The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 12, 1967 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 12, 1967
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File Record Damage Suit; Ask $694,057 By Russ Waller A quartet of Algona quail hunters spent a weekend in southern Iowa in quest of the feathered prizes, and it seems that prior to the hunt one well- known sportsman was somewhat carried away with his own ability and wagered accordingly ... he came up with one quail, his opponent bagged 15 ... he lost again to his friend last summer who bet him on the weight of catfish each would catch ... our sportsman friend didn't know that his wily competitor thrust a handful of sinkers down the jaw of the catfish that won the weight event. .. nothing phony about the quail, however. * * * Kossuth county's Senator Don Murray has been named on two important committees in the state legislature, the Education and Ways and Means committees. The Ways and Means has the unpleasant task of figuring out where you get the money to finance everything. State Representative Karl Kiilsholm was also named to two committees, Agriculture and Township Affairs and Schools, in the House of Representatives. * * * Incidentally, there are 66 registered lobbyists at present in the state legislature, so when you get the senators, representatives, lobbyists and those from newspapers and radio you have quite a crowd, even without any casual visitors. * * * There have been numerous cartoons and quips on the subject of girdles, but our gal "Grace" has written a girdle story to end all girdle stories . .'. you'll find it in section two, this issue. * * * Down at the University of New Mexico, Coach Bob King, former Algona High basketball mentor, has come up with a top-rated cage team with the resulting publicity. It seems that Bob is still carrying around and tugging at a red towel during college games, just as he did in high school contests. * * * Ike and Mamie took off from Harrisburg, Pa. in their private railroad car enroute to Palm Desert, Calif, for the balance of the winter . . . they just hook the private cars on the end of regular trains and away you go for a fee ... wonder what the cost would be if someone owned a caboose and arranged to hitch it onto freight trains for tours; should be a lower rate. Think of the possibilities of a "Tour By Caboose" promotion. * * * Governor Ronald Reagan of California has made considerable sense in several of his first speeches on the state of affairs in California, including one blunt statement to students that if they don't like their state universities they can leave and we infer he'd like to have them do that, and another that contrary to the thinking of the past several years, he sees no reason why tax money should be entirely used for the benefit of those who don't pay it instead of for the benefit of the many who do. This, of course, will lead to some interesting backlashes. * * * Federal paperwork costs the taxpayer about $8 billion a year, according to a report of the House Committee on Post Office and Civil Service . . . during the past year it required 15 BILLION copies of forms to keep the government wheels turning ... no wonder the P. 0. has troubles. * * * Perhaps we are wrong, but it seemed to us that President Johnson, in his State of the Union message Tuesday night, appeared somewhat wan and harrassed before the microphone ... it used to be that folks wanted to raise their kids to be president, but they might be happier in other fields. * * * Famous Last Line-Now, Congressman Powell, would you mind giving us your reaction to your removal as chairman of the House Committee on Education and Labor. Perhaps the largest damage suit ever filed in Kossuth county, one which asks a total of $694,057.29, was recorded in district court here this week. Plaintiff in the matter is Elaine Guerdet, administratrix of the estate of Douglas Guerdet, de- ceased, and James Thompson, doing business as Jones Transfer Co., and Donald Bates are defendants. A fatal 2-truck mishap three miles east of Armstrong on highway 9 at 2:10 a. m. July 29, 1966 provided the impetus for the suit. Mr. Guerdet died of injuries received in the crash. The petition states that Douglas Guerdet was driving a 1961 Ford farm truck in an easterly direction when the vehicle was struck from the rear by a semi- trailer truck and hurled 250 feet along the highway, through a fence and into an adjacent corn field. As a result, the