Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 8, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1927
Page 5
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'Si-; fort. His life has been a voyagle ! on stormless and placid watferi. And 1 pitied hitA from the deptiis A^- EXPEKIESCE OX THE L ' OP OALILKE. The International i Suudai Sriiool, "f mylieart: foij- the poor parasite • J . . hasi never roally lived. EJven tie with-occasloi fence adventure i. S3. ! islbiette'r off than this man lo wlioin Jife means nothing, and wlo .LeJsL ;„r Aprii at. ^.^.ej^ | J--,;— ^^J^ Lesson In Trust"—.Mall-. [ .,i furtive »)afk fer (By William :T. Klli^;) Life for me lias^hi-ld many; adventures. One'tlial oft*-}! recurs to mind is an lexperlenro of a storm on tli(> .L ilvt of tIalileeL 1 nuians'nothing to life.' I nevdr m<it a less enviul)io person in a|l my travels. have icuowu wor -seas; and liave o er peril of deal ' Yellow Sea and but the hours Storms' slKiw tlie stuff of whitjii souls are niaile. •h' Ktornis on many j •X I KU welcome each rebuff, 1 J <(1 II in far great-j That tiirns eartli'a smoothness I, e.-pecially oil tli« . rough. an the ISIack i;ea: ; ..j-,.vuble.s prove character.'Only "' ^ "^"'eii tiiscjldes aiiiidst, a perilous storm hear itie voice. ""He of'gooid rhcer; it isl; bo not afraid." All of life's 'gr«!atfst lessons are learned in tile sthool of adversiti^. Tiavelltrs in Palestine ^glinip^e ^peht lioal in the mi<j!st ,'of llie Lalie of Galilee, while, n-iiiil.-' nigi-d 'and nislit gaihiTcd. arc golcteii bc'ad.s ou nicniiirj's ssrjnjr. During this storm i may I avij s'ccnied lo- ho i watching my dusky boatmen Ijai-i my "'-Y"'^" Hmilclhlngof the rtlRKCdl.ess ailkl He w.U. ih- wav.s^lhat lhrvat<-ncd ' ^,.,,,^.„l^„.;: i,"^^, ^.^^j. I|le is tiia lug Coiuraile of all Ijiid I'Udure and achievk its; wliercas jn falHy 1 was seeing dther ito'atuji-ii. lishcrmen disciples I if Jesns, lit ii aliiiilar craft and iiniiilst. a lik<* Hlorhi on the same l';ody of water, m -arly t>vo tlioiis- ; lilt yi-ars ago. 'I '•Over aiiil over it c,'oni<s' \ir nn!. . Till' tliinighl, of ('lirlsl on the ,- stormy .sea." Acc iiiiipaiH'Ml' by iiiy.- son, and Ihrx- tjoaiiMfii,; \v(> I LII I ISI-I out In faring (J'hrisl iiv<'d. i 'oniprel|eui| who dare '••That is ihi; second obvious mei •<ago of tie b'sroii.' Tlie .Mastir i.locs loiHe to His friij-nds w'he{n tiny are Iti trouble, jl'eter, lut»i wjriite, "Cai -tlug all your ciiro upoti Ijitn, for lie \careili for you" ( lirisl iaf«s ' iiii'i s; no burden til" soul of eviu the tll!l Iea> K ttif. lati' af^trtiii.iri rripiii 'rilii'rias,,| „j iijs i.un.i.-. is t »Mi small lo it) visi.t tlw rniiis of T <11 lliiiii, lU ,vive His .easing attention. 'S :thv head of (lui lak<', ••xp<'<tiiiK to fiuiiiiiar .is the statement of th return to our liotcl iii tlini' fi>r •personal ititensi uf tin- .Saviour i dium-r. Weather conditions wetj- mjn tliat we usually tali lo per- prctiiilious and wn; iiiitii ijiatcd a ,(.ive its stupendousness. Th i smooth, switl ride. Whilt- we wi-ie • ),i„.^t wumlerVuI truth about Cod ii "out in. Hie niiiidle if the lak'', one ) i;t;ii He lioi/s eoiici'rn Himself.iii of tile suddi-n isi. nils for whiiji lunnan affairs. '.It-sus. striiUht IJalili'.- is i'amo!iis'aro .~J-. ! atid itlie aiioss the rough waters to the rej- wiuds aiid pilvi-uff wa'Ai s batf-r-: Ik-f, of His sturm-tossed friendsj eil our Ijow lo ;li'>-at us liaik. The-; ,.,„)),„li,.s tlie dearest cliaracteristi boatm'-ii were L'lll ;fi>r relurtijng, ,,f rlie t'reator. and -Ioi |Ui -jitly! portrayed tliieir •iie)plessness| 'llhi-y' could uiit un- • .tlersland w,i»y llic'lwo .