Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 21, 1965 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 21, 1965
Page 5
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ftii 8S«sunc*ffi*ftf it fteitko? an effof te tail n6f « i6licifafi6« &! an 6ff« fe buy «hy of these isftufitlst this offer it made only by tb Pfbspectus, A New Isiufi June I, 1,000,000 SHARES Peter Piper Packers, Inc. LeMars, Iowa Common Stock No Par Value Price $2,00 Per Share , Copies of the prospectus may be obtained from (he Underwriter or iti authorised repretentativel. MONDAY, JUNE 21, 1945 ALOONA (Iowa) ADVANCE—5 Bulldogs edge Clarion here Friday, 7-1 R. N. BICKERT Algona, Iowa Master Securities Co, 416 Commerce Building Sioux City, Iowa Authofited Representative Offered to Iowa Residents Only, IJdBJUUJJJJJUUAUJJS Algona high school parlayed some timely hitting with stout 4-hit pitching by Larry Scobba to get back on the victory trail in the North Central Confer- nee here Friday night. The result was a 7-1 win over Claron. The Bulldogs are now 2-2 in ,he league and will face Iowa ? alls there Tuesday, LuVerne icre Wednesday and Humboldt .here Friday night in another >usy week. Algona led all the way after Dale Teeter scored a run on Bill Farnham's single in the second. They added two more in the fourth when Teeter opened the inning with a single and scored along with Mark Conn, who walked, on three successive passed balls (or wild pitches, whichever you choose to call them). The Bulldogs carried a 4-1 lead into the sixth. Dan Gilmore scored the fourth run in the fifth. Skip Perkins then put the game out of reach with a bases loaded triple with two out in the sixth. ALL THIS time, Larry Scob- ba was pitching good ball. He struck out eight and retired th ide in order in three of the even innings. His biggest rouble came in the sixth when he first two men reached base. Scobba then forced the next iair to hit back to him for two outs and fanned the last man, Steve Hardy is still out of ac- ton with a sore arm but is ex >ected back this week, to help out Craig Espe and Scobba on he mound. ALGONA (7) ab r h Scobba, p. 3 1 0 laude, 3b. 3 1 0 Perkins, cf. 4 0 1 ailmore, c. 3 1 ( VIeyer, ss. 3 0 : Teeter, 2b. 3 2 : Farnham, Ib. 3 0 1 Conn, rf. 2 2 2 Barr, If. 2 0 0 TOTALS 26 7 6 CLARION (1) ab r h Cramer, 2b. 3 0 1 Anderson, Ib. 3 1 0 Sann, ss. 3 0 0 Brand, p. 3 0 1 Murphy, 3b. 3 0 0 Bailey, cf. 3 0 1 Reyna, c. 3 0 0 Froyen, If. 2 0 0 McCool, rf. 3 0 1 TOTALS 26 1 4 a» Garrigan wins Friday to stretch mark to 6-1 on ll many limes a flay...nvery day ol the year! And you live hotter, electrically. Algona Municipal Utilities Garrigan's Bears stretched heir season's record to 6-1 Friday night by trouncing Forest City high school, 13-6. GARRIGAN drubbed Woden- irystal Lake for its fifth straight win Wednesday here, 9-0. Bill Milder tosse.d a nifty one-hitter and in two games now W-CL has gotten just one hit off Bear pitching. Milder struck out a do/en batters. Garrigan got just four hits but broke up a tight 1-0 game with eight runs in the,sixth inning.'Four walks'plus'base hits by Chuck Geilenfeld and Tom Wagner and three errors all contributed to the downfall of the visitors. Garrigan will have a full week of baseball activity this week. The Bears entertain St. Edmond's here Monday, Forest City here Wednesday, travel to Britt Thursday and come home again Friday for East Greene -of Grand, Junc.tipn^. On ..Tuesday, the" fresh-sophs" go, to Eagle Grove. GARRIGAN'S baseball team suffered its first defeat of the summer season Thursday after- , B.F.Goodrioh JACK'S TIRE SERVICE BU74 1HE4P! July 4* bargains on Commander 220s... The tough breed of tires for the hard-driving man! QlZf f «.SO X13 i 7.OO x 13 Will (it most Qorvairs, Falcons, Paris, Valiants, Buick Specials, Mustangs, Chevy Us, Olds F-85'5, and others. Will fit most Ford station wagons, Chevy station wagons