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it Pi tl it dt ci UJ in hi lx ec In Social Notes C. B. Jones of Ldsbon is a visitor In the city this week, calling an friends and attending to shopping. The Wednesday evening 600 club will meet this week at the home of Mrs. John Yerxa of Eleventh street north.

Mrs. S. G. More of Buffalo was a (Uest in the city this week to attend the funeral of Mrs. W.

J. Hawk yesterday afternoon. Miss Stavers, daughter of Andrew Slavers of Hatton. N. Is in the city Visiting her sister, who is a student at Cfok Grove seminary.

The Misses Aas of Northwood have In the city for a day or two shopping and visiting their sister who 1s a Student at Oak Grove seminary. A. S. Anderson, a prominent real estate dealer of Crosby, has been calling oh his friends and looking after business matters in the city this week. It will be koo(1 news to the many friends of Mrs.

Pchrson here and at her In Meriora, N. to learn that is recovering nicely after hor recent operation at St. John's hospital. The Woman's Relief corps held their regular meeting last evening at the J. A.

R. headquarters at the library building. The regular routine business was makes dish water that te CjKMQ cut from the drudgery of dish washing. Just a little Gold Dust shaken in your dish water will remove the grease and dirt. Gold Dost digs deep into cracks and and drives out every bit of dirt or hidden germs which soap and water will not Dnst Gold Dust sold in 5C sizft sod large pack I ages.

The large package means greater economy reach. Gold sterilizes as well as cleans. If you spend two hours a day washing dishes, Gold Dust Jwill enable you to save one your dishes, too, will be spotlessly clean, some and sanitary. it 15 II "Uttho GOLD DUST TWINS do yo THE DEAREST BABY Mrs. Wilkes' Fondest Hopes Happiness and Baby.

Plattsburg, Lydia E. Pinkfcwn's Vegetable Compound has proved beneficial to me, for now I am well and have a sweet, healthy baby, and our home is happy. "I was an invalid from nervous prostration, indigestion and female troubles. it. 1 --(i v'0Bnan could before I began taking Lydia £.

Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound, and I think it saved this baby's life, as I lost my first one. "My health has been very good ever Since, and I praise your medicine to all £my friends." Mrs. WE BEVELOP ju Ih lis Ju lu frc ''ij ty Verna Wilkes, 2t. F. D.

No. 1, Plattsburg, Miss. The darkest days of husband and wife are when they come to look forward to childless and lonely old age. Many a wife has found herself incapable of motherhood owing to some derangement of the feminine system, curable by the proper remedies. In many homes once childless there now children because of the fact that Lydia E.

Pinkham's Vegetable Compound makes women normal. If yon want special advice write to I jdlft E. Finkham Medicine Co. (confidential) Lynn, Mass. Yonr letter will apfroed, read and answered by a and held in strict confidence.

rrlnt and mount your Films. We agents for EASTMAN KODAKS ftnd supplies. Mail us your films. TBB SUNDBERG FAHGO. Jf.

Cat flowers, Plants, Etc. riiORAX. DESIGNS ON NO SHORT TICK. Oat-tMtwB Gives lytdil Atteatloa. Scad tor Catalogue or Prlee 14m ot Cat fnsMC 4SH STOKifi 4 Of Interest to the Women Call loelttr Editor iar af Til Tour Ask for SirV transacted and plans were made tor future work.

The Young Woman's guild of the First Congregational church will meet with Mrs. Jennie Carnine of Eighth avenue south at 7:30 o'clock this evening. The Ladies' Aid society of the First Norwegian Lutheran church will meet on Wednesday instead of Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Tenneson, 811 Fourth street north. Edward Hchuman returned yesterday from a six weeks' visit with friends in Minneapolis and relatives in Duluth and will resume his duties with the G.

N. Railway Co. Mr. and Mrs. E.

A. Howland left yesterday morning for their home at Luverne, after spending the past week with Mr. Howiand's brothers, H. V. Howland, W.

B. Howland and C. H. Howland, and their families The National Protective legion will give a St. Valentine's masquerade ball at Assembly hall on Thursday evening, Feb.

13. Cards are being sent out to a large number of the friends of the order and a delightful evening is expected. Mrs. P. J.

