The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 5, 1967 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1967
Page 17
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6-Alflono (la.) Upper D«t Molrm Thundoy, Jan. 5, 1967 |iiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii» iiiiijiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiii^ JO" Evelyn \ Dec. 24 - More cards have come, and I'll mention relatives first. Jean Cady Lawson, Mason City, has been so busy with music, parties and sickness. Little Mark was to be taken to the doctor. I hope it Is a minor ailment. It was too near time for Santa to arrive for him not to be well. Frances Cady Zschappel sent a card from Austin, Tex. Her husband Bob is a doctor and it was their wedding Lizzie Post and I went to at Houston several years ago. Brad and Sharon have been added to the family. Julia Cady, Mason City, is not quite as happy as she might be. She has had a very cute apartment over a clinic. The senior member of the firm has sold his house and will move to Julia's apartment. Fortunately she has found an apartment across the street and will move Feb. 1. * * * Mary Cady Rubenstein, State College, Pa., wrote "we are all affected by daddy's death. He was such an active man. He kept in good spirits to the end." Bless him. * * * A card stamped "Orange, Calif." contained a weather report and the card was signed 'The California Weather Man." Well I have a hunch who he is, but what amazes me is the card was decorated with pictures of cardinals of which Iowa has many. Maybe California does too, but I dunno. Such a California fan should have sent a picture STRICTLY California the swallows that come back to Caplstrano for instance! It doesn't seem possible that my little cherub Becky Jergenson is grown up, but she is, on top of that is a mother of seven month old Michelle. Her husband is Douglas Patty and what will you bet that when Michelle I goes to school and signs her ' name Michelle Patty, the teachers will think she has left off the last name. Becky added that her oldest brother, Kent, Mary Broesder Is Engaged To Burt Man MARY BROESDER Mr. and Mrs. William Broesder, Algona, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Mary, to J. D. Andrews, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Andrews, Burt. The bride-to-be is employed by the Social Security Administration in Ft. Dodge. Mr. Andrews is a student at Mankato State College. A March wedding is being planned. is home from Viet Nam and is with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jergenson in Colorado. The Pattys live at Costa Mesa, Calif. I was glad to hear from Helen Brunson, widow of Allen who died last September. She lives at Grosse Pointe, Mich. He was such a fine person and died far too young. I enjoyed the letter from Kay Parks, who with husband Pete lived in our apartment when Jerry was,less than a year old. They live at Iowa City and have added Jim. His son, Jon, 3 1/2 years old, and the family has moved ALGONA THURS. - FRI. - SAT., JANUARY 5-6-7 CONTINUOUS SHOWING SAT. BEGINNING 1:00 P.M. THE SCREEN'S MOST STARRING Stephen Boyd, Raquel Welch, Edmond O'Brien, Donald Pleasence, Arthur O'Connell, William Redfield and Arthur Kennedy, Produced by Saul David, Directed by Richard Fleischer, Screenplay by Harry Kleiner, Adaptation by David Duncan, Music by Leonard Rosenman, Cinemascope, Color by Deluxe. SUN. - MON. - TUES. - WED., JAN. 8-9-10-11 some people will do anything for some people ' will do almost anything foi'W we miRiscH conpORarion Present! jacK lemmon waireR maiTHau .„ BILLY WILDeR'S TH6 FORTUne COOKI6 .* RON RICH CLIFF OSMOND ; : , JUDI WEST t'M;. 8i:li ftUW •»' sen b, iU.1 MR i o IAI QMjUb • • r, MM *[',>', •«« >.i •••. UOITeO 3RTISTS to Iowa City from Cedar Rapids and is head of the design engineering at the physics department, A daughter Margaret has been added to the Parks family, too, and lives in Denver. Pete and Kay wanted to go there via plane for Christmas but no reservations were available. And the little Jerry we knew has a family of four. Just learned we have the same birth date. Algonans of a number of years ago still remember that Pete was with the Standard Oil Co. and traveled a lot. He is now employed at University Hospitals, Iowa City. I am always so glad to hear from Connie Jergenson of Aurora, Colo. She enclosed a very interesting picture. You will remember their family consisted of the Becky I previously mentioned, sweet little Janet, Kent, Phillipa and Richard. Janet was married several years ago and has a little daughter Lisa. She and Becky live quite close to each other which Is wonderful as they were such close sisters and enjoyed each other so much. The Raymon Henrys who also lived In our apartment and were good friends of the Jergensons, were in Colorado in May and they had a fine get-together. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Naudain sent me a lovely date book with pictures of floral arrangements. Enclosed was one of Glenn's Rock Hill, S. C. Rotary news bulletins. One gag was "Christmas is when both Yule trees and father get trimmed - sometimes they get lit up, too." * * * Mrs. D. 0. Friets, Swea City, enclosed a lovely handkerchief with her card. Thank you. * * * Thanks to the Methodist circle and the C. D. A. who gave me plates of fruit. Delicious, and such a nice assortment. * * + Peggy Freeh Abbas wrote from Santee, Calif, that her son, Mike Johnson, is in college. She is a commercial bank teller and has just completed a night course in banking school. Her father Dore lives in California, she sees him nearly every weekend and he is doing fine. * * •* Thank you, Roy Waterhouse, for your gift, and your remarks on my appearance made me throw back my shoulders and lift my chin. I don't dare mention my chest do I ? Letters from Lela Peck Stewart Mendenhall are always of much interest. Indeed, I do remember playing in your father's barn I Didn't we have fun? So nice to hear about your family. Gladys Barker, Phoenix, Ariz., wrote briefly and her card was one of my beloved Currier and Ives. Oh, for a ride in an old fashioned cutter 1 And from Arizona, too, but Tucson, came a card from Lucille and Don Hutchison, who are visiting their daughter, Joanne, who is teaching and her sister Nancy, Mrs. Norman Newton and family, were to fly down from the northwest to join them. * * * It isn't that you are a poor SCIENCE-FICTION FANS! IT'S 'FANTASTIC VOYAGE" AT ALGONA THEATRE Raquel Welch assists Arthur Kennedy who plays a doclor operating with a ruby laser on a man's brain from inside the living body. They and their equipment have been miniaturized tn microbe size for their suspcnseful adventure. The scene is from "Fantastic Voyage." a 2flth Century-Fox production in Cinema-Scope and DcLuxe color. penman, Mrs. H. L. Quisby, nee Sarah Clark, Northwood, but the name is odd and I wasn't sure I read it correctly. Anyhow, Sarah Clark identifies you and indeed I remember you and your working here. Also I recall you became an R. N. and now are a busy mother of Lori and David. Your enclosure was of great interest and I think we should form some sort of an association-"American Arthritic Army" — or can you think of a better name ? * * * Bless you Nell McCall, now Omaha, Nebr. Fern Foster sort of "pinch hit" for you, and did a good job, so don't worry about that sweet tooth not being filled. I am glad you are near Katherine, though I miss your calls. My best wishes for you, especially health- wise. * * * It was so good hearing from Mabel Livingston and her remarks about a picture I sent of myself gave me a laugh as well as a very warm glow'around the heart. * * * Ten minutes after four here around two in Pomona. Talk about a warm glow around the heart - well, I'm so grateful to Gayle Henderson Kierulff for the chat I just had with her, her Christmas to me. I am promised a picture soon of little Katie and as soon as possible they will be making a trip back here. Of course, that doesn't mean till summer at least, but it's nice to think about and since her father's boyhood home was at Osceola and her grandfather Henderson's here. * * * When I mentioned the Cady families, I hadn't received Pat's missive, but it came soon thereafter from Castro Valley, Calif. Pat is an attorney and insurance adjuster. * * * A newsy letter from Elsa Goeders, Independence, Mo., was followed by a very nice calendar. Thank you. I am sorry your arthritis kicks up, that's the way the darned tiling tries our patience and I've often wished someone would invent a new hate- ful word to describe it. Maybe I'd better be hoping some REAL cure would be thought of and produced instead of words. A note from my late friend Elizabeth Rowe's daughter Beverly was most welcome. It's comforting to hear from relatives of dear friends. * * * Helen. Hutchison wrote from Des Moiues that she is spending the holidays with her son Ted and family and son Tom and will be here to see me when she gets home. She has been at San Jose with the John Carrolls to whom little son Thomas Francis was recently born. Sue sort of wanted a girl to divide her family equally, three boys and three girls, then she thought philosophically it would be a better arrangement to have two boys per two bedrooms and two girls in the third bedroom. * * * Thank you, Marjorie Carlon Harriman of Sun City, Calif. The verse was very cute and all of Dot's friends, which number very many, are happy she is on the road to recovery. I just hope she will take things easy for a long time. She is such an energetic person and we all love her a lot. * * * How I wish Mrs. Gilles could rnnniTB'B znma • <* move clock Q g g g fl g fl Q 0 0 0 Q o o o o THURSDAY and FRIDAY Complete program begins: 7:009:13. "Fantastic Voyage" 7:33-9:34. SATURDAY - Complete program begins: 1:00-3:08-5:166:56-9:12. "Fantastic Voyage"1:28 - 3:36 - 5:16-7:32- 9:38. SUNDAY - Complete program begins: 1:30-4:06-6:42. "Fortune Cookie"-2:01-4:37-7:319:36. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY Complete program begins: 7:30. "Fortune Cookie" - 8:19. LIME NOW Take Advantage of Winter Moisture and Frozen Ground. We are equipped for Winter Soil Sampling. P. & M. STONE CO., INC. Humboldt, Iowa Phone 332-1256 or 332-3327 comprehend the letter her sister, Edith Miller, wrote to me from Augusta, Wise. She is going to Milwaukee to spend the holidays with her son Merrill and family. She regrets so Mrs. G's condition as they were very close all their lives and have enjoyed so much together. And now final thanks to the Algonans who remembered me, Myra Ostrum, the Max Millers, the Clarence Erasers, Jim and "Beanie" Allen and Josh and Nelle Blossom. As for gifts, thank you Lucille Anderzen, Roy Waterhousc, and the Sherman Littles, all from various California places, Letha Nims (Shortie Lowe's daughter of New York City) and oh yes, also from California, gifts from the Horace Kings, and Marion MacCartan. And thanks to all of you nearby. To enumerate them would make a book, and I've given personal thanks, too. I must have been a "good girl" to have received so many, many gifts. I might add that Marjorle Harriman's verse disclosed the fact that last winter they were in Hawaii, two weeks on Oahu and the outer islands. Sun City- was very hot, she said, (take note, you California weatherman). Like much of the country, unusually hot, she said. Frank went deer hunting in September in Utah and apparently he has a- collection of bells for she says "A new room was added to house all of Frank's bells." How about you and your collection, Mrs. Ogren ? * * * We have had many carolers here, among them from Lotts Creek Lutheran, two other caroling groups, Dec. 22, St. Cecelia group, Dec. 19, two Sisters coming with them, Trinity Lutheran, Girl Scouts of whom Evelyn Hunt is leader, Good Hope Methodist, Titonka Luther League, Presbyterian group, Algona Metho- dists, First Lutheran, First Baptist, Regular Baptist, 4-HClub, Algona A.O.K., under Mrs. C. J. McEvoy and Mrs. Theresa Berger, and if I have missed any, it is because my door wasn't 'open and I couldn't inquire who they were. Any omission is by no means intended and" alf'df us thank you for your thoughtfulness. * * * Rhoda Bonaf laid she had such a nice Christmas and wants her friends to know how much she appreciated Caught in the "tight money" squeeze? REFINANCE WITH US! NEED EXTRA CASH to pay off short term debts, meet emergencies? Need a modern, thorough home loan as well? Visit our home loan department and get complete details on how refinancing your mortgage can be the answer. Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. AN Accounts Fully Insured To $15,000 Save From The 15th - Earn From The 1st SINCE 1917 — ALGONA, IOWA All Savings Accounts insured up to $15,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp of Washington, IX C. 98-1 (8NIS) Will you put away all the things of Christmas? The tree ornaments, the candles, the wooden manger and cardboard shepherds ... all these things will fit neatly into their paper boxes and be stored way back on closet shelves. But the,things of Christmas that make Christina, meaningful 1 ' o * Y e> generosity, understanding '. . . will you put them away, too/ After Christmas we seem to lock them up ... in some strongbox within ourselves ... and hoard them for 50 long weeks. But these precious things that we tie specially to Christmas are for every season and they do not store well at all. Love generosity, understanding ... all these must be practiced . and they grow stronger and brighter the wider they are spread. *u W f,9 annot , in wisdom put them away again, for it is in just these things where lie all our hopes ... for happiness, for peace and in this precarious age ... even for life itself. TITONKA CO-OP ELEVATOR j aek $tott , ^ FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR, Bode R. L. Mathwon, Mar. FENTON CO-OP ELEVATOR CurtU Lura, M$r, IRVINGTON CO-OP ELEVATOR E. F. Immerfall, Mgr. LONE ROCK CO-OP EXCHANGE ___ Loreni Geitzenauer, Mgr. WHITTEMORE CO-OP ELEVATOR Alfred Schultz, Mgr. (Hobgrton Branch) BURT CO-OP ELEVATOR ....... Ronald Jurgen,, Mgr. LEDYARO CO-OP ELEVATOR -,. Bernard Reilly, Mgr. OTTOSEN CO-OP ELEVATOR Jerry Huffman, Mgr. WEST BEND ELEVATOR CO R. W. Jurgens, Mgr.

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