The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on November 26, 1892 · Page 1
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1892
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PCBUIHD KTEKT SATURDAY W. W. BCBDIOK. TERMS: tl .50 Per Year, Strictly In Adr&noo. Tin BtM Ait*rtMng Medium to reach th* /wr norlh-tatttm countit* Offlc* Boithwwt Coran Lawlsr and TIMen at" ADVERTISING RATES: ( Tim I W. N Btnsicx, Edilir »nd Piopridor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CRUEL), THE GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL GUIDE TERMS: $1.60, IF PAID IN AUVANCK VOL. XX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1892. NUMBER 37. I week I weeks S week.1 1 month .. 3 months. 8 months.. 4 months.. 1 year |I 60 1 60 8 09 S no 8 00 , 4 00 5 B0 10 00 a In. 11 B0 8 35 8 00 8 75 4 50 0 25 8 00 18 00 4 In. M col 1 & 50 6 oil' G Z 0 (A)| 11 15 001 18 00 jVi coH COl. $1 00 5 75 7 50 ! 9 251 11 V5 10 00 20 00 SO 00 |H 00 8 00 10 00 Vi oo 17 00 2: 00 82 00 45 00 J10 60 13 00 18 W li 00 25 00 85 00 50 00 80 00 Uunlnriu cards not exceeding? Ave lines, |5. Legal ndvertlKpnienta at legal rates. Adrerttse- nientf* inperteu wltli no upeclHc time will be pulilisheJ until ordered out nn** charged for accordingly. All bills payable quarterly. RUSSIA AND HER RULER- Rov. T. DeWltt Tnlmago Talks on tho Land of tho Czar. An Attempt ti> Correrl lm|ir«'««l""« Created by Stories I'ul.ll.lied llriimlcust •f Alleged 0|>>>ri*»lv<> OIIVITU- uient In Itiu.lll. Kto. The following ilisnnirse wns prepared uml delivered by Hev, T. DeWltt Talmngo in the JJrunkl.vii tabernacle by way of refutation of calumnies In i regard to lUissiu nml Its ruler. The text was: | Presumptuous a 'e th-y. pelf willed: th«w are not afraid to speak evil <>r dignities.— II. Peter, 11.. 10. Amid n ruofit reprehensible crew, Pe- Sere pnlnts by out 1 stroke the por- . i of those HIKI delight to slush nt Jfiplc In authority. Now, we all have ""^glit to criticise evil liehnvior, wheth- i In high places of low, hut the fnet Vint one is high up is no proof that, he might to he brought down. It Is a had freak of human nature now. as it was In the time of the text a had streak of human nature, I hat smvessof any kind excites the jealous antipathy of those who eiin not climb the same steep. There never was a David on the throne that there was not. some Alr-u'oin who wanted to get. it. There never was a Christ but the world hail saw and hammer ready to fashion a eross on which to assassinate him. Out of this evil spirit grow uot only Individual hut national and International defuiu tiou. To no eouutry has more injusti e been done than to our own in days that are past Long before ".Martin Chu/.zlewit" was printed, the literature of the world scoffed at everything Amerienn. Victor Hugo, ns honest as he was unequaled In literary power, was so misinformed concerning Ameriea that he wrote: "The most singulilr thing Is the need of whittling, with which all Americans are possessed. It Is sneh that on Sunday they (jive the sailors little bits of wood, because If they did not they would whittle the sh'p. Ir court, at the most critical moment, the judge, whittling, says: 'Prisoner, are you if it II ty." mid the licensed tranquilly respond*.whittling: 'I am not guilty.'" Lord John Hussell culled us "a bubble bursting nationality." Hut our court- try 1ms at last recovered from .such caricature, uun there Is not a street In any oily of Europe or Asia where the word "America" will not win dofor- ence. Whnt nre the motives for misrepresentation'.' Commercial Interests and International jealousy. Russia Is as large as all the rest of ICurope put together. Kememher that a nation Is only u man or woman on a big scale. Oo Into any neighborhood of Ameriea and ask the physician who has a small practice what he thinks of the physician who h s n large practice. Ask a lawyer who has no briefs what he, thinks of the lawyer who has three rooms filled with clerks trying In vain to transact the superabundant business that comes to him. Ask the minister who has a very limited audience what ho thinks of the minister who has overflowing audiences? Why does not Europe like Russia? Because she has enough acreage to swallow all Europe and feel she had only half a meal. Russia Is as long as North and South Ameriea put togethor. "But," says some one, "do you mean to charge tho authors and the lecturers who have written or spoken against Hussla with falsehood?" Ily no means. You can find in any city or nation evils Innumerable If you wish to discourse about thorn. It is most Important that this country have right Ideas concerning Russia, for, among all the nations this side of Heaven, Russia Is America's best friend. There has not been an hour In the. last seventy-five years that the shipwreck of free institutions in America would not have called forth from all the despotisms of Europe and Asia a shout of gladness wide as earth and deep as perdition. Hut who ever else failed us, Russia never did, and wlfoever else was doubtful, Russia never was. Russia, then an old government, smiled on the cradle of our government while yet In its earliest infancy. Empress Catherine of Russia in lTTU, or thereabouts, offered kindly Interference that onr thirteen colonies might not go down under the cruelties of war. Again, lit 181,1, Russia stretched forth toward us a merciful hand. When our dreadful'civil war was raging and the two thunder clouds of northern and southern valor clashed, Russia practically mild to the nations of Europe: "Keep your hands off and let the brave men of the north