The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 2, 1967 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1967
Page 4
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HOME GEGWN GCVHOPMEKT Buri r.'ji ,IK : v. iii iugmiiaiiti st:taf,h'. V.;L uni j'siiiLiiini ui- 'jffefcUii V.ttt' tl< fcUF.i '''.^',. Tj.:- i:-rj '.n-t-; tv*:t ';.:;, Tiis BSJLM., 3*i in iH.-r.< Oit,riiii:t. aui ,~:>kt 3.LU.-*., r.n i-vk.i- '.:• i j'-' isui .«: . iiuvim, 3:., uifjiii ... ;« ±_-t 3: v.iit *i« MI-JIT m !..'» i'JW ^1 tin 'j'.mniua'ry i:« uynisKiiw-.. uut : ii« -jii'.' •.I'jBi'..- tii'.-ii< tin fit' lipul tut' iiui-.i-; liii'jv ;»Tuyi, .(. timnuitv iiyi-"r aji^ij aui'.' fell" ai *M Ciuuf, jfi ui- *iu (cjitir iiit'i a.' *iit :"x^ v'nir.-t iiit air.'V .imt :v. -^('.'."xra:! ui tm wniuni iv.i; v '•: t iru'.'i'.' '.lunsiifiit, run'JVM., vir. m:nit i'-jii. UV.-.1 V.' V»..}i.V.', Vi.i /Jf/JUt'l uvv ;r.ij'it v**i f jv.'. 'v-. *iit ;i'i«i'j* v.' '/i-.-ayi vir. _nui ST. '.'i %..%•: i'.&il! si yvt/ny tnvri bvy tt^vy -a <*7V »/?!//>'; * * * NEED'S SENSE OF HUMOR >»Mt t-tfil r'r,* cr-vrw rfi* *-.'r.y.v/ M o? r/, t cf^-nrr.^-, M:s ' 2T«W- wt-r.-t W<; lf,?« h* wv/ic? -,-.•' p.f'fw:! cry V ' i:E • Jil ">' -- 1 - r.0.r.-^vrch rr.t-rr.h*., fo - 4 »,o-, -n r-.'t ^ r - rt . VlOKS V^;.% a4 rrs*-r.-i r.o Ticm*' >•,-,.»/ ','. ?'O4--% ' < !r.f/ "-:-'••• t"t BiVW I'V-'i b«, nt «/»r,l nvir;/ tVf/i Iv, fcr cr.c vvoi'c v 'tj'£. Ti-.'c ';i crmwr.fcd tfiryt K* «/yjSd drop vhe rtUoIo-vt '-'-•"••' V "J v;; vlV. .-fct'. iv:%, . tKt U. S. C^r.-.liivi^r, rjr.^ r,. Jr .,, oiW-ge o-f £<,-./«, This U «»f) !r>tr*'34.« of of root f o-'i* r'r.ird, <!-fiy> fi« go) «9 </»</)') for if, seemingly. The pr«-tid*r.l </f l}i«, University of lo-v/o ffotet )hol >M* k/r'> enough to rr>*e-t the ed , ,>er&OTi be o mornW of ar»/ cfivrch to qualify for public o-ffic*. Thornot J«rff«rvjri, one i>f ogr c'x/ritr/'t <r) pr was / ll given a considerable going o/er edlicrially fatfsm** hi* bnrdg*) is TOO HIGH. vO, detpife the *i/.e of the budget prop-os-ed, he «tch*is it from on eduMtionol leoder os not belog yde^v'it*, arid from o r.<r//spoper JJIK, C*« S CO. It, », VMLLKK, JJ/liU/r & l^atny JACK NATIONAL NIV/SfAPIR IA^C^TI^N UUttiiiiimiivdiUM HKI'KKSKNTATIVK i> A Ye,, 8UIWQUITHIN «AT«W IN TItAMS AMKA TtON ItA'IKW OU7HIUK AKKA Off* ¥«Hfi I'* »'J'/»<tf-«, e»mly/ M hl/ , P^ •«>.»•-» l«tl-«( («M (taut « »w//,irii. CITV AND «)UN'I'V NKW«I'AI'K« A»>VKH'U«IN« ItA'/'KlS ON for on/ public offic* hod Lidd/t belief b«-tr> 0 p-M'K policy during Jt-Hert-or/t tirr,*, b«- «»«».