The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 26, 1967 · Page 29
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 29

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1967
Page 29
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Thursday, Jon. 26, 1967 WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Round WASHINGTON -It's been carefully hushed up, but the United States appeared close to peace in Vietnam two weeks before Christmas - then an Air Force raid blew the works. The Russians, at the urging of the State Department, has been pressuring the North Vietnamese to negotiate, and North Vietnam appeared about ready to sit down at a truce table. It was understood that bombing raids would be held up during the preliminary talks/ Just as the Soviet talks were progressing apparently favorably, our Air Force, on December 13, dumped a big load of bombs on the suburbs of Hanoi. That blew the peace talks. The State Department, red- faced, explained to the Russians that this was not deliberate sabotage of their efforts, but a bombing mission which had been scheduled two or three weeks earlier and delayed by weather. The Pentagon in Washington forgot to tell the commanders In the field to hold up raids while the talks were in progress. - o - - RUSK THE HAWK- Secretary of State Rusk has turned out to be the biggest hawk inside the Johnson Cabinet. During the hottest staff meeting since Rusk took over the State Department, some staff members argued that we must show positive interest in any peace signal from Hanoi. This would permit the North Vietnamese leaders to take a step toward the truce table without losing face, all-important in the Orient. But Secretary Rusk ruled out any face-saving. He maintained that North Vietnam must be defeated decisively in order to discourage future guerrilla wars. Our response to any peace hints, he ruled, should be coldly skeptical until North Vietnam and the Viet Cong have taken enough punishment to teach all communists a lesson. Rusk won the argument-though he did agree that we shouldn't push the war so aggressively that it brings in Red China. - o - -SOVIET-U.S. TREATY- President Johnson considers his most important foreign policy to be easing tensions between the communist countries of Europe and the West. He believes that if Russia and the United States can get along, these two powerful countries can preserve the peace. DREW PEARSON To this end, Nicholas Katzenbach, the new Undersecretary of State, is quietly lobbying with key Senators for approval of the Soviet-American consular treaty to increase the number of consulates in both countries. FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover blocked approval of the treaty last year. Now, Hoover is sore at Katzenbach for making public the wide-scale wire tapping of the FBI So Senate ratification of the consular treaty and approval of the President's most important foreign policy may still depend on a personal vendetta over wire tapping. - o - - ADAM'S POWELLISMS- Adam Clayton Powell is about the only Congressnun who doesn't address the President of the United States as "Mr. President." He calls him "Baby." .... The other day Rep. Wayne Hays of Ohio, chairman of the subcommittee that investigated Powell, was showing the 'Harlem Representative a complimentary newspaper editorial from Ohio which read, "Ohio may need Wayne Hays," remarked Powell, "but Adim doesn't." - o - - JUSTICE IN MISSISSIPPI - Judge Harold Cox, former roommate of Sen. Eastland, has refused to call a federal grand jury in Mississippi in two murder cases, that of 14 white men accused of killing a Negro leader in Hattiesburg and 18 white men charged with the slaying of three civil rights workers near Philadelphia, Miss. Judge Cox, believe it or not, has refused to call these grand juries until the Johnson administration requests a grand jury investigation of the Head Start program in Mississippi. The Head Start program is aimed at helping small children get started in public schools. There is nothing violent, or criminal, or remotely resembling murder about the program. Nevertheless, a federal judge in Mississippi refuses to call grand juries in two infamous and flagrant murder cases until the Justice Department calls a grand jury to investigate a program to help young Negro children. Incidentally, Byron de la Beckwith, the Mississippian who was twice tried for the murder of Medgar Evers, Negro representative of the NAACP in Mississippi, is considering running for lieutenant governor of Mississippi. Evers was shot from ambush while entering his home in 1963. Beckwith was tried for murder after his fingerprints were found on the rifle discarded near the Evers home, but was not convicted. Now he is considering running for lieutenant governor. - o - -REAGAN, THE EDUCATOR - While Gov. Ronald Reagan is cutting the budget of the University of California, another Republican governor has been trying to equal another California governor's record in helping education. Nelson Rockefeller has authorized 56 new state colleges in New York, nearly as many as the 60 new colleges previously