The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 8, 1915 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1915
Page 6
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 8,1915. 11 By John Fleming Wilson JTBin MuniMufiai compwor II to OM oo , poHOtl* M •Mrf lo.Mi mviM »<cturM «it our .t<>np cor ^roKT. By JOHN n .BMiNc iviLSON He /musf escape tHIs clous troojiei^. very night. AitiT II sliort ronversntlon with VI,gas nnd the Jiprolntnient of a foture rendezvous, Hjiny VVilkcrson armed himself and started lazily down into QHAPTER XX. I OR spmu moments Dorr stared lit jitlUs' message from tUe , deajl. True, it was address-' the camp to. See what was moTtng. ed to Ruth, but Its message to' hiiii^ .lohn Dorr. Now. he aomt^tlilng of the tremendous for wiich Wllkerson was play- So de <>i» In ihouslit w^s he that Tie dl'd not fiotke tliat he ivas being •pled |i}pou.' U« mdst see Ru{b and tell her. ' He sl4)ped the letter. Into his - pocket, not observing that the torn portion dropped'to the table. - As be hnrrtcd out. fat with his news, Mexican fitole-Into the room and, after a keen glance around, picked up tUc bit of pa^er. He had soen the tri- nmpbant esiyesslon on Don's face. That ,wr1thig| tiiuHt be valuable. He tri^d .to dec$lier It. but failed. So ..^be thnist llt^lnto his shirt an^ stole away. Half an hi^r later the Inst-few lines of , lette^ were in Uarry Wllker- son's hands.' v Nothing stirred. He returned to the hill . camp • and thence swiftly and quietly nwde his niiy upward, taking advantage of every bt^sh and rock that might afford blm screen. He was almost to the top .w!ten a Bvntry chall«n);t'd blm and stepped forward. ^ ' . ^ "I'm merely goin" out a Utile wkya for a walk.'* Wllkerson explained. "Not allowed after nightfall," was the response. Without' further parley. Wllkerson leaped forward, grasped the man's rifle and trljipqd him. A moment later bc^ was footing It up to the Crest at top apecd, with tiie wentry's erica for help urging him on. Before he could re.tch the divide a bullet whizzed by his head, then another. He turned madly and Bred rap- Idly down into the shadows at bis pur- . Jt was not'|intil he had explained to suers. He cursed himself for his fol- Rrith the cli^mnstances under, which be had o()encd the letter and handed her the Incloiure that John discovered tbttt. the lasi*;:portlon was missing.- the ^ part that told of the figures on the key. Tpgethi^r they sought it In vain. "W^li;" saM. Huth cheerfully, "at least I have the key aaid now we know j*hatHl '0 *e flfjuves stand for." ' "Yes." hci ii«sentcd. "the latitude and Jongiyide whpre the wreck ^nk. But I 'don't like Iho disiippearant-e of that last part. It^i^-as rank carclj^ness of mo. ;Wh;;t IJ] it should fall.into Wil- kcrson'shan^s?" • UutU 'l:ui,s!stvl. dinisling the key by Its rlb 'ii -n. ? "VVo hnve the master .key:" 1 ••Yes," JoUti leplii'd more cheerfully, "lie won't Know whore the place Is. .anyway. Bi^ wc inu.'^t arrange to find that wrwk i|nd get the rhest,'' j;But If the; ship .s .Tnk'/" she Wld. "Lots «>f (Jetiple will remember the wreck." iras^the re .