The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas on January 23, 1964 · Page 5
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The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas · Page 5

Wellington, Texas
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Thursday, January 23, 1964
Page 5
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Communist Work Noted Tower Urges U.S. Keep Firm Control of Canal Senator John Tower today urged the Administration to "exert every effort" to retain firm U.S. control over the Panama Oahal Zone and noted that Communist interference in the Panama rioting Is a documented fact. In a radio program for Texas stations, Senator Tower said that /the Communists' intervention in Panama is graphic evidence of the real and continuing danger to our hemisphere dfrom Castroism and Interna- -tional Communism. Senator Tower told Texans •that the one million Panamanians receive some • $82 million each year from work on and •connected with the canal, and in addition have gotten more than $100 each in U.S; foreign aid grants. Even so, he said, "Panama .now may seek a 25- fold increase in the U.O. canal -rights payment of $2 million a -year. The complete text of Sena- •tor Tower's remarks follows: The deteriorating situation in "Panama has been very much in the news and very much in our "thoughts and very much a mat-ter of concern for us over this -past week. I thought we might today go into a little of the background of the Panama Canal situation. Panama was once a part of -the country of Colombia. It "vvas a province of that coun- -try. In 1903 when the Colombian Senate rejected a final agreement on the digging of •the Panama Canal, inhabitants of the province of Panama revolted against Colombia, and •with the assistance of the Uni- "ted States—at that time Teddy Roosevelt was President—Panama became an independent country. At the same time, we •consumated a treaty with Panama relative to the canal. In 1914, a 40-mile-long canal was opened, and we have 'been using it ever since, .and, • of course, it has been vital to -our commerce and to our defense. Over the years, the United States has recognized inei'eas- ed Panamanian rights in the •Canal Zone, and it has periodically adjusted the U.S. lease payments in a sort of international cost-of-living pay raise "to Panama. The most recent •concession by the United States was that the flags of the United States and Panama were allowed to be flown together in equal display throughout the Zone. The canal, of course, is vitally important to ,the United States and to Panama. Most of Panama's one million 1 citizens make their living directly or indirectly from the Pana<*n"a Canal. Panamanians receive some $82 million annually for work on the activities connected with the Canal, and that's a sizeable iportion of .the nation's income. Panama gets about $2 million a year from the United States as 'lease fights. The total United States investment in the Canal is some $500 million. Panama is in the midst of a tightly contested Presidential election with the vote coming in May. So a number of extremist politicians seizing upon the campaign theme of nationalism have demanded that the United States pay Panama more than $50 million a year for Canal rights. Other politicians have demanded full Panamanian sovereignty over the Canal Zone. The United States has agreed to allow the flags of the two nations to be flown jointly over the Zone, wihich belongs to Panama although it is leased in perpetuity to the United States. In other words, we have a lease with no termination date on it. Panama also sought to have more Panamanians employed in the Zone and in better jobs with increased pay. Panama also wants the United States to build and give it a bridge which they want to run clear across the 10-mile wide zone. Panama has 'been very dependent upon the United States. Besides our (payments for the lease rights in the Canal Zone, U.S. foreign aid to Panama has been considerable. We have spent $100 million from 1946, and that averages out to about $100 (per Panamanian citizen. Because of the presence in the Canal Zone of U.S. mili- tai-y units, Panama has never found it necessary even to maintain any armed forces of its own other than a National Guard police foi'ce or some 3.000 men. The U.S. has determined officially that Castro Communist agents have taken a direct hand in the continued Panama rioting, although the original dispute was between students. The Communists' have seized on this as an incident wihich they can exploit to their own advantage. The appearance of mob tactics THE WELLINGTON (TEXAS) LEADER Thursday, January 23, 1964 DOZIER NEWS By Mrs. Alex Coleman • Min. Joe Duke preached at the Church of Christ Sunday. • Mrs. Alex