Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 8, 1915 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1915
Page 7
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 8, I&IS. SCQOB^Tlie Cub Reporter. S^oopi Will Need Help <MI Thi$ Job. TW^OM WEACH COl^Mr* A QOeR.\^ OViR AW> GET ME OP ^sjK BUNCH QgAWWEtgsroRlOPAV f C«A« OOCTORr W ItKT KNEE G^H> AH X-RAN ItVKBA - \S \t POE.TD sVJiE. OF TOPACCO-OR A 5l6t4 OP By ** H 6P" OOC-X MAV HAVE j^S MAW A^ .W\tH ME^ DAV- tq JNI|tiO0 j ^eojile Thraugh the Register WANTS-TALL KINDS « $ $ $ •{! $ H« ii« « * IF IN NEiyj, OF A FARM * * LOAN, or any kind or INSUR- ,* * ance.'como to me. 1 am pre- # * pared to TAKg CARE of you. « * R. L. Thompson, office over * *o EvaBB*^ Drug Store. Tel. 142. * * ; » $ « $ $ $ « 3; -tf-s WANTS-ALL KLND& WANTED — FURNACE MEN AT :once. Altoona Zinc Company, Altoona, ; Kans. ! THE OWNERS' EXCHANGE CAN sell or trade your property If it Is worth the money. Rooms \ 17 and 18, Old Court House Bldg. Phone 673. BABIIi^ CARED FOR AT 202 N. Taylor, ^rs. Oldham, LaHarpe. Kaa. WANTED—FEW POUR-YEAR OLD ! Mules. BiUlc Cain, Diamond Barber Shop. PAYING EAq'LOYMENT FOR WO- mcn; full or part time. Sell guaranteed cotton, lisle, sUk hosiery to. user. Experience unnecessary; large' profits. Spring iiislneBB now on. International Mills, Sole Chestnut, Philadelphia. FOR SALE—FOK SALE FOR SALE— MODERN TEN ROOM house on paved street>^ well located. Address Box 365. WANTED—MIDDLE AGED WHITE l.ady for 'general house work. Phone 698 aft«r * o'clock. FREE,, VAL<JABLE STOCK BOOKS with each purchase of LeGears Stock Food. Eukin'si Hardware. ROOMERS WANTED—302 W. JACK son. Modern house. FOR SALE—FIGURE Px^PER AND sheep skin scraps. The Register Book bindery. FOR SALE—PURE BARRED PLY- m,outh Rock Cockereli S. W. Harris, Geneva, Kan. WA.NTED—TO RENT A GOOD ."> OR 6 room liousc with barn. Phonp s;)7. FOU SALE—RESTAURANT Located on north side of square; estab- liihe;! trade, doing good business. CiieapTor cash. 66 care Register. WANTED—POSITION BY YOUXO nia,n as salesman or anything needing a first diss man. .1 .J., care Register. WANTED-WOMAN TO GOME TO house to dp family washing; 216 S. Washingtpn. WANTED—STOCK HOGS 75 TO 125. Wni.'iVezie, lola. Phone 214. ABLE-BODIED .ME.V GOOD EYE-: sight. foV firemen and brakenicu. Good wages. Experience unnecessary. Surely state age. Railway, care Register. FOR SALE CHEAP—2 FULL DUCK sheet holders for ledger leaves to cbvar sheets 10^x20% and 14x18 \\. Tiie Register BOOK Bindery. Foil SALE OR TRADE—BICYCLE in Kood condition. Can be seen at lola Electric power house. • • • • • •:• • • •> • •:• •:• •> • • • •:• • •:• • • Guaranteed Human Hair.Braids •> • lor sale.. Conibings made to or- • der. Coloring dione. 502 North • •:• Chestnut. Phone 1242. • ]••:• . . •> • •:- •> •:• • • • • • • • • • • • • •> yOE SALE-jFQR SALi; ItX)B SAL^—NICE.BRIGHT TEXAS Red S«ed Oats. Also Coipinet-clal White Seed Corn.: Plioi»e'989-^: W. F. Webber. FOR SA erel; 502 c. R MbRae, Gas. . I. RED COCK- FOtt SALE—FIVE ROOM H0U8B; built three years. Price right. 