-^pnnso. ' "And with tbh iiccur .Tt^ ^l>sltlon of whert it wont ly when a seconil sentr.v appeared above him. drawn by'the flash of his shots to his hiding place. There was but one refuge, the mine.shaft. He plunged obrn]Mely downward for It Naturally enough. the troopers thougl^t thfir quarry was cornered, but Wllkerson ilrovie straight on downward to an old working, mounted again, crossctl by a disused galleify and finally onierged far up the cliff." On his way lie h:id picikod up a coil Of rope, and when lie found himself on the edge of the precipice and his pursuers paining on him he made one end ot the rope fast and speedily started to despend. But the tUstaiice was tmi great. Before he was halfway to the bottom he had been discovered, and he felt the rope being hauled up. in despair, with a madman's strength, he sv.-ung tar <iut and then in, dropping on'ji little ledge concealed by the overhang of the curr. .\s the rope came free In.their hands the pursuers realize:! that their pro.v <towii a divfir win be able to recover! had escaiiod tlicni. They peei^d over. ' what'wp watit!" I I Surcl.v be bad foiled the law only to .. Tbw discfissed this for some limelj moct <!o:;rh on the rocks far below, and dcclil<yd5 tha't .-is smm as K^ine re- •i.-i<-t^', . •> = I-.-..,. turned •with; the warrant for. Wilker- I their a.w.iil Sim they w*(^uld start out for^Sau I'e- | silrntly. Tl "dro. and pri^cied to Inc.-ite the siinUen | t!"' ilistanc-e vessel aud'lind If po.ssible the chest anil Its pret^ous contents. ."With Wllkerson safely In the sher- UTs Iwnds rtiid Kane on the job here _aii will be siife." .lohn said finally. -But WllkeJ.son. with the ton^ scrap of paper in hlajhaiul. w^is plan lin'g swift- ! --iy and Vertiilnly. • VViiL Vij a^ be laid! _ a = schemiv fSir'tliat night. Vfhcn the' details \v^•^c^ s<>tt!c;1 the bniidjt snii'.oil crookedly. Still get the.Utly^m.V-self.' ; plea.sure." t \Vilkerson. >j'igas silt- - bejremarke*?'. "It will be a "Nd rout ttbcSs." warned - twltb a silly ?" demuuded niy... "NevetJ" . "All rlshti" was the re.?p<nse. "But remember tlbese troopers aiep 'l overly fond of yoi^" ^he Mexican m;idp his pHpaTatlons to get the key th ^it held tte secret of ; tbe^ treasur^ with peculiar,carp. One would have'thought lie was going to a balL BO fatjciful his dress, so careful Jift whole get -up. \Vljen hehadcom- _i pleted his-iirraiigemcnis he presented a striking |ind gaudy ji,i:ure,: with silver bandetS sombrero./heavy studded belt. eml>t |>ldered shii-t and flowing ^ Wilkeraoy coulemplaf^ bim. moodi- 'ly. "You 'c |-t )et'ier wear a Juuiiwr and overaila," ne"snarled. "Any one-can spot' jfou ,tf mUe \n that dandified dress.*" ' j' - yigas Idi^wed a dirty hand to the - staTS. "tojtibnor of the lady," he said, with brav^^; "Nevejr"«hall;it be said tba Jose |^as was {gnorapt of the niceties of ^^meanor, senor."; Pinding his protests useless. Wilker-son aut >sid^d. Vigas departed, appar- ' ently for stroll throu;{h the silent cas>P-.- H* even stopped for a chat .wkh a, wiltcbful trooper, who jeadily beilev ^'h |s casual statemeiit Ihati he - Wds g(dagi >n a loverts expec|itlon. ft was Just midnight when Vigas ^iifp^ orer!tbe tied ou whichv Ruth lay asll^I>. F^r'n lobg moment he stood tb^ In his gaiidy fltiery watthlng her. - Sfejiie^inetSarifaost on the.r'oiut of wakening her in order to salisfyrhis oi'er- _VW *Bihg vjinlty. But the clank of « J bridle chai&i. outside warned him that be Btobd h great peril. With swift SBgers hej touched the rlb^n. bent o *»:aid'}!:KUtly drew oiit th«t key; He , ^fli.the ribbon with one sttp of his knife audiWked at his booty. But die'girl 's immovable ;and lovely face drew bis pyes again to her^ With a -sweep of Ills arm be lifted his heavy, hat'to her; and passai out. silent ns a scli-or ;hte jiptive rootintalnsl; ?