The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 19, 1967 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1967
Page 9
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Enter**! «s Mcond el«w matter M tht po«totfk* M Alton*. Iowa (MUD. Kov. 1. im. utwJtr Act of ConcrtM of March J. Itit iSTAIUSNlO 114$ Ml TIME HAS A WAY OF SNEAKING up on me. Here it is colurm night and I haven't the slightest idea of a subject. There are a lot of miscellaneous thoughts scattered around, so mi.ybe I can collect some of them. - o UNTIL RECENTLY THE MAIL box has been terribly vacant after the gorgeous Christmas bounty. But after stewing for nearly two weeks over how the wedding went and what was happening to the bride and groom and the rest of our family, we received not only letters from the happy pair but also from BUI and Kathy and both Grandmas. - o MARY ANN AND DAVID arrived in Tucson without too much trouble with snows enroute. They are nicely settled at 307 E. Blacklidge in an apartment, all furnished (excepting for their lovely wedding presents) and at a price even less than they'd planned on with their Air Force income 1 Mary Ann says, "The desert is really pretty with huge cactus and mountains all around.' - o- ONE OF THE CHRISTMAS letters that arrived late was from Thelma and Ken Knudsen who had a good reason for the delay. Their first grandchild, Timothy Mark arrived 5 1/2 weeks before he was expected and Thelma had been in New Jersey to be with them two weeks. The baby is the son of their eldest daughter, Karen, and they'll be moving back to Minneapolis soon so the Knudsens will be able to see the grandson often. CThey live in Des Moines). I envy them. Their younger daughter, Linda, was graduated from SUI in June and was married in September. They'll be moving back to Des Moines soon. - o WHICH BRING US, NATURALLY TO the Grandma Brags Department: William Mark Sigsbee, at six months, has five teeth, weighs 19 Ibs., 6 oz., and is 27 1/2 inches long. He sits up rather well, according to his parents, and is becoming quite mobile. He rolls around the house and gets stuck under the furniture. The other day his parents heard a yell, but couldn't find William. He was stuck behind the foot stool and under a chair and completely out of view. BUI says, "Pretty bad when you can't find your own son in your own living room." Kathie has found the best way to keep him occupied is to set a smaU mirror up on the floor and set the baby in front of it. He sits there and smiles at himself. They sent some more pictures, Just proving what I've always known that the baby is unusually handsome. BUI adds, "I guess like every new papa I am a little over-anxious to have him get interested in something I like. Recently, I have been trying to find suitable fishing tackle to start him out on I" - o MY MOTHER WROTE JUST as she was leaving for a second bout of cartaract surgery. Naturally we are concerned, and some of it is for selfish motives. Her letters always contain little extra items that we wouldn't otherwise hear or read in the paper. Now it will probably -be a while before she can write. Sheen- oloied some pictures of the wedding - the first we've seen and we were delighted to get them. - o - MOM SAID IN A RECENT phone call that we might be seeing some people from Algona - the Lowmans, and the Andreasens from Burt. We haven't heard from them yet and do hope we haven't missed them. There are gobs of tourists in town - it's almost worth your life to drive around. But we who live here all year get into sort of a rut and forget how many sights there are to see. For months, I've been routinely going the three miles to my Job, coming home and going to the shopping center; Father's routine is more varied - he goes all over the county every day and never two days alike. So last Sunday, I twisted his arm a bit and he took me on a long ride. I don't think I'U ever get tired of looking at the water in the Gulf and the bays, or at the variety of flowers. And Sarasota is really growing at least eight high-rise apartments since my last ride and hundreds of houses where there was only Jungle a few months ago. Makes