The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 9, 1967 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1967
Page 1
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2-Algona (la,) Upper Dei Molnei Thursday, Feb. 9, 1966 Buscher Bros. Get Award Gilbert Buscher of Buscher Brothers Implement of Algona, was honored with a National Dealer Council Award by Minneapolis - Mollne, Inc., at the Council's annual banquet at Hopkins, Minnesota, February 1. William F. Foss, president, W. L. Pringle, vice president marketing, and B. F. Shipman, general sales manager, of MM, saluted the local dealer for "distinguished contributions to farm machinery advancement during 1966". In the above photo left to right are Shipman, Buscher, Foss, and W. L. Pringle, vice president of M-M for marketing. m!isinrnBiB!«nDmmi]raK« ..fey Evelyn Feb. 1 — A card yesterday from Alice Ditsworth and her sister, Grace Jackman, says they have an apartment at Tempe, Ariz, with walking distance of a shopping center and Dick, son of Alice. They plan to see Florence Patterson Howard at Phoenix soon and have talked with her via phone. Myrtle and Hans Johannsen called on them yesterday. They are former Algonans whose home is now at Waverly. Their son takes over the management of the men's clothing store during Hans' absence. * * * Today is the day my cousin Julia Cady leaves Mason City on her three week, all-expenses- paid, vacation in Hawaii. Wouldn't mind being along if I could throw the crutches away. A friend called me the other morning to see if I was O. K. She had caught the name Evelyn over KLGA but didn't get the last name and wondered if I was at St. Ann. I was happy to be able to inform her it was not I. It proved to be Evelyn Gates, no one I know, and I hope she is recovered and home again. Tom Elbert,whose parents.Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Elbert, live at Whlttemore, in coming years could tell a grandfather-to- grandson snow storm story too, even of greater force and depth of snow than the Besch-Mary Seller story I wrote about last week. Tom is in the Air Force located at CfHare field. In the course of duty he was unable to get back the normal way and had to WALK a great distance to accomplish an assignment. Joyce Huenhold Is also In Chicago, an R. N. at Presbyterlan- St. Luke's hospital. Herparents, the Alwln Huenholds, were not too worried about her, figuring she had good and safe housing, but they wondered about her reaching her apartment. Having no word from hor, they decided to bury their apprehensions as they felt assured she would let them know If all wasn't well with her. A small town like Algona gets so tangled up, so just imagine what it is like in a city. * * * I was talking with a friend who was in Eagle Grove recently and met a woman who asked about me. Said she wondered how I was, what had happened over the years since she was a nurse at Presbyterian hospital in Chicago, and I was a patient there. At that time she was a "brown girl." Her name was Ruth Hibblng and we had mutual friends, one Katharine Clark, Eagle Grove. The "brown girls" were so called because they wore brown cambric (I guess that was the material) and were on probation. If they had completed their work satisfactorily in six months, they were given blue uniforms, white aprons and caps. The R. N.'s wore white dresses and caps. At that time, It's GAS Dryer Time! ^ENJQY ALt THE ADVANTAGES €»F A -g NEW GAS CLOTHES DRYER NOW. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL GAS DRYER DEALER TODAY! YOU'LL FIND HIM LISTED ON THIS PAGE. North Central Public Service "Compitt* Natural & LP Gat Service" 5-2*44 ALGONA KENMORE 7911 Iron your new permanent-press clothes in a new gas dryer Northern Natural Gas I Company the uniforms were too severe, especially for hot weather - long sleeves, high collars, and unreasonable, I thought. Ruth married Mr. Noble and they have lived in Eagle Grove in a retirement home for the past few years. Both are well, but a retirement home leaves one free of yard, window and screen duties, you are free to come and go as you please, and in most of them, meals are prepared and served so one doesn't even have to think of that - a big asset