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Fargo, North Dakota
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SHOULD USE THIS TO CLEAR THE COMPLEXION AND MAKE THE SKIN VELVETY Is a Simple Recipe for a Massage Can Easily Prepare at Home. Ko woman need suffer the humiliation of an unsightly complexion if she massages the skin nightly with plain cerol cream. This can be prepared at home at small cost, if you get 2 ounces of cerol at the drug store and dissolve in a scant pint of boiling water and until smooth. Using this dainty and delightful massage cream quickly rids pores of blackheads, overcomes the oily, shiny condition and makes the rkln soft and velvety, giving it a natural, healthy tone which powder and rouge cannot successfully imitate. DAILY FASHION HINT I I I vrr 1564- BOYS'.

BLOUSB. No mother will mind making a ntim- she employs as simple a design as the one illustrated. It Is iiwL which all boys i like, closed In the centre of the front and with a large ornamental collar trimming the neck The sleeves are tucked at the wrist and a patch pocket is placed on the left bosom. of the mi- sulted and the climate In serge, certain colors in cheviot, gingham, madras, percale, Ac. The pattern.

1,584, is cut in sixes 8 to II years. Medium size requires yards of 36 inch material. The above can be obtained by sending ten eenta- to the Paper. office of Street or town and Stats i i this The Forum Printing Fargo, N. D.

Enclosed find lCc. tor which please have sent to the following address, the pattern deactlbed abovfe WRITE PLAINLY. liiifti Regular Meals. 25c. Rathskeller, Mhd.

Restaurant Wrap T. i i Hi. 'tA-J' if Su -s iu li 'ff -f Popofer Shapes HELMET iJ- HIGH CROWN i EMPIRE: BONNETS, f- HOW LARGE HATS -f QCAT cilucti are taking the place o( capes for evening wear. The el shown is of white cloth braided in White and sliver. It mada wiUi tba thinnest of linings.

Social Notes Blake Canon of North Yakima is the guest of his mother and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marsh and daughter, Lois, left this morning for San Diego, Cal. Mrs.

Frank McKone and Miss Mae Elliott left this morning for. St. Paul to spend several days. Walter L. Williamson of Lisbon was In the city last evening on hla to Chicago on a business trip.

Mrs. R. M. Farmer and little son left Sunday afternoon to visit Mrs. Farmer's sister, Mrs.

Lemke in old Mexico. Mrs. S.vG* Moore passed through the city Monday morning en route to her home at Buffalo, after a pleasant visit with relatives in the east. Howard Mayer and Lynn Stambaugh left Sunday evening to resume their studies at the state university, after a pleasant visit in the city. Mrs.

E. E. Stangler of Alice is expected in the city this evening to spend a few days with her sister. Mrs. W.

E. Elder of Third avenue nor'h. Mr. and Mrs. James Ferguson of Grandin have returned from their southern trip and are the guests of their daughter.

Mrs. E. C. Anderson of Thirteenth street south. The Fargo Homesteaders will give a dancing party Wednesday evening, March IB.

Every homesteader is expected to be present and those who hold invitations are cordially invited. The many Fargo friends of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frederick Mudgett of Valley City will rejoice with them over the arrival of a daughter, who arrived Feb. 27 and will hereafter be known aa Mlsa Florence McDonald Mudgett.

Albert who has been connected with the business department of The Forum for some months, has rented Walter Green's farm, near Mapleton. and moved his household goods out there. Mrs. Springer and the baby will soon join him, and they will get started on spring work. The D.

B. C. Athletic association has issued invitations to a number of the young people in the city to their dancing party which will tak eplace in Pirie's hall Friday evening, March 17. Dancing will begin at 9 o'clock and Invitations must be presented at the door. Good music has been secured and a Jolly time is expected.

The second of the series of afternoon bridge teas which are being given by Mrs. E. L. Morris of Eleventh street north for Mrs. Ed Hughes of Bismarck took place yesterday.

The handsome prises of violets were won by Mrs. J. A. Montgomery and Mrs. F.

H. Bailey. After the game which was played from three tables, a delectable buffet luncheon was served with pretty arrangements. The rooms throughout were decorated attractively in pink and soft artificial lightswere used pretty effect. Miss Isabel Rose a delightful hostess last evening at her home on Eighth street south to about twenty friends for Miss Katherine York, who is soon to leave the city.

