The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 26, 1967 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1967
Page 11
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JWFBJSST3»«S SUGG2S7JC** ***>t- -T'» -•» -.'.'^.- .".I •; ,c- * r-*1"C<* fill- ^ "••-•; ^.i" -v,- 'r ~,^---^'-.-•• ;••• s- -rt--- -•,- * - -• rt -* --r.-i -ii t* 1 /*'* i*'' :-.« rr«*t C*2 THK K, ». 4 &K* 7/MJ.K&, Wtix t ? KL'BLWm?«J CO, z*;*'r-f r,r, •;*.+. g's^-^t fr.Ct rs *<J .jT,rr 4-'-; *'., : 'y by on yfl- Kj ^v/r ••'r,*-'j' D%~.c<'s*i, ed i^i K>'.. i -!» r.o/ f^«j c v/'r.'»»! 'r'j rf.-e^T, cf o Greet 3 n:<jhtrr,/3f8, nt, ;', th* rc.<jt?*r «•? Cl /!' P'-g'-.M, //'?.- *n «h% c5'>» rfemc.ijtroflonj prdsi^.ig trot tr« r./T*dt r/jt r.v gor,« for er-sygh, faif !-,. "Sfflnj r'r.» Hand That r**di T'n»rn." y ri*};{»o'&'s, fso, -//a» ho-« h* -«cj a!- C^r.grett, ^!*odir,g v/Irh them, >h»rn, to '<*»p their goc<i v/ill, H*, not rising 'r,»rd a» h» did b«-fo.«e op. hoi d»«;d«d to tit 'ea«'< o v/>:|«' and i!(f/ .T.OC* on »h» Con- upc,n ths oppoiition port/, Bv» of tfc« V/or, lh» Praildnr.t, y/oi ftrml* eon b« r.o fi»r»h*r do-jfct o-bo-jl it, rlarr or v/rorg, v/e or» !r» VJttnom !o Ort'l it ;| V/OTi. So Itt'l r.^rry ar.d g»t it o/«r v/ith! V/« dor.'t var.r 'jr ( ofh»r Pr«iid*r.»i«il tior,. i/i «r,ich »h» ilo^fjn v/oi: "Don't Chonga Hsrtti ir» th* Mlddf* of ths St 1 Q ( tot w;$L n T I 0 k^ffurn 0 / HATIONAL Spi*a«l tditor of )h» Mown City Glob*. r»c* r*pririt»d o quote from the y/'j|hir,gtr,n 'D.C./ Pott In y/hich it hod b*«n *i'3-vr*d out thot i» ;o»ti 1332 000 10 kill on» »r.*rr,y *oldi*r in Vittr.rjrn. Thil Isd columniit Art fc'j'.r///old to i<.ygg»it that a l«n coitly toM.'or. to th« v/rjr rr.ight b* to offer an/on* y/ho 'j*i*rt» frorr; th« other «i'J» a $25,000 horri», frc* •ducotior. for hit children, color T'V 'jf;'j a ft// other ir.ducs 40* AVB., J«, O/i* Y««f. I/, ndvi.l KATKM IN «. fi»//,l /,««i>*l/ aUIWCHIITION HA'IKU WmiiK AHKA I.J OKPIC'IAI, CITY AND COUNTY NKWWI'APKH AOVBHTIHINO IIATKH ON THK WKKK'H I.KTTKKt "I Hill li Kill, IH yi'iin olil I Jikv n buy wlin U IV y«nr» old. I liflvo bum uoliiu wllh lilui fn( i|ull« o wlillt, l.iilcly, ho I'U« l/ecdiiK" vny liiiiloim und run iiaiUly (land II If I lulk lo ollmr Ixjyi wlin me invrely frlendi of mini'. Wo me mil uoliiK ult'uily, •I lonil IIB Inn nu! u«kv(l in« id KO tlendy, llul, wu ilu dnlo viu'li wsfkBiul and gv« wry much of ««i'li ulhvr. 1 wunl lo know If yini call Iliul Kolng nlvudy, If tlio boy hui no I ntktnl you lo KO •twudy, I would ulso illto to know If you tlilnk II li iluhl fur him lo uil ni liv iloet luwisrd me, (veil ijtoufcili wu urn mil liulnu ilnuilyt 1 Would ||k« lo KO •ttituly with him vsiy much, but dun'l you ililuk I ihuuld wall viiilll. or tf, I if aiki me lo go •lenity bvfort 1 tell unvuno we art? 1 mean, all my frlendi Ililuk we «u> becautv w« Uol« tu ufien," * * * One of the more lemible for lo*/o It on« th'jt v/o^ld protect ordinary cili/er.i or f>rof*»tior.'j| people from being iu*d for dorrioget ofter vol'yrit'jrily giving old to 'jri octident vi'.tirn. Lending fj helping hand ot pr«i»r.t, it t»»rnt, might retull and hot r«J- lulled in iwitt for civil du Governor Reugun of Culifornlu in rnoking or>» of the rriott inturstliny e/perirngntt in recent hiilory. Us propotet o re.jl cut in gov- ernrnentfjl budget, Mo/r this cornet out, 'and //hoi riupperit to hit propotalt, //ill bij rnotl Interfiling, For And About Teenagers OUR HK|.|.Y, Your /,|» m u Ililuk you ur« goii.u .