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The Fargo Forum and Daily Republican from Fargo, North Dakota • 2

Fargo, North Dakota
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Estftbllihed 1673. GARDNER, N. D. ARGUSVILLE, N. D.


D. N. D. Dr. F.

E. Ball. Br. J. Graves i 12, Smith Block.

Telephone 363 L. H. L. Starling. Dealist Office: Room 5, do Lendrecie Block.

Corner Front and 7th Streets Fargo. Frenette 81 BrlcKer Dentists II iniwy, ever ChristlMsee's DR. CHRISTIANSEN, Third Floor, Edwards Building. Fargo. Rote, SPECIALIST EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 5.

Edwards Building. Fargo, N. D. DR. F.

H. BAILEY DR. C. KACHELMACHER Praotice limited to diseases of the EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT Stern Block, over Fout fc Porterfield's Drug Store. Dr.

Helen deLendrecie Dr. Edward E. Baaye Osteopathic Physicians All curable diseases, acute or chrouic, PtMjcqssfully treated without drugs. Osteopathic Building, 101 Eighth St. So Telephone 853.

Fargo, N. DR. CHAREST, Specialist Electro Medical Institute RAY, FINSEN LIOHT, ELECTRO THERAPEUTICS, CHRONIC DISEASES. No. 5 Broadway, Fargo, N.

D. 15he Panftorium Will make your soiled Party Gown look Hke us send for guaranteed. 107 Broadway. 'Phone 658. r.

O. Rockwell, Prop. CALL 15 FOR HACKS or COUPES Day or Night. Jeff Young Co. Baggage Delivered at All Hours.

DON-T BE FOOLED) Genuine ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Is put uf in white packages, manufactured exclusively by the fltadison Medicine Madison, Wis. Sells at 35 cents a package. All others arc rank imitations and substitutes, don't risk your health by taking them. THHGENUINE makes sick people Well, Keeps you Well. Ail Honest Dealers el! the Genuine.

H0LL1STER DRUO CO. Madison, Wis Try a Twenty-Five Cent Meal at The Webster Hotel Steam Heat Free Bus $125 Fargo N.D. Seed Corn Home grown seed corn. Bromus inermis, timothy, macaroni wheat, oats, spelts, millets, grasses, seed grains. Write for Price List.

LaMoura Slid Hum, La Moure, N. D. B. A. BENNETT, Prop.

Trouser Season. While it is a little bit too for a whole suit, nearly everyone wants trousers. See my prices and when you look at them remember the style, quality, fit and tailoring are correct and reliable. Peter Merchant Tailor Eighth Street South, Fargo. Incorporated H.




Orders taken at the General Office in Fargo for all of the above yards. AND DAILY REPUBLICAN. THE FORUM PRINTING CO, A. V. Edwards.

Bditof. H. C. Piumlcy. VOLUME AXVII Ho.

77. Entered at Postofflce as second class matter The Fargo Forum aud Republican Is published every evening except Sunday lu the Loyal Knights Temgle, First Avenue North, Fargo, N. D. Fargo Forum and Dally Republican, bv carrier, 15c per week, or 40c per month. In advance $5 per year.

The Furgo Fornm and Weekly Republican $1 per year. The Fargo Forum and Saturday Republican, $2 per year. Single copies 5c. Subscriber? will find the date to which they have paid, printed opposite their uames on their address Blips. Address all communications rum, Fargo, N.

D. Dentist Porcelain filling, porcclain crown and bridge work a specialty Offices: Third Floor Edwards Building ACOKN VSD OHttEN KBANHKITEN Sf Ml III SJl'KDOMER DR. BEAUDOUX The Ruao-Japanese war, holds the center of me stage and politicians complain they are unable to attract the attention of the people. So far Judge Ryan seems to have no opposition as a candidate for city justice. He was appointed to fill an unexpired term and the popular Celt seems to have made everyone.