established by Gov. Brown in California. Gov. Rockefeller knows, as did Gov. Brown, that when a boy is a dropout after he goes through grammar school, he'll earn only $150,000 during his entire life. If he continues through college, he'll earn $470,000. So, while other governors are fighting against dropouts, Gov. Reagan is requiring force-outs. A California youth unable to pay $400 a year tuition will now lose $300,000 over his lifetime in earnings for lack of a college education. Furthermore, a boy who can't go to college frequently is classified 1-A and ends up not in the classroom but on the firing line. The University of California was founded because Abraham Lincoln established land grant colleges. It may have been his greatest emancipation proclamation. It was a long, hard pull before these universities of the people, by the people, and for the people pulled up even with the rich, privately endowed ivy league colleges of the East. But in California they did. Yet 24 hours after taking office, Gov. Reagan cracked down on this hundred years of progress. Thomas Jefferson, a liberal in his day, asked that there be carved on his tomb not that he had been President of the United States but founder of the University of Virginia. That's how important he felt education to be. Ronald Reagan, when he dies, may be known as toe conservative governor who not only failed to conserve, but who wrecked one of California's greatest assets the university education of its youth. -- BETTER AMBASSADOR — The House Democratic caucus was grim when it met behind closed doors to discipline Rep. Adam Clayton Powell. "I'm betting tired answering all this criticism In the newspapers and from my own constituents, intimating that we are a bunch of crooks because we don't throw out Adam Clayton Powell," declared Udall. "But I think we have a responsibility to discipline him here by taking away his chairmanship, even though I shall vote to seat him as a member of the House. They hadn't heard of... Electric Water Heating But you have! • You know an electric water heater is fast and convenient.,. can be placed anywhere in your home. • You know an electric water heater is a guarantee that you'll have plenty of hot water for a shower . . . washing clothes . . . washing dishes . . . whatever you want. • You know an electric water heater is another way to modern electrical living . . . with your magic servant, Electricity! Algona Municipal Utilities Voter Asks Questions In School Bond Matter Dear Editor and Friends: Let's call a spade a spade. We are all being asked to vote "yes" on the school board building and improvement issue. We are being asked to tax ourselves to the tune of around two million dollars, - give or take a few paltry hundred thousand. An! let there be no mistake in anyone's mind that each individual will pay his full share, year by year, if the vote is affirmative. Or will he ? 1 really mean, will he pay his full share of educating all of our youth ? Som? peculiar things have been going on in this community through the years ind I'm asking each of you to candidly view himself in the light of truth, justice and :harity as regards some of the following occur- ences. What stand did you take then, what did you do, how do you feel today ? About thirteen years ago an enlargement to the Algona school district was voted upon. The talk in town was "vote for it because your taxes will go down." And so it was duly voted "for" and carried. The taxes in town did go down, and the taxes in the country did go up. Way up. Way, way up out of all proportion to the approximately 80additional students, (not already paying tuition) that were then newly enrolled in the Algona Public UTTERS TOTMI EDITOR School District. Ani dD you think you could dig this tax cost information out of the avid proponents of the "let's shift the taxes to the property owners" group. Not unless you could read It out of their double talk. Of course there were lots of innocent boosters - and you may have bean one of those. One of the important points to bear in mind hare Is that you rural people voted upon yourself more than your fair share of property taxes. You're outnumbered and besides you're m^re likely to get another set of parking meters to keep Mr. Rural and visiting customers on the tmve so he doesn't spend too much time in town and to bo sure he leaves Algona real mad. Now, let's mention another fact. Our Catholic citizens built a $2,000,000 set-up. Named it Garrigan after some long ago Irish bishop. It takes care of nearly as many kids as the Algona Public High School. And it relieved the public school of a lot o! students that transferred plus relieving the public school of the cost of educating students coming of high school age, and it cost yen nothing in personal property tax. How many times has anyone thanked their Catholic neighbors and friends for this gift? And each year that they support this school they do give a gift. When St. Cecelia's High School sometime ago used the public school gym to play basketball they even had to pay the public school a fee for use of the gym. Their parents were paying their