|« 0 cly b«. cauis thcr« U no douUl of ihn fact. You urv logetlmr «v«ry w»«k«nd, and inofg fr«uu««illy. HI you Indicated. Hut, you hnvsn't inudv uny furiiittl Bnre«inRiili, Yuu Imvu/i vv«n adiiillled (u ou« auullier that you havfl d«v»lo|>ad a pal- Urn of bulng logelhtr at nmcii «• loo |,| III DO ObllKflllOII I'"' I (.f I'll llf, ,,f y,, u . IIHVl! bnil K"I'IK IO«t;l Home MIDI', II »li,,ul.l i W | illlflcujl for y,,,, („ , u j(, • ivcr (iinl (| tT |,| t j u » ( With rim, uiiolhl'/' r.v l«ll>, I. fM> ANU A10 « WMMUNII* ANU »UIU«IANMII| IMyiCI. rdAntHrwIIF, Kf , ir.s ' nr Ikj =c;7 s-srs Jtzaper -i-rrr? __ .. — . : v.r-.z—i 2 a Gr^u.-rd.i.-.x Eta-20 TOSS AGO 'fl&SJUL of scr/v oc *i4 ir%a r. 24 i..! -v-.ri t; Al- 4 :;r,c-.i ui :spcr^. rij'jij •v.± ±g /•"—. oi 1L-. aal M.-s. O-.-val ?^- -.=. i^l S-ils A-'az, :^/Ar: S.-.E. :i llr. arj: Mrs. Lsccarc 7/coi, sen. :i llr. szd II:s. Leocar. '«ccc, iH 0' LlTTi~e, "B-sTS s. Tie Htorr. waj sapeciaii)- ir% ™ Sat !: casjs aisr i -»*%ac cf uir-spri.-^ ^fti, irji jT-iC^eaily an sx^ zAli&l ava.y. Betm%a Aia. arjii Baser eft, ra^na Ii- il tfcat aicut "i cars -were ii li drtfta on '^,-n.y 153. 7/i.-jls betv^^r. 35 aid 40 mtlss a/i hwir vers recorder! on wea- tii%r Durlc« ths bllzzird, a night fire caused a loss o: about $3,QC<i on fcs feroi of Curtis Qulnn, thres mllss sout/.west of V/hit- Umore. Tf.3 h-og house Wis coroplstsly dsstroyed, -«rlto 40 togs, «orae of tr.em weighing aa m:;ch as 500 Ibs., bjrned. - o - Mr. and Mrs, FrarJc Foley, E4v/ard Farrell ar^d Gene Slaven, all 01 WWttsmore, left for Rlchmottl, Call!., where they would Wait Mr. arid Mrs. Francis FarreU, They planned to be gone three weeks. - o - Mrs, Mitch Taylor of Algona v/ifl honored it the Fentonchurch at a post-nuptial shower. A ilce program v/as given and many lovely gifts were received by the honoree. Mrs. Taylor was toe former Lorraine W/.llrettofFen- U/n, - o - Mrs. L L. Lease, V/esley, v/as brought homo from the Kos- Buth hospital in Algona where she hi/1 \AMI a patient tor several days, She had slipped on ice as she got out of her car at her home, and both bones were broken al/ove the ankle. Her leg would be In a cast tor several weeks. - o - Mrs. John V/eber a/id Mrs. John {,'diulz wereco-tiowtesst-sto tlie Irvliii/ton Women's Club. Mrs. Perry Hillllpa, club president, prtuWed. Uilh A'inia, Ajgona 11- brai Ian, preuented tlie major part of Um :itf(unoofi'« program giving intere»tlji<{ facts atout the library a/vi a ali'jil book review. i!r. and Mrs,, Conrad Alig, ililKeaars, entartaiial tts ly 5CO cla'o at Ehsir lfh George S. Elbert an,l Mrs, Fuchsen vir.ning high prize, Mrs. B«riha Eltert and Mrs. Hirvey Schmeling, lav. Eva Bi'issler drew travel prize. - o - Lars Skaar returned to his home at Ledyard following a month's visit to Norway. It was his first visit back since he left there more than 20 years ago. - o - Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Capesius awl their son, Mark Franklin, age 2 1/2, were getting settled in their new apartment in the torraar D;. Fox building at the corner of State and Williams, •*hich Dr. Capesius recently purchased. He succeeded Dr. Fox in the veterinary location, coming here from Fenton, - o - A farmer from Portland twp. loaded up a nice, big hog to bring to the Algona Sale Barn, ra. cm ITT-? re .-.unas. i;- ;= ?rO>l£ 4 THINGS •V37S X £.5 liit - llTS. =_> —i; TtiH ?:ic;::srl - s:rTs.