and the south settle their own troubles." I rehearsed some of those scenes to the emperor last July, saying: "You wore probably too young to remember tho position your father took at that timo," but with radiant smile, ho responded: "Oh; yen, I remember, I remember," and there wasun aacoiita- tlon of the words which demonstrated to me that these occurrences had often been talked of in tho imperial household. I stood on New York battery, during the war, as I suppose many of you did, looking off through a magnifying glass upon a fleet of Russian ships. "What are they doing there?" I asked, and BO everyon i asked. "What business have the Russian warships In our New York harbor?" Word came that ' another fleet of Russian ships was in San Francisco harbor. "What does this mean?" our rulers asked, but did not get immediate answer, lu these two American harbors, the Russian fleets seemed sound asleep. Their great mouths of iron spoke mjt a word, and the Russian flag, whether (lying In the air or drooping by the flag-staff, made no answer to our in- cjutaltWeness. William H, Seward, sec rotary of state, asked the Russian rain later at W&obliigton the meaning of those Russian ship* at'Washington, the • meaning of those Buaalsn ships of yr.r in American water*, and got no satisfactory reponse. Admiral Farragut said to a RusVan officer after dining In the home b/that eminent politician, Tour- low Weed, that maker and uumakor of presidents: ^»\Vh»t are you doing here the emperor and empress and all the Imperial family at the Palace of Potor- hof I would do if I ever got back to America, and that is to answer some of tho calumnies which have been announced and reiterated and stereotyped against Russia. Calumny the first: The emperor and all the Imperial family are In perpetual dread of assassination. They are pr .ic- tlcally prisoners in the Winter palace, and trenches with dynamite havo been found dug around the Winter palace. They dare not venture forth, except preceded and followed and surrounded bv a most elaborate military guard. My answer to this is that 1 never saw a face more free from worrlment than the emperor's face. Tho Winter palace, around whieh the trenches are said to have been charged with dynamite, and lu which the Imperial family are snld to be prisoners, has never been tho residence of tho Imperial family one moment since the present omporor has been on the throne. That Winter palaco has been changed into a museum and a picturo gallery and a place of great levees. Tie spends his summer in the palace at Petorhof, fifteen or twenty miles from-St. Petersburg, his autumns at" 1 the palaco nt Qatschina and his winters in a pnlnco at St Petersburg, but In quite a different part of tho city to that occupied by the Winter palace. He rldoH through tho streots unattended oxeopt by tho empress at his side and the driver on his box. There Is not a person In this audience more free from fear of harm than hols. His subjects not only admire him, but til most worship htm. There are cranks In Russia, but have wo not had our Charles Ouiteau and John Wilkes Hooth? "Rut." says some one. "did not the Russians kill the fathor of the present emperor?" Yes, but In the time that Russia has had one assassination of emperor, Ameriea has had two presidents assassinated. "But is not tho emperor an autocrat?" By which you mean, has he not power without restriction? Yes, but it all depends upon what use a man makesof his power. Aro you an autocrat In your factory, or an autocrat In your store, or an autocrat in your stylo of bus! ncss? It all depends on what use you make of power, whether to bless or to oppress, and from tho time of Petor tho Great—that Russian who was the won der of all timo, tho emperor who became incognito a. ship carpenter that ho might help ship carpenters, and mechanic that ho might help median, ics, and put on poor men's gurb that ho might sympathize with poor men.and who In his last words said: "My Lord, am dying. Oh, help my unbelief'—I say from that time the throno of Russia has, for the most part, bean ocouple by rulers as boneflceut and kind and sympathetic as thov were powerful, Calumny tho Socoud: If you go to Russia you are under severest esplon age, stopped hero and questioned there, and in danger of arrest But my opinion Is that if a mun Is disturbed In Russia It is because ho ought to bo disturbed. Russia Is tho only country In Europe in which my baggage was not examined. I carried in my hand,; tied together with a cord so that their titles could be seen, a pile of eight or ten books, all of them from lid to lid cursing Russia, but I hud no trouble lu taklug with me tho books. Thero Is ten times more dlfllculty in getting your baggage through the Amoricau ous- tom house than through the Russian. I speak not of myself, for friends Inter- cedo for me on American wharves, and I am not detalnod. 