The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1967 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1967
Page 24
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310 Farmers At Land Bank Annual Meeting Tuesday, Jan. 31, 1967 Algona, (ta.) Upper Des Moines—11 The Federal Land Bank Association held Its annual meeting and election at Hurt Wednesday evening, Jan. 25 — and the Golden Anniversary of Federal Land Buks was also observed. Officers and other officials of the organization are showa in the above photo. They are, froat row, left to right, Charles Nichols, field supervisor for the Land Bank, Oim.ha; Helen H;tas, assistant manager of the Algona association; Three hundred ten' farmers of the Kossuth county area attended the Golden Anniversary annual meeting of the Federal Land Bank Association of Algona at Burt High School Wednesday evening, Jan. 25. Annual report by President Hugh Black and Manager Gene Hutchins showed very substantial growth of loan volume and reserves during the past year, despite the tightening money situation starting in the fall. Hugh Black, Algona, president of the Algona group; Doug Wildin, Algona, retiring director; and Cal Friday, FLB appraiser. Back row, left to right, Keith Hopp, field man for the associations; Leander Menke, SweaCity, Marvin Junkermeier, Elmore, and Robert Deal, Algona, directors; Donald Usher, Ottosen, newly- elected director; and E. H. Hutchins, local manager. (Glenn's Studio Kioto) ALGONA COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in Special meeting Jan. 6, 1967, withMayor Finn and the following council members present: Muckey, Andreasen, Elbert, Cook, Miller and Peirce. Absent: none. Purpose of the Special meeting was to consider a schedule of salaries and such other business that may come properly before the council. Resolution approving the allocation of funds was adopted. ' Resolution designating official depositories for municipal funds was adopted. Resolution regarding salaries, longevity pay and vacation and sick leave was adopted. Moved and seconded the meeting adjourn. D. A. SMITH CITY CLERK COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in regular session Jan. 11, 1967, with Mayor Finn and the following council members present: Muckey, Andreasen, Elbert, Cook, Miller and Peirce. Absent ; none. Minutes of Dec. 28, 1966 council meeting were approved. Offer by Algona Tree Service to remove eight trees for $175 and to trim 233 trees, on certain streets, for $1,631 was accepted. Following re - appointments were approved: Robert Laing - Playground Comm. T. H. Chrischilles - Library Board. R. Elbert - Fire Chief. B. Wibben and Max Bartholomew to the Planning and Zoning Comm. E. Barr - Board of Adjustment. Authorized Police Chief to send out specifications for new police car. Authorized the purchase of radio for police car. Ord. 452, designating S. Hall and S. Minnesota as through streets, was adopted. Ord. 453, requiring stop signs at the intersection of Fair and Minnesota, and Call Park Road and Swimming Pool Road, was adopted. Ord. 454, designating certain intersections as school zones, was adopted. Ord. 455, limiting the continuous period a vehicle can park upon a street to 24 hours, was adopted. Ord. 456, which is prohibiting parking on the North side of North street from Dodge to Moore street, and on the north side of North street from McPherson to the East property line of St. Cecelia's Academy, and on the west side of Jones street between Nebraska and McGregor street, and on the west side of McCoy street between Walnut and Locust street from 8:00 a. m. to 4:00 p. m., was adopted. Ord. 457, which prohibits parking on Thorington, Dodge, Moore and Harlan streets, on each said street between Call and Nebraska street, and by prohibiting parking on Jones street between State and McGregor street, and by prohibiting parking on Nebraska street between Hall and Jones street, and by prohibiting parking on State street between Jones and Hall street, between 2:00 a. m. and 6:00 a. m. and prohibiting truck parking on Nebraska street between Jones and Minnesota street, and prohibiting parking in excess of two hours between the hours of 9:00 a. m. and 6:00 p. m., except on Sundays and holidays on Nebraska street between Thorington and Moore street and the north side of Nebraska street between its intersection with Jones street and the present High School Annex building east property line and on the south side of Call street between Jones street and Harlan street, was given the first reading. Moved and seconded the meeting adjourn. CITY CLERK GENERAL Finn, Salary .......... 