Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 27, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1896
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THE LOGANSPORT JOURNAL YOL. XXL IOGANSPOBT INDIANA, THUESDAY MOENING; AUGUST 27,1896, NO. 205. Great Alteration Sale IN OUR ANNEX. Early Fall purchases in the lines of Jackets Capes and Ready Made Stuff Suits are coming in. Entrance to the annex will be closed while improvements are going- on and our'customers will kindly take notice to COME TO THE flAlN STORE. As the Fall season is always a short one in this department and the extensive improvements we are about to make will naturally interfere with the daily trade and in order lor you to-perhaps go out of your way a fewsteps- we Will sell every garment in the department New or Old at Strictly Cost. When we say cost we mean just what the word implies. We are ready to prove above assertion this morning. Stili a great line of Shirt Waists at the cost of the material. GETS THE PLUM. i Woodmanses, of Ohio, Electe> President at Milwaukee. National League of Republican Club Choose Him as Leader—Other Political News. erritories conven WILER & WISE. and 411 Broadway. 306 Fourth Street. Clothes up to Date . . Hare been In great favor at our establishment. Fact is no one has a finer line of woollens and worsteds to select from than ours. mportant Features ... in the make-up of our clothes m ark thoir superiority. We (ire not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W.Keller, ailor and Draper. 311 Jlarket Street, See Our Prices on Granite Ware. 25c 35c 40c DOc Cue 4 QUART SAUCE PAN <5 QUART SAUCE PAN • 8 QUART SAUCE PAN 10-.QUARI SAUCE PAN •-•••,-. 12 QUART SAUCE PAN ;..»..»..>. : QUART MILK PAN - • I 5c 4 QUART COFFEE POT •• • 50c 5 PINT TEA POT 35c NO. 28 WASH PAN -.-••• 20c NO. 30 WASH PAN , 25c CUSPIDORS .., .J. FLANIQAN, 310flarketStreet. Milwaukee, Aug. 2ti. — The second day's proceedings o£ the Natioiin Eii-agiic of liepublican Clubs began a 11:25 o'clock. Mr. U. ,7. Wood, of South Dakota, re ported from the committee on erode n tials that the stales and territories am tin* College Republican Club league wen. entitled to delegates as follows: JJach state and territory four foi each congressional district a nil ten at large; the College league one delegate from each state in which it is organ ized. The following states and t were not represented in the tioi:: Colorado. Delaware, Florida, Goorffla, LUUio, Arutnc, Montana, New Hampshire. North Carolina, South Carolina. Utalx Vermont, Wnslilnsrton, West Virginia, Indian territory, Alaska and New 3Icx!co. Mr. C'niwford, of Ki.'iiUieky, cha.:rman of the committee on rules, reported ihc re-commendations o£ that commit If.', which provides that the entire vote of the stall' be east by the delegates present. These reports were adopted.. • Mr. McJ.ntyrc, chairman of ihc committee on league work, reported orally what had bo-en done in tho past year,, a formal report to be niadu to the execu- I live committee. The Kaco for I'rcsiUcnt. The committee on resolutions r.ol being- rendy to report, the convention proceeded to the election of n president. Gen. McAIpiu retired from the platform mid Timothy K. Byrnes, of Minnesota, took the chair. When California was reached, in the call of states for tho presentation of candidates, she gavs way to Illinois, and Mr. Calhouu, of that strife, named ChnrJes U. Gordon, J). D. Woodinan.sce, of Ohio, was presented by Webster Davis, ot Missouri, and the applause from 1h?MeAlpiii supporters-indicated that the New Yorkers invoivd the-Ohio man.. A flood of seconding speeches fo lowed and the. convention proceeded * take n"ballot,,yvhich rc-sulted in theelt-i tiqn ofirVobdinansec. . , : Tho Platform. The-committee on resolutions (idop ed the .following declaration of princ pies, prepared,'by Judge Charles \\ Raymond,' of Illinois, chairman of th populist and union silver