Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 3, 1969 · Page 45
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 45

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1969
Page 45
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An orchestra's way of saying 'welcome* PHOENIX SYMPHONY, undtr direction of fluest conductor Alfred Wailenstein, with olanist Jacob Lateiner: Sunday, 3 p.m., Alhsmbra Hlcih School; Monday, 0:30 p.m., Gammaae Aj) "School for Barb?r. Overture- Concerto No. 3 In C, Op. 24— ' .of lev. Proki Symphony No. 7 In A, Op. M— Beethoven. By THOMAS GOLDTHWATTB Republic Entertainment Editor In welcoming Alfred Wailen- stein, first of seven guest conductors this season, the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra displayed in its Sunday matinee concert at Alhambra High School a contagious, enlivening hospitality. The orchestra negotiated Samuel Barber's "School for Scandal" Overture with rewarding eagerness, fell upon Prokofiev's taxing Third Piano Concerto well armed for its many technical cruelties and produced a wholly enlightened Beethoven's Seventh. Wailenstein, smiling and apparently at ease throughout, was scarcely troubled by unresponsiveness; and the impression was that he had drawn from his orchestra-for- a-week exactly the full measure he bargained for. A furtive bow to the players at the conclusion of the second movement of Beethoven's Seventh told the tale. Guest pianist Jacob Lateiner, his whizzing hands full of Prokofiev's driving, Czerny- like protectories, might have cried out for less orchestral storm during the concerto — where a lesser artist would gladly have fled into such ready and willing cover — but chose, or intrigued as it were with Wailenstein, to withstand and overcome it. But because the Prokofiev Third Concerto is voraciously orchestral in nature, nibbling away at the piano for ideas and fuel, a vigorous ensemble works best of all; and for sheer might and dazzling con- Valley movies Films released after Nov. 1, 1968 carry the Code, Ratlno of the Motion Picture Association of America. (G) Suggested for general audiences of all ages. (M) Suggested for mature audiences (parental discretion advised). (R) Restricted, Persons under 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian. admitted* ° ne under 18 VMr * ** as * PHOENIX THEATERS bethany Cinerama: "Alfred the Great," (M) 5:50, 9:50 "Great Bank Robbery," (M) 8:10. Chris-Town: "Battle of Britain," (G) 7:15, 9:35. Cine Capri: "Taket he Money and Run," (M) 7:15, 9:30. Continental: "Guess Who," and "Baby," continuous from 12:30. Fox: "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," (M) 1:45, 5:45, 9:45; "Stalking Moon," (G) 3:45, 7:45. Hayden West: "Oliver," (G)8. Palms: "Marlow," (M) 7, 9:05. Paris: Adult movies continuous from noon. Sombrero: "Those Were the Happy Times,"7:30,9:35. Thomas Mall:, "Medium Cool," (X) 'I:~SU,5:5D, 9:45; "Alfie," 3:45, 8:40. Tower Plaza: "True Grit," (G) 1:30, 