_ #ith tbe kejrJa hiii i >9ssessioi] Wll- ^^ifispn bet^ire .«!!;ddeuly his own nerv^ !• ottS self. |ne: must get away iBstnnt- ' lyr he-kne'V.-. Kane would bfv back In t^ejuornitlg; with a warrant.: Already ^ -SSP ^^yj watched by th^ auspi- On his g ;(l|dy perch Wllkerson heard specul.-itions and laughed .en he craw!^ away. In ho heard the screech of a locomotive whistle, marking the pas- sa.w of an express. The freight would bo due In tv.o hours. Ho niust makelt. Tom' ICane arrived early In the morn- iu.vr to tiud the camp in. an uproar The Mexicans had quietly vanished. Ruth w.'is mourning the loss of the r;:i-»er key. and the sherltt. -staring at rj<.' now" useless warrant was lH >yond' word:-'; to express his chagrin. .lohu D »rr aUme was sereiie. though he realized that Wllkerson had a.galu '•hc(km:ncd hiiu. But the immediate need of the hour Avas h.nste. tie instructed Kane to take cbjuge of the mine and directed Ruth to prepare for a trip to the coast that afternoon. "Luckily 1 coi)ied those figures.", he sal^d grimly. i Two da.vs later John Dorr and Ruth were steaming up the channel from Sab Pedro lu a launch fitted with diving outfit The skipper of the launch remembered perfectly the burning of the steamer and. now that he knew the position where it sank, gave "Ut great hopes of tiiidiug the hulk. "The sea Is shallow there, and the tides aren't sti'ong enough to move hei." he state<i. "The only thing is. somebody may have l>een ahead of us." ••Wllkerson couldn't be ahead of us." .lohn assured Ruth, "l inquired carefully at San Pedro." . Yet at noon his unspoken fears were realized. I'liere was another powerful launch ahead of them which their captain identiried as a diving nnd salvage boat from San Diego. ••Then they'll-get ahead of usl" Ruth juonrned. "After nil our trouble!" The launch captain and the diver both comforted her by stating that the given position was not far away, that It was sometimes a matter of days to find fl wreck even if the approximate location wan known and that at any rate they would soon be> near enough to see whether the other craft was successful Two hour* later Wllkerson'* launch was swinging easily over the low swells not a mile from the bluff shore, and they could see his diver preparing to go,down. "1 hope be doesn't find it."*' breathed Dorr ;aR he urged faiaown men to greater speed; "They've stnick the spot If those figures of yoUrs'are correct," was the reply, 'But time will tell,"; When the two boats were close, to- i getber Jobu saw that Mm.harnell was with Wil^ersou, He, eoiild .see the bronze Rliut of her ejreh her <?yes filled with A ini|igll)ag~of .tthiB^h'and hatred. And that look grew brighter and more malicious when the diver, (doming Iwge' bit of wood, cvldenUy from « ineck.. Though the^.v could not hc .nr ^fe words, those on Dorr's boat could nina ^tttiid' the directions that were being given. L"6et over and send your man down, qolckr commanded Dorr. The captain and the diver glauced at each other doubtfully: then the former •hook bla head. "No," he said gruflly. "They found It, and It's theirs by sea law. Anyway I ain't' going to send my man down when there's danger, as there always la with two men working under water at'cross purposes." ' "But they'll get the cki'sf'" cried Bath. • , . • .j • "Walt and see,'! said the Imperturbable diver, I Half an hour later John turned ^o Ruth and said miserably: •'Well, they have got it. That ends this excursion'." "Is that