The evening was spent In cards and music and at the close a very tempting luncheon was served. Miss Mable Gunkle of Casselton, who is the guest, of Miss Gladys Guthrie and Miss Hoff i of Seldon. who is the guest of Miss Katherine Lowman were out of town guests. Miss York has made a large number of friends during her stay in the city and many regrets were expressed for her departure. It is hoped, however, that she will soon return to make her home permanently in the city.

Court Daisy No. 1292 I. O. F. issued very clever Invitations to a sock party which will be given St.

Patrick's evening. With each invitation, which Issued in the form of poetry, is a tiny green sock and a pamphlet with a very amusing verse about Who Killed the Lodge. The sock is to be returned with the number of cents in it which result from doubling the sise of the Individual's hose. If the sock is not returned a tine of 10 cents is imposed. invitations read cut follows: This little sock eglve to you Is not for you to wear Please multiply your size by two And place therein with care, In pennies or in cents Just twice the number that you wear (We hope it is Immense).

So if you wear a number 10 You owe us 20, see? Which, dropped into our little Will All our hearts with glee. 'Tis all we ask it Isn't much, And hardly any trouble. At Mrs, JioldermariV WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15th Of Interest to the Fair Sex I lock, But if you have only one foot We'll surely charge y.rn double. Now if you have a friend quite dear You'd like to bring with you, Or If you know some one come. We'll gladly give you two.

So don't forget the place and We'll answer you when you knock, And welcome you with open arraa. But don't forget your socks. First Showing of Spring Millinery v- x. Leading Cote BLACK AND WHITE CERISE KING'S BLUE EMERALD 5REEN Call the society editor on either of The Forum's four wires and ask The Korum central for No. Miss Grace Scrivener and Herbert Graham, both of Stanley, took the matrimonial plunge at Williston and are now off for their honeymoon In Washington and the Pacific northwest.

They will be at home about March 15. On Saturday, March 4, at Miles City occurred the wedding of Miss Goldie Sadie Boyer to John C. Crouse, both of the parties being of Beach. Miss Boyer is the daughter of Mr- and Mrs. J.

R. Boyer, and Mr. Crouse is a prosperous young farmer. The young people are preparing to make their home on the farm which Mr. Crouse will operate this year as usual.

A pretty home wedding was solemnized at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gerd Johnson of Grafton Wednesday afternoon- The contracting parties were Miss Anna Johnson and W. C. Sclirank.

Rev. Mr. Jacobson was the officiating clergyman who united the lives of these two estimable young people. After congratulations a sumptuous wedding dinner was served, which was followed by an evening of merrymaking. Mr.

and Mrs- Schrank departed the following day for a honeymoon trip to cities, after which they will make their home in Acton, where the bridegroom has an elegant residence prepared. At Devils Lake on Sunday, Judge J. F. Henry 'performing the ceremony, occurred the marriage of John Kunze to Miss Angle Hegtvedt- The bridegroom for several years was employed at the Dean meat market In Crary and was popular with all classes. The bride has also been a resident of Crary for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. Kunze will locate at Klssbee, where Kunze has a meat market. Chop 8uey at Rathskeller, 8TATE In honor of their thirty-fourth wedding anniversary Mr. and Mrs.

W. W. Wilcox were given a genuine surprise Wednesday evening at their hospitable farm home, near Larimore. Over a hundred of their friends and neighbors from the city and country arrived in one party and so suddenly took possession of their home that It was some time before the honored guests could fathom the reason. They did not forget to extend cordial welcome, however, and soon they found themselves the recipients of two handsome gifts, Mrs.

Wilcox a set of dishes and Mr. Wilcox a desk chair. The company remained until a late hour and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening with those estimable pioneers. A beautiful supper was served at the close. Regular Meals.

25o. Rathskeller, THE FAfiGO FORUM AND DAILY" REPUBLICAN, TUESDAY, MARCH" 14, 1911. 5. STATE WEDDINGS. 'I Saturday evening the marriage of Miss Cora A.

Askew of Donovan, and Herbert H. Strobach of Grand Forks took place at the pastor's study in the First Baptist church in Grand Forks, Rev. F. W. Walker Pugh officiating.

The couple were unattended and will make their home in that city. Mhd. Y. W. C.