Tritchler of Eleventh street north was hostess last evening to the ladles of the Monday evening 500 club. The evening was greatly enJoyed, Mrs. MeKendry winning the prize. The club will meet next week with Mrs. John Carlyle.

Mrs. H. V. Howland of Second avenue south and Mrs. G.

H. Jacobus of ilie deLendrecle block will leave morning to spend six weeks with friends and relatives, Mrs. Howland K-ing to Chicago, Klrkland, 111., and Marine, and Mrs. Jacobus going to Klrkland. Word from Miss Lillian Topping, superintendent of the local Florence Crlttenton home, states that owing to the recent accident wheih she met with, having fallen and injured her knee which has been bothering her for some time, the physicians in the hospital tit Rochester, where Bhe is located, are unable to work with the original cause of the trouble until the swelling is re- Oust otters the shortest luced.

Miss Topping's many friends are hoping for a speedy and complete recovery. The Florence Crlttenton home is in receipt of a large trunk full of things which were most generously sent by the Woman's club of Bottineau last week. In the trunk was found clothing for the girls at the home, about twenty bath towels, hand embroidered hand towels, a new comforter, several yards of outing flannel, several yards of dimity for baby dresses, an assortment of baby clothing, and various other things which are most heartily appreciated and which will help materially in caring for the girls and babies at the home. At a recent meeting the Woman's Catholic Order of Foresters met for Installation of officers. Following the ceremonies a lunch was served and a pleasant informal evening enjoyed.

The I'ollowing staff of officials were installed: Chief ranger, Minnie Pastoret vice chief ranger, Nellie Morohney: recording secretary, Margaret Jennings financial secretary, Anna E. Howe treasurer, Bridget Fitzgerald conductors, Margaret Camltsch and Anna Campbell sentinels, Nellie Cline and Anna Mason trustees, Mary Dinan, Mary McDermott and Catherine Corrlgan: medical examiner, Dr. Kaess, chaplain, Father Egan. Word has been received from Mrs. Frank J.

Thompson, who recently underwent a very serious operation at Mercy hospital, in Chicago, that she Is gaining strength rapidly, although it is still necessary for her to use crutches. and that her recovery 1s now assured, only time to completely regain her strength being required. Mrs. Thompson has been spending the time, I since ahe has been able to leave the hospital, with friends In Buffalo and expects to start next Saturday for Minneapolis to spend a few days and will arrive In Fargo about Thursday, Feb. 20.

She has a large circle of friends who will be glad to learn of her splendid recovery. Minneapolis Journal: Frivolous light operas, cheap musical comedies and chorus girl shows where so-called popular airs of the day are sung with abandon are taboo for the impressionable college girls at Smith college. Ada Comstock, dean of the college and formerly dean of women at the University of Minnesota, has put the ban on cheap songs at Smith. Dean Comstock recently declared to the alumnae in New York that there is danger ahead In the ideals of the younger girl stud- Ladles' Shoe Sale Some splendid to $4 values at from $2.98 to $1.74 per pair Sizes running from 3 to 8. These shoes are made over stylish, upto-date lasts and of good reliable materials.

Among them you will And various styles In gun metal, patent leather, kid with patent tip, white nubuck, gun metal with cloth top, tan, etc. Arranged on tables in our sales annex so that you may pick them out Some excellent school shoes la the lot. Vou will not get another chance to buy shoes as good as these for so little money. Come in and lopk them over. tOT Broadway iirtin ents.

Her fight against the vulgar songs and shows has met with the aid of the upper class girls and as a result the popular song is almost unknown among the college girls here. Mr. and Mrs. K. N.

Kcklund of Crookston are visiting friends here. Mr. Kcklund Is an expert linotype operator and may decide to locate In Fargo. Mrs. S.

J. Hill of Third avenue south, state assembly president of the Rebekah lodge, will leave Thursday morning for Minot and York, N. where she will visit the Rcbekah orders. Last week Mrs. Hill was a guest of the lodge at Caledonia, At the Hotels H.

A. Glasrud of Northwood is la the city. Gilbert Teintn of Aneta was In the city today. H. B.

Greene of Leonard spent the day In the city. Mr. and Mrs. Naramore of Linton are In the city today. W.

