The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 2, 1967 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1967
Page 16
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1-Algona (la.) Upper Det Moinw Thorsdoy, Feb. 2, 1967 DEAN MARTIN IN "MURDERER'S ROW" STARTING SUNDAY AT ALGONA THEATRE A drink or a bullet seems to be the choice Dean Martin as Matt Helm Is being offered here by lovely Camilla Sparv, the blonde femme fatale of "Murderers Row," In color by Technicolor. In the new Columbia Pictures release, Dean battles an International terror ring, headed by Karl Maiden, with the dubious assistance of vibrant Ann-Margret. James Gregory and Beverly Adams, playing Dean's very private secretary, co-star. The spy adventure features the 12 calendar "Slay-girls" and introduces the recording team of Dlno, Desi and Billy. Board Seeking Superintendent The board of director s of Mo r- ged Area HI (Education) met at the Emmetsburg Country Club Friday evening. Meeting with the board were the deans of the IVVVUUUUUUO 0 0J movie I clock THURSDAY and FRIDAY Complete Program Begins 7:30 p. m. "Munster Go Home" 7:33 p. m. "Smoky"-9:18p.m. SATURDAY - Complete Program begins: 1:00-4:26-7:52 p. m. "Munster Go Home" 1:03 - 4:29 - 7:55 p. m, "Smoky' - 2:48 - 6:14 - 9:40 p. m. SUNDAY - Complete Program Begins - 1:30 - 3:39 - 5:43 7:29 p. m. "Murderers Row" 1:53 - 3:57 - 5:43 - 7:52-9:38 p. m. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY Complete Program Begins — 7:00 - 9:09 p. m. "Murderers Row" - 7:23 - 9:27 p. m. Jr. Colleges and also the Emmetsburg and Estherville superintendents of schools. The new board Uso had its legal counsel, attorney Francis Fitzgibbons of Estherville, present at the meet- Ing. The new board save the present Estherville and Emmetsburg boards authority to enter Into salary negotiations with the faculty in order to retain and secure a needed staff. It was pointed out to the new board ihat it would be difficult to hire and retain teachers if this were done at a later date. The new board Is in the process of seeking and hiring a superintendent for the now area college as the first step In making the transition of power for the newly formed college and vocational school. At 8 p.m., the new board, together with members of the legislature from area m, Don Murray, Karl Klilsholm, Jack Kibbee and Msrle Hagedorn, discussed with members of the Estherville and Emmetsburg. Jr.^ College" faculties problems con-' cerning the group. ALGONA THURS. - FRI. - SAT., FEBRUARY 2-3-4 CONTINUOUS SHOWING SATURDAY - 1:00 P.M. THE GREAT OUTDOOR SCREEN ADVENTURE- FROM THE NOVEL THAT THRILLED MILLIONS! 20th Cenlur X Fo» present, AN AARON ROSENBERG Production ol starring COCO* by Deluxe PLUS America's Funniest Family in their FIRST FULL-LENGTH FEATURE TECHNICOLOR® SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 5-6-7-8 COLUMBIA PICTUMS PriMiui J W DEAN • MARTIN • MARGRET ROW COMING THURS., KB. 23 - ONE DAY ONLY Laurel & Hardy s Laugfung ZOS SPONSORED BY VFW POST 2541 TICKETS NOW ON SALE AT HAH ALGONA LANES COAST TO COAST ALGONA THEATRE EVERY FEBRUARY THE BOY SCOUTS of American celebrate their anniversary. I'd like to join in any salute to the m.ivement. I admire the character building influence on the lives of the boys; I am in awe of the millions of hours the volunteer men leaders give to the movement and I subscribe heartily to the Ideals of the organization. But most especially do I take off my hat to the great unsung heroine of Scouting, the Cub Scout Den Mother I The merit badge she deserves can be awarded only in heaven. Sometimes, she feels her Cubs will put her in heaven before she really planned to go. I know, for I was once a Cub Scout Den Mother. - o - NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE TELLS you, Cub Scouting Is a pressure group. The pressure comes from your own son, who when he gets to be eight years old, turns out to be a viper you've been rearing In your midst. At eight, he and about twenty of his pals are old enough for Cub Scouts, but the existing Dens never hive room for them. To start new dens they must have new Den Mothers. - o - EACH PROSPECTIVE CUB GOES home and applies the pressure on his mother. The women who can't think of excuses fast enough get to be Den