402 N. First St. FOR SALE—FRESH YOUNG MILK cow; also prairie hay. Keefe. Nortli Kentucky road, % mile. A YELLOW SINGER CANARY FOR Salel. Phone 1093. FOR SALE—CANE SEED AND. Hedke Posts. Phone 992-11. EGGS FROM PURE R. C. RHODE Island Reds. Settings 15 eggs: Pen 1, $1.00; pen 2, 50c. Special price by the hundred. Phone 310. FOR SALE—FOUR GOOD FARM Mares, in foal, and one good driving mare. Phone 1165. Foster Florence, lola, Kan. - JTOB SALE—FOR SALE !» FOR SALE—WHITE BLOSSOM !j Sweet Clover Seed. J. N. Thompson, Route 2, Moran, Kans. FOR SALE—150 POUNDS HOME grown, fine, alfalfa /seed. Phone 356. SUDAN GRASS SEED, 50c PER pound or 25 pounds $10.00. Hess Realty Co., Humboldt, Kans. FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR RENT—ROOMS FOR HOUSE keeping of sleeping; partly modern; 212 W. Madison. FOR RENT—NICE FIVE ROOM Cottage, 506 E. .Tackson. Long, the Tailor. FOR RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS; 604 N. Jefferson. FOR RENT—TWO ROOMS FOR light housekeeping. Phone 203. FOR SALE—HORSE, MUGGY AND Harness. Long, the Tailor. FOR RENT. FOR SALE, LODGING, Furnished Rooms, Boa^rding. and other cards can be had at the Register office, neatjy printed in large, plain type. Fiv^ cents each. FOR SALE—T H O R O U G H BRED Barred Rock Cockerels, while they last $1 .00 ejich. Also eggs $2-50 per hundred from flock. From penned fowls $1 .00 per 15. Emma Mueller, Humboldt, Kas.. Route 2. FOR iSALE—W HEAT STRAW. Phone 971-14. FOR SAI.E—PIGS AND SHOATS. Call 987-23. Frank Bale. FOR SALE — EXTRA L A R G E hedge posts. G. B. Darnold, LaHarpe. j;GR_E^eHANgE^ FOR TRADE—HALF INTEREST IN good business for lola property. Address Business, care Register. ONE GOOD HEAVY WORK HORSE to exchange for saddle horse. D. C. Ellis. After a hero goes out and wins a medal, it is ai)t to be mistaken for a lodge emblem. • F. L. B. LEAVELL, M. D. « Sp^^dalUea— « ' Diseases of the Obest. <• Diseases of Children. <> X-RAY. • Fbones-^Office 117; Bes. 147 <• lola State Bank Bldg. « •« J. It. FEPFEB . « Dentist « Office ». er Riley's Hdw. Store « East 8ide 8<i. Ffeone «87 « HmilieSUPIIT OLD COLONY IBA B. FBAKT2 OPTICAL CO. lola - - Kansas • • ••>•••• • •> • • • • • • • • • • • $5^ PBITATE MONEY •> • to loan on Farm Security. Rea- • •> sonable Rate. Optional Pay- • • nients. Prompt Service. • •> lOLA LAJfD CO. • • •> • * • • • • • • • • •:• • • • • •> V. C. ABCHER PROBABLY WILL ES TABLISH GABAGE HEBE. Harvey Price Sold Farm for $18,000 —Jiews Notes and Personal Men* tion of Colony. <. 4. .> .> .> .:• •^ .><.•><><»•> 4>«<«« • • • • • Ki. W. A DAMS Beal Estate, Loans, Life and Fire insurance. Pcnn Mutual Life Ins. Co. * Agt. Oveii Palace. Phone 2.96. • <• * • • • • • •> • • • • • • • ' 1 FAR.M LOANS, low rate, annual or ! sem^-annual interest. Privilege ! to pay in full. I L\SrBA>CE written in the best I companies. |{. .H. ri'NMXGHAM OfTico State .Savings Bank. • UIIMPE NEWS FOR TODDY . ROCK CBEEK. JOH> .MEXEFEE TO IMPROVE THE TOWN BASE BALL PARK. Plan to Erect Grandstand With Seating Capacity of 1,006—>ews >o;es aiad Personal Mention. LAHARPE, March b.— Vvm. Kirker, of Uniontown, spent Sunday ivlth Mr. and Mrs.-Willis Walker, south of town. There will bei a pie supper at Inde- ppndenc-c school house, Friday, March 12th. —We ijow have our complete line of Wall Paper on display, beautiful i)at- terns. Prices from 7c, double roll on up. F. A. Coojtsey, Drugglsit. . Miss Nannie Riggs, of lola, spent Sunday with Miss Glenoa Brennan. -Bring: us your Wat^h and .Clock Repairing, .A.'.i work guarantfeed.