-Vnierii-laiis ! persisted in tryi|iig to coiuiiine tlie ; voyag", little comprelifiulin^' the tlioughis that filled our iliinds. For hours the rowers stt-uggled. i 'l)arkiiiss lell. .\ ilistaiil ;neiioiiiii ! grain field.- up . near .Miigdala. i caiiglit fire, and the flames were ; <|ui(<k!.v sjireari beliire ih<' ia.-iiing ; •jirtnd, pltcliiiig <if the lioat. the roar of tlie eleneiits. only miiii>tere(l to t?ie of tile experieiiic. Kxtra ••liacksli.isli" woiilil coiniiPiisattf the biiainieii for tiieir adiied labors and we weie in tin- iiii<i.-.t of an adventure iileniiea! with that so cifteii miileriioiie by '.le .<us and His friends. .\l)oiif bine o'c!o( k the .storm abated, am! we readied our dest/natio!i; reMirniu;,' to Tiberias about iiiiilniglit. liungr.v and weary and (M.iid. having sli pt" p.irl of tlie boniewaid wti.v* 'in Jlie rough ribs .^f our boat, lint wliat a |triieless I ftllowvliip wi' iiiii! injiiyed with' dur .Mast. r. .li sii-:. ijie oul-..l-i|iiors , •.\lan of Calile.-: .Xu';iiiisy I MMI K S of''O save us from disasii-r, as a my- onmietitaiy or ei>>,'.si> a |e i .ee- riad-re.oiers of ifte .-e lines tan tes- essaiy lo lieip,iiie iiii. liTstaud tills l-'iiy. seem <|i'ilte i,is mira'ulous a$ | if .((Sii.^ aud' ilis frieiiils | His apiii-aratice iiiiildst (he syjrm THE TOLA PAILY REGISTEy/TRIDAY EVENING, APRIL 8.1927.. ••Our Cod eternal Christ,, j. l'ii<ihangeable, iiiiehanged, • His love is still as warm anil Irup -Vs when life's common ^ay He raugt'd lieneath the Syrian blue. •'Our Cod, i.s an eternal Christ, .All tender, wise and true; j .\s'once He was to those of old,5 , So is He now to me and vou, .Slowly we j.jogivs.sed. Tiie i j.j,, o.H-^v.iU- is tolll. •'As Christ was then, so Cod i4 now. .•\ wise and loving frienil: No feebie ery will He,deny, . Hut <ii His best will surely send, .And tliai rigiit instantly."; Ketfer Than Ueo| Krieiidsi Knou. When We hav«- toiled lintil wt (;ui toil no longer: when arms an <J baek ache to tile n|terinost, am, our ill-arts fail; when It seems a^ I- it i.-i :r ship niu>t go down—then 1 , 1.... t*.;... - KuUes; and we often, fear tliat which Is our b^st be |p. The Man WhoDareiL Talk privately with any good schoolmaster, and 'he wilt tell you thatr the boys of whose (utnre hei expects the most are not the prim,' marfc-pursutngV ' inoffenalTe book- worths; but the youngsters with personality --and IniliatiTe, and ' the spirit of .adventure. Hej may have to disciifllne these unconventional characters, but In hlsjj heart he knows them for the ones of whom he is likeliest to be proad in days to come. Our friend Peter had this quality of audacity. He was always tlic disciple who dared. Bo, when Jesus aprpeared on the water Peter impulsj^jely volunteered to go to Him—a ^needless adventure, but an act of: faith that warmed the Master's heart. So Hp bade him come. ; • ; j • Peter belonged ^o that' lafge (ompaiiy of persons" who are better at! beginning than at complet­ ing—tlie ;sort-';who commence to build bouses which never wear a roof. He-had faith to start, but not faith enough to carry ou. A large'enterprise seethed to him less formidabli> than. incldeatal ilifficultles. Peter set out to walk the water, but the wind whipped liaves scared him, and he. began to sink, crying, "l>ord,!" . Of course Jesus reached out a hand to him: we do-not have to be perfect (o get tbe IvOrd's help. But we luay Imagine the disappointment in the ..Master's face as He said, ••0 thou of little faith, wliere- fore diiLst thou iloubt Would not Jesus say. word to every dLsciple of doubt? We canno His final test is to be, "Wlira the i Son of Man cometh. shall He fiud i —:.: faith in the earth?" It is lack of faith that underlies all other evils in the Church and the world today. Doubt lias become fashionable; scepticism- i.s the vogue ih pertain ••intellectHal" circles. Faith in God i has been suprjilanted by faith in p.sychology and in "seholhrship." Our times have forgotten the w^ise. sound apothegm. "Believe your beliefs and doubt your doubts." We reverse that pre.scription nowadays. Yet nothing else-than a rebirth of faith-^siijiple, trustful, childlike faith—is going to give us luck the di.sappearing sweetness tof life and the complete conquest of the Gospel, 'in the realm of character as well as in the world of affairs. The Master's word to Peter isi also the word of words for these time.'s:"0 thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?" Indira's Prettiest BQ^D^ Branet •fBEAL ESTATE TiblNSFESg • * laaued. Daily ifrom Oftica of* * ^oU Abstract Co. <• * • ' * ** * * + <• • **** : (April 7, •1927) Flora DeWert. single, to Robert J. Groves, lot 2, block aO, City of lol^. $1. i Robert J. Groves, single, to Piufe Durbin and .vlfe, Effie R., lot block no. City of lola. $1. Annie Si. Sheff and husband. W'll- liam W.. to Geprge Often and Rose Otten. lot iO. block 46. lola. $1500. Cena .Malone, widow, to E.- J. Kelsev. lot 4. block 126. City of i lola, SI. I .J. E. Frankeberger. widow^er. to •Carl .\V Freeman, lot 10. block 2, I Northrup's Addition to lola. i .4. B. .kirk aiut wife. Stella .M.. to jo. R. andBernlce J. Bicking, lot 7, block 12. City of lola. »1. K. F. Shoemaker, et al. to John T. Tyler, com. at NW corner of |:!6-2I-20. th. K 17.S8 chains, south 4.26 chains. W 17.S8 chains. .S 4.26 chains: tojbeginnlng. , The -first Olympic team that ever i I represented the t'nited State.s in the revival of the Olympic Oame .4 nt .Athens won Its first ' victorv April 5. 1896. two mtWresting testimonials—one blond. —NEA, CI ivcland Bureau ae brunet—to Tram of Glory .SEVE.V SE.>TE\tK .SER.MOX.S. I Conduct is. three-fourths of our ' life and its largest concern.—Mat: thew Arnold. • • • If we are to follow Christ It i must be In our common way of is that '.••.ius marveUonsly Jippear i! day.--William Law. to end <)ur trials. The mysteriou 1 1 „ , ...... ... ways in whirh Cod has intervene 1 ' Sl'«"lc KPnt'-v!, lis a little thing j.esson amidsi; a .--lonii Ctililee. ,Tlie Man Who tin He- ••oirf .ie. the I .itke of i EscaiM'il .Storni''. ot the slorv In > the familiar adii|oiii) to In iJtroiig. lives iiiusf (xpt-riem walking on the waves, to I His eoinpanioils in l!ie (ialileu boat. , Is i! not an everyday 'exjicri- eiie.- of eoiMiiless Chrisiluiis • that ; .j,, , Cliri-^t is greater than His best I'"'''•••-"•'^"""•^ , , . fi lends know'/ lb"- is mure lliaii t • ' : , Let not iiim that girdetli on his hat Droiip'd in il^ie heart's deep well: The good, the joy, that it' may bring Kterrilty shall tell. —G. W. Langford. •Wiilr Bible will keep 'you from sin or Kin will lieep you from your [Nathan Golds i Back in l.*-ive!i worth, Kii .Nathan tioldstein, the St. Louis cir poIiti(-al leader, rdtiirhi-d .„ ^ the federal peniteiJtiary'.iiere this' niiiriiing to complet^i Hudson river, he spenils luri vears in- -I loiiiiilof firnt-flass resort hotels., w liere li.- is .'-•lire his cotn- Iitrl will Til- served ill every jios- .sible way. lb' is iiiinrirrieil. and Iia -i no ,eloye liiim(iii lies or olili-" gallons or iiilensls. II s da • ile.voieii !o the ihusuit of .-as.-. !:i all of his e.MierjiiK 1: lie- lias fievi-r knowiriiarilslii!/-. peril or diseom- iiol? (-r-dii the wonder. They were , of lire fHiiit -liearteil followiers' jwh say. ••!! Is too good to be: true"-^ a.