The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on November 26, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1892
Page 2
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Tho Postvillc Weekly Review tCBTVILLE, SAT'DAY, KOV. 20. "W. N. BUBDICK, Editor. Entered at the potlnffirc nt I'oalvilk as Tvnnd-r.lnn mailer. THANKSGIVING. Willi what velocity the years roil by! We ciin seareely realize that the earth has mado the journey around the .sun since last thanksgiving ilay was here, anil that -mother mile stone in the pathway nf life has been reached. As age conies on apace we know wli'-n a few m ire of these revolving years have cotno antl gone we shall have "wrapped tho t'rapery of our couch about us" and lain down, whether to pleasant dreams or not must depend unon our lives here or upon the plans laid out by I lie cieitor of all thing*. Whatever the future may have in store for us it is certainly well for us, at least once a year, on this day set apart by custom and uy proclamation of the president and governor as a day of pujliu th:itik<giying, to render thanks to the unseen power that rules and governs the universe, for life and the blessings we enjoy. Some of us may have but a faint and imperfect conception of this power--not sufficient for u.« to look up and say ••l'alher." It is not given to carnal man to so grasp the Infinite by the arms of faith. Hi t even we, who grope in darkness, out-idc of church lines, may, and do sometimes at least, feel thai we have some little part in the drama of creation, and that for even us th.-re is something to be thaukful for, although we lay no claim to an interest in the house of many mansions, or to that life that is "iucor- ruptable, undelilud and thai fadcth not away." Wu in.i.v be thankful that we live in an age of civilization anil intelligence, surrounded by schools and churches aud the loved ones at home, and that wo may enjoy the necessaries of life, with perhaps many of its coin- forts and some of its luxuries. And if, added to these, we have the consciousness of ilu:y performed, so far as it is given to us to see our duly, we may be the more thankful still. No matter what our faith may lie may we, on this thanksgivi'ig day, more than ever before, realize that it is by no means all of life !o live, whether or not it is all of death to die In other words may we realize that it is tho very lowest conception of human life to live for ourselves regardless of others. If wo have linally arrived at this realization we may well be thankful today, whether we sit around a well lilled board, with loved relatives and friouds all about us, or whether we are nlonu in tho world with the scantiest repast eet before us. For we cannot bo happy when acllishness reigns supreme in our hearts, neither can we be nil.ser.iblo when the bright sunlight of Icvu and unselfishness illuminates our hearts as with a halo almost, divine. This pot-Imp'srfar3WSL4a^P'»«' avericious ago tho world has 'known. Men all around us in the world lay everything down on the altar of Mammon. From youth to manhood and from manhood to i ..! age the grocd of gain seems to drag humanity down bolow the level of the brute. Tho pulpit and tho press should unite to crush this monster or hsdiotis mien and seek to redeem and disenthrall the race from these chains that bind us face downward to tho earth. What iuatloi'8 it to us though some are rich nun NO arc not? Wo may havo comforts they know not of, and in any event in a few ilooting yoavs wo shall all lind n common level in tho windowless chambers of tho dead, where gold cannot bo discerned, and whore worldly fame cannot outer and giyo us peace. O, for tho dawning upon the human race of that bright morning when the thought of all shall bo to do a little moro jor humanity than we huvo ever dono before, rogardless of the size of the estato that shall bo administered upon when wo have passed away. Charity begins at homo, hut tho trouble with us is we make our homes too small. Lot us widen them out today until thoy include our entire neighborhood, for all within our acquaintance or knowledge aro not only neighbors, but brothers and sisters. Wo are all ono family, and how shall wu bo happy and unconcerned while some member of tho family is cold or hungry or in distress? And thus wo close this thanksgiving '•sermon" as