— Waters &. Danforth, Drugs &. Jewelry. . The scjiooi i)lay to be given Friday night, March 12. by ihe pupils of Miss Adams will be a historical play. A small fed- for admission- wil lie charged and the proceeds' will be added, to the victrola fund. The play will- be given in"the .Wert Opera house. —Dr. F. R. Hook. Physician and Surgeon. Phone 66. Office south rooms over .National Bank. John Menefee, manager of the base ball teaci, .has s.lgncd contracts, for four more players. The men are all in traicing now and will be in fine condition by th£ first of the season. Those who are financing the team are thinking of .erecting a large amphitheatre on the McDonald grounds, with a seating capapity of 1.000. 7 —If you want some good Wall Paper CHEAP, see Cooksev; the druggist .-Mis? Artie Eoyer wentito lola Saturday where ste will work'in the.Turner millinery store. rrrWe now have our Complete Line of Wiall P^pcr 00 display; beautiful patterns. 'Prices,,from -7c doubly.roll on up .-T ^F. A- Coolfsey, Druggist. 'The .abnijal congregational meeting of ihe.Preibytexian church ha« been postpone^ one week. is set for Wednesday,evening, jMarch 17, at 7:3.0o'cl.bcl£. '—For Rent, 4 room house and two lots, on South Main, close In. J. T. Tiredway. ^ Mr. Gress Was asked to interview Mr, S{»ti.. relative to his gi»1ng an address oit his Belgium trip. Mr. Scott replied thai >iie was engaged for an IndefUjtt^- time, by the Belgian relief, cammisf^, giving addresses, but at .some ecu veaieht time be would c^mi. to LaHarpe. ^-r-,*.J«t<jf>N$w. Vim. I* CftiJMey'* (Violet Brower) . March 4.—On account of the inclem- lent weather and muddy roads, there was no preaching at the school house I Sunday. Moving is. the order of the day. Mr. Chick's moved to the Weber farm; Mr. Weber's moved to the Vezie farm, 'noithwest of Carlyle; Mr. -Dunaway ; moved a half mile east of Deer Creek school house; Mr. Oliver moved to the Bates farm; Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Beaty are going to move onto the Chick farm and Mr. Perers; is going to move onto the Powpll farm. Lcroy and Wright visited friends south of lola last week. Congratulations to Mr.- ;(nd Mrs. Jesse Beaty. Mark Wright spent Sunday night with relatives in lola. , Mr. Chick hauled corn from lola for Jesse Beaty Tuesday. Harley Wynn helped Mr. and .Mr.'Weber move Monday. Dclmar Brower helped >ir. Oliver move Tuesday. On account of the muddy roads the uiHil did not go through here .Monday or Wednesday. While in town Tuesday Mr, Chick's houses, became frightened at a dog ani^ ran away, throwing one of them down and dragging it some distance. The animal was quite l)adly bruised. On account of the bad weather the .\id Society did not meet last week. Independence Star: The fast lola basket ball team defeated the Montgomery county high §chool team at that pjace last night. The score was 26 to 'yh. '.Vuff said. . - GRA>DMA SEVER LET HER HAilR GET GRAY THE ours DOINBSIIT ens CITY TEACHKRS WILL PRESE.>T THEIR PLAY XEXT FRIDAY MGHT. Mectint: of tite Literary Society Postponed—News >«tc8 and Personal Mention. Kept her locks yoatfa(«l. dark, glossy and tkick with common garden Sage and Snipbnr. —When you darken your hair with Sage Tea and Sulphur, no one can tell, because it's done so naturally, so evenly. Preparing, this n^lxture, though, at heme is muBsy and troublesome. For 50 cents yo.ti can buy at apy drug store, .tbe readyrto-uae tonic called "Wy€tli;.s Sage, and Sulphur Compound." Yoii Just dampen a sponge or soft brush with it and draw this througb your bajl^. taklitg one small strand vat a, time. By moraing all gray hair dlSappeairs, and. atter another application or two, your hair becomes beau^fully darkened, glQssy and luxuriant.: ' You vUl ahso'/discover dandruff Is .gone and hair luis stopped falling. .. • ' , ' Gray, faded hair, though no disgrace, is a sign of old age, and as we all desire a youthful a^d atti^ctlve appearance, get buijy at once with Wyeth's Sage and Sulphhr, and look years jrouBfer. 