The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1967 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1967
Page 15
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10-Algona, (la.) Upper Des Molnes Tuesday, Feb. 7, 1967 WASHINGTON Merry -Go -Round WASHINGTON- The most important development in the world today is the continuing chaos inside Red China. Partly from refugees coming into Hong Kong, partly from .'.n- tercepted radio messages, the U.S. government has pieced together an ams.zlngstoryofwhat's going on. It adds up to one thing: There now is no real government in China. Mao Tse-tung organized the Red Guard of young Cnlnese while the schools were out during the summer, In order to combat his critics. And the Red Guards have now become so uncontrollable that they have disrupted factories, paralyzed railroad lines, swamped the streets of Peking and Shanghai, and caused a revolt by intellectuals and technicians. China was making considerable progress in raising its own crops and producing its own textiles, locomotives, iron and steel and almost everything else until the present unrest hit the nation. Now factories are stopped, peasants have left their fields, the universities are churning. It's a worse mess than this writer ever saw in China when every province was under its own warlord in the years before the communists seized power. From our viewpoint, this means that China has ceased to be a force for promoting communism around the world. The Chinese have failed in their efforts to subvert Africa. They have failed in Indonesia; there the Chinese communists have been dispersed and many, many thousands killed. They have failed in Pakistan, have alienated India. Now it's obvious that China has failed again and no longer is a threat in Vietnam. There is no more chance of China invading Vietnam at this Urn* than there is of Mexico invading the United States. So President Johnson now must begin to revamp his policy, intensify his efforts to persuade North Vietnam to talk peace, persuade Ho Chi Minn that the turmoil in Red China imkesHo's defiant hope of eventual victory baseless. Since the President knows his rani in history may depend on whether he can solve this problem before the 1968 election, you can be sure he'll now really begin to put the pressure on. - o - — HOOVER'S GRATITUDE - The second biggest development in world affairs is Presi- den*. Lyndon Johnson's effort to improve relations with Soviet Russia - and the blunt efforts of J. Edgar Hoover to block him. Johnson picked up where President Kennedy left off in 1963, when Kennedy had concludad, shortly before his assassination, that the peace of the world depended upon the cooperation between the world's two greatest atomic powers. Johnson has gone much further than Kennedy — or at least tried to. He is convinced that if the United States and Russia worked together, there can be no world war ever again. DREW PEARSON He has asigned an agreement with Moscow for direct airplane flights between New York -and Moscow . He has signed an agreement on exchanging information for the desalting of sea water. He has offered to refrain from building an anti-missile system, and made the amazing proposal of joint Russian-American distribution of foreign aid to underdeveloped countries. Finally, he has signed a consular treaty with Russia which the Senate must yet approve. However, J. Edgar Hoover, who by law was supposed to retire at the age of 70 but who has been continued by Johnson three years more, is now working behind the scenes with Sen. Mundt of South Dakota to undercut the foreign policy of the President who befriended him. - o - - BERLIN MAYOR COMING -- Willy Brandt, famed mayor of West Berlin, now minister of foreign affairs of West Germany, will make a quick trip to Washington Februiry 8 and 9. Brandt, a strong anil-Nazi and long-time political opponent of Chancellor Adenauer and the Christian Democratic party, was taken into the government of Chancellor Otto Kiesinger to counter-balance the fact that Kiesinger in his youth was a Nazi party member. Brandt will dine with Secretary of State Rusk and probably have lunch at the White House. On February 9 he will go on to New York to speak before the Council on Foreign Relations, then address the inaugural dinner of Adlai Stevenson Institute of International Affairs in Chicago on February 10. Brandt is an old friend of President Johnson's, having received him in West Berlin when Johnson was Vice President, in 1961. Brandt's last conference with the President was in February, 1966, when he came to Washington. Brandt is a firm believer in the Johnson policy of building bridges with the communist countries of the East. As mayor of West Berlin he helped to extend a credit to East Berlin of about two billion marks for the purchase of West Berlin goods and materials. Mayor Brandt was also instrumental in working out arrangements whereby Berliners could cross the wall on Christmas and Easter to visit with relatives. - o- — BANKER LOBBYING — John Holton and Jim Smith, lobbyists for the American Bankers Association, have bsenbusy buttonholing members of the House Banking and Currency Committee. The two were seen recently near an elevator in the Rayburn Building holding a large, supermarket bag of whiskey and other potables. "Where are you going?" asked a friend. "Upstairs foraparty," replied Holton with a broad grin. Doubtless they were getting ready for the first meeting of the House Blinking and Currency Committee, headed by rugged Rep. Wright Patman, D-Tex., scheduled for Thursday. Last year Patman had to depend on a slim majority to OK his probe of bank ownership and mergers. This year his control of the committee will be even slimmer. Committee Democrats will outnumber Republicans by only 19 to 14 in the 90th Coagress, compared with 22 to 11 in tha 89th. The Republicans usually vote en bloc with the big ban- DAIRY® FRESH fc^DAILY For that real get-up-and-go feeling, rely on the wholesome energy pro- vided by fresh milk. kers on most issues, but Patman's chief trouble will be with Democratic defectors, such as Reps. Thomas "Lud" Ashley of Ohio and William Mciorhead of Pennsylvania, who side with Republicans on bank issues. The fate of the banking investigation, therefore, is really up to three liberal Democrats -- Jonathan Bingham of New York, Nick Galifianikis of North Carolina, and Peter Kyros of Main — plus freshman Democrat Tom Bevill of Alabama, who is expected to vote for the bankers. Lenten Vespers Ash Wednesday, Feb. 8, Trinity Lutheran church of Algona begins its special series of midweek Lenten Vespers. Two identical sessions at 4 and 7:30 p.m. are scheduled for the six Wednesdays during the Lenten season. Trinity's Pastor, Paul H. Sohn, will deliver the 11' 11 r i n 1111 ii special messages. Music will be by the junior choir under the direction of Wilbert Ruhnke and the children's chorus under the direction of Mrs. Mitch Taylor. HOSPITAL JAN. 31 - Mrs. Louis Lappe, Burt, girl, 7-14; Brenda Powers, Algona, medical; Willie Crail, Algona, medical; Elizabeth Galbraith, Algona, medical. FEB. 1 - Marvel Nygaard, Wesley, medical; Edward Kayser, Bancroft, medical; Ruth Arend, Algona, surgery; Mary K. Ladenhoff, Algona, boarder. FEB. 2 - William Steier, Whittemore, tonsillectomy; Monica Storr, Algona, medical. FEB. 3 - John P. Steier, Whittemore, medical; Marvin Laubenthal, West Bend, medical; Ray A. Walker, Burt, fracture; Mrs. Ivan Schmidt, West Bend, boy, 6-1. FEB. 4 - Mrs. James Alvey, Algona, girl, 8-1; Frank Cink, Algona, medical, Sister Mary Lucentia, Bancroft, radical. I I I I I I 1 I II HI I I I I I I II I I - Yoi Art Cordially Invited WIG SHOW NUN FLOOR -SHEAKLEYS STORE Tuesday, Feb. 7 Beginning at 7 p.m, A special showing of Joseph Marshall wigs will be held Tuesday night of this week at Sheakleys main floor in 1 Algona beginning at 7 p.m. Come in and see this beautiful collection of wigs by a leading Iowa beauty firm. Even your mirror can't guess your secret. Wigs, Aiglets, chignons and switches that become very realistically yours. A complete selection of hair accessories also. One night only — TUESDAY OF THIS WEEK. Sheakleys " "Ladies & Girls Fashions"

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