Since young Vanderbilt went a mile in thirty-nine seconds in his auto in of the editors are planning to get one of the machines to see if they can overtake a few delinquent subscribers. Illinois republicans are said to have worked up a combination to defeat Yates for governor and Cullom for senator by electing Lowden to the executive chair and sending Congressman Warner to the upper branch of the national legislature. The demand for more room for the city schools is an indication of the rapid growth of Fargo. Despite the additional buildings erected within comparatively recent dates the school officials" claim that nearly every building is overcrowded and more room is imperative. Few towns in North Dakota are without banks.

The state law regarding their establishment is liberal and the report of the public examiner shows they are in good condition. There is a rapidly increasing number of the more pretentious state institutions that are being converted into national banks under the last law, which requires only $25,000 THE FAltCO rontht Atffr DAI it MOORETON, N. B. BARNEY, N. D.


FEB. 15, 1904. O'FICIAL PAPER OP CASS COUNTY. FORUM TELEPHONE CALLS. Business Office 504L Composing Room 504M Editorial Room 639L Local Reporters and News FARGO TIME TABLE.

Trains Arrive. N. east, 5:15 p. p. m.

5:30 a. m. 5:40 n. tt p. 01.

N. west, 7 a. 9:25 p. 10:55 p. m.

F. S. west, 7:05 p. m. O.

M. St. sooth, 12:01 p. and 6 p. m.

G. east, 5:10 a. 6:00 p. m.r 7:45 p. 5:45 p.

m. G. west, 3:82, 10:19 p. m. Moorhead Northern arrives 8:45 p.

m. Trains depart. N. east, 7:10, 8:00 a. 9:40 and 11:10 p.

m. N. west, 6:00, 730 F. S. west, 8:30 capital.

The bill before congtess to aid: vance the salaries of rural mail carriers from $600 to $720 will meet the endorsement of the people of the northwest. In this section each carrier has to purchase and maintain a rig and must have from three to six hOrses to be able to make his trips regularly. All this expense and his own time is for merely month. a The people of the state and those of Fargo, particularly, are beginning to appreciate the magnificent work being done at the North Dakota Agricultural College in Fargo by President Worst and his able corps of workers. The institution takes high rank with those of the rest of the United States and the faculty includes some of the brightest minds in the country.

This year lack of room to accommodate the hundreds of students who wished to attend has proven a great handicap, but President Worst hopes to secure THE PERPETUAL There is going on every hum a a body between health and disease. On one side are poor food, bad air, over-work, worry, colds, accidents. On the other are sunshine, rest, cheerfulness and nourishment. The reason Scott's Emulsion fights so powerfully for: health is because it gives so much more nourishment than you can get in any other way. Get in tne sunlight and try Scott's Emulsion.

We'll send you a sample free upon SCOTT BOWNE, 409 Pearl Street, New York. the new buildings before the term. It is claimed the Japs have no swear words. The Russians will need quite an extended assortment of the god of war is not more favorable to them soon. From the appearance of the Sidewalks in the business sections of the city there might be a more general enforcement of the anti'-expectorating ordinance.

There are still a whole lot of two legged hogs who seem to be so filthy that they prefer to expectorate on the sidewalk rather than out in the street. The cold weather perpetuates and the snow mirrors their gross disregard for common decency. The leading farmers of the Vtaite seem well pleased over the transfer of the grain and stock growers' annual meeting to the control of the state farmers' institute board. This will insure the publication of the proceedings of the convention in the institute annual so every farmer who was unable to attend the sessions can at least read about them. The popularity of tfie annual conventions was demonstrated by the increased attendance at the session.

a. 5:25 a. and 7:30 p. m. m.

C. M. St. south, 7:00 a. G.

east, 3:32 p. 7:80 a. 8:15 a. 10:10 o. m.

G. west, 5:10 a. and 6:00 p. m. Moorhead Northern departs 6:20 a.

to. N. D. MATTERS. The fallowing postmasters have been appointed in NortH Dakota: Sigurjon J.