« Thornot J«-(f«rton, xho woi r.ot an alhsii), v/os not a rn«rnb«r of any chorch. E/«jr tine* l-iis «l«clion in Movembtr Lidd/ ho; b**n bragging abo^t th* ff««-hond hoi>»«(l«aning h<s y<ot going lo bring about In lh* 'jgric'jlturol der>artirnin», which *rnf/lo/t mor* r>to(jl« than an/ other deporirntnt in our slajo governrrnni. He tlorltd to firs d<s- fjortrnorit trriplo/di t«v«ral y/««k: befort hfc took ov«r ihs office on January lit. ThU is th« tarns Lidd/ v/ho holl*r«sd Ihe loudtjt when hit pred*c*5vor v/ho tv/o /eari *'jrli«r d«f«ui«d hlrn, changed on* member of Udd/t itoff. He continued hit protest dur. log ihe late pre-election campaign and th«s prolftm it //as believed brought him votes enough to elect him agoin. It will be different 01 the ne/l election //hen he mo/ e/pecl more proiett them s/mpolhetic votes. lmrn*-t«buru Democrat ~ V/e can't help admiring California'* new governor, Conoid Reagan, f o , v/nclt na » happened at the U. of C, In fcerkeley. How fat) the beatnlkt started •yelping -//hen they learned of proposed tuition chorgsi. Education hai become so costly, students would do v/ell to appreciate it, which, v/e are »iyre, most of them do. But the noisy lunatic fringe can become very Irritating to the lo/prjyers v/ho ore paying for their education. love begins when she sinks In hit arms, wrid ends //iih her arms In his tint. • The Chicago Dally Tribune * * > Evolution II l» said, Is who! makes the monkey („ ,(.,„ /00 fj . k ,, Afn | my b^poi'ii broltl<>r? " -Oak leaf, Oakland, Cal. * * » Embarrassment watching your bott do what you |utl Ic/ld hlrn touldt.'t be dorio. •-Aflerbyrner, Cecil Field, Fla, i^i'i 0*7:?% ljiVtn&, Mslt. Mrs. >Jz^ j to l--iif.z 'ft't*r% Biv% Lett by tnd.-j tor &t;j Frtwrteco, CaiJ^. v/ii*r% st% itewfA to sj«a3 a rt'.'atia vLgitU^ at tte ferjine of her &•» yi-I-iaagJ/ter-In-Uis', Mr. s-v3 Mrs. Df-.lm-.r Goetssb aad - o - Mre. c. £. Sigste-e, Bijrt, eu- i tin-. k/Ufjwfa% ladles at xe fci ter; tfa.e Mes- E, M.artiaOrl%&e,TomTre-, Jtss EKigaa, z, Z. C. Sebvletert R. F. Elvi^t. Tfie group iwJ to o.^ Mrs. Charley Swtt vis unable to l, tat -.vas al&o to be a Mr. i/jrf Mre. Hori«» Clapsad- •fl.t, Als;'y/ia, ten tor Hoi SprlngB, M.O. t/j vlult Uj.% tonntr's tether wd Jroni Uj*re v/vuW !jo to V/ea- tortord, Tfer., to visit th.6ir son wrf daughtar-in-l&w, Mr. and Mre. Don ClapKid.cUe. Don v/as l;i ttrt air Mirj/B. Mr. and Mrs. Cb.j/«iii/i'll(! jjlartaed to be goae 'J'lIK WKKK'H LKTIKHi "I t'l Jll'iiSntj Idol uMinriif/ s/i4 nl(jye«l h #rio/ilij n/iil n Imll. WJlIk ((»*»(?, j »isl tt (*flttl» l«»y lik«J hill) veiy r»MJ()i. HP lie ilksa //ii=, Im <i ( //,p |i/ fcw ;IIP cVciy itif/hi (ltf</i« t Wl, IIF gnVe /n<= liln il/iy MIC! lol<) /IIP I* wi/ul4 ri'in? ft* B'-c For And About Teenagers) l)l/y Bin) | /Or (tlid )(» wild, W* le- d(it«. 'I (/III r ( -1' llAVI- W^irihlV ) »v,, IHI-'ll, AjJIy ' MAVI. \\<> AIJ'.vVI h". ,,, Jlllll HtP 9HIIIC WPfit Illty WflCl 10 mine A fie/ AIJUUI it HMflilli, I (i(/l His l«ll«f l/ack. He li«'i (IH»V(HJ (0 ft lllffp/Slll (VW/I. J WIllIP S«9)ll, l>Ul IIP llflBll'l B/l ool but N)I« i All ulf * ;ny |p|(e<, (» but J JlftVS (lave m*lvsd no svws, Wlml tin you | 9 wr«/uu7 HJiouliJ | will* MKulnV OOjJ Mm,y ( Uon't wrllr, UdllJ S^MICUIIU w()lc» |u yiin. (t U MlWe, |>ul highly un lmi ih« I'osl odlttj | would It, he om; lo lelum a Ifli^f |i; you, ft «II|>PIII« Ihul you liKVe Im-ii Die run aiounil, II emli la tliK fuse, you oliuulil lie able lo ilctvrinlnv Ilit- rtuuoii, Ab»cncv 'Joes nol i»lwtiy» niiiln- Ilio liuuil KfllW tlllKK-i. |,'J, )( J yourfclilf ooiii!! jjood liU'iiile In ihu old home low/i M /VM lm.» « l*tr,V|)ff |,i^Uiri yi.u wunl tu ail'UII, ., «„ ..l,,,,^!