New-York Tribune from New York, New York on March 29, 1896 · 25
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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · 25

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1896
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PART III. J LPACES 25 TO 32. ! ^^_l^-HH-??H-++++++++-f^+++? ?i i mu niHf miiniiiMaii r ? SUNDAY EDITION.:: ? :: MARCH 29, 1896. j; ?TTTT I I rrTT'TTI YACHTING TAN STAND IT. ?TIE AEEESCE OF AMERICA'S CUP RACES HAS ITS ADVANTAGES ?ySaANS for a pvsy IBABON?ESPaKIAl. ATTEN? TION TO THE HAl-F-RATraiS?RBOATTAS IN 1'l.ENTY. ?iViTH PHIZES RICTH AND Nl" Mraor.8- THE ATlaAITTlC CUVI A'TIVi: PIUBPARATlONS. The fact that there will he no contest for the America'? Cup In the romlns season is a source of regret to many thousands of snthuslastlc yachts? men, who Know of no bct'.er spurt than that of whipping the Visiting I Tbey know of no pleasure srblcb is si as to prove n ? matter bow perfect and how swift the builders on the Clyde may fashion his craft, thai they can alwayi ?bow * Yankee creation capable of successful!) defending the cup. which Is the mark of yachting supremacy. Ewn with ths recollection (,i ths laat International race? fresh in the memory, anl .-.'.] the unpleasant incident? associated with Dunraven's efforts to arta the cup .?-? :; %-.?..:;> before them, there are thousands of yachtsmen snd lovers of the st?rt mho sorrow tha: ;;u-re will be n i International con? test for the pris? this season. They know that there are many yathtsmer. n England who are anxious to add the America*! Cup to their collec? tion of plate, yachtsmen who?11 they could win It?would bs worthy, i-.s fair-minded men and honor thle sportsmen, to hold it. But in the llKht of what bas taken place, It Is hardl) likely thai any on them ?Til] make an fffo:-; In that in the rear futurs. Bi rltshmei frown ipon the unsports? sjsanllks methods of their countryman, which juati- ' THE BEAWANHAKA CORINTHIAN YA?3HT CWBHOUSE. Ted hl? expuli-.ori from the foremost body of yachts? men in America. They know full well that the las! reprr-er.?n;:ve of the R :?-?: Tacht Squadron In an International contest showed h:rr.self to he a bad loser and a fau.:-ii:..ler. hut. like I?:;k Deadeye, ha was an Englishman, Remembering th^t fact, they ?ail] possibly bold off for ?om- tima and allow their ji'.??iism to conquer the'r desire for th*? trophy. YACHTING SJT1LL iURVTVEft But that will not have a detrimental effect on Am*noan yachting, sa s ms Krir?sh papers ?tern to think. Some well-known authorities think that giving the ?mailer class? s more attention artll he a boon to th? ?port and w;ll serve to elevate it. It Is evident, from the arrangements already made by the various dubs for the season which is near at hand, that there will be more yachting, more races. more tSMtlnga and larger and more p.-l?t s than ev?r before. The adoption of the uniform ra<-lnp rule? will have e good iffeet 01? the sr-i.rt. T?o- rules were formu? lated by the council of the Yacht Racing Cnlon of I.onp Island Sourd and wer? adopted al the con? vention Which took place a; t:,e Fifth Avenue Hotel on March :?. Thi ated ol Oliver B. Cromwell, P. ?who were assist? 1 -. the necesa . ? , ? by F. E Barnea Le Qrand L. Clark, Btu) Walawrlght a::d O. 11 Cbellborg. The new rules w:ll govern tho racing cf every Importan,) club in or near New-York erith the ex. ? Atlantic, Larcbmont and the New-York Among the club? ate the Beawanbaka * orli . . "Yacht Club, the Norwalk Tachi ? Fleet, Harlem Ta bt ? ib, S an ?1 . ?a rht Cl ib, ?New-York Athlet; Club Yacht Club, New-R ? Yacht Club. Indian lia: 1,or Va1 ?it Club, Ho: I I.ARCHMONT YACHT CLUBHOUSE harbor Yacht Club. &lek?S*OCkef "iacht Club. Riverside Ya-ht Club. Hempstead Harbor Wacht dub. Huntington Ya-h? Club. Douglaston Yacht Club and the Husruenot Yacht riub. The council. In addition to making the uniform ?yachting rules, ?Mined the term "Corlnthlanlsa In yachting and submitted a programme of races cn Long island Sound. This programme will alone provide v&r-htlng amusement enough to satisfy the average yachtsman. Ths schedule was drawn with a view to allowing ths ?rarloua clubs the dut. s which thev applied for. and with on? or two excep? tion? there will be no The schedule In? clude? the race? of mo*t of the Important organiza- , tstM except the New-York and Atlantic clubs. INTKKKST IN HALF-RATER? The new thirty-foot class ?ill bs rht ravorll In the con,?to- season, although there will b slderahie attenl ? ;*! > to ths thlrty-1 Ab nit twenty ihlrty-fooleri an bolng bull? n iw, and their port?n ai ',? wit?i k' :1 '' EmomL Ano-;..