Erikson at Hallson, Penkbina County, vice P. J. Skjold, resigned, and Martin O. Florence of Union, Cavalier County, vice Ole Fauskee, resigned. The secretary of the interior has affirmed the decision of the commissioner of the general landoffice holding for cancellation the homestead entry of Annie.

B. Maloney for the ne. of sec. 27, twp. 158 r.

77 80 1904 The large attendance at alt iib. state institutions of learning indicates the ambition of the North Dakota youth to be well equipped for intelligent effort later on. Hundreds ofi young men and. women find their finances and their duties to their parents will not permit them to take full four year courses, but they are taking a vantage of the special and shoft' courses and their industry and application demonstrate their intention to make the most of the opportunities Offered. Devils Lake land district, N.

D. The secretary of the interior has also affirmed the decision of the commissioner of the general landoffice dismissing the decision of Aeml Hein against the of Joseph Lynch for, the nej4 of sec 25, twp. 159 r. Devils Lake land district, N. D.

The Hanover National Bank of New York City has been approved by the comptroller of the treasury as a reserve agent of the First National Bank of N. D. REVIVAL OF OLD SCHEME. 4 It is announced on authority that the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. of New York is getting out estimates, plans and specifications for the complete electric equipment contracts for the proposed Red River Valley trolley line which is to run between the.

cities of Crookston, Grand Forks and Fargo. No figures of the estimates and details of the plans have as yet been divulged, and are not yet completed, and none of these facts will be given out until the contracts are ready for approval and have been signed. It is said on Wall Street that J. Fj. Booker of Crookston is interested in the line, and provided the eastern capitalists are not satisfied with the cost estimates, he is credited with saying that the proposed line will be built during the coming summer with western capital.

The project as given out by Mr. Booker will cost in the neighborhood of $100,000. $50 It is not yet known whether the plans are being made for the purpose of interesting eastern capitalists, or whether the matter is to be taken up entirely by western Eastern capitalists who have been approached in regard to the matter say that it should be a highly profitable investment as the line is to traverse the richest country in the northwest, and some of them are credited with stating that if western capital will take a reasonable amount of the shares in the concern. they would take stock. The fact that the parties interested in the matter have gone to the enormous expense of obtaining all the plans and estimates, makes it practically certain that the line will be built during the coming summer, and the people interested are having the plans rushed to 1 their completion so that everything can ready for early commencement of construction on the work.

i ti JIHMI.W STORIES. Over in a Southside school there a boy with a thoroughly original mind. The other day the teacher called him up in the grammar class, and said: "Tommy, give me a sentence and we'll see if you can change it to the imperative mood." "The horse draws the said Tommy. "Very good. The horse draws the cart.

Now change the sentence to a neat imperative." "Gee-up," said the young hopeful. The favorite pastime of a certain young man employed as a clerk in'one of the Front Street stores is tos read of some deadly disease, preferable a new one, go to bed, imagine he has it, lie awake all night, seek Dr. Darrow in the morning and get assurance that he is in perfect health and then go 'back cheerfully to work. One morning not long ago he turned up at the doctor's just as the( man of medicine was getting into his carriage. "I'm in a hurry," called the doctor, "and can't stop to see you, but it's all right you haven't got it." "Haven't got what?" demanded the astonished clerk.

"Whatever you think you've got. Not a symptom of it. Good bye," and he' drove away. "Well, now," said the clerk, turning to a telegraph pole as the only witness of the scene, "that's the time he's mistaken. I know I've got in my pocket to pay his last bill but if he's sure I haven't I'll try tovget in line with his diagnosis, and he dropped up the street and sat in a little game of draw, which came out as he expected.

A Fargo man tells this story of his first assignment as a newspaper reporter. He was sent out to write up an accident where an Irish hod carrier was injured in a fall from a building. He arrived just as two officers were assisting the injured man into an ambulance. "What's his name?" asked the cub reporter, at the same time pulling out his pad and pencil. The Irishman heard him and mistaking the reporter for the timekeeper 011 the job, exclaimed with a look of disgust covering his face: "Isn't it trottble enough to fall three stories without being docked for the few minutes I lose goin' to the hospital?" A 19-year-old The girl was gone two hours and returned, out of breath.

