Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois on January 13, 1977 · Page 25
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Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois · Page 25

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1977
Page 25
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Bdinomist New,papt;n. Wc-dntjsday, January IU, 1H77 Sei-lton tlPagc-1 A main dish perfect to withstand wintery chills By JOYCE MACEV John Burian's wife, Sandra, told me that her husband Is not the ,type of cook to do "run of the miU'quick kinds of food". Instead, he can whip up a fancy lobster thermidor, a coffeecake or even bread. Beef at la Deutch is one of his special main dish meals the Burians often choose to serve to company. Sandra said they entertain about once a month for a couple or two and it's usually a sit down dinner. John does most of the food preparation and selection and sometimes, even the shopping if he's looking for something special. On Thanksgiving he made a dressing of bread cubes seasoned with herbs and apricots and walnuts. "Our guests preferred his dressing to my 18043 S Cite* SCOTTSDAl! SKOALS SHOPPING CENTER TMURS. JAN. 13Hi Thru SAT. JAN. 15lh| LEAN -PURE - FRESH GROUND BEEF (APPROX. 75% LEAN) SOLD IN 5 LB. Pkgs. or More Less Than 5 Pounds 79' ib. USDA CHOICE SIRLOIN STEAK $149 1 Ib. FRESH SLICED LIVER 39* Ib. .OUR OWN. MADE "FRESH. POLISH OR ITALIAN SAUSAGE it Ib. bread dressing," Sandra admitted. According to Mrs. Burian, John has been cooking for about two years. The couple were married 13 years ago and have three children. Now, cooking has become sort of a relaxing hobby for John. Put fiber in diet The importance of fiber or roughage in our daily diets has been the topic of much research during the past few years Vegetable fiber, which comes from tile skins and hulls of fruits, vegetables and grains, is rough and more difficult for the body to digest and absorb. Doctors and scientists working with and observing primitive cultures that would be considered "deprived" by modern Western standards, found that these people are much healthier than the average American or European. African villagers who live on a high-fiber diet, eating native foods, have very few problems with their digestive systems. Constipation, hiatal hernia, blood clotting, hemorrhoids, obesity, colitis, appendicitis, gallstones and coronary heart disease are virtually unknown to rural Africans. · Best of all, cancer of the colon, the number-two cause of all cancer deaths- in the United States, is very rare among cultures where vegetable fiber is part of the daily diet! Instead of consuming large amounts of refined sugar in the form of candy, cookies, soft drinks, and pastries, we should eat more fruit, according to experts. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be eaten with the skin on as much as possible (with the exception of citrus fruits). You receive plenty of sugar along with vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables, which are also high in fiber. IMPORTED BONELESS ROLLED LEG $139 John Barian, Tiitley Park, considers Us Beef a la Match company fare. Good tip Poods from animal sources, including meat, year Heat a can of fruit cocktail with two cups' U.S.D.A. CHOICE POT ROAST 67* ib. USDA CHOICE BONELESS BOSTON ROAST $119 1 Ib. FRESH GRADE "AA* LARGE 79 I * doz. SWIFT'S HARD SALAMI ANY SIZE PIECE $189 I .Ib. SLICED $2-19 Ib. BEST LOIN END PORK LOIN ROAST SWIFT'S SMOKED SUMMER SAUSAGE ANY SIZE PIECE I * Ib. SLICED $1.09 Ib. NY SIZE P 89 99 Ib. SLICED BOLOGNA SPICED LUNCHEON MEAT YOUR CHOICE 89 Ib. MIX OR MATCH PLATTEtt PAK SLICED BACON 99 um than do foods from plant sources. Foods from the sea are, of course, higher in sodium than fresh water fish. The American milk cow a few cloves for a and delicious cold weather drink. And lastly, there's this: "Many people don't bother counting calories--and they Food for thought Ib. CICIRO AVI. AT 122nd ST. Banquets up to 2,000 i AS LOW AS WK1NV1TK YOVK INSIWTKW 995-1000 Come m or phone 597-4300 371-7000 CALORIE COUNTDOWN BY SUSAN DUFF MASTRO DIET BRIEFS * Dieters as well as health food enthusiasts are gobbling up that new product, frozen yogurt, as though there were no tomorrow. As for It being "healthy and all-natural," think again. If you've ever tried to freeze regular yogurt that you buy in cartons in the store, you have discovered that it's quite impossible. Chemical emulsifiers as well as sugar and sugar syrups make the freezing of yogurt possible and this lowers its "natural purity" quotient while upping the calories. Frozen yogurt has from 25 to 33 calories per ounce, about 200 in a cup. That's the same number of calories as the same amount of ice milk and a cup of ice mitt has about 255 so yon an, not saving many calories by substituting frozen yogurt. You don't have to avoid it altogether if yea realty Jove iu of course, but don't overdo and be sure to keep in mind lhat frozen yogurt is ' definite)? not diet food, * The saccharin controversy is oa again. Four years after the U-S. Food and Drug Administration allowed it to be