- r l ira o? the coalna seamos will be the half-rater r.--- -. for ? ? Is ?rate prepara tlona arc being mada Th- Beawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club has ..;: to bi rae? l for by ?he little fellow? wblch will be known as the "Seawan toaka International Challenge Cup lor Small Yachts." It will b. ,,;,. n to yachts batwee? fifteen and twenty-five :? ? ? ??.-?? th, arid It? p ?ion is already oovetsd by yachtsman la all parts of the country and in Canada and Europe. In ths food ?f gift It is ?ta:.-?] that the cup shall tc preserved as a perpetual challe?? cup for frli ndly competition betwe.n lot.kj-a rr,un?alas Bcores of half-raters are bsttaf built with a view to defending :.-. and there can be no doubt thai lbs contests will be ?xtremely interesting. Any organized yacht club in good : landing of any ?Country foreign to ?lit? country of th- yacht club la ?Whose custody the eup ?14) b? sba.l always havs the right to cha Hangs ?or tho cup. Tacbtsnra who ?are fond of the ?port and who make efforts to ac "lulre perfection in the art of ?ailing are picas?! ' With the prominence glrea to th? "aalf-rat. r, and the ?wners of large ve??el? who carry little fellows ?board the larger craft are doing as much a? any Hher c?as? of yachtsmen 10 encourage the prom? inence of the diminutive boats An Increase in bar? retera, it Is urged, v/dl result in an Increase .n com? petent yachtsijien. Or* prominent yachtsman said: "Moat owner? of Urg? yacht? hire caprins and crews to ?all thtlr vessel? for them. They become ?termed passent ers, and tbsy doubtless have much fun for the money which they lnvcrt. Fut such owner? are no more yachtsmen than their guests, and. except la name, ??.ey never will be yachtsmen. Hut the owner of the ha'.f-rater whose crew consists of one man besides himseif must .-oon become fam:l T11V. ETHELWYNW. lar With ths secrets of sailing a?.d worthy of th? name yachtsman." According :o a r?-port recently printed, about fifty of th-- little crafl are b lng bull? In B n i, ai I Charifw A. Sherman, chairman of the Racing Com mltttee of the Beawanhaka Club, has received in quirlea from various parts of tbi c untry fir I ths requirement? for competition for the Beawanhaka Cup, which was w< n t>>- tbe Btbelwynn la i year. TITANS r?F THE FLEET*. In th. ?rhooner class the contests between ths Emerald and th? neu Colonia will be watch? much interest. Tie- Aro and the Am i IS wl a be in <? mmli >lon As I irgi . . ? I .- : will probaoly be an off year The Defend i refitted, but it l?? no: k::own when she ? Commodore Oould ha? decided that :he V.gib,r.% not be put In comml Ion Whale? ? : the New York Yacht Club .: ti nda i lo n thi s and cru.slng wll] be mad.- known a-..-r The an monts for the Goelet Cup race-- will b< made public by ths Regatta Committee The races of the New-Yosk Yn hi Club are a! ?trlctly club affairs and op? n only to m?-nibrr? The flee: consists of ^jo reasels, of which i two-fifth? are steamers, snd all of w.?...-h an- ? f fifteen ton? or over. TU- tonnage of tie fleet amount? to BJB BS. The sm, ni I the by laws which was passed at the meeting but ' day, by which owner? of re??? f ten ton? may : ? to membership, will I ' The in. mbers wh 1er the new a: rai gemein may fly I 'a I they ... ..l ;...\. :. . \ il ?e In the g< ATLANTIC CLUB PROGRAMME. Th? Regatta Coi f th? Yn- ht Club, conslstlnt ol Henry J. Olelos David K. A,:.^e.-.. \\. L ' '?? rge ^Y. McNulty, has pi r th? so:.'s rac.-i. On Ma) M ihere v. racea for | i eight?- ? A prise of 130 ed for each I class. A regatta for .??;?<?