and convertibles, Mercgrys, Portiacs anij ether?. Built with rugged Super-Syn rubber to fight wear at high speeds ...with tough nylon cords to soak up shock on rough roads,.,with a new design to reduce heat build-up, tire enemy number gnei •IZM7.5OX14 • «.7O*1» Will fit most Chevrolet*, Fords, Plymouths, StudebakersJtmpfsti end others. All prise; plus tax and 4 tires from ygu; c§r " FREE MOUNTING! NO MONEY DOWN noon as Fort Dodge high school drubbed the,Bears 12-4 at Fort Dodge. The Dodgers are currently unbeaten. The Dodgers teed off on Lou Bleich and shelled him and re placement Bill Hall for 17 hits The Bears got a dozen hits anc were sparked by Dick Salz witl three hits. Garrigan led in the top of the first as Chuck Becker walked Bleich singled and then Dicl Muller doubled home two runs But the Dodgers struck bac with • five: runs : in- the ^bottom ."o the frame on a walk, two singles, a double and triple and were never headed. Tom Goodman hit a two-run homer for the winners in the fourth. FORT DODGE (12) ab Brad Beer 5 Tom Goodman 4 Bill Goodman 3 Joe Loomer 4 Garry Bellington 4 Gary Hansen 3 Don Yeager ' 4 Larry Castagoli _ : 4 Major Greig 4 TOTALS 35 GARRIGAN (4) ab Denny Long' _, 3 Chuck Becker 3 Dick Salz 4 Bill Reding 4 Lou Bleich 3 Dick Muller 2 Chuck Geilenfeld __ 3 Joe Becker 3 Tom Wagner _: 3 Bill Hall 0 TOTALS 25 Junior golf meet here this Saturday The second annual Kossuth County Junior golf tournament will be held at the Algona Country Club Saturday, June 26. Tee off time will start at 8 a.m. and no golfers will be able to tee off after 9 a.m. The meet is an 18-hole affair with no entry fee and is open to any Kossuth County golfer who is 18 or under (must not be 18 before Aug. 15). The meet is sponsored by the Algona Junior Chamber of Commerce. The two lowest scorers will advance to the State Junior tournament at Fort Dodge July 1142-J3, which is a 36-hole tour- najnent with the winner going on to the national. The local JayCees will pay the entry fee for the local winners. Bob Smith is the defending champion. There is no advance entry but all boys wishing to play should be at the Algona Country Club at 8 a.m. or shortly after. PEE WEE LEAGUE Wednesday — Colts 11, Athletics 3. Thursday — Red Sox 3, As tros 2. Monday — Athletics vs. Mets Tuesday — Astros vs. Colts, Wednesday — Red Sox vs Mcts. W L Colts 2 0 Rod Sox 1 1 Athletics 1 1 Mets 0 1 Astros 0 1 AMERICAN LEAGUE Wednesday — White Sox 13, rioles 2. Thursday — Angels 7, Twins Monday — Orioles vs. Tigers. Tuesday — Indians vs. White ox. Wednesday — Angels vs. Ti- lers. W L White Sox 2 0 Tigers 1 0 Angels 1 0 Indians 0 1 Orioles 0 1 Twins 0 2 NATIONAL LEAGUE Wednesday — Pirates 6, Reds Thursday — Braves 2, Cardinals 0. Monday — Pirates vs. Dodgers. Tuesday — Phillies vs. Reds. Wednesday — Cardinals vs. Dodgers. W L Reds 1 1 Braves 1 1 Dodgers 1 0 Pirates 1 0 Cardinals 0 1 Phillies 0 1 vo sin- le and Good- for r 1 2 2 3 2 2 "0 0 0 12 r 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 4 the h 2 2 1 4 2 a i 2 0 17 h 0 2 3 0 2 1 1 2 1 0 12 Nffd Printing? AT THE ADVANCE SENIOR LEAGUE Wednesday — Yankees 7 Giants 4. Thursday -5- Cubs^JS, Whit temore 6. Monday — Senators vs. Yankees. Tuesday — Whittemore vs. Giants. Wednesday — Senators vs, Cubs. W L Cubs 2 0 Yankees 1 1 Giants 1 1 Senators 0 1 Whittemore —0 1 GIRLS SOFTBALL NOVICE Wednesday Canaries 7 Jays 6 Thursday Redbirds 22 Orioles 1 Monday Orioles vs. Canaries Tuesday Jays vs. Redbirds W L .Canaries 2 0 Redbirds 1 1 Jays 1 1 Orioles 0 2 JUNIOR Wednesday Gophers 8 Colts 5 Thursday Hawks 12 Bears 6 Monday Gohpers vs. Lions Tuesday Hawks vs. Colts Wednesday Lions vs, Bears W L Hawks 2 0 Gophers 2 0 Colts 0 1 Lions 0 1 Bears 0 2 SENIOR Wednesday Jets 19 Bombers 15 Thursday Rockets 17 Astronauts 0 Monday Astronauts vs. Bombers Tuesday Jets vs. Rockets Wednesday Bombers vs. Jets W L Bombers 1 1 Rockets 1 1 Jets 1 1 Astronauts 