The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1954 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 18, 1954
Page 8
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FA01 1IGHT BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 1954 REVIEW -FORECAST Grasshoppers Bother Many ••rdeiters, Some Formers Keep Asking For Information COLUMBIA, Mo. — The tacreas- |pt number of request* for information on controlling grasshoppers in gardens and in commercial plantings of tomatoes and truck crop*, provides ample basis for the statement that the situation is serious In many localities, says W. R. Enns, entomologist at the University of Missouri. i Reports from the Survey Entom- Indicate that several different kinds of grasshoppers, mostly small species, are occurring in outbreak numbers over most of the state. souri some of the larger species are also present. All of these are •erious pests of vegetable crops capable in some instances of de- •troylng the entire crop. hopper involved in any given area, •could be applied Immediately. ta areas where hatching is still in progress — mostly the northern Ihird of the state — the hatching of the following insecticides: Aldrin at the rate of two ounces per acre; chlordane at the rate of one pound per acre; heptachlor at the rate of two flunces per acre; or toxaphene at the rate of one to amount of technical material per acre). These materials are also extremely useful for spraying around the margins of the garden or tp- before they move into the vegetables, Enn gays. If they are already nearly grown, a double dosage should he used. An Important point to emphasize IB to spray any small or large waste area or weedy spot where the 'hoppers may be hatching or may be concentrated ** well as All too frequently growers neg- matter of a week or so are right back where they started, but this time with the insects grown and , epread over the entire crop. Should the grasshoppers be ahead of the grower and already infesting the crop, the situation is not entirely hopeless but control Is urgent. According to Enns, two methods of control are available. One consists of direct spraying of the crop and the other of using a poison bait mixture. 3» vegetables ready for harvest, the latter Is preferred since there is no danger of a poisonous residue. Where there is an interval of two weeks or more before harvesting, direct applications may be used. Hie poison bran bait may be mixed in large or small amounts depending on the size of the area to be protected. For the small area, a ten-pound mixture may be made consisting of ten pounds of bran— or a mixture of one part bran to two or three parts of seasoned sawdust—plus the poison. For this purpose the emulsifiable form of poison should be used, Enns explains. The poison should be diluted in about one gallon of water and the poisoned water used to moisten the bran. As the toxicant, any of the following may be used: j Aldrin at two teaspoons; chlordane — 75 per cent emulsible — at two teaspoons; heptachlor at four teaspoons; and toxaphene at five tablespoons or one-third cup of the 60-65 per cent material. The aldrin and heptachlor referred to are 25 per cent emulsible mixtures. Moisten the bran with this poison then broadcast it on the ground, being careful not to get it on the plants, at the rate of about 20 pjounds per acre. For larger amounts, use 100 pounds of bran moistened with about five or more gallons of water containing one pound of technical toxaphene, two ounces of aldrin four ounces of heptachlor, or one- half pound of chlordane. Use the same method of application. For direct application, if no har- vesti*-* will be done for two weeks or longer, in commercial plantings, ARMY WORMS WAY INTO KANSAS-Army cutworms are shown destroying barley heads on an Ottawa, Kans.. farm. In some sections of the grain-producing state, damage to wheat, barley and other crops is estimated at 80 per cent by some farmers, who are arranging to have their land sprayed by airplane*. of two pounds of the 50 per cen wettable powder per 100 gallons of water or one ounce in three gallons of water, Enns says. This insecticide has the additional advantage of controlling aphids and has been reported effective against hornworms and tomato fruitworms. An application resulting in a dosage of four ounces of aldrin per acre will also be effective. On certain plants such as potatoes, toxaphene may be used at the rate of two pounds per acre but care must be taken to see that none of this gets on vine crops such as cucumbers and cantaloupes, Enns points out. DON'T AtOUI WITH 'ATI A/*II\C THlSAMt ATLACIUtcHLORATI ^ KIUS JOHNSON GRASS, BERMUDA GRASS AND MANY OTHER FARM WEEDS Wi rT d ^ ous ^ weeds ana grasse*. »*»» wccu iw*. r toAvenitnt powder form; tasy to mix for .praying. 