The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 5, 1967 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1967
Page 15
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WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Round WASHINGTON - Those wno have read the manuscript of the William Manchester book, "The Death of a President," say that President Johnson is pictured in it as a very uncertain new President, but anxious to help Mrs. Kennedy in spite of rebuffs. While the author is critical of Johnson, he is so obviously pro-Kennedy that the bias of his criticism shows. However, the publication of the book is certain to widen the rift between the Kennedy and Johnson families. Actually President Johnson has allocated $50,000 a year for Mrs. Kennedy - who is wealthy - to maintain a staff, part of the time in the executive offices, part of the time in New York, to answer her fan mail. No other President's widow in history has been given this. In the past, Congress has appropriated $10,000-a-year pensions to the widows of Presidents, and that is all. Incidentally, part of the Manchester book was actually written in the executive offices of the White House. Manchester worked there under the protection of Lyndon Johnson while writing material very critical of Johnson. These are some of the passages in the book which Jackie Kennedy wanted out: 1. Any reference to a letter she wrote her husband from Greece in 1962 saying: "I miss you very much, and I hope you DREW PEARSON miss me." Mrs. Kennedy apparently feared this would imply that she left the late President during that summer to cruise through the Mediterranean because they were not getting along. 2. She also wanted to delete the text of the emotional letter she put in her husband's coffin. 3. She objected to any references to an argument which the late President had with then Vice President Johnson over Texas politics on the night before the assassination. After this argument her husband referred to Johnson as a "liar" and said: "You know Lyndon. When he says one thing, he means another." Finally, Jackie wanted to keep out of the book a statement she made to Manchester that she terribly regretted the fact that she had not been able to spend the last night with her husband at the Fort Worth hotel. Incidentally, though Sen. Bobby Kennedy claimed he had never seen the manuscript of the Manchester book, Harper & Row, the publisher, has a signed receipt that proofs of 166 galleys of the book were delivered to his apartment in New York on August 16. Bobby himself may not have read these, but his literary advisers did. - o- - SHRIVER TO QUIT- Sargent Shriver, brother-in- law of the late President, is the only member of the Kennedy family who still remains with the Johnson administration. Shriver has been one of the most efficient executives of either the Kennedy or Johnson administrations, has not been afraid to handle the very tough job of fighting poverty in spite of bitter attacks both by Republicans and Southern Democrats. The poverty program happens to be close to President Johnson's heart. He was Youth Administrator for Texas back in the depression days and he knows what poverty means. But there have been some predictions that the Antipoverty Program will be cut drastically next year. Inside word is that the Antipoverty Program will be cut only $32 million, but even this will lead Sargent Shriver, last of the Kennedy family to work with LBJ, to resign. - o - -UNHAPPY SENATOR DODD- Sen. Dodd of Connecticut has ordered directly from the publisher four of the first copies off the press of Jack Anderson's new book, "WashingtonExpose." Dodd won't like what he'll read. Among other things the book tells how Dodd used his Senate Internal Security Committee to investigate a lecturer who criticized him at Windham High School in Willimantic, Conn., and a professor who gave his son, Tom, Jr., a "D" at Georgetown University in Washington. - o - -MAO'S EXAMPLE- Reliable estimates quoted in U. S. intelligence reports now place the population of Red China at over 740-million. As a result, Chinese leaders are desperately trying to lower the growth rate from 2.5 per cent to 1.0 per cent. To that end the government STRONG CHURCHES... Make Strong Communities "For God alone my soul waits in silence, for my hope is from 'him. P?