your chest missy'/" demanded the captain. "Ye8,^es; niy father's:" "Well." he said slowly, "there's nothing to hinder us going over and seeing what It looks like, is there?" He signaled bis engineer and put his helm over. As they ranged alongside the other launch Wllkerson raised lils face to Dorr's w^rathful gaze and smiled. Instinctively John put his hand on his gun. A roujjh touch on liis shoulder recalled hlni. j "This ain't any piratical ciuise," the skipper remarked meaningly. '•That man was hired the same as me. aud we ain't got no light with each tither." 'Of course." Dorr agrwd wllliugl.v^ Then he made.a leap'for the deck of the other boat. Intent on regaining the chest single handed. For the moment Wllkerson was paralyzed by the boldness of this move, but a momont.iatcr'iitl^oDg hnndshad flung New Photo QfGeheralg in Supreme Command of All the French'^liinifs Engaged in W^r. A 8LHPLE SOLDIER .SURE- itrerity and Mode-sty That Wonld Be Tiie Sourcet' of Disease deaned and Bipod PuriHed I Berlin.—(Correspondence of The .\s soclated Press): 'All prizes for brevity jind a few more besides modesty, go to a Baden iieasAnt who for some time has been with ..the forces in Flanders. | His wlfo has J^st made public tha following laconitf'/letters from him. The | first reads: "Dtjar Wife: still alive, and have received your bundle, if the boy is bad, sank him: Greetings, Adolph." Shortly after came a second: "Dear Bertha: I ain still alive, which surprises me very much. If the boy still is naughty, spank him again. Greetings, Adolph." \ Tho third corhmunlcation was in the j form of a p.ttotograph of Adolph's' troop, showlngwhlm decorated with the | iron Cross. No mention however, 'was raade-.of the medal, and the picture ^^ bio6dtdi »ca.c«. merely lioren out on the reverse side this brief note: • "Dear Bertha: 1 was Fieiy Uootf % Disorders Cheeked Tlioso who have ii«e<f S. marvct See a man today with bis skin all broken out; , , , ^ , "<•« Wm awln In a we«k or two aft«t ualaR wounded but tan well again, and to- s. S. S. and he U a wonder to behold, all morrow I go at it again. If the boy isi cleared up, skin UesUhy, cj-cs bright,a big naughty, box ' his ears. Greetings, emlle replares tlie tiroop. What l» 8. iS. 8. Adolph. Perplexed, the wife wrote her husband demandliJg to kno whow he had received the Iron Cross, and received the following Illuminating rejily: "It was very simple about the Iron Cross. The major ordered mo to stand still, ami the sergeant-major pinned it on. GrKfitings, Adolph.", la en. Pan. <<'en. .lolYrc <Jen. rasdenaii. This is theinost recent photo of tlie news about their nioveiiients, actions three men in supreme command ol' the and intentions than has conic, from l>'i-ench armies. Generals Joffre, Cas- any other conimander.s in the lield. tlenau, and Pau have managed the war Gen. .lolTro has been rccognizeil as the as they saw fit. They have divided up real head, and lie has not tolerated in- their work so that each attends to a terferenco fro iiitlie cabinet, or other department. They have let out less civil ollicials. * • : FIRST AID FOR .SLEEPERS. Pacific. Ruth Tried to Comfort John Dorr. lohn back on his own deck, and his skipper, thinking that matters had gone far enough, soon put a safe distmce between the two craft. A little later Wilkersou's launcu started off down ••Now or never." '.snid Dorr to the captain of his own boat. •'Don't lose sight of the^'j. I must know where they land