The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on August 31, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE HtJTOtf 1ft SON Ne #8 4 CAN'T GET Which Arc Needed Badly by Company for Street Cars. FIRMS TURN DOWN ORDERS Christian Church to Start Winter's Work on Next Sunday Evening. After a vacation of a few weeks (he Sunday evening services at the Mist Christian church will he held, rtev. Harvey linker Smith will speak from the topic. ' "What Do You Hold In Your Hand?" There will bo special music. S0 ™!ZT™Z:Z UP WHOLESALE THEFT OF lapidated Ones. BICYCLES CONTINUES >-. (Many queries li'ive b"en made and things said uiid r breath by those wito ride on the street earn these days and find that sra^s are alwajs lacing the wrong way wjiich tt person wants to lace. J tut this Is not all the fault of the company hut part of the public itself. The seats when installed were In perfectly good condition but the quick jerks made in itinilng the seats in the direction which people-prefer In alt whether In the direction that the car was going or not, has broken the seat castings. Where ever II Is possible to do so these eastings have been welded together and repaired in all kinds of conceivable manners until it is absolutely impossible to do so lunger. The company can not buy any of these repaiis from any known firm J off the streets of tlreat Uend Inst inak'ug siu It repairs for any piice.j night about 10 o'clock. The car has The t.tveniment takes all ol the -nil-1 the rear fender l -roken, lights not act- iv.ds of the different rinns Just, as scon t Ing good, top on front loose. A reward they have any iinislied products f ..t it.; ; of $i*tt is ottered for its return. r..cei.N nail of eoun -e Hiieh d'limutU- as i The bicye! of Claude Hailey stolen this company might make, is scuml-. yesterday morning was round later In u.ry. an alley by Oflic.ei Wicltcndoll, Take It Pleasant. I .So thereiere if you are u'.lieed to! rifle facing the wrong direction, take it Just .-•.) pleasantly as you can and think that by Inconvenietieini' yourself you are helping I lie government. It's a fact and you may as w -ll think that, way anyhow. "\\v are robbing all of our old ears now of purls and repa'rltig tl'.ose cars which are in net d of repairs 'he woivl," Manager Humbert declared this morning, "but «-e will be running feW '-r ears t)ii:; l '*a:r. by far, tiie.n tve haie ever done before, ami it is ti!l bt cr.use we simplv can't gel rtpJj'j uf any kind. We have a of orders piled high on our h i iks in the office which |f they are ever filled by tie hundreds of firm.- which we have htatiding ord'jrs with, we wi'.l have to t-ml•• t .'tec ho r e them nfl ehould they fill them out." prpRldenls In the county will be pfcB- ent. The meeting proper will begin at lt):.'!n, nnd under the now rutins the election of officers will be done In the morning. The Hutchinson Union will entertain the delegates at lunch at the church, and the afternoon will be given to reports. A full attendance Is desired. MRS. M. 0. OIIJ.BTTB, Heno County President. RESUME EVENING SERVICES. Three More Reported Missing to the Police Since Yesterday Noon. The wholesale theft of hyclcles and automobiles kept up yesterday alter- noon and Inst night. The. police had three bicycles reported as missing. J. Harris lost a wheel from in front of the Iris theatre, Chester Dewhlrst o* Avenue V east, had his Hide Easy wheel stolen from in front of the Indies Sample store and I .eland Drake lost his Columbia from In front of the Ilorahaugh-Wlley building. No local automobiles were reported as stolen but the Ureal llend sheriff phoned that a Kurd touring car Model IS, engine number 2f>r>fil72 was taken RULES FOR ABSENTEES How Men Can Register on Sep< tember I2lll. IP AWAY FROM THEIR HOMES Ruling Has Ilccn Made by General Crovvder Covering This Point. II T (l ITEMS OF INTEREST TO RED CROSS WORKERS WAR CORRESPONDENT. PRAISES U. S. BOYSl TUi: KcpIlTlllxT pH'tlgOK UFfi dUG on tho HtiJ Cross War Fund. Thny am to l>e. pa ; d^u the CU1- icliH bank lo (*. M. Braiicn. Tin; commit tee in liliEtr;^ in very anxious Unit thi j .so pK-djiL-ri \n' paid lirtiinjjtly. Anvfine having any of flio pasif-rs, which wrrt> urn d in tin* Red CIUSH Drive, art 1 rt'qut.