E. Ravely of Kdgeley was a Fargo business caller today. William W. Nelson of Cavalier was In the city today on business. C.

W. Parker of Lisbon was a business visitor in the city today. J. F. Callahan of Casselton spent the day in the city's legal circles.

C. W. Lachlan of New Rockford spent the day in the business district. Mr. and Mrs.

H. T. Tending of New Salem are visitors In the city today. E. R.

Slnkler of Minot arrived In the city this morning and la a guest at the Metropole. W. E. Oletz of Minot was greeting his friends In the city today and is at the Waldorf. W.

C. Taylor of Bismarck, state Insurance commissioner, is a guest at the Gardner hotel. J. H. Hanson of Litchfield arrived In the city for a stay on business at the new Annex hotel.

William A. Thatcher of Souris is a business visitor to the city today and met many friends. Mr. and Mrs. E.

BelsBbalth of Brlnsmade were guests at one of the leading hotels in the city today. Elmer Hopkins of Crystal Springs arrived in the city last evening and is a guest at the Prescott. William Brandenberg of Sheldon arrived in the city for a stay of a day or two at one of the hotels. C. F.

Norberg of Hastings, is in the city today looking after business affairs and calling on friends. E. M. Minogene of LaMoure was greeting his friends in the city this morning and is at one of the hotels. George M.

Hornell of Hurdsfleld was a business visitor to the city this morning and met many friends. Simon A. West of the town of Mercer was a business visitor to the city this morning and called on many friends. Mrs. Rinan and Miss Julia Rinan and Miss Anderson, all of Hendrum were registered at the Waldorf vesterday evening.

C. W. Hanklns of Breckenridge, was registered mst night at the Webster and looking after business in the city today. CLUB NOTES The music section of the Fine Arts club will meet Thursday morning, Feb. 13, at the Civic Centre and Club house! Miss Irene Carpenter will be leader and Mrs.

J. M. Walters will have a paper on The Life of Humperdinck, and the Musical Situation in Germany Today. The drama section of the Fine Arts club held an Interesting meeting yesterday afternoon at the Civic Centre and Club house, the subject for discussion beinj? Edward Sheldon and his powerful play, The Nigger. Readings from the second and third acts were given by Mrs.

F. Smith and Miss Dinan analyzed the play, laying stress on the clever characterization of the plav and the author's keen grasp of one ot the leading questions of Uhe dav, suiting it to the public fancy. Miss Dlnan's criticism of the play was an entirely fair one and her audience were greatly benefited by the masterful way in which she presented the play and Its theme. The Hawthorne Neighborhood club will meet this week on Thursday afternoon directly after school at the Hawthorne school Instead of at the regular time, Wednesday afternoon This will be a special meeting and the ladies are asked to bring their sewing. There will be a question box and ali are requested to bring question on anv subject that they wish to inquire about Music by the children will be a feature.

The charity committee of the Valley City Woman's Improvement league is active under the direction of Mrs. Wylie Nielson, chairman. The cold weather of the past two weeks has brought reports of a number of cases of destitution and In each case Mrs Nielson has been able to make arrangements for their care. There are no funds on hand for this department of the league's work and members say there Is a great need for a permanent fund for this purpose. The club women of Minot have taken over the responsibility of entertaining all visiting women who attend the midwinter fair in that city which opens Feb.

IS. The ladies will give a large reception at the commercial club one of the afternoons, at which a splendid muBlc-al programme will be provided and refreshments will be served. They Praise This Remedy For Lung Trouble If the voluntarily written words of grateful people, living In all parts of the country, praising Eckman's Alterative, a remedy for the treatment of coughs, colds, throat and lung troubles, are to be believed, this medicine certainly doing a vast amount of good for such sufferers. We state negie but facts and give to you the names and words of praise of those who declare it benefited many cases coupled with the writers' statements that it restored them to health. This hi a sample taken from many: St.

Mary's Academy, O'Neill, Nebrasi. "Gentlemen: About seven years ago. attacked with the dreaded disease, 'uberculosls. I coughed unceasingly, ould not sleep nor eat, even could not speak out loud and could do no work. I had three hemorrhages, raised blood most of the time and suffered with night sweats, fever and chills.

