Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on October 27, 1948 · Page 6
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 6

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 1948
Page 6
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MOB SR. THE POSTV1LLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA 1 FRANKVILLE 1 Wedding Anniversary Many relatives from this com- inunity attended the 30th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Xlmer Herman at" their home in Xudlow on Sunday, October IT. A jpicnfc dinner was served at noon from baskets brought by the guests. A beautiful tiered wedding cake was used as a center piece for the table, where the immediate relatives and the bridal party were seated. Following the festivities a social afternoon was enjoyed by about 100 relatives, and the main attraction for entertainment was a mock wedding, in HALLOWE'EN BARN DANCE SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30 TOM OWEN and his COWBOYS Come in your everyday clothes—Overalls, Ginghams, etc. The Biggest Hallowe'en Barn Dance in Northeastern Iowa. LAKESIDE BALLROOM Guttenberg, Iowa PROFITABLE DAIRY FEEDING Extrusive investigation of dairy record* reveal that the present attonhhtnx high milk yield* were unheard of before the lntro- daction of modern manufactured dairy feeds. BIG GAIN SPRING PASTURE DAIRY CONCENTRATE and BIG GAIN DAIRY FEEDS are made to provide abundantly and •eonomlcally the quality proteins, vitamins and minerals that mean maximum year-around milk production and the moat in dairy profits for you. Ask your dealer for BIG GAIN DAIRY FEEDS FRANK. H. LAWSON VOTE FOR Hank H. Schulte Democratic Candidate For SUPERVISOR of Allamakee County Term Beginning Jan. 2nd, 1949 x| VOTE DEMOCRATIC John H. Palmer Democratic Candidate For State Representative of Allamakee County 12 Years Experience As County Auditor Will Appreciate Your Vote and Support General Election November 2,1948 VOTE FOR Vernon M. Gueder Democratic Candidate t For COUNTY AUDITOR of Allamakee County fx] VOTE DEMOCRATIC LET'S SEND T. W. MULLANEY of Waukon — TO — CONGRESS SECOND IOWA DISTRICT DEMOCRATIC TICKET Fanner - Auctioneer PEOPLE'S MAS which many of the guests participated. Mr. and Mrs. Herman were married October 17, 1918, at the old Grotegut home, where Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hoffman now live. Their attendants were Miss Mabel Herman, now Mrs. Dewey Miller of Waukon, and Simon Grotegut, of Ludlow, sister and brother of the bride and groom The home was made on the farm where they now reside and where four children were born to them as follows*- Rueben Herman of Eitzen, Marian, now Mrs. Hanley Jenkins of Ogden, Niles and Vernell Herman at home. Those attending from this U> cality were: Mrs. Fred Grotegut, Mr. and Mrs. John Grotegut, Mrs. Lydia Lundt and Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Henning, Betty and Bobby, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Koenig and family, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Grotegut and family, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Hansen and Don aid, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Grotegut, Leonard, Roland and Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Schuttemeier and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Miller and Mrs. Herman. Among the many others attend ing were: Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Herman, Mr. and Mrs. George Herman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hagen, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Flagge, Gary and Dean, and Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence Jeide and fami ly, all of Waukon; Mr. and Mrs, Herman Leutchens and family and Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Herman and Dorothy Anne from Eitzen. Other FrankvUle News Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stegen of Cedar Rapids spent Sunday at the Hans Stegen home. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schutta of Postville were Sunday after noon visitors at the John Schutta home. The Frankville Study Club met Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herb Waters and Ruth. Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Killam of Sanborn are guests the past week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Waters. Mrs. Ernie Bealls of Decorah was a visitor at the home of her brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Topel, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sandry spent Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brooks near Waukon. Will Kneeskern left Tuesday for a weeks visit with his son-in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs, Donald Wisehart of near Center Point. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sandry and the boys were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Wilder of near Dorchester. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kneeskern are leaving Friday morning for Preston, Minnesota for a few days visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs Dean Kneeskern and family. Mrs. Hattie Haislip of Minneapolis, is spending a week at the h6me of Mr. and Mrs. John Schutta after attending the funer al of her brother, Lafe Ewing, of Postville. Mrs. Lynn Crawford, who has been an invalid following stroke at her home here about a year ago, fell and broke her hip on Monday morning and was taken to Postville Hospital for care and treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Crawford returned Tuesday from Minne apolis, Minnesota where they went to attend the wedding of their nephew, Charles Leer, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Leer, to Miss Bonnie Gray, who were married at a church ceremony in Minneapolis on Saturday, October 16. CASTALIA Mrs. Ward Bachelder is a pa tient at a Rochester, Minnesota hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Will Schave spent Monday at the Harvey Schave home in Monona. Merle Stee went to Iowa City on Friday where he is receiving care at the University hospital. Mrs. Eliza McGhee was taken to the Postville Hospital Monday where she is receiving medical aid. Mrs. Will Schave attended the wedding of her niece, Evelyn Dide, VOTERS:— Do you remember when you "hardened under Harding" "cooled under Coolidge" and "hungered under Hoover?" Vote Democratic straight down the line* WDNM DA Y,OCTO^ 11| daughter of Mr.' and Mrs. Elmer Ihde of Monona and Milton Ashland of Littlepbrt, at Monona on Wednesday. Gloria Peterson and Eugene Gearon of Minneapolis, Minnesota were guests of friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Odegaard and family of Waukon were Sunday dinner, guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Szabo. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Schweinefus and Mrs. Hermit Anflnson and David of Ossian and Mrs. Virgil Grauneman of Hawkeye were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Schara on Monday. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will Schave on Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. Glen Pixler and family of Luana; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pixler and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Schave and family of Monona; Mr. and Mrs. Glen Schave and family of Clermont and Mrs. Verla Heus, mann and children of Postville. Mrs. Martha Schroeder was sur prised at her home Saturday afternoon in honor of her birthday anniversary. The following ladies attended: Mrs. Marie Anderson, Mrs. Fred Everman, Mrs. Will Schave, Mrs. Merle Stee and Mary, Mrs. Melvin Stee, Mrs. Henry Koenig, Mrs. Elsie Kobriger, Mrs. Walter Brandt, Mrs. Elmer Hager, Mrs. Walter Schultz, Mrs. Del Harvey, Mrs. Everett Schultz and children, Mrs. Ed Mann of Luana and Mrs. Edward Preuss and Wanda. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schultz entertained the following relatives Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Neurhing, Jane Weaver and friend and Francis Weaver, all of Mason City; La Vern Schultz of Dubuque; Mrs. Elsie Brandt, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Preus, Harold and Wanda of Postville: Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Schultz and Alice Huinker of Monona; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Schroeder and Eugene, Mr. and Mrs. Will Koenig, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schultz and Linda, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Monroe and family, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Schultz and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Swenson and family and Mrs. Martha Schroeder. VOTE FOR KATHLEEN A. SPINNER! Democratic Candidate For COUNTY TREASURER of Allamakee County [XJVOTE DEMOCRATIC SAMPLE BALLOT PUBLIC MEASURE (Notice to voters: For an affirmative vote upon any question submitted upon this ballot, make a cross (X) mark in the square after the word "Yes". For a negative vote make a similar mark in the square following the word "No".) "Shall the following public measure, being an Act of the 52nd General Assembly, be adopted and approved?" YES NO SOLDIERS BONUS S. F. 492 AN ACT authorizing the state of Iowa to become indebted in the amount of eighty-five million dollars ($85,000,000) and providing lor the issue'and sale of bonds of said state in evidence thereof, to procure funds for and pay service compensation to persons who served In the armed forces of the United States at any time between the sixteenth day of September, 1940, and the second day of September, 1945, both inclusive or their successors in interest, providing for a board to administer such payments, providing for additional compensation to persons under disability, providing for the imposition, levy and collection of a direct annual tax sufficient to pay the principal and interest on said bonds, and providing penalties for the violation of the provisions of this act; providing for the application of any surplus to the retirement of the indebtedness herein created; and providing for submission of this act to the people to be voted upon, at the general election to be held in the year 1948. Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the SUte of Iowa: Section 1. The state of Iowa is hereby authorized to become indebted in the amount of eighty-five million dollars ($85,000,000) and in evidence thereof there shall be issued and sold negotiable coupon bonds of said state as hereinafter provided, and the proceeds thereof shall be paid into the treasury of the state to be expended for the payment of service compensation to the persons defined in section four (4) of this act, or for the benefit of such persons as prescribed by section four (4) and ten (10) of this act, and for expenses incurred in carrying out the provisions of this act. Sec. 2 The treasurer of the state is hereby directed to cause to be prepared negotiable coupon bonds, of this state in the amount of eighty-five million dollars (85,000,000), such bonds to bear interest at the rate of not to exceed two and