The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 19, 1967 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1967
Page 14
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thurtday, Jon. 19, 1 W Al90na (,„.) Upptf ^ Mo|nM __ 7 "Stopping T/ie Paper" ,o 4 ».» ., ' <STOPp INGTHE PAPER" (Contributed by a faithful reader who found this poem in an attic trunk, clipped from a 1920 issue of The Upper Des Moines). "Stop my paper I" snapped Silas. "Geewhilikins, Sid, I'm surprised at the way you fellers have dld- Raised th' price to two bucks for yer two-by-four sheet Why, that sets a man back a nun bushel of wheat I Yep, I know paper's high ; but, by cricky, it seems That two dollars would buy it in quires and in reams, And a paper's a luxury, that's mighty plain • They ain't nary one brought me a penny of gain. "There's more profit for me, if you care for my views, Plowin' corn this fine weather, than readin' the news- As my time hez run out, scratch me offen yer list; I won't sign fer't agin, so you needn't insist." Silas giddapped back home to his farm, where he stayed For a fortnight, while war on the foxtail he made ; Then to market his wool he drove in one fine day And pulled up at Joe Greenberg's, who had this to say : "Hello, Silas I You're late with your wool; my car's gone; It went out on the M. & St. L. just at dawn. I gave notice last week in the papers that all Must deliver on Wednesday, or hold it till fall. 1 can't pay you the price that I did yesterday, For you see I'll now have local freight rates to pay." And, so, Silas drew ten dollars less on his check Than if he'd read the papers, and said so, by Heck 1 Then he heard of the speech that our congressman made j On the square of the court house he'd talked of free trade. 'Twas announced in the papers, the town had turned out With the Home Guards and band - with commotion and shout. Silas, gritting his teeth, swore "Consarn it I You see I have always backed "Dick"; on most p'ints we agree, And I'd like to of asked him to use all his pull Thar in Congress to boost up the tariff on wool." Silas next met a hearse, with a casket inside, And enquired who it was that was taking the ride ; 'Twas Clate Hicks, once his chum, but estranged since he bet With friend Silas that Hobarton sure would vote "wet." Silas long had intended to call 'round on Clate And adjust their slight difference ; now 'twas too late. If the paper he'd read, he'd have learned that his friend Had for two weeks been sick - fast approaching the end. Silas stepped in the door of the Upper Des Moines ; He produced a fat wallet and shelled out the coin, Saying: "Haggard, just put my name back on yer list, I can never express how yer sheet has been missed. 'Tis the newspaper, Bill, that enlightens the world, And makes brighter each home where its leaves are unfurled; I may skimp on my clothing, my vittles and drink, But I'll never, no never, forswear printer's ink." malting area within the boundaries of said School District, including all that portion of aaid School Dittrlct lying within Rlverdale and Sherman Townships, Including all Incorporated cities and towns located in said townships, and the polling place for said election precinct shall be at Rlverdale Community Center Building (formerly known as. Riverdale Township Center School) located In the Southwest Corner of the Southwest Quarter (SW 1/4) of Section Fifteen (15), Township Ninetyfour (94) North, Rlverdale Township, Range Twenty-nine (29) West of the 5th P. M., Kossuth County, Iowa, at which time and places all of the qualified voters of said School District are hereby notified to appear. This notice is given by order of the Board of Directors of The Algona Community School District pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 296 of the 1962 Code of Iowa as amended, and to a sufficient 'petition with the requisite number of signatures in accordance therewith and as ordered ty a resolution adopted by the Board of Directors on the 12th day of December, 1966. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 12th day of December, 1966. /S/VaughnK. Rising Secretary, Board of Directors (Published in the Alfjona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Dec. 29, Jan. 5, Jan. 12 and Jan. 19). Council Minutes SOCIAL EVENTS CARD HOSTESS M?JKT GrSee Jacfcman pertained her card club Wednesday. She is leaving Jan. 19 for Phoenix, Ariz, for a visit of a few months with relatives and friends. She will also be in Tucson. - o - MARINERS CLUB The Mariners Club met Jan. 15 at which time there was installation of new officers and a program by out-going officers. - o - STATED MEETING The January Stated meeting of North Central Presbytery will be held in the local church Jan. 24. James W. Finn, a member of the church and at present a student in the Dubuque Theological Seminary, will be taken under care of the Presbytery at this meeting. - o- KNTTTERS MET Mrs. John McGuire entertained the Nit-and-So Club Tuesday, Jan. 17. The polls lor said election will be open from twelve o'clock Noon until seven o'clock P. M. of said day and for said election said School District has been divided • Into three voting precincts, and said precincts and the respective polling places thwwfor .will be; as fo.Uows:, .,. "Precinct*No. 1. All that portion of said School District lying within Cresco, Union, Plum Creek, Irvington, Wesley and Prairie Townships, Including all incorporated cities and towns located in said townships, and the polling place for said election precinct shall be at the Algona High School Building located in the City of Algona, in Kossuth County, Iowa. Precinct No. 2. All that portion of said School District lying within Lotts Creek andWhltte- more Townships, including all incorporated cities and towns located in said townships, and the polling place for said election precinct shall be at the City Hall situated in the Town of Whlttemore, Kossuth County, Iowa. The City Council met Dec. 28, 1966, with Mayor Finn and the following named council members: Muckey, Andreasen, Elbert, Cook and Miller. Absent: Pelrce. Minutes of last meeting were approved. Bids to supply gas and dies el oil to the city for 1967 were opened and the low bids were as follows: Gas - Sunray DX Oil Co.; Diesel Fuel - Continental Oil Co. Resolution to encourage the Planning and Zoning Commission to attend a Community Planning Symposium at Ft. Dodge, la. was adopted. Moved and seconded that the liability on the cities fleet policy be increased as follows: Bodily injury liability from 100/300 to 200/500j and the property damage liability from 20,000 to 50,000. Letter from Mr. Dau concern- Ing proposed parking ordinance was read. *•''*"? Mrs. Kalar was present at the council meeting to discuss with the council certain proposed parking ordinance. Proposed Ordinance 452 was given the second reading. This was pertaining to South Hall and Minnesota streets as through streets. Proposed Ordinance 453 was given the second reading. This was pertaining to stops at the intersection of Fair and Minnesota and swimming pool road and the Call State Park road. Proposed Ordinance 454 was given the second reading. This was designating certain intersections as "school zones." Proposed Ordinance 455 was given the second reading. This was pertaining to vehicles parked on streets over 24 hours. Resolution consenting to application for annexation was adopted. This would be Leon Precinct No. 3. All of the re- **************************************** Martin Apartments at the intersection of Kennedy and Hall. Moved and seconded the meeting adjourn. D. A. SMITH CITY CLERK GENERAL Finn, Salary 123.45 Smith, Salary 260.35 Sands, Salary 120.39 la. State Bk., Wholding 60.60 State Comm., Wholding . . ..6.61 A. Boekelman, Destroy Dogs 65.00 E. Brodaky, Supplies 4.19 U. of I., Pamphlets 5.00 Koch Bros., Supplies 11.37 M. Parrott, Pens 12.07 D. A. Smith, Mileage 46.00 Wm. Finn, Expenses 46.50 STREET Burris. Salary 175.13 Burtls, Salary 153.64 Frambach, Salary 154,06 Helmers, Salary 142.54 Lashbrook, Salary 47.89 Pergande, Salary 199.59 Sifert, Salary 147.91 Wlbben, Salary 137.63 la. State Bk., Wholding. . ..77.80 State Comm., Wholding. ...10.82 Algona Ins., Premium. .. .546.33 All Wheel Drive, Part Pay Loader 4,450.00 United Bldrs., Supplies. . . .9.75 ROAD USE TAX All Wheel Drive, Part Pay Loader 3,000.00 H. M. Brown, Repairs. . . . .3.25 Directory Service, Maps. . . 7.50 Glbbs-Cook, Motor 49.20 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary 238.43 Bulten, Salary 175.49 Day, Salary 153.06 Hutchison, Salary 173.77 Jorgenson, Salary 187.30 Thompson, Salary 140.45 Elbert, Salary 47.90 Voigt, Salary 163.02 Willey, Salary 15.00 la. State Bk., Wholding... .115.80 State Comm., Wholding. .. .16.42 Trust & Agency, Pension.. .14.28 Berliner Si McGinnls, Waivers 6.08 Kossuth Motor, Car Repairs 421.63 N. Central Comm., Service .31.55 Algona Ins., Premium. .. .703.06 Algona Fire Dept., Services 335.00 SANITATION Gade, Salary 93.15 Courtney, Salary 103.38 la. State Bk., Wholding. . . .1.00 Wallace & Holland, Services 264.20 Algona Ins., Premium. . . .36.26 Spencer' Grocer, «&U^ Supplies .13.7&A SEWER RENTAL Gronbach, Salary 150.84 Lemkee, Salary 213.06 la. State Bk., Wholding 18.70 State Comm., Wholding 3.76 Algona Ins., Premium. . . .41.08 V. J. Garwood, Dues 15.00 K & W Farm Service, Supplies 121.32 RECREATION Boldridge, Salary 139.50 la. State Bk., Wholding. . ..10.10 State Comm., Wholding. . . .2.09 Algona Ins., Premium. . . .27.52 DEBT SERVICE la. State Bank, Interest... .371.00 PARKING METER Groen, Salary 207.54 Nauholz, Salary 57.29 la. State Bk., Wholding. . . .29.80 State Comm., Wholding. . . .3.72 Trust & Agency, Pension. . .2.34 NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the qualified voters of The Algona Community School District, intheCountyof Kossuth, State of Iowa, that a special election has been called and ordered to be held in and for said School District on the 30th day of January, 1967, whereat there will be submitted to the voters of said Community School District, to be by them voted upon, the following proposition, to-wit: "Shall the Boardof Directors of The Algona Community School District, in the County of Kossuth, state of Iowa, issue bonds in an amount not to exceed $1,500,000.00 for the purpose of carrying out a school building program consisting of erecting and equipping a senior high school building on a site already owned, remodeling the present high school building and constructing an addition to the Bertha Godfrey Elementary School in and for said Schopl District?" Coming! FRIDAY, FEB. 10 CORN* SOYBEAN CLINIC EXPERTS i i 9 to 12 — I to 3 P.M. at 6ARRIGAN HIGH AUDITORIUM Free Lunch at Noon - Save The Date I (Watch Thfi Poptr For Full Dttailt) j l ) J • ) > i l • ) ) ] • ) ) ) • j • ) l ) > l ) • J ) l ) ) ) i> i ii i JAYCEE WEEK JANUARY 15-21 BUILDING COMMUNITY LEADERS THROUGH COMMUNITY SERVICE 1 We salute the wide-awake young men of the United States Jaycees for the active part they are playing in building this and every community. They give unselfishly of their energies and time, while building character and leadership through organizational experience. Jaycees is open to all alert young men 21 to 36. - ALGONA JAYCEE MEMBERS -1967- JIM ANDREASON MIKE BALL CHUCK BEHR PAUL BODE BOB BOMGAARS JAMES BUSCHER JIM CHALSTROM GARRY DAVIS LES FOXHOVEN KIRK HAYES FRANK KING TOM KISSNER JOHN LANDE JERRY LEANEAGH CHUCK McCABE JIM McMAHON KENNETH MEYER JOHN MURPHY ROBERT POST MARK SEELEY WAYNE TAYLOR RICHARD THORESON WALTER TURCHIN BOB WATSON DENNIS BLUM ED PIERSON WILLIAM WELSH CHARLES Me ELDON BOB CINK BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jim McMabon Bob Watson Dick Thoreson Bob Post PROJECTS Christmas Party for Needy Children Jim Buscher and Ed Pierson, Chairmen • Christmas Cards to" Vietnam "Servicemen Walt Turchin, Chairman Sand Box Project John Lande, Chairman Sponsored "Miss Iowa" and "Little Miss Iowa" at Algona Band Festival Bob Post, Chairman Car Safety Check Frank King, Chairman Junior Golf Tournament Jim Andreaspn, Chairman Curb Painting Prpject Paul Bode and Walt Turchin, Chairmen City Hostess Project Participated in Purchase of 400 Little League T-Shirts OFFICERS FOR1967 PRESIDENT Prank King 1st VICE PRESIDENT Garry Davit 2nd VICE PRESIDENT Chuck McCabe SECRETARY Walt Turchin TREASURER Le» Foxhoven Taylor Implement Co. Funk Plumbing & Heating Hood'i Super Vain Zender'a Thermogag Co. of Algona Irons Heating & Plumbing Cowan Corporation J. C. Penney Co. Schulti Broi. Garage * 00 Stattoa Jack'g O.K. Tire Service Klrlt'g Shoe Store t B]ustrom Furniture Co. Graham's The ChrUchiliei Store Modern Pry Cleanen Home Federal Saving! fc Loan Au'i Swanson's Food Store Perclval Motort J A L Dept. Store Algona Implement Co. Ernie WUliami — John Deer* Coast-to-Coagt Store Algona Greenhouses Behr Standard Service North Central Public Service Co. Poit Transfer A Storage No. Iowa Appliance Center Algona Plumbing & Heating Dan Garage at Body Shop Fetter Furniture Co. Saltcr'i Davii Paint Smoke Shop Honsbruch Drag Coatolidated OOp Creameriea Wfltgea Jeweler* Joe Bradley Equipment Tiytef Motor da, (The Viking Oil Co. Butcher Broi. Implement KoiiBth Motor Co. Read'i Furniture HuUell Office A School Sipafr Sheakleyi Iowa State Bank Ftvderfcfc Harihrare FVxcr It Fee* Pamt* Chris (easea'i Algona Produce Co. Harrbon'i Variety Bomgaars 5 & 10 Shllti Brownbilt Shoe Store taing Plumbing ft Heating The Security State Bank Sharp'! Jewelry Algona Theatre Co. Ludwlg'i Cafe United Building Center North Iowa Sewing Machine Ce. LUxUay Soft Water of Unlvertal Mfg. Ce. Ru»k Drugi-Jewelry

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