wo commenced it with a ploa for tinsellishness and a recognition of the brotherhood of man. Wo leave to tho ministers tho task of pointing men to the life beyond and to the fatherhood, of God. To tt.o devoui bolievor thuirs is a pleasing field, and tho breeze that fans their cheeks is the broith of eternal life to them. Wo would not divert it or turn it aside. Hue to tho great world outside, of which wo are a feeble member, wo say, thoro is a glliupsu of glorj for us if wo Hit tip tho fallen and hold tho cooling lotion of love anil sympathy to the Hps of tho sorrowing and the distressed—if through jur ministrations it may be truoof some weary traveler— "The HKht of smiles shall fill again The eyes that overflow with tears, And weary hours of {grief and pain Are harbingers of happier years." ThU course may not admit us to the longed fur glory beyond, but it will corUlnly fill our lives with glory here wunit «itrew our pathway and that of tfiosto- wi corao la oooUct with the fragrant flower* of peace an.t joy, the "volee* In tho air" will be music in eUremrr, and wbon we lie down it will sanl dreams, wherever the It with poor grace for our democratic friends who have had so much experience in Hint line during tin pa «t thirty years to make Mich a claim. Uy a bare scratch liny .secured the presidency just once before during that | time, but not having one house of con- ! grcss they could and did do nothing : for which they were responsible, save ! changing the ofliccs, which even body I expected. They will lind it far differ- i cut when they become responsible fori all legislation as well as for the entire conduct of tin: government. It is easy sailing for a party to sit back in the minority .as a critic and simply object to everything that is done, without the , power to do anything itself, but it is i altogether a dill'erenl tiling when thu shoe is put on the other fool, to use a homely expression. ' Henceforth the minute any legisla- , tion is proposed which changes the 1 settled policy of the government as j heretofore administered, especially on ' the tariff, pensions or linam-c-. the : dominant parly will be besieged by an avalanche of ol -jiclioiis an,| .suggestions which will make life a burden. To attempt to harmonize tic party on all these ipiotioiis will be an utter impossibility. Kvcii in the disttibnlion ; tainly owe the country mmr hi)i::lnliun which wil! secure fair honest elections. 'J'h<-y have placed the tnonuv of the country in controversy, ntnl demanded the repeal of the tax on slate bank issue, and if they wore in earnest thoy "ill certainly do it, and show the workings of what they aie plc.-i.svd to call a better system of finance. Heciprocity, of course, falls with the, protective policy, and the results of u free trade policy, pure, and simple, must biing cither gtcater prosperity or more stringent times, according as it shall prove good or bad policy for I he country. \\ c arc not arguing that the policy of "free trade" is to inaugurate a time of obtaining money, ;, w \ clothing and houses without labor, but it must improve the conditions. In other words it must make the workingiiian's dollar, and I lie fanner's hog and hen buy more than they do now; and more, there ino-i be as great demand for labor then, thai is when the policy of free trade is fully In vogue, as there is now. When the trial has been had. and '.he results warrant a Tenlict. the people will not be slow to give it. Ilul should the winning parly refu-e to carry out 'I'm: following on emigre,small, is tin Vole by counties niMJiiriiir.* I MI n-r gl Veil : nr I ll'llllli UAI I. Allamakee. , . . ... IM7 ('la\ ton ... W, < 'hichasaw . . , I:'U Worth hlO (,'erri) (ionlo. . '.l .'O I'lovd .VJ7 Mitchell i;:u Winneshiek . . 'JH;I Howard.... Totals . . ..UU9 One ihon o\v, :il ,d /•'of S/i/c. ugh bred, registered ders 'V II thorough bred .lets 'ht ble to registry, particulars aildr (Iregor, Iowa. months old and elligi- All well bred. lor ess A. Chapin. >I' Updcgratf s majority. IV'io. Tr .N republican congressman doted by the following pluralities 1st didtiet dear :ld district — Henderson •Ith district -Upih'gralf .'ith di-trict —(.'onsins lilh district - l.uccy 7th di-trict -Hull' Sth distli '.'t Hepburn !Uh district —linger 1011 1 district Dollivcr 11th district- rerkitis FARM FOB SALE. My farm of L'lV) acres for sale. Situated in Madison township. Winnesheik Co, Iowa, three and a half miles west I of Decorah, in sections 11 and 11. Well j improved and limber enough for farm use. In good state of cultivation. Well wa'ercd and good buildings. Sclioel ^'•''j I within six rods of house, hong time ll 'ii Hi ' wl " ' )0 fri Vi; " on part payment, i Impure on farm for particulars. Address: \V)i. M I I NTOSII. (Ilox IMS) Decorah, Iowa. IV.VJ . ! i; i ; . 