conventions which 'adjourned early Wednesday morning, without reaching- an iijfree- inent, went into session ng-iiin at nine .o'clock.. An ngreement was reached about 10:30 o'clouk, and the several conventions will meet in joint eon- ven,tion to receive the 7'eport of the full committee, - D, J. .Cainpau said when the conference broke, up-that an ngreement had been reached on the principal points and- 'onl-y a f«w minor points remain unsettled. These wi!l be left to the joint convention to decide. It is said that the silver men will get the governorship and will present lion. Charles ll.'Sligii, of Grand Uapids, ::nd that the democrats will have all the electors for Brynn and Sewall, The name of the ticket will !»• "'icmo- CTatic people'? union silver ticket." The vignette will be a representationoi a silver dollar and a pictun-> of Bryan, The jbhlt convention will nominate n state lieket. and in the balloting the populist rilid silver delegate* are joint- iiTid fogc-l'ier to have a vote equal to that of the democrat ic eonvent'on. J'AVOK A TIITKD TJ'CKKT. ixcoiist:: <"ohl Domon'sU 1 :! Hold a Con- vuliElon :it Milwaukee. Milv."'.i:!»ee, Aug. £C,—Tin- attendance at, (.lie Wisconsin gold 'Joiuocratic con- Hion li'cld here Wednesday was less than was expected. Only abni:t; MO del(-{rates -wrra present and the attend::ice of S|a-ctators at- the I'abst. theater, when; the convention 1 was held, was less than Hint number. This showing- was lot'cncouragiiig to Yilas. Bragg. Ush"]•, I-Jngan and l-'Janders, the promoters of the jj'.overnciit. All the prominent leaders in t.he moveineill were present. The sentiment kerned tn be for a separate r.ationa ind state 'ticket. Tho delegates will b ustriic'ti'd to support- Gen. Bragg fo he presidential-nomination at Indian polis. Senator ViJa.s declining to allo\ he use'of. his name. The convention was called to orde by .-Kills ]!. VJshor, of La Crossc, pro vjsional-'chairman 'of (he state golc democratic parry. The' usual committees weiv then appointed a.nd the convention took a re CPRS until three p. n.i. selecting delegates to represent them at the national convention to be held at Indianapolis September -. Arnold Greene presided Over the 35 persons present. Delegates and alternates wero chosen. ]!csolutio7is which advocate the existing gold standa-d and deprecate the free coinage ol! silver at any ratio were adopted. The resolutions also indorse the administration of President Cleveland and advocate tariff for revenue only. IJrytin'H TrtivelH. Syracuse', N. Y., Aug. i!C. — After a pleasant trip of two hours through the Mohawk valley, William J. Bryan ro.-n-iioil Syracuse at i);]0 o'clock AVeilncsdiiy morning from Ut-icn, which jiiaee lu- left at 7:il a. in. The first, sl.op was at Homo at 7:30, where a pretty large crowd oC working-iueii listened ton few words, during wHich the candidate told his JH.'.-IJ-CV.S tli.it they would have plenty of oppor(7iity to rend and study the silver questioi:. .'Short stops were liiade nt Oneida, Oaiastota and Kirk- villi;, People- were gathei-ed all nloiijj tho streets of Syracuse through whicli the ij-ain passed on its way to the Mew York Central station to see the democratic nominee. M'r. Bryan stood on the real platform of his car and bowed in re-' spouse to the applause which marked the progress of his train. nini-k Nomluatoil ror Govoraor. Saratoga, X. Y., Aug-'.' 20.—The state republican convention Wednesday .lack, of Troy. IN JRUINS. Ontonagon, Mich., Destroyed Forest Fires. Thousands Rendered Homeless— Feared That Some Perished—The Heavy Losses Sustained. Green Bay, Wis., Aug. 2(i.