^,, lu ,,,,,t.. .JJ,,,, n»» l»ll.f I. »OS ANU AIOUI lUNAOtli. lUMMUNIIf AMU tUDUHAN C«U» tttVICf m,«». Mrs.!n Zimmerman, Whltterrwre, fcfitertainsd In honor '/J her eon, CraJz'a fifth birthday. Guests luclud&d Doan Sch- mfclln}/, Kreriorlck liaJui, ^for- ftiii/i liarber, Paul Johnson, AJ- lijn Eltert, Kichard an»J Robert Kuseell a/id Lymi Meriz, Jerry Wlujjert, student at St. Paul Sbin/fiary, carne tor a two v/efckB vacation at the parental Lav/reiice Wlitjjert home at Wesley. They w«re dinner guets on a Sunday at the John Shepard home In AJgona, Mrs. Shepard v/aw tin- Itinntir H!ta Wlrigert and her liUKbund was attending school at Kansas City. Cliaiies Crapsor, Algona, broke Hie bones In Us right foot, Just In front of the toes, while playing basketball against Tlton- ku. He would be on crutches for three weeks. Charles, who played center most of the time, WUB Injured In a gaine with Swea City the previous week, spraining an inkle. - o E. L. Harisen, Swea City, retired from the flro department after having served for 18 years. Buell Johnson succeeded Hanseu us chief. - o A family birthday dinner was held In the Orvillo Holdreu home ' <* '->4-« j,' , • ;,:.. ", '"... .. : . WAR A.N1D D'EiFiEiNiSiE TAXI UO»W'S SHA.RE OF N1EW 5.U imf iiuiiviiu) ieS«ini« iir» nuv tukii^ i Iiir ptaiwi? liiiurt uf iiit V.S.. "tuit.fts tuiliiir' n»w7 j-wiru Tiutf'i iiiiwr ii Sin uiuir. «i.t<rt.. >'r»!>jirt!£ V? iii» 2mt:f.« Bursia. ^A.t j»<lisni«t. W wnii «f ei.-ji AtOiw ;<sl w« U Tvwiit f.i fii-*ai:7 ?ur lu-.siinuL trirsuw r.i.t in* VjBumvtt viir it iin ui-w Imuij J-KBJ, BUrSMij Jt^j- L. Tiisrs'i tun» i viii'j'jtiiif !:2 ::;rti;i .'»: iiiveirssw •,-IIIBI ta Siit tiHSniiat fteiit. .',»• i.^mjim -.^ -i'.!-,wi:m iait niiier ti.«t iii_-pei. A 'surf* j«a-aiit iif liai: ">iijT l.i Wiiiu iif Bujit fttffiur cn« ,'ur '-jil icier*—ijai: it. .'w -jus '--swa nJ rrvuLI-? ILL »nt,- a., wv*-!^«»wi» »aif j».-wf,nui!!.. slit;:* Gimp-sni ii er.iiiv ir in muni, n- rjuju* %: «• viir unf teJetmt., iiuii itirrti n^t.iiri Sale .-nun it -viii-j. -.1 jiiiaa tsimiinrrr!!!.. '•.:.•? M,-;iontif jir-DCrraii t) ; i,*;^.Vj.. tf ueiiajii.. vsji'rn-!.. iiwici:f.. uo->i-T'rri uit uu lit. I>«i;iB Stv^K v? .~ax-.)i 1*5.:. uj^ Mrs. IL:! Adc.err. Gertraie A'Jterr.?^ £ii k.r. lt('£ ""'t.' S''''^' : " s * '•' p-.«-' rv~. r..s:«.i !..(.:•£. ;LT;*E XcJt riLi a i :.OE>x,til li lALsa; C viii:.-e she iiao'^iiierg-aaeFsrg uii :-s; =^= vws r&irri HC-ESZ i. ~>VA£-G..\ /ram HISJORY'S SCRAPBOOK] DATES A.S'D e/Sr.H-TS F SQ.)