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Evening Express from Portland, Maine • 24

Evening Expressi
Portland, Maine
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'Page Twenty our TELEPHONE 'DIM 2 1911 VTLXPHONE DIAL 2 1911 Deering News lashes Victor Liadlakr Valedictorian And Salutatorian Class' Of 1937 545 Virginia Starkey Sally Wigon Eridi Duchia'e Orck 11433102136 Bill sioiioses 92392794 11175 00000 1 Roland Dugas Right now not much seems certain about red Aliena radio future after by first 2 140330 86 138685 57 66391562 800000 th pole vault seems to and Van Gundy who We 1012726395 8 11 Size 5c of 1 PER POUND 5 661332 34 44582078 85973 06 27 600 00 134677 Prominent Deeringite Band Goes On Air rom DHS MOOOOO 00 415 000 00 5078409 20000 00 560 72814 892313 80 94430 65 1168175 98327371 Night Slated Tonight At Auditorium opy PAPER Attention 1558721'87 9003750 8 98133126 222881 92 13 62500 830360 1302366 37 Press Herald Evening Express Business Office home com 530546894 14253 12 IS 1230 1145 HO 1:15 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:45 300 315 3:30 3 45 400 415 4 30 4 45 5:00 riday April 9 ATERNOON PROGRAMS offer you a limited supply of Muk Appreciation Dr Walter Duraacb Junior Men Taft We'll Trade Radios Ask about our npecial offer Purple Track Team Looms Strongest In ield Division HO 115 6:30 645 700 7:15 7J0 745 1:00 MS IJO 545 1:00 MS 0:30 945 10:00 10:15 1030 10:45 11450 1115 1130 1145 i 21765922 01 68 6:15 6:30 6:45 700 7:15 7:30 7:45 100 SIS 1:30 6:45 9:00 915 930145 1000 1015 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11J0 1145 Th tnnasl ntsettpr the Maine Marne far Bara will be held riday evsnins April sixteenth at eeven forty five nt the Melee Home for By 18M orte Avenue Portland far the election 41 paetra trusUes and officers and tor the traiutvtlen at inch bnsiness at may hol ly acme before aa Id moating By arder af the PrealdenL ALBERTA ROBINSON Clerk Sunday Program To Be Broadcast Over A Maine Chain NEW YORK April 9 A P) In spits oLpests cotton crop 11 a large a laxt Time I Eastern standard Supreme Court discussion: Tonight: WEA NBC 730 Rep Byron Scott of Callfornln for WABC CBS 1030 Rep Patrick Drewry of Virginia opposed Vanity Show: derbilt Univmfty Talk Washinftoa news Jean Sabha leap Ridolph riral jr I Ordaslrs WPA Group Presents Variety Show In Surprise Assembly Sally Wigon Salutatorian Of Class The Deering High Band is to be presented in a broad cast over a State wide net work Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock The program will last a half hour and is being spon sored by the State Bureau of Agriculture This will be the first time that a program has been broadcast from the Deering stage The band is playing the follow ing number: Man of the ill more selection Two Guitars Harry Horllck A Poem iblch Down South This should give the students and friends of Deering who did not at tend the band concert last riday an opportunity to hear the band be fore It goes to the competitions at Rumford and at Gloucester Mass The band Is running a full schedule this year playing with the Portland High School band at the annual Cadet Ball May 16 at the Exposition Building Two new companies have been formed this year making the change from the Portland City Hall neceasary The broadcast is to be under the direction of Mr Joseph Gaudreau band director at the school We hope you'll be listening Miss McKechnie To Speak Miss Anne McKechnie will speak In an Educational Program planned by the Girl Reserves Monday evening at the A A Girl Reserve Dance will be held April 10 In the Bumham Gym Rose Cobb Is the chairmen and Marv Keely Is in charge of the publicity uu uvact cvznnuiiees Presenting to you one of Deering most popular Roland Dugas Those who have seen him perform on the basketball court especially at the Lewiston Tournament will not forget his splendid playing He was a great asset to this year's Purple five and he deserves