319 W. A*h Phone 3-4551 Something to Think About By GERTRUDE B. HOLIMAN County Home Demonstration Agent 4-H Help If you are a parent or a leader in your community give a helping hand to 4-H members. The countywide 4-H contests will be held at the fair ground, Saturday, July 10. At that time the girls will have a dress revue and baking contests which will include biscuits, cornbread, and sweet muffins; talent contest, demonstratioins on various subjects and handicraft displays. Leader Meeting A leader training meeting has been scheduled for Friday, June 25 for the food leaders in each of the H.D. Clubs The meeting is scheduled for 9:00 o'clock at Leachville in the Ark-Mo Power kitchen. Workshop A handicraft workshop has been scheduled for Friday, July 2 in the Woman's Building at the fairground. The public is invited. Come and bring your crafts to place on display or work on. Worried? If you're worried about getting old. forget it—you're probably old already. Unhappy news comes from an old-age expert at the National Heart Institute who says that people start growing old at 30. • More soothing was the doctor's statement that, nevertheless, people are living longer all the time. Average age of death is now 69.8 years as compared to 63 years a decade ago. Problem for people in North Mississippi County as in other parts of the United States is how to live happily and healthfully in spite of and with the aging process. Nearly Perfect Food June is National Dairy Month— the time to re-emphasize the importance of milk and milk product^ in the diet. Milk production is at an all time The New 1954 RCA Air Conditioners EHGIHEEKED FOR BEJJER LIVING...YEAR WHO! Start living in clean, filtered air right now. Be ready with mountain-cool comfort when hot weather starts. Come in and see the 9 gorgeous new RCA Air Conditioners for 1954...unit* that heat M well a* cool...pushbutton controli...thermostats and panel lights ... permanent filters... famous "Heart-of- Cold "compressor... everything you'd expect from worid-fanoui RCA. THE FACTS Jf° OBLIGATION I •: • > ,1 . f 6 — Byrum Implement & Hardware 114-1221. Main Phone 3-4404 high this year and most dairy products are cheaper than a year ago- Yet, most of us do not include an adequate amount of milk in our diets. Milk is a good buy at any time. It supplies about three-fourths of Missourians Plan Meeting Delta Development Commission Convenes In PortageviHe The first general meeting of the newly organized Missouri Delta Development Commission will be held at Twin Oaks hotel in Portageville on Tuesday evening, June 22, starting at 8 o'clock. Special efforts are being made to have one representative of each of the 74 incorporated communities in the seven-county area covered by the group present at the meeting, but any other persons in the regions who are interested in the movement are invited. The parley has been called to explain the reasons for the new organization, its objectives, and how it will function and how it may be financed. MCPA Sponsored The organization was fostered by the Missouri Cotton Producers Association in its program to seek a better economic balance between agriculture and industry in its seven-county area. J. Raymond Lucy, of Parma, chairman of the MCA resources and development committee, who also is one-half the B vitamins (Riboflavin). In our over-all food supply milk products account for fourth of the total about one- protein. In comparison to other forms of good quality protein — meat, poultry, fish eggs — it is fairly inexpensive and offers a real bargain in food value. There are many forms of milk on the market today. The extra glass needed might be added to the Missouri Division of Resources and Development Commission, will speak on the program. Discussing aspects of balancing agriculture and industry. .in the region will be Hilton L. Bracey, of Portageville, executive vice president of the MCPA. Senator J. F. "Pat" Patterson of Caruthersville, vice-chairman of the MCPA resources and development committee, will discuss the objectives of the new Missouri Delta Development Commission in a keynote talk,. James D. Idol of Jef- food in cooking or drunk between j ferson City, Industrial director of meals. Do not worry about the calories in milk. Use skim milk or churned butter milk. These have only one- half as many calories as whole milk. They do not have quite as many calories as most beverages. It's Time To Pink tops of chrysanthemums to keep them from growing too tall. Prune late spring flowering shrubs.- Remove fading flowers from annuals to lengthen the blooming period. Follow early vegetables with succession crops as soon as they can be removed from the garden- the Missouri Resources and Development Commission will talk on industrial possibilities in Southeast Missouri. Attorney James Q. Donaldson of Dexter, chairman of the MDDC constitution and by-laws committee, will report on the constitution and by-laws of the new group so far | developed, and Gordon S. Wright j of Caruthersville, chairman of the | finance committee, will discuss its proposed budget and method of financing. Harold J. Dunn of Poplar Bluff, chairman of the MDDC steering committee, will preside at an open HONORED — Hershel Austin, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Austin, has been getting more than his share of honors for work in the Future Farmers of America at Dell High School. He has been awarded a degree of