--1: llr. i--jC Mrs. 0—.Us =::'-y=-c Tis ^"^ iiusa vas ciult ca t'ie iir- just eas: or ±e iar= tuil- non: Wellendori, soa of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wellendori, Algosi, arrived from French-Mor- rccco, Africa, where he had been stationed tor several months, haTiiig bean sent there irom Italy. After a three weeks leave, he would be assigned to the Sioux City base. Laraont had been In the service two years, - o - Pictured were one of the snappiest sets of cheerleaders in the area, and the rightful pride of St. Joe - Pitsy O'Brien, Jean Becker, Bertha B^rte, Kay Ann Frlderes and Alma Elg. - o - After a short reprieve from winter's cold blasts, the temperature dropped to six below zero, the lowest mark of the week. High temperature was a "balm/ 1 39, but only a trace of snow fell during th° seven day period. - o - Burl's boys and Tltonka's girls reigned as the 1957 basketball champions of Kossuth ACKO.SH 3. Public notices 4.Ta»le 7. Ooze 6. ----- of IAU, little diujjhter of M -, and Mc«, Martin Wilberg^Soucca, fell on the btaliw of their home cut- U"i{ a lo;ig Ka«h in her chin with three clamp* required to done (lie wound. - o . IMi Cuiniiitni/u and H. C, Jolin- iion'e turkuy farm in Hwua twp, l/jcamir a Bceiwi of activity Mon. wh«n approxlmiitoly 3,BOapu!ilt«, to urrivti title a«a«on, woro In their broodor lioueuu, Lhoy will bu kvpt until 1(1 or 12 v/ubk« uld. Tim puultg corptiK 10. Change 11. Foretell 13, Cenuurea 15. Amplification factor 16. Beverage 17. Hornan money 18. Man'H nickname 19. Affix 20. Ancient Briton 21. Mine f-ntranccK 24. I;evoulnea!> to me 26. Cover 27. Noah'a boat 28. Enclosure 29. I'lc.ce 32. CompUHH point 33. Youthful 35. Rub hard 37, So, Putlflc Uland jfroup 3d. browim In the nun 39. Greedy 40. Man'* name 41,Cherl«htd milmul DOWN 1. Volcano of Sicily; var. 2. Property transfer 3. Coverlets 4. Aquatic birds 5. Extinct wild ox 6. Sow 7. Astringent fruit !). Hubbub 30. Behave 12. Faded or shabby 14. Of the healing art: abbr. 18. Minced oath 19. Used up 20. Spanish hero 21. Accumulate 22. Straight 2J. Writing fluid 24. Parasitic herb 26. Gold coin 28. Short-, winded 29. Boundary 30. Property owned absolutely 31. 34. 36. Affirmative vote Roman goddess Part of a church Propeller 313 2J 31 J n 37 16 29 30 Sidelights from a History Notebook //.:';•'-: r./ ^ th? v.ofta ofWiil:^." M-:K .- ,'. --•!,/ 2;1th rV'-'iM^fif r,f ?h*> (/ : •-.- ,',.:.? S!(.t<«(. MrKlr.Jcy >,*>. h'. -• >.>••-.• o.-, .Vll<rM. Ohio, .J;mij.-:."v 2^. •"%<•::,'.'', Id S«:p(':mhfr, IVll. -».-h;j ••,.".:,'>>.ori Amtrlf ;m Hi liv<:fl nine mr,r> fis". i, Stpftrnbtr 14, IfjOI. -•• 2H. i87H, r,,-ir:i':-'.:v of •-; : -..--.. -;-,«;'\ anri J'air.f:. .'sr. 'r.r,^..-.r. -..-.--,: >.^'!. It h;.fi :r-.i? :r.--: roT'-ra: o: V,-..= -..-r ~: - :-.-. •-•-::• "If the fire- o: frcerir..- .ird ..-- -. -. • --.-:;.'/id civil liberties burn io-* ;r. r.:.-.;r •~T :---•:.-:•- v.r.::o l'»ndi. they mu-; he hrisr.ter :r. :. ,:' '.--; '.':,,-;• -,:' "ur t>wn." — Fra.-kiir. D. ?.::o-e..-'-..-. H:nrv'/:::. veil, 32nd Preside-: .-,: :h- United St.-itc*. born J.irua-.- 3'"i • • 1882 al Hyde Park. .\V* Ycr^. :,oi :: •_:•; clcsss: j~sys in 'iw^cs.. 5urt an•cc-il ccr-secutive r.£ TitcrJca, 45-44, rraice-i tfee girls urilll^ 3;-33ver- =;:;- "-Voni.Vi's Club met -5 c^Mrs.ClaytonDits- ± Mrs. S. VV. Rtiskeas- .cstsss. Mrs. Romains : i.