^u-d to plume Mrs. f 1 1 Hnsiniler. The posiors are to bn lined i'.s di'iorations during the Kalr, and will bw ivturwd lo tin* owners utter tin* Kulr. EKKOLLMENTIN ¥GH SCHOOL III BEGIN NEXT MONDAY School Begins a Week From Monday, September 9th—Also Enrollment at Junior High. Enrollment in the junior high schools will begin next Tuesday. Sev- I eiilh and eighth grades will enroll ; Tuesday and Wednesday. It is suggested that 7 li pupils report for en- | lolliiient Tuesday morning, 7 A pu- I pils Tuesday afternoon. 8 11 pupils I Wednesday morning and 8 A Wednesday afternoon. Ninth year pupils should report on • Thursday, i'uplls of uny class who Mm! it impossible to te.oil at the i lime assigned for their class may re- 1 port for enrollment on IViday. 'there i. la 1.1.1 be any enrolling done on Kalurday. Neither will their be any enrolling done during schuol hour., on Monday. All pupils who are to un' ter either of lite Junior high schools j or the senior high school should be unrolled not later than Friday of next ! i week. They should alto purchase all i necessary hooks ami supplies next week and report with these Monday .~UKJrnlng the first day of school. Uegular full time all day sessions will be held Monday in the junior high schools and In the senior high school. Ftr temporary enrolling &jmrpos0K the deriding line between J 'tthe two junior high schools will be tliv Santa i''e ruilroud from the west t&rslde of Uie city to Main street. Kast ',' oi Main the line will run between Third and Fourth streets to the east end of the 500 block, and east of that . point Uie line will run between Sev- until urid'Elghtn streets. I'uplls living Jiortb. of thin lino will enroll at the IJberty school uud pu,pilb in grade* seven, eight and nine living touth of this line will enroll at the tUe Sherman school. The regulations for the coming registration lor men between the d'ges of IS and 43 have been received by the local board. The various points which come up to ho settled are outlined, explained and answered in the pamphlet which will be given to each registrar of vvery voting precinct. One point which Is bothering many of the men who must register is the fact that they may not be home on the day of registration, now set for Sept. Illth. Provost Marshal tJencral Growder has made the following ruling: "Absentees—Although registration should he accomplished nt the place of usual voting and although the burden is on you to see that your registration is made at such place on the prescribed day, yet, for your convenience, (if you are temporarily absent from the jurisdiction of the local board exercising authority over the area in which you permanently reside) and to ohivate the necessity of your going home lor the purpose of registration the following is provided for the registration of absentees: "(A) There is a supply of registration blanks at the office of' every local board iu the United States. "(ft) — A clerk of uny hoard or a member thereof is authorized to record the answers of persons absent fruiii the jurisdiction of their respective local boards, and to certify to their regis!ration cards. "(C,i—Upon application by you. your card will he made out by a clerk or member or the hoard lo which you apply, turned over to you, and by you it must be mailed to which the local board having jurisdiction of the area within which you permanently reside by the day set for registration. "(D)—Therefore, as soon as practical, after the President's proclamation is published go to the office of "the local board and have your registration card filled and certified, as prescribed. Then mail the same to the local .-board having jurisdiction of the area within' which you permanently reside." • falls on tomorrow being the first of the month and so the money is handed out today. 