8p«cU4 Afeati, 9^8. Burrelk GAS CITY. March /s.— J. R. Heath left today for Superior, Nebr., where he has employm#nt. Tte tjuany friends Wf Mrs. 3. . R. Ileati] will be glad to know that her conditicn is Improving. Owing to the liad leather Friday night there was no literary at the Con- creto school house, but the program willbe given next Friday night An e.\ira good program, is being prepared as this will be the last program thi^i winter. A debate wilj be on the program. Everybody is invited to attend. Mr. and Xlrs. Harry Kessi'nger and family are moving to Savonburg. Th» school teachers will present their play, -The Mouse Trap," next Frl day night at the Christian church. The admission will be 10 centS' and tbf proceeds will go toward the victrola fund .VI|sses Dorothy and. Oora Adams, of LaHairpe-sVient Friday evenllng' with Mr. and Mrs. Del Adams., Chiis Robe, manual training in- st.'uctor, was ilhFriday and unable to attend to his duties in the school room. >^rs. Ralph Conwell is reported quite 51!- . - . .All;, and Mrs. Harrj- Heath, of lola, srent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hea,th. ; Miss Bff;«j Boyd : who has been ill several days is better. Carl Kennedy, of Black Earth, Wis., is iiere visiting friends. . Mrs. Jack Cook is quite ill. Roy Foster, who has been visitiqg his parents, Mr, and Mrs. J. A. Foster for the past week, returned last uight to his work in Bartlesvill?. The little child of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Long, who is Hi with diphtheria, was reported tobe about the same yes- trday. Doses, of antitoxin have been iidmlnistered. Ray Chancy left Saturday evening for St. I»His, where lie will be away several days on a buFiness trip. There *were ten births and eleven deaths inl lola during the month of Febriii^ry. Of the births, eight, were girls and two, boys. Of the deaths, five were malea and six females. MOHAN NEWS FOR TODIIY MAII; CARRIERS WILL ATTE.MPT TO GO OVER ROUTES TODAY. DeONSON NEWS AND NOTES R.VZAAR (iIVK> BY BAPTIST LAD. lES WELL ATTENDED. Roads Hare Been Imimssahle on Ac-{.Mrs. Sherman and Children Improved count of Mnd—>cws Sotes and in Health—>'ews Notes and Per- Personal Mention. t^onal Mention. • MORAN, March 8.—Gray and Hugh Lambeth left ~ yesterday to work for the Western Union. Mr. C. F. Scott will deliver his lec- 'ture on Belgium in the noar future at the M. E. church under the auspices of the Ladies^ Aid Society. The date will be given later. The mail carriers' started on the. routes today but don't know whether they can go all the way arouhd. H. D. Smock Is crying.a saje for H. W. Lambeth today, southwest of town. Ralph-Martin went to Ft. Scott yes• terday on business. I .Mikf Funston returned from Kansas City yesterday. Mr. Earn Love and family went to Bronson Saturday on a short visit. ThP ' Thlrtv Years' War, however, was not the longest, as some old married mea WOHld be willing to tesrttfjr. With xiuo regard for national pastime, we refuse to let any baseball player delect our smoking tobacco. URIC ACID SOLVENT For Rhenniatism and Kidney Trouble " • BRONSON, KAS., March 8.