A specialist of Columbus, Ohio, pronounced my case hopeless. "Nearly five years ago, I heard of -our Alterative and procured some at nee, with the result that I soon found ayself restored to health. For the past our years I have been able to continue nv teaching and though I have always md heavy school work, 1 am also able perform much manual labor. I conlder your medicine, If faithfully a most excellent remedy for consumption. Mother Superior permits his testimonial." (Signed) RTSTER MARIE, Sisters of St.

Francis. Eckman's Alterative is effective in Bronchitis, Asthma, Hay Fever: Throat md Lung Troubles and in upbuilding she system. Does not contain poisons or habit-forming drugs. For ale by all druggists. Ask for booklet telling of recoveries and write to Eckma.n Laboratory, Philadelphia, for additional evidence.

THE FARGO FORTJM AND DAILY REPUBLICAN, TUESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY IL, 1913. MOTHER CRAY'S SWEET POWDERS FOR' CHILDREN, for ft a i I i ii! er my i TriwJe In 34 bears. At DruMisU, 360W. Don't accept rRRK. any substitute.

A. S. OLMSTED. Roy. N.Y« also are planning other affairs for the remaining days.

The Round Table club has a meeting scheduled for Friday afternoon at the Civic Centre and Club house. The programme announces that. Mrs. Randlett will have a paper on Natural Resources of Russia and Where Found Mrs. Hancock will talk on Russian and Mrs.

Schlipt on the Army, Navy and Fortresses. The Longfellow Neighborhood club will not meet tomorrow afternoon on account of the day being Lincoln's birthday. The meeting will be held Thursday afternoon at the Longfellow school. There will be an Interesting programme and all ladles of the district are cordially invited to come. The members ot the Minot Woman's cjub enjoyed an interesting meeting Saturday.

Ten members responded to the roll by giving interesting anecdotes or Lincoln's life. The papers presented were Home Life of Women in Russia, by Mrs. Julius Weinrebe, and sia, by Mrs. a. M.

Hardaway. In the absence of Mrs. Hardaway, MrB. F. J.

Lyman read the paper and the selected topic by Mrs. D. A. Dinnie dealt with Pure Clothes. Too much cannot be satfl of Mrs.

Dinnle'g paper, which was an earnest appeal to the women to protect themselves and their merchants from the fraudulent methods practiced by manufacturers. While pure foods and other methods of sanitation have become topics of common interest to all progressive and well meaning merchants and buyers, very little has been said of pure clothes. When one wishes to purchase an article labeled "all wool," "silk" or "linen," we must abide by the word for Its quality, while he, in turn, has only the manufacturer's statement, there being no law to protect either the merchant or the customer. Investigation has shown how many frauds are constantly placed on the market, of which adulterate silks and ribbons are the most common. We would be surprised to know how many ribbons and silks are weighted with metallic salts, with orders from the manufacturers to weigh the articles, and the presence of such salts Is very hard to detect, even with the use of a microscope.

Mrs. Dinnie brought to light an interesting instance. where in the laboratory of a New York college an article marked "all wool" was examined and it was found to contain no wool. It was returned marked "Twice on sheep's back," meaning that worn wool garments had been rewoven Into that piece of cloth. A sure test of whether cloth Is linen or cotton, "Mrs.

Dinnie stated, is to burn the goods, the linen making gray ashes, and the cotton black ashes. Over $800,000,000 is spent In our nation annually for textile goods, of which at least 85 per cent Is purchased by the women. Should not the women feel It their duty to educate themselves in these frauds and so know what Is being purchased? Mrs. Dinnie's paper furnished admirable material for discussion, and she iiad command of her audience from the beginning. STATE EVENTS On Thursday there occurred an event at Hansboro such as is not frequently witnessed, when Mr.

and Mrs. John Wilson celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, surrounded by their children and grand-children and a number of friends and old settlers. The Hansboro hall was decorated with white and gold crepe paper and at a long table a sumptuous banquet was set. In the center of which stood a massive golden wedding cake. Bightyflve sat down to supper.

