Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 8, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1927
Page 3
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Mrs. Harry L^vte and Mrs.!Mabl^ Shoffser .spent yesterday Vfflth f riebdB in ta Harpe., ; ^ym. Peiui— 5 jcents—A jGood J^lgar ; Mrs.' J.jG, I Pierce :ot Topeka is halting: 1 ier slater, Mrs. -yf. B. " peed. ^ •:.•;•!: :—^Dr. A. B.' TwadeJl, Osteopath. Nie>ti Glote Bldg.: Phono ISl. '| . Mrs. E. . T. Baker jpf Genera. Kansas-was in 'toirn on business ^"Wwinesday. ' j' —Scientific lawnrhower grinding, r. G/Lawycr-^ Sfiop. 12 N: Walnut. C. O. Coghill and daughters.i Alice andi t:slhli>'r CogbiU ' ailil Miss I^Ielen Colby (trove to Kansas City WednPHday t > Bi6e Al Ijolson In "Bljs Boy.'" —O. h. Cojx. M. D., Specialist, Eye, Kar. Not e and Throat. . '! . Mrx. .Mary liiiih of Kansas City, •Mo; arrived ; 'eaterday for a visit with her slHter, Mrs. John Jeck nnd ram'ilyrdf 204 South FoUHh strrot. ' S |>erlal Sundar IMnnef n( the T'ortliind Hotel, 6oc Honrs: lo t;':00. , Sila.s Miilroni, who is taking treatments In ;a hospital In Kan sas City, Is reported as getting along nicely. | Mrs.. Myrtle Clark, who llvefc In is in lola Independence. Kans., itt^g'relativ^. ; • —R I I. R. bsiy chicks for 3.days ojd. Thone 130SW. —Special Chicken Dinner day -at Clinkenbeard's Cale. iple, Sun- •Mrs. H. H. Williams of Chei ry- rale. jKans.. visited over night at the h(nne'of .Mr.and Mr?. U Cowan of! 323 West' street. She left to- Oay Xor El Oor^o to visit a dav gh- no —Try It once—you will havp o^t^er. Van Hoozer's Bread. —Vacuum sWecpers for .rint. K. C. SKIectrlc & Plumbing Co. l»Myrna .Mcnzio o^ 6li Nr|rlh to ess. Washington avenue [s confined het" home on account of Hint. She is a student at Junior Iii|}. Wm. Fean—S rents—A Uo«d. jjirar Mildred Timmons of 602 :kiuth State street was uhahlv lo bo| flc)tool .'today on ai .\;ouu£ of llln .MILA HAYES LEE j . Optometrist Eyes examined Glasses fitted Phone 15& for appointment . Optieal Parlors 3 X. Jeff. East Side of Square • • * * • George Hildebrant is reported quite ill of tonsllitis at the home of hi.s SOD. J, J. Heldebrant, 92* North ; Washington avenue. Mr^, I^eldebrant is ninety-two years of age. . i • < . ; —Yoiill like the Chicken Dinners served at's Cafe Sundays and Thursdays. 'Like homecooked." .Mrs. Frank Forrest went to Kansas City yesterday to be with her daughter. Mrs. JHarold O. Barnes, wlio underwent an operation last evening at lakeside hospital.; Mrs. Barries, who before her marriage was Miss Josephine Forrest, was operated upon for appendicitis. - —Don't fail to.sec the demoitstra- tlon of Ropers Brushing; Lacquer Friday and Saturday at "The Evans Store". " • ; • , Mary. Pickford is '34 years old today. Biit It is only fair to her to say that she rloesn't look It. V — WiB. Penn— filcenis— A Good jCIfar l-'wiiiR iHorhertj Says: Farmer came into Chicago hotel. Sniffy clerk Kiiid. "Ilow'd you come lii'te'/." ".lust ttii'w,ln with a load —Free Demonstrullon of Rogers Brusblhg Lacquer Friday and Saturday iit The Evans Store. Mrs. Manty Dafgh Is rep jrtcd at her homo, on avcniie. FROM COLONY DriH Well on O^Harra [Xaad Down To Wflco^ijand—Mayor Mason Good S|ie4<ler. (.Mrs. W. E. Pairton) COLONV, April 6.