—Outonngon Is entirely destroyed, excepting 12 dwelling houses and a water tank located in the extreme eastern part of the village. There are innumerable persons missing, and reports are that-several have perished. These reports are not; as yet verified, and it, is hoped that the missing ones are being cared for and sheltered in farmhouses. I. Whight, president of the village, wired, an appeal to Superintendent Milturn, of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul company here, for tents, provision;;, etc., for 1,500 people, Wednesday morning. Mr. Minturn immediately repeated the message to the mayors of all the cities in this part of the state. A carload of supplies was collected in (his city in less than an hour-from the time the message was received by Mi. Milturn, and shipped to Ilockland. a small place out of Outonagon where the sufferers are gathered. Trout Creek is not destroyed, but is ihrratoned. as tho choppings. underbrush ami woods for governor or. the fourth ballot, when arc fiercely burning nil around h. The on luotion it was jv.adc unanimous. Timothy K. 'Woodruff, of Brooklyn, was nominated for lieutenant governor, and main street of t.he wjpcd-out town was six blocks of solid business buildings. The village proper was between eight Judge Yann for judge of the court oi | and nine blocks long, and from 14 to Logansport & Wabash Valley Gas Co, Natural and Artifical Gas Bills "st of each month, ten day's grace, ayable at the office of the Company, earl Street. due the All bills 317 Special-Low rates on heaters during the onths of August and September. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The HJrchberg; Optical Co., -_": The well-Knowa apaclnltsts ot Now York kave appointed D. A. HAIF.Kns agent for thslr celebrated'Spectacle* nn* Eye Olasian, «verj pair guaranteed. B.'A. HAUK lias complate assortment amllnvItenalKo riiitlstj themselves of the grout saperiorltr of these goods over any munufnctutou, nt the atoro of. D. A. HACK, Sola agent lot Losjinsport Iii'J. . " " r l__:r * NoiPoUJlers Supplied. "Tho National Republican league tn con vontlon congratulates the country upon th present -outlook for republican success Never In tho history of our party has It future appeared so lirlsht and secure, nn never has the election of a republican pros Ident appeared so certain. "Wo heartily Indorse tt\p pi at torn nfloptod at St. Louis by tho national rcpuh llcan convention, June Y!, ISDti. Tlie re publican' party was rlpht when It clectci .Abraham''Lincoln, It was right In It efforts to'xsave the" union. It was clffh when It struck the chains from .1,000,00( of slaves' and mafic them free ir.on. I Was rtgjht 'In ca'rryinpr Into successful op oration the resumption of specie payments It was rlslit In making protection t American Industries a cardinal cloctrln of! tho American people. It was right Ir Insisting that reciprocity should becom the permanent law of the land. "It Is rl^ht now and always has beet right In advocating a safe and stable cur roncy, worth H3 face the work! over whether in the hands of rich or poor. 11 wan rlg-ht when It confided In the leadershlr of Grant, Hayes, Garfleld, Arthur and Har- rlgon. "It was right when It nominated Wllllan: McKlnlcy, - of Ohio, and Garrctt A. Ho bart, of New Jersey, and we pledge then: our hearty and loyal support, "We believe that a return..to the repub. llcan policy of protection Is as essential t< the solvency of. tbo nation us la the maintenance of tbo present financial standard to her credit and her honor. A cheap dollar means low wages, a financial panic, dlstrese to' tho poor, obligations repudiated, a dishonored country, a blot on oui fair history. The republican party stands for honest money; honest treatment of oui country's defenders; an honest system ol revenue, protecting our Industries and .producing sufficient Income to conduct tht affairs of the nation; an honest system •of exchange with foreign countries as embodied In tho reciprocity Idea of the Immortal Blaine; an honest administration cc puultc artalrs. The name of Its candidates la synonymous wltb honesty, patrlof Ism, statesmanship and the highest ideal of life, duty and government. Our policies end candidates inspire the.student, quicken the best thought of the voter, elevate th< citizen, and add new luster to our country's history." Settln on Detroit. Milwaukee, Aug. 26.