-* if aiiyiliitig eonid be loo,good t<i bo true ill a wor)id wliere Uoi lilies-' - .Viost of IIS have been it the same bo .-it.with tlie disciples wlio were troubled oveii wlia tiniieil out Id 111- their Deliverer (bid's, piovideiiee.t come in strange Extra! lA Blend Sjptoish Beauty Igh • liatllf's van. fittest place wliere niali can die ; Is where be dies for man. — .Michael J. Barry. • • • lie who has conferre<l a kind- nes.s sli'iuid be silent; he W I WJ has riK-eiveii one should speak of it.— Seneca. two years for roilijilicity in the Ja< k lianiels di.sti . Oiddstwiii was pri.-ou cn luniil'. .Mi •• Morris .Miiltin an convicted with C.idt retuined to prison —Telephone your Qasaifled Ada to 18. For Prompt Results Use the Classifieil Ads eih i Is i'ederal Pen Apr. 7. (AP) oriSier <lerk of; nit court and -s riltiirhi-d to' sentence of (lery "milking." leleased from •ch 4. 1S2CL . I Harry Levin, tein, also were tjoday. The National .\s.--iiicialion of .\ni- ateiir nilliard I'layr ed States is liie btlliarti governing world. rs of the Unit- j iddest amilleiir; body in the{ —Telephone your to 18. Classified Ads 1 The Best- Your Last Tribute GOOD MONUMENTS stand the test of time. Our large stock of the latest designed me- moriaLs of genuine Rock of Ages Barre, Ruby Red and St. Cloud granites are now on display at our show yards. Your patronage is solicited on the merits of our work. ' ' : WILLIAMS MONUMENTAk. WORKS Phones 676 and 200 301 South Washington Ave. •A Apr XENIA NEWS ! (Cleu V. Uelavan) 4.—Relatives ll<-re re(-eived Miss Ruth Graham [U 18 a^d a blond and hes home Is In Detroit, bul that doesn't keep her from being :& Spaniish ^ueen In St. Augustine, Pla. She-was rtc^ntly elected{unanim(|usly to preside over the Ponce de Leon celebration at St. Augustine In April. Rutb la tbe second blond ever cbwen jtasgn of .the.hlatortcal jag^miy.*— * ' " —^ Grace .Norwood's "crowning glory " is a train. And niany's the barbrr whose mouth has watered and whose clipjiers have felt that shearing imiiuise as she passed by. Down in Thomasville. Ca.. Gr'ai-e's home-town ffdks contend I bat ii.-r indifference to the popular bob In no way impairs her lie.iuty - wiiicti is obvious. I'-e sjid news Wedue.-iday of the fatal injury and tiie dejth (.-f .Mvin St<-p!ieiisoii of Bi-oiisoa; in an auto accid-nl in eastern .Missouri.near St. I ..0111S. where -he vra.j working on l!ie good toads. Alvi/i was we'll known liere. He was .in . industrious boy, well likeil and well thinight of by everyonie. Tlie sym- Iiatliy of tlie entire coinmiinity goes to the bereaved wife and jiarents. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Stephenson, of Bronson. The funeral services,were lield at the Baptist church at Bronson Sunday afternoon at 2::!0 o'clock. Interment was ; made in the Bronson cemeter.v. .Mr. and .Mrs. Jim i Anderfon and children spent Sunday evening xvith .Mr. and .Mrs. Elmer Gi:over. .Mr. and .Mrs. Kay .Vbhi-y were in Fort- Scott Wednesday. .Mr. an<l- .Mrs. Lloyd Ross ;<.nd family spent Sniiilay witli iirother. Luther Carmedn a.nd ram ;|and Mrs. Har-Iin Lintbrick ' A nitinber of the luiighbors wer. PRAIRIE HALL • (Mr.s. Frank .Myersi Apr. 7.—.Vext Sniiday. .April in. there will be preai-.'iii.J; .services at • the Hall at :»::iu a.m. Sunday school' after pr.'.iehiiig.. i AVe are glad ;tp report Clifford. i|.awrtni -e Wikliind;. <i Si -Imol tl'.is week • lite a whi.'c -in u - ' (.•s. Clarence Wil;-' a wo; se sieve ef others, is getticg • The Clarence Anare luilli li,-iek in i ing tile- ni'-asles. ,Lury. i:ianriie tiiid Sloiiday iifter "n;on: Thelma aud able to return after misi^ing <| count of nK'asl Iilitd. whii had them than the alon;; tine now. der.son -•c-hiblreii schocfl after ha Mrs. Stanley. Dollene spent with Mrs. Smi'.rl and Helen. >fr. anil Mrs. .Myers and Gladys her I spent Sun<lay afternoon wi"'i .