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Fargo, North Dakota
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n. a. iMrt atfua Ifiitl iM il CUKIAIN 8:30 Opening of the Season Saturday, Aug. 19 WILTOY ACKAYt In Wm. A.

Brady's magaifloiat production of The Pit Adapted from Frank o. PROFESSIONAL CARDS ATTORNEYS. BOBBKT8, AUGUSTUS, HBNDERSOK Block, Broadway, Fargo. Probate practice a specialty. LKB.

ARTHUR ATTORNEY AT LAW, Offices in Maglll Building, Broadway and Front Street, Fargo, Practices lo all courts, rURJJER. H. ATTORNEY AT LAW. Offices In Edwards Building, Broadway. Practices In all courts.

MILLER. HENRY ATTORNEY AND Counsellor at Law. Over Fargo National Bank Block, Fargo. ROBINSON, J. ATTORNEY AT LAW, 612 Front Street, Fargo.

In all courts. Tax cases a specialty. BOOTT, W. ATTORNKY AT LAW. Offices second floor Morton Block.

Broadway, Fargo, N. D. PHYSICIANS. DR. P.

H. BURTON. PHY8ICIAN AND 8TJHgeon. Office over Font Forterfleld's drug store. Phone, 1038 office 1038-K residence.


Office, deLendrecie Block Hours: 11 to 12, 3 to 6. 7 to 8. Tel. 345-K. Office 345-L, Residence.

DARROW WEI RLE, PHYSICIANS and Surgeons. Office, deLendrecie Blk. corner Seventh Street South and Front Office hours: 0 to 12 a. 8 to 6 and 7 to 9 p. Fargo, N.


Office over Wllser's Drug Store 608 Front Street. Hours: 0 to 12, 2 to 6 and 7 to 8. Telephone 1048. DR. WEAR-DR.

and Surgeons. Office 004 Front Street. Office hours: 10 to 12 a( tod 7 to 8 p. m. famous novel by Channing Pollock, worn Include the Prize Dretm from New York's Puhlon Show.


rt nineto Bfack, ipiwHi H.P. DR. A. J. KAES9 Physician and Surgeon.

Oeutcher Arzt, 612 Froat Street I Homeopathic Physician tfoLendrecle Block Forgo, N. D. EYE EAR 5 DR. H. A.

BEAUDOUX Mom Drs. Basye deLendrecie, OSTEOPATHS Fargo and Infirmary of CHIRO PRACTICS) Osteopathy Established siooe May 10th, liW7, at 101 Eighth Street South, Fargo, N. D. All cnrable diseases successfully treated without drugs. a.

UNDERTAKERS, AND LICENSED Supplies. J. F. Rice, 8 South Broadway. Office south of Moody's Store.

ARCHITECTS. TRIBDLANDER, estimates furnished. Rooms 6 and N. P. Block.

Beady ter business now. Phone, 622M. ALRRANT, W. ARCHITECT AND Superintendent. Plans, estimates and details.

Offices, No. Broadway, Fargo, N. D. Telephone, No. 53-4.

BEKBE, M. E. and specifications furnished for all classes of building. Telephone, 7S5-L: office In New Walker Block. Fargo.


t7 Coast No. 3. Pacific Esin-esg No. 5. Mi nuesnta Local Ho.

7. Dak. Jtliun. Express. 3:55 Daily except Sunday.

Via Brainerd. 4 m. 1:00 a. m. p.

730 a.m. EASTBOUND. "Wo. S. "North Coast No.

4. Twin City Express No. 6. Minnesota Local. S.

Dak. Man. 9:40 a. m. 1:10 p.

m. F. S. BRANCH. Leaves ra as, All other trains daily.

Through tickets to all points in the 'United States, Canada, Alaska. China land Japan. M. Cleland, G. P.

St. Paul, Minn. i J. E. JOHNSON, Agent.

Pafl! nd Palath Sleepers are maw Tnii 8 For State News Read The Foriim NORTH DAKOTA KERNELS The Ramsey County editors insist on being given a chance to bid on work. Many of the smaller The Dago gang at Medina went on a strike for a short time, but reconsidered mutters and resumed work. The Towner gun club offered a reward for the arrest of game hogs. The game of quoits is all the rage at Towner just now. It is rather remarkable how much "exercising" the hunting dogs need these days.

The elevator men have their houses cleaned up for the rush of business to commence soon. In localities where there has been no rust some of the buyers are wondering what excuse they will dig up to knock of! a few points on the grades. There seems to be a disposition over the state to gite the Wisconsin grain markets a trial this fall, and see how the grades under the new inspection will compare with those of Minnesota. Many buyers predict there will be a larger independent shipment this, year than usual. Dr.