and what they do witn the chest." '•They're bu Tying some." was the response, "but I guess we can^ keep em In view, at least till night comes on." While the moon was lighting up the smooth waters of the Channel that night Ruth tried to comfort John Dorr. And as he listened to her gentle words and watched the loveliness of her face under the sliver beams he forgot tbe bitterness in bl.s heart and knew something of a happiness that Wllkerson, pawing over water soaked rags. In raging despair, was never to know. (TVi BE CONTINUED) Snperintendeiit Webb, of tl| Cuntions Men .\liout X'pise. Sfo caro- witii the Mrs. Ilarley Huss visited her parents north of Gas City this week. Grover Stanley is assisting Chris. Norskov buililiiig a barn. They have it almost completed Roy Pvlvcster left last week lor .\e- hraska, where he will work this sum- will hold a meeting at next Tuesday night, Sh. Mr. Baggageman, not! less. Boost that trunk around less vigor if need he but span nerves nf th<? sleeping passenger in '• ™''''the I'ullman'car. i The Graiig. That is the injunction given by ^u- I OM Kisnioro perintendent Webb, of the Missoui I'a- . MH'-C'I !). . i ific, here yesterdav. to employes i Steve i-'tanley who ha.s been work- long his division, ling for his bjotlier, Charles Stanley, Travelers who sleep in Pullman cars; "'""111 M'-ian. retiirne.l home Moii- o not like t!a be disturbed while in | , , , slumberland. Several patrons of the ^I''- Orval .\rd has been here Missouri Pacific railway have com-r '«'t '"8 Iriencis and relatives lor the plained tiiat'while the trains are .Stan 1 ; I 'l"'- ^^'O n.ic'iths, returned to his Ing at various stations, station cm- j''""n^J "> Idaho lar.t week, pioyes, train and yardmen talk loudly' . (uis Knglehcirdt is .on the sick ami Tinkc a racket which is not con-i ducive to slumber, it is also said tliat i Thonipsoii visited ber par- enginemen are wont to blow whi:-tli:s ; i''"*^- -^ii"'''' =" l->lsiiiore, Vved- and ring bells while passing tlee!)in.ff j "'''^'•'^J'- Hough handling of baggage a' ; Wellsvlllc Globe: At loia an iiii- iisually largo hiinibor of midnight my;; terious assaults have been reported this winter. Tlie Register attributes most of these to the hoboes, and sug- go-ts a iniinlcipar biink^ house wiicre all wanderers could bo compelled to si'eiid the night Tliat plaii has been followed here in Wells\1llc, succpss- fuUy The City .Marshal greets all hoboes or suspicious .characters. If they have no plans made for the niglit they are taken to the city jail and locked in. ln;nde the building there in a stove, plenty of coal, chairs, and two beds. 'The meu...arc locked up until morning, when tTiey are turned loose, and they are hot permitted to wander about the town, and to get into mischief. that can accomplisli BUCII wonderfiil re- sultB? ' First of all it Is a natural ;medl- cine. Like milk, eega and ot ler foodfttatt can not be Imitated, S. S. owea It ta Nature for Its power to overcome dlscats Jtist ns food prevents emaolal |loa. 8. S. fk la not a combination of prcBf ^riptlon drugsw It Is a preparation dlrovf from medlplnsi plants that retains all tlie Tlrllc potency of what we need, what we itiust have ta tbe blood to counteract tboijc dcstructlv* tendencies that assail us tb^ouctiout life. If It were not'for our natural secretions to sustain us, aided by such known helps w H. S. S. there would be siiall chance of any of us surviving chlldboul Get a lioltlc of S. S. K. tcda; from any idruKKlst hut tia careful to Avoid tbe sub- Rtltulos pa lined off on the unwary. S. .S. 8 L Is prepared only by The Swift Kpeclllc Co., r<:i Swift liltlg., Atlanta, Oa., and for private ^medical advice write briefly your symptoms to their medical dnpartment. They will lake eicelleut care of you. Tiiin-e bcing^exceptions some lawsuits to break ended before the estate is exhausted. The care-free gent.wiip py tl^oiigh broke is rathei; too optii^is ] istic for rainv day purposes.