A. NOTE8. The first meeting the Geneva club was held last night. It was called to order the general secretary, who stated that thP object of the meeting was to elect officers and the object of the club was to find delegates and to raise money to send them to Lake Geneva to the Central City annual conference. The club will be a permanent Institution and the secretaries are pleased that although it is not large it has for its members some of the finest and best working girls of the association A good deal of interest and enthusiasm were manifested and there is reason to believe that the club will do good work.

There are a number of girl3 who will join that were not present last night. Miss Effa Browtilee and Miss Mary Johnson told of the good time and splendid conference they enjoyed last year at Lake Geneva as delegates. The following list of officers were elected: Clara Pollock. Vice Fern CrotherS. Evelyn Lysle.

Ethel Hill. These officers constitute the executive committee and will meet soon and appoint four committees one on songs and yells. After the meeting had adjourned a pleasant hour was spent socially and the house secretary and cafetera director, Mrs. Met Carthy and Miss Love, the business secretary, served refreshments. ENJOYED FORUM'S VISITS, ft) Dr.

H. Fish of Hope, who has been spending the winter in the east, writes to have his Forum address changed baek to Hope, as he expects to be home about Marcty 20. doctor reports that he received The Forum regularly while away and enjoyed its daily visits, as it kept him in touch with Fargo, Bismarck and North Dakota matters generally and that he would liave been loat without it. I At the Hotels C. E.

Swlnner of Oakes spent the day in the city. A. A. Cure of Amenla waa a Fargo visitor today. M.

H. Myhra of Davenport at the Webster. J. H. Waldorf S.

F. Sherman of Tower City was a Fargo visitor today. S. L. Smith of Casselton was In the city today on business.

Anton GIUIs of Wahpeton Is stopping at the Metropole hotel. M. S. Anderson of Hlllsboro Frank Chesebro of Casselton spent the day in business circles' in the city. TO MARRY MILLIONAIRE, Mrs c.

Corbin, the beautiful widow of the late Major General Corbin. Washington, March of the many romances which began with the Taft Philippine Junket has culminated in the report of the engagement of Mrs. H. Corbin, the beautiful widow of the late Major General Corbin, and J. C.

Schmidlapp, milionaire financier and one of the republican leaders of President Taft. It was planned, it is said, to make formal announcement of the engagement at the reunion of the Taft Philippine party, at the Dupoiu Circle residence of Miss Mabel Boardman. Mrs, Corbin, however, was not present at the reunion, and the announcement will be made at some other time. Mrs. Corbin is spending the Lenten season in Florida.

Mrs. Corbin was Miss Edith Patten, one of the famous Patten sisters, noted Washington beauties, and her marriage to General Corbin was one of the most brilliant ever held in Washington. Mrs. Corbin ig a delicate patrician type of beauty and is extremely graceful in carriage. Mr.

Schmidlapp has been a widower since 1899. His wife and daughter were killed in a railway wreck in Kansas, in which he also was badly hurt. In 1906 Mr. Schmidlapp and his daughter Charlotte were driving in Charles M. Schawb's automobile In France.

In an accident his daughter was Instantly killed and Mr. Schmidlapp was painfully injured. Mr. Schmidlapp has been prominent in republican politics In Cincinnati for years. He has often been mentioned as the logical successor of George B.

Cox as the republican leader of that city. Other romances which began with the Philippine trip were those of Representative and Mrs. Nicholas Longsworth, Representative and Mrs. Swagei Sherley of Kentucky Bourke Cockran and Miss Ide. daughter of the governor of the Philippines, and a list of minor marriages and romances that fill several pages of cupld's book, BmW 18 "FIVE." She Is Just a little taller Since she donned this added Just a tiny little taller But a thousand times as dear.

So what if the day Is stormy, Since our hearts are full of cheer. For our little bit o' baby Has put on another year. So come and love your daddy, Save a love for mother, too, And sister has five kisses She is wild to give to And let the day be good to be alive And have a little baby That has Just turned five. -Ju4 ptortimer Lewis in HoiMftOQ i The War on Current Literature: War has gen- DESTROYS LIQUOR CRAVING. Drunkermesti is a progressive disease the moderate drinker is not with two or three drinks a day, the craving for more and more becomes Irresistible as the disease advances the result Is Chronic Alcoholism.