—^ P. Owens and Ai B. Smith made a lousiness trip to' Toipeka Tuesday. I Eeroy Barron, who has been woi-king for some time at Hamilton, is at home for a visit with his parents, Mr. and [Mrs! L. T. Barron. ' Verii Wbllb was here from Kansas City Tu^day on business. Keith Laurence, who work* al Princeton, spent Sunldiiy at home. Parent -Teacher Aieeting was quite well ittcnded [.Monday evening and a good proorism enjoyed. The ever popular, hifjh; school orchestra ^ve two numbers and some of the yottng ladies gave the reading which will be "tlieSr selections for the scholastic try out, which JA Friday evening. A representative of the lola Junior coll<>gc was present and gave an interesting and instructive talk of of that in- Meeting will III VVeat llackHon t Special for Saturday: Peco Crisp, 20^ pound. Howard CandV^ Shop. Mr. Peterson, who is 8ei ;vlng the jury, has been excused u -Monday and has returned to home in Savonburg. on itil his —Dr. G. S. Lambeth, ^urgeon. Office phone 256; Res. pho le 613J. nm. JPenn— 5 cents—A Goo I Cigar Mi^s. J. C. Norton of Morin is at the home of her daughter. Mrs. F. «. Apt of 601 East Broadway street recovering from a] very successful tonsillectomy opertition which ihe underwent recently; j Wm. Penn— 5 cents—A Good Cigar Mrs. .lack Hei;ing, who has been ill at the home of her sinter. Mrs. J. p. Meyers of 7H South Washington avenue, has returned to her home in Salem district. the work and aims stitutlon. The May !>»> tluf last of this sthopl year, a social affair after the annual election of officers isi Ijeld. Hilly Smith, y/hty suffered 'a paralytic stroke some time aic^o and has been In Chanute.; sinco tliut timo. was in Colony Monday and Is now able' to walk about a little but docs ' not have the j use of his right arm. He was aci.-ompanieil by .Mr. and Mrs. Ogden with whom he Is making his home. Roy Jones was able to return home from St. Johi>'$ hi^.spitul Wednesday after having been there for two weeks following an appendicitis operation. Mr. ami .Mrs. John ResseT took ! ihcir little daughter. Evelyn to | Independence Wednesday, where I she will probably underco .an op-i era^ion at a hospital for appeu- j dicitls. ; Walter Fees, et al. will drillj the I test well on tlie R. M. OHhrra 1 down to the Wilcox sand, which j should be picked up at about iaOO feet. It will be ian interester.; , W. E. Payton and Charlie Mize. fireman on "jerky." went on a wolf hunt last evcnitig and jumpei^ up Couple.^ arc gettlnK Into trainitig for a 15-mile danc ng marathon la April on the boulevard between Venice and El Pat|o, In Los A igeles. The contestants are not allowed to stop for food, sj this co iple H practicing eating on,tiie hoof. The "trainer," Fred Stoddard. Is at the left. Babe Darling and Jack McTaggert are the dan :ur8.. a coyote about 25 yards front car and overshot, and Mr. Coj.-ote the The Home Ga; WltatlsHome Without aGarden? rden F. L. B. LEATELL, M.^ D. Special attention given Dis-| eases of Colon and Rectum. I Electro-Therapy and j , Physiotherapy. j Office lola Slate Bank Bldg. Phones—147 and 703. "K .M. "Wlier< axki'il sniffy of li then] -fliocKyardH -I'm n wlii-r<- I stop as lJi.