^ f =1 cars _ .stations,, pushing trucks alongside of care and compressing air of cars are also siven as additional disturbing eieir.ciit?. So Mr. Webb has requested all em­ ployes ooncerned to make as little uoisc as possible when ,near occupied Pullman cars. Trainmen riding sleepers- and flagmen while iiassing through cars are asked not to talk to or awaken persons who are asleep. OLD ELS3I0RE. March 4.—Wcare having |j!eiity iM snowy and rainy weather in this nart of the county. The Sunday School was not very well attended Sunday on account el' the bad weather. ; Remember there is Sunday; School every Sunday at ten thirty. Every body cordially iiuitefl to attend. • Mr. and Mrs. Will Kenneiy who have been sick for a period of tiuic. seem to be no better at this writng. .Mr. and Mrs. Ira Bacon visited ;ii Ben Lu'dlum's Wednesda.v. :Mr .->Loui3 -Stanley - was in - M oran Wednesday. Dancing In the Old Days. Dancing in the woods \vas the old manner in the ctn.'sic times, and mythology tells nf the worship thus paid by the p;i.g;'jiis to the guds. The |MH >t> sang of it. The i)riest.-< of Mars wert- the priiicip:i! daiieiTs '^ii the sacred rites tri deity. Tlien- vv:ls the rc'ligimis il:iiii -irig :ilhi(!ed t" in tlu' Old Testament, .-is v.liere David da need ITefore the ;irk tci expicss his joy .•iiid fli.'it id' bis |i{vi |i!e. anil there werr the dances nf the il >iiiid< ifiunil the :\l tars and the niysterinus stmies. Never, perhaps, iu the history nf the world «vas dancing more [lopuhir it IF today—not even in the p !-.»«Ki »nt times when in Kii.!rland. Ireland and France the people danced <iii the green, Olivei Goldsmith, traveling on foot, paid his way by playing for the dancers on his flute.—Baltimore .Vews. L. E. HORVILLE, Pres. W. 8. KAUFMAN, 2n(l lllce-Pres. J. H. CAMPBELL, Cashier. A. W. BECK, yice-Pres. F. 0. BEXSOJf, Asst Cashier lOLA STATE BANK to all rules, he will .ire jean be hap- WE Capital Stock ......... $25,000.00 Surplus 15,000.00 PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT. THOS. H. BOWLUS, President. I. F. SCOTT, Cashier lOtA. KANSAS. Allen County State Batik ESTABLISHED A QUARTER OF A CEN Capital $ 30,000.00 Surplus 60,000:00 Deposits 550,000.00 URY INTEREST PAID ON TLVE DEPOSITS. SAFEJTV DiEPOSlT BOXES FuJK RENT The slowest rcatler is the carefitl sjliuleiit who horr()v,;.-5 your books. He Couldn 't Loss. There wa.s no sound except the faint nnd regular tick of a watch: ol.lierwi.«e silence and glo<.