plenty of credit for his part In the team's achievements His splendid work on the basketball court has been duplicated on the grid iron As one of Coarg Graham's charges he lived up to the nickname of the 'galloping ghost" Playing half back on the varsity he was always a thorn in the side of the opposing teams He was the best punter on the team and was responsible for pulling the team out of some tough places with his fine kicks He also completed the role of a triple threat man by sharing the passing with Norm Saw yer His third sport is track and during the spring season he is an ace 1 (Ki va rd dash man as well as shot putter and broad jumper Add these sports together and you may judge for your isclf just how valuable he has been in 1 athletics I Roland is a member of the Club and student service organization He has been an officer of hl class for three years which la a splendid ex ample of his popularity Next year he is planning to enter the University of New Hampshire where he should meet with even great er success Uu dir JNoiary Seal: i Talk Kogae'a Orch Nwi The Rvkrs well Thomas his present contract ends except that he going to Hollywood to make a picture It all due to red's own hesitancy about his plan He thinks an hnur'a show a week is to much of a load for one comedian after several seasons on the air even with the help of the wife Portland Hoffa He believes a half hour show would produce a snap pier broadcast His contract has until July 1 to run tie ha made no move to sign an extension although his present spon sors would be happy if he did Usually Allen takes a two months summer vacation This year he ex pects to extend It into the all 2130449 16 320399 84 80932 68 In 9 Modela 9100 up Slery 1 Mary Marlia Tli Singing Lady: as Th 0M Home trad Cleveland Co 441 Congresa St Broadway came to Deering last riday In the form of a two perlod aisembiy The assembly consisted of a series of vaudville acts given by the amusement branch of the WPA This group is made up of local peo ple and they travel from school to school giving their delightful enter The assembly was a complete surprise No one knew what littwas all about until the curtain rose' 'and the Master of Ceremonies Al bert announced the intentions of the group The WPA Varieties consisted of singing dancing playing and magic There were several singers: a petite blonde sang Irish folk songs nndjend ed her act by singing a well known Irish popular song A handsome baritone spellbound the audience with songs of the day and also added a touch of comedy Two girls' and a boy gave tap and acrobatic dances An exceedingly clever magician 'did card tricks which baffled the audi ence He invited two boys from the( audience to come on the stage and see how it was done They seem to see and presently they were doing card tricks but not know ing now it was none Two boy from "way down on the farm" stumbled onto the ano gave us a bit of rollicking Clsas A Pre ferred stock 13000 shares par 140 perhare retir able at 140 per share Class Pre ferred slock 3000 shire par ISO perhare retir able at ISO per ah a re Year In Jungle Equal In Value To Year In School Mrs7ohnson Tells Interviewer Amoa ic Andy Uncle Ezra Kellogg Sports Review Cunningham Th Unbelievable Cities Service Concert 900 Waltz Time True Story Hour irst Nlghter Pontiac Varsity Show Yankee Network News Jean 8a bion rench Casino Orch 1200 Mid Correct Time Borneo Youth Happy And Contented Despite Ignorance Of Modem Conveniences Says amous Woman Explorer An Interview by loyd Siute Proving that civilized life is not the ideal existence Mrs Martin Johnson famous explorer in an interview with a Deering News lashes reporter vigorously declared: boys and girls in Borneo and Africa get Just as much out of life as the young people in America do Last Wednesday Coach initial call for outdoor track candi dates was answered by 50 promising aspirants Due to the inclement weather we have been experiencing the