> fiiritier. the rest of clerk. "At as imrtlcular hey are. relied ' • llefore Easier * .» • • It's lime to send those • • garments to be ' • • Cleaned and Prcsscdl ' • AbleKoii Cleaners • • • Phone 105 " * .Mr .'il. B. Skinner, capitalist and bu.sin^ss man of Wichita, passed tlirouilih lola tliis morning on hfs way home froin iPittsburg. Some of the old timers in lola .will \^ interested in knowing that Mr. tekinner is the husband of Ethel. ; M he oldest daughter of W. As. Scott, of w-hosp girlhood was spent] in loin : 11- .Mrs. Virgil Daniels of Laliarpe, Kans., moved last week to itOl South Tennessee street. I Wm. I'enn-S cents—A Good Cigar .-1 Siiirlal Niiadiiy IMiiner, noon nuil etenliig, r»lhi, Krlley Hotel. Mr. and .Mrs .'WcHley Jones inovod t<i 205 South TepncMMco *iireel l^st week from 320 .Souili First streict. lives on to catch more spring chickens. • Ex-Mayor Mason is a good sport. Tuesday night Charlie Foster was , inducted itito office to succeed the ' M:iriirolds. I.Tejil and Small. I cr-.i-iu.s.' witii a d Marisiolils, gn-iii ;iiid .•iiiiall. lm:n Ixaiity i,ii>i".irabl(| iU'Iios to four ictt in .Ktaturn. hami. sfnzlt'. scinii'.uuiil'-. i !>ii1iK-. from I'-iior dfcniatiiin Uttlc hiilf-in. !i rio«.'is io great r;i:;-.;enu'n: <ii th. presenVmayir'a^Af;s;;n-t^;ic'aU ;^3 «'--''"''S'-'t';;- "-"^^ the old councilmen. the city clerk, i'^,.^''""'*''-^ marshal and street commissioner 1 ^'l'."''^' ''•'r'- ''""r""--' to Pa>-ton -s Cafe and blowed in ; V""^^' tnariaoia !s Uu- tr.isnsMt .j.-xt i,„.l i,io.-t log his two year 's salary for ice cream ! r'"-^' .''•'^1'^^" c <li;'ns ni:iri-.:<ilil jj. 5.s e.Merior d for the crowd; il<uo\vn as T.iK'tj.s si.eMata j.i.umil:.. ;lau<!scape: arco-itecturc About 15 of the citizens of Col -I'^''- P>=n'y of the tii'ie and a hai-.'l (icning. rtlli 'T p ony went to lola Wednesday (o '-''0 ^'e little plant witli fotir-jir-taled f„[. ;t :!ii-ii,.it'iot ItchdlD' {i»%i{o«&er{ar- fmv&JJM AK-. , , _, _ _ it several' iii£>;jihsr ier1CiMlxeii^^]|lr. and Mrai .R. aad,si«ter.) Mrs. Gmee jrelafiTes imi ?: McDonald; jleft today fqr fiV attend a 'piianc con- PAGE THJIEE Mrik L. A. Craillis home from Borgir and-Canadian, Texas, aft- ler Blending.the wfnter with her child "en at those places. Mr J. Haizabet^ Clark of Kansas caine here Saturday for a visit at thejW.iT. Stout home and Vlth Mrs. wktllc Stout. She retarned home today accompan- f Mr.i Mattiie Stout who will Ihere'a week. Albaugh and children at-e vliitiiig relatives and friends i n Kans^ aiiy. George Salleo will visit lo- YtxA "tomorrow at" the John home In Ft. Scott. Charles jHarris was in Ft. .Scott on business.{ter Newman and family moved frpm the William Newman propejrty in the southeast part of to his farm near .Mildred. BllSle Warren from n?ar Bayaird was ijn • town; todiy. Will I Wallace of Sapulpa, spent the ••. week end with •Mr. tjnd -Mrs. Tom Smith. Tw|nty-five men from here w^ent ii today to attend tlic Masonic htion. -M. J. Moffat is at homo s|)ending the winter at the Brickerdyke home in Ellsworth,! Kans.j . . :| Albf rt Jackion and family moy- \ o the Newmat^ property re- i i >-acat^d by the Lester Lew- 11 man jfamily, today. i Thej Father-Son banquet wa.s!i isuch I great success and enjoyed || so . m ich that - It .was decided, -to i „ town .Mrd Okla. to lol convc Mrs! after led in i centljf with th TIio |;rcat.fact: .s the pr materia :>ing. arra cal step, •corating,! • Hrown female hound will held In city pound 'for 4» lipi for sale or redvnipllon. If i claimed will be, killed.—<:hlef rollce. ' intercede in behalf of Charlie Wilson, who .is In jail, on a liquor charge to which ho pleaded guilty. COLONY, April S.