me wonder where all the people come from, where they made their money, and how I could do likewise to get my hands on some of it. - o- THE ROBINS ARE IN FLORIDA fuU force right now. For about two weeks they were out on the keys near here and stripped almost every berry off of all the bushes. They descend in huge flocks. This year, they say, the birds are extra hungry after their long trip from the northland. And it being such a dry year here, they find fresh water scarce. There's a little lake at the church where I work and several Florida Holly trees near there. One morning the trees were loaded with red berries; after the robins came it was Just green leaves. It is almost time for the mocking birds to tune up. Their song is reaUy something. - o- I GET A GREAT DEAL OF kidding at my Job about always bragging about Iowa. I teU them my Iowa friends think I brag too much about Florida. At last count, there are at least 20 people here who were born in, or who once lived in Algona. Pius that the president of our women's association, Kay Shadduck, is from Cedar Rapids (her mother was a schoolmate of Nell Larson), the director of the day school is from Davenport, the ex-choir director from Bettendorf, another gal used to be head nurse at University Hospitals, Iowa City, and a dear friend of mine, Ruby Pilkey, is a long-time acquaintance of May Schenck. There are also people we know formerly from Ft. Dodge and Titonka. - o - THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR Tuna Pie with a rice crust. 1 cup uncooked regular rice 2 tbsp. butter legg 2 - 7 oz. cans tuna, drained and flaked 1/4 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. ground nutmeg 3/4 cup grated Swiss cheese 2 eggs 3/4 cup scalded milk Snipped green onions Cook rice. MeanwhUe heat oven to 400 degrees. Thoroughly mix together, hot cooked rice, butter and 1 egg; use mixture to line 9-inch pie plate, mounding rice up about 1/2 to 1 inch above rim. Evenly spread tuna in rice shell; sprinkle with salt pepper and nutmeg, then grated cheese, In small bowl beat 2 eggs • mix in a bit of scalded milk, then rest of milk; beat smooth; pour mixture over cheese. Bake 30 minutes or unUl cheese is a dark golden browu. Cut into six servings. Sprinkle pie with snipped green onions. GRACE Tennessee William's "This Property Is Condemned" At Algona Starting Sunday ANGRY STREET BRAWL ends with Natalie Wood helping Robert Redford in the dramatic and exciting Seven Arts-Ray Stark production of "This'Property Is Condemned." a Paramount Picture in Technicolor opening Sunday at the Algona Theatre. Produced by John Houseman and directed by Sydney Pollack, the film deals with a small town Southern beauty who longs for the freedom and excitement of the big city. Humbolclt Girl To Be Corwifh Man's Bride 'K&V ' MARY LOUISE KNUTSON Mr. and Mrs. John Halliday, of Humftoldt, announce the engagement of their daughter, Mary Louise Knutson above, to John Hobscheidt, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hobscheidt, of Corwith. Miss Knutson is a graduate of Webster City High School and is employed at the State Bank of Fort Dodge. Mr Hobscheidt is a graduate of Corwith-Wesley High School and employed at the Corwith Community Co-op. No date has been chosen for the wedding. Wesleyan Now Major; To Missile Base WESLEY - Capt. Tom Forburger and family left Dec. 29 for Colorado Springs, Colo., where he is stationed at a missile headquarters. He has lately been promoted to Major and has been selected for Armed Forces Staff College at Norfolk, Va. as of Jan. 1, 1968. The college is for officers of all branches of the service. - o - HELD MEETING C. D. A. held their regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening Jan. 10. Margaret Root, grand regent, appointed Mrs. Bill Goetz and Mrs. Elmer Peterson as judges for the poetry contest that is to be held at St. Joseph's parochial school. Marie Lickteig, lecturer, read an article on liturgy of the mass. Clara Erdman reported on the cards she had sent to members. On the serving committee were Margery Goetz, Ruth Schrauth, Frances Weber, Beatrice Hildman, Rita Ricke and Clara Goetz. Entertainment