The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on June 27, 1965 · Page 10
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 10

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 27, 1965
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

'Mtiiki SUNOV^Y lULLITIN ititidiy, Juni 27, 1141 RESCUE 'LESSON' BECOMES REAL THING — A rescue class for Charleston, W. Va., police became a real rescue after they heard cries for help from' mid- —AP Wlrephoto Stream in the Kanawha River. Police Chief Dallas Bias, left, rescued Leroy Hanshaw, 22, who had become exhausted while swimming after his boat swamped. Holds Annual Mountain 'Sing' If's That Old-Time Religion, Led by Mountaineer Joe, 94 LINVILLE, N.C. — UP) — Uncle Joe Hartley, a grizzled old mountaineer who looks with disdain on the modem church, welcomes the multitudes today to his 41st annual singing on the mountain for a day of old-time religion. Hartley founded the gathering in 1925 and has served as chairman every year since. At 94, he carries a cane and his walk has slowed. But his wit and memory are sharp and his comments cutting. More than 20,000 persons are expected for the day-long session of preaching and hymns on the slopes of 6,000- foot Grandfather Mountain near Linville. The first of those who make a weekend of it set up their camps Thursday as rain swept Macrae Meadows. "The churches just don't have the spirit and power they used to", Hartley said while watching preparations, "The churches in the cities have lost the power of God. They just don't know anything about it. "The preachers around here used to really preach. Now they just whisper a little and take up a collection." Favors Billy Graham But there's one modem preacher Uncle Joe likes. "You take Billy Graham." he said. "He's about as fine as Abraham and Moses. "The year before last, it was just pouring," he recalled. "When Billy got up to speak, God just drove the rain clouds away." The Graham appearance was probably the most memorable singing on the mountain occasion. Thousands packed Macrae Meadows to hear the evangelist and the highway patrol reported bumper-to-bumper traffic on 55 miles of highway from Marion to nearby Blowing Rock. Hartley pointed his cane to a grove of trees bordering the —AP Wlrephoto Uncle Joe Hartley meadow and said: "There's where they do the real preaching. And some of those holy rollers really cut shins. And I can remember when those old black bon- netted women used to shout. "There's some of these rich, high-falutin' people around here say we should stop that. I say I can't, that's the Holy Ghost working." Hartley's left arm was broken two months ago in an auto accident and it is still in a sling. Quotes Shakespeare "You've never seen another man like me and you never will," he said. "I'd of probably made 150 years if I hadn't broken my arm." Hartley spent most of his life as a fire warden, caretaker and farmer in Avery county. He has taught Baptist and Methodist Sunday School classes for 60 years and can quote long passages from the Bible and Shakespeare. He doesn't agree with modem welfare practices and is galled by any mention of his mountains as a depressed area. "I'm not a prophet, but I'm pretty close to it," he said. "The idleness of this country is going to ruin it. "The government says you needn't work, we'll feed you. Remember, God told Abraham man shall live by the sweat of his brow," he added. "And they called this one of the poorest counties in the state. Why it's the Athens of the world." The Chair's Soft, but Floor's Hard PHOENIX, Ariz.— IJP) — Visitors to the office of Arizona Atty. Gen. Darrell Smith have been cautioned to push, shove and shake their chairs before sitting down. The precautions were taken when chairs began collapsing recently. "There have been three so far," said one staffer. The chairs had been repaired and reupholstered by inmates at the state prison —many of whom are serving sentences as the result of prosecution by Smith's staff. FEW SIGN NAMES RAWALPINDI, Pakistan — im — It's estimated only 20 per cent of Pakistan's 110 million people are literate enough to sign their names. Varied Groups Picket Frisco Opera House SAN FRANCISCO — (Jf) — Pickets marched outside the San Francisco Opera House again Saturday in two distinct groups. Parading directly across the street from the building was a group protesting the war in Viet Nam. Mounte<;l police separated the protestors from the entrance to the Opera House. San Francisco police estimated the group at about 150 persons. Across Street, Too A larger, entirely different group marched along the block beside the Opera House These pickets represented the Captive Nations Committee of San Francisco. They also were across the street, even though no police guarded that side Many were dressed in the native costumes of the Eastern European countries from which they or their ancestors came. Signs asked tlie United Nations to free the countries that have come under Soviet rule since World War II. "Freedom for the Baltic States," said one sign. "Free our Latvian brothers," said another. "Do-Nothing Attitude" Alf Keire of San Jose spokesman for the group said the pickets protest "the do nothing attitude of the United Nations toward the captive nations of Europe." Keire said his organization represents about 10 million people in the United States. Part of the group broke into a song as they marched. The song was Latvian, Keire said. He translated its title; "Brothers Gathered to Mourn Our Country." 1st Zepplin Ascent? The U.S. Army says Count Ferdinand Zepplin, the German developer of lighter-than- air aircraft, made his first balloon ascent in 1863 while visiting the U.S. Army's Ft. Snelling in Minnesota. Angostura bitters are obtained from the bark of a South American tree. Farm Woman Dies; Colorado Toll Now 14 DENVER —{/?)— The death | of a farm woman from Lycan,! Colo., brought the numberj of dead from Colorado's! storms and floods to 14. | Mrs. Yvonne Stecklein, 45,; died in Colorado General Hospital of burns she received trying to relight a butane stove last Saturday after the waters of the Kansas River had receded from her house. The U.S. Royal LAREDO The rain ti — The Tigh Paws on Wet Roads 30% Faster Stopping in the Rain ond Motor Service 1304 Deiiglo* Ave. 632-2007 at Elmwood Plaza 5 BIG DAYS Monday, June 28 Thru Friday, July 3 ^ Ex:eitiiig Rides^ ^ Faiiiouis Cirrus Aetis ^ DiseouiiA Tiekets Regular 25c Tickets only 15c From Any Plaza Merchant Great circus acts, trained animals and exciting rides on the Elmwood Plaza midway. Sec any Plaza merchant for ditscounl ride tickets. 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