—.Misi Mabel .Murray is visiting with her sist«r, Mrs. John Doiialdsoii at! lienedict. ^ A son was born ^niiilay to .Mr. i and Mrs. Chester Chatrirlnn of Humbolilt but the little j one's life span lasted only an - hi^iir. .Mr-s. George Col.ton has i)cen^ with Iter daughter, and other rcjlatives of, both Mr. and .Mrs. riiatte^rton wint! down Tuesday when a $liort funeral service wa.'< Iield aiid the little body was brought to Colony for Interrhent. i The conimuulty wasj shocked! .Thurxday morning to le .lrn of thej .Hiidden d''»ih of If. II. IfcHter. wlio.j died of heart failure wtliouf ever routing fr <itu sl''e[(,| ab^iilt '> o'clock 111 the nmrnijiK. jMrHl Hester was rou.xeil by hi-r labored lirealhllig. .^ml yellow flowers blotch Ht T With an. orange ; i,„s need iiu.rc cr Iia."" <jt' ca<h. husbantl'.s (•ailed th \ planning fo.'- i)c j the sluall room i I problem to the I than a lars I TALL AFtMCAN BORDEREt) BY T^4E eparale il iillUillg lliji ;!iitifur efi ^iiiiid (hat ve. must I he in 'I 'lle l.r(| liy fixed MUch ;iM iri .-iilliin II iiiii.--t robleni. !'.> small rctii. it iJie'.de- jlie iilnt- ijcale' to blem is jinil im- Walks, f the fitted le Clirlstiaii nilni.ster. Who 1^ rooming Th' ilw.irf Kr''ii'h iii.lrigKJil- :-it'<(iil> I with brilliant !)iiit|iii —Dr. Montgomery. Chiropraclj)r. lola Laundry Bldg. I'honu 13S. John Clark is building a n(»w hungalow porch on h)s home. M\ North Fourth street which ad is much to the appearance of his property., —Lower prices on high grade £<dison Electric I^amps. Buy them by the carton. K. C. Electric !& Plumbing Co. ' | H. 0. Taylor left today {pr Owensboijo. Ky., on a business trip. in lola. Wm. Penn- ceots-A Good Cigar Rufus Weaver, •who has been in Independence, Kans., on btislness, returned home Wedqesday alght. — For Upholstering and Sllp-on Covers, see Hargrove, the old reliable. 217 South street. ... .Mr, aiid Mrs. W. J. Meeker, who have been on a business trip to Indepeti.dence, Kans., are visiting iu the home of .Mr. I.Meeker's cousin, iSheriff H. D. Smock, 320^ South Walnut street. They expect to return to their home In Wichita in.a fe'.v days. ' . . • "Should the Republican national platform of 1928 advocate the repeal of the Eighteenth Admend- meiit^" is the question that w^U be discussed at a public debate In Boston this evenmg between Seii- atoir Borah of Idaho and President NichO |las Murray . Butler of Columbia University, worth .hearing. It wonld bo Biiftermilk.fattened 2-lb. Broilers, teir lb. 45c White Star S;<rdlnes. per can 1.1— 6c Homegrown Rbtrbarb, 3 f lbs. for 1— J Sic Oranges, Sunklst, doz SOc I. W. AVDERSOX GROC, , 292—rPbone-—^291 We Deliver-as u^uaL i .Mr. kaffrpl, demonstration representative of the'Heinz> producta, ! gave an interestiiig tiUk b ^re the ' members of the Rebekah lodge last ' night in th^ir lodge rooms oh. West Madison avenue. ,He illustrated his . talk With slides and moving plc- ' ' turcs of the growth and manufac- = ture of the Heinz products. Following the .lecture. 