After supper the whole party was photographed 011 the platform and then Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, holding the large golden mystic circle daintily adorned with white ribbon, and each wearing white carnations, sat for their picture, surrounded by their children, with their husbands and wives and children. Mr. and Mrs.

Wilson have two sons, four daughters and thirty-five grand-children these families, with one adopted daughter, her husband and child, made a group of fifty-two. Then followed an interesting programme of songs and recitations and Instrumental music by many of this large family. Rev. Mr. Hamilton, who is a practicing physician of Hansboro, recited Whitcomb Riley's Out to Old Aunt Mary's.

Rev. G. W. Cooper, the Methodist pastor, delivered an appropriate address and presented the couple with the numerous gifts of the friends and relatives. There was over in gold coin, besides a large number of other tokens of esteem.

A much appreciated item on the programme was the singing of The Prairie Land to the tune Beulah by Grandma and Grandpa Wilson, who gave evidence of a good tenor and so prano voice. It waB also Mr. Wilson's birthday celebration. After the bride and bridegroom continued happiness, the company sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again, and closed an evening profitably and pleasantly spent. Mr.

Wilson was born seventy-five years ago, in the township of Bathurst, lower Canada. Mrs. Wilson, who is 71 years old, was born in Cornwall, England. They were married at Belmont, Ontario, Jan. 30, 1863, and have lived in Hansboro and vicinity for twenty-five, years.

STATE WEDDINGS A pretty wedding ceremony was performed by Father Pare of St. John's Catholic church in New Rockford Monday morning when he joined in the holy bonds of matrimony. Michael Leo Maj-kart and Miss Maggie Casper. Miss Lillian Mary Trump, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

John Trump of Robbinsdale, was married to Thomas Albin Drlscoll of Grafton, formerly of Toronto, Tuesday morning at the Church of the Sarred Heart in Minneapolis. Father Bloom, pastor of the church, performed the ceremony In the presence ot members of the two families. Frank Thomas and Miss Valeria Minnekowski, both of Cayuga, were married In Forman by Judge Sweetman. Married, at Bottineau, Wednesday evening, Jan. 29, Harry C.

Riley of Omemee and Ida Thygeson of Crookston, Minn. Miss Anna Gunderson was united in marriage to Dan Rood ot Hurdsfleld recently. At the home of Rev. Mr. Struxness in Nome last Friday Was solemnized the marriage of Miss Alpha Raaen to Edwin Olson.

At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Van Steenbergh in Orlska, last week Wednesday, occurred the marriage of their daughter, Amy, to Garfield G. Anderson. The marriage of Miss Myrtle Seastrand and Bernie Ostby, formerly of Sheyenne, took place at the home of the bride's parents at Hartman, Colo, Walter Allen Nero and Miss Jeannettfi M.

Pepin, well known and highly esteemed young people of Bottineau, were united in marriage on Saturday morning at St. Mark's church in that city by Father Joseph Andrieux. At the Catholic church at New England, on Sunday morning, took place the marriage of Frank Schumer to Mies Magdalena Lemhardt, both of New Krigland, the nuptial ceremony being performed by Rev. Fr. Regensburger.

On Wednesday, Feb. 5, at Bertha, Olaf Gunderson was united in holy wedlock to Ltezbeth Sveen of Chris tiania, Norway. The bride recently ar rived from Norway. The two have known each other for years. A sumptuous dinner was served immediately after the service.

The ceremony took i i.i 5f is Women in Turkey. Then he took up women life in Turkey and said that hardly one In 1,000 knew how to read and he said that they had to keep their faces covered with a veil as the rules did not permit a woman to show her face excepting to her husband. The hardships of the women in Turkey were beyond desoription and he told of th6 harem and said that all she had to do was to entertain her husband, that she did not know how to work. He told of how easily the men could divorce their wives, by simply saying "divorce thee, and the act was committed. He can then marry again, but she is denied this, but must remain single the balance of her life.

The First Presbyterian church last evening was crowded ideas of society, their form of religion and many other matters that gave the audience much to think about. Then he dwelt at length on what the christian religion was doing for this benighted country and made a plea for more workers in the field. He said that King George ruled over more Mohammedans than does the sultan of Turkey. The lecture was one of the best features of the convention. Other Features In connection with there has been arranged ment of the First Presbyterian church This recipe makes Aa Appropriate Va si place at the home of the bridegroom's sister, Mrs.