1 The. Ministerial Union will rcBurrto their meetings next Monday and w meet nl the Y. M. C. A. building. Instead of holding Ihelr regular study at the church, Hie. men's Hlble. class of the Hadley Sunday school will meet tomorrow morning al the horn of Norman Parker where they will study (he lesson; Mr. Parker has been confined to his bed for the past ten months. The carpenters nnd common laborers who were to have gone to Nash vllle, Tenn., this morning to work on the govcrnnlent powder, plant there, did not go this morning owing to orders received by thr local U. 9. Employment Bureau; but they will be sent In the morning. BLUE SERGE FROCK- IS REAL ECONOMY most becominRly style and utility. It is beaded in red, white and bldo land shows Tin intcrostinir coateo ei-l TBCt. MEN CAN'T LSLAPE DRAFT BY GOING TO CANADA Reciprocal 1 ; Treaty Effective July 3Uth Makes Attempts at Dodging Fai 1 . , Floyd Gibbons, an American WW correspondent, arrived back in tha United States a few days ago iirno -i rant of the fact that he had been awarded the croix c'le guerre. Thii honor was conferred upon him tot; going to the aid of Major John Barry when Gibbons wen', over the top with; ,the major and American troops fX |Bellcau^ wood, Kastlng, company commander J>t Company Nine, was reading the names of u number of recruits. "Your name?" he anapped to the first. "Vux." "Next." • "Bear,'' was the reply. Hasting smiled arid glanced at Jhe third. "Wolfe," said the recruit nnd Ed gave him a sharp look. "And what do you call yourself?" he asked a tall youth. "Lyon," the rookie responded. Whereat Ilnwilt threw down hia nautical almanac and shouted with good nnltired laughter to Birkland and Connell: "Op and order some cages to bo built! / We have a prlvute iuona£orie." -Itestrvlst. W. C, T. U. CONVENTION. Reno County W. C. T. U. Convention to Be Held Friday at tZngllih' Lutheran Church. The couveuUou of tho'lteno County W (!. T. U. will convene uen *"rld»y , ut 1(1 o'clock at the BhlfiHah Uitberau church,- ut tho corner of Fifth aud Main. Tite firat half hour Vijl tw i'lven to an executive ineetliyj at iWiilch It Is hoped that all of (fee iocaj- Suits retain practically the game fharruclerlstics as they did in the spring, as tu general contour, eicejt that they give un air of easy comlort which was iacklug in the last form-tit models. This is a reflection of the spirit of the times, for men have conic, to realise the value of practical clolh- ing. Aud it Is also quit-; natural to waul to have the body comfortable in trikr thut the nilud may procoil un- anuoyed about the serious nd imp' 1 ""- aiit work which in al hand or all of LAMBORN 6AY8: "To buay waiting on trade today. Sea you Monday." MtUtfC slttdentB desirlug time with Mr. JIaberkorri should make arrange- we«t« i'hone 121$. 31-St Although serge is expensive a (navy frock made of it is a real war Jtimo economy for there is scarcely 'n place in these worried times at ^ , iwhich such a'frock is not tho proper * PICKED UP 'ROUND TOWN. • 1 (Rarment This chic model combines • ' ' L ~~ J •-""'-' •> 'S> <t> ^> * a 4' « <J. W. Boyle went lo Lanied on business yeslorday. George Tbeis was in town yesterday from Wichita. T. S. MeN'aul went to Great Bend yesterday on business. l-\ A. IliKledge of Inman was in town icdny on business. C. S. Anderson went to Arlington this morning .on business. Warren 11. While was on a business trip to liucklin yesterday. .Miss Gertie Payne of Burrton was in IOWH ."hopping yesterday. 11. H. Taylor of Rt. Joseph was In town yesterday on business. A. C. Harrison of Wichita was here yesterday enroute to Partridge. John Martins of Buiiler was an out of town business caller here yesterday. 13r. D. H. Swltzer will preach at the morning service tomorrow at the Hadley Methodist church. Horry Stover, Paul Noble and Jay Hausaui went to Wichita this afternoon on a business trip. IU E. Wilson went to Dodge City yesterday to accompany a train load of drafted men lo Ft. ltiley. " Mrs. Mell Reynolds of Partridge and Mrs. 10. It. Burkholder aud daughter of McPherson are hero today. Mrs. Fannie Weaver and Steve-Pick who were picked up lust evening by the police will have their trial this evening. The Ash street paving assessment ordinance was read at the meeting of the City Commission yesterday on the first reading. A marriage license was issued yesterday to \V. Everett dayman, 21 of Kingman uud Gruce Gladys Wlugate, 21 of Vainer. Lie At. Perry has been sued in this county by Nicholas and Shepherd on a note given by the former and which is long past due. A sprinkling petition was approved for Fourth street west from the alley west of AlainNtreet to Adams