The treatment used successfully by thousands rtKbt in their own homes is Orrhse. It Is sold with the understanding that If it does uot benefit after trial, we refund your money. Orrlne No. 1 Is the secret remedy Orrine So. 2 Is for those willing to take the treatment.

Either form fonts fl. Write for free booklet on The Orrlne Compaiiv. Orrine Building. Washington, I). C.

sold by leading druggists, and In this city by Fout 1'orterfleld. drug' gists, 91 Broadway, Fargo, K. lis, 5 608-612 First Ave. North a guest of Page the Elliott hotel. Is stopping at spent R.

H. Johnston of Towner was la the city today calling on friends. C. B. Craver of Carrlngton Is registered at the Waldorf hotel.

A. Hillger of Mayville the day in business circles, C. M. Good of Beach wag a business visitor in the city today. VM In the city today on business.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Parsons of Devils Lake are guests at the Prescott. L.

S. Temple of Bismarck was a guest at the Gardner hotel today. Will Vanholzer of Jamestown was a business caller In the city today. ifv '-r- I Mr. -m -V EVENT8.

I (5) A party was held at the home Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kottke In Granville a short time ago in honor of theii fiftieth wedding anniversary. There were about twenty-five in the party and a pleasant time was had by all until broad daylight In the morning. Mr.

and Mrs. Kottke came to this country from Russia in 1867. They settled in Wisconsin, where they resided until the spring of 1900, when they came to McHenry county and located in Kottke Valley township, which was named after them. Mr. Kottke was born In Berasuinea, Russia, Jan.

26, 1840. Mrs. Kottke was born in Waterloo. Russia, in 1841. Ten children were born to them, six of whom now sons and one daughter.

All are married and live in the same neighborhood as their parents, except John, who resides In South Dakota. tJ i erally been regarded in the past as a natural evil, to be endured rather than abated but the conscience of humanity in regard to this matter seems to be changing under our very eyes. A vast movement grown up during recent years looking toward the abolition of armies and the submission of all international dlaputes to arbitration. Its most notable achievement is The Hagus Tribunal. Its literature is already voluminous, and some of tho books It has inspired are hailed as Magna Chartas of a new time.

One publication isued first in pamphlet 'orm as Europe's Optical Delusion. and now expanded into a book entitled The Great Illusion, has just appeared simultaeously in EnglaJid, the United States, Germany, France. Denmark, Spain, Finland, Holland, Italy, Sweden and Japan. Its author conceals his identity under the nom-deplume, Norman Angel). All that Is known about him is that he Is an American living in Paris.

He received communications, he tells us, in connection with his pamphlet, from the chiefs of four states and within three months of its publication the German ambassador in made the principles outlined the basis of diplomatic pronouncement. Frenssen and Dickins. London Times: Gustav Klaus Hinrich Baas reminds one of David Copperfleld In Its long deliberate unwinding of a life history up to the middle age, and a little, too, in Its general plan, with its unhappy love marriage followed by more satisfactory union. But Frenssen ploughs deep In the field of moral and social MRS. J.

K0PELMAN IWtkanfaetmot of itealw HUMAN HAIR GOODS lusters, Puffs and Rraids made ot genuine human hair, any shade, natural wavy, soft and fluffy. EXPERT HAIR DRESSING MANICURING AND SliAMI'OOING Theatrical supplies and accessories. Ladies' Bath 514 Firtt Ave. N. Fargo, N.

D. Phone 1188. PIANO LESSONS MRS. ELIZABETH DARROW O'NHIL, Pupil of Fanny Bloomfield-Zeialer. From now until June will take a limited number of students.

For terras address 714 Eighth Street South. Phono 271-L. A. E. SHILEY 11M Seventti Ave.

We clean and repair all kinds of sewing machines and typewriters also carry government recommends. AH work guaranteed. Plume 91S. i DISTINCTION IN DRESS New Tailored Suits For Decidedly Smart, Clever $25.00, $30.00, WEDNESDAY We are showing these suits fn a great variety of new fabrics, including new High Lustre Cloths, two tone Homespuns, English Plaids and Checks, Cheviots, Serges and Worsteds. All the desirable colorings are represented.