'J*()S i . I I I '1 •IS.") of patronage, ten enemies will be made j llieir platform theories, or in event where one (riend is ceure'l lint when j they do, and those theories should the tariff conies to lie tackled with a bring such disasters as this country vii w to reducing it to a revenue basis' the fun will commence. If the sugar | bounty is taken ofl aud tic tarilf is not 1 restored the south will lie up in arms, and if the tarilf is restored, as it n list be. if any attempt is made looking to the earning out of the platform of tariff for revenue oni\, then the whole country will enter an indignant protest. And if practically nothing is done with the tariff as a whole then the people will see that they were duped and humbugged solely that the democrats might hold the offices, and this will be far worse in it.-, results to the parly than decisive action would be. It is | far too early yet for democrats to claim that tho republican party is dead. When liny shall have proven by actual results that tlu-j are not only competent to run the government economically and better for the entire people than the republican party has done it during the past thirty years, it will In lime, for then to insist the country has no further use for the republican farty. lint this cannot be done in a month or a year, nor even in four years. If, during the coming term of Mr. Cleveland's administration the party shall be discreet and make no radical changes, it is barely possible that they n.ay be given another four year's lease of power, but such supposition is by no means reasonable. There are two discordant elements to lie kept in line. There is Taniany, with its insatiate greed, on the one band, and the south, with its state rights heresy, on the other, both tending to diso'ganixalion and disintegration, it is hopeless to suppose that Cleveland anil Tamany can work harmoniously logother through the forthcoming administration, and if they do not an open rupture will be imminent at the next election. Hut it will be a miracle if this rupture is ivardcd off so long as ^thM^ .hist a ; s __jiwm_.a >^stimTTrhiTig "is done, or attempted, trouble will begin, and if we are not much mistaken long before the next presidential election tho Kilkenny cat fight will bo on. It is still more ludicrous for the populist leaders. Weaver and Donnelly, to solemnly assert Ihallhe republican party is dead. After running for president twice in the past dozen years Weaver has carried three inconsequential slates and Donnelly lias done nothing. The little success the populists havo made have scaiely injured the republican party. It is probable that tho states carried by Weaver might have been given to Harrison hail he been out of thu way, but this would havo signified nothing in the result. No third party ever has, nor probably ever will, cut any figure in national politics. Even If tho republican party were as dead as il is claimed by these worthies to be, their parly would not bo its legiteo. Republicans would a thousandfold prefer straight democracy to the wild and vissionary theories of tho crazy cranks of tho nondescript parly. If the time shall ever eoniu when it is thought best to disband the republican party it will not bo in favor of any third party malcontents. Unt thu republican party has no thought of dying. Its expectation of life, as the insurance man would put it, is far greater than that of any party now beloro tho people. It lias met with a stunning repulso, it is truo, which may onco in a whilu bo oxpeeted by all parlies, but it will como up stronger and botlor than before for tho next onset. It contains, not all, it is true, but much of thu best brain Hint heart of tho American people, and that class of bruin ami heart does not give up and lio down at tho first repulse. Its opponents of all parties will find it I ho liveliest corpse thoy evet saw in the