team was unable to do anyTactuaj running but confiend its work out to exercises and general loosening up Deering seems set to put a strong field division into ths meets this year with a number of veteran weight tossers in togs Matt laherty is working out in his' Specialties the hammer and discuss in both of which he should pick up some first place points Joe Dugas en derson Tommy Mulroy and Gale oster a promising newcomer are close behind laherty in these events Two In High Jump Dugas and Andrews are expected to pick up points In the broad jump Andrews who has done considerable in the high Jump his specialty is looking forward to a successful season He hopes to reach 5 feet 11 Inches mu season At present be the only weak spot on the pro gram uain i have had some experience are the choice of the field but there la a chance for any potential cloud scrapers to work into this event Sprints Strong The sprints seem unusually strong this year with several lettermen working out and a flock of new comers pressing them for places Coach Harvell is banking' on this group to come through ln(the Inter scholastic Relay Carnival which is to be held at the Stadium soon Among the dashrhen are Ray Valente Keith Young Tommy Mulroy Hal Harmon Charlie Rogers Norm Web ber Gale oster Lloyd Knox Dick uller an Tommy Burns In the hurdles the Purple will de pend on three veteran Ray Sher man Dick uller and Charley Rogers Sherman and uller will work in the highs while Rogers will take the lows The unexpected loss of Dick Gam mon brilliant quarter mfler ha hurt the all around balance of th tm considerably Dick I who would have been running his last year of track waa warned against it by his physi cian because of an infected arm Two ill In or Gammon The loss of Gammon bad as it was la compensated eomewhat by the fact PHILCO Automatic Tuning Cressey Allen edy They also played the banjo cleverly A beautiful accordion solo was given with a banjo accompani ment The grand finale was called Buster's Birthday Party the entire group was seated In a semi circle and each in turn did a small part of his act: it ended by the entire group doing an old fashioned square dance The audience applauded and ap plauded and would have liked more had there been time It will always be remembered by the students as an outstanding assembly of their high school years and thev all wish to thank Mr Wing and the WPA group for presenting such a fine entertain ment lustunts Demand depoiits of individu als partnership and corporation Time deposits of individuals partnership and corpora flon State countr and municipal deposit 1 Gov il aav trust Published By Students Of Deering High School Virginia Starkey Is Named Valedictorian 949 400 WPA Music Project 4 ollow The Moon 4 The Guiding Light Adventures of Dari Dan 5 15 Dan Winslow of the Navy 530 Jack Armstrong Little Orphan Annie Yankee Network Newa Service Willis' Hall Gaslight Harmonies 6 Talk It Over 1 Sweetheart of the Air and Merrymakers Ray To ollow Tuberculin Test i Last Thursday tuberculosis tests were given to all members of the freshman and senior classes In ac cordance with a plan formed this year the'e tests will be given each year to all members of the freshman and senior classes in an attempt to stamp out this very prevailing disease By means of this plan every student in school has a chance to check on his or her condition when entering and leaving school All those who react to this test that Tommy Mulroy and "Skeet' Knox are back In togs This gives Knox and Mulroy a chance to battle it out for top honors with neither having an edge Lloyd McIntosh and Dick Sullivan will undoubtedly compete In the half hiil Their training in cross country and the 1000 yard run in indoor track lables them as potential threats In mile grind Deering is fortunate in having Bob Sherwood and Bud watts Sophomore flash Both had considerable experience at distance running last all und in the Indoor campaign Coath