Brandson of Edinburg has moved to Winnipeg. The Rugby Optimist insists the Rugby ball team was jobbed by an umpire at Leeds. The date of the election of city officials at Rugby was changed to Aug. 3i. School lands over the state are being given a reappraisement by the county boards.

Glanders are reported near Souris and Westhope. both Omemee is to have a new elevator and coal sheds. SM3MS) Editor Kellogg of Jamestown was probably editing a paper before Editor Haskett of Bottineau was on the map Haskett roasts Kellogg and refers to him as "this young Daniel." will probably feel that he has been terribly and editorially spanked. Ward County leads with twenty-six newspapers. Editor Loman of Souris is taking in the Portland fair.

The press gang hopes Mrs. Doherty may meet with success in her new the years of unrewarded effort at Michigan City. The Lansford Times doesn't seem alarmed over the opposition paper. The men who own valuable hunting dogs are on the anxious seat. sMaMS People along the Soo are rejoicing that there was no telegraphers' strike on that road.

A burning barn created ment at Valley City. some The N. P. is increasing its sidetracks at Milnor. Drayton claims the baseball championship of the northwest.

SMSMS The Westhope baseball team won seventeen of the twenty games played this season. The Grandville Record gets the delinquent tax list. 9 Editor Lep of Walhalla had a lake trip and is back making The Mountaineer shine brighter than ever. A young lady at Des Lacs stayed in a runaway rig while the horse ran for Several miles. Finally the animal got in a wheat field and she The wheat was so heavy and strong that she landed as safely as she had.

jumped onto a feather bed. The Ray Pioneer kicks en people throwing beer bottles in the roadway where tue broken glass injures bike tires and Miss Thompson, district superintendent of the North Datcota Children's Home has been at Granville and other towns in the northern part of the state raising funds for the institution. The Devils Lake News thinks Editor Streeter of Linton is getting too much notoriety over the libel bill and insists Streeter merely did what he was told to do. There is some trouble at Lake because there are no established sidewalk grades in some parts of the city. SW5WS) Editor Lomen of Souris duclaim near Ryder.

(Bv-fsv-fla The Forman News sinks' a glad song of the fine crops in Sargent County. The removal of the old Press Building at Dickinson put the telephone lines out of commission in the business district and caused a lot of swearing but not over the 'phones. All the bad men were not chased out of else a new supply has arrived. A Sargent County blind pigger was arrested in Richland hut on his return the fellow escaped and is making signs at the North Dakota authorities from the Minnesota side of the river. The Martin Searchlight man is willing to give receipts if people owing him will pay up.

The Oaken a fine prm to f' fi its 1 5 Let baseball teams in the state have disbanded and some of the players are hustling jobs in the harvest fields, making home runs with the shocking crews behind theharVes ters. Medina is to have a new' Catholic Church 30x48 fet with a steeple seventy-six feet. Sr a A A 15 THB PABGO FOBUM ATO DAILY THURSDAY EVENING go or die. That's the alternative of the shipwrecked man with the money bags. A great many poople have a like alternative before them.

Business come to a point whore the doctor tells them that they must "let go or die." Probably he advised a sea voyage or mountain air. There's an obstinate cough that won't be off. The lungs are weak and perhaps bleeding. There is emaciation and other symptoms of disease, which if unskilfully or improperly treated terminate In consumption. Thousands of men and women Sn a like condition have found complete healing by.

the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. "It gives mi pleasure to send you this testimonial so tnat some other poor sufferer may saved, as I was. by Dr. IMerce's Golden Medical Discovery," writes Geo.

A. Thompson, of Sheldon Chatham, Canada. "I had a cough for years, expectorated a great deal, and was slowly failing. Was losing flesh every day. Lost In weight from 150 pounds down to 12R My flesh got soft and I had no strength.

Did not sa.v anything to any one but made up iny mlsui that the end was not far off. One day niy was reading In the 'Common Sense Medical Adviser about Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, and I said, thai, sounds more like common sense than anything else that I fcatl heard. I at once bought a bottle of your famous remedy and before I had taken half of one bottle I felt better. Took thirteen bottles and it made a new man of ine.

I gained sixteen pounds end never have had a cough since. I feel spleifdid and all the credit to your medicine." Given away. The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser Is sent free on receipt of stamps to pay expense of mailing only. The book contains 1008 pages, over TOO illustrations and several colored plates. Send 21 one-cent stamps for the paper-bound book, or 31 stamps for the cloth bound.

Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Dr.

Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure bad. foul stomach and constipation and so hdp to euro nearly every dlseaso of kind. They regulate, tone up and Invigorate Stomach, Liver and Bowalfc MANY THINGS ARE DONE i DIFFERENTLY IN SWEDEN In a copyrighted article to The Min-' neapolis Journal, Managing Editor Chamberlain of that paper writes from Stockholm, as follows: A barber will shave ydu for 6 cents you have to wash your own face and comb your own hair, Everybody trusts you and you are expected to trust everybody. This work well almost invariably. You never have a dispute cabman over the farq.

with the A taxameter measures the distance you trkvel and shows what you owe at any minute. You get a bill every day at the hotel. This permits you to correct any mistakes at once. The hotel clerk wears a gorgeous uniform, is called a porter and is gratified for a 25-cent tip at any time. Women shine your shoes, shave you, cut your hair and even give you bath you rebel.

Men take off their hats when they meet men acquaintances and bow low. Every third man has some kind of a uniform on. Policemen salute the street car fcoiir ductors and are saluted by Everybody is excessively polite to everybody else. A servant who brings you something says "so You say "tack" (thanks). You take off your hat when you enter a shop and return the shopman's low bow.

They don't believe in department stores. Every merchant sticks to his own line. You can't buy a watch from a jeweler or a diamond ring from watchmaker. Although drinking is common, one seldom sees' a drunken man. The pavements are nearly all cobble and the carts running over them make a deafening din.

The city is now experimenting with wooden blocks. If you order ice water to drink, you will be immediately "spotted" as an "Amerikansker." Tips are everywhere given, but they are small. Ten ore cents) is the ordinary tip to a cabnfan or porter To a waiter you give 10 per cent of your bill. If it is a woman, she will make you a little courtesy while a man will take off his cap and say "tacka." The newspapers are numerous and widely read, but not at all up to American ideas. They are often very unwieldy in size.

A Stockholm newspaper manager, when there is pressure of advertising, simply makes his pages longer, instead of more numerous. One often needs a stepladder to read, some of the newspapers. They use no half tone illustrations and pen and ink drawings of antique execution are Considered very enterprising. A lady always waits for a gentleman to speak, instead of the reverse as in America. The comedians crack jokes on the rich Swedish-American who has corae home to spend his money.

The point of them usually is that he has forgotten how to talk Swedish and mixes his American up with it. Society is so fond of grand opera that the season lasts from Sept. 1 to June 1. The state furnishes the opera house and endows it. A government theater is also being built.

It is light all night in sumnler and dark all day in winter. The pedestrian has lio rights the driver is bound to respect. If run over it's his own fault and, he may be sued for the damages, if any. There are more telephones In proJ portion to the population than in (anyother city in the world. There is ai phone in every shop and office and street kiosks containing instruments are numerous.

There are two companies, the Rix (National), and manna (General). Rents and toils are very low. The instruments are hardier than in America, the receiver and transmitter being combined on a light handle that fits to the ear and mouth. They are fond of long words. A plumber is called a literally a waterpipe introdticer.

'f LIVE STOCK ROYALTY 'i 7 Kiflgs and Queens of the Herds to Be Exhibited at the State Fair. VI' The Minnesota State Fair has become famous for its displays of purebred livestock. For several years the fair has held national shows in connection with the National Breeders' Asso ciation of Hereford, Shorthorn and other breeds and the finest animals in the country have been brought to Minnesota. In connection with the shows auction sales of pure-hfed stock are held. The effect of all this has been to greatly stimulate live stock.raising in the northwest This year the show will be larger and better than ever.

The greatest show herds in the country will gather at the Minnesota State Fair, making it the rendezvous from which a special train loaded with choice stock will start for the Portland Exposition immediately after the fair closes. This excursion to Portland will assist in bringing to the Minnesota Fair the finest cattle and the leading breeders of the United States. The Minnesota Fair is held on the handsome grounds midway between Minneapolis and St. Paul, Sept. 4 to 9.

Half-rate? on all railroads. Dan Patch, the fastest harness horse in the world, is to go against his world's record of 1156 on Monday, opening day, only. PACIFIC NORTHWEST TOURS And Portland Exposition "Within the Reach of All. The unusually for the round trip to the Portland Exposition via the Northern Pacific Railway will enable all to go west. Go see the fair.

Enjoy the salubrious climate. The magnificent awe-inspir-1 ing scenery. Tickets permit of stopovers and are good on the best trains, including the "North Coast Limited." Send four cents for Lewis and Clark booklet. J. E.

agent, Fargo, N. D. LONG GOOD-BYE. VIRTUALLY A REVOLUTION Providence Journal: At a meeting of volunteer fire company in West New York, N. last week a man who had no harmony in his soul, no sense of the fitness of things, came out boldly in advocacy of a change from red shirts to blue uniforms.