committee included Mary Joyce Haverly, Minnie Bleich, Maude Studer, Sharlene Hauptman, Clara Haverly, Joan Vitzthum and Karen Hanig. Court whist was played. Mary Weber and Minnie Frimml were winners. Helen Johnson won the lucky plate prize. Feb. 14, prospective members and members of the Britt court will be entertained at a Valentine party. - o - ATTEND WEDDING Mr. and Mrs. John Hildman, Mary of Sioux City, Frank of Mason City, Esther, Paul and Dorothy flew from Omaha Dec. 22 to attend the Dec. 27 wedding of their son and brother, Gene Hildman, and Carmen Prado. The Hildmans were the first family of seven to ever fly on the Braniff airline from Omaha and also to fly the same airline from Austin, Tex. Enroute to Texas, they were three hours late due to severe blizzard conditions after they left Omaha. When they returned to Omaha Dec. 29 they found much snow there. The Hildmans were Christmas guests of the bride's parents. - o- WEEK OF PRAYER The Evangelical Free con- gration held a week of prayer last Monday evening in the Lester Larson home. Tuesday evening in the Anna and Ethel Flora home; Wednesday and Thursday evenings in the church and Friday evening in the Dr. Jongerwaard home. Donna Kahlstorf, a teaching missionary from Rhodesia, was guest speaker at the Sunday evening services and she showed pictures. Miss Kahlstorf is spending a furlough at the parental Fred Kahlstorf home in Britt. She will leave Jan. 23 for her missionary work. - o- Mrs. Justine Becker spent several days last week in the home of her daughter, the Vernon Bertes of SL Joe. Anna and Ethel Flom drove to Houston, Minn. Jan. 6 and were overnight guests of Renelia Egland. Saturday, they drove to LaCrosse, Wise., and brought home with them Sophia Berg, who will spend several weeks in the Flom home. The Evangelical Free congregation held their annual business meeting Jan. 9 in the church. The officers were re-elected: Geo. Seaberg, chairman; Lester Larson, treasurer; and Anna Flom, secretary. Mrs. Jim Lucas and Daniel and her sister, Margaret Otis of Ames, spent Jan. 1-Jan. 9 in the parental Edmund Otis home. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Otis left Jan. 11 from Des Moines by plane for an eight day vacation to Mexico and other points of interest in that area. They were lucky winners of the trip from Taylor Implement Co. in Algona. Tom Otis left Monday for Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. for eight weeks basic training with the National Guard. He will go to Ft. Sill, Okla. for the rest of the period. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Otis. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Otis entertained a group of relatives and friends who assisted them with their moving from their farm into the house they purchased from Grace Kouba. The guests were the Len Arndorfers, Cliff Anfinsons, Clarence Nelsons, Edward Otis', Ken Haverlys, Frank Richters, Laura Richter and Jack, and Mrs. John Phil Richter. Five hundred was played and lunch was served, Henry Shore returned Jan. 8 from New Hertford where he had spent three weeks with his sister, Mrs. Anna Smith. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kunz took her uncle to New Hartford and the Smiths brought him home. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kunz and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Matern of Britt were New Year's night guests in the Dr. C. J. Primlsing home in West Bend. The Dennis Wests spent Jan. 2 in Knoxville where they visited Mrs. West's grandmother, Mrs. Ann Kunz and Lewine. Mr. and Mrs. Norbert H.lbert visited her sister and family, the Jake Strouths in Wilmont, Minn. Mr. Strouth is critically ill and had been a patient in the Veterans hospital in Sioux Falls, S. D. the past eight months and was to return there following a holiday visit at his home. Joe Eisenbacher left Saturday for Studio City, Calif., where he will visit his sister and family, the Ben Faurots. He will also visit his niece, Kay H:lbert, at Glendale, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. August Studer left by train from Perry Tuesday for a visit with their