<?.a', elates will take place i in the Cpper Bay <n June I There will also be a j competition on that ??ay for th>- Adama plate. Th? prises will amount to IZti I 'ii June 13 there will . Le ta- . a in sx ?i- '.;. clai ? :. I 11 I ? for the Adams p?ate and for the Washington Th-re prill be a "smoker" al lb? lh* evening. The Adama plate, valui i al 1300, la the gif - VI e-Comm, lore Fn i ri h T. Adama, and ; the Was! ng< vslued ai t_"?o, iras present? i by Aii.-n C. Washing) in The- annual reg? tl . open to all clubs, will ink pla ?- on June II There w.H be fiv? claases of schoori'r?, te.-i of al, o, s and thre ? of atb G >uld cups, valued ai ?1.S00, presented by i ommo dore Qeorge 1. Gould, w.ll be sailed for at this reg;.:' i The ani.tia) cruise of the elul will begin on July ?,. with th< rend svoua at Larchmonl and th? ;: >n will dial ind on Sunday, July 12. Prlsea ;o lh'- vain? of OVel fa."','oJ? Will \>< sa.l-.i fur, among COIsONKL DAVID B. AUSTEN. th?s?, are the Dank? plat?, pr??e:,ted by ex-Com? modore David and th? Hanan plate, the gift of lU-ar-Commodore .lohn H. Hanan. A regatta for ?;?rdal cla?Sa??? It s ?JkSdaled for September a, In which nine .lasses will contest for prizes, valued at M each. The Atlantic Yacht Club/a fleet, according to th* I??? pubiiphe-d list, oonotsta of a!aty*two steamers, tbirty-flve schooners, ssveaty?nlns sioo;-?, cutters, etc., and thtrty-flve rat-figged yachts iSevtral ad? ditions have been made to the fleet n-eenilv. The Atlantic Yacht ?Club's programme, which wa? ?eonmUed bv Colonel Oavid E. Austso. the teere I, i ,:~>' of the club, marks .Tun? 6 as "ladles' ?lav ' au women who are passengers on winning yacni or that dsy will receive s handsome gold breast I'-i. o toe form cf a dub ?-n?:^n. with ioui"d snehor. l*P Tin: BOUND. The Sound aeai n will 1 opened by tba Huguenol roil? on May IS, Among tha yachting features v ' will follow ar??: May 23 New-R , ?;. : .. ?peclal. -?? iy ?'?" l lai I? m annual regj I la June - Ki ; ?rbo k? r an*) isl. ? June 'i Rep. it ta of the Club and siso of ti-.?? v," u ri I? ? 'Iub June .'7 Sew R ?hell annual snd siso the Bea wanhaka Corinthian ? Iub annusl. June 29?Stain for.i ?p a'.. Jun SO [no ai llr i ?,. elsl. July l?Corinthian I".?- -t annual July J Horaei. i Harbor ape. , July t- Amerlc in i nnu il J ? I Larchmont annual. < ?n this day ap?ela] at? t? -.- " will i.? given to ' ? ai d ' ?, July li -Riverside annual July IS Larchmont open rega >nd SO and M July 20 Larchmont ?pedal. Third racers for an . 4 ? ,?r. i half-raters. J '? ?" ' ????? f ..-? the Larchmont Rastward snd We? srai I cuj J il; .'-' Lai 'hmoni apecHl C cata, Mengua cuti il? an i so?, fourth ? ice; 21a and half-raters. July ." Lai reis! foi hooners. .Tul) -4 Larcl n r fth race fur si? and ".o July 23 Lai nt eth rac?a 34i and na '." Sea < ff ? ' ?h annusl. ?us. i Harbor annusl. Ala ? tha '" rln thl m .'? ? i .-;.? .al : i*l s \ w-Ro ?? le ipeclaL Also H.'mpsteriJ Ha? : inn lai i .??... ? 12 Nom alk annual. \ ist Am?ricen spec il snd Stamford annual. - ' .'.' H rseah ??? Harb r annu il ind River half- itera and bin cata \ ?? ? " s? i Cliff si - al Aunts! '. ? H lenoi tu S awanbaks i for .- ooners oi : M Septembei li ;? ngton annual snd Larchmont ?p? els ll ? (seventh race). Septembei 7 L/irchmont fall regatta and eighth ? Kepti mb? r K Larchm ml sped il f r achoon? ri so ! It- ,,.;, Harboi ? ? mbi i IS tmer'can Cal : snd Its -, ' ? -' a Cliff ?peels!. Riverside fall re g ?? ? Reawanhaka trial ri ? ' If-rater? will tal ? -. w be ? : .? The lntei I i ? for n July 1 rid w.II be ?a I? I live CONTESTS POR THE LITTLE PELLOW8. Th? "?'.;: m '/.? ? Tachi Club will open Its season | pen to I ng Island Ra< Ing l"i New-Tork Yncht Racing Aa? a t of I rac? a boat aim f the flv? ? ? ' 1 ' ? ...... 1 n-the-H ri the I ... -, i J, W? ek -, ' i erythlng points toward hli ? ? ' ? ? ind ma -stand ? ' ' f-rstei enefl?. 1 ? ? POI ?TICS IN RIU>Di: ISLAND. REPl'BLirAKS SI !:! OP VICTi RT It!?D OEM ?CRATS WITHOl'T HOPB-A LIPP.LEM CAMPAIGN Providence, March M (Special) A more 111 ? in the present I....? no) : . - . ? , . Rep ibllcans. fee g the Stai ? th? ? spr ?? .