made commerdflCy available to the public on a temporary basis, pnessore from 3tgis- latcrrs and certain lobby groups is resulting in a "reassessment of the subs- stance which ts ingested by Americans at ibe rate of about five million pounds a year {47 per cent of that is from diet soda, 14 per cent in diet fruit and ice cream products, and 12 per cent as tabletop and beverage sweetener). Two studies in 1970 suggested that rats ingesting saccharin in a ratio of 5 per cent of their overall diets developed bladder cancer. Thirteen other studies indicated that there Is no relationship between saccharin ingestion and cancer. Current studies now under way won't be completed it is estimated until Z978. In the meantime, researchers recommend no more than 16 ounces of diet soda be consumed each day just to stay on the very safe side of the issue. * Take a winter afternoon broth break for high nutrition, low calories and midday hunger satisfaction. Tea and coffee can be pretty high in eateries if you take them sweet (a tablespoon of sugar has 54 calories; the same amount of honey has $5), and they don't offer you any nutrient value or long-term satisfaction. An eight-ounce cop of beef broth prepared with a bouillon cobe has only 7 calories, chidten has 7 also. It's a warming. good-Jor-yoo drink that makes sens* lor serious dieters flcl 1977 McNaught Synd The beef recipe is easy to make and quick. The Burians serve a glazed carrot dish, twice baked potatoe and a lettuce and fresh mushroom salad with it. By buying your own beef tip sirloin roast you can save a little money since you'll slice the meat yourself. John is employed at Moraine Valley Community college as its security director and also is an instructor in the Police Science program. BEEF A LA DEUTCH H cup butter salt and pepper to taste Three to four pound beef sirloin tip roast sliced into thin strips three medium onions sliced thin one this. Worcestershire sauce a few springs of-parsely and a handful of fresh mushrooms if desired Melt butter in a large skillet. Season meat and quickly sear on both sides. Reduce heat and saute about 8-10 minutes uncovered. remove meat from pan and place in heated chafing dish and continue to cook and stir for another 5-8 minutes. If desired 'add parsely and fresh mushrooms along with the three medium onions you have sliced thin. The juice and butter from the meat will provide a nice sauce to be served over the meat. Serves about six people. Spanish Sherry Makes Cake The heart of this cake is Duff Gordon's new Santa Maria Cream, which has Just been introduced in the United States. It has a rich, warm sweetness that can add complexity to rich desserts, or actually can be a dessert all by itself. This Spanish Sherry cake will look and taste inviting enough for your best dinner party. 1% cups sugar % cup water % cup Duff Gordon Santa Maria Cream Sherry 1!£ quarts pound cake cubes (one 12 oz cake) % cup pecan halves 4 egg yolks 1 teaspoon almond extract (optional) !4 teaspoon salt . Combine sugar and water in saucepan. Bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer, uncovered for 10 minutes. Cool. Combine half the syrup with Sherry and cake cubes, tossing lightly just to mix. Grind pecans in electric blender or nut grinder. Add pecans, egg yolks, almond extract and salt to remaining half of syrup. Heat, stirring oftten over medium heat just until begins to bubble, about 5 minutes To assemble cake, layer M c '·- cube mixture in bottom of buttered '1-quart fancy mo. ip with % pecan mixture. Repeat layering twice, fc =u 350 degrees for I hour or until top is golden and t y. Cool % hour then loosen sides with knife and invert i \e onto plate. Cover with cake dome or transparent wra; Sea ton for several hours or overnight (cake develops fi.vur as it ages; it may even be held for two or three dajs before serving). Serve with puffs of whipped cream, decorating top with additional pecans and some chocolate curls if desired. Prune notes Here is an idea that's tops for tastily setting off broiled chicken or fish. Staff son-sweetened pitted prunes with maraschino cherries. Holt in toasted sesame seeds or shredded coconut and secure mi pick', with lime or lemon half pieces. Prune-Pineapple Cake NcM lime oa bake pineapple apsidwkwn «*e, poke plump sun-^ortncd pitied prunes into "-Iked pineapple ccnler*. for a fcaTpdMime new lft«* Use a quick miv if jvu like, and Jn the toiler vf spicy nj Mining in moisl, lender prone snippet*, for strum plions results. Since- nalurall sweet prunes taste terrific wilh mam different fruit*, vary Ibe theme, tcaminc them wilh other kinds such as cannrd pears or apples. The Prunes will offer a nice l of color and flatori PRVNKS TEAM WITH VEGETABLES Serve ap tins cwd-eatinc hot \epctable side dKh -with corued beef, sausages, pork or ham Combine stircdded cabbage, chopped onion, sliced celcn, IJiinj *ed£ed tarl apple and snipped piece* of flaiorful sun- s»eelenpd prunes Saulr in salad oil unlil lender eri^p. Season mitfi rider »jne£ar. brown sujcar and caranaj M-eds. sail to

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