son, Duane Studer, and family at Long Beach, Calif. Mrs. Viola Studer entertained her contract bridge club Thursday. Mrs. Tom Forburger entertained her contract bridge club Thursday evening. Mrs. Erma Kunz and Mrs. Mildred Arndorfer were prize winners. Mrs. Joe Krieps, Mrs. Tom Forburger and Mrs. Ann Carman, the latter of Britt, attended a bridal shower in St. Cecelia's hall, Algona, Jan. 8, for Blondina Erpelding, daughter of the Bill Erpeldings. Mrs. Will Haudek of Garner, Mrs. Ann Carman of Britt, Mrs. Martin Bleich, Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Forburger attended the wedding of their niece, Matcia Minnehan, Jefferson, and Elvan Morlan, Dec. 27 at Jefferson. They attended the reception that was held at the Golf and Country Club. Father Russell Bleich of Ossian also attended the wedding and reception. A boy was born to Everett Ackersons Jan. 11 in the Hancock County hospital, Britt. He weighed 6 Ibs., 2 oz. Clarence Ackerson and Mrs. Viola Studer are grandparents. The young couple also have four other children, Sandy, Sue and twins Debbie and Denny. The man who discovered the telegraph in 1847, Samuel Finley WWSffttftWft:;^^ Breeze Morse, was a world famous painter. Equity Asked A petition in equity wis filed here in district court this week, with Dorun Maree Young plaintiff and James R. Young, defendant. They were married at Rolfe Nov. 12, 1965 and cruel and inhumrji treatment is charged. There are no children and the plaintiff asks for alimoney and support money. Tonight is Long Distance BARGAIN TIME After 8 p .m. daily and all day Sunday you can call anywhere in 48 states for $1.00 or less (3 -minute station rate). Wouldn't tonight be a good night to enjoy a Long Distance chat' Northwestern Bell ALGONA THURS. - FRI. - SAT., JAN. 19 - 20 - 21 CONTINUOUS SHOWING SATURDAY - 1:30 P.M. flpmnr »•«•« «•«'« a a«s 5 J movie clock THURSDAY and FRIDAY Complete Program Begins: 7:00 - 9:12; "Texas Across the River": 7:31 - 9:38. SATURDAY - Complete program begins: 1:30 - 3:39 5:43 - 7:24 - 9:12; "Texas Across the River": 1:58 - 4:02 5:43 - 7:50 - 9:47. SUNDAY - Complete Program Begins; 1:00 - 3:10 - 5:15 7:02 - 9:12. "This Property Condemned" 1:23 - 3:28 - 5:15 - 7:25 - 9:30. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY- Complete Program Begins: 7:00 - 9:05; "This Property Condemned' 7:18 - 9:28. Deion ; I Texas ACROSS MB RIVER IAIINIVPRSAL PICTURE! SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY JANUARY 22-23-24-25 ..., SMN m• m SIWK ,• w, ..•» PUMMOUN! POTS , K .-, , ,_. ""NATALIE WOOD 11 " THIS PROPERTY ADULTS ONLY! In Tennetsee Wi/tiomi Sfory... co-sfarring \ ROBERT REDFORD-CHARLES BRONSON MASYBADHAM KATE REID TICHNICOLOK First choose Cadillac. Then choose the year. The decision to purchase a Cadillac—regardless of model or year— is the wisest move a motorist can make. Cadillac's remarkably luxurious interiors and superb driving qualities are unmatched. Cadillac's renowned durability, craftsmanship and advanced engineering also gives it long-lasting value—and its owner loyalty ranks highest in the world of luxury motoring. You, of course, are best prepared to judge which model is most suited to your needs and your budget. But avoid compromise with a lesser make. For no other car at a comparable price 1.1967 Coupe deVille 3. 1965 Fleetwood Brougham can provide you greater pleasure and satisfaction than the Standard of the World. And, of course, most previously owned Cadillacs — even those several years old— feature a complete complement of conveniences such as power brakes, steering, windows and seats to provide more driving pleasure than many of today's new cars. See your authorized dealer and let him help you select your favorite model . . . whether it be new or previously owned. Then all the wonderful rewards of Cadillac ownership can be yours as soon as today or tomorrow. 2. 1966 Sedan deVille 4. 1964 Oupe da Villa Standard of theWorld VAH* of [iCtiU'iCl CoO .<iC SKK YOl'K AUTHORIZED CADILLAC DEALER'S ATTRACTIVE SELECTION OF NEW AND USED CADILLACS SCHULTZ BROS. 1011 SOUTH PHILLIPS ALGONA, IOWA

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