- I . li) phenoi ? i ve not fell -, ... ... ar eneri ? palpi. I result of s ? ... - ? The Cm. ? to earn -, ? . ?. . ? utslatance, and thei a Is flat. . ? ? '? ? , a, o? i ill por g th? thi ration In all things T. ? ? nee the O rm ? '?at ?n, .... .... , .. . han led out < srarlu ... ?Ion of o] , . , 'on vi ? ..-..?????? ? ?? ? ? * - ? . ... ? i . raging feature of th? ? . it of I flv? I ???morral Tha ? I - i - - ? i ? ' ' I . , - . '? , .. on! y I ? i f th? ? ?? It la pe ra of the I. Providei an inform te a ?I ? | In Provl lence i all? I of n and ih? re are thr? a factloi red ? ? I ?. ??. - candidates. 1? li hardly believed, however. that i tl.rei arlll I.rrled The oi ci ? ? >n th? Republican State tlekel ? ? dans? i f defeat ?. ! : i. ? While Mi Dubola ha? proved hlma? I i i Inee All rney-Oen eral R get . I - I u li ?"? '? ".???? i. mpei .- ? ? oi ss they Bay, Bhowlng undue lenien v toward offender? .... i I ,. ? .... Th? Prohibition party have nomi? na t? a strong candidat - ? lilm In Jam \ Williams, and h? haa b n atu ping thi Statt I inn? r In ;.- ???? n Inti rest. V la, of ' , poil b'.i r it enough R? i ?na ma) vote .im,i to i ? '? he Dem ?? cratic . a i.i late. A pe? ullai ? ? . ?? Ighl hi rs. Qe rge T. Brown, tha lawyer and Dern : minee, lives si No lit . i. ? ? :. ". iwn, a bo ?kk p? i ,- N i 27 -, my-st. The oft? il bal! ?ta bear | the name of "(?eorge T Brown, No 27 Aim) at." While there ? ibt of the intent ?f tba l ?emo? l? m tu n ?mlnat? the la aryer, CJ< >i g< T l : ' ? question ariaes, can Qsorge I ? . .-,, r? ivi be sworn Into the itere i have ei? ? I 0? ?rge ..?:,. ,.; No 2', Vim; ? " Then i factional lights for members of the, ?.-.??. hi Crai ? nlr, il Ion in - ? ? i . i? and .? a lively candidate on - i.,, Inilepend an I may be ele :t? I over I 11,,. ; ? ? In W? itei, - ?-X-1'til-- i i r Nal ian y Dl? ?n b aa defeats ! for n ml .:. :t.- Repu : : ri? I? ling ? ? i ,i. ti? 'it . mi o. ?era of th pan ? - .-? li i liter and Bamuel il Croaa, arlll noi aupp rl Mr. Price, tha regula nominee, for lo rea n? In that town, the Prohibition part) is th?.nd part). and a : ? m of the It? ??? support the i nee i . I r? presentstlve Th? Dem rata h ? ? ma ? ? no nomination for a? -ond : ? I therefore I ?- flghl II bel sreen the Republican! and Prohibitionists. A local ques? tion of ?.-.'..: ir-r tl - ?wn Mall furnish Its own arater n-orka, ?r continue t. purchase It? ?".at-r fi ..-:. the Westei '? '. mpanv, i? tha que? Hon a: I au< rather than party politics Th? en t ? i.i-hi of the llquoi Ian la a!? i Involr? 1 In Hi? In ttil?? city, Pawtucket, Baal Providence and Central Palla, a live!) campaign li In progresa on th<- q lion oi III ens? oi n ? M ????:.?< TI a n II ena? p? pie an ml lei it of success i-i Paw ? and of po ? :? vot? in Provl The : ' - lealeri here are aomewhal alarmed at th? pro .ml held a Beeret meeting on Prl? 4aj '.?-..??? and meana for ?fciirini; an ai'.'-n at:-, e . ote. The caucuaea thla a/eek for ihr selection of dele? gate? to the Republican State nul I?iMtriot eon vcntlonB, to li?* held in thla city on April ii?, arare devoid of incident, there being no opposition In any arsi : to ! . r?gulai slate While there Is every In? dl? ition oi the ? -? lion of s Reed delegation to Hi. Louis, there will i<?- soma snthuslsstls MeKlnley men in th?? Si ite ? 'onventl ?n. READY TO ALLOT LAND. Th- application station foj lbs ssstgamsnt of land i? Hi?- unemployed is now reedy, bat on ac? count of th*. stormy weather there have been few applications. Tba Committ?.- on th? Cultivation of Vacant Ixi?? has been car? fully making preparo ttoni for ;h<- work through the printer. At rbS 1??: meeting, it was decided to gcespi lbs sddltlonal offer of ninety seres from William Btelnway, Tha ??.:? lUtion hss*l-een opened at Me is Cooper f'nion. T. : ition han been opened at No 15 charitable aocletlea or Individuate vvh. :u>- des I roue of siding people to h.-:p ihrmse'TfB. th?? iilari of the commute? la of great value. In at> slgnlng land, pr.