1 was sevoral days In Russia before 1 wiis asked If I had any passport at all. Depend upon It if hereafter n man be 'leves he Is uncomfortably watched by the police nt St. Petersburg or Moscow, It Is because there Is something suspicious, about him, and you yourself had better, when ho Is around, look after your silver spoons. I promise you, an hon'ist man or an honest woman, that when you go there, as many of you will, for European travel Is destined to change its course from southern Europe to those north- crn regions, you will have no more mo testation or supervisal than in Brooklyn or New York or the quietest Long Island village. Calumny the third: Russia and its ruler uro so opposed to any otjier religion except the (Jreek religion, that thoy will not allow any other religion, that nothing but persecution and Imprisonment and outrugo intolerable await the disciple of any other religion. But what ure the facts? I hud a long rido in St. Petersburg and Its suburbs with the prefect, a brilliant. efficient and lovely mun, who Is tho highest official in the city of St. Petersburg, and whose chief business Is to attend tho emperor. I said to him: "I suppose you religion is that of tho Greek church?" "No," said he, "I um a Lutheran." What is your religion?" I said to one of the highest and most influential officials at St. Petersburg, lie said: "I am of the Church of England." Myself, an American, of still another denomination of Christians, and never having been Inside a Greek church In my life until I wont to Russia,' oould not have received movo consideration had I been baptized in tho Greek church, and all my life worshiped at her altars. I had It demonstrated to mo very plainly that a man's religion in Russia has nothing to do with his preferment for either office or social position. The only questions taken into such consideration are honesty, fidelity, morality and adaptation. had not been in St. Petersburg an hour before I received nn. invitation to preaoh the Gospel of Christ us 1 believed It. Beside all this havo you forgotten that the Crimean war, wHlph shook the earth, grew out of Uuusl4'» interference in behalf of thoporsebutcd Christians of all nutlous In Turkey? "But, says someone, "have there not been persecutions of other religions In Russia?" No doubt, just as in other times in New England we burned witches and «»' we killed Quakers and as tho Jews tn Ameriea have been outrageously treat* ed aver since I can remember, and the Oh I nose In our land havo been .pelted, and their stores torn down, and their way from the stoauter wharf to tliolr destined quarters tracked with 'ttfllr pcror of Russia sanctions none of them. had n most satisfactory talk with tho emperor about the religions of tho world, and he thinks nntl feels lis you and I do—that religion is somethlngbe- ween n m n and his God, and no ono as a right to interfere with It. You may go right up to St Petersburg and Moscow wltlryour Episcopal liturgy, or your Presbyterian catechism, or your Congregationalisms liberalism, or your minerslonist's Baptistry, or any other religion, ami If you mind your own ffnirs and let others mind thuirs, you will not be molested. Calumny the fourth: Russia Is BO very grasping of territory and she seems to want the world. But what re the facts? During the last century and a quarter, the I.'nited States have taken possession of everything between the thirteen Colonies and the Pacific ocean, and England, during the sumo length of time, has taken possession of curly three million square miles, and by the extent of her domain has added two hundred and fifty million population, while Russia has milled during that time only one-half the number of square miles and about eighteen mil- ion population—England's advance of domain by two hundred and fifty million ngainst Rnsslas advance of domain by eighteen million. What a paltry Russian advance of domain by eighteen million as compared with the English advance of domain by two hundred and fifty million. The United States and England had better keep still about xtravagiinl- and extortionate enlargement of domain. Calumny tho fifth. Siberia Is a den of horrors, and to-day people are driven like dumb cattle; no trial Is afforded to the suspended ones; they are put into quicksilver mines, where they are whipped and starved and some day find themselves going around without any head. Some of them do not get so far as Siberia. Women, after being tied to stakes In the streets, are disrobed and whipped to death In the presence of howling mobs. Offenders hear tholt own tlesh slss under the hot irons. But what are the fuels? Thero are no kinder people on the oarth than tho Russians, and to most of them cruelty Is an Impossibility. I hold In my hand a curd. You see on It that red circle. That is the government's seal of u card giving mo permission to visit all the prlsous of St. Petersburg, as I had expressed a wish In that direction. As the messenger handed this card to mo hu told me that a carriage was at the door for my disposal in visiting tho prisons. It so happened, liowovor, that I was crowded with en gagements and I could not make tho visitation. But do you sup poso such cheerful permission and a carriage to boot would havo been afforded mo if tho prisons of Russia are such hells on n.irth us they havo been described to he? I askod an eininen and distinguished American: "Have 1 you visited tho prisons of St. Petersburg, and how do they differ from American prisons?" lie replied: "I havo visited them and they are as well ventilated and us well conditioned in every respect as tho majority of the prisons In America." Are women whipped in tho street? No; that statement comes from the manufactory of fabrication, a miinufactory that runs day and night, so that the supply may moot tho demund. Tho merciful character of tho present emperor was well Illustrated lu tho following occurrence: Tho man who supervised tho assassination of tho father of the preseut emperor, standing In tho snow that awful day, when tho dynamite scattered to piocos tho legs of Alexander the Seeond—I Ray tho man who supervised all this flod from St. Petersburg and quit Russio. But after awhile tho man repented of his crime, uml wrote to tho emperor asking for forglvo- ness for the murder of his father and promising to