5:45, 10; "Those Daring Young Men," (G) 3:40, 7:55. Vista:"! Am Curious (Yellow)," (X) 1:35, 3:40, 5:45, 8, 10:15. DRIVE-IN THEATERS Acres: "Chamber of Horrors," 6:30, 10:40; "Spirits of the Dead," 8:35. "Big Sky: "Nightmare in Wax," 7:14; "Tammera, the Invincible," 9:09; "Blood of Dracula's Castle," 10:45. CinemaPark: "Great Bank Robbery," (M) 6:30, 10:50; "Alfred the Great," (M) 8:40. Indian: "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," (M) 7, 10:50; "Mission Stardust," (G) 9:10. Mustang: "King Kong vs. Godzilla," 7:07; "Phantom of the Opera," 8:52; "Evil of Frankenstein," 10:32. Northern: "Those Daring Young Men," (G) 6:30, 11:15; "True Grit," (G)9:05. N u -V i e w: "Road to Nashville,"6:30; "Las Vegas Hillbillies," 8:45; "Hillbillies in the Hounted House," 10:35. Oasis: "Gone With the Wind," 7:15. Peso: 'Atacan Los Bru- NASA to launch biggest balloon to test radiation HOUSTON (AP)-The largest balloon ever built, as tall as a 100-story building, will be launched from Holloman AFB, N.M., tomorrow and drift eastward, possibly as far as Georgia. The balloon is part of a series of experiments by the space agency to study .the high energy radiation from space, The data may have application in future space stations. Scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration are loading the balloon's gondola with more than six tons of instruments to measure the stream of radiation from the sun and space that collides with the upper atmosphere of the earth. The balloon, made of a plastic film strengthened by fibers, looks like two balloons, one riding piggyback on the other. jas," 6:30, 10:15; "Las Ado- lescentes," 8:20. Phoenix: Love Bug," (G)7, 12; "Happiest Millionaire," 9:10. Pioneer: "Daddy's Gone a Hunting," (M) 6:30, 10:35; "Chastity," (R) 9. Rodeo: "Nightmare in Wax," 7:14; "Tammera, the Invicible," 9:09; "Blood of Dracula's Castle," 10:45. Round-Up: "Midnight Cowboy," (X)6:50, 10 :45; "First Time," (M) 9:10. Silver Dollar: "Good Guys and Bad Guys," (M) 6:30, 11; "Great Race," 8:30. Thunderbird: "Journey to the Far Side of theSun," (G) 7, 10:45; "Eye of the Cat," (M) 8:55. VALLEY THEATERS Camelback Mall: "Easy Rider," (R) 7:30, 9:25. Glen: "True Grit," (G) 8:45; "Young Bfflie Young," (G)7. Hayden East: Funny Girl," (G)8. Kachina Cinerama: "Mad Woman of ChaiUot," (G) 7, 9:30. KiVa: "Sweden, Heaven andHell," (X) 7, 10:30; "Seven Deadly Sins,," 8:40. Mesa: "True Grit," (G) 8:55; "Young Billie Young," (G)7. Portofino: "Hot Lead,"plus beaver shorts, continuous from!2:30. Valley Art: "2201: Apace Odyssey," (G) 8. I All Yon i : Can Eat • • MITES Homemade Spaghetti Meat Balls MON., WED. Salad Rolls IPP06 II f VAMItY ROOM i 3437 E. McDowell 273-1344 ' ••COOOOJOPEN 7 DAYS»a)»»a» \ ENJOY A BUSINESSMAN'S < LUNCH WITH EXOTIC DANCERS SALISBURY STEAK With Potatoes S 1 35 and Gravy. * ' * Vegetable Jim Brown's TALK ,% TOWN J 3701 N. 16th Strwt fidence, Lateiner is a giant for any orchestra to wrestle with. His performance