New Spring Coats $13.50, $19.50, $22.50, $27.50, $35.00 We are showing about the largest and the most attractive collection of separate coats to be found in the city. Tweeds, shepherd checks, clear gray worsteds, French serge, new covert cloths, satins, basket weaves and wide writes are the materials- Part are developed along entirely new lines, showing the empire baek and close fitting skirt also the new Empress Coat, the Polo and Automobile Costs for spring are anions ovu new arrivals. A Word Regarding Our New Millinery Spring models are already here and scores are being added daily. These include, besides a collection of patterns, each the last whisper from Parisian masters, our own interpretations and modifications of imported models. Our showing is positively not to be excelled in Fargo.

tttd storm Helmet shaped hats of hemp, tagal and braid both in small and medium sizes, fcouis and Watteau shapes, turned up high at back and drooping at the sides. Small, flat berettas, perfectly soft and simply trimmed. Large couch shapes, capotes and poke bonnets. Bolero shapes of milan, hemp, leghorn or braid, with upturned briau Elliptic turbans coming into sharp point either at front or back. Collapsible turbans, softly folded and draped.

problems, and his plot is convincing are not obliged to take the facts on the honor of the narrator. The hero is a peasant's a piece of tough, proud, full-blooded North German humanity. His life is a strenuous battle with forces he does not understand. In one moment of bitter disillusionment he asks himself what his two great teachers, School Church, had done for him except mislead him. They had given him fables, impossible idealisms, "two gospels, the gospel of the Savios and the gospel of Schiller, but of a true, genuine knowledge of life not a vestige." How he gets this knowledge is the theme of the book a fine and moving story which flows on in a broad stream of 1m ident and character that gives a singularly powerful Impression of ths taasslveness and variety of life.

The ertftors of "Health Hints" and "Questionn and Answers" have ona question that Is put to them more often tlian any other, and whl' h. strangely enough, they And the most difficult to answer. That la "How can I cure my constipation 7" Dr. Caldwell, an eminent specialist in diseases of the stomach, liver and bowels has looked the whole Held over, has practised the specialty for forty years and is convinced that the ingredients contained in what is called Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin has the best claim to attention from constipated people.

Its success in the cure of stubborn constipation has done much to displace the use of salts, waters, strong cathartics and such things. Syrup Pepsin, by training the stomach and bowel muscles to gain do their work naturally, and with CLEANING Phone SS8 am A Header Oures His it Free Simple way for any faxnHy to retain the good health of all its members EXPLANATION object, while selfish, is educational. There are this vicinity who are not our patrons either for Dry Cleaning or Pressing, because they do not understand our service and benefit Dry Cleaning is to soiled delicate garments. We want ro impress upon you that the BEST place to send your WOVK and PRESSING THE PANTORIUM First Avenue North 60S-6I2 First Ave. North Models at $35.00 we shall make an especially interesting display of new models in Tailored a style, quality and value standpoint You will be offered practically evefy smart effect that bears the authentic impress of Fashion.

The quality and individuality which such moderate prices above will purchase will surely delight every woman of taste, of as JL 4 Ittl WILL GET STATE BANNBH. Fargo Camp of Modsrn Woodmen of America Will Emblem. The Modern Woodmen of America will be presented with the state banner tonight at their hall by State Deputy P. J. Murphy.

Following a. brief business session a regular pr" gramme will be carried out In whlcht, there will be speeches in response to the presentation of the state emblem of the order. Closing the evening there will het card playing and other social after which a lunrheon will be served by the Royal Neighbors. People who keep their clean deserve at least tion. tonic Ingredients strengthening the nerves, brings about a lasting cure.

Among its strongest supporters Mr. John Gravoline of 98 Milwaukee Detroit. Mr. J. A.

Vernon of Oklahoma City and thousands of others. It can be obtained of any druggist at fifty rents and one dollar a bottle, or if you' want to try it first a free sample bottle can be obtained by writing the doctor. Dr. Caldwell does not feel that the purchase of his remedy ends his obligation. He has spuria Used In stomach.

Hver and bowel diseases for over forty years and will be pleased to give the reader any advice on the subject freo of charge. All are welcome to write him. Whether for the medical advire' or the free sample address him Dr.W. B. Caldwell, Ml Caldwell Montlcello, 111.

in the DRY D. CUT FLOWERS tot any occasion FUNERAL DESIGNS mo abort oilca. The larfaat stock Mm r'eJms in the Northwast. Write tor our catalogue. Shofwell floral Co, Career Broadway and Street 99 rsarfla, a.

va 4 f. l. i i e. -tft.

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