Coleman had as dinner guests Sunday Mr, and Mrs. Guy Bell of Amarvllo, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ray, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Thompson, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bentley of Lefors. • Robert Caperton of Shamrock is in Dallas for treatment. • Mrs. James Throckmartin is in- Shamrock hospital for treatment. » Mr. and Mrs. Ben Neese are planning on moving to Shamrock. • Miss Bernice Throckmartin of Amarillo is helping clerk at the store of Mr. and Mrs. James Throckmartin. » The son of Mr. and Mrs. Truman Bradstreet, Truman R. was accidentally shot in the leg and was in Shamrock hospital Friday. • Everyone will be sorry to hear that Mr. Purl Tippie, ex- teacher at Samnorwood, is in an Altus, Okla., hospital. • Mrs. Jim Ray had an accident at her home Saturday, when an oven became overheated, catching the ceiling on fire when the oven door opened. They extinguished the fire with a hand fire extinguisher. Baptist YWA Meets Jan. 15 •. • s The .Young Women's Auxiliary of First Baptist Church met In the <home of Mrs. William Bar jenbruch Wednesday afternoon. Jan. 15. Miss iLinda Karnes gave the mission study lesson. Refreshments were served to Misses Pain Marchant, -Marsha Elbert, Ann Duncan, Nell Tarver, Vicky Bergvall, Linda Garrison, Tanya Horton, Peggy Crawford, and the sponsors, Mrs. Harold Lamb and Mrs. Bar jenbruch. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Breeding and -Laron of Abra during the week end were Mr. and Mrs<. Bill Goodlake and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cox of Borger. The men came for quail hunting. The three couples were in the group that toured Europe several years ago. Also, Goodlake is a past district governor of Lions Olub. Political Calendar favored by the Communists is very much evidence of their participation. Molotov cocktail gasoline bombs and hidden snipers are typical Communist tactics to incite a mob to violence. It is well known that agents of Castro have been moving throughout Latin America for many months. The Communist intervention in Panama is very graphic evidence of the real and continuing danger for our hemisphere from Castro Communism. The sudden trip of Castro to Moscow points up the decision of International Communism to do all it can to exploit the Panama crisis. It is my fervent hope that we will do everything possible to hold on to the Panama Canal. As we have noted it is vital to commerce and to defense. We cannot lose control of that Zone because if we do lose control of it, it can be easily sabotaged or perhaps taken over by the Communists. Therefore, I believe that this Administration should exert every effort to retain firm U.S. control over the Canal Zone. For District Judge 100th Judicial District ALLEN HARP CHAS. L. REYNOLDS For District Attorney 100th Judicial District JOHN GILLHAM For State Representative 87th District GRAINGER ;McILHANY For County Attorney R. L. TEMPLETON For Sheriff ELZIE WHITE JOHN RAINEY For County Tax Assessor-Collector RITA OWENS HUBERT MAULDIN For Commissioner Prec. 1 WOODROW WOOD For Commissioner Prec. 2 J. C. EMMERT Want Ad Information Rates On Classified and Legal Notices Minimum Charge $1.00 Minimum (cash in advance) 75f Per word, 1 insertion 4c Each aubsequent insertion __ 3c Display in Classified Section, per inch $1.00 Phone 447-2414 FOR SALE—Two chairs: one French Provincial, green damask upholstery; one platform rocker in quilted dull gold with straight valance. Mrs. Emory Hunter. Call 1 447-2410. 26-3c Do You See The Complete Picture of Bonking Service? Do you know all the ways a complete banking service like that of City State Bank can help you in the care and handling of your money, the solving of every day-to-day problems that arise in your finances? Come in and let us show you how much a COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE can mean to you in time-saving convenience as well as in smooth, sound financial sailing. 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Sfrong Safe Dependable City State Bank In Wellington Over SO Years of Dependable Banking Service IN MEMORIAM Our Mother Our Mother is at rest, asleep in Jesus, today, She has crossed over on the other shore, as she would say. She is with all of her loved ones, that have gone on before, I know she was so happy to see them, as she entered Heaven's door. On this earth she lived a long good life, Now Heaven she has gained, where there is no strife. Our Mother never failed to tell us of Jestis and His love, And faithful should .we be to our Father up above. Those, who stood by the bedside until death, Knew that her prayer had been answered as she peacefully went to rest. I know she would not have us so sad and grieved, She, so happy and waiting, for the day when we will be received. —by Thelma McEachem. FOR SALE—Motel for sale. Retire with income, 16 units, living quarters. Red Sands Motel, Childress., or 4501 West Third St., Amarillo. 