—The committee to select time and place for holding the next, convention of Republican League Clubs by o vote of two to- one, decided Wednesday morning that it should be held at Detroit In July, 1S97. Nashville was the only active competitor Detroit had for the honor, and it was handicapped by the fact that it had once entertained the convention, • and further that the delegates preferred a northern to a southern city in- the heated term. A Unique Camping Campaign. Milwaukee, Aug. SO,—A meetii-.g ol the republican.state and congressional candidates was held hci'e Wednesday to perfect arrangements for a unique campaign tour of the.state. The lour will cover 30 days, and during its coutiuu- nnee the s'tate candidates, if. a body, will attend 90 meetings. In the several districts they will be joined by the congressional candidates, and in each county by the entire'legislative and county ticket. '•NOT A rcLi, ATTENDANCE. Mooting of the "Sound Money" Democrat! of Mlri.iouri. St. Louis, Aug. 2C.—The "found moil ey" democratic state convention wa: called to order it 11 o'clock 'Wednesday morning J7i £he Exposition building by Col,, James 0. Broadhead, ex -minister tc Switzerland. Not more than 300 delegates out of a representation of were in attendance. The g-nllcry scats which 'were reserved for spectators had but a dozen occupants. The "oasisof rep- resentiitioi^iwns stated.to be on'the vote given in Missouri in the last presidential election. '•'... Ecv. Dr; H. K Smith, of Christ Church Cathedral, invoked Divine blessing on the.proceedings of the convention. The address of Col. Broadhead was mainly devoted to a repudiation of the Chicago platform, nn argument in fnvoi of the nomination of si state ticket oil n "sound money" platform, and advocating election of delegates to the national democratic convention at Indianapolis on September 2. Hon. Fred W. Lehman,'of St. Louis, was elected temporary chairman, and J. West Goodwin, of Sedalin, temporary secretary..' MAY TCRJJ DONNELLY DOWN. REACH AN "Democratic Poojjle'h Uulnu F^-.-'.-r tTfcfcfl'. 'to" lie-Made Up m ,'JT.io!:'<;.;•". n, Bay City) Mfefc.,-Aug. 26—Tin; con fercnco'tomini.t'&es of thiMlnTiwWnHn •> , V * People's Party of DUnneaota Nor Favorable to "Mlddle-of-Roiid" Policy. Minneapolis, Minn., 'Aug. 20. — TU people's party .convention, of the state o Minnesota was called to order in thi city at 11:30 o'clock Wednesday morn ing. Senator T. M. Kingda.nl, of Poll, county, was elected chairman, and ii liis speech declared for.union of all fret silver factions. The speaker declare this year to be the greatest opportunity n the life of the people's party. It was i time when people's party men. should )lace patriotism above party, and an opportunity which might not co •ain, and. after the usual committees lad been 'appointed the convention ad ourned until two o'clock. John Lind Jie silver republican and nominee of the democratic state convention for govern or, will be nominated by the people's >arty. They will also nominate ieutenant governor and attorney-gen- •ral, the offices left open by the demo- irutic 'convention. It is possible that gnat-ins Donnelly, who is a delegate, may be tuned down hard by the men vhom he.has been leading for the past umber of years. His middle-of-the-road proclivities' are not nt all popular with the Minnesota populistsyand if he asks for'an Indorsement, of jiis position in the convention, as he stated in his pa- jper, he will 'undoubtedly be relegated to obscurity,-'so far na the people of this state are concerned, OTHKJl POLITICAL NEWS. appeals. The convention then ad- joiirned sii:e die. "Sound IMnrii-y" I-dignc I'ornitM,'. Wilmington, Del., Aug. 2(5. — Th" democratic "sound money" league of Delaware was formed Tuesday night at a public meeting, and six delegates to the Indianapolis convention were r I'opulfHtu of Ohio. •"Springfield, 0., Aug.