was solid. His punches exact. In lyrical intervals he'd wade luxuriously into the few calm pools found in Prokofiev's exaggerated landscapes. For instance, the calming down in the last movement for what always has seemed to me to be "A Few Thoughts on Cesar Franck & Assorted French Caprices," Lateiner tugs as passionately at the episode as Prokofiev. The cellos, too busy in high altitudes of thumb position to smile, too, botched the passage when it was blown lovingly to them and .did, I fear, unnerve the violins as well. But the first violins in particular are acquiring a general blah personality that could stand a little unnerving. One curtous thing marred an otherwise splendid Beethoven, and that was that the tympanist and trumpets were consistently at odds in a recurring motif in the Third Movement. ("At least they were consistently wrong," Fritz Reiner once said under a similar trial.) But they ^SOUTHWEST ;< ?S= MO, DRIVE-INS * SHOW STARTS AT 6:30 IILAST2DAYS! DAVID MICHAEL HEMMINGS YORK "Alfred the Great" The dissenter king panavjsion and Melrocolor TECHNICOLOR t"* ALSO ^ > "GREAT <; I BANK !; ROBBERY"!' ("THOSE DARING < YOUNG MEN < IN THEIR , JAUNTY • JALOPIES" IIUIT 2 DAYS! "SPIRITS ol The DEAD" colon ViSS. is^^^-jsgs, i .. «t "CHAMBER OF HORRORS' 1 THZCOODCDYS NCDT ^ONY CURTIS "THE , GREAT ! 3ALLCOLORFA/M/LYH/TSI MARTY , GO.-:'STARS RQBBINS UOS*DOLESCENTES.SUSI«OI(S. sits wtuiuvus. s»s AHKIUS. su raw! LHIEGCENTES A COLORES JUUSSA-CARLOS PlfiAR CARMEN KONTCJO <IMAGNIFICOH <i"ATACAN| LAS ; BRUSAS"! Andy Gump Look-Alike Winner DAVE FISHER FROM THE BIG APPLE 8 - MIDNIGHT MONDAY THRU SATURDAY found their way again In the Finale. The concert is repeated tonight at 8:30 at Gammage Auditorium. There was another discord to note about the Beethoven, one Wailenstein and the orchestra had not counted on as they perfected the finer arts of pianissimo and sotto voce; and that is the air cooler at Alhambra Auditorium. So softly did Wallenstein submerge the strings in golden moments of the Second Movement that one listened instead to the whirring contraption on the wall or wherever: that dream-shattering drone that haunts every music hall these days, it seems, like a phantom; and worse, is allowed to purr its whiney way into music as if every piece were a thermostat concerto. That should give the symphony pause to think over. THOMAS 1ALL k t. THOMAS ROM>\ 4N.MTHST. 959-6610 Continuous Show's Dally! Open 1:00 P.M. i FIRST-RUN MO VIE!: NO ONE UNDER 16 ADMITTED PLUS FUN-HIT! MICHAEL CAINE as "ALriE" SEE WHAT MAN REALLY fOUND ON THE MOON! space odyssey 8PM 'PANAVISION*. METROCOLOR ONLY 1 FEATURE & SHORTS IN COLOR NO ADMITTANCE UNDER 18 DRIVE-INS OPEN 6 P.M. I OPEN 6:45 FEATS.. 7:00-9:30 Kachina . Theatre - . 521 N. Old Scons. 947-5495 .'•' ' -The- wo ofCHftlLLOT Katharine Hepburn • Yul Brynnet [5](iIS« TECHNICOLOR l| , • [Bethany Theatre . _ • 2324 .W) Bcthatiy Home OPEH5:30 'Alfred the Great" The dissenter king ; ; Panavision'and Melrocolor -COLOR CO-HIT- CLINT WALKER "THE GREAT BANK ROBBERY" Round-Up , J Drive-In Theatre 6599 E. Thomas Rd. " .' 