/ YEsTEg'Y £.A.= = I • ri '^" t n,t Ar. ended. ei^tn- 4 • »:»-7 4.. i 7 W •'—-''•,. 5, } 549 » ... Ishsrw-jX -i Si! Diegci, nrriag coaciaiwS £ thirtT»ds.T leave -slth -his nils, the loriasr FROM THE FILES OF THE UPPER DES MOINES January 31, 1957 Old Man Winter had saovm very little mercy In these parts firing the week. On five of the ssven days, the low reading had managed to get below zero, with a -16 taking the cake. High mark lor the period was a 25 above reading. A total of 2 1/2 inches fell during the period. - o From Odds and Ends—"Ronnie Tschetter of A.'gona is looking forward to July, 1957. He expects to attend the National Jamboree of Boy Scouts which will be held that month at historic Valley Forge, Pa. So far he is the only Scout from this area signed up to go." - o A group of LedyanJ college students were home forthe weekend- Karen Schroederfrom 'owa State Teachers College; Jean Brandt, Luther College in Decorah; Delmar Kramersmeier from Drake in Des Moines; and Rosalyn Bashara from Mankato Commercial College. - o The smouldering ruins of the Thompson Lumber yard at Fenton were showu in a photo on The Fenton Reporter page. The yard was completely destroyed by a fire which was discovered about 9 p. m., Jan. 24. Sparks from the fire scattered all over town, causing uneasiness at times, as the firemen fought not only the fire but 14 below zero weather and a strong north wind in protecting the Comm-^iity Kill. Estimates of the total loss ran to $40,000, according to Gilbert Scribner, Jr., yard manager. D-.'. P. C. Geilenfeldt and Guy Beemer of Lakota were spending USTWEEKS ANSWER ACROSS l.Pler 6. Flower 11. Fame 12. Girl's name 13. Regard 15. Bear conitef. latlon 16. Social affair 17. Sounded, as a duck, 19. Finical 20. Attics 23. Mother of Peer Gynt 26. Indo- European 27. Belonging to Othello's foe 29. Drone or worker 30. Decorative pendant! 32. Small bump marks 33. Girl's name 36. Egga' partner 39. Cornucopia 40. Short sleep 42. Swiftly 44. Belonging' toaW. Ind. itle 45. Quill feather «.Boyi' jacket* DOWN 1. Sharpen 2. Gardener's need 3. Theatre group 4. Spawn of fish 5. Haunted 6. Man's nickname 7. Impudent 8. Mongoloid 9. Scottish- Gaelic 10. Dutch assembly 14. Obligatory action 18. Aid 19. Friar's title 20. Talk 21. Part of "to be" 22. Cereal grass 23. Mature 24. The sun 25. Large worm 28. Beast of burden 31. Cuckoos 32. Simpleton 33. Scorch 34. Canter 35. Biblical region 36. Vagabond 37. Moslem call to prayer 38. Botch 41. Not in 43. From: prefix 34 3S 19 io 14 40 a 18 27 44 1ST 18 41 a 37 10 ay 38 Tiii :.:c;le rer^LrlT r-=i.5 ±'.e TVii.n rul= r^nziii -;r:^ :.; illix; iri. r.i;~i'.Q:'Ir S i:: IfcjLIsc, Oli'ice S-pply Depi. oi THE VPrSR DE3 MOE«:S-?1'3. CO. :&v ivc..i vie;, car.e to B m arm m » m.»m JMW^F «rt THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPE i"=:-e M.:. czi. Mrs. A 3s.ns JZii Ji=..--:e, W.:r. aad Mrs. Tfc. D-sr-J-e, M-. azidM.