-ferenr-?? will be given to mea with (aDjiUes, who are out of work, i BOXE ALLEY UNDER THE BAN IT WILL PROBABLY HAKE WAY FOR A SMALL PARK. A TYPICAL CI.: BTKB Of BBAB rr.NKMEXTS "si'iiaps" ABI tut CBOICBST ami skmkxts Fuit THH IXHABITAXTS- WHAT OK? "LIT ti.i: ktOTHBB s" "Pone Alley" will before many years In all ; probability bt a thine, of the past, and the ground where II now Hands, with Its filthy tenement-houses, will no longer be a menacs to th? It h ' the aelghborhood, but ? beauty spot in a locality where beauty ar??i air are ladly needed. Th- r.;? rrt of ?be Board of Health, which j was sent to the Mayor <'ii Tuesday, re -ommen led | ?k bound? i by Baal Houston, Wlllett, 1'itt ] and Stanton sis., and which contains.the famous "Bone Al'.'-y," for the site of a small park. Walk? J iric alont any or these stre? t? but ? ae, ? person 1 would get no Idea <>t the mass of humanity cjn- ? : c ? ? i in these buns.?a Bui .f the pedratrlaa walks . th? Wlllett-st. sida o? the block, ha come? j suddenly upon the famous alley, and sea at Its end ? | the row of tenement-house?, wh.ise Inhabitants !n ? i?l have mad? things lively with theli , ? ? ? ? : ? i an to-day living In i , : .lor an l i ? ? rty. K:itrr:::g the al!-?v the Street, 01 ? t!|>. n a r.-w ..f five hrick tenement-houses fu'ir -? high. Kadi of th? ? ? ? ' . and In the five tl : ?? ..!>? 00W living seventy-five famille? Il ???-la-.-'l thai there i.r? five m a famll), moi her and Ihi ? Iren and tl .. . ?a es) mal then .n th s row of shabby the pur? ".;.;. a i i tr'ui ol ; ? a. One of in? tenants said yes? i ly that she thought there were i s nui.- I tl.-? i pei on i In th ? - ma to he i - it. 1 unsuccessful stt, >t to keep tl pi? I an. i> -t an ? filth ot I all kli ; . .. ? th? wail..?, an : In the ind before the i 81 e and water n ppery un l? r foot, and the nance to I v. ok. for Ita light never rea es the wli Iowa 1: i:;**? '.. ? ? Iren ai I rag? t*.ler, dirtier woi er a I? s or : s ?tr?:.?:?r to find - If ,t be x ?cable, all l? s nol t..? r? ? ptlon ..a bul a chilly one. Th? ?,-ra.. -.-. ills, v.;.--.- ihej ?\:? ; ? rered by I sa I . indred ' ? ? w that their for) ? ? rvlc? h ive rt and sordid - ; re gi to the fa - - ., ? p.-nt there! I ORIGIN OF THE NAME II ?-?? > Vears ago a .... rntlr? i of menta wi nad? , who picked the barn ? i th? m, t ? ?: I i "j? .a an l reneri racier of the p, -i- ? ; .s e Into liu ?, a:. I IhOSI Who ItlMW i / BONE ALLEY. II dubbed !? "Bone alley." which appropriate name ! .., h ir those who lived then In those ? ? e/ere like the i nei wh i live there now, the u!l , ... the) found In household refuse, and from which they wade a living, were no bonier or hsrder than they The Ilia of the ash-barrel Is the only life they know, and, sfter s certain length ol . and air are things to be shunned ;,,l kepi sws) fi.- I" '??" f ? |,:ih: -:'' pie | MIT?. I:1 ,,. . . f the Ulsper rooms of one of these tene ment-houaea llvea an obi w man who r.->r over Aft) years baa mad- her home In Bone Alley. Por man) years .?he waa the housekeeper of the Ave tenement houses In Bone Alle) thai have tor a long time tlven m?. pohce so mu.i. trouble. As the reporter I , her about old llmea. her withered face brlght ,,,. ? M, ., ,., ? ter) ryea on ? more gave out the llghl that u ??" t!""> "rh?*n '"" """;!" "' Bone Alle) ex : I their i ' I ?ave the nelrrhborho .1 s "run for their money." IN THE OOOD OLD DAYS. ??Tes," aha aaM, "I bav, llv? I here for nigh on t.. slat) years. When I Brsl cams h, rs there were i . house? to cut off our view of the street. Those | ??en ,- ,.,.| ,.: : tlm ' The rent area cl esper ind there were treei In front of the houss snd bench, i under them, snd we used to enjoy oursetve? as if we wars living on ?hat you eall Fifth era. \ -?. wa ?,.,., ?, ,,?,... a - , tp now and then, but 'boys wUl h? boys.' you I now " The old aroman laugh? I as Id uns uni did not dray thai a light even now was not an unheard ol fl The people In the Bon? Alley isneraent-houi ?a d noi pay -ouch for il i I* ??? ?"'? IM'> ?'''' '"' m..?- th.-.n ti,.-, pa) I ?r. Two little rooms (the larges) one of them, Ht 11, serving for dining-room, parlor, ?Itttag-roemi and kitchen, and the, about Talt, bemg the ?me bedroom) are all that m.