\ir.' Tlie' Pleasant Hour clu 1 met with .Mrs. Stella Kriel We Ine day after- niion. I ' I.Mr, and .Mrs. Charlie Lobb spent Siinday with his parent:,' .Mr. and M IS. l,onnle Kobb. A good many from ihl place al lelidejl the funeral servi -es of Al- vl'n Stephenson, which: A -.-re ludd al llie HaiitUt (hiirtli ii|t lironNo: Stindav afternoon. .\nieK lioHs was in ifinl Scott .Saturday. Mr. iiiid .Mr< ,llm .\<ii erson nnd children Hiieiit Sunday with iter IHirentil, Mr. and .Mrs. leiidersou Mills nnd family. Riihert Howerton spenj Saturday w'th Wayne Delavan. .Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Lunci(?ford wre In Fort S«F';tt Tiiesi ay. Several from this neii;hborhi¥)d atteuded the communit\ auction sale at! Blue Mound Sat irday. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford \bbey arid Mrs. IloWell Anderson spent Sunday with Mr. and Pritchett of Bronson. iean Borotra. who aga played his prowess wltl^ qiiet by winning tbe Un singles cbampionsbip: comes of a tennis famil; ditlon to his younger bi other Edward, who shares with French clay «)uri -doulles tiUe. there was a third . brotlper,, Frederick, now dead, who vas'tetinis champion of France some ago. .M^s. Chris n has dis- the rac- [ted State's (indoor) w In ad- hel|)ing .Mr. .-ivt'rv .diell cum Tue-i- day. , • I Kl0 |rence .\ndruss ha-i the m. u-if-^ at t| is wr ling. Oiilv two more we «'ki of SI h .iol. .XiL the scholars who hnie I 'li alie.-idy liud tie- meiislcN li :i I 'e bi-i -n exim -ed to Ihein," so tie iii<.| day of M-h »ol will be •ill aHley." we ililnk: .Mr. Folk lodght a t >-ain of mules of Mr. Stan ey lust week. Tlie large new bant of John Hoe ken.'s it get ing si <oat of red iialiit put <.tl It Is week.] Frank Myers •anil; .Mr. Lln«diaik attended preii'hiiig nervii 1-1 in La- Hurpe Sunday evening. Mr', and .Mrs. It.. <;. Teab- ami soik spent Sunday nfternoou at .Mr. Sitjarfs. .Mis. Smart and Helen spent Tuesday aftern<Hin witli Mr.s. Louise Stewart and Klizabelh Hubert; Yenable , spent afternoon with the Stanley boys. A letter from .Mrs. .M. L. .Seymour of Topeka says she will !>«• home in lola for' a visit some time after Es»ster. I^ank .Myers and mother. Mrs. C. S. Myers, were businejis visitors in Lallarjie Tue.s-day tifterhooi^ The farmers are having la hanl time tryiiig to get their flax in between showers. iBeau ofui Qieviolet 52S '525 •595 '625 '*'.'695 ;715 r Btfooa •; IfM MdaRl« Siinday It is twelve years on April 5 since Jess) Willard became world's heavyweight champion by knocking out Jack Johnson In 26 rounds at Harana. Never before has atiy automob;ile provided, at so low a price, so many qualities of ^ostly'car performance and so many element^ of custom-s^ar beauty! i .| incredible; smoothness at ievery speed . power, in abundahf measure. * ^ knd bjeauty so marveloi^s that it has ele<:trified Atnericail 1 Modem to the minute iii design^ built throughout of th^l finest materials, offered at amazing low prices— the Most'^Beautiful Chevtjolet is the outstanding motor car value of all time. I ; 1 Come to our salesiroom and see the car that is break* ing all records for popularity. One glance at the beautiful new Fisher bodies, one ride in your favorite model—andf you will agree that the enthusiasm for Chevrolet is based on the greatest value achievement in the history of tke automotive industry! SHELLY MOTOR I 118,WEST JACKSON COMPANY

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