'Mr. Kaffrol : peeved a tWQ^ourse luncheon to ••ih<> one'humlreU meiiilters present, consisting of the dtttereat ^ptodncta ol'tiik compaoyi he repfeaents., < Wm. Penn— 5 cents—A Good Cigar • Sillmming. —Baptist Tewiple Pool now open. Men anft boys. FVlday and Saturday nights, 7:00 to S:30. [Women and glri^,''Fridjay anttSatorday afi- ernoons.'3:00 to 5:'30.' j . I i Mrs. ? Howard Tewell and soiji, Howard, Jr. of Edinburg, Texas, at]-' rived Wednesday for an extended visit with her mother. Mrs. Saf-ah Doggett and family of 50C Easlt Madison avenue. —Special price on- Dairy Feei next ten dayd. R. C. McKlnney. Mfs. Anna J. Reed and daughter. Miss Maude Ki Reed, of Pomona. Kansas, who hare been visiting In the home of their daught*r and sister, Mrs. E. F. Scovill and Mir. Scovill of 15 North Sycamoiis street, returned hothe today. j •^"iThe Dlplbina Examinations for rural schools w-ill be held April l6 and April 23, 1927.. at lola. Huni- boldt, Cariyle. Moran, Mlldred,,E:t$^ moie and Savonburg. Fee.' $l.j)0.— Florenpe H. Round; Co. Supy i^f Public; Instruction! Mrs. iL J. Delaplain and chii- dren of T..a Hnrpe went to Colonb; this aflornooh for a riait vit^ thrir brother and uncie, \f. j. Caldwell and lamllf. .s!im!i'.<r hrlHi.iiK u in the :;-ardcii, |Th-- la 'l Kr'iiich iiuiriKolds arc t.slalely and goi L-.cufis. uruwiiig to' a hei.uiit iif I '.ur Icct. .\ ivcwiuni- layeii until relatives arrive from California. The ladies of the l\ensington elub drove over to tli4 couiitrv ., , , i . • i homo of Mr.s. George Mvers. Wed'- 'r'"'" '' ne.«=day afternoon and "enjoyed „ the rc,i.|..-t . ..I,,rin-- ol very plea.saiit meeting ;with iho^"'"' i«"l<'^- 'I'" "'''.'f"' fancy-workj and -much vi .K- th<- Frcndi M.-CI-.U f.,r . UMIII;:. itinjr. Mrs. 'O. DJ Lar:son. .Mrs. J. i""*' a prime favorite ui the mar- V. .Schafgcs and .Mrs. Cl.tra Iteev j kcl.; wh-r.- it is kimw i. were invited gncjit.s. and the two' The hnu. iml/rii an ^lon .-.s of tU. latter a.ssistert the hostesK in" serv- tall .\lri" an marigol<|H iii h-moii. ing ;a delicious two couriso lunch- zoldcn y.lli.n Mini piii-.'.iim orange con.: f iare Matt ly suiijoi.t'^ U>T the ;;-I;'K i.f ^aite ^ number of visitors ai -Nhf- i)oril '.T .-rnd fine for i-iiiiin:.;. tended chapel sernce 1 at - high ! Then thcie .uc d -.varf for .nir. oi school Thursday mornir |g. which i -Uricari typ". was! under the direction of W. C .'ilarigoi'l.s aro liie eas :e.-t of ail Moore.' director of manual traiu- j ro r :ii-:e from s<cil. They ing. .Mr. Moore had sol cited the Jean be plaiititl in the open ground assisUnce of Mr.s. A. C. W.aIIar. | .Mjiv 1 and bv Juiv 1 will be giving nxini iu wlil-h i'laiiiiiii4; tor s i fioji.-;-.,- is t!if nior lt-:il -iiid it is tqi ihi- miall yard, try'to tiiaku a : : y.t! il' a inleialart) I:ia-«'. It is a . i"'i.~f ol di;. il; ]•) v.iiii t'lr iri'.-'. 1) ; luMil ()! ki pi iu ; -JKli, 111 f)e rf;i( I I'Ic. It iii'i t al thf- •:zi- 1 )1 III- liu|. .i! .11 c."i :iijilii atird ::"a;!tii • l-aliirc, !• Lccs Jil.lcl the 'Vh>: dc -i4 t 'l Ill-Ill. ; • Tlii'* • .-ri''^ of I.. :-r •• .1 <> w ..I t] fl'-. it i|' -i',:iiiiig I r.s iK li'i I .iiiiicit '-:a;'«- .-irchil how 111- I III !.iy ^iiulM -iiv. 'It ii iii.i.-ir iiilrri >liiig •-•.••\k nut a sa'l yiiiir 'iwii. :i lniig i:r:c'li):i! cl- VL -liiimi Thi- fir-t Ii.-iic mi a -IliaII plat • I :-ig!i il! • far I! II II V CM:- IJi'c. i -ri liMrp"'' ~. Curvi-il ' .:• .-^al;'- nf a '• ir iiiruiaiiiy an- out .ir'- an iiiiitaii'iii iiif-ir:ti;'l pi: I -:ati-s. will ri- lor ii-.'ulit I)-.' in-fl- and iiia:i'>t:i . T !i)i:g '-ii'!!!::;'! ..ii a iliial! lot to nr.-c>«I the r'lii-f •< a iiir •.'(•. Tlie; proper ;!:sr of .-tr.-'iul'!. lii effocllve ill i-i.