945-M41 •••••" ,. HAYDEN EAST 11.148 M. SCOnSDAU BD. • TCMPE • 9t7-78»| TODAY t TOMORROW SP.M. For Rttirvationt Ph. smut ACADEMYAWARD BEST ACTRESS! TODAY & TOMORROW I P.M. ForRescrvatloni Phone 967-1869 Special Child. Prices. $1.10 Best Picture of the Year NATIONAL GENERAL COMPANY ofgmam Phoenfe, Mo»., Nov. S,1969 CITY O The Arizona Republic 21 ' JOHN WAYNE Plus: "Those Daring i—: .Young Man In Their ICf Jaunty Jalopies" Open Daily T P.M. Ph 273-7711 FIRST RUN HIT! TONIGHT! lnColor-7. 10;30 Plus Tonight 1 Only--8:40< JEMROUIS TRINTHJNANT "fCapital i Sm Sins lin. Age IB CHANDLER MUSTANG DRIVMH $1.50 PER CAR "King Kong v*. Godsllta" "Phantom Of the Opera" "Evil Of Fronlrtwteta" BE 6LAP They still itwke pictures like this! HZ I. WASHINGTON - Ph.2S)-U1t CONTINUOUS FROM 1*110 FIRST RUN HITS! NEW PROGRAM EVERY WEDNESDAY NO ONE UNDER 18 ADMITTED ;.PftUL NEWMAN >. ROBERT REDFORD iKfflHftRINEROSS,, BUTCH CASSIDY ANO *THE SUNDANCE KID PMtVISIOH* COIOII 8V OFII11F DOWNTOWN FOX Washington at First St. 254-4114 • COLOR CO-HIT"STALKING MOON" QBEQORY PECK Open 1i30 Continuous JDURnEYTO THE FRR SIDE QFIHESU9I GLENDALE / THUNDERBIRD DRIVE-IN f 59th flve. I off Camelback / 939-5222 / COLOR CO.HIT [M] "eye of THE CAT" MICHAEL SARRAZIM OPEN 6:30 SHOW 7 VISTA 215 No. Central Ave./ 252-7466 DRIVE-IN HIT FEATURES 6:50-10:45 CO-HIT JacdUelinerBisset «b,WWf United flrli«fsj I NOWI AT TWO TIMATRBS! AA EC A «>2 S. McDonald IVICJM 964-6295 KIAR radio KTAR /Another Company of Combined Communications Corp. RADIO KOY KTAR-N6C «M KMBO t 74P KPHoZMBS ..".'.'.'.'.'".. »)0 KOOL-CBf 960 5M KURD KCKY KRDS-Wesfern 11W 40 1210 1fl« KXIV 14M 1159 KDOT 1441 KHAT-Wattarn 14W OPINft:«S OPJN6145 FEATURE AT 1:35 - 3:40 5:45 - 8:00 10:15 s . t ...v,.. .^.vv/. >t fsff X'JVWtf V/ ,yM^tfteMUMfa^^^ u > r ^ f yt k< PAUL NEWMAN ROBERT REDFORD JW "BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KID" PLUS "MISSION STARDUST' TODAY7:00 &9:10 P.M. James Garner Gayle Hunnicutt "Marlowe" PALMS No.Central & Virginia TODAYIMB 19:2 "nuttlness triumphant" —LOOK MAGAZINE WOODY ALLEH'S "TAKETHE MONEY AND RUN' 1 cine G A PR I GAMMAGE AUDITORIUM COMING! The Smash Hit Musical "Cabaret!" * Wednesday, Nov. 5 at 8:30 P.M. HURRY! Get Your Tickets Now! The Thurs., Nov. 6 Performance Now Sold Our! "ALVIN AILEY AMERICAN DANCE THEATRE" if Thursday, Nov. 13 at 8:30 P.M. Tickets: $3 • $4 - $5 For Tickets/ Information Call Gammaga Box Office WJ-3434 VNB and BankAmerlcardj Accepted Theatre 1028 N. SJIh Dr. . 931-9172 JOHN WAYNE TECHNICOLOR COtOBCMIIT- ROBERTMITCHUM-ANGIE DICKINSON in"YOUMQ. BILLY YOUMQ" KBUZ—ABC KCAC-Spanlih 1010 KRUX—Top 40 13(0 1310 KTUP ,1M* FM STATIONS FM STEREO FM STEREO KFCA-FM - 91.$ MC KUPD-FM - »7.»WC KBUZ-FM -. 1M7MC KHEP-FM — 101.SMC KMEO-FM — 96.9 MC KMND .-.. 93.3 MC KTAR-FM — W.7MC KNIX-FM — 102.5 AAC KOOL-FM — 94.