1 1 CATFISH — Young Jon Butt ler, son of the Perl Buttlers of Guthrje Center, caught an 11- pound catfish at Virgil Benton'i pond. Jon was given a little help by his grandfather, Art Buttler The fish was 28 inches IGUIJ. Barton wins feature race here Friday Friday night's program at the tossuth Speedway drew the largest crowd of the season. It vas Ladies Night. A field of 22 moclifieds put on a good show, as the track was in a very dif- 'erent condition. Time trials were relatively fast however, a? Gene Schattschneider again turned in the top time of : 17.85 Les Wilden was second fastest with : 18.00, followed by Jim Ed gington with an : 18.45: The first heat was won casilj hy Rich Greene followed by Wil lie Klusc and Dale Ricckhart. The second heat was won b; an old stand-by Les Wilder who has boen plagued will trouble so far this year. Gal White was second, followed by Ted Zeman. Spin-outs were quite preva lent during the heats. Freddie Funk won the 3rd heat after Gene Schattschneider spun-out. Norm Baker was second, followed by Joel Rasmussen, who was third. The handicap trophy went to Les Wilden who fought off the other five fastest cars for the night. In second place was Norm Baker and third was Ted Zeman. The B-feature event was captured by Gene Schattschneider. After a few close laps with Jim Edgington in car No. 14, Gene pushed his orange No. 56 to an easy victory. Edgington remain ed in second spot followed by Bud Fair. This event also had a re-start. After 2 re-starts George Bar ton won the A-feature. He gain ed a lead and held it until the checkered flag was dropped Joel Rasmussen was second, fol lowed by Ted Zeman. An engine check was held af er the A-feature for the firs nd second place cars. George Barton and Joel Rasmussen were checked and proved legal week Freddie Funk and Gene Schattschneider w e r checked. Alter a few entanglement, and fender bending, Orie Ship er won the hobby race. Two of the top cars, Butch Householder and Shiney Hilbert tangled and both were put out of the race. Results were: Time Trials: 1. Schattschneider, 2 M WMen, 3 Edgington. First heat: 1. Rich Greene, 2. Willie Kluse, 3. Dale Rieckhart. Second heat: 1. Wilden, 2. White, 3. Zeman. Third heat: 1. Funk, 2. Baker, 3. Rasmussen. Handicap: 1. Wilden, 2. Baker, 3. Zeman. B-feature: 1. Schattschneider, 2. Edgington, 3. Fair. A-feature: 1. Barton, 2. Rasmussen, 3. Zeman. DUCKS — A mother wood duck and her brood of 12 ducklings hatched in a tree in the back yard at the Wilbur Nead residence in Manchester were safely moved to a marshy area adjacent to the Maquoketa riv er with the help of the U. S. Fish & Wildlife service, FISH — The largest fish on record at Hannen Lake was a cat fish weighing 8 J /2 Ibs. Jay Zahrt of Marengo caught the fish there early this month. I was 26 inches long. Designed for large living areas—eveh more than one room ... 13,000 BTU's. MODEL NO. RF602B room iir conditioner Automatic Thermostat, Two Speed Coollftg . >. Washable Air Filter. NORTH IOWA APPLIANCE CENTER PHONE 295-3818 Mr. Busy Farmer OUR BULK WAGON SERVICE Will Bring Your GAS — OIL — LUBE NEEDS RIGHT TO YOUR FARM ! HIGHEST QUALITY - FOR LESS STRAIGHT RUN DIESEL FUEL NOT Blended! Finest quality fuel obtained for the farm use! Compare with us for Price and Quality! ••••••••••••I • Farm Grease • i HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSION FLUIDS FOR ALL MAKES OF TRACTORS MULTI-LUBE LITHIUM GUN GREASE The ONE Grease For Every Purpose 5-Gal. Pail I • I We pick up and deliver cars for greasing and oiling VIKING Oil CO. ROY STOFFEL, Owner PHONE 295-3749 'WE GIVE KING KORN OR GOLD BOND STAMPS ON GAS PURCHASES AT STATION" "BULLETIN" "No reason to hold off on buying a new Ford and Mercury car. Ex- cise tax cut, if passed as propos- ed, will be retroactive to May 15, 1965," TAYLOR MOTOR CO. ALGQNA, IOWA

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