—The Baptist Bazaar held in the lodge hall Saturday was well attended, considering the weather. The proceeds of the sale and dinner and, supper amounted to between $65 and $70, for which the ladies are very thankful. Mrs. Thomas Osborn, of Emporia, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Robert Lent, this week. Mrs. L. E. Collins, of lola, attended the Bazaar Saturday and visited rela- j tives. Mrs. Earnest Love and daughters, Irene and Pauline, of Moran; attended the bazaar and visited Mr. Love's relatives. Mrs. Sherman Lowe and twin babies came hoine Sunday morning, much improved 1^ health. Sherman's sister, Lizzie Lowe, will stay with them for the i»resent. . Mr. Morgan and wife of \ycstern {Kansas, who have been visiting their niece, Mrs. Wm. Hickson, went to Redfield Saturday morning to visit their nephew, David Morgan and family. 50 Cent Bottle (32 Doses) FREE Just because you .start the day worried and tired, stiff legs and arms and muscles, an aching head,-burning and bearing down pains in. the back—worn out before the day begins, do not think yoa have to sta>; In tliat condition. Those sufferers who are in and out of bed half a doien tline^ at night will appreciate the rest, comfort and strength this tccatment • gives. For any form of bladder trouble, or weakness. Its action Is really wonderful. Bu strong, well and vigorous, with no more pains from stiff Joints, .sore muscle.s, rhiumatic' suffering aching baj^, or kidney or. bladder troubles. To prove The WIlliamB Treatment conquers kidney and bladder diseases, rheumatism and all uric acid troubles, no matter how chronic or stubborn. If you have never, used The Williams Treatment, we win give one BOc bottle (32 .doses) free If yn.u willicut out this notice and send It with your name and address, with 10c to help pay distribution expenses, to The .Dr. n. A. Willi.ams Comnanyj Dept ilK . New P. O. Building,' E^st Hampton. Conn. Send at oncft ivnd you will receive by parcel post a regular 50c bottle (33 doses), without charfte und without mourring any obliga- tJo|gi^^^Oiic buttle only to a family or Chaniite Theory of Robbery. Chanute Tribune: A raid similar to the one made on the G. C. Davis hard ware store in this city last month was pulled off in lola Tuesday night. There tht, thieves got into the T. B. Shannon hardware store by breaking out a glass panel in the rear jlbpr and crawling through the small opening. They took cutlery, razors and revolvers worth $200. Here, entrance was gained by bending down one of the bars In a grating over the windows and opening on the tinshop which is an addition to the building, and crawling through the small opening thus afforded. The thieves took $200 worth ^ of knives, razors and manicure sets. The Anti-; Horse Thief Association took up the trail and found the property In a Kansas City pawnshop which had been sold the morning after the night of the raid. The similarity in, the methods used in and In the Davis robbery here indicates that the work was done by the same man and he Imay have taken hla loot from lola to iKansaa City to dispose of it. An ounce of prevention isn't worth a sinecure. COLONY, MAh. 8.