Otto Tandberg. The marriage of Miss Flossie Ishler and Charles Shaffer of Rock Lake was solemnised last evening at the Methodist parsonage at Devils Lake, the Rev. C. L. Wallace performing the ceremony.

LIICCOCK'S ADDRESS Continued From Page One. of these pictures were taken by hard work and were accompanied by some danger in the taking. Professor Stearns Talk. At 3 o'clock vesterday afternoon Dr. Wallace N.

Stearns of Fargo college, who has been a great traveler, gave a talk on the Hebrew Prophet, and it was one of the best talks of the day. He is one of the best known Bible authorities in the northwest and was listened to attentively. He was fol- Sherer, who talked on the movement THE BEST COUGH SYRUP IS EASILY MADE AT HOME 4 Costs Little and a pint of cough Flowers best express the sentiment of St Valentine and are most appreciated. a museum of curios from the countries that have been visited by the missionaries and very many queer articles are on exhibition there. It is needless to say that this has been visited by many of the people of the city and has attracted a great deal of attention.

This is under the direction of Mr. Bradt, who personally collected many of the articles that are shown. The museum is open every morning and after the meetings in the afternoon, and there is no charge for admittance. It Is really worth and all are invited. Dr.

Scherer gave a talk to the students of Fargo college this morning and this evening will deliver a talk on Scenes in Syria. the "women of Moham- valuable books, while those who hold medism. He said that It was a fact the $1 tickets have everything except- that the girls of the tenderest years some onlv 6 and 8, were sold into slavery and that she was usually mar- dresses free. The meeting this even- syrup, and saves you about $2.00 as compared with ordinary cough remedies. It stops obstinate whooping a hurry, and la splendid for sore lungs, asthma, croup.

oraiftK hoarseness and other throat trouhtes. Mix one pint of granulated sugar with y-t pint of warm water, and stir flalfa Jmma farTm! for 2 minutes. Put ounces of Pinex (fifty cents worth) in a pint bottle, and add the Sugar Syrup. Take a teaepoonful every one, two or three hours. Tastes good.

This takes right hold of a cough and gives almost instant relief. It stimulates the appetite, and is slightly excellent features. Pinex, as perhaps you know, is the most valuable concentrated compound of Norway white pine extract, rich in svaiacol and the other natural healing pine elements. No other preparation will do the work of Pinex in this recipe, although strained honey can be used instead of the sugar syrup, if desired. Movement Success.

The registrations have been pouring into the secretary's office for past two or three days and there is every reason for saying that the movement is a success. It is believed that there will be many more avail themselves of the opportunity of taking this trip about the world at a small expense. It is stated that there is no charge for any of the meetings, but that holders of the $2 tickets are entitled to everything that is going on, including some ing the books, and the general public is admitted to all lectures and ad- Jin mother of children before i lng will begin at 7:30 and it Is hoped ried and the mother of children I -aid that the treat- the people be seated at that she was 13. He saia xnat liijb Ithat servation. He said that in many cases turnea.

the women were looked upon by the men as being inferior and they even went so far as to say that they had no souls, and could not be admitted into paradise. ti an aa tri ment of the women was simply out- time so as to nave every thing quiet inform the COMMONS CLUB MEET Members Have Good Dinner and Hear Big Topics Discussed by Judge Hsnson and Mr. Stookwell. Ths taken in the far away land, and were I They did substantial justicu to a good of a fine type. They showed every day dinner, and afterwards listened to the life both of the men and women and discussion of a number of measures were very interesting.

They had been now pending in the legislature, in colored by artists of high ability in which discussion Judge Hanson and Japan and elsewhere. During the lec- w. L. Stockwell led. ture he gave come idea of the curious The bills taken up were various tax customs of the Mohammedans, going measures, absentee voting, teachers' into their methods of farming, their pensions, marriage regulations, terminal elevator, initiative and referendum, suffrage, reduction of exemptions to 8200, anti-cigarette and snuff laws and ethers.