bo a good citizen, and asking if ho might como back to Russia, The emperor pardoned tho murderer of his futher.and the forgiven assassin is now living In Russia, unless recently deceased. When I talked to tho empress concerning the sympathy felt in America concerning tho sufferings of tho drought-struck regions of I Russia, she evinced an absorbing inter' est and a compassion nml an emotion | of manner and speech such as wo men cau hardly realize, because It seems that God has reserved for woman as her great adornment tho coronet, tho tear-jeweled coronet of tendorness and commiseration. H you say that It was a mun, a Divine mun that came to save tho world, I suy yes, but It was a woman that gave the mun. Witness all tho Maudonuas, Italian, German, English and Russian, that bloom In the pleture galleries of Christendom. Son of Mary, havo nieruy on us! CONDENSED NEWS. Curzon Now rules are adopted by tho Went- cm turf congrcBS. The British conservatives udopt u democratic platform. Chuuncey S. Hart won killed by tho curs near Fort Wayne, Iud. An accident on tho Milwaukee In Iowa results In the death of fotlr persons. The New Orleaus strike ends. Tho question of wages will be arbitrated Chill prepare* to defend herself in a war with. Peru and Argeutino. Republic A crowd of contract laborers from lielguliu la detected on u vessel at New York. <Jround is broken ut Atlanta, l:ul., for the largest Uu factory lu the United States. lvlt Carson, BOU of the famous scout kills his mother -in -law and wounds his father -in -law. Isaac Louk, while out hunting mar Adumsvlllo lnd. was ucclduutly shot dead by a companion. It is auuouuced lu rarls that a treaty of allluuce bi tween Franco and ltussiu has been signed. Uvuerul managers of western toads met lu Chicago for the purpose of foim lug a now agreement By a decision of tho general kind olllce thirty-live settlers ou tho Mllle Lacs lands lose their claims. Fire destroyed tho uluiUouae at Sugur Creek, Pa. The rescue of 100 inmates was accomplished with much dilliculty. Daniel Uluni of Urbaua, 111., confesses to the murder of Suniucl Wllsou ut Chuinpalgu, on Tuesday last The Inauguration of Jacob Gould ScUunnau us president of Cornell university occurred Friday at Ithaca, N. Y, Tho world's t'ulr directors, at a meet- lug lu Chicago, decided hi favor of Sunday opening, providing Uiu machinery be not run. The French In Daliomey seized a British ship ludeu with arms and ain- muultion for tho Dahomeyans, and confiscate the cargo. The Chicago bunk clearings were $18,780,250; for tho week, $101,1)88,407, against $101,420,430 for the cor responding week of 1801. Frank Ward, 20 years old, wns caught In a revolvlug shaft nt the Red Jacket inliie in Houghton, Mich., uud killed. Captnln Donsuiore, for twenty years chief usher of the White House, is tying ut the point of death at bis home hi Washington. \ Ex-surveyors of publlo lauds lu California are to bo prosecuted by tho gov eminent, they being charged fraudulent practices. Emperor William, in gratitude to Providence lor vouchsafing him daughter, ha9 pardoned a number of J wouion who were lu jail for various' crimes. The czar of Russia is tho largest Individual lnud owner lu the world. Tho area of his possessions la far greater than that of the entire republic of France. Burglars robbed the safe of D. Warner & Sous' implement warehouse at South Bend, Iud., of notes for $1,600 made payable to Uie Milwaukee, Harvester company. President Harrison will plnce more government departments under the civil service rules, just as Mr. Cleveland did in the last days of his term. Robert B. Peeples, a wealthy resident of Chattanooga, Term., committed sul- cldo by shooting himself in the head. Despondency Is supposed to have been tho cause. At Berlin the police authorities seized the Arbelter Zeltung, a new anarchist paper. The plates nnd 4,000 copies of the paper were destroyed. William Bant, a young Englishman who has swindled hundreds of people from San Francisco to New York, Is under arrest In UM latter city. It has been decided that Cauada shall be represented at tho monetary conforonco nt Brussels. One delegate will be appointed Immediately. with Blenheim. Lord and Lady luivo gono thero In her behalf. A mill collapsed lu Oruu. Moravia, as the hnuds were leaving for the Might. Fifty wero caught In tho ruins. It Is supposed thlrty-tlve or forty wero killed. Twenty-bodies huve been reiuov- ed. , Mrs. Jauc Hnlloway, a colored woman, 108 yours old, culled ou the workhouse board hi Cincinnati tht- other day uud secured the releusn of her 75- year-old sou Samuel, who wits doing time for wife-beating. Postmaster S. M. Touts, at Hope, ICiis,, committed suicide by shooting himself In tho h -.iul. Fear of loslug his place under tho democratic administration and financial einbarrassiueut cuus ed liiin to become despondent. Allison, Shufur & Co. contractors, of New York, dolug a large amount of work oil Uie world's fair, were sued Friday morning by tho Western National bank, of New York, for $200,000 for money loaned. \ Herman lllbby, an Insane man, while being taken to tho Dlxuiouut asylum, near Pittsburg, Pa., leaped through th" car window while the train was running thirty-five miles nn hour, receiving serious but not fatal Injuries. The business portion cf Camden, Me., hns been destroyed by fire. Loss la estimated $750,000, Insurance $500,000. Many people had narrow escapes from death and others are rendered destitute by Uie fire. Thi" powder magazine In which the merchiuiUj of loin, Kau., stored their powder, v,as blown up Saturday. Lewis Bliss, who was