-ji Mrs. E. J. Frank ciirg= of the program. :isircd Introduced Mrs. crises of Algona. Mrs. , a Crsrnsaa v,^r bride, intjrerlng talk on how aid festivals were ob- Jchn Couan spent the weekend a: the parental \\\ J. Cotton residence in Lone Rock. H°; was named president of the winter quarter class of the Farm Operations Division at Iowa State College. - o - Jim Goetz of Ft. Meade, Md., home on furlough, was honored at a family dinner at the home of his aunt, Mrs. Helen John- son, Wesley. Guests VJTS llr. and Mrs. Leo Goetz, ±e Mirtiz Hiimiltons and E. L Jccisciis and their families. - o - New vehicle sales u: ±e county hit the highest peii :=- gistered for severs! rn.xtis ~.i a total of 30 registered iz ue county treasurer's ottce curj-j a two-week period. Mr. and Mrs. Francis V,-lfe and family of West 3-e-d, Mr. and Mrs. George (Jake) Saasiii family and Don GrandgsMn of Bancroft were dinner guests i: the home of Mr. and Mrs. Pis! Ludwig, \Vhittemore. It -iis ts Ludwig's 20th wedding anniversary. - o - Mrs. Fred Wienberger, &=se- ca, who was a patien: at K:ly Family hospital at Estherville following surgery, was at no~e and recoverinj satisfactorily. LUNKER Voung Glen Luchtel, soa zi Mr. and Mrs. Don Luchtel of Mllford, caught a 9 Ib. \vaUeys recently while fishing through the Ice on Emerson Bay on \Vost Okobojl. ip':*3*8r:W3^^^ •;*; ~ — — "™" "^ ^ "^ " J *»S tfwftWftsy^^^ Professional Directory DOCTORS .?K : :¥ft : :Wff::fflW%?^s:s:ss¥:%5:: MELVIN G. BOURNE, M.D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Oflice Phone 295-2345 Residence Phone 295-2* // J. N. KENEFICK, M.D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office Phone 295-2353 Residence Phone 295-2814 JOHN M. SCHUTTER, M.D. Residence Phone 295-2335 DEAN F. KOOB, M.D. Physicians & Surgeons 220 No. Dodge, Algeria Office Phone 295-2408 Residence Phone 295-5917 '&x&x*mmR*^m!:-mii®' INSURANCE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds - All Lines Of Insurance 295-3176 208 E. State DENTISTS ::W*x*:*: ; :««tt*^^ DR. J. B. HARRIS. JR. Dentist At 622 E, State Phone 295-2334 DR. J. G. CLAPSADDLE Dentist At 112 N, Thorington Phono 295-2244 for Appointment OPTOMETRISTS *::: : s*:W:*:::*:*:tt^ DR. L. L. SNYDER 113 East State Algpnn Telephone 295-2718 Closed Saturday Afternoons DR. HAROLD W. ERICK80N Eyes Examined - Contact Lenses — Hearing Aid Glasses 9 East State Street Phone 295-2196 Hours; 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M Closed Saturday Afternoons ' BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 7 N. Dodge 295-2735 BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 5 N. Dodge 205-5443 Home — Automobile — Farm Polio Insurance HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto., House, Household Goods, and Many Other Forms Phone 295-3733 Ted S. Herbst KOSSUTH MUTUAL" INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of Insurance in force. Phone 205-3750. Lola Scuffham, Sec'y. DR. DONALD J. KINGFIELD Optometrist Visual Analysis and Visual Training Contact Lenses 100 So, Harlan, Algona Phone 295-3743 ...... Chiropractor OH. M. R. BALDWIN Summer Office Hours Mon. . Tues. - Wed. - Frl 8:30 • 5:00 Thurs. - Sat. - 8:30 - 12:00 MISCELLANEOUS RICHARD A. MOEN Representing FEDERATED INSURANCE Modern One-Stop Insurance Service Business — Home — Car — Life Phone 295-5955 P'O- Box 337 Algona, Iowa SUNoilMNSURANCE AGENCY Complete Insurance Service 118 So. Dodge - Algona, la. Phone 295-2341 Credit Bureau of Kossuth County Collectrite Service Factbilt Reports CARLSON F«m MANAGEMENT COMPANY HVi N. Dodpt Ph. Ill-aill

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