>m pervaded the'ele­ gantly furnished drawing room. In one chair sat a iMjaiitiful girl, her ll|)s tightly closed, her ciyes staring straight before her 4jnd her every muscle teiise with a powerful effort of self control. In another sat a .voung man whose face eSpres.sed lieriounness. but conB-' dence. In his hand he held au open watch, •whith he observed closely, only- raising his eyes now and then to ghince at the beautiful girl wh(» seemed to be III such agony. Five second*, ten, fifteen, twent.v seconds passed. [ The position of neither the young man nor beautiful girl had changed.. Sud- denl.v her eyes gleamed w -itli n wild light, her bosom heaved, she clasiH>d her hanils coiivutsivcly and "1 must speak:" burst from her bloodjcxs llt>». •"Twenty-four seconds." said the young man as be.closed the Watch and i>ut It back into his (locket. ••You los»' the i -!irauiels by si .X sei -iuids exa<-lly." tie had liel oil a siinvtiling. luit she wot not. • "' i T!ie court hotise clock, whose face v/as frozen during the recent blizzard, resumed its duties yesterday after 24 hours vacatioa., When the clock stopped, J. V. Merchaiit, the.county's trpur ble man. was 'cal led. He> found the dlatrain—-the Wheels by which th^-! ! hands are nuuiaged-r-covered ,with sleet and ice and that notiiing, coula ibe done to rellcjie the situation until a •'thaw" set in. Some of the latest dances arc so late w tanMiLiia-aawit,:»»<ff«<_»'a^^^pgS»t^ .ubi««4 » Do You Face the Day's Work ' With Vim and Energy? .Moiiiiiiy is tlic lime w lit'ii wuilicf.^ tiifi! CniKl lliiil will not (.vcrload tlio sloiiiiuli. Inil Jiivi- sli-ciijtlli UIKI iiioii- l;il vijTor for llic «l;t.v. .Mijeli IICJX'IMIS (III ijic st:ifl. l-\if niio litiri lie keen .'iiitl ;ilt -it;iiii a lit'iivy. iiKli,!;c.slilil<'liii'tikfcist. . FOOD I iii^t sis til tiljtjilt one liiiiir). foofjs*. Made of iM nol oiil\ e;is>' uf (lIjit'Ktidii Iiiit it JiidK ill till' assiinilaliuti »if otlu'i whole wheat .111 .1 malted liarlev. ilie iiialtina; of the harle.v awakens the digestive f( nneiil. .ditisiase, one of tlie.e.sseti? tiaLs in the assiiiiilatioii iif iill food. (JraiKi -Xuts coiiie.s fc^ith (o eat from the I'tackjiye wilh ci-eain or .milk; 'delicious, ecoiiotnical, and a (loweifiil enei-gizei" for folkis who ••do thiiij^s.'' "There's a Reason 99 -sold h\ firocei's Cvervwheie. 1 Northru.p National Bank lOLA, KANS.\S. OVER FORTY YEARS OF'cO.VSERYATIVE HANKING IN lOlA. Depositorf for thc'United Stites, lite Stale nt' Kausas, and Alle^ t'ouatr OFFICERS. E. .1. MILLEJR, President, L. L. NOUTHI^UP, Vice-Prest. MELVIN FRO.NK, Cashier. .1. L. JO.NES, Assistant Cashier. €APITA^|§»,4W(MM> SURPLUS $20^00.00 - ON TIME DEPOSITS. 1 will sell: at VvhUv Sale, 9}i milcK north uf lola, on (he Kentucky road nnd 1% miles soutli of Ciirlyle, on ' Wednesday. March 17. i915 BfgiBiiinp at 10 oVibrk, u. ML, the following denirriheil jiroiierty, to.wit: 5 HEAD UORSES AND MULES. , 1 gray mare, 9 years old; 1 sorrel "Biley, coming 3 years old; 1 sorrel mare, 7 j'ears old, wt. about 1100 lbs. 1 ntare mule, 1 year old; i mare mule •2 years old. • ^ A HEAD OF CATTLE. 1 good 2-year^oId Jersey cow, fresh; 1 Red Poll cow, 5 years old; 2 heifer calves. i> Doien Ckickeni*. ^ 2« HEAD OF HOGS. ao snoats; 6 brood sows. LttPLElIENTS. 1 spring wagon, 1 farm wagon, 1 buggy, I set harness, 2 plowg, some household goods; % ton ixial; 1 kit of citrpcntcr tools. • FEED. luO shbcks of kafflr and fpterita; 1% tons of alfalfa hay. 30 bu. kaffir coir: TERMS Of SALE—All turns of |10-and under, cash in hand. All »vm» over |10-a credit of 9 months will be given, purchaser giving note with approved /Be ^Ylty, bearing: T% interest froiu date if p^ld w^en diie. It not pald'wben ''due to di-aw 10% frotp-date of sale. 4% discount'for cas^ on credit faleis. No property to be remored tintil apttled for; COL. C. S. BIHnOP, Anctionecr. ' €1. B. BOWLVS. Grrfc. : I Q.W. WWW ON GROUNDS,

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