"Didn't your chum return?" Justice Ryan asked her. "Yes, she returned and brought the hat and coat with her, bttt her arrested anyway." "What for?" "Because she wanted to make an impression on my sweetheart," the girl said. "She had seen him once and knew that I had an appointment with him. So she took my new clothes and kept the appointment herself, and, having no new coat and hat to wear. I could not go.

So I want her arrested." "But you cannot have her arrested for trying to steal your friend," the court said. "I am very the gill replied. "I will have to move, ANOTHER VETERAN GONE. Pratt, N. D.j Feb.

McHenry County in The rum: Alexander Baylee of Deep River was born in Ireland in 1834, North Dakota in came to 1881, was a pioneer of 1900. a After a severe illness of some months Liquozone is the only way known to kill germs in the body without killing the tissues, too. It is the only way to end the cause of any germ disease. It -is also a vitalizing tonic with which no other known product can compare. It is new in America, and millions who need it don't know of it.

For that reason, we make this remarkable offer. We will buy the first bottle and give it to you if you need it. We will do this gladly to let the product itself show you what it can do. We Paid $100,000 For the American rights to highest price ever paid for similar rights on any scientific discovery. We did this after testing the product for two years, through physicians and hospitals, in this country and others.

We paid it because Liquozone does what all the skill in the world cannot do without it. Any drug that kills germs is a poison, and it cannot be taken internally. Every physician knows that medicine is almost helpless in any germ disease. Not Liquozone is the result of a process which, for more than 20 is, woi. Will he passed away at his home Jan.

1904. 9 grrl appeared in tice Ryan's court last week and asked for the arrest of her roommate on a charge of larceny. "My roommate has left and taken my new hat and my new coat," she said, "and I want to have her arrested." "Don't you think she will come backsoon?" asked the court. y.yl\ "Well, you go to the room and wait a few hours. Then, if she does not return with your property you can have her the justice said.

Will A 50c. Bottle of Liquozone and Give it to You to Try, paratus and 14 Not a SKin Most people have an idea that rheumatism is contracted like a cold, that damp, chilly air penetrates the muscles and joints and causes the terrible and pains, or that it is something like a skin disease to be rubbed away with litiiBient or drawn out with plasters but Rhuematism originates in the blood and ip Caused by Urea, or Uric Acid, an irritating, corroding poison that settles in cles, joints and nerves, producing inflammation and soreness and the sharp, cutting pains peculiar to this distressing disease. Bowline Green, Ky. Exposure to bad weather or sudden Chilling of the body will hasten an at- my shoulders, arms tack of Rheumatism after the blood and below the knee. I could not raise mjr aystem are in the right condition for it arm to comb my hair.

Doctors prescribe! to develop, but have nothing to do with s. One real true causes qf Rheumatism, sometimes reduce the inflamma- because they do not reach the seat of 9, highly esteemed by a large circle of friends and neighbors, who sincerely sympathize with the bereaved family. Cor. L. LOST SOME SHEEP.

Dickinson Press: S. Sedore had a little bad luck at-his sheep ranch near South Heart in the storm last week. The morning of Feb. 1 Mr. Sedore took the train to Dickinson to get some supplies and by the time he arrived the storm had set in and he was unable to get back until the following morning.

The sheep, some over 1,600, were taken out, to graze by'Thomas Roberts. The storm came up suddenly and Mr. Roberts did his best to get the sheep back into the corrals, but, unaided in the fury of the wind and snow, he was unsuccessful and the passed the ranch and commenced to drift. Mr. Roberts stayed with the band all A.