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The Commissioners Court reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Sealed bids to be opened next regular session of Court being Monday, February 10, 1964, at 10:00 A.M. at the Commissioners' Courtroom. C.G.M. Pipe—18"-96" Quote per Foot I-Beam—8" - 10" - 12" 14" - 16" Quote per Foot Bridge Nails 70 Spike Lumber—Bridge Timber 3"xl2"xl6' - 3"xl2"xl8' - 3"xl2"x20' - 3"xl2"x24' Fuel and Oils Diesel No. 2 Gas—Regular Oils s-3, 20W and SOW Gas engine 20W - SOW Automatic Trans oil 10W- 30W Gear Lub DOW Grease—Cartridge all purpose FiUers—Oil - air - transmissions Tiros & Tubes - State Plan Flat fixing Lorene Jenkins*, Clerk Commissioners' Court, Collingsworth County, Texas. 27-2c FOR SALE—12,000 feet 8-inch 281b pipe, $1.00 per foot A. P. Hinton, 1004 Bridge St. Wichita Falls, Texas. Phone 322-7514. 27-ljp WARRICK Feed Store Services ANNOUNCING See or Call R. A. WILLIAMS 700 Floydada Street Phone 447-5506 Wellington, Texas Representing Schell-Munday Co. of Amarillo, Texas Perma Stone, Siding, Storm Doors and Windows Rock Wool Insulation Remodeling 2G-4c FOR SALE—DC Case tractor, 4 row planter and cultivator, recently overhauled, with good tires. Earl Alexander, phone 447-2663. 26-2p FOR SALE—3 bedroom house, good location in 1200 Wock on El Paso street. Carport, brick paving in front, fenced in back yard. See J. M. Stowell, 1108 Childress or call 447-2232. 27-lp FOR SALE—Hay baling equipment: Massey Ferguson No. 3 baler, Hesston Swather, self- propelled; H Farmall tractor on butane. Call 447-2286, John Dodge. 26-2c Kotice The Wellington Fire Department is now receiving bids on a 1954 STUDEBAKER CHAMPION STATION WAGON Bids will be opened Jan. 27, 1964. The Fire Department reserves the right to reject any and all bids. WELLINGTON FIRE DEPARTMENT 26-2c Custom Made Draperies Free Estimate — Free Decorator Service * Special Price on Materials now in stock up to $5.00 per yard, now on sale for $2.00 per yard POWER Drapery Shop (Ye Old Antique Shop) Highway 287 Childress, Texas 25-3c New Automatic Maytags JUST INSTALLED We also have 10 dryers to serve you. We also do the customary wet wash-dry wash or you can do it yourself. Duncan Laundry 9th at Ennis tfc Free estimates Prompt Service Expert Work Brown Paint & Body Shop Phone 447-5505 W. D. Shannon Roofing Contractor All types roofing and siding Free Estimate 801 Haskell Street Wellington 27-4c WILL DO IRONING in my home, $1.50 doz. Also have for sale -wringer type washer with 2 tubs. Call 447-2796. 27-lp WE MAKE gates, hay racks, automatic feeders and calf tables. Oran Starkey, intersection Highways 83 and 203. Phone 447-2578. 21-tfc SEE US FOR Venetian Blinds Floor Covering Carpet, Tile, Linoleum Pliilco AppJiances Washers Dryers Blue Lustre Shampoo • Roper Ranges • Dearborn Heaters S&R HARDWARE Sam Adams, Mgr. N. E. Corner Square Phone 447-2553 43-tfc Wanted WANTED—100,000 used burlap bags. Warrick Feed Store. 20-tfc Help Wanted TELP WANTED—Year round farm hand, plenty of work, ittle wages, part of nights off. Buck Breeding or Dee Kincannon. 27-29-2p ARE YOU looking for a good pai-t-time or full-time income in Collingsworth county or Wellington ? Many Rawieigh , Dealers earn $2.50 and up per hour. See J. P. Hazelwood, 428 S. Second Street, Canadian, ox- write Rawleig-h, TXA 200-26, Memphis, Tenn. 26-2p For Rent FOR RENT—Apartment, close in, bills paid. Phone 4475403. 26-tfc Lost and Found WILL the person who borrowed our log 1 chain please return it? 'Warrick Feed Store. 27-lc LOST—German Shepherd r;mp> black with a little tan on legs and underside. Contact David Routon at Recreation Center. 27-lp Cards of Thanks May we express our sincere appreciation to all of you who were so helpful to us during the illness and at the passing of our loved one. The words of sympathy, the visits, the flowers and the food were deeply appreciated. Our special thanks to Dr. Glenn Hickey, pastor of First Baptist Church. May God bless each of you. The family of Mrs. N. C. Tenndson. ALL KINDS' OF DIRT MOVING, TANKS, BULLDOZING TERRACES, LAND LEVELLING No Job Too Small STARR & PENDEKGRASS 709 Ennis St., Wellington Phone 447-5607 22-tfc $5QOO REWARD For Information on Location of STOLEN TRAILER taken from my place Thursday night, Jan. 16 Shop made 14-foot flatbed tandem trailer. Wooden floor, Factory springs, axels, hubs, fenders. Bed painted Red. New 7:10 xy 15 tires Contact ORAN STARKEY, Owner Phone 447-2578, Wellington or SHERIFF JOHN RAINEY

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