-st ,,r esa air .id The Tribuns reporter w?mt up . ut,i one of rooma Th?- father and mother wei asraj from home, but ?lx IKUs children?tha | Old, t ,,f then cull not bave be-.-n mure than j twehe were keeping houss "Where is your nrininm'.'" the reporter asksd. | ??.she'? sone out," ?noworsd the o.dest of the lot, , "I don'l know where sbs's gone to." "What does your |,a.?a do for a living: HKU PATH<0R'l OCCUPATION. Rhe was a pretty child, dresert neatly, and a? ?he looked Into the strange fac? that had Intruded upon her ?he ?aid ?oftly but tlrmly: "He lock? for work." Tie little one mm?4 Strangely out ??f place In these haunt? of tilth. Her dean frock, tin; Intelligence thai plainly showed in her face, and her evident care and love f>.r Hi? younger ones In the famll) were In unlooked-for conn as. to the Bono Alley surround in??. Hut m such places ?>nc runs sgalnst all ? r;s ol p/opli. aiost of ihem are well ll'-ted to their abode, but once In a while cane comes upon a family Oat is te out o? Dlaco a* Uto besaar In s nalaoe. The Last i Opportunity To buy Genuine Haviland & Co. China i At One-half Regular Prices. FRANK MVILAND h'is not told his stock of this Fine French China to any house In the trade. He now offer? hi? largo and richly decorated assortment of these gooda, without eserve. At Fifty Cents On the Dollar. Bach article, bears the name of HA VI LAND & CO. on the Lack Bald trill positively last but on? more week. The entire tl ?. musl be f?o?d. Choice ('hi n a ? Phenomenal Prices. FRANK HAVILAND. 14 Barcioy St., near Broadway. FIVE NEW CITY PARKS. COMMISSIONERS CONSIDERING THE VALUE OF THE PROPERTIES. MENT HOUSE! Oh" ?'MTTt.K 1TAT.Y" TO HE WIPED ??IT -ATTRACTIVg BRBATHINO fi'UTa FOR UPPER MANHATTAN ISLAND. There sre five special l'ark ?'ommiasioners now h ildlng ?- sslona fr-jtn time to lirne for the apprn'sal of propert) to be taktan for pleasurs grounds for the people of thi? city. Thess Commissioners were General Tern of the Suprema under Chapter M ol the Laws of LtM. Tlu? i ?* eras to lay out these breathing tpacet before ths upward march of population shouM make the problem an extremely dlffl one. However, one of the parka prop aed, the only d?sign?t.on of whleh :a "Little Italy," was already densely populated. This district lies betwe n One-hundred?and?elev? ?nth and ? >ne?-huadr<rd?and?fOlirteefltb ?t?. and .... and the i;.*'. Hirer. The ?lestructlon of home of pov?rt> would In Itself be a dis ; '.v.u.t kg? :o the i Ity. The five park? projected under the Law? of UH ?mit on whleh 1-? now bensr pished, are known a? the Colonial, th? For; Washington, the : Nicholas, the Riverside Extension and "Little It i.y " A PARK TAKING IN THE BLI7PF. ?Hi? projected Colonial 1'ark w.U extend from ind-1 -ity-ll'th :o ()r.??-h;:n.Ire.i-ar!.1 fifty-fl e and Bn ihurst aves. Edgecombe-ave. sklrta the high around along Washington Heights, and curvea Into One-hun? dred-and-flfl the western er. I of the viaduct. If continu? l dlrectlj :. rth It would run River Driveway, but on crossing One-hundred?and-flfty-Afth?st. the avenue Is turne 1 the srest, ?ml continues on up to and pas: the old Jume) m i ...jr*t-ave. l| down M the flailands. and la thi Brat s-rcet west of Elghth-ave. Th.? best vie? to be ha ! of th<- proposed park Is fron th*? cle rated railroad li ..-. The fall from Bdgi combe-ave, to Brsdhurst-sve. is s ms Beirenty-flv f?-.-!. The general condition of th* land, it.? pr?? clpitoui form,it.on and it? r.'UKh an l rocky natur remind one of whal M rnlngslde Psrfc was befor It was I u l out In ll i ?? * nl si "active form. Ther at?- .... loti In the C ?I nial Park area. Hottsss hav been i rected only on the north aids of One-bun li ?? I rtj fifth-st, An attempi was made by prop erty-owners to have these dwelliruj-houaea ex-dude. from the park area, bu li ( ill? d, i- commission having ,n c'virg? the appr.ilsa of lands for Colonial Park consists of Thomas I1 Wlckes, form'-r',) an assistant corporation counsel Pierre \'.m F.,;ren Hoes, and Conrad Marres , Charlea P. Qrtffln Is th?. secretary. Mr. Hartes I a real eatata dealer aad president of the Twelftl Nlnet? ?nth Warda House and Ural i-'stat. Owners' Association, The Commissioners wore ap point.