-s.Tn=r- ni^ Pr-iin, M.r. ind Mrs. Pe;e Vi'srling, Mrs. Florejce HLm-, M.-. £3i Mrs. A. T ~ia Er- p^lliai arid Mr. aad Mrs. John Tina. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Edvard Zinael _and Leslie Aaa, Ottosen, -«ere Attests £t an oyster stew a'." the Louis Jacobsorj home to celebrate Mrs. Zinnel's acd Louis Ja&obson's birthdays. Embalmwi and hmcral Dlrtttert Mjlabli 24 Hour Ambulane* l»rvle« Funeral May &• R«f«rr«d To Us With Confidence FINTQN 88 RINOSTID 866-10W 864-1001 866-1970 Professional Directory DOCTORS a : KW:WKW:W:;:;::?:::;5::::f:;::::::^:::::«i:^5:!; MELVIN G. BOURNE, M.D, Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Of flee Phone 295-2345 Residence Phone 295-2z/V , J. N. KENEFICK, M.D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office Phone 295-2353 Residence Phone 295-2614 JOHN M. SCHUTTER. M.D. Residence Phone 295-2335 DEAN F. KOOB, M.D. Physicians & Surgeons 220 No. Dodge, Algeria Office Phone 295-2408 Residence Phone 295-5917 'S'K-i'jwS'K'KWSEiRTO-'BB'iiiJj'K'WX'X': INSURANCE :KKy:X:::::::::::: : : : x : :^x : : : ::j^!txA^ : :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. : . ALGONA INSUHANCE AGENCY J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds - All Lines Of Insurance 295-3176 206 E. State BLOSSOM INSURANCE^ AGENCY General Insurance 7 N. Dodge 205-2735 DR. J. B. HARRIS, JR. Dentist At 622 E. State Phone 295-2334 UK. J. G. CLAPSADDLE Dentist At 112 N. Thorlngton Phone 295-2244 for Appointment OPTOMETRISTS DR. L. I,. 113 Entil fflnlp Algona Telephone Closed SulunlHy DR. IIAROM) W, ICIIICKHON Eyos Exiimliiwl - Conlm* Lenses - Iteming Alt! U Kant ,'iiHlp !)|ip e I'lmne 2»H-aiim Hours: BUM) A.M. (o tl:(H) I'.M, Closed BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 5 N. Dodge 295-5443 Home — Automobile — Farm Polio Insurance HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto., House, Household Goods, and Many Other Forms. Phone 295-3733 Ted S. Herbst KOSSUTH MUTUAL 7~ INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force. Phone 295-3750. Lola Scuff ham, Scc'y. RICHARD A. MOEN Representing FEDERATED INSURANCE Modern One-Stop Insurance Service Business — Home — Car — Life Phone 295-5955 P.O. Box 337 Algona, Iowa SUNDET INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Insurance Service 118 So. Dodge — Algona, la. Phone 295-2341 DH. DONALD J. Optometrist Vlniuil AimlyHlu iiiul Vlaiiiil Ti wining (,'OlltlU't Louden 1011 So. Ilnrlun, Phono 2«B-;i Chiropractor : : : ; :¥x;::j::::::x : : : : : :::;: : :.:.;.:.:.:.:.:.:. : . : . : .:. : .:.;, : . : . ;| . : I>H. M. It. IIAI.DWIN Summer Office Hours Mon. - Tut». • Wud. - Frl 11:30 • 5:00 Thurs. - Sat. ~ 8:30 - 12:00 MISCELLANEOUS Credit Bureau «r Kossuth County Collectrite Service Factbilt Reports CARLSON Farm MANAQEMEMT COMPANY HVi N. Dodg, Ph. H5-JI81

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