plaintiffs decedent sustained injuries resulting in his death. Driver of the semi was Donald Bates, an employee of the Jones Transfer Co. The large truck he was driving was also headed east. The petition charges Bates with six counts of negligence and charges Thompson was negligent for permitting Bates to operate the truck, when Thompson should have known "Bates was a negligent and incompetent operator who on a number of prior occasions had been detected speeding, following too closely and passing improperly." Guerdet was 30 at the time of his death and is alleged to have had a life expectancy of 41.24 years. He furnished the sole support for his wife and four minor children and was a self- employed farmer with a substantial income. Mrs. Guerdet'spetitionalleges the estate was damaged in the sum of $693,587.29, plus $470 loss on equipment for the $694,057.29 total asked. Clear Pictures — More News — Largest Circulation aigona Upper Be* Jtlomes ESTABLISHED 1865 . s sero " d c '»ss matter at the postofflce at Algona. Iowa (50511). Nov. 1. 1932. under Act of Congress of March 3. 1879 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 1967 3 Sections 18 Page* VOL. 102 NO. 3 School Bond Vote Interest Rises Additional *•"** WtaTAre SUP*- Outlines Some Of Held Here For r if r IICIM MCIC iu Enrollees For M rs. st. John Fanner School The Algona Farmer's Evening School membership has increased to 136 members as of the January 9th meeting. The following is a list of the 44 new members who have enrolled since the first meeting: ALGONA - Duane Arend, Harold P. Becker, Arlen Benschoter, Cecil Bjustrom, Robert Black, Floyd T. Bode, Bill Bormann, Robert Deal, Phil Eischen, Ervin Gerber, Leonard E. Heller, Harold C. Hunt, Frank Kisch, Roger Kramer, Richard C. Mawdsley, R. I. Mawdsley, Lloyd Robinson, Harold Sabin, Carl Simmons, Tim Vipond and Vern Walker. BANCROFT- Vincent Becker, William E. Goche and Fred Tigges. BURT - Frank H. Becker, Patrick Bradley, E. J. Cherland and Raymond E. Walker. CORWITH - James Fett, John Helleseth and Marvin A. Meyer. IRVINGTON - John F. Weber. LONE ROCK - A. B. Cherland, Frank Dreyer and Edwin H. Luedtke LUVERNE - Robert Altaian and Darrell Fett. WEST BEND - Roland Bernau and Arthur Kohlhaas. WHITTEMORE - Harold Feye, Wayne Gade, William Hannover, John Mosbach and John A. Reding. The next meeting will be on January 16, at 8:00 p.m. Subject: "Soybean Production Problems." Girl Slightly Hurt,S-City Crash Monday A 4-year old Buffalo Center girl, Verdean Lemaster, sustained a cut a 2-car smashup at 4:45 p. m. Monday, two miles of Swea City on highway 9. She was treated by a doctor and released. Autos driven by Violet R. Lemaster, 35, Buffalo Center, and Colleen F. Sykes, 29, Swea City, were involved in the mishap which occurred at a gravel road intersection as the latter was stopped waiting for a pickup to pass so she could make a left turn. The road was icy and the Lemaster machine struck the rear of the Sykes vehicle. Damage to the autos was estimated at $550 by Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst who investigated. A car driven by Kathleen S. Murray, 16, Bancroft, struck an luto driven by an unknown person on highway 169, near its intersection with the dump road here at 5:15 p. m. Tuesday. Damage to the 'Murray auto was estimated at $350 by local police who investigated. Divorce Filed Ethel D. Hardt, plaintiff, filed suit for divorce with Marlin Hardt, defendant, in district court here this week. They were married at Mankato Dec. 9. 1946 and have two married children and a minor son. The plaintiff charges cruel and inhuman treatment and seeks custody Lose 2 Games LuVerne dropped a doubleheader to Goldfield Tuesday night, the girls losing 41-37, despite 23 points by Michele Coyle, while the boys fell, 6457. The boys led, 29-21 at halftirae. Doug Nelson got 17. Funeral services for Leora K. St. John, 88, Algona resident for the past 49 years, were held Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the Presbyterian church, with Rev. Walter Morz officiating. Burial followed at Riverview cemetery and McCullough Funeral Chapel was in charge of arrangements. Pallbearers were Fred Shilts, R. S. Blossom, Fred Geigel, Gary McDonald, Robert M. Loss and Casey Loss. A complete obituary, except for rites, appeared in the Tuesday issue of the UDM. Schedule 3-Day Agronomy Class Here, February A three-day Agronomy School, sponsored by the Kossuth county Extension Service, will be held