mooting of 181)0. Ho don't spend any time preparing for the fuuoial now. saw in l.s.'jj in answer to the frc trade notions of Isqti, then indeed would tears take 'he place of laughter, joy be turned into sorrow, and the victor's song be changed to a political dirge. The people have spoken and the change la- been ordered, aud each must do his duty and abide by the results. We do not hoitate to say that the tariff' act of ls :i0, and every vestige of protection to American labor and American manufacturers and produce by the imposition of tariff' duties must be wiped from the statute, books of the Nation. We honestly believe it v.'iU bring disaster, but above till is heard the voice of the people, and it must be obeyed. A LITTLE SET BACK. TOO SOON FOB OBOWING. The . oi respondent of the Minneapolis Tribune at Washington lias in" | tervicwed a close friend of President­ elect Cleveland and comes to the conclusion that Mr. Cl.-.yclat.d will be governed by civil service rules more strictly than any president has heretofore done in dispensing patronage, and the democratic brethren who were making preparations to step into the post-office, etc., immediately after March llh aie a little disturbed in their minds. We hardly credit the statement, and yet if Mr. Cleveland is at all disposed to kill the spoils system lie is in a belter position to do it than any of his late predecessors, for having ran for the high office three times, and having been elected twice, lie knows that in any event '.his is his last appearance on the political stage. When he retires March •Ith, 1H'J7, il must be for good, and there seems but one way in which he can distinguish his administration and send it down the pages of history in brighter characters than thine of his oonipeeri,jirjjJLjJuii.j-i b.t.aLeinn]m£_.thc ilite of office seekers and standing boldly for civil sciviec reform. Ho lias just thu composition to do this if he feels inclined to, as well as the best opportunity in the world. On account of his overwhelming majority, and the fact of his carrying hitherto republican states, ho may well say thai he is under far more obligations to former republicans than ho was before to the mugwumps, and thin in his last administration ho will ho actuated solely by lilucss and competency in tilling and retaining offices and officers. While by doing Ibis he will gain the enmity of the office seekers ho will make fast friends of tho people who are not in tlie scramble and aro tired of tho swooping changes that aio made every time an administration cli.tnges. Should ho decide to do this no president that conies after him will daro go back to tho spoils system, and hu will havo all the credit ^ for accomplishing the reform, if it is really a reform. It is no pel of ours, and wo don't believe any party can succeed under it, but it is one of tho so-called reforms clamored for by the people, and there never was so good a time as the present t.) try if, along witli tariff reform. If both should prove a success tho democratic party has como fo stay, hu' personally wu very much doubt whether eilhoi proves a success, and wu have grave doubts about either being honestly tried, lint we will wait and see. P UT it down for future reference that in tho year of our Lord, 1892, with tho country thu envy of all tho world, with honest, sound money and plenty of it, with abundant work for all willing hands, at good wages, with furnace, factory and farm In full pro- duetiyo operation, tho American people decided to reverse and change ihe policy which had made their prosperity possible. It is thu old story of the woll-lixed Iowa farmer who pulled up and out, attracted by tho charms of California, Oregon, or Dakota, who, after four years of cxperieiico, returns to his old homo impoverished to commence life over again.- JiockforU ltuy- istcr. New Hampton Courier. Tho political victory for tho demo- orals and mugwumps is oven greater than they themselves anticipated, but the victory is not complete until the victorious party shall inaugurate their theories of foreign and domestic policy and prove their superiority. To in- nugnrato free trade and make it better for producers and wiigo oarnois (htm J protect Ion has proved to be, is one of the tasks uow before tho victors. To inako clothing cheaper and butter than it now is, aud yet make it possible tor n day's work to buy more of it, and Obituary. Died, at his residence in Kockfoid, Iowa, at 7:e0 p. m.. on Wednesday, November'Jib. lS'JJ. he\i Lyons, aged S2 year*. f> mouths and IS days. Deceased was born in Caledonia county, Vermont. April -it, 1S10; was married in L'uion county. Ohio. Sept. 1st. ls:)l, to Mary Hiunhani. who survives him. He settled in Clayton county, Iowa, in W>.">, and has resided in Kockford since 1ST'.'