— Fred Hansbrough, of Hoople, N. D., nephew of C. H. Johnson Is here as his guest and will remain two weeks. R. F. Huston of Drexel, Mo., returned hoUi& Saturday after a pleasant visit with Mrs. M. Huston. V. C. Archer has sord his farm adjoining the city of Klncaid and is talk ing of financing the new garage for Colony: Archerf is a; booster and has faith in Colony and the county. J. K. Ingham went to Wichita Saturday evening to close up some business matters. The "Citizens; Ticket" underwent two changes before being filed with the city clerk. • It now reads: For Mayor, W. H. Qulett, For Councilmen, G. W. Stephen, W. D. Bishop, D. F. Mason, J. I. Henderson and O. C. Myers. The prohibition of overdrafts by the Contptroller of the Currency and the State Bank Commissioner Was forced 'by the European war. All dye .stuffs and coloring matter comes from Germany and since the supply has been cut off the banks no longer have red ink with which to carry the overdraft .account. War is sur« enough hell. C. J. Marshall, who .Tved here forty years ago, and attended dances with Tom O'Mara, was in town Friday. He is working for the I. H. C. out. of Kansas City. His wife is a Colony girl and is matron of the Girls Home at Belolt. , Harvey Price came;from Si.. .lohu for a visit with old Colony nclghors. Earl Jennings went Ho Chanute Sat tlVday to visit his brother. Miss Theresa Post was shopping in lola Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Rarick arrived here from Streator, 111., Saturday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs; Ed Hunzlcker, eiiroute to their ho- •wanda home. Leo Willey is taking a course of instruction in a "Barber College" in Kansas City. When he has finished his clinical course he will probably locate in Colony and try to scrape up a few friends. Se Is home this week. Graham Willey left for Hutchinson Monday as the Colony delegate to the state meeting of the A. O. U. W. After bis work through the storm he is entitled to a vacation. Louis Kucera went to Kansas City Monday to take the examination for service in the navy ana will try and land In a band as a cornetist. Harvey Price bought a farm at St. John not many years ago for $8,000 and sold it recently for $16,000. He is figuring on locating In Texas. Those who bad business > in lola Saturday from Colony were: Mrs. O. C. Myers and Miss Eleanor McQuoid, Miss Hattie Price, Miss Daisy Ncwlon, Miss Emma Hester, Miss Millie Strlck ler and J. H. Skourup. Mrs. Julia F. Jones went to lola Saturday to visit her. granddaughter, Mrs. Frank Williams, and will go on to her Osawatbmle home Monday. Prestorr Bowen "spent Sunday in Oarnett vith his parents. Ad Hord had a horse drown while trying to ford Deer Creek at the Weatherman place, and came verj near losing his own life in the ordeal. The wagon and dean horse are still In the creek. H, W. Wilcox, of Kissaminee, Fla., wag here the last of the week figuring on buying an established business. - • Fred Denton went to Chanute Saturday night to hear the "Harmony Four." The Trl-Clty Herald hasn't admitted It yet; probably on the theory that everyone knows it lied about the Belgian trip. Sunday Dr. C. S. Martin called Dr. J. S. Sutcliffe of lola', in consultation in the case of John' Bennett's boy, south of town, afflicted with a bone disease of some kind. . , Jack and Jill went up Broadstreet hill Jack skidded b^ck like a blast, Jill tumbled but remained on top. Her hatpin held her fast. CASH FOUR WHEXT IS UP MUVft: I rO FIVE CE>TS UiaUEB OJT; THE KANSAS CITY MARKET, Kansas CItv Livestock Is Also HlgkeC —rCikttle Receipts Indicate More ' T AcUflty. Si er. dressedj" beef and he feeders' |(By the Associated Press) |;; Kansas City Livestock. I Kanslas Cltj, Mar. 8.