In the magazine at the time and who wns attempting to open a con of powder, received terrible Injuries frcin which he died. A Russian woman, during tho absence of the mother, killed the latter's child nud gnaws its body. She also killed a second ouo in tho presence of tho mother, who becomes a maniac. Attempts to lynch tho perpetrator of the crime fall. Tho harvest In southern Bessarabia, Russia, hns proved a complete failure. The inhabitants are without grain and the cattle without fodder. Much suffering Is certain to result, nud It Is likely that the government will be called upon to extend assistance. In a fight over a boundnry apple tree between Charles Knorr and I Thomas Hussey, living near Bessemer station, Pa., Knorr was soon knocked to the ground, Hussoy, It Is said, us- iug the ax with which he wns cutting down the tree ns n weapon. Hussoy has been arrested nnd Knorr Is dying. Dr. H. A. Slade, tho spiritualistic slate writer and medium, was arrested in a cheap lodging house In Sioux City, Iowa, Saturday morning nnd brought before Uie Insanity commission, adjudged lusnno nnd ordered to tho hospital. Ills cuso ia considered hopeless. At Pittsburg, l'a., Mrs. Bonk left her children at home while she went to a near-by grocery HAZARDS OF THE SEA Thunder Storm on the Ocean Amid Darkness Intense and Painful. Sti 'Migii Sounds Heard in the Distance, a Sound as of Rush- Waters. Two Sailing Vessels Saved from Ruin by Vivid Flashes of Lightning. To Martinique business culled me In June, 1814. The Corsica, a staunch, full-rigged brig, owned by Barlol ot Baltimore, was the only vcss-1 which uttered ine menus of truusit ut Uie lime, uud in her 1 took pussug.', says u writer in the Duriult Free Press. She was not mount ior pass-uger traffic, uml had no accommodations there tor, but 1 bad Known lier commander, J Cupt. Paine, in other years, and hu wi loomed mo cordially and inaUo inu coinlortatile. Toward the tdglit of tho Fourth of July we had got Into tho region of storms, and shorUy after 7 o'clock ou the evening of thut duy the wlud cumo up from the northeast, and very soou great drops of rain came pattering upon the deck. "There's thunder hi this," said Paine, who hud douued his storm gear. It it was to be a thunder storm, at sen 1 meant to be a spectator, and 1 had como prepared for such emergencies. 1 went below nud donned a full oilcloth, suit, and, having pulled my broad-llnpped sou'wester over my brows I returned to Uie deck. It was flow dark us dark could be. The blackness wns .so utter that thero was relief hi .dosing on-'s eyes. At Uie wheel there was a ghastly beam from Uie binnacle lamp, which, viewed from a distance, only served to render Uie surrounding gloom more palpable. By tho spectral glare of the lamp 1 could sto tho wet spokes of tho wheel and u part of tho bodies of Uie two men who stood at Uie helm. When 1 looked away 1 looked as against a black wall. Not a trace of our tall spars could I delect, and Uie men who stood wily n few feet off wero hidden as by an opaque barrier. And Uie uiiu now came down in torrents. Tho brig was headlug upon her course, very near souUi, with Uie wind upon the larboard quarter. By and by a blinding Hash shot out from the ebon vault, and a broad blaze swept through the ed mid his teeth set liko the Jaws of a vise. . As he spoko we heard tho foretop- sali Hap, and In a moment more tho suiysall hud taken Uie wind ou Uio other side. The order for swinging Uie uialuyaitls had Just been, given when the heaveus aud Uie sea were again illuniiuuted by the lightning's blaze aud a cry of terror went up from our deck. The men who hud beeu rounding iu on the braces held their bauds and stood aghast, the helmsman clung to the wheel for dear life and even the captain for the inoiii' nt hud no Uiought save of Uie groat terror. The ship was now upon our starboard bow, hurling the spray from her sides upon our eaUicud, and I verily believe that a man upon our foreyard arm might have leaped upon her deck, but she, was not upou her course—no, no, tkunk heaven! She had snutleil tho I danger aud, with hor helm hard down, | was hauling away from us. It was dark again, pitchy dark, and while wo watched and waited, wlUi our hearts hushed to a painful stillness, our vessel was caught as by a mighty grasp. There was a momentary heaving and straining, a low, grating, groaning sound, then followed a snap and n crack nnd—nothing more. Wore we free? The answer was at hand. Another blaze of electric light revealed to us the sldp on our quarter, flying swIfUy away to leeward. It also re vealed to us that our starboard gallant backstay had been cnrrled away. One of the Hhlp's lower pardanns must have caught 11. On the following mom Ing the'storm had passed, nud Uie sun soon chased away the lingering clouds, and I venture to assert that no men ever entered more wlUingly nnd grate fill upon Uie work of repairing damages at sea than did those who were set to splice our broken backstay. DAVID C. COOK. riio TAKING CARE OF A CANARY. 