-2C.—Among the advance, guard of the delegates to th« state- convention of the populists the sentiment for fusion with the democrats on the state and electoral tickets is very strong. The middle-of-the-road populists 1 -have not yet arrived, however, and when they .do a'diffcrent phase may be put on the situation. It. is safe; to say, that the 'democrats will have-to concede at least two place-- on the state ticket and" .-v.pt less than six of thH electors to- -jfoijtsoti to secure'fusion. ••' • ';•<> Send- ja?ii<>K-»to.< .to Ii!i!i;i!>ai>nll.i, .pj--"-idencc,.B. I-, Aug. 2V>.—Tiio gold di.-ui •: rats -. .held a state coTivcntion Wi;d••v.'Kclay morning-for the purpose of oiiosuii. A third ticket was advocated. William M. Singcrly, of the Philadelphia JJccord, made an address. About iOO "sound money", democrats were present, representing leading democrats of the state. McKlnlcy Kept ISusy, Canton, O., Aug. 20.—ilaj. MeKinloj hardly has a breathing spcl-l. lift n sooner gc/t his letter of acccptanc ready for publication .than he had tose to work on a speech which he mad to a large body of school-tcnchcrs whicl called on him at four. Wednesday aft ernoon. lotvn Golil UemocratH. Des Moines, la., Aug. 26.—Nearly 50C democrats wearing,; gilt badges, em blematic of their adherence to the pol icy of President Cleveland's adminis tration, filled the main' floor of the Grand opera house Wednesday morning when J. E. E. Jfarkley, of Maso:, City, was introduced as temporary chairman of the state convention Judge Walter I. Babb was chosen as permanent chairman in the afternoon. At caucuses held in the morning, a, full electoral ticket was nominated, each district being represented, though some of them slightly. Xo state ticket will lit: nominated. New Jersey GolU Democrats. Trenton, J\". J., Aug. 26.—A state convention of gold democrats was called to order at 1:30 Wednesday afternoon for the selection of delegates to the Indianapolis convention. Four delegates 'at arge aaid 10 district delegates were sc- ect-ed to represent the state at the In- Jinnapolis convention. Dot Few Delegates Attond. Lansing, Mich., Aug. 26.—Xot more than 150 delegates and 200 or MO spectators were present when the "sound money" convention was caJled to order in Laird's opera- house:at neon Wednesday. Prof. Bmdley M. ; Thompson was made temporary chairinan' and delivered a studied address'/ 'He sai;l it ;s true that in consequence of hard times Hie farmers of Michigan are sick, but it is nbsurd to administer a poison to act as nu antidote. ... Indorse Chicauo Flutforin. i Erie, Ta., Aug. £6.—The eighth annual general assembly, tof the democratic societin-s of Pennsylvania was opened Wednesday morning" lit 11 o'clock in the Park Opci-a house. Hon. Cho-uucey F. Black, of York, the president, called the meeting to order with 200' delegates in attendance and delivered his address. Hon. 'A. B. Osborn, of Corrj', was made temporary chairman and spoke, indorsing the Chicago platfoi-m. - Frohlbltlontals ot S'ebraftlcn. Omaha, -X'eb, Aug. 26.—The Nebraska state convention of the prohibitionists, "narrow gauges," at lincoln Wednesday afternoon was attended by Hnle Johnson, of Newton,. 111., nominee for vice president. The "narrow g-uuges,' with their anti-free silver views, seem in the minority-in Nebraska. 35 blocks wide. Losses and Inpnrrmce. Marquelte, Mich.. Aug. 26.—No definite, report of fatalities in the On- touagon fire has yet been received, thpugh no doubt now exists that some occurred. Insurance statistics, however, arc probably complete. The heaviest losei-, of course, isi the Diamond Match company, whose property was valued at 51.000,000 and consisted of store and merchandise worth S70,- 000; sawmill and box factories with machinery, ?;)00,000; lumber. .