5 Thousands of housewives In the United States and Canada now use! this Pinex and Sugar Syrup recipe. I This plan has been often imitated, but the old successful formula has never been equaled. Its low cost and quick results have made it immensely popular. A guaranty of absolute satisfaction, i or money promptly refunded, goes with this recipe. Your druggist has Pinex or will get it for you.

If not, send to The Pinex Co, Ft. Wayne, I fr s-. Let Us Sngftil A bouquet of Aiid Lilies of the Valley. A bouquet of Violets with a center. A box of Roses, Carnations, American Beauties, Tulips, Daffodils, Narcissus.

STORE BASEMENT 20 BROADWAY Gretohonses Oak Grart Park "Wkere the Bait Flowers Grtw." IJ regular meeting of the Com- mons club was held at the commercial After the presentation of these measures, numerous questions were asked and points raised relative to the constitutionality of some and the operation of others. The general feeling was that the outlook for progres- Skin Acts Quickly. Money Refunded If It Fails. Of In the base- 1 Beauty --H- Dfit. T.

Croom or Kemoros Ibb, flmplea Moth Patched and Skin DiseMef, fttfl every blcoHii ni dp. tics detection. lias atcod Use test vi S'l-ars, and to nmmess twtelt tobe-surelS properly mwltt. no counter. Alt of similar same.

Dr. L. A. Bayro to of the huntton (r patient) "At. you ladles twe them, I recommend £7,..

9aa i -V REMEMBER TUESDAY EVENING, FEB. Mrs. David dcLcndrecic's INVITATION DANCE Stone's New Auditorium 51 Attention Milliners W. have for sale a number of splendid MoneyMnking Opportunities in well established businesses and good locations for New Millinery Stocks. For particulars write or call upon Bradshaw Brothers Manufacturers, Importers ami Portland, Minneapolis, Minn.

i i gt -toJ. A Liberai Offer. The undersigned druggist is authorized by the American Drug and Press Association, of which he is a member, to guarantee Merltol Hair Tonic to give satisfaction or the purchase price will be refunded. This indicates the confidence they have in this preparation. Central Drug 66 Broadway, exclusive agents.

WEAVIMi ud 4 I II 1 CARPET CLEANING I of all kinds. Write or phone Dakota Weariig Co. I'll one Z15S-L. 14-21 Klttb Ave. So.

Fnrifo, ft. O. sive, constructive legislation good, though there was always for watchfulness. The suggestion was hnvA pvervthine ouiet made that a people lobby ought to be legislation, and the attitude of members upon important measures. At the next regular meeting, Fb.

24, Judge C. F. Amldon of the United States court, will speak on Our Government with special reference to the division into three departments. This will, without doubt, be a most interesting and illuminating address. A canning plant Is being installed: one of the eastern universities.

All of the universities do a deal of canning, but most of them are enabled to get along without a plant for the purpose. SIS WASTE lesson at 7:30 precedes the assembly dance at 9. Invitations can be secured by personal application. Telephone 1768 CLUIMI HLS MAKE8 IT CROS8, PEEVISH, LES8 AND FEVERISH IF TONGUE 18 COATED QIVE UP OF FIGS." Children dearly love to, cious "Syrup of Figs" and nothinjr cleans and regulates their tender little stomachs, liver and 30 feet of bowels so promptly and thoroughly. Children get bilious and constipated just like Then they get sick, the tongue is coated, stomach sour, breath bad they don't eat or rest well they become feverish, cross, irritable and don't want to play.

Listen your child's sake don't force the little one to swallow nauseating castor oil, violent calomel or harsh irritants like Cathartic nills. A teaspoonful of Syrup of Figs will have your child smiling and happy again in just a few hours. Syrup of Figs will gently clean, sweeten and regulate the stomach, make the liver active and move on and out of the bowels all the constipated matter, the Bour bile, the foul, clogged-up waste and poisons, without causing ramps or griping. With Syrup of Figs you are not drugging or injuring your chlldeen. Being composed entirely of luscious figs, senna and axomatlcs it cannot he harmful.

Full directions for children of all ages and for grown-ups plainly printed on the package. Ask your druggist for the full name "Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna" prepared by the California Fig Svrup Co. This is the delicious tasting, pennine old reliable. Refuse anything else offered. A 1 Advfc 11 vV Kr If.

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