— CATTLE* receipts. ^,000. Market strong to lOlilgU:: Pilime fed steers $8.25 @8.76:., steers $7.00@8.25; cowa|' fers $4.2o@8.50; stockera anij'v $6.00(g;7.S0; bulls $5.50(8 6,76;. calves $6.50® 10,75. H'OGS/-Receipts 6,000. Market highePTT Heavy $6.7">@6.80; packirs and butchers I6.80W/G.90; light $6.75®'. 6.90. Chicago Livestock. Chicago, Mar. 8.—CATTLE, recflipta 16,000. : Market firm. Beeves $6.83®^ 9.15; cows.,and heifers |3.50(§7.75. HOGS—Receipts 26,000. Market wa* Blow. Light' $fi .70 @7 .00; mixed $6 .70. ©7.00; ,heavy $6.4O@7.U0; pigs $5 .7 6.75. Z g'^ dc IBH andl Kansas CRy Prodncc. j Kansas City ,Mar. 8.—The Produce; market unchanged. • .•: Kansas City Grain. Kansis City. Mar. 8.—Casli Wheat-i' Market 14 to ."JC higher. New-^-No. 2; hard, $1.44(f; 1.4. T ; NO 3, $1.43 @1.45; .No. 2 ried, $1.4301.43; No. 3. $1.43. Close—May $1.40.%; July $1.18%; Sept. $i:06. .' - ; COR.N—Market %c higher. No .2 mixed, 70uc; .No. 3, 69%c; .\o. 2 white, 72'/6c; .Vo. 3. 71'^c. Close—"May 71cJ .July 73%c; Sept. E3%c. OATS—.Market unchanged. No. 3: white; : 5V.c ;.\o. 2 mi.\ed, 52 %@'53 %Ci RYE-f-$1.12 per bushel. HAY-j-Market firm. Choice timothy • $15.0.)(ffll5.50; choice prairie $11 .00®, 12.00. ' Wheat received, 22 cars. Chicago Close. WHEAT—Sept. $1.10%; May $L49%. .Tuly $l|l9%. CORN—May 73%@73 %c: Julx.75% @757<<(j. OATfe—Mav 57iA@;7 %ic; July 53c. PORK—Mav $17.92; July $18.32. L.VRD—Mav $10.62; July.$10.90. Local narkpTN. rroduce quotations fuml<<h »«1:| dni ' by Coehlil Commission romnany .v, PacMng Butter—16c per pound. Fresh Eggs—15% per dozen..,' Foul ry-^Hens, Uc per lb;;. yp.J ^ng;' cooks, pc; spring chickens 9c lb>:" F F'.". F. duclts. 9c; F. F. F. geese, 6c ;j ^o. 1, turkeys, 10c: No.. 2 turkeys, 7c;,- old, toms, 8c; guineas. 20c each. a Green Hides—12c; No. 1 horse hidear $«.50 aich. i ^ ' • •A Ab i dkins admlte his son -ln-laW> has his weak points, but says he is thd . -ij sort wl o never tries to make.'a TuxedO: ' take th'e place of a full dress suit. SANTA FE TIME TABLE. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. 201) 2031 207! (Effective Feb. 7, 1915) •' South Bound. \ Passenger daily— 11:42 \. Passenger dally— 2:45 a. Passenger Dally—. 8:24 p. 209; Passenger daily— 6:30 a. 215 Freight da. ex. Sun. 12:35 p. 219 Freight dally 2:20 a. J Korth Bound. 202 Passenger daily— 1:40 p. 204 Passenger dally— 3:20 a. 208 Passenger dally— 6:30,a. 210 Passenger daily— 7:16 p. 2l4 Freight da. ex. Sun. 12:15. b- PI easanton Observer: Chas: Smith and mother, who for the past twrenty years have resided near Linton, took the train here Monday for lola, where they will make their home with their daughter and sister, Mrs. Lee Gardner. Mrs. Smith has reached the advanced age of ninety, years and Chas. thought it would he best to move where she could be with her daughter. Dr. Jjifinw' HeacMw Fowdort Wf% ftt onott—10 cvnte I paokaga. mfimeat —Re(lit«r Want Ads bring results. You I take a Dr. Jamea*. Powder and in just a few your, ttead clean and all neu _ aisktte^JvAiuihta. It's the ^ and sv^e^t relief for headachf.,* duU, throb>ii«,. spUttiaj, '•- raijjyng.* Sen* someone \ja,,^,, ^uon and. get a diiae paek^gp f Quit anfferis^it's ao n^fl«sa,| sure you Dr. JameaV Head Powd«^ti^ta thaie.iHU be no

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