The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 29, 1966 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1966
Page 11
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1 I I Entered M weond el*» matter At tut eottottte* «t Alton*, low* • ! (SOBin. Nov. 1. INS. unto Act ot Con*r*M of M»rch a. Iflt | cctAMKMtn 1AAA VOl. 101 NO. 98 tSTASUSHID 1149 966 .j Nativity Scene Open One of the non-church religious highlights of the Christmas season here each year is the showing of the Nativity Scene in its building at the fairgrounds here. The photo above shows a portion of the extensive scene, with the Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph depicted in the stable In Bethlehem on the night of the very first Christmas. Edward Kalb, German prisoner of war here during World War n and several other prisoners constructed the Nativity Scene at the old POW camp on the site of the present Algona Airport more than 20 years ago, using a combination of materials to form the human ami animal figures featured. It was first shown at the POW camp, then moved to the fairgrounds by the Algona JayCees shortly after the war and shown for many years in what was then a 4-H building. The scene was moved several years ago into the present new building on the northwest edge of the fairgrounds and annually attracts thousands of viewers from a widespread area. During recent years, it has been sponsored and kept up by the Algona Methodist Men's Club. Sixty-three men are cooperating to serve during the open hours this year. The scene will be open from now through Jan. 1, with hours of 2-9 p. m. weekdays and 12-9 p. m. this Sunday, Jan. 1. Evelyn "Woman's World" for the Upper Des Molnes and has sold quite a number of other writings. * * * Yarda and Lyle Ellis sent greetings and a nice calendar. * * * A card from Elsa and Willis Bradley of Minneapolis, who give me "Arizona Highways" each year, * * * Thank you, Harvey Peck, for your card. How many years have we known each other? Quite a few! * * * Also thanks to you, Zalda and Bill Nugent. I wish we were the gay young tilings we were back In - oh, you know whenl * * * When I have a little more time I'll read thoroughly your magazine "New Mexico", Nellie. It was nice of you to think of me, and to satisfy the curiosity of tho/je who wonder who "Nellie" is, Pll add Galbraith, Doming, New Mex. And since Nellie is a relative of Bess, and Lee Hopkins and Maria Hawcott, I'll say my thanks to you for your card, right close to my thanks to Nellie. * * * Last on the pile is a message from Lillian Mathison, Rush City, Minn. Some Inspiring literature was enclosed. Thank you. * * * I'll say thanks now to Marie Kunz tho' I thanked her personally, and I'll add thanks to Lucille Anderzen and the Kings, whose boxes were just delivered. * * * Mail just delivered, and on top was a Currier and Ives from Mabel Samson. Bless you, Mabel. * * * Thanks too, many of them to the Algona Theatre management. A Merry Christmas to you. I still maintain there's NOTHING that can replace the theatre. * * * A letter from Elsa Goeders, who is troubled with arthritis and we can sort of weep on each other's shoulders - though I don't believe we are the weeping kind. She's a good sport! Later a nice calender came from her. Thank you so much. * * * A fine letter from my cousin, Lola Henderson Swinney, Yu- calpa, Cal'.t., filled with family news wh'ch I enjoyed very much. I've been so busy I haven't had the time to write her my annual letter-nor to Florence Howard. * * * And Thanks to Neva Patterson Potter for her annual letter. I have already written to her ant our letters probably passed. * * * And last of today's mail thanks to Laura Palmer and Frances Prulsman for holiday greetings. * * * So far our carolers have been the Good Hope Methodist group, Tltonka Luther League of Good Hope, Presbyterian Youth group and First Lutheran church. * * + Parties were held Dec. 22, but I'll report on those later. Dec. 17 - Continuing, with ex- erpts from letters from well- known former Algonans. The top one is from Ed and Genevieve Genrlch, who, as they say "have itchy feet" and are again going on another trip to foreigh lands. They are leaving Jan. 6 on another Rotary. -World .Friendship Tour which they have enjoyed twice. This third trip will take them to a few places already seen, but will be enjoyed nevertheless. Genevieve was okayed by her doctor, so off they'll go into the "Wild Blue Yonder" and I'm wishing them