Mothers. The fact that your house is too small to have the meetings that are held there or that you have six other children at home has nothing to do •vith it I I DON'T REMEMBER SAYING IN so many words, "Yes, Til be a Den Mother", but I must have agreed to something of the sort while thinking about something else. All I know is that one afternoon, our son Bill came home from school with 12 of his buddies. All of them had permission from their mothers to be Cub Scouts. "Mom, I already told the fellas you'd be Den Mother," BUI said. And I had a Den. - o FT WAS THEN THAT I FOUND OUT what good advice the Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared" is. Only I think the advice was meant more for Den Mothers than the boys. It really should read, "Be Prepared- For Absolutely Anything 1" - o - ONE THING I WASN'T PREPARED FOR was the way my own son acted at the meetings. He'd never been too much of a behavior problem in school or Sunday School, but when we had the meetings in his own home with his own mother riding herd, he turned out to be the meanest kid In the bunch. The Den Mother's Manual hadn't warned me on that one. The manual did say that the secret of a successful den was to keep the boys busy. They were so right. My trouble was that I never have been any good at handicraft. How can you teach kids to make genuine Indian drums out of tin cans and old inner tubes when you can't do It yourself ? - o MOST OF THE THINGS I THOUGHT UP turned out to be un*- •believably- i messy r or they fell apart when we displayed them at Pack Meeting. There was the time I let them bake and frost cupcakes. And the Christmas candles we molded and covered with hand-whipped paraffin. There may still be blobs of wax in my Algona kitchen from that project. - o - IT WAS ON AN EXTREMELY RAINY afternoon that my most hectic experience at den mothering came. Jeanie was only three so, of course, she attended all den meetings as a kind of unofficial mascot, and that particular day, Jack Waller, then an infant, was staying with us also. - o - THE CUBS LITERALLY DRIFTED IN on sheets of rain. All of them were ravenously hungry but the cub assigned to bring the treats had forgotten to tell his mother it was his turn. So to provide emergency rations I got out the corn popper. The Cubs were sitting in the other end of the kitchen making something from rubber bands. Popcorn, they found, can be good sling shot ammunition. The baby decided he didn't like it in the playpen and started to howl. The Cubs yelled with glee every time they hit a target and Jeanie urgently reminded me she had to go to the bathroom. It was then that the kitchen ceiling started to leak. - o- DEN MOTHER BEGAN MOPPING frantically while the third batch of popcorn burned to a crisp on the stove. There was no danger of fire for by this time the leak in the ceiling had increased to a real deluge. The boys fought on with more abandon, using whole handsful of popcorn. It was about as close to absolute bedlam as I ever hope to be. However, the Cubs considered it one of our more successful meetings. - o WHILE OUR DEN WAS RATHER short on handicraft exhibits for Pack Meeting, we were pretty good at skits. Den Mother wrote plays for the boys to produce in a desperate attempt to keep them busy. Surprisingly, the kids seemed to like these projects and they turned out to be a bunch of hams 1 Our high point came when we were asked to give our Centennial skit at the Charity Ban in 1954. - o - MY CUBS ARE ALL PRETTY WELL grown up now and a wonderful bunch of young men. Some of them are taking advanced work in college, a couple of them are in service and several have married and are producing potential Cub Scouts. I shall always be interested in these boys and to be honest about it, although the experience was rugged, I gained more from it than I put into it. - o BUT I STILL THINK THAT award pin they give Den Mothers at the end of their three years of service has quite a bit of resemblance to, and is fully as significant as, the Purple Heart. - o - LAST EVENING WE ENJOYED AN ALL too short visit from Estel and Selma Rentz, former Hurt residents, now of Crystal River, Fla. They are shirt-tail relatives, their son, Russ, having married Father's cousin, Vaunita. They had been down