Harvell and Mr Wiggin have arranged an ambitious schedule thia season consequently there are plenty of chances for new comers Th first meet is with the Maine rosh on April 24 i Nones or call Par Cent Blnklni und Gold Bondi due November 1 1948 NOT CI IS HEREBY GIVEN Chet Su Burd the Indenture eeeurint Rum nils and Ranaelev Lekea Railroad nans SU ar Cent Sinklna und Mortaaae Gold bondi due November 1 J94R all of aatd bonda have bean called payment on May 1 1937 and will ba pavabia on aald date at the bankinanoma nt The Portland National Bank Portland Maine at the principal amount thereof end accrued Inform to May 1 1937 and from and altar aald date a interest on aid bond so called shall BANK SuceeMor Truefee by rrabcla Dana Trust Officer April 1937 Cash for Spring needs New Tva A rPiT Down payment on a If you need extra caah for these or other expenses atop innd see us We can lend you the I ou repay in small monthly payments arranged tomt your budget Thousands of People ohe their money prob 'lent this convenient way Additp your Spring money need and 666 now Charges are 3 on unpaid monthly balance Loan up to all plana Beneficial Loan Society Room 306 Third loor Clapp Memorial Bldg 443 CONGRESS ST Corner ELM PORTLAND ME Phone No 2 3754 "Tone tinmen riend" Sun SM WTH Both Girls Have Been Active In Various School Groups Virginia Starkey was an nounced today as valedicto rian of the Class of 137 and Sally Wigon was named salu tatorian Both girls while maintaining splendid aver ages in their studies have been extremely active in a variety of school organiza tions Virginia Starkey valedictorian haa herself scho Iatically but ha been uniuually ac tive in extra curricular activities be Ing a member of the Dramatic Club and orchestra for four years Participated in In her second 8he hM nd Playedty hockey her senior year being member of the team for four yeara of club Amy nd the Camp She la now In the senior class Dlay student service and has been in the past a participant in two fashion shows and a Dramatic Club play It is hardly possible to Itemize here the various developments in which tt hardly eems pos sible that she could have done so mUCn tn TtodtHriff an w4li i i on inainvam er unusual scholastic standing Sally Wigon our salutatorian has Peat deal in u11? 8he 111 rench Club her second third and fourth years and is now secretary She has also been a member of the Dramatic Club for the last three years She was out for tennis her first and expected to come out this year In her second year she was a member of the student ser vice and the Aviation Club She wss a member of the Glee Club her second and third years We wish both of these girls success when they leave Deering but it seems Judging by their ranks that they will hardly need our simple good wishes to attain the same success elsewhere that they did at Deering Riding To Be Saturday The Riding Club held a meeting In the Cafeteria last Thursday morning The Splash Party was definitely planned for Saturday at the YMCA It was decided to go to Eleanor home for entertainment and refresh ments Carolyn Davis and Eleanor Tibbets are in charge of the refreshments Barbara Whfr ha chart listing the riders in the three groups Crest Spur and Horseshoe As changes are to be made tn the near future she charted only tha present members of the Crest group They are Phyllis Thaxter Martha Robinson Shirley Nissen Virginia Derees and Joan Holt It was decided to take moving oic lures the Joan Holt and Jane Pierce were appointed to take charge of this They have decided to buy films for a movie camera which Miss Holt win furnish Deering Lincoln Junior Groups eatured In Musical Program The Pathfinders Club com posed of the mothers of pupils attending Lincoln Junior and Deering High Schools Is pre senting Nlgltf tonight In the auditorium Deer ing High Orchestra will for mally open the program play ing the march Age Of Youth by Woods followed by ranz Schubert's Unfinished