11, in the heavens. Far and near I saw During her absence w . lve C]ina r; ilectlng buck Uio startling John, aged 4 years, and Joseph, aged | u = ,i lti . uu i lls the inky veil wns closed again the crash of the thunder came. —Manner is ono of tho principal external graces of churuotor. It is the ornament of action, uud often makes the commonest offices beautiful by tho way in whtoh it performs them, it is a happy way of doing things, adorning even the smalles details of life. —Blow the dust off your Bible. Somo are so dusty that, us Whitfield once said, "you oould write damnation on tho cover." Simultaneously with the announce neat that Mrs. Langtry has paid the turn of over $100,000 for Lord Ashburton's tine steam yacht, and that she BM purchased ono or two race-horses at a steep price, cornea the uows that her latest admirer, the young carl of RoMlyn, has given dlrooUona for tho ml* ot his stud. Lord Itosslyu's re- •ouroes, even at the best, ore very fur from ample, as his charming wife Is dlsUuguhuied for her beauty rather than for her wealth, and he inherited only a moderate Income from his father, wbloli soes uot oxceed $70,000 annually. Hu ha* been far from successful ou tho turf and can certainly not afford to con tlnue keeping ruco-homes aud to be au admirer of the Lily as well. His at- tenUon* to Mi's. Langtry ore attruoUug uo end of comment aud peolue do not hesitate to condemn bus taste Inasmuch tu the countess of Rosalyu la luaulWly wperlor to hln uew flame, Iwth lu point Three men held up a train at Adalrs- vllle, Ga., but were successfully repulsed. One of the robbers was Bhot. They are being pursued by a posse of townspeople. < Emperor Francis Joseph has entrusted the formation of a new Hungarian cabinet to Dr. Alexander Werkele, minister of finance in Count Szpnray'g ministry. Hubert A Newton, professor of mathematics at Yale, has beeu elected to tho Royal Philosophical society of London. Not over a dozen Americans hare beeu slmflnrly complimented. A terrific explosion of dynamite oc trred ut tho Cataract CoustruotloJi /inpnuy's tunnel at Niagara Falls Snt- rday morning, demolishing buildings and killing and severely injuring workmen. A dispatch from St Johns, N. F., states that as a result of the gale of October 10 ten vessels wero lost or are missing and twenty-two lives aro lost In a dispute over a bill Robert Harvey, a notorious gambler, shot nnd killed Robort Lytle, proprietor of tho leading restaurant at St. Joseph, Mo., Friday evening. The closing of tho American tin pinto factory lu Elwood, Ind„ on Wednesday proved not to ho permanent, as at first supposed and as a- result of the election, but only a closing for repairs. Uncle Sura Una, trouble wltn Vono- Kufln resulting from tho refusal of the commander of the United States war \i, secured a eiui of oil aud poured It on Uie stove, causing au explosion which fatally burned both. The former died lu a few inlu'ites, ami the lutter lived but u few hours. Dense foga havo been prevalent In Loudon for u week. At uoon Saturday tho ntiuosphero beciuuo thicker thau ever, aud Uio blackness of midnight set lu. Kvcrywhero gas and electric lights wero lu use, but lu tho streots their rays wero unablo to penetrate the dense mass ot vapor, which eveu penetrated houses everywhere, causlug great discomfort Henry P. Luuse, manager of a Frodo- rlckburg, Cal., fleweuy house, was found hanging from ui tree Friday mowing. His hands were Ued behind his bark, his foot tied nud it handkerchief tied over his mouth. The ground near tho tree showed evidences of u sovoro struggle. The affnlr Is surrounded in mystery. The body was uot robbed. Telemaqtte Tlmaj-eiils, nt oue time professor of Greek in Harvard university, and who wrote Uie "llist'iry of Greece from Uie Time of Homer" nnd other books, through Uio publication of which ho attracted general attention, Is In Jail lu New York. Ho was arrested Friday. A mau named Runisej Is said to be the complainant nnd to have brought suit for $4,000. As Tim- nyenls fulled to furnish the required $2,000 ball lie was locked up. It Is probable that before the next democratic congress adjourns three uew suites will be ndmitted, nil of which will cast their electoral votes for free colnngo nud democratic senators and representatives. New Mexico, Arizona nnd Utah will no doubt become states under democratic-rule, and If so It Is liable to be many long years before the republicans again have control of the senate. It was as though Uie clouds were great mountains, the foundations of which had been upheaved. For half au hour Uio lightning eonUnued, streaming forth at brief Intervals, and Uieu there wus it cessation, Uio rain meanwhile falling heavily and tho wind huuUug to the southward. A N ICIIKUHU (unite. "TethorbulP is a now game of lOngllsh origin which possesses the prenouueed advantage of being played In n few feet of luwu or courtyard. A post eight feci high Is set up and to this Is attached a cord having at Its end a ball. Th" space of tho ground may Influence some what tho length of tho string, which should be, however, not less Until eight nor more thuu ton feet long. The ball is sot in rotary motion nud with tennis racquets tho two plnyors endeavor, in turn, to hit It. Tho game Is snld to be exciting and decidedly n warm con tost, ns the ball proves very elusive. A Tremendous Rumpa* in the •jil«m li produced by i dl«ord«rljr <r UUe (• • •ato tho blood sad givct a «iflroa Unn« to tot -Jntsn* • and »y»-U»ll», nek o^u.-.tii •Sisns, Uw ilsMUvs orguii »r» throws est ot iwr, Ut* bowsli lwcon« ooatlv* tu«r« %n ptiut through th* tight *ld«, and thovlder blulo, IM br*»th grow* HOI and th* IOURM furred, l«r' ship Pennsylvania to surrender A pas- , i,« M u ireuuwt, Mpecuii/ ou riling uauov senger demanded ny the Venewwlnns. 