Think of a volunteer fireman without his red shirt! Think of a monkey without his tail! There is no comparison between them, other than that one concomitant is as necessary as the other. The red shirt is given to the amateur fireman that it may serve as a warning sign of his coming, that he may be seen afar off and that its lurid color may serve perhaps, as a suggestive reminder, on the festive occasions on which he most often wears it, of the serious nature of his emergency occupation. I DOBOTHT CLABK, lald preushaw 8W CBICAOO. LITTLE whose photograph appears herewith has a mature women. is oolf fottr feaxs qtialities offlladirlli hlu rnmM The othert AUGUST 10, .1905 AT THE Sorenson Milling PLAY night.

Aug. Josh Perkins. Brooklyn Eagle: When a wants to say good-by to another man with whom he has been spending an hour or so he just grabs his hat, shakes the other fellow's hand, says "so long," or "see you later" and is off. But a woman, having saia goodby in the parlor, stops at least seven times between there arfd' the vestibule and makes a final stand on the stoop to talk it all over once more. It would be better for men if they would cultivate more leisurely habits in their daily intercourse with one another, which they would be moved to do if they more sedulously observed the lack of precipitancy characterizing the association of women with tjieir, own kind.

t'4 Wilton La'ckaye will open the re lar 'season at the Fargo Operahouse, Saturday evening, Aug. 19. presenting the immensely popular and successful dramatic version of Frank Norris' famous novel, "The Pit." Apart from the fame of the star, the play should have a particular interest for Fargo theatregoers, because it deals with marketing of the wheat crop yi the great wheat market of the west, the Chicago board of trade, and because it tells a characteristically strenuous and striking story of life and social problems and conditions in the western metropolis. Mr. Lackaye will he supported by the original company in "The Pit," and brings to Fargo an entirely new production of the play for his trip to the coast.

delivered at your town or city, j.n,.q$r load lots, ioc per ma tired more in small lots Semi in We guarantee the flour. I MILLING CO. jr. p. 4 In order to prove to yott that Dr.

A. Ointment is a certain and absolute cure for any form of itching, bleeding, or protruding piles, the manufacturers guarantee a cure. You can use it and if not cured get your money back. Mr. Casper Walton, laborer, Michigan City, says: "I work hard and lift a great deal.

The strain brought on an attack of piles. They itched and they protruded and bled. Nothing helped them until I used Dr. A. W.

Chase's Ointment. That cured them." 50c. a box at all dealers, or Db. A.W. Chase Buffalo, N.Y.

A. W. Chase's Ointment. GREW THIS HAIR AND WE CAN PROVE IT. from its we arc QUICK and PRANCES MARIK 989 Garfield Boulev tr is posi yfbm allied to the scalp old to Ago 4 Ywn, tliMfl WE OFFER NOW THE FLOUR THAT WON THE Silver Medal at Buffalo Exposition AND Grahd Prize at St.

Louis last Year, THE LOW PRICE OF iQ, 1, ''A 'f CHIEF WILL HOUSE Aug. Pit. Aug, The Eridge at PROHIBIT CARRYING CONCEALED The carrying of concealed weapon if, will be strictly prohibited in hereafter. Chief of Pttli'ce Grant is that many crimes may be traced directly to the laxity in enforcing the law this respect, and he has given his patrol men strict orders to arrest anyone has a revolver in his possession. I Officer Haley, who makes trips to thtf slough west of the city several timely' each day, has received strict orders garding persons in whose possession found a revolver, and instead of merelf.

confiscating, the weapon as heretofore arrest will lie made. The crusade against carrying coi cealed weapons is being carried on this time by the police all over the com try. Jn Chicago the new chief of has given positive orders to his men this regard, and has asked for the enactt ment of a law which will provide a niorfu spvere penalty for its violation. In a recent interview the Chicago's chief of police called attention to recent murders and suicides in the and stated that the occurrences to the fore the fact that every man carl rying a revolver should be imprisonect "You will find young boys 15 and old from time to time carrying1 concealed weapons taken to the and in nine cases out of ten can no reason to having in their possession 4 revolver," said the chief. "It is ous to allow young fellows, especially of the hoodlum element, to go i ed for this offense." For State News Read The Forum LDOI MAT, B086 Avo.

of glory of wn for this little girl the most hair ever ladies whose ighairthatW' hot are shown to their waiate The A I i 4 "I 1 J. extraordinary hair we tue of DamdtrfM. and there ao- beautifn i i.

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