. hi vi Lyons was a type of the plain, old-fashioned, honest man, rigidly upright in all his dealings with all mankind, aud had the respect ot all who knew him, or till who were capable of appreciating genuine, sterling worth. He had been for a considerable time in failing health, but was slowly recovering from a dangerous illness when, on the first of the present month, he received a wound in the head, the result of a fall. This injury would not.under ordinary circumstances, have been se- ri'ju.*., yet in his enfeebled state, he was unable to rally from the shock. He was buried from the family residence on l-'riday. Key. ('. K. Taggarl officiating. Of the children residing away there were present Mrs. licnhani and Mrs. Ware, of Minneapolis. Having far outlived the ordinary alotntont of three score years and ten,he was ready, and shrank not from the change. A good man has fallen. Peace to his ashes. — K OCK ford Kegisler. T HE great Homestead strike has linally been declared off by tho amalgamated stool association after the strikers havo lost $2,000,000 in wages and the Canioglo Co. inuoji .voro In loss of profits and attendant expenses, licsldes all this it U not curtain but thu republican parly lost the presidency as a result. Strikes aro terribly expensive luxuries all around, and when the democratic era of heaven on oarlh and free twilo U iniuigunUod wo shall certainly liuve nu uuu'u strikes, mt .i-JHi.Ji J .»'iiPw-«» It Is given out that dodge Hayes, the nnlv Iowa ilomooralln onni /i 'u.-,utiimi. The Saturday Blade is the greatest newspaper wonder of the age. It is four years old aud has a circulation of over a ipi.irler of a million copies a week. The latest sensa- j lions and the most marvcioiis events I are writti n up in the best style and ' fully illustrated. Subset iptions received at fji.M) per year. $1 .00 for six months, or o0c for three months. 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't liosa weo subsorlbo forDomorest'o Family Uiurnxlno for IBM will possess a gallery of ox- ii 'ilslto work* of art oi Ki 'eat viiTuo, besides u MtiKiulaq that oaniiot UQ eqiialoil uy any In the ivoild for lls bountiful lllii»triitlon» anil Mlblunfcmilttni'.llmt will lrr>nt>Avn,>vnnn nnnl. One of the firm has just returned from Chicago with one of the largest best selected stock of goods that was ever hrotight to this place and in order to substantiate the fact you havo only to step in and look for yourself'. Every line of goods is complete. Our stock of Ladies' Dress cannot he excelled in the town. Dre -;s Goods from 10c up. Ladies' and Misses' Cloaks and Jackets v& great varietloc. consisting of Plush, Kelt on, I-e.-tvei*. Mallasia, Cheviots and others too numeiv-'v; to ir,eiv tion. BOOTS & SHOES: -Wc have the most complete stock in town. We carry Bradley & Metcalf. Pingree & Smith and C. H. Fargo & Go's celebrated $2.50 Shoe. easily We were Just as we Expe >d. How can you feel Dejected, Z And mourn for him ".cie jested. Mow should bo Selected Knots of gold with p urity Inj octe 1, Sure to please as if Proteetsd. t^Our Mammoth Stook Is rTow Completo- Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAV/, Iimuvaneo A^ouiuud Colh-utin', Authnvi /.i 'd to priuiti.tu in nil thu unm 't.s of thu Ht -utu. OtlliMi uvoi hion'd Htoru, brleU Mouk. POSTVILLE IOWA. The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOHN 13. HAKT, Propriotor. Opposito - Postvillo - State - Bank. None but the best meats purehiiseil. Everything in lirst-elnsl shape, (.\iiir- leou.s treatment to all. i'riees alwais the lowest. J. SHEPHERD M. D„. PHYSICIAN AND SORGK0N , i';.N.-lo.i i Ollici' at .-uLii,t.'in--. Limni' Jliiiil oi iiuy .V Ll'ii't, r.ii'ull'l On anil utter .Sunday. Nov. '.'2. lhUl, trains on the (J. M. & St. 1*. Ky. will h:avi l'ostville us follows. liOlNll KAST. Pa-senders. No. 2 XO. I Jlliirill) I -'i -eiuhts. No. 10 Chicago Sloek .. ..U:". r >a. ir, No. li Way No. 1 - Milwaukee Sloek iJOIMi WI.sT. l ':i-iMHij ;er.s. No. 1 nielli No. :l I'ri 'ii^hl.s. No. 7 Way Vreifiht. ... . No. <.) 