'tol* »ut »ot *S»H» «oat« not exist usttw \te It must havo been very near another half hour before Uio gloom wac again broken by tho llghnlng. I hnd gone forward, and was leaning over Uie bows watching tho phosphorescent sparkle of the broken water, when a sharply uttered "h—st!" from Ute lookout aroused mo, nnd, as 1 raised my heiul, I distinctly hoard n strange sound In the distance—a sound of rushing wit lei's. dipt. Pnlne was in a moment by my side. I did not know how long he hnd been Uierei. Wo stood by Uie weather night head. "Is this you, cnptnln," I asked. "Yes," ho answered. Ho spoke in a whisper, and his atteutlon wns elsewhere "Do you hoar Umt strange sound?" said I. > He listened an instant longer, uud 1 heard him gasp. "Sound!" he cried; "It's a ship!—something!— coming down upon us!" The lookout wns on Uie point of crying out but Uie captain stopped him. "W'o must get tho men to their sta lions without alarming them, If we can," he said, nnd then he leaped aft, shouting t.s ho went. "All hands—all hnuds for tacking *hlp! To Uio braces, every maul' The wind had been gradually changing, and wns now somewhat south of IIHI , s that the brig had but; a few points free. 1 heard Uie men hurrying to their stations, aud 1 knew Unit some if tlu'iu were inclined to press forward in see what was Uie mutter; but the commands of the mates, who wer prompUy at Uielr posts, restrained them. Onpt. PiUito was agnlu by my side, and we peered off Into the dark mm The dull roar was plainly heard, but wo could see nothing; wo could even seo the head of our own bowsprit, The old sailor groaned In agony, "if I could ouly see," ho muttered. At that moment, while yet Uio words quivered upon his Hps, Uio lightning blitzed forth In the heavens nud the sea was Ulumluntcxl far and near, "Heaven snvo us!" bin's!; from Paiuo'i lips, and 1 echoed tho prayer. Upon our weather bow, and but few cables 1 length distant, loomed up tho spectrni outllurs of the hull nnd spurs nnd tho bellying oanvus of heavy ship. Sho was heading dlrcoUy across Uie lluo of our course, uud we were dashing townnl enoh ether at n fearful rate. During tlio brief period of light tho eaptnlu had boon ns one paralyzed, but when the darkness hnd again shut In. he started Into ltfo. "Bendy oooutt" ho thundoNd, And from that lustnnt his orders lluko Yiiur lliril slug TKruu^li the IJurft Winter DuyH. A pretty bird hu a pretty cage Is as cheerful u. sight as oun be found iu a long search through. Uio cosiest homes, it is pleasant just to look at birdie us ho hops from perch to perch or lazily rocks in his swing. But if he can bo persuaded to open his lltUo bill uud send forth notes of melody he becomes not only a Uilug of beauty to bird lovers but a joy to till who catch even the faintest notes of his roundelay. To briug birdie to tho suite of phy steal and mental delight such us will suggest song, keep him always during the day iu a light room. But at night let hhu bo where It Is dork, for too el'teu birds exhaust thenis-.Ives early hi Uie seasou by aiuglng at night as well as by day, because they aro de celved by tho artificial light, thinking it to be daytime. CK-iui birdie's cage every day, Uav ing, If possible, two cages, so Unit tho feathered beauty may bo transferred quickly from oue to the other without being greatly disturbed by Uie ordeal of his daily housecleaniug. Do not ullow his blrdship to bathe too often lu cold weather. Ouco a day Is often enough at best and, whoa tho weather is below zero, let Ihu bath bo a very short one. Put Uie tub In the cage, half-tilled wlUi warm water. Let It remain ten or fifteen minutes, and If Uie bird does not offer to dip Into it remove Uio bath until next day. His blrdship Is an excellent Judge upon these matters. i As a dally diet, dny in and iJny out, give him puro bird-seed. And If he scatters it beyond all reason, try buying you.' bird-seal nt a different store is probably musty, Ouco a day place a bit of Uio yolk of a hard-boiled egg Ui Uie cage and give him all Uie eleiy and httuce ho can eat. If you have a window-garden It Is not a bad plan to place your pot among tho plnnts once In a while nnd lot him pick up nn Insect or two for chnngo of diet, 'hint a UtUo giTiSS -seed, a fow onts nd a handful of hemp for birdie's benefit. Lot Uie drinking water In his cup bo nlwnys cool and seo thnt ids cage Is carpeted with the finest white sand. A cuttle bone, an apple core, n piece of egg shell nnd oceaslonnl lumps of sugnr nre iimong Uio tilings that mnlw a bird's llfo very pleasant to hlmsolf nnd to others. Give him, besides nil these things, n neat little swing, a ball or two of wood, suspended by strings, and some thing at wldcli ho can pull and scold for hLs own amusement, and you have provided nil the Inspiration that birdie can desire for his sweetest, clearest song. I IMonoor I'ublUhor of Literature for Buiulnr Schnolw. David 0. Cook, tho Chicago Sunday t ohool publisher, was born in East Foroester, New York, In 1850, a son of Rov. E. 8. Cook, a Methodist minister, a cultured and scholarly man. Sinoeoar- HoBt childhood he has been devoted to the Sunday Sohool. |In boyhood he joined the church, and began teaching In the DAVID o. COOK. Sunday School at the ago of seventeen in the West Division of Chicago, and for four years following taught most of the time in two or three sohooU each Sabbath. The (Ire ot 1»71 was the beginning of bis miBSlon and Sunday-school work on tho North Side. Hl3 field was one of tho roughest and poorost of tho burnt district. Here, in a Gorman theater nnd beer-hall, he orgunlzed "1 -verybody's Mission," afterwards removed to a building of Its own. With an nttend- an o of 3- JO to 430, ho Biistalnod tho 6chool Tor flvo years without tho aid of church or eoJIoty. 