to Punta Gordo, where, I understand there are several ex-Burt residents. - o- DURING THE WEEK OF Feb. 2 through Feb. 7, people having birthdays include Violet Beuschoter, Danny Merryman, Michelle Christian, Joe Geelan, Edna Cruikshank, Barbara Percival, Jim Jorgenson, Veda Murtagh, John Goodman, Pamela Hansen, David Strohman, Balwe Struecker, Carl Hutchins, Dorothy Zeigler, Elgin Allen, Bruce Bierstedt, Ginny Taylor, Rod Ricklefs, Gary Hagen, Ida Mae Baxter, Jim Martin, Dorothy Funk, Geraldine Rowley, Cathy Cowan, Michael Rooney, Bill Smith, Jim Finn, Chloe Sheakley, and Mary Melissa Harmon. Wedding anniversaries are Mr. and Mrs. Dick Thoreson, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Conn, Mr. and Mrs. John Groen, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Briggs, Sr., Mr. and SOCIAL EVENTS Mrs. Don Ferris and Mr. and Mrs. Chuck McCabe. - o MANY OF MY FAVORITE DESSERTS start with an angel food cake - made from mix, or store bought. So, this week's recipe Is for Jo Hardy's Custard Cake. Cut angel food cake into three slices Filling: 4 beaten egg yolks 1/2 cup flour 1 cup sugar Mix together. Scald 2 1/2 cu.^s milk and add to other mixture. Cook In double boiler until thick. Dissolve 1 tbsp. gelatin in 2 tbsp. milk. Add to hot custard. Stir in well and cool. When cold add 3/4 pint cream, whipped stiff. Spread custard between slices of cake and frost outside with custard. Sprinkle 1/2 cup chopped toasted almonds over top and sides. Chill for 2 to 12 hours before serving. GRACE bridge club Thursday evening. - o HOSTED CLUBS Mrs. Dick Post was hostess to her bridge club Thursday even- Ing. Mrs. Rose Sigsbee entertained her birthday club Friday afternoon. - o - BRIDGE HOSTESS Mrs. Don Frederick was hostess to her bridge club Thursday evening. Mrs. Harold Sundet was high score winner and Mrs. Everett Barr, low. Mrs : Shirley Cubit was a guest. - o PLAYED CARDS Mrs. Ted Herbst entertained her bridge club Thursday even- Ing. - o THE W.S.C.S. Executive Board will meet Thursday, Feb. 2, with Mrs. Don Nelson, president, at 12:15 p.m. and a general WSCS luncheon and meeting will follow. Mi s. Lyle RIedlnger Is program chairman. MARK, SON OF Mr. and Mrs. Charles Berlnger, who attends school at Collegeville, Minn., came home Saturday and will spend his quarter break here. He will begin practice teaching at St. Paul upon his return. He is majoring in French. WED 16 YEARS Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Hansen celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary Jan. 22 and had as dinner guests the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Erman Hansen. In the afternoon they had as callers Mr. and Mrs. Dale Baxter and son, Mr. B;ixter's parents, Lone Rock, Mr. and Mrs. David Harig and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jaquest and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chehaks, parents of Mrs. Hiuisen, and daughter. - o BRIDGE CLUBS Mrs. Dewey Skilling entertained her bridge club Wednesday evening. Mrs. Twllla Bartholomew Is entertaining her TRY SPREADING THIS WITH YOUR CONVENTIONAL SPREADER Your Brady flail-type spreader will pulverize them all ... as it spreads a rich, even blanket of fertility behind you. And you'll never break a beater, a chain, or a webb—your Brady doesn't have any. Stop in for the full story today—facts only—I'll let the Brady do all the spreading. BRADY MANURE SPREADER BUSCHER BROS, IMPLEMENT 1015 NORTH MAIN A10OMA The modern fabric cycles on a new gas dryer do more than dry. They iron. (Even take care of "touch-up" pressing on permanent-press clothes.) rn fa ' you need the modern fabric cycles on a new gas dryer. They've been especially desfflned to da the job for you. To fluff out wrinkles with just the right amount of heat. And to cool thlSthes down at the end of the cycle to make sure the press stays in. You get flat seams sham creases and a jusMroned look-right from the dryer. When permanent-press clothes a% mad. S helps lock in their shape. And it can iron them back into shape every washday VUit your eas S ' 1 " 83S oc fRIOIOAIRE MAYTAO KENMORE WHIRLPOOL mmoo. 1 QUEEN NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. 10 EAST STATE STREET - AIGONA

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