Wednesday, Feb. 1, 8 and 15. It will be held at the V. F. W. in Algona, beginning at 9:30 a. m. each day and ending at 3:15 p. m. The school will be taught by agronomy specialists from Iowa State University. The school will stress principles and practices of high profit corn and bean production, including nutrient needs and fertilizer use, soil management and corn production practices. The enrollment fee for the three day school is $5, which includes registration, three meals, notebook, etc. Galen DeValois, county Extension director, emphasizes that enrollment is limited to 120 and past schools have filled up fast. Enrollment forms are available at the Extension office and from'the following members of the Kossuth County Extension Council - Ted Hoover, Jr., Titonka; Art Person, Burt; Robert Deal, Algona; Lloyd Thorson, Armstrong; Ervin Borchardt, Fenton; D. H. Berninghaus, West Bend; Herman Tjarks, Titonka; Donald Mino, Leclyard; Gene Lampe, Bancroft; Martin Dahl, Swea City; HarlanMelz, Elmore, Minn; Mrs. Norman Christian, Algona; Lawrence Lewis, Lakota; LeRoy Janssen, Lakota; Mrs. Melvin Pompe, Whittemore; Vernon R. Hanselman, LuVerne; Edward Kain, Algona; Art Droessler, Lakota; Hubert O'Brien, Bode; Wayns Lynch, Fenton; Mrs. John Pergande, Lu- Verne; Lowell Underbakke, Elmore, Minn.; Mrs. Orville Thoreson, Swea City; Mrs. Robert Dodds, Algona; Robert Boleneus, Wesley; Harold Poppen, Whittemore. 6 From County A.S.C.S. Office To State Meet Richard I. Anderson, Donald Bollig, and George Wolf of the Kossuth Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation County Committee, Curtis P. Haahr, ASCS County Office Manager, and Barbara Dearchs, Feed Grain Program clerk, and Donna Arend, Compliance clerk, will attend an ASCS meeting in Des Moines, la., Jan. 16, 1967, according to R. I. Anderson, chairman of the Kossuth County ASC committee. Instructions for administration • of the 1967 Feed Grain, Cropland Adjustment and Pre-measurement programs will be presented. 'Basics' In Construction Voters in the Algona Community School District have a little over two weeks in which to study the proposal for a new bond issue of $1,500,000 with which to construct a new high school, build an addition to the Bertha Godfrey grade school, and remodel the present high school into a "middle school", which would house grades six, seven and eight. The vote on the bond issue takes place Monday, January 30. Supt. O. B. Laing, meeting with a Citizens Advisory Committee, has described the existing buildings as "inadequate" for the projected school enrollment. He declared that some high school programs are not available due to lack of space. A breakdown of how the bond issue would be spent, if approved by the required 60 percent of voters in the district, has been outlined by school officials as follows: $108,000 - Addition to the Bertha Godfrey of a multi-purpose room and library. $57,000 - For remodeling the present high school to become a "middle school" for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. $1,770,000 - For a new four-year high school with capacity for 600 students. (The $435,000 accumulated at present in the special School Building Fund accounts for the funds available beyond the million and a half bond issue). There is no evidence of organized opposition to the bond issue, but a number of questions have been asked with regard to the proposal, and Advisory Committee members have been supplied with brochures and question and answer sheets for use in talking over details of the proposal. The new high school would be located on ground already owned by the school district, adjacent to the new athletic field just east of the C. & N. W. railroad tracks in the southeast corner of Algona. No architect's drawings have be~en supplied or any specific details on just what type of construction is planned for a new high school, because as the architect has stated, probably correctly, such a disclosure would probably lead to pros and cons as to the type of building planned. Supt. Laing has stated that the new building would include a gymnasium, a library, an auditorium that would seat about 500, a vocational room and a lunchroom. Air conditioning has been discussed, but is not presently included as a specific item, subject to budget limitations. The number of classrooms in a potential new high school building has not been stated as yet, but is described as "adequate". No swimming pool is in the original outline. From a financial standpoint, which