/-./»no RO-K — Psalms 62:5 The coming of a New Year has become every man's season of hope. For the most part, we concern ourselves with pleasant thoughts of what may be in store for us, with little more than a nod to recognition of what we have gained or achieved in the year that is history. So soon after the holy day that is Christmas, let us not forget God. Let us not forget that the goodness of God, and God's eternal promise, is the well spring of hope and the foundation of a successful life. These Special Weekly Church Messages brought to you by the following PUBLIC-SPIRITED BUSINESSES: ROY HUTZELL - DIST. Gulf Petroleum Products 295-2362 ESSER DRY CLEANERS FREE Pick-up and Delivery Phone 295-2827 — Algona, Iowa ZENDER'S Clothing for Men and Boys POST MOVING and STORAGE local & Long Distance Phone 295-2275 - Algona, Iowa PIONEER HI-BRED CORN CO. Herb Hedlund, Production Manager Perry Collins, Experimental Mgr. METRONICS, INC, O. B. Harmes "Super Speed" Tool* FARMERS SERVICE CENTER, Inc. Merton Ross, Mgr. COLONIAL MOTEL Junction 18 & 169 ERNIE WILLIAMS John Deere Farm Equipment Highway 18 East - Tel. 295-3561 ALGONA VAULT SERVICE Algona, Iowa JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Oliver CMC Trucks — Firestone Tires — Algona KOSSUTH MUTUAL INS. ASSN. Your Friend - Before and After the Fire ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO, Your Friendly IH Dealer - 295-3501 IH Tractors — Trucks ~- Farm Equipment KLEIN'S FARM SUPPLY Wayne Feeds — We Buy Eggs and Poultry 216 West State Street, 295-5206 BENNIE B. WIBBEN, Bldg. Contractor 122 S. Heckart St. - Algona, Iowa SHUTS BROWNBILT SHOE STORE "The Shoe Store That Takes Care of Your Feet" Algona Tel. 295-5371 Iowa VAN'S CAFE Junction 18 & 169 from HMORY'S SCRAPBOOK DATES AND EVENTS FROM YESTERYEARS U.S. Marines were ordered to Nicauragua, January 8, 1927. President F. D. Roosevelt enunciated the Four Freedoms, January 6, 1941. The first U.S. bank opened In Philadelphia, January?, 1782. The first balloon night across the English Channel was made by Blanchard and Jeffries, January 7, 1785. A tabulating machine was patented by Herman Hollerith, January 8, 1889. Photography (Daguerrotype) was first used January 9,1839. U.S. troops were ordered to China to guard railroads, January 9, 1912. The Lend-Lease bill was Introduced in Congress, January 10, 1941. The U.S. Army contacted the moon by radar, January 10, 1946. Amelia Earhart-Putnam started a solo flight across the Pacific, January 11, 1935. Amelia Earhart completed flight from Hawaii to California, first woman to make the flight, January 12, 1935. has decreed that men must be 30 years old before they marry; women 25 years old. Birth control, sterilization and abortion are both sanctioned and encouraged. The sacred advice of Mao Tse- tung to parents is: Limit yourselves to two children. The fourth child gets no food rations. However, the exhortations to Chinese parents, solemnly quoting wise old Mao, omit Mao's own example. He has four wives who bore him a number of children. The exact number is unknown, but his second wife gave him at least two sons, possibly some daughters; his third wife bore at least three, possibly five children. Even in communist countries, it seems, its leaders may say, "Do as I say, not as I do." - NEGROES IN SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS - Educators are in an uproar over a move to give more space to the role of Negroes in America's development. This has caused such controversy that some textbook publishers have started to publish two versions one playing up, the other playing down the role of the Negro. Meanwhile, nearly 200 school districts across the country have started using the controversial junior high textbook, "Land of the Free," which gives favorable treatment to Negro heroes. One who is praised for his early work with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is W. E. B. Du Bois. But the textbook does not mention that Du Bois later became bitter over his failure to Improve the lot of the Negro, renounced his American citizenship and Joined the Communist party. The controversy over this book - and the whole issue of freedom from censorship - is now centered in California where the state board of education earlier approved Land of the Free for use in the schools. California's right-wing school superintendent, Dr. Max Rafferty, screamed objections. Here is a prediction: Ronald Reagan, after he becomes governor, will appoint two right-wingers to the California school board. They will withdraw Land of the Free from the California schools -the beginning of textbook censorship in California. Thereafter the California school board may purge all textbooks the censors decide are un-American. - o - -SCARCE MR. NIXON- Ex-Vice President Richard Nixon has made a strategic