In my mind. I shall write to her and let her know about Drs. Lewis and McWhorter, as well as giving her a resume of what has happened to me. Of late I have become Interested In reading the articles on the comic pages of the Des Molnes Register entitled "Your America" and am amazed at the foresight our ancestors had. We think of the submarine and torpedo boars as modern, but as far back as 1786-1806, Robert Fulton, the artist and civil engineer who lived and worked in France and England, tried to Interest one country and then another In his "diving boat" named the Nautilus, armed with torpedoes. In 1801, he sank an anchored French target ship In a demonstration run. However, more recognition Is due David Bushnell and Fulton, now that submarines and nuclear missiles rove the seas as terrific deterrent weapons. A book published In 1810 shows a picture of Brig Dorothea being blown up in a demonstration of the newly Invented torpedo — a plate from Fulton's prophetic book "Torpedo War and Submarine Explosion." I wonder what another 100 years will bring. Complete devastation of earth as we know it, perhaps. Well, we won't be here, so let's not worry. Well, I've just looked out and there's more snow. Since I could get neither Helen Hutchison nor Audra Keneflck by phone this morning, I assume they decided to take a chance on the roads yesterday and drive to Des Molnes to visit with their respective relatives, the Mrs. Stephen Keneflcks and Tom Hutchison. A recent letter from the Sher- l^r;l4ttieK of San Rafael; .Calif, r •states-'they, have been in to4;' Angeles and Hollywood area, went- to a dance at Lawrence Welk's Palladium, had a chat with Dick Dale, and got autographs from the Welk "gang." There have been torrential rains in the San Francisco and San Rafael area and some newspaper pictures werei enclosed showing the devastation. Luckily, Sherman and his son and family live in an are a that was not affected. Lucille Grose Anderzen, who lives in Los Angeles, says there has been so much rainfall there, too. After so much loss of life and property, it would seem that people would learn a lesson and stay away from the heights. Better come back to the safety of the middle west. Our tornadoes are not nearly as frequent as their landslides, and cellars mean safety. There, what can one do but slide along with the debris. Feb. 2 — Let's all say aprayer for the speedy and complete recovery for our "Grace" (Esther Pratt Slgsbee) whose Woman's World we have enjoyed over the years. It is such a witty, cleverly written column and how we would miss it. Right now she is in a questionable state of health. Her daughter, Jean, found her unconscious on the floor when she came home from school Monday. There is no knowing how long she had been in that condition and unconscious. She is having the best care possible but at this writing had not regained consciousness. * * * What memories it brought back - that yellow, fragile clipping from the Upper Des Molnes newspaper dated Sept., 1917. It is headed "Soldiers Farewell," sub-titled "Kossuth County Boys Leave For Camp Dodge Last Wednesday." A dinner had been held at the new Algona Hotel, then managed by Ed Boss. It had been arranged by Al Falkenhainer and the exemption board. He was chairman of the Red Cross. Flowers donated for the tables had been furnished by Mrs. Hortense Ferguson with appropriate colors of the U. S. and allies. After dinner, short addresses had been given by Dr. M. J. Kenefick, E. J. Van Ness, a Spanish War veteran, H. M. Van Auken, secretary of the Commercial Club, and Sen. John Hammai of Brltt. The soldier boys were escorted to the Northwestern train by the band and a delegation of old soldiers, among whom was "Billy" Ward, a 93-year old veteran of the Civil War. The only boys from Algona were Earl Wilson and Elmer Zelgler. Others were from Wesley, Bancroft and Swea City, ten in all. A war to end all wars I What irony. This might be a good place to mention that the National Society of DAR has sponsored American History month since 1955 and it has become a national law. All organizations of whatever kind are required to study American history in February since it is the birth month of our first and sixteenth