-1 i?- the Oeneral Term of the Buprems dur ;n June, I'M Property-owners In the dwelling, ares In One-hundred-snd-forty-fifth-st con ? i the constitutionality of the act, but they wer? defeated In the Court of Appeals?, and tha Com mlsaioners held their tirst meeting In December IBM, Up to No*.ember IS, IMS, 1,100 pas?? of testi? mony i a i been taken, and the number now biund in volume form is 2,423 pagea Bo far only the experta for the property-owneri have been heard. Charles i>. Olendorf, an assis i m m corporation counsel, who has general chargl of these special park matters for the city, said th? other day thai ths city's real estate experts would begin Huir teatlmony at otic.-. Then is on? piece of property with'.n the colonial Park district Which has escksd fome Interest. Tins la held In th?- name of Peter W. Felix. It embracea eighteen lots, and lies between One-hun? dred-an l-flftieth snd One-hun Ired-and-flfty-Brst r itorj las been current (hat Mr. Felix was merely a dummy for Richard ?"roker. He i? a brothcr-ln-law of Patrick Fox, familiarly spoken of us "Pat" Pos throughout this part of the city, who la u prominent Tammany man. The fact that Thomas L Peitner, a former Tax Commissioner and Police Jus-ice, hud bought property nearly opposite tin- Felix plot, between l*lgecombe-ave. and St. Nli-holaa Place, had rtlmulated the suspicion that the laying out of Colonial I'ark was a Tammany Hall scheme. TAMMANY HOLDERS OF REAL E3TATE. Thomas P. OUroy's family has bought seven lots on the smith slds of one-hun :i--?l-rtia!-forty-nlnth st., between Amsterdam and Convent av?-?., at a point near the Junction of St. Nlchjla.-ave. and one-hun.lreil-.i.).l-forty-ninih-?ii'. In One-hundred-end-flfiy-'lfth-st., between Am aterdam and UL KlohoJaa avis., a, propurty-owner Our Tradc-riark Guarantees Perfection. Spring Dresses. Church, Street & Evening Dinner, Re> ception & Visiting, Batiste, Mohair Silks & Cloths, ?Oo ?O% 4?a Bicycle Suits. Skirt, Coat, Leggins ?S? Hat. $16. - OUR PA Shirt Waists. Imported Materials, $| 85, $2 50, $? 50. Ladies' Stocks, Fancv Novelty Neckwear, Sy 00, $2 50. - OL'R PATEfT. Coats & Capes. Carringe. Street & Evening, White, Tan & Black Kerseys, Velvets, Bro? cades & Laces, $16, $22, $28. Separate Skirts, Entirely new shape; Satin, Brocad* Crepon, Bnlliantine, $10, $15, $20. riillinery. Hats, Toques & Bonnets; Imported Paris Models, $12, M5, $18. West 23d St. is John I-'. Whelan, a Tax Commissioner under Mayor CUroy, and a lawyer who appears for prop before the Colonial Park Commission? ers. Another active lawyer before the Colonial Park Commissioners, as well as before all thoae sp? vial park commissions, 1? James A. Deerlng, of No. 13 Wall-st. Mr. Deerlng; bear? th? reputation of being the real estate guide, comforter snd friend of Thortui F. GUroy. He 1? himself a large owner of property along St. Nicholas Terrace, In and north of One-hundred-and-thirtT-elxth-st, The property whkh Thomas L. Feitner, ex-Tag CommV.^loner. secured Is known as the old Fays mansion. It lie? In One-hunir.-d-and-flfty-thlrd-st., between St. Nirhola? Place and E lgecombe-ave. I: 1? denied by those who profess to have an ln ew of th?? matter that Mr. Peltier bid In thl? io: ?"?-.?? ..-: behalf of Mr. Croker. Mr. Feitner bou-ht th propertyln March. UN. at a sile r?rdered by th.- . .\? utors of the rstate of Thomas Kaye. A r.\r:lv ALONO THE HI'DSuN. The proeee lings for the acquisition of the prop? erly for I-'ort Washington l'ark are about finished, s, far as the work of the special commission Is Concerned. The C .rr-.rr.'-^.iners cf Appraisal for this park are William W. MacFarlaad, formerly of Tracy, 1*.card man & Platt; B. Ellison, a lawyer of No. C2? Hroa Hvay, unJ Dr. Matthew Cha?nera Port Washington Park, a? projected, lies betw er. the Boulevard Lafayette and the Hud? son Klv-r, an 1 what should be One-hundre<i-?,nd ?eventy-flrst and iitie-hunJred-atid-eighty-fourth ata The Beailevard Lafayette begins at Audubon Park and ? >:.e-hundre 1-an ;-l'i.'->-.-.x:i;-?