1 inie l''roijrhl .... No. 1 i Time Kroifjlit... All Freight Ir .'iins mentioned, except No. I 'i. i arry p:i*-< liters when pvo\ ided with proper trunspm l.-itio :i. No. bet ween X. Mi 'Cireifnr ami Jlnson Cit_\. M. K. 'r.\i .rin -r, A^ent. -I :•)•"> |i. m M•.'•!•.! a. m. •I :'0 p. in. ..0 :.'l 'i p. in . I -.20 a. n.-. . 1 0 :l '. r i a. in. 11:('."> a. ni . 0:1.", p. in .S : .|.-, p. ui FEED. N. BEEDY, -:-PHOTOGRAPHER.-:- And Dealer in l'ieturo Frames. Postville - Iowa Granite Oe-".to':ery Wc-vl:., Ircr. iToucua, Curbing etc. Tlio .Mi iiileliilinij: lo jiurehas;- Munn- inontal work for I'utu.o delivery wi.l find it In liu-ir advant:.}^ 1 i e\:inii ne M. y. Kidder'.s iJ ranit.' li oris ; M Ccniete- ries, ;i« be isiloin 1 ? wurk nl a.s low priees us e.iiii be prneured in the eouulry. If he has nut culled uponynu drop him a mini at Deeorah und he will lie plsi'tsed lo visit you with Des't^ut- and s-iinpies of all kinds of (iranlte, :u Ihe l.iwesl |ioisi!.ile priee.s. M. V.KIDDER, 34iz)^ Docorah. Iov;a. LEAVING Ar.'D ARRIVING ; - TIME Of fiiAINS. i'i:cni;.\it luvi-ii 'N. Time T:;l'l,- m . D '.-ir Mav •.'<>. r .-tsM'ti<;er};o:!ii: Nortli... U-.-.n. ]' .1 S.MUli i".:li(i ;; ''' " North, . . -J. i;.. I'. M •Siiulh, li:bii, ,\. M. •I • V.. I'matv At; i-1.'. cmiHci: DinixTORY. (•!>?.'(.i :KCi.\ |-I <iS .'.J, .-i:., v N. t.. ls »rt»:>. img- t''l. I 'll' H'l.ill': i Vr r y S uli'i'i v :.*. I. :u .\ . M . »ni i'M. Mit't mil s. HI i..t,:i»t,:y 1;. VIll'lL' ^ M'lr.V V. t'. SC. i: UH-t'T^ •'.''•.:.: Ii':.U ,y , • ' l:|M; HI i. llvy,,- ^!..-. ' • •'• Wi-'la.-:..|ii> i" • : :n .T . •I I', flluli 1ST . - Itiv. K. ,|. l,"l .iM ,"l, l'usti r. • '"'"•!.i!',: S i-Vl-ri- SH 'l iily lit i'-UA «a P. M. I--.'.l'.tli S, • ii .f. v !«t: ,.i). • r.|'».'iin I.- II ;;i l. • i-v .-iV S'.lli.hiy i I. :i;::^ I l •> .11 "''-',' i''.. I'l -iivi 'l' l;H-"tin • iliiy \\, ':!.. ''i'i •. ' I I,. 1. ^ .. t 7 :" i cVa Vne an irira. ^'.',;. ::.v::. it. POSTVILLE iUDC-IS' Is'O'SLS No ol. -I. /'. I','. 'I'i, i l .oyal Ain-ii-ni Order it United U'oiUnieii meet- tile Seeei,.! and I 'mirili S :iti;ti ;av t'V.-nil L'» '•:••'.> Rt!.. ill I!:.- :«:...'.!:!.• li: h ....-r tb- llrie.'; Dmj,' I M I V. V-,'. St., uy. >!. \V. \\'-,:. S -tKi'fii.i:'.'. K> • o-1.' r. r.rsOiK>:p.Lv LOVE ICIGS It 'jiiilar n .eiiii 'j- in Tt;-. -d:.y tv< n; II e on i r let'' n- t l .i- f i. II o 1 , l.e n ;i i n. A!i t i. I: -its In "ii and! i. '•«' col­ li iallv in vili d lo ai tend. K. I). Mil i.s. \V. M. W M. M I 'ir, Sce'y. STATIONEiiV. Don't forget, v/hoti you want plain or tanoy fjtatioiery, that hy Review cilice is the- place to yet il <jiie.ty. J. A.KAVT.ELA.ND, Vet 3Xirs .a,rcy: SiarEr^-ii, l'vlS 't'V 11.1.1'., IOWA. . Oi'iiee lir -i door Knst of the I'oinnier- i -ial House, (ireen Si., l 'listMl'ic, Iowa. A tine set oi sureienl insirimicnts. All nyies.-ary nudieini's kept on ban d 'I'l.iiieen MU-I I ssl'ul prai-liee Calls promptly answered -*rs i n K 17 Hra, * i-oswrdle Lxaj Due P. J. BBUrHEE. Prop. Uavinji- pinehiised tlio otijjimi.. .l'ost- ville Dray Line 1 ant prepai i d to d" 1. 11 kinds of ilrii'Vinij priii'iiily, enu liil'y "nil satisfactorily, (looit tealus, "ood ill'nys and earcfu 1 drivers .' Iivu.vs.ilt Ihe service of the public, at fnir |)vices. All kin ps of liiilit or lienvy h atili'ijr. in. town oreounlry proiiiptly iloue. . . $1,000.00 A YE AR'S SUBSCRIPTION PAYS .FOR THE REVIEW TO A (juaiunloctl Cure for l'Uesof whutftver Idml ' lichiiiH, Clnonio, Kocent or Uui'utHtniy, Tins Iji.tnudy li-is positively uovnr bcou knuwu to t'iiil. jij.(H) ii box, 6 I IOXOK for 35.tnt; m>\\l hy mail prupajtl oil rutioipl of prico, A wriuun (.tuarniiiite positively, slvun to em:li pureliiinii off) lioxeu, when purcliiisml ill one time, to refund the S5.00 paid if not cured, tluariintee is^uud by " K. N. DOUGLASS, DuuauiST. Sole A(jent, I'.-stville, low a. pi- a ii Offered for any Machine thai will <U> us ffvont rnngu of wui'tt I\M A iiu U us euslly uml uu woll tm etui bo douo on th« DAVIS Vertical Feed Sewing Machine, Tltta ulVor tin* uouti litifuro tlio imbUo fui tlio punt tun ycurs, IT HAS NOT UKKN OLAIMHU, luuvlim that the Uaviu Veriton! Koeil Is thu

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