presidents, Washington and Lincoln. A meeting of the local DAR will be held Feb. 14. * * * He couldn't have been a Fred Astaire — young lad at dancing school: "I'd like to challenge you to the next dance." * * * Yep, some are that way — After movie: "I liked the book better. At least I could swat a fly with it." * * * Years ago mother and I went with Elizabeth Libott to Palm Springs, Calif, and took a route * + • • similar to the one Mrs. Robert Meyer, nee Mary Jo Anllker, West Bend, is going to take today to join her husband at Hau- chuoka, Ariz. CUT routes took us to Albuquerque, but we went on west and she will be going south from there, almost to the Mexican border. Her husband is in service, information specialist, and will be in this location at least eight weeks. From then it's a guess. Mary Jo has been a nurses aide at Good Samaritan and wewillmissher. Bon voyage, Mary Jo. Ottosen Lady Has Birthday In Hospital OTTOSEN - Mrs. Clara Solberg celebrated her seventy- seventh birthday, Thursday at Mercy Hospital, Ft. Dodge, where she is having therapy for arthritis. In the afternoon, her brother, Olive Christiansen, Mr. and Mrs. Arne Jotten and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Brodale came to help her observe the day. They brought a lovely plant and the hospital gave her a cake. She received many birthday cards. - o United Presbyterian Women ^ 4 • mot Friday with Mrs. W. G. Cooper as hostess. Mrs. Ralph Richards gave the lesson. The following officers were installed: president, Naom). Struthersj vice president, Mrs. Albert Thorsen; treasurer, Mrs. H. D. Benson; secretary, Mrs. Essie Cooper; and pianist, Mrs. W. G. Cooper. Yvonne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Binwart, celebrated her llth birthday Friday after school with a party. Guests were 14 classmates from her fifth grade class. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Olson were Thursday night visitors at the Mirlyn Pflibsen home at Bode to help their granddaugh- ter, Julie Pflibsen celebrate her llth birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wehrspann were Sunday dinner guests at the Ray Campbell home at Ogden. Both families went to Des Molnes where they were supper guests at the JerryWehrspann home. They celebrated Jeffrey Wehrspann's first-olrthday. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Watnem and family and Mr. and Mrs. Randy Watnem and Shelly of Humboldt were Sunday afternoon and supper guests at the Merle Faulk home at Des Molnes. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Struthers and family were Sunday dinner guests at the Dutch Kruse home at Royal. BIG SALE STILL IN PROGRESS AT DIAMOND'S ! I TRY SPREADING THIS WITH YOUR CONVENTIONAL SPREADER Your Brady ;i ail-type spreader will pulverize them all ... as ?ads a rich, even blanket of fertility behi . And you'll never break a beater, a chain, Oi c. webb—your Brady doesn't have any. Stop in for the full story today—facts only—I'll let the Brady do all the spreading. BRAEY MANURE SPREADER BUSCHER BROS, IMPLEMENT 1015 NORTH MAIN ALOONA SEARS Last Carpet Remnant 100°° sell-out! New shipment ai -'•••• '• : /*<'''''''' '•"'~ : -' " ;4 ^'-V': Sale privf s! l\ All Carpets Likji Are In Stock In Our Store FABRIC 1 only NYLON 1 only NYLON 1 only NYLON 1 only ACRYLIC 1 only NYLON 1 only NYLON 1 only NYLON 1 only NYLON 1 only NYLON 1 only NYLON 1 only ACRYLIC 1 only ACRYLIC 1 only ACRYLIC 1 only ACRYLIC 1 only ACRYLIC 1 only NYLON 1 only NYLON 1 only NYLON 1 only ACRYLIC 1 only ACRYLIC 1 only NYLON 1 only NYLON SIZE WAS 15'xfS' $218.85 15'x13'9" $225.87 12W $195.30 15'x20' 9" $368.99 12'x8' $ 47.76 12'x12' $ 63.60 12'x9' $ 53.88 12'x12' $156.24 12'x7'10" $ 62.88 12'x19' $151.24 12'x12' $172.20 15'x14' 10" $268.50 12'x12' $172.20 15'x15'6" $219.80 15'x10'9" $151.85 15'x9' $ 89.85 12'x12' $ 95.62 12'xlO' 6" $ 83.58 12'x16' $187.04 12'x13'6" $157.81 12'x12' $127.32 12'x21' $161.70 NOW $129.99 $129.99 $109.99 $229.99 $ 29.99 $39.99 $ 45.00 $ 89.99 $ 34.99 $ 99.99 $ 93.99 $149.99 $109.99 $129.99 $ 99.99 $ 49.99 $ 59.99 $ 49.99 $109.99 $ 99.99 $ 79.99 $ 99.99 NUMEROUS RUNNER SIZES AVAILABLE AT TERRIFIC SAVINGS! 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