=t , and skirts thr- Hudson River up to Inwood. This boule rard affords a magnmcent view of the Hudson Rh er. .-? me 2,90t pace? of testimony have been tcken la the appraisal of the lr.r>.ds to be used for this I irk. The Fort Washington Park ?Commission be? gan Its work about simultaneously with the Colonial Park Commission, having been appointed In July, UM An Interesting feature of thts park I? that It Lakes In old Fort Waahington Point, the historie groun l where Washington is ?aid to have landed In crossing over from New-Jersey to prosecute his campaign aga'.:;st the BrttlBfe In possession of New York. The park trill co\er about forty aerea. Tho lo's art Valttad by their owner? at ft? high a figure aj J?.1 '. There N. of cour?.?, a pronounced dis? crepancy befsteea the values plac. d on the property by ;h.? owners and by the city's expert?. The total eatlmata of the owners is $l,500,'aa). The estimate put upon It by the Corparat.on Counsel'? experts Is 1730,000, or one-half. Th??re are few houses on the property. This park takes In the Isaac F. Martin property at the Fort Washington station an 1 alsi the Haven estai?? at the Point. The old redoubt erected by Washington's order remains as a reminder of the struggles of the Revolution. A SITE WITH A HANDSOME VIEW. The bulk of St. Nicholas Park, as projected, He? between St. Nlcholaa-ave. and St. Nicholas Ter? race, anl between (>ne-hundred-and-thlriieth and One-hunilred-nnd-foriy-flrst sts. The park, however, has an "L" extension consisting of two bl.vks be? tween Onc-hundrcd-and-thirty-sixth and One-hun cre.l-an.l-thlrty-eighth ?ts.. running over to Am sterdam-ave. This extension will afford a i?arh frontage to the Hehrew Orphan Asylum In Amster. dam-avc. It Is understood that the extension was made for th? benefit o? this ln*u::u;!on. St Nicholas Terrace skirts the h ph ground above and west of St. NUibolaa-ava. Th- outlook from It la mag? nificent, one may havo a view from here far up the Harlem ll'.v-r and away to Long Island Sound, The C.immls.sloners engaged la appraising tho values of property for St. Nicholas Park are John II. Judge, Tnomas C. T. Crain, ex-City Chamber? lain, anJ Thomas C. Dunham, ex-State Senator. There are lot? In the proposed park area between 8t. Nicholas Terrace and St. Nlcholas-ave. which are seventy feet lower at the eastern end than at the western, and yet property-owners and their ex? perta are putting a $10.??) valuation upon them. The city, through Mr. olendorf, i? fighting ?uc.t claim? tooth and nail. The testimony of ihe ex? perts for the property-owners has all been put in. The cliy's testimony will be begun on April Z. The Riverside Park extension take? in all th. land under wait.- which the eJtJF doe? not already own along the present park. This . Ktenatoa I* 'vest of the Hudson River Railroad truck? and between Seventy-second and One-handrad-arad-twenty-alnth sts., except between Seventy-seventh and EWhty. nrst sts. and between the centris of the block? Ninety-fourth to Ninety-fifth ?ts and Ninety-ae?. eath to Ninety-eighth ?ts., where thu land has been devoted to commercial purpose?. The Commissioners Of Apprulsal for this ex? tension aie Edward V. Loew. ex-Controller of the city; O.rosvt-nor B. Hubbard, a lawyer, and Senator Charle? L, fjuy, The titles to thl? properiv aro mu. h complicated, as ts generally the case in this city arlth lands under water. The work of ap? praisal la going on slowly. The Commlss'oner? appraising valuea for the park called "I.ittle Italy," already referred to, are Rich, aid V. Harnett, the well-known real estate brokers Abraham Kling and Edmund L. Mooaey. Proofs of value have been put In for ?ome of the blockt, and the city I? now offering H? testimony. Tat commission meets in the Stewart Building, Room No. M3. William M. [vine Is special counsel foe the city in the ippralsal of thl? property. Of the live proposed parks under consideration, tt l? expected, according to Mr Olendorf, that the re* port on the Fort Washington Park appraisals ?arin be the first to bo put in. and thai sals ?ein aft ready v**thin a i?re/ week* ^ m

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