retreat from the political limelight. He's explained to friends that it's better to be the underdog at this early stage of the Presidential battle; and this is why he didn't send a representative to the recent governors' conference to lobby Republican governors. He is content to let Gov, Romney stand out in front as the target for the political brickbats. In another six months, Nixon told friends, he will renew his campaign for the Republican nomination. Maybe he's smart. Thursday, Jan. 5, 1967 Algeria Upper Dot Moines-3 - INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE- President Johnson's intimates hint that he may not seek reelection in 1968. To one friend who urged him to slow his pace the President replied with sudden earnestness: "I have so little time." . . . Though LBJ may be tossing about in how own mind whether to run again, insiders doubt that he will be able to stay out of the race. They attribute his talk of retirement to moodiness ... The President also has his bright moods. Alter reading an encouraging report on the Vietnam war, he scribbled across the bottom: "Whoopee!" . . . LBJ has kept down White House expenses by using aides whose salaries are paid by other government departments . . . Though he is accused of surrounding himself with Texans, only two remain on his staff: Marvin Watson and Harry McPherson . . . Moyers probably has the most influence with the President. Watson is probably- closest to him. "He's my get- me-to-the •church-on-tirne-man," the President says of Watson. Is your office furniture in sad shape? Look over the new office desks, chairs, files and safes at the Office Supply Dept. of THE UPPER DBS MOINES. Tonight after 8 AND Sunday CALL ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.* FOR $100 • OR LESS 'Ficept Hawaii and Alaska. Three-minute station rale, additional lime equally low in cost Plus lav Northwestern Bell GOOD NEIGHBORS TO KNOW AROUND THE TOWN & COUNTRY Meet Jake Smith Of Burt Our Country Neighbor this week is Jake Smith, a very amiable farmer who owns 80 acres and rents another 80 acres . three miles north, three east^nd one-fourth south of Burt. While he specializes in crop farming, he keeps a few sheep around the place "as weed clippers." During 1966, Jake had 65 acres of corn, 70 acres of beans and the balance In pasture and hay land. In the past 20 years, the Smiths have rebuilt practically everything on their place, except for the house. Before moving to their present farm 24 years ago, the Smiths farmed between Burt and Algona at a couple of different places. Mr. Smith considers fishing his hobby, but doesn't seem to get much time to do it - and : :he's a farmer who enjoys doing: : ; : : : chores for animals (or did) when he had a lot of them. He was born near Wellsburg, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Dowd Smith and came to Kossuth county at the age of three. He has a brother, Roy, Eagle Grove; and four sisters, Mrs. Everett Hanna, Lone Rock, Mrs. Sumner Parsons, Burt, Mrs. John Jennings, Sexton, and Mrs. Viola McDonald, Sioux City. Mrs. Smith, who married Jake 45 years, ago, is the former Ethel Householder, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joe Householder, and she is originally from Lone Rock. They met at parties in the Burt-Lone Rock area. She is a member of a mother- daughter club, a church circle, the Busy Bees and the Portland Progress Club and sewing seems to be her hobby. ., The Smiths have one daughter, '•'Sheryl (Mrs. Dale Bixler), Wil- ' fff: mette, m. (UDM Polaroid Flash- foto) Buscher Brothers ImpL Minneapolis Mollne - Ktily.Ryan - ••••« New Ide Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" Plumblnf . K««ttaf ShMi Metal Cn at oil Unit* Pumpi Wtttr lyiltmi CompUl* flxlum TrteTlW^mWt o^ Qttaft/tu Tfc/vw/ od/atpman/t ERNIE WILLIAMS JOHN DEERE ... a most trusted name in farm . . . located on U.S. Highway 18, Just at the east edge of Algona. tta ! SaUsfles " is not J"s* our slogan, it's a guarantee. For or parts, we can assure you of the finest. You're welcome to drop in anytime. We'll be glad to demonstrate our equipment and we'll be more than glad to answer any questions you may have. r> " You>rfc - neignbor, uot a stranger" at ERNIE WILLIAMS JOHN Joe Bradley Equipment South Hole! AlfoM Farm Machinery - Trucks - Tires AlUt-ClMlmtn OUv.r OMC Trucks rirulMt TltM Phone WMU1 A'sw Ernie Williams John Deere Form Machinery _80TH QUALITY A SERVICE Ucattd e a i ( of Algona oo highway Algona Implement Co. PATRONIZE THE SPONSORS ON THIS PAGE

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