Sym phony This is the required number the orchestra will play at the State contest to be held in Rumford May 9 The evening's concert is divided into two parts The first will include solns Donald letcher Pauline repper uarnara Hatch and Elden Bailey a soln dance by Caroline Milliken gnd a trio composed of Jean Corthell Barbara Willard and Olive Pratt The Lincoln Junior High Girls' Glee Club under the direction of Miss Thompson will open the second half of the program singing A Story by Pitcher Mighty Lak A Rose oy Ethelbert Nevin and a rench folk ung our te rnnt Avignon The Deering High Glee Club directed by Mr Maude Haines will next sing Gypsv John by Clay and A Creole olk Song They are i followed by the Deering High Girls' 1 Glee Club singing Agnus Del by Bizet Passing By by Purcell and Wlegenlid by Schubert The program Is brought to close by the combined Glee Clubs accom panied by the Deering High Orchestra singing Ciriblnbln Waltz by Pesta lozza arranged by Chas Robert accompanists for the concert will be Ruth McDaniel OlfVe Prgtt Blanche Vachon Arlene Leavitt and rances Smith After the concert the faculties of Deering High and Lincoln Junior High invite the parents to the George Vinal Memorial Gymnasiumhere refreshments will be served I VEMG PHOGRAMS vtVK UkUDm i Editorial Staff Editor in chief Rlrturd Assam Editor loyd Nute i Snort Editor Raymond Volento Editor Ruth Hanson Srta Reporters Mildred rost Everett Hutchinson Lord Knox Albert Kllsore Richard McCann Reporters Jean Corthell Barbers Dearborn Jecnueline Lucas Walter rovenchar Thomas Nickerson Vernon McCubrer Richard Pre Lawrence Pelton Typists Menuerl'e Tisdale Virginia ar tridse Winifred Cook Norma Lewis encing Practice Is Started Girls Added To Roster Last Wednesday fencing was renewed for this year under the leadership of Mr Linwood Elliot or the first practice there was an enrollment of six girls and eight boys oot mark the four parries re treating advancing and lung ing were first explained and demonstrated by Mr Elliot and were then put into prac tice by the pupils I The girls will meet with' jiir Elliot on Wednesday from three to four and the boys will meet on Mondays and Wednesdaya from two to three Those who have already signed up are: Ralph Morgrldge John Lord Raymond Wescott Charles Lewis rederick Burke John Stevens Jo seph Boulas Waldon Huston Peneope Conant Janet Knotts Norma Stevens Barbara Webster Virginia Stockman Mary Marble Irving alwartshny former Deer 1R8 High School athlete now a stu dent at Rhode Island State College has recently won the A A title in the hammer throwing event for the second successive year 137728 14 213 86122 33138936 lilnhoe Army Bnd Num Carps' CVUrn'i bear Di: Km WUirnil Kilkm Cranu talk Sckont al lb Ain Crrrnl Eventa Myrt a4 Marg Cincinali Syatpkway Orrkeitra Tba Uitener Speak: Ln HaytM'i Orl Waalbtr talk Astrin Wsn Happy ehna'i Orck Nan Giri Alaa' alntcb 12:15 'Mary Marlin' atary I2J9 Ralph Kirbary aaagt Whit tana IM Talk aarlata 1:15 130 Special Edition: 1:45 i anny filewatw 200 2:15 230 245 TOO JIS JJO 145 400 4:15 430 445 500 5:15 530 545 1 Htlea Trent': raw anta k' knday' iv Star Revw Robt Horton ood talk Goa Ractar Rl Lila Storie 1966231 28172883 3000000 33138936 1 WABC Buddy Clark aong We nail a Orch mwi 040 'Pretty Kitty Kelly Jack Orch Skelek 'Ma and Holler Shaw long a Nwi Boaka Carter Vamtiet: Oku Shaw Canada onaello Hal Band largely because of his camera en gagement Ora the Air Tonight WJZ NBC 10 30 annual Girl Scouts dinner Mrs Roose velt Mrs Harper Siblev and Sir Ger ald Campbell (also WMCA intercItvi WEA 8 Lucille Manners concert Waltz Time: 10 irst Nlghter Shal Never Die: 1030 Var sity Varieties from Vanderbilt 1130 Rudolf riml aTr 8 Broadway Varieties' JOT Hal Kemp Dance 9 Hollywood Hotel 10 Philadelphia Orchestra Leopold Stokowski conducting 1230 Jack Denny Orchestra WJZ NBC 745 Pre Coronation Broadcast S30 Death Valley Days: 9 New All Negro Revue 930 Deems Taylor