-veli> •sire for tihe most mater- ir in in- j tper ar- 8, their igement the interior the hatural- known or gar- term.s e small ctentious l)Ut thote roful thoiiglit and | effects just as a more jrlifficult \ ntcrior deborator oiije with plenty of proilucej cffcct-s. ;)ace iu thje .small iiiijiortaat prob- ally iiuportunt in j It U iLsjless to I Iiy 50 fofut back of a [country! h »re '!;a ''7Mot^riDaaght^r banqncl .vltiieh will, be held Friday evenlns maVa. vonderfal time i& anticipa- '';t^ by all planning to attend. Star Clothiers to i ^ J Open New Store Now - ^1 . .The Star Clothing iompany will ipcn Its fourth store today or Sat- trday at Shawnee. Okla., it was uinbunced here-today by officials (t the home store here. D. Litwin, pla. president of the company, irill have charge of the 'store until I manager Is selected. .The company now ha?, stores at [ola, Cbanute. Emporia and Shaw- lec. 1 • : i The Star Clothing & Shoe Co.' was started in lola in 1919 "by Mr. D. Litwin. Since then three other stores have been estahliBbed. with the aid .of Mr. Litwin's sons. In 1922 a store was started in Emporia, Kan... and is'now mantiged by Mr. M. Litwin:. In 1925 Uhe company established a branch store In Cbanute which is rua by Mr. B. Litwin. The fourth ^siorc is the one at Shawnee. Mr. Morris I/twin, temporarily, is In chaii;e of ihe. lola store. !- KELtMY — MONDA ^xi i aiid iTJESbAY"^ Mitsourl Pacific passenger trains enrouto from Kansas City to Little Rock. Ark., 'were detoured through lola over the Santa Fe today on account of the washouts near Buffalo. The Santa Pe track was washed out on this side of Cbanute delaying the early morning trains but the .regular schedule was I resumed about noon. - The .Missouri Pacific pas.sengcr traJn No. ino. which arrived In lola Via Sjinta.Fe at 6:40 this morning left this afternoon about one. o'clock via Cbanute. A northbound Mis- .souri Pacific followed the 1:37 'Santa Fe north this afternoon; ELLEY Mght lOc 80c •1 ance Of depth. 'Transverse straight i I .'lines vil! :-elieve tfje impression of j cvtroiiie length ;uid alley-like sag- j ge';tioh of deep narrow j lots, sjtick to straight lines in small! planning for simplest and ffeet.s.- : ti -|e :i is <^e^ignel| 1 .• sinipli • 1 all! Iioitie fiun ire an c.\lpensiv<! •t |.i i( I nil liieJr II !ie As entertainmentf this one siM-e is "the cat'^'i pajamas"! • A super-fine cast and stor;/.-. Cortex as an opera star shick. Betty Bronson as a pretty model in a Fifth Aveiive tjinvn >{hpp. And (jay old Theodore Roberts back — cfyar and all! A sparkliny, comedy-romance of l'.)26 New York society and theatrical life. • MSO COMEDY AND NEWS. \ S.VTURD^Y—Matinee lOc; NiRht 10 and 20c. ART ACORD in'%0C0 WbST." The ma.*tter erf the BuAin'st Brom' Alive Silver Streak, wonder, dog in-~"THI'J PLUNGE OF PERIL." 5th Chaploi' of "THE SILENT FI,YER." •A L S O COMEDY AND NEW.S. onrtiii—EDIHK rA>TOH and CLARA W\Vi in «KII) IMMJTS." I i •I ibeni' small loiig run \ iiil s.ilisljvinif to; Ian ot: one of factory |- task am Ml. ;r.iici|ile ji.s that.' strac.:lit lines in ; • be.~i hjtth for j t and phtcttcal; iitie.s inetel.v for j ' .-;iig:!es|inK in- r of [ilacej Tht-y I if the CHrv .->s of iiiii :4s- oii lar;;o i .straicilt lines | VP. niiBaiiir;il. i [here l.s ho lino! |rho presented several lof Iter music pupils In a very e.xccllent program. After, their '• numbers 4 'ere given tho.