WALL I LUMBER DEALER I Corner Front and Elevonth Strooto, Fargo, N. D. 1 Takes Knowledge 11 It takes knowledge as well as drugs to properly fill prescriptions If days' time, these gases are made part of the liquid product. The result is a product that does what oxygen does and oxygen is the very source of vitality, the most essential element of The effects of Liquozone are exhilarating, vitalizing, purifying. Yet it is a germicide so certain that we publish on every bottle an offer of $1,000 for a disease germ that it cannot kill.

The reason is that germs are vegetables and Liquozone an excess of deadly to vegetable matter. That is why Liquozone kills every disease germ, and with a product which to body is life. GerfflMeftseK These are the known germ diseases. All that medicine can do for these troubles is to help Nature overcome the germs, and such results are indirect and uncertain. Litfuozone kills the germs, wherever they are, and the results are inevitable.

By destroying the cause of the trouble, it invariably ends the disease, and forever. Asthma Abhcess-Anemia Bronchitis Blood l'oit-on ir Brlnht's Disease Bowel Coughs -('olds Consumption i'j Constipation Catarrh--Caneer Dfsentrv-- Diarrhea Dandruff -Dropsy years, has been the constant subject of scientific and chemical researth. Its virtues are derived solely from gas, made in large part from the best oxygen producers. By a process requiring immense ap- 1 r- lay Fever- Ciiiney Diseases ua Grippe iver Troubles Jlalarm -Neuralfla Slaoy Heart Troubles (Vies --Pneumonia ibetnimtisin Diseases rufula--Hvphilgls Stomach Troubtp and decided to try it. Immediately I Which are internal and not external.

menced its use 1 felt better, and remarked Liniments blasters and rnhhitw to mother that I was glad I had at last iyimments, piasters ana ruDbing BOirie re the trouble. S. S. S. cures Rheumatism because it attacks it in the blood, the Uric Acid poison is neutralized, the sluggish night.

In the morning after his terrible night 011 drug store, and on the degree of knowledge depends the degree of value of the Fout Porterfield! I Wholesale and Retail Druggists Broadway, Fargo, N. 9. i i ye Buy wf I continued its use and am entirely well. I will always deepl jr tion and swelling and ease the pain for interested in the success of S. S.

S. sinola time, but fail to relieve permanently mm wnnirnw ALICE HOBTOIk oulation stimulated and quickened, and soon the fcem is purified and cleansed, the aching muscles andL i a i a i i a i a a a a i cure of this most painful disease effected. S. S. S.

is a harmless vegetable remedy, unequalled- as a blood purifier and an invigorating, pleasant tonic. Book on Rheumatism wilf be mailed free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC COATLANTA, GAf 1 1 1 the prairie, without food or shelter, he found that a few hundred had been cut off from the main band and that out of the number sixty had perished. If Mr. Roberts could have kept the sheep together he wpuld not have had any loss and as it is Mr.

Sedore is well satisfied. BOOZE FOR PHILIPPINES. Dickinson Press: The N. P. round house stalls and the car repair shoti' sight this week on the arrival.

train from hours on tfie refrigerator-cars of beer, wine and cheese for the Philippines. The cars had to Ijje housed on account of the severity of the weather. It crowded things up so that it was very difficult to do anything and' there was not room enough left to houiq.all the engines. 3 ffi Ulcers -riooocele Women's 1)1 i a a i r- a I A i tlon -all catuirli fill thi of impure or poisonous blood aS a Liquozone costs 50c. Bottle If you need Liquozone, and hatfr never tried it, please send us coupon.

We will then mail you an der on your local druggist for a size bottle, and we will pay your ourselves for it. This is free gift, made to convince you to shoiy you what Liquozone is, and what it do. In justice to yourself, please cept it to-day, for it places you no obligation whatever. 50c. and $1.

CUT OUT THIS COUPON Lh.ih 7Jot appear again. Fill out Sm Jm 'wVl'S8" Ozone 468-460 Wabash Chicago. My disease is I have never tried Liquozone, bnt if 90a supply me a 60c. bottle free I will ukeit 1 s. 4 Give fall.

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