a safe return. I'd love to be along in a way, but I get wearied thinking of it. I hope they visit Algona so I can see some more of their pictures. They have a wonderful collection and I could recommend them for a lecture tour. And they read my column, for a postscript was added telling me they don't always agree with me. Well, who expects agreement with every thing? I like differences of opinion. * * * The next one is a letter from Betty and Raymond Henry, who now live at Lansing, Mich. They lived in our apartment years ago, coming soon after their marriage. Raymond taught school a very short time and came from La Plata, Mo., near Kirksville. He came to take a position with the John Deere Co. and has advanced over the years, going to various places and is now vice president and general manager of the Lansing branch, The two daughters, Patty and Kathy, are grown up, married, and Patty, whom I always called "my baby", teaches in Peoria and goes to graduate school part time. Her husband is going to school full time, Kathy and her husband had a little girl last April. Her husband teaches and coaches. I assume they live at Zion, HI. as Betty closed by saying they planned to spend Christmas there. In May and early June they had a trip west and saw Lucille and Herman Moore, former Algonans now living in California, and the Harold Jergen- sons at Aurora, Colo. They had hoped to be in Algona this fall, but the company sent Raymond to Nassau, Betty going along of course, and quoting here "Of course that was hard to take!" * * * A nice note was la the card from the Granzows and they mentioned the enjoyable party given at the Geigels for the Sherman Littles when they were here. The time was all too short and the Littles wish they bad stayed at least a couple of days longer. * * * Hugh Black and children sent me a picture of the .farm, it takes in all the buildings, the beautiful home and tenant houses as well, and thinking back on the farms I saw In Indiana enroute to Ohio several years ago, I wish they could see this place. I hope in the years which have passed, the Indiana farmer shave used the much-needed paint. ."£,**, -.' Myrta West (Mrs. Robert) of Perry says she is feeling quite well again after major surgery a couple of years ago. She goes to Rochester for check-ups now and then, but Algona is sort of out of the way. She did get as close as Spencer to visit relatives and hopes next summer she can get to Algona. We never forget our lovely winter spent at Pomona, Calif. * * * Greetings from Lawrence Welk and a colored picture of him at the organ and on the back a colored picture of his musical family. * * * From Evalyn McDougall, Mason City, saying she and a friend, Eileen Cornwall, had planned to drive to Minneapolis to see her son, Bob and family, but chickened out because of bad weather. She mentioned the Christmas ortorio and said my cousin Jean CadyLawson accompanied the choir via organ and I am so disgusted I forgot to tune in. Thelma Hayes (Mrs. John) has joined the PEO society to which she and Jean belong and Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Hayes will be joining the Methodist church there. Sorry we lost them from our church and Algona. "Seems so nice to have ANNUALEND-OF- GLEARANCE flrttfon* TIRES-TIRES-TIRES them here" closing. Evalyn said in * * * Minnie Long (Mrs. Chester), Acampo, Calif., headed her note "Looking forward to your Christmas edition of Tidbits (Thanks, Minnie), She had received a letter from Leeta Stebbins Henderson (Mrs, Melvin) telling her of the birth of our little Kathryn Kierulff and was so happy for her. She say "Grandchildren really are wonderful" Mlnne is looking forward to having her grandsons home for the holidays, Scott from Sacramento State where he graduates in Feb- ruray and Tim is a junior at Utah State. Her granddaughter Sue and husband, who live in Saratoga, will also join them for Christmas. (You will recall the Chester Longs had two children, "Chick" and Gertrude, The children mentioned are Gertrude's) * ** From "Grace" of Sarasota^ Fla., came such a nice newsy letter. She is a marvel to me. 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In All Styles and Sixes. Lengths: 6Vi to 13. Widths: A to EEEE. $9.98 —$12.98 —$18.98 and $21.98 VALUES 5.99- 7.99- $ 8.99- $ 14.99 $ HOUSE SLIPPERS MEN'S — WOMEN'S — CHILDREN'S All Colors — All Sizes — All Styles ,99 to $ 4.99 AIGONA Phone 295-5371 IOWA

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