program 10 Jack Pearl 1105 Chicago Symphonic Hour) kpect Saturday WEA NBC 1015 a Launch ing of liner New Amsterdam at Rot terdam 2 Metropolitan Operas from Boston Hansel and Gretel and Cavallerta Rtustleana 8 Pre Solar Eclipse program WABC crs is is ic lit LJIUI nr Congress eighth chamber music mtlval 145 Catholic Chari ties luncheon Mayor LaGuard William Green on Social Security 4 Cincinnati Conservatory Anniversary program WJZ NBC 12 30 arm Bureau Program: 430 Spelling Bee New York ys Chicago firemen: 530 Broad cast nf Salvage Diving Test in Lake Ann nian WOR 1245 Lobby liinrheon speakers Senators Burton Wheeler and Lynn razier vunn Al OI Ice Some Saturday short Waves WlXAL Rnstnn 4 ov A Post Box GS GSD GSB London 7 rench Canadian olk Songs: YV2RC Caracas 8 Waltz Hour DJD Berlin 111 D911v 1418 ln Germany GS GSD GSC 9 Strang Adventures of Mr Penny? MJ1ABP Columbia 10 Program in TPA4 Pans 1145 Concert: W8XK Pittsburgh 12 Messages to ar North: CJRO CJRX i Winnipeg 1230 Sport Week i 1 Scarboro Man Heads School Superintendents Heald superintendent of schools of Scarboro was elected president: Guy Sinclair 'vice president and A A Garcelon Jr of Bidleford secretary the April1 meeting of the Superintendents' 1 Round Table Thursday evening In 1 the Columbia Hotel at which 22 1 members were present Dr George Meylan of Casco re tired formerly for 27 years professor of Physical Education at Columbia University in an interesting talk pointed out that middle aged busi i ness men of Maine have Innumerable opportunities to keep themselvea physically fit He prescribed as fac tors in this such exercise as mowing the lawn digging In the gardeni playing handball fishing hunting: and walking Referring to colleger and physical training he stated that there 1 lack of uni i fortuity which puts physical educa tion" on a very unsatisfactory basis" Portland Evening Express Portland riday April 9 1937 TJt Dirtttw of the Biretu cf Injunction and NaviiatVin havlnr auttior on the Tch day of April 1837 under in vrovutvn of th Act of eb 19 1920 change In nine of the Exllona No 819447 8661 ern tons Shepard Steam ah Ip Co owner to that of Bea Thruih notice 1 hereby riven of turn rhante in nme In compliance with the law of th Untttd Stvea rehttn JOHN DOOLY i Collector Mrs Johnson who delighted 6000 youngsters and adults with her lec tures at City Hall Tuesday sets a new style for explorers She is so at tractive and charming that one quite forgets that she has shot Hons In African safaris 6he said that she was enjoying Portland very much and only wished he had time enough to get In some fishing at Sebago Children Happy When Mrs Johnson was asked If ahe ever saw the children unhappy In Borneo she answered not They are one of the most happy and contented people I have ever seen Of course they do not know what modern civiliwd luxuries are So na turally they don't miss them" At this point the famous woman with a fem inine touch began to arrange and primp her hair She had just been to the hairdresser she aald and hoped that It look quite as bad as before After being assurred that it looked very attractive she said like your Maine very much We drove through the White Mountains and they were beautiful with the snow covering everything And the keen air made me very Mrs Johnson was asked if she thought that a year traveling in the jungle would be of more benefit to a boy or girl than a year spent in school a hard question she said "I thinly: young people should take every advantage that school of fers them and study as much as possi ble But on the whole I think that a year pent exploring the Borneo such as we did is of more Actualvalue to them" Mrs Johnson smiled suddenly and added "Yes sure of that You snow we took tnree Boy Scouts with us on our last trip They certainly got much more out of it than a year spent in schoo Each one shot his lion and they had a marvelous trip through the island the Malay Penin sular and the China