«e who are trying Out for-readings in the (icholastic , preliminary, Friilay evening gave | tl^eir selections. 'The weekly chapel program as arraiigeri this year Is very popular with the students and also the'parents who have been attending them. Idoom. The Kreiicli sorts run right up to a bud when only th Mr. and -Mrs. Perl Baker and daughter, Lois, of tSalem neighborhood were business visitors iu lola Uwiay. ^—Just like .\n .geL Food Cake. \*«n Hoozer's Bread, 2 for 15c. i : Sidney Handley left this afternoon for Chicago to attend the funeral of his brother, Frank Handley. Wm. Penn^ cents—A Good Cigar Mrs. j. L. Lake and daughter, Miss Marie Lake of; Mound City passed through lola today enroutc to Cbanute where they will visit relatives. -For Fuller Brushes pho. 1024J. C. E: Coy, 421 S. Walnut, lola, Kas. Merle Ball-was a-business visitor In Chanute this artembon. Wm. Penn— 5 eents-^A Good Cigar Mrs, M. E^Bell of Ottaw ^w 'ho been visiting In' the ihom^ of hac son aad wife. Mr. «^ Mrs. H. IB. Bell, returned home this afternoon, , ; ee or four inches tall oiid theij pWiceed' to branch. The dwarf French 'types are best for beds and m^:4t-ing a.s well lis for edging. Tlie' marigold does not demand a rich soil; if flowers more freely if nor. too Willi feil. li does inKi.-.t on full sun. Tlkat is :Jt.«i chief rc- nuiremeHl. It] is one of the most satisfactory .of aniiuars for to date insect pests annoyjit.' It flourishes iu the hot day=j of summer and in the cool days of fall t^fkes on a glowing brilliani-e that makes il one of .the most gorgeous plants in the gaiiien. .\t this seaion the l>rowns take on a ; redder tone. Plant marigolds freely. , 1! Tiie XSH'I <;:irden Mylfijis Interior decorators ar^ establish- \ ed institutions. Every ' housewife kijow.«; about .them, .'Studies their work, goes to' hear them lecture, and ?.'hipIoyS|them if the household finances permit. • Good taste; in the home furnishing is constancy ih- Girls Dance ^ With Joy when theylnse this new wonderful | French pVpcess Face PowdeH ca|I- j eA .MELLO-GLO — keeps th« .ngfy j shine away. Women rave" over itsi superior purity and quality.", Stays i on so long—skin looks like a/peach; —keeps compleEions yonthful—pre- j vents large .pores. Get-a box. of' MBLLO-GLO Face Powder today,— Cook's. Drag,-Store; i! Let U.S. .show thin?r-s in. Cf you are biiying coverings, bii They no cheap, faulty wall paper. the more titan desijgns. Patterns as low as 5c per double rolL Rowdens PURE PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL l <>0 wi?c motorists ahyays play Kite by u.sing a pure Pennsylvania Oil. Highest Flash Test. Low Consumption Free Flowing Long Lived 25c Quart $1 Gallon •The Higliest Grade Oil in the World." IMS weeK-cii for lOLA Families i You cut down th^cost of week end trips—you add to the number trips you can get out a single set of tires when you put your c on Silvertowns.. No matter what you do with tire^jt means actual savings in dollars and cents to buy Silvertowns from us. This year, n»t year, dozens of week ends are calling yoti. Answo: that call on Silver- towns -r -at at real moneysaving." Center- Flexibility iis the aecreto^ successfol Bal-; lloontiredeaign. St^lieiitaiilMl Wholesale aad BaHalllMii, CawiiHiifr and|iCrgay Mofieia47 itNN^liira^iIiigtofi

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