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Fargo, North Dakota
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5fe 1 mr D. H. COQK, RmI I. A. IVERSON, m- 1 X.4 "ZSSt.js*/, J- I.

'F- -1 I 4 4' A h. PLANT OF THE LANS FORD MILLING CO. IPPMMMii I I f- ol, 7 v. A1 i 1 pf v4 I JOHN KENT, Furniture A Undertaking, Sf. -iAxi WM.

E. MOHR, Attorney at Law. v. FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING, GETTING READY FOR THE 1912 FUAX CROP, i 1, 1 JA, I 1 j- 1 A i JUiy-t- C- jJ ft! i v' -f 'Jlr Nilridhh 4 nov" R. C.

MORTON, Atternay at Law. -M 'afWV THE FAHOO FOKTJM DAILY BEPTTBLICAH, SATUBDAT EVENING, JANUARY IMS. llv "---tin, lifer Sv "sv f'l 1 G. A. HU88, Mgr.

PJpor Howe Lumber Yard. Langford, N. situated in the southwestern portion of Bottineau county, at the crossing of the Wheat line of the Soo railway and the Granville-Sherwood branch of the Great Northern railway. In direct opposition to all precedents Vhere two lines of railway cross, Lansford has continued to grow and flourish, and is today one of the smartest and cleanest little cities of this great and glorious state. The business men of the city are all live wires, and are forever working for the upbuilding of the city and the development of the surrounding country.

That their efforts have been eminently successful is attested by the fact that no other city of like size in North Dakota has so many of the necessary things that go to build up a fine and pleasant residence community. Lansford has ona of the best public schools in the state, and while it is not technically speaking a township school, yet all the other sub-districts of the township send their children t3 the school in Lansford. This month the high school will bo classified and will hereafter secure state aid. At the present writing a steam heating plant is being installed, and this was the last requirement necessary to secure classification. There are five rural mail routes out of the Lansford postoflice.

and the patrons of these routes are, as a rule, patrons of the business men of the city. On Jan. 19 a postal savings bank will be established in the postofflce, and this shows that Lansford grades up well with the postofioe department at Washington. Every line of business is represented in Lansford, and the lines are not overdone as in some cities. With its two banks, lumber yards, two excellent general stores, two hardware stores, three implement concerns and other lines in equal proportion, it will be seen that the wants of the surrounding country are amply provided for.

The Lansford Co. operates one of the best flour mills in this part of the state, and the farmers are always sure of a top market for their grain at the elevators and mill of this city. The farmers Of the vicinity are the progressive kind, and many of the large number of automobiles owned in the district are owned by the horneyhanded sons of toil. Despite the past two short years an atmosphere of optimism prevails, and with the fine prospects for next year's banner crop the Lansford district will have fully recovered from the tight times. This past year has not been so hard for the farmers and business men of the of, 1 Situated in the Southwestern Part of Bottineau County, in the Center of the Golden Wheat Belt of the Famous Mouse River Loop Country of North Dakota.

Lansford One of the Smartest and Cleanest Cities in the State and Everything Points Tow Its Brilliant Future. 4 m.3 i i 1 i A W. N. BRAUN, Lanaford Mill Co. 'W or A J.

C. AURE, MT0r. Chriatenaen Gen. If C. A.

ADAM8, Cashier First National Bank. B. WINNEY, Prep. Hotel Ruford. district from the fact that a very large quantity 0f i isnw mam cellent flax was raised and instances could be quoted where farmers made enough from their flax alone to pay for their land and have money in the bank.

There is not an empty residence in the city, and has not been for the past three years. With the prospects for a bumper crop this coming year much building will be in progress, as every winter a large number of the farmers who wiBh to give their children the benefit of the graded school cannot find houses in the city for their use Besides a number of the more fortunate farmers will sopn be retiring from the farm and will move to the city to lead Sr "V-'" I i 5 -i is Jt 5fJ w.y C. C. BANKS, Ganaral J. G.

WALSTAD, Vice Pree. Firat National Bank. the simple life. Among other excellent reasons why is a good town is the fact ihat a city hospital is able to exist tere, patients being received from the surrounding towns for treatment. The lospital is open to all reputable doctors and no favoritism is It is no stretch of imagination 40 ay that in ten years Lansford will be ne of the largest cities in the northern part of the state.

The business aen are public spirited and never turn sown a proposition for the betterment the city. Already plans are being matured to build more cement walks this coming summer, to plant more trees, to improve the highways leading into the city, to do a lot of systematic advertising for the good of the city, and to encourage industries to come to this excellent shipping point. The coming year will usher in a new era, for, with determination, a body of intelligent and hustling men can do wonders. The country has passed that period known as the booming period, the undesirable citizens are no longer here, the city has settled down to business, in other words, and intelligent and industrious farmers from the other states find a right royal welcome here. Many of them are coming, g.nd this next year will see many more looking Mouse river loopwards.

flood farjners are welcome, but the shiftless will not be greeted with the glad-hand. The claim shack and sod shanties are 30 more. There is only one ox team in the district, and the man owning them could sport an automobile if he wanted to. Pure blooded stock will be one of the money-making fads here from now on. Alfalfa and corn have made their entry In the farm life, and stock is needed to use the feed, and the farmers will get the stock.

They get anything they go after. Natural gas in commercial quantities has been discovered in the vicinity of Lansford, and three years ago was piped into the city and was used for two j'ears, but owing to the depressing times the company did not feel able to make 4 1 A J- mam iW 7 i yi pA -J k' '1 4 4 -o: 1 A WmKWSW, 4 "fer' 4 the necessary pairs arid do the development work that had to be done to keep the flow coming, but with one good year Lansford will again be using nature's best gift. Several farmers while drilling water wells discovered natural gas and are using it in their houses and barns. Several more will drill for gas in the spring. The future of natural gas in the Lansford district is bright, and the coming year or two will see much development work along this line.

There are over twenty bloeka of graded and gravelled streets in the city of Lansford, and the fine lawns and homes in the residence district show excellent taste and care. The city is a clean materially and morally, and it would be hard to find a more pleasant city in which to live and dies. Keep you eyes glued on Lansford, the coming metropolis of the Mouse River Loop country. She is on her way and nothing can stop her. Watch Lansford grow and grow.

IP 'S1 5 i'4" He' m. 'jfef Si 'hu 4 WM. L. BROMME. Druggiat.

i -I- 1 's fe, J. R. GEESLIN, Agent 8oo Line. At 1 1 Tb tj I tV PUBLIC SCHOOL BU ILDING, LANSFORD. 'I'ill nw'uyj" MAIN STREET LOOK IN WEST, LANSFORD.

3BR "Vi- ik i -m I r' -i 'ii I A Vi- C. KIRCH EN, Mgr. Occident Elevator Cflb I 1 Jm -1 W'' 1 WILL E. HOLBEIN, Editor Journal. fn AA' -Js 7 i i 'S A S' 1 JL 4 "'T J.


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