coast" Lived Year On Yaeht Mrs Johnson started her life of exploring ana nunting wnen she mar ried Martin Johnson who was well known as an adventurer They Went lu me ouuin rspa nn rnatr adventure together Here they lived in a 37 foot ketch for a vear traveling over 12000 miles there was not cabin available for me" she said "my ted was un der a hatch cover where I was tied down to keep me from rolling off in to the sea" Here they made their tn tne united States It proved a great success and they were soon off to make another one Mrs Johnson had Intended to make a lecture in Lewiston but the strike difficulties there Interfered with her plans and she was forced to cancel the engagement Tennis Squad Opens Indoor Work Having been delayed by an early Spring snowfall candidates for the tennis team have now reported to coach Andrew tor practice As yet the girls have not worked but on the court but have been practicing fun damentals In the gym Although the strength of the team is not yet known with such reliable players as Virginia Percy Carolyn Stanley Jackie Lucas and Ruth Tut tle and Captain Eleanor Wood the team is conceded a fairly even chance for a successful season Coach Andrew has a large squad with outstanding prospects In a group of 40 intermedi ate and a larger freshman group of 60 Matches with Winslow Morse Cony and Houlton are to be arranged the first match being May 5 Although Portland High has dropped from in terscholastlc competition class matches are to be played thus re taining the rivalry between the two schools Ahoy Photo ans! This Is the second appeal for the Amethyst candid camera i section There have been con tributlons but not enough I We think that there is enough I photographic material (need we mention names?) around school I to fill the whole book so it Rill I be a comparatively easy mat ter to compile five or six pages of the best pictures in one sec tion and scatter a lot more throughout the rest of the book Charter No 4128 il Portland National Bank 'fertknd Maine th close of busin March 31 837 Published in Respona to Call mad be Comptroller of Currency under Section Olli ciukb flaw Loin and discount! Overdraft 8 Government oblli tton direct and or fulls suarantced Other Bond (tocki and weurltlea urniture A lxturei Real Estate owned other than bankina houM Reserve with ederal Re serve Bank Oath' balances with other banks and cash Items In process of collection Winer Assets TOTAL ASSETS Jack Ptirl cemody Teo horsey Orck Girl dinner MriDRoeaevelt Taft: lyapbenic hear Rey ShsaWe Orth Vmu Della Chjasa Hneybay A SasMlru'lliikb Tba Gaspe iNaea vwinee tarn uaia hill 1 tira anOTIonae Hour: llaufaaa Ord 'Way Dean ail th Monaa Oib Jabn Orch apper Yaent'a amily She kh Illa Vic sad Seda Shrtch The Taa Tiste at MarrelTa Orchestra selawt Nick DawiLHiHit The Ceidmt lighi Daa' Sketch Armalrang Utlla Orphaw Anaia Walt! Tima: Mary EailmannmkMm Jiaman RalatiouCaurt 1 Divarced' eit Nighter Haga AWaa'a ramaiica Variety: Grace erry Barbara Lamarr Disc siuik 'Jobnioa amily' Th Rssyri Esther Velai' Ord ANNOUNCEMENT Scrap Iron and Metals Now Open SATURDAYS until 5 and SUNDAYS 9 to 4 Now Paying for Ordinary Mixed 1 Ton Loads or Larger $1200 Per Ton LANE SON Morrill' Corner (end of Bishop Street) Dial 3 6362 MTKM91L4 Deposit of Other Bank In Cludina Certifid and Caah ir Check OuUtandin Total of DnoHt Secured bv p'edca of in vrtaimenti 1 138 38719 (bi Not accured by plrdi of loan and 'or investment! 