street to run two years. Vestjl Spillinan, who is attending the IJ. S. Naval Training school al Seattle, Washington, is home on a few days furlough. Mrs. IS. C. Gliancou of Nickerson, Miss Sadie McGonigle of Sterling, and Mrs. J. H. Gugallun of Grew Denxl were here yesterday. Joe Bradley, a former student of the Salt City UuaineBa CoUge left today 10 take up a position, with the Carter Oil Co., in tho Oklahoma oil fields. Mrs. R. c. Walker has resigned her position with the Hutchinson Bakery, and baa accepted a position, with, Anderson's Lunch No. 1, where BUS will be bookkeeper and cashier. MISB Bdua Whaley and Miss Gladys Whaiey of Centerville, N. M.. enrolled at the Salt City Business College yesterday, and Miss Klitabetb Adams sod Miss Dorothy Grounds enrolled today. Today is payday tor tho Santa Fe aud the checks axe being distributed In the usu&J uiftwjer, Payday reajlf was the local exemption board this morning was found in the mail which had arrived only a few minutes before. A citizen of Reno county who had given up all of his sons prior to this new draft call but o5e boy 19 years of age, was rather worried. He and this son had just prepared 285 acres of ground for the coming wheat crop. It looks like this boy might have to go. And yei some men who would also be'caught in the new call were leaving the county and going to Canada where they were said to be exempt from Avar duty and were being allowed to take up land. Evidently thiB question has bothered other boards for from the adjutant's office came this notice: Citiieus from the- United States may not be expatriated during the time, of war. A reciprocal draft treaty with Canada effective July 30lh will catch slackers who go to Canada. H has been reported to the loeah board that from one community in this county GO" tickets have been sold to Canada within the past week. Here is one that originated In Camp Meade. A timid and* extremely sensitive youth was sharply "called" for falling to salute a captain. The next day be passed the same captain and again foiled lo saluto, "How the dovll many times do 1 have to tell you that it is your duty to salute officers?' 1 demanded the captain. "Well," Btammered the recruit, ''l-II t-thougbt you were m-m-m-ad, at me a-f-fftcr our a-a-argument y-yesterday."—Trench and Camp. Attention A. O. X), W. " Lod'oe. The A. O. U. W. lodge will have their anniversary picnio at Steven's Swimming Pond Tuesday eve, SepU 3. Al embers and their families invited to come and bring their suppers. Jco cream will t>iJ served during the evening. • 31-}t It is well to add salt to lima or string beana when they -ore partly fooked, A TEXAS WON PER Thq Texas Wonder for kWney and bladder troubles, giavoi. diabetes, weak afltd lame back rtiuuiiiatl «ni and IrrBjutnrlu'ea of the kldnvys Mad bladder in buth inpn and women. If not sold by your drugtfist, wUl be sept by mail en rocein uf (1.21. One mull bottle ui two months' treatment, aud u/ten curia. Uond for sworn twUinonlals. pr. g ,W. Mall, Olive 6L. 8t Lvui*, MS., S9» by JtmV**-- OARAGES OPEN UNTIL 9 O'CLOCK DURING FAIR Garage and Supply II OUBC Man*, gets Agree to Close at One. O'clock on Labor Day It was decided by the garage and supply house managers Inst night at a meetlug of tho Reno County Automobile and Accessory War Board that they would keep their places of business open until one o'clock Labor Day, hut that they would place no restrictions on closing hours during Fair week. All bf tho men pledged themselves to go back to tho six-hour closing regulations after the R»lr. This ruling has not been strictly complied with by all of those who pledged it in the beginning. 'It will be only a tiucstion of time, in my mind, and In those of all the members of the board, until the BIX o'clock closing rule will become stale and nation wide," said A. .1. Jackson, who acted as chairman ot the meeting Inst night. El Vampire Insect Powder SURE DEATH TO INSECTS Handy Bellows Package,... 