full assessed taxes, and still are, and these students had m equal rights to facilities. Your local school board, your school administrative officials, past and present, need to examine their consciences and see how thay really do stack up as regards justice and charity. We now have a specially selected ajid indoctrinated local group of school boosters working hard for the education and progress of our youth. Thayhave passed the tests of reliability and loyalty of the promoters. This grojp is composed of Protestants, Catholics, Jews, - and possibly "Infidels." Our "advisory committee" is well intentioned, but it works in behalf of a program that proposes to write a "blank check" for 1 1/2 million dollars (plus the $435,000 already on hand) for a school and 10 explanation is even given as to wlut is to be constructed, except being described as "adequate." When the vote is over, and if it passes, you'll probably never hear of the committee again, anymore than we have in past bond matters. The public is laboring under a tremendous tax load to keep up our public school system. Let's just suppose the public school system also had to educate the 491 present enrollment at St. Cecelia's Academy and the 512 students at Garrigan, an additional total of 1,003. Brother! In their quest for votes for the new school bond issue, how many times his anyone thaiked those who are bearing a far greater than their share of the cost of educating oar youth ? I'm thinking again of those people, both Protestant and Catholic, who are paying for and educating their children in private and parochial schools anywhere from first grade through college and are not using the tax-supported local and state schools. Tha state has m j ny denominational colleges, none tax-supported. Whether I vote for or against the local school bond issue remains to be seen. There are many questions unanswered. A vote against the school bond issue isn't exactly like voting against motherhood. There is another way out. That's what the Garrigan people did. Instead of voting a bond issue, just pay for it by pledges. That WOULD be a rather shocking approach, wouldn't it ? When could I stop by and pick up your $3,000 ? /S/ R. N. Bickert P. S. Did you know '.hat the "worker" group has a plan to call you on Voting Day if you're a "FOR" but if you're a "NO" you get the silent treatm?nt. Algona (la.) Upper D*t Molntfl-9 Tonight after 8 AND Sunday CALL ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.* FOR $100 • OR LESS 'Etcepi Hawaii and Aliski. Thtee-minutt station rate, additional lime equally low U) cosl Plus ta> Northwestern Bell AROUND THE TOWN & COUNTRY Meet Jim McEnroe Of Algona Our Country Neighbor this week is James T. McEnroe, 45, who lives 1 1/2 miles east of Algona on McGregor road where he farms a total of 440 acres with his father, Frank, who at the age of 82 still manages to take an active part in the operation. Jim has lived In the same house for the past 33 years. During 1966, he had 131 acres of corn, 130 acres of beans and 65 acres of pasture. The Mc- Enroes also have cattle and horses on the place and Jim who likes dogs and horses, thinks working with corn is his favorite job on the farm. He is a member of the National Farmers Union and the Algona Bit and Spur Club. He enjoys reading, woodworking, upholstery, swimming and horseback riding as hobbies. Jim was born here in 1921, son of Frank and the late Fay McEnroe. He has four sisters. Mrs. McEnroe is tha former Jeannette Marie Buscher, daughter of Mi', and Mrs. Joe Buscher, Sr., Algona. She was born at Humboldt and they were married June 1, 1949 after meeting earlier through a mutual friend. Mrs. McEnroe is also a member of the Bit and Spur Club and likes most of Jim's hobbies also, plus ice skating and sewing. They both enjoy the Kiwanis Travel Series and Community Concert Series each year. They have four children, Hazel, student at Mt. Loretto Convent, Dubuque, Ruth, a senior at Garrigan High, Jamas, Jr., a third grader, and Billy in the first grade. (UDM Polaroid Flashfoto) Buscher Brothers ImpL Minneapolis Mollrtt — Kdly-Ryan — N»w \d»a farm Machinery N. Mala It PhoM 2M4U1 Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" Plumfclni • KultM Ihttl M«<»4 ' Cu of Oil Wiitr •r*t*n>i Compltli rixlufli 1'honr J9S-M40 ALGONA Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel AlfOM Farm Machinery — Trucks — Tires AHIi.ClMllMH Oliver OMC Train TltM BUSCHER BROTHERS pack twelve years of experience and knowledge into their location on North Main Street. Gib and Dick Buscher know the wants and needs of area farmers. They handle only the very best in farm equipment , . . brand names you know and trust . . . including Minneapolis-Moline, Kelly-Ryan, New Idea, Papec and Knipco. Stop in and see BUSCHER BROTHERS today ! BUSCHER BROS. IMPLEMENT Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery BOTH QUALITY I SERVICE Located east of oo highway 18. 1015 No, Main Algona, Iowa Phone 295-3588 PATRONIZE THE SPONSORS ON Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR THUCK8 Sales & Service

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