123.15 Smith, Salary ......... 243.97 Sands, Salary ......... 126.51 I.E.S.C., Soc. Sec ..... ,272,66 I.P.E.R.S., Ipers ....... 128.73 la. State Bk., Wholding. . . , 65.70 State Comm., Wholding ..... 7.74 Life Inv. Co., Insurance. . , .37.18 D. A. Smith, Meetings. .. .156.00 S. Muckey, Meetings ..... 156.00 J. Andreasen, Meetings ............. 156.00 J, Elbert, Meetings ...... 114.00 S. Cook, Meetings ...... 138.00 H. Miller, Meetings 150.00 K. T. Peirce, Meetings 126.00 F. L. McMahon, Fee 50.00 Dr. Rooney, Fee 50.00 Advance, Publishing 44.10 Arwell, Services 15.00 Buchanan & McClure, Fees 1,061.98 Callaghan & Co., Book Rev 22.50 W. Finn, Court Costs 89.00 N. W. Bell, Telephone. . . .33.92 Parrott & Sons, Dog Tags 32.49 Upper D. M., Publishing 57.91 STREET Burris, Salary 188.47 Burtis, Salary 181.01 Frambach, Salary 196.60 Helmers, Salary 176.72 Lashbrook, Salary 47.79 Pergande, Salary 254.80 Sifert, Salary 163.02 Wibben, Salary 179.70 F. Metzen, Labor 8.79 I.E.C.S., Soc. Sec 692.49 I.P.E.R.S., Ipers 506.82 la. State Bk., Wholding 136.15 State Comm., Wholding. .. .22.53 Life Inv. Co., Insurance. . .95.52 Towel Service, Towels. . . .3.50 Frederick Hdwe., Supplies . .11.19 N. Central Serv., Gas. . . .155.29 N. W. Bell, Telephone. . . .12.50 M. Todd Co., Supplies. . . .56.63 Zep Mfg., Supplies 54.63 ROAD USE TAX Arnold Motor, Socket 2.98 Benson Weld., Repairs. . . ,10.75 Bowman Bldrs., Concrete Work 130.72 Bowman's Small Eng., Repairs 2.55 Bradley Equip., Repairs. .. .6.60 Cook's Welders, Oxygen. . . 5.50 Greenberg's, Repairs 10.30 R. E. Johnson, Sidewalk... .24.00 Sankey Sand & Gravel, Asphalt 56.70 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary 409.65 Bulten, Salary 224.14 Day, Salary .180.08 Hutchison, Salary 227.81 Jorgenson, Salary 268.44 Thompson, Salary 183.16 Voigt, Salary 229.06 Elbert, Labor 19.12 I.E.S.C., Soc. Sec 793.49 la. State Bk., Wholding... .243.80 State Comm., Wholding. .. .40.66 Trust & Agency, Pension.. .22.06 Life Inv. Co., Insurance.. .134.97 A. Boekelman, Clothing Allowance 150.00 E. Bulten, Clothing Allowance 150.00 C. Day, Clothing Allowance 150.00 E. Hutchison, Clothing Allowance. .... .150.00 P. Jorgenson, Clothing Allowance 150.00 G. Thompson, Clothing Allowance 150.00 J. Voigt, Clothing Allowance 150.00 Kossuth Motor, Service 13.18 N. W. Bell, Telephone 25.75 Behr's Standard, Gas 8.95 Coast-to-Coast, Supplies. . .3.23 Harris Fire Control, Gas Masks (2) 590.00 Upper D. M., Publishing. ..35.28 Hilton's, Gas & Oil 17.49 Rlcklefs & Geelan, Ins. Premium 1,631.95 Utt Electric, Supplies 6.53 Fire Dept., Services 312.00 SANITATION Gade, Salary 92.94 I.E.S.C., Soc. Sec 79.63 I.P.E.R.S., Ipers 66.36 la. State Bk., Wholding. . . .1.00 B. Reilly, Labor 51.69 Reding Gravel Sewer Work .143.00 Bowman Bldrs., Sewer Work 256.00 Benson Weld., Repairs 8.01 Bradley Equip., Repairs. ..29.79 K & W Farm Serv., Diesel Oil 9.66 Frederick Hdwe., Supplies 4.55 Laing's Plbg., Service. . . .4.35 N. Central Service, Gas. . .19.14 SEWER RENTAL Gronbach, Salary 155.07 Lemkee, Salary 276.nn I.E.S.C., Soc. Sec .218.81 I.P.E.R.S., Ipers .92.22 la. State Bk., Wholding. . . .38.30 State Comm., Wholding. . . .7.82 Life Inv. Co., Insurance. . .29.17 Greenberg's, Filters 8.22 N. W. Bell, Telephone 11.85 Pratt Elec., Heater and Install 20.95 Utt Electric, Supplies 5.29 RECREATION Boldridge, Salary 152.01 I.E.S.C., Soc. Sec 82.83 I.P.E.R.S., Ipers 69.03 la. State Bk., Wholding 12.50 State Comm., Wholding 1.43 Life Inv. Co., Insurance. . ..8.01 Frederick Hdwe., Supplies 1.40 C. & M. Reilly, Labor 10.00 L. Nichols, Repairs 2.75 PARKING METER Groen, Salary 291.41 Nauholz, Salary 65.87 I.E.S.C., Soc. Sec 136.89 I.P.E.R.S., Ipers. ..... .31.17 la. State Bk., Wholding. . ..53.80 State Comm., Wholding 8.24 Trust & Agency, Pension. . .3.75 Life Inv. Co.,Insurance... .29.17 R. Groen, Clothing Allowance 150.00 Frederick Hdwe., Bolts 7.51 Utt Electric, Repair 44.00 TRUST Si AGENCY B. Egll, Pension. 75.00 ^N- •HfT I ff IIIIU warme This is a dandy device. It's just an everyday heat register, but it's better because it's gas. Gas heating keeps your whole house evenly warm. No cold spots. No hot spots. Gas heating does the best job of giving whole house heat for whole family comfort. North Central Public Service Co. 10 EAST STATE STREET 6-2484

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