%00,000. Insurance on lumber, $227,500. On all other property, $200,000. Business and residence property was well insured. The company losing heavieston that class of property is the Mechanics of Milwaukee, which had about. ?35,000 ut risk. As the sole support of the town was the Diamond Match company, its future depends upon the course that company will take. The consensus oi opinion is that tbc company will abandon the place. Narrowly Kocapcd Destruction. IrO7:wood, Mich., Aug. 20.—This city and Hurley, Wis., just across the Montreal river from Ironwood, narrowly escaped total destruction by fire Tuesday, and for some time itlooked as if there would be a repetition of the Phillips and Sandstone disasters of last summer. A terrific wind ' from the south started about noon and blowing the smoldering forest fires surrounding the places into flames soon covered the cities with a dense smoke and. sparks and hot cinders. The fire departments from both cities responded and the citizens turned out in a body and fought the flames back for hours. Several houses in the outskirts were soon on fire, and although every effort was made to save them four dwellings ot poor families were burned. As even- Jug came 071 the wind changed and the danger was avoided. Every thing Ss dry- as tinder here, and unless there is rain soo'n there is danger of both towns being destroyed. Diamond Match Compnny'ft I.OBR. Chicago, Aug. 26.—At the office of Moore Bros., agents of the Diamond Match company, it was stated Wednesday morning that the losses sustained it Ontouagon, Mich., by that company :irc fully covered by insurance policies for S1M,6CC on mills, machine shops, dry kiln, store, etc., and $292,600 on umber and stock iu store. The logs Belonging to the company in that local- iiy are in the river three miles from the place where the fire occurred. Regarding reports that the fire might interfere with the settlement of it« financial obligations, the statement was made that the company has an ia- vcntory of very nearly $3,000,000 outside of these plants, nnd can run its business successfully on an inventory of $2,500,000. It has on hand enormous stocks of lumber, raw material, matches, c.tc^ free from indebtedness. There Is. therefore, no ground for reports of financial embarrassment on account of the losses at Onton.igon. Chattanooga, Tcnn., Aug.. 26. — The Chattanooga Pulley company's plant, with stables and several small buildings adjoining, were completely, destroyed fire Tuesday night, T\vo (ireraeii re seriously injured, George if. Brown, ca.ptain of Company No. 3, suf- !ering a broken nrnv by falling from a umber stack. The loss will reach $50,000; insurance, $20,000. , Oldest Conductor I>cntl., Mount Carroll, 111., Aug.-26.—William Tiiilayson, the oldest,-.railroad con- Usutor in.-the United'/'States, died hero osilay night, 35 years blcl. He was .dnator of the-llrst-train run in the tiitt, and r.t the world's fair'receivcd a' reception. His death was : -the result of ca-ccn 1 , having.been illwith the disease for several years. 1 / . .\ Th« Sheriff In Cnarcr. New York, Aug. 2fr. •— The sheriff •Wednesday took charge of the places of business of S. Ma.ss & Co., importers of hosiery and underwear, at Xos. 85 and S7 Mercer Street, They have been in business many- years and claimed a capital Of $100,000. Juiius U. Lyon, diamond merchant, of No, 20 Maiden. Lane, 'assigned Wechvesdny. He has been in business many years mid claimed n capital of S-JO.OOO. . Freight M'rcok in Ithaca, Mich,, Aug. 2G. — The regular freight 1 rain on the Ann Arbor railroad going south was wrecked about throe miles north ol here at nine o'clock Wednesday morning-. Conductor Hamilton, of Mount Pleasant, BrakemanC. Hall, of Mount Pleasant, ar.d F. Brown were badly injured. The wreck was caused by n ear leaving the track wlion tliu train was going about 20 miles an hour.-

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