state farmer by the Arkansas FFA Association and received the DeKalb agricultural accomplishment award, which goes to the outstanding FFAstudent in Deirs school. Of 13,000 FFA members in Arkansas, only two percent received the degree of state farmer. Hershel is a senior and plans to attend Arkansas State in September, majoring in agriculture. Bridge Operation NEW YORK (5V-Brooklyn bridge has been restored to full use after a four-year modernization overhaul which cost seven million dollars. Once the 71-year-old structure had a central promenade for pedestrians and individual lanes for elevated trains, trolley cars and cattle. It now has the walk way and six traffic lanes. ,. . . forum in which questions may be Mulch pole beans to eliminate asked by anvone present. Dave Lof- need for cultivation around the 1 poles. Be sure that your will or other arrangements for transferring your property to the next generation is arranged as you desire. Look for interesting pieces of is program iten of Portageville, chairman. Since Southeast Missouri appears to be entering a period of declining population due principally to growths in farm mechanization and lack of new industries to provide drift wood when on hiking trips, I more job opportunities, the idea of a swimming, or walking in the woods-' group to seek new industries for Control garden insects, especially squash bugs. » Read Courier News Classified Ads. the region on a full time basis has been adopted. Dirt is the tractor's worst enemy —the greatest cause of engine wear- FARMERS: We are now offering the most complete Spray Program ever offered in Blrtheville. We hare a complete line of Niagara Chemicals for cotton, beans, garden*, flowers, alfalfa, wheat or any crop that needs spraying or dusting. Also Sprayers or Dusters for any make of tractor. We also arrange plane spraying or dusting. We carry a complete line of parts for all Sprayers or Dusters. You will saTe money by figuring with us on your spraying or dusting jobs. Remember, you can get service at our place DAY or NIGHT. HARDY SALES AND SERVICE 705 Clear Lake ATC. Ph. 3-6178 Americans ate a record amount of beef last year—75 pounds per person. You'll gel more than ever before of the last 10%... the PROFITABLE 1O% with. NEW McCormick 141 Exclusive IH opposed-action double* shake cleaning prevents grain waste due to straw "bridging" between chaffer and shoe sieve. Positive agitation and controlled air blast aave more grain—get it seed clean! New 6O hp vcrtve-ln-hecd enotoe give* you steady power for grain-saving threshing, complete separation, and thorough cleaning in toughest conditions. Engine is up, out of the dirt. Instant-responding controls —new power steering,* hydraulic brakes,* variable-speed propulsion drive, hydraulic platform controls — make it easier than ever to save grain. "9- shot" lubrication at noon saves valuable field time. Let Me show you how a McConnick No. 141, with 10, 12 or 14-foot platform, can help you bin bushels more of every grain or grass crop you grow! •Optional at tMtra aw*. Wow, g«t more than ever of the last 10X*».fhe PROFITA1LI often loft In the Held by tott efficient combine* MKVUTtK "Service Holds Our Trade" Blytheville Phone 3-6863 We Service All Makes Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Bill's Refrigeration Service 2337 Birch Phone 3-6986 PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Co. RAIN DANCE NO WORK.. NEED-UM CHOCTAW INOJN-EERED IRRIGATION Expert Engineering makei the Difference! mOt'S why Choctaw's "ENGINEERED IRRIGATION" gives you more for your money! Plus Value Engineered Irrigation that combines years of Held experience plus equipment designed for maximum efficiency at lowest possible cost. Choctaw's engineers pioneered irrigation in the Mid-South and c«n help you have water •'hen you need it. Write or c*tt for • Free Survey of your Requirement* <CHOCTA\r> MEMPHIS. TE-NN. Ph. 49-4491 LITTLE ROCK. ARK. Ph. FlUnMin $-7291 JACKSON, MISS. Ph. 34572 MAKE YOUR OWN RAIN SPRINKLING IS GOOD CROP IN$U RANGE because it maktt if possible for you to iirig«tt when and where you need to, THE A-M SYSTEM glvt* you many exclusive patented features! It mean* fester, easier, foolproof coupling end IN* coupling! Every valve, coupling and fitting k made of the finest alloy ... YET A-M SYSTEMS COST NO MORE! Call ut for « HU6£ MtfmAt* M « CMnpMt ipfctl* instilUKoo. . Dealers Wanted! A-M SPRINKLER IRRIGATION SYSTEMS McKINNON'S Irrigation Equipment Co. Manila, Ark. Phon. 112 SEAFOOD MARKET 2008 West Main Phone 3-6023 Fresh Catfish • Fresh Shrimp Oysters • All Seafoods (Next Door to Barney's Drug Store) LOANS We do not have money to burn, but we do have money to loan. If you live in Northeast Arkansas or Southeast Missouri and need a Real Estate Loan, see us. We make Government insured FRA and GI Loans; also all types of Conventional, Commercial and Industrial Loans, and we have the best Farm Loan avail* able. If it U money you want, sec mn. David Investment Company FHA Approved Mortgagee 418 W. Main St., Blytheville, Ark. Ph. POplar 3-363$

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