1 o-sides this, ho has slneo organized and superintended >>orth Avenue Mls- Hion, Luke Viow Mission, Lake View Union Sunday-schools in Chi ago, and th Sunday-s houl connected with Ura o in Elgin, III., bookies aoveio! Miiiillor schools. Ills fir t publications woro Issued for his own Sunday-schools alone. Neigh- I Oi-ing Sunday-schools, appreciating tho value of these helps, became h.s llrst sub -icrllors. Siou Mr. d ok discovered 'hat his woro no the only 9-liools Uint needed moio nnd better titerulu e than tlicy eouid afford to buy ut the- prices tlien oxibtin , and resolved lo mnke It his life work to place in th' hands of tho Sunday-school children O! the bind an abundance of tho very bo-^t literature at tho lowest passible prices. Ho was met at t ho very outset with nlmost Insurmountable obsta los aad lively opposition; but tho ob.-itaolos and opposition only furnished zest, for ho is a man of purpose, and it has been well said of him, "his ludomlt ble enoivy demands Insurmountable obstacles." That his i urj one was good and wise is proved by the way ho has been suppotod. It Is seventeen yours slnco ho issued his first publloutlon. nnd there is now scarcely a village or Aamlot In tho land where thoy are not known and used. Ha employs rogularl'y six ossooiate odltors and some sixty wrltors, representing some of tho ublost Sunday school talent in the land. Among those who know him personally ho is alwayB recognized as a man of strong Christian charaoter, a practical worker In tho churoh, Sunday school and toinperance cause, and a warm friend of missions, both horn* and foreign. SWAPPINC WIVES. aiMMbawt Vstaa wtliiuion*. Y«u U «mn I.warn given so nronnnilv nnd so nlutulv Jjn^aiiiiumQ-u^t «J™U« fOR GOOD ROADS Tho Curlou* 1'ruimiiUl lYluile tiy tv l'rlmttlv* ftiimiliui- ixnrii ftouili, "Twontry year's ago Uio people of that section of country embraced in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee wero prinutivu lu Uio extreme," said F. 1'. Dultou to u St. Louis Democrat man. "Few could read; not one hi a hundred had over seeu a railroad or a town of 1,00 Inhabitants. 1 was truinplug through, the uiouutuius making some sketches uud when my wll'e,Uieuuu exceedingly haudsomo woman of -0, accompanied me. Wo stopped oue night at Uio cabin of a squatter who was u typical mountaineer. His wife wus u tail, raw-boned, slatternly woman with a suulf-sUck aud a sharp tougue. After a. supper of 'corn poue,' luilk and tut pork, the host took me outside and, pointing with his thumb over his shoulder to our respective wives, said: "How'll you swapV" "1 had heard that Uio pcoplo of thut country sonieUtues U'uded wives, but garded it us a foolish burlesque. " Well,' suld 1, Inclined to get some amusement out of it, 'make uu oiler.' 1 kinder reckon,' said tho would-be swapper, 'that my wife's wuth Uio most. She's the blggeat'n strongeju She kin milk cows, dig seug, and kin cook a 'possum lo a turn. But l'vo had her nigh onto a year au' am gciliu' tired of her old chipper of a tougue. 1'U swap even.' 1 declined Uio offer aud ho finally offered to givu us boot a squirrel rillo uud u dog warranted to be death on coous. This liberal offer did not tempt tue, tind us we were about to leave ho offered to add a Jug of moouhght whisky. This was too much for Uio temper of his partner. 'Well, Zuck Jenkins,' said sho, with asperity, 'I've been swapped torn - times, and' you're Uio lirst feller thut didn't cuckeruite that i was wuth a deal more in a trade than t'other woman." We parted, leaving Zuck to explain matters us best we could." nterHtiitu UougroHH Keeoinmeuds n Convict Labor Hyutviu. Memphis, Teun., Nov. 17.—Today's session of tho Interstate Itoud congress indorsed tho bill now before tho national congress for tho appointment of a tionuuissiouur In Uro Interest of good roads. It recommends tho appointment of a state engineer in euok state and assistant engineer in euch congressional district, leuslug convicts to counties desiring them; that labor and property each bear part of Uio burden of road building; Unit each state create auxiliary organlzuUons to Uie naUoual league uud that each county in tho state receive a fair division of convict laborers, Adjourned Blue die. AMATEUR IATHLETES. t'roeeotUiigtt of tttu .Mooting of tlio National AttHuelatlou ilottl Veslerituy, NSwif York, Nov. 21— Tho annual meoUug of Uio Amutour Athletlo Union of the United States wus hold today Mirny reports wero discussed. A resolution was adopted declaring thut the board of governors ought uot to uuth orlzo LtiCi-ossu, baseball aud football cluunplcushlps prizes other than banners, nor muko any allownuee of espouses for truvcllug of teams. The world's fair coiiunlftoo was In- stinulod to make urmngemeuU to hold KILLED INSTANTLY. Uoek Islam! Train Crushes Jntu u Wagon v% in, l-'atui UeaUU, Peoria, 111., Nov. Au uccoinuiodu- Uou train on the Kock lsluud this even- lug sU'uck a wagon near tho waterworks, InstauUy killing Peter llorshor and probably fatally Injuring Henry Keeker, Sr., and Henry Keeker Jr. and wife. A sU'tingor who was in the wagon at Uie time hits not been seen since and it Is Impossible to say what become of him. i LEAVING THE FOLD. vesbyterluit Clei'By Alarmed About til Tlieologlout HuiiitiiuvluH. Chicago, Nov. 17.—A committee of prominent Presbyterian clergymen Is lu Uio city arranging for a coufwnce to fomiulato a morn direct relationship between tho theological seminaries and the Presbyterian pulpits, somo seminaries lu late years hnvlug shown a tendency to remove thomsolvos beyond the control of tho church. In a degree alarming to Its supporters. Tho journnlUUo and literary world of Germauy has suffered a great loss In the death, of Otto Balsoh, for^nuurjr i'il!(m^lu.ehluf /,f* ilu* .

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