is of considerable interest to most taxpayers, the plans call for a bond issue to run for 20 years paying an expected 4 percent interest to bond holders. To the taxpayer it would mean an estimated $4.50 per thousand of assessed valuation. One of the brochures gives a figure of $2.48 per month additional tax for those now paying taxes of $500 per year and having Homestead Credit. The bonded debt of the Algona School District as of January, 1967, was $308,000 and this amount will be paid off by 1976, Supt. Laing says. He also pointed out that it is possible the present school district may be expanded, and South Kossuth County may eventually have only one school district, enrolling over 2,800 students, kindergarten through high school. This project has been advocated before by the State Department of Public Instruction. It is implied that such an enlarged district would be centralized in Algona. There are 38 members on the Advisory Committee, and they are now in the process of appearing before various groups and organizations with information on the bond issue. Such information is also obtainable at the high sciiool in pamphlet form. The school district at present is paying $5,500 a year in rental fees for classroom space. Spencer Man Is County Supervisor For F.H.A. With the shake of hands by Frank Saiter, seated at left, and Bill Conn, seated right, president of the Security State Bank, and presentation of a check for $14,700 from Commander Saiter to Conn, the Algona American Legion Post completed its purchase of the old Algona postoffice building which will become the new home of the Algona Post sometime in the near future. Standing, left to right, are Bill Nugent and Gene Hood, who with Conn were co-owners of the old postofflce after purchasing it by bid from the government, Lyle (Bud) Anderson and Ed Farrell, both past commanders of the Algona post, and members of the post committee along with Saiter. (UDM Polaroid Photo) Kenneth D. Crandall, Spencer, has been appointed county supervisor of the new Farmers Home Administration (FHA) office for Kossuth county opened here Jan. 3. The announcment was made by Robert H. Walters, district FHA supervisor of Humboldt, who stated the opening of an FHA office in Algona is part of a reorganization taking place within the Federal Agency designed to its services more avial- able to the public. The Farmers Home Administration, an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture, administers a credit program to farms, rural residents and municipalities of under 5500. Loans are extended for operating and real estate type credit to farmers, for the construction or purchase of homes in small towns and for the development of town water and sewage facilities where credit is needed supplemental to that available from commercial sources. In addition, long term loans are made to organized rural groups for the construction of recreational facilities and for senior citizen retirement homes. The agency also administers the economic opportunity loan program to farmers and rural residents for the Office of Economic Opportunity. The new FHA office is located in the U.S.D.A. building at 1306 North Main Street. Mr. Crandall will be assisted in the office by Mrs. Gael I. Olson of Lone Rock and by a county committee consisting of Arthur J. Rode, Titonka; Marvin J. Simonsmeier, Swea City; and Garmon H. Adams, Whitemore. Mr. Crandall is a native of Sac county and a graduate of Iowa State University. He has been an employee of the Farmers Home Administration since 1964, will be making their home in Algona. Inflammable Dolls SWEA-EAGLE- Lisa Johnson, small daughter of the Mervin Johnsons, received three of the inflammable dolls for Christmas. An aunt of Mrs. Johnson, who lives in Humboldt, purchased the dolls in Cedar Falls. The dolls were made in Poland. Man Charged With OMVI In Mayor's Court Wayne B. Janson, Eagle Grove, was arrested by Highway Patrolman Jerry Michael a mile north of St. Joe on highway 169 Jan. 8 and charged with OMVI in Mayor Bill Finn's court here. He furnished $350 bond and preliminary hearing of the matter is pending. In other mayor's court cases, Robert Slobe, Algona, was fined $15 speeding; Clarence Elbert, Whittemore, $5 failing to enter an intersection safely; and Dick Crail, Algona, $15, violation of conservation laws. Court costs were assessed in addition to fines. 