10c, 3 for 25c ENTRAINED DRAFT BOYS. Hudson Young Men Guests at the Schrader Home. A number of the young men from Stafford county who joined the Reno county draft contingent here were entertained at dinner lost evening at the home* of'Mr. and Mrs. II. P. Schrador on First avenue :east. The boys were all from Hudson and were Henry. Schrader. Lee Vblght, Charles Rice, John Powelson, FUHI Krentzel, William Powelson and Otto FiBher. HAD SPLENDID LUNCHEON. Teachers Finished Institute with Good Eats and Program. The Teachers Institute, which has been held here this past week, was ended today with a splendid luncheon it the Y. ,M. C. A., followed by a good program. There were a good many Expert Kodak Finishing Buy Your Films Here The A & A Drug Co. of the teachers and officers who remained over until today, to be present at the luncheon. • BUILT TEMPORARY BRIDGE. Rock Island Handling Trains Over Own Track Today. The Rock Island bridge gang has built a temporary bridge for the •handling trafeic, and trains began to use tho tracks again this afternoon nt three o'clock. It will b» several days (before tho permanent bridgoj can be made ready for traffic. No possible CIUCB as to the origin of the fire have been discovered by the railroad authorities. To can corn use eight cups of corn, one-half cup salt, one-half cup water and one cup of sugar. Stand the com on the back part of the stove until It draws out enough juice to cook tt without scorching. Then bring It forward and boll rive minutes. Put into jars and seal. In making cookies, try forming the dough into n long roll about one inch in diameter and cut in one-Inch slices with n sharp knife. Flatten each slice slightly with tho hand, as you place them In the pan to bake. Introduced and rend AuRust 23, 11)18. Published Aug. 31, 1918, RESOLUTION. <**' Whereas, it is necessary to constantly maintain a fully manned fire department durlnir tho period of UIR war by reason of the. oxtm ftro haenrds occasioned thereby, and Wlmrena, Tho expenses of tho firemen havo greatly Increased by reason if lbs war and It Is Jlncei &iary that the City meet, In pari, such Increase In expenses In order to conBtantly maintain a fully miuincl fire department, therefore. JIK IT rtPJSOLVKD BY TUB UOAJtt) OP COMMIKSIONKIW OV TUB CITV OS" HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, That eacll piPMnan or huseman of the fire department bo allowed ft sum equal to ten per neat of his monthly waffo each month until April 15, 1919, anil that eaptalTi or tho flro. department bo allowed tho sum of Jb.tlft per month for tho same period. Such sums to bo allowed as a bonus to meet tho additional expenses occasioned by tho war. Adopted Aujrusit .TO,-1918 . * KILVNK V1NCKNT, Mayor. It. It. FUNN, W. II. HIIEAIIS, T. O. AIUtOUH, (SI3AL) Commlmloners. Attest: . ED MKTZ, City Clerk. ' 31 -It i To clean white point add to a pail of very hot water a tablospoonfni ot turpentine and a little borax. Wash over and wipe very dry, then rub with a cloth dipped In whitening. WAS IT STRIP POKER OR WERE THE BOYS "A OfTLE" W ~KW& * '^4l_ American , soldiers in Franco 'certainly do enjoy themselves , when they get a few moments for i a smoke and a sociable little game l.ot.Aards^_These U^S. boys are j indicate that the game might ba American soldiers in a card game. having a good time. Tho fact that two of the players have lost their shirts and one has a big safety pin handy for an emergency would Btrip poker. Also tho presence of a horseshoe on the heel of the player's shoe would indicate he is BuperBtaUMis. The little tot at th» left has wandered into the camp. Attend an Accredited School Prepare for Government Work, or a Good Business Position. Intensive Training Classens in All Departments. i; Former Civil Service Examiner, from Washington, T>, C,, at bead of Civil Service. . v. —-. , -The government pays beginners *1100.00 to $1200.00. Cost accountants aud experts in many other lines from $1800.00 to $6000.00 '•.. .-.-."i• v : t ^ < ,"'•-..•'•.-/. y./ Three'to five months intensive training tinder experts place ydtt/^- y 1/ncle Sam's service; ...... ' Po not exptMiment-^attend the best. . ••' 'j'.' •••'•' '•':' : . ''. : J!'";-' ' . '' • The government and the-, business world needs your help/ Fall Opening, September 2,9,16 Write or call at the college for 'full information. 1 ,W!? 'WsOsWsBWlrBpW~^ Now Located in New Building-'The Pest Equipped business College There is, BUSING SS COLLI: GE

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