12685798 78 Totsl poaits 112824183 95 XBtertH and Taxe Accrued 4b Unpaid a her Liabilltle nital Bollywood Hotel: Tho Woman I Lev' Miriaa Hopkm Lotti Haywood PhiladilpluaOrriwatra UopoldStkwld To bo antiotfflced Vocala hy Verrill Talk Ntta'a Orck Total Asaeta 10127255 95 I UABIUTirS Draand deports of Individ uali partnership and cor PorsUon 563771456 deposit of Individ 'i val partnerahips and cor Boration 2130449 16 fc count? and municipal I 'United State i Government i and postal aavinas deposit Depoelt of other banks in cludinr certified and cash iers checks outstanding (a Secured by pledie of in investments 188358 00 tb Not secured 2 by pled of in vestments 8 84711386 Trrtal depot: Yo31471 86 Interest taxes and other expense accrued and un ii paiu i Capital account: uomznpD bioc 6000 there par 1100 per there Burplui Undivided prof it net Reserves for ootjtinrencies Tour Capital Account 1085784 09 Total UabUitiei Ufnrn4iim TnvaAtmmMSm jrfedaed to secure haoihties united States Government obligations direct and or rally tuaranteed bonds stocks and fCUrll 4VB TMal ledred Kedted Atainst United and postal lns deposits Arainst deposits of I uapii ifucntB Atalnst other deposits TDU1 ledged Maine Cumberland aa? Im IKiMitwr ltd Kank do tolemnly swear that statement la true to in beat Mrkdte and belief PHILIP I MILUK1N Csshiei tfl and akbscrlbed before lag April 1937 GEORGE BRADWnnn HAROUJ LEE BERRY CHARLES BAILEY CtAHKl WILLIAM THOMAS weewr par ISO oar undivided Profit net Total Capital TOTAL LIABILITIES MEMORANDUM' Imeitn cure liabilities: WEA 1 Education th Naw Talk Barry McKialey newt Urol Utn Billy ead Batty Ama Andy Uncl Erra'i Statiaa The Cabtllaraa 'The HaoaaJacIi Orcbeitn Renter Quartet Lacille Mannan Taft Skatclu Wa Ait aw' LmcImm aunic Theater Chib Health (aft ood In 'Helle ny' ahateli Waaua'i bwr: Martha OatM RADIOS by CE BUTTERELD Neifhbw Nell Mink Appreciation: Or Waller Damraecb Bill Krtnl Orch Almadra Danilova Derolhy Drealinionfi toacerf orch Radio Geild: dramatization will be given an ray test at the Roosevplt school Tuesday to discov er whether or not the germ 1 pres ent In the lungs The fact that one react to the test doe not mean that he is Infected by the germ it shows only that he ha had contact with it ine A ray room at rne Kooseveit school 1 one of the best of it klnd release In New England It is thoroughly equipped with all types of instru ment necessary for this type "of work 25000000 "i tan Account 1498790 54 an i ma i rntktmntiL tn Secure liabilities: 'United Btale' Government Illations direct 340000000 ft TOTAL PLEDGED i MOO OOOOOa Pledged Acalnat United 8tats 7 Government deposit 1200000 0C (e Against deposit of Trust department 200 000 00 TOTAL PLEDGED 1400000 00 Blate of Maine County of Cumberland as I Linwood Ashton Cashier of the above nsmed bank do solemnly swear "tbot the above statement la true to thehMt of tn knowiedee and belief UNWOOD ASHTON Cashier Subscribed and sworn to before me ithls 8th day of Anri! 1937 ESTHER TANNER Notary Public Attest: i Wadleifh Drummond Samuel Allen 7 rank Bradford Directors Charter No 941 Reserve District No I ic Report of Condition of The Canal National Bank Of Portland 1 In the State of Maine at tbe Close Business on Marell 31 1937 fWtihJlfthef! in iwin tit rail mad aUWnptroTier of the Currency under Sec tion 8211 Revised Statutes) ASSETS Lans and discounts 1Overdraft United State Government pblifauons direct andor fully iursnteed Other bonds stocks and i euritie Wnklnr house Real estate owned other than btnkin house Reverve with ederal Reserve Bank Cash balances with other bank and cash item in process of collection HAIRDRESSERS EXAMINATION The Blate Board tor tha Regulation It the Practlre of HairdraMina and Beaut Culture will hold a public examination on April 20th 10 0b A In the State House Auauita Maine The Slate Board ennoun ea that the pasilna mark for thia and all future examination will be 75 fit applleanta comlnv to th eaami Isn ahould brine with theta enmb marcel iron and manleurlne equipment I I A WEA ofc tv? 1' i 1 Sparta rank Grahan Ry Bynm Seott Tad Orch Marie Coui aoefl The Laea Ranger Line and Abaev I a Dichenon aong Rxbard Himber Orch Sketch Irena Rich Gage de Lya Saaa Ceaart Seder directs: Death Valley Day Soloiite ercke11 Rayaead Swing talk AB Negre Shew Rahinoff and arch itra Syanbeay arcbaatra Caroael an the Air Lena Barrie Deem Taylwr.

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