7 From Area Rate Dean's List At I.S.U. AMES, IOWA - The Dean's List for high scholastic standing in the fall quarter at Iowa State University contains the names of 874 students. The names were announced Friday, Jan. 6, by deans of the respective colleges. To attain the Deans' List, students must achieve a grade- point average of 3.5 or more (4 is A, 3 is B) while carrying at least 15 credit hours. Area students named, their major academic field, and their parents, follow: ALGONA - Virgean R. Bierstedt, Child-Development-Elementary Education, Mrs. Lucinda Bierstedt, 214 S. Roan; Philip R. Taylor, Preparation for Human Medicine, Mr. and Mrs. William R. Taylor, 801 S. Jones. CYLINDER - Robert 0. Berkland, Chemical Engineering, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar I. Berkland. LUVERNE - George L. Hanselman, Farm Operations, Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Hanselman, R. R. #2. SWEA CITY - John A. Langerman, Mathematics, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus J. Langerman. TITONKA - Mark E. Boyken, Zoology, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Boyken. WESLEY - Vivian R. Pommer, Home Economics Education, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pommer. Historical Society Votes Purchase Of Legion Hall An estimated 50 members of the Kossuth County Historical Society attended that organization's annual meeting in the Legion hall here Tuesday afternoon and voted unanimously to purchase that building as permanent headquarters and museum. Without a dissenting vote, it was decided to buy the structure for $10,000. It is probable the Society will not move from its present quarters above the S & L store here until about June 1 - but should the Legion, which recently purchased the former post office for its home, complete the move to its facilities prior to that date, so will the Historical group. The Society has enough funds to pay about half the amount due and a first mortagage on the property will be obtained to furnish the balance. According to figures released prior to the meeting, about $1,000 will be required to maintain the building, pay interest, insurance, lights, heat, etc. To provide the funds for upkeep, the Articles of Incorporation of the Society were amended, changing the price of memberships and providing for the following classification of memberships: Life - $25; Regular - $ 2 annual; Junior - $1 annual; Contributing Members - $10 annual; Sustaining Members - $50 annual. Immediately following the meeting, coffee and cookies were served. The entire slate of officers which served during 1966 was re-elected unanimously, including C. R. Schoby, pres.; Angus Cotton, v. pres.; Mrs. August Slagle, secretary; Roy McMahon, treasurer; and Angus Cotton, Everett Hanna, Harlan Blanchart, Harold Fischer, Harold Jones, Luke Linnan, R. I Jiawdsley, Mrs. Arthur Benschoter, Dr. L. R. Potter, Lyle Steele, Mrs. Wayne Keith, Fred Plumb, Stewart McFadden, Mrs. Lance Riebhoff, John Wilson, Mrs. C. M. Gross, Mrs. Lee Pratt, L. Oesterreicher, Florence Reynolds, W, A. Schram, Jim Mallory, Mrs. Chas. Gutknecht, Mrs. Henry Looft and Mrs. Marian Inman, directors. Fixtures from the downstairs of the Chrischilles store here, offered to the Society earlier, were also accepted for use in the newly-purchased building and they will be stored until possible to move them in. Mr. Schoby also stated that the Society is very much interested in obtaining new members from all areas of the county in the hope the organization can continue to expand in the future. New Car, Truck Sales Total 16 Registrations Sixteen new car or truck sales ushered in 1967 with new vehicle registrations at the office of Don Jorgenson, county treasurer, last week, as follows : Fords - Ernest Christ, Lakota; Edward Meyer, Fenton; Thomas Hurlburt, Swea City; Pratt Electric, Algona (p/u); Leroy Klein, Wesley. Oldsmobile - Welp's Hatchery, Bancroft; Linde Farms, Swea City. Mercury - Frank Droessler, Bancroft. Dodge - Boraann Bros., Lu- Verne; Orval Fuchsen, West Bend (p/u). Chevrolets - Joseph D. Murray, Bancroft; Wm. K. Specht, Algona; J. H. MerrymEin, Algona, truck; Karen May Harcey, Algona; Gerrit DeWaard, Wesley. Rambler - Monford Peterson, Swea City. Need $2000 To Complete Drive, LuVerne Library LU VERNE .... The final drive for funds for the new proposed Community Library is being made this week. The committee still needs close to $2,000 yet to build. Have you given your donation? If not please do as we must have all funds raised by January 15th.

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