHER'S HEATING AND PLUMBING CONTRACTORS 13 E. Patrick St. Phone 210 GAINES SHOE STORE HOME OF WEATHER BIRD SHOES 137 N. Market St. Across from City Opera House RENN PONTIAC CO. 525 N. Market St. Phone 976 RONEY MOTOR CO. REMSBERG'S JEWELRY STORE Francis Scott Key Hotel CHESTNUT FARMS-CHEVY CHASE DAIRY Sealtest Dairy Products THOMAS F. KENNEDY PLUMBING AND HEATING "DELCO" OIL BURNERS STOKERS 28 S. Market St. Phone 693 REMSBURG TRANSPORTATION CO. MILK TRANSPORTATION Braddock Heights, Sfid. JOHNSON'S CLEANERS-DYERS 308 N. Market St. Phone 1242 GLADE VALLEY-GARBER, INC. BREAD--ROLLS--CAKES CERESVILLE MOTOR CO. FERGUSON-MASSEY HARRIS NEW HOLLAND SALES SERVICE Frederick, Md. Route No. 1. Phone 2171-J RAMSBURG FERTILIZER FOSTER'S HARDWARE AND AND PAINT STORE 328 N. Market St. THOMAS J. CRUM CONTRACTOR A BUILDER Frederick, Md. KWSPAPLRl NEWSPAPER!

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