$ MC KRFM — W.5MC KDOT-FM — 100.7 MC i Hour tews. Music KOOL-News, Music ItU a.nv Oaraglolt a.m. KOOU-News. Parrm H4I a.m. KTAR-County Agant a.m. KOOL-WprldNaw» Roundup Today, Newscope (tls i.m. Rtport* 4iM a.m. KOOL-N«w» KTAR-News. Muile c.m. KPHO-Polntof Law New* Mu»lc editorial KPHO-Wprldthls Morning, Newscopa •iOO a.m. gdl. rl»oW KTAR.N C eCTJ. r sl« KOOL'TW. of 1 «;?0 p.m. eeFypur andldate P^.tf.-'SeBorl OP of Pe$K a.m. 1t» a-m. KOOL-plrrwnilon 10it» a.m. KOOL-News, Music lOilo a.m. KPHO-MovIe Talk i Sic KHEP-l >i&:° the -A/t fra -Na -Em ^ X ,MUS,C ,. r . lasts, KHEP-rJavIl? of Rest ,„ i3i00 noon ;PHO-N6«secp«, yTXs'?J«W8p MUSIC CHEP-John Jess :prlo'&if$*rt KOOL-1 KOOL-Tomorrow'» liOO p.m. ! L-News, Music, - ews, .Music lews, Music KOOL-Ni KPHO-N KTAR-N 1i3 IsM -Tom KOOL-t"omprro'w'8 Living KPHO-News. Music KTAR-EmphasIs, Music J:«i P.m. KPHO-News. Music KOOL-News. Music KTAR-News, Musk )iW p.m. KOOL-Mother and lUSlC^ KPHi^r KTAR.News,Muslc> K0»?s?n ( 4:25 p.m. KPHO-Stk Report 9ulldirt ope, ronlt* KTAR'-AViSStdoori Stk. JiJO p.m. KPHO-Newscopa, World Today. KTAR-News. MUSIC .._.. «ii*p.m. KOOL-bi«w»' Sports, Rtawner KTAR-GoverWr'» Report «tN p.m. KTAR.D T avTOlnk|y Pelllt :an5ldate .„., TiOO p.m. . jOOL-sports, Music JAR-News. .MUSK .PHQ-Fulfon Lewla 7 tiS p.m. •Gf PHOENIX Drive-In Theatre 3600 E. Van Buren 2T5-I46I WALTDIMIIYPROGRAM WALT DISH IT'S "THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE" with FRED MACMURRAY KPH eorqe omoi P.nv Co jio •NJx M. KOOL-NJxon' Address iiO» p.m. ews, Music lews, Music ews. Music lews, fews. Music ews. Music lews, MUMC 9:30 p.m. KOOL-News, Music lo:oo p.m. KTAR-News, Music KOQL - Johnny KTAR-Nlf»t?ma . _ umll J a.m rkl/\a.irrrk Orive-ln Theatre PIONEER Mesa-Tempe Hwy. ri\Jllbl.ll 964-4665 $1.50 PER CAR CAROL WHITE PAULBURr£ "Orivo-ln Theatre ' Avondola • ... 935-3IQ2-> $ 1.38 PIR CAR OPEM 6 P.MU ADPfO« M OOUNTRY OOYOTKOQEI HOLLYWOOD" FREE COLISEUM SHOWS! YOUR GATE ADMISSION is your ticket to the Coliseum show of your choice on that day. Just SAVE the STUB on your gate admission ticket and present it at the Coliseum door. There's no additional charge, so go to the Fair every day and see the greatest parade of stars ever! NO SEATS RESERVED ... FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. Doors open 1 hour before showtime. TODAY! TOMORROW! at 6:30 & 8:30 p.m. THE MONKEES Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones and Mike Nesmlth at 8:00 p.m. PHOENIX SUNS PRO BASKETBALL NBA regular season game vs. New York FREE GRANDSTAND SHOWS! 3:30 & 7:00 p.m. ALL THIS AND MORE! • Rex Allen, Official Fair Host, will meet & greet Fairgoers! » GIANT MIDWAY! • "TORS ON TOUr SHOW! * 50,000 EXHIBITS! • PLAZA SHOWS! JERRY VAN DYKE C 5' d Also starring Candy Can- „ hi* dido, The Great Wallen- °' eh «< f » das, The Bumpy Family & Leonardo ADMISSION: $1.50 Adults, 50* Children, 12 years and under. Open 10:00 AM to Midnight • State Fairgrounds • W. McDowell & 19th Ave. I

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