one-half percent (2H%) per annum which interest shall be paid semiannually. Such bonds shall be issued so that said indebtedness shall be payable in twenty (20) equal annual installments, the last of which shall be within twenty (20) years from the date of issue, bonds to be callable in numerical order on six (6) month* notice at one hundred one and one-half percent (101H%) of the par value. Said bond* shall be signed by the governor under the S eat teal of said state, attested by e secretary of state and countersigned by the treasurer of state, and the full faith, credit and resources of the state of Iowa shall be pledged for the payment thereof. The interest coupons attached to said bonds shall bear the lithographed facsimile signature of said officials. The treasurer of state shall sell said bonds to obtain funds to carry out the provisions of this act, and to make the payments hereinafter provided. Such bonds shall be sold at not less than the par value thereof and accrued inter>est thereon to the highest and most responsible bidder after advertising for a period of twenty consecutive days, Sundays excepted, in at least two daily newspapers printed in the state of Iowa. Advertisements of sale shall recite that the treasurer of state, in his discretion, may reject any or all bids received and, in such event, he shall readvertise for bids in the form and manner above described as many times as in bis judgment may be necessary to effect a satisfactory sale. If any of said bonds are not presented for payment Within ten (10) years after maturity they shall be barred. Sec. 3. The proceeds of such bonds so paid into the treasury of state shall constitute a service compensation fund and shall be distributed to the persons entitled thereto as hereinafter prescribed. Said eighty-five million dollars ($85,000,000) is hereby appropriated out of said service compensation fund for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this act Sec. 4. Every person, male or female, who served on active duty, in the armed forces of the United States, at any time between September 16, 1940, and September 2, 1945, both dates inclusive, and who at the time of entering into such service was a legal resident of the state of Iowa, and who had maintained such residence for a period of at least six (6) months immediately prior thereto, and was honorably separated or discharged from such service, or is still in active service in an honorable status, or has been retired, or has been furloughed to a reserve, or has been placed on Inactive status, shall be entitled to receive from the service compensation fund ten dollars ($10.00) for each month that such person was in active domestic service and twelve and one-half dollars ($12.50) for each month that such person was in active foreign service, all prior to December 31, 1948, not to exceed a total sum of five hundred dollars ($500.00), provided that such person served for a period of not less than one hundred twenty (120) days prior to December 31, 1946. Compensation for a fraction of a month shall not be considered unless it be sixteen days or more in which event it shall be computed as a full month. No person shall be entitled to such compensation who received a bonus or compensation ot like nature, as provided in this act, from another state. No person shall be entitled to such compensation who being in the service of the armed forces of the United States, subsequent to September 16, 1940, refused on conscientious, political, religious, or other grounds to sub^ ject himself or herself to military discipline. Service in the merchant marine shall not be considered for the purpose of this act. The surviving unremarried widow or widower, child or children, stepchild or stepchildren, mother, father, or person standing in loco parentis, in the order named and none other, of any deceased person, shall be paid the compensation that such deceased person would be entitled to under this act, if living; but if any person has heretofore died or shall hereafter die, from service conected causes incurred between September 16, 1940, and December 31, 1946, the first of survivors as hereinbefore designated and in the order named, shall be paid five hundred dollars ($500.00) regardless of the length of such service. Sec. S. Active duty in the armed forces of the United States shall include all time for which credit is received in the computation of terminal leave, including such leave time as provided for by federal statutes, including Armed Forces Leave Act of 1946, and attendance at an armed forces school including such schools conducted at a college, university, or similar institution of learning, but shall exclude time pursuing a course of instruction in a college, university, or other institution of learning as a duly enrolled student. Sec. 6. There is hereby created a board to be known as the "World War II Service Compensation Board" to consist of the state auditor, state treasurer, the adjutant general and two veterans of World War II, which two veterans shall be appointed by the governor and serve at his pleasure. The World War II members of the board shall receive compensation of ten dollars ($10.00) a day and actual expenses for each day of actual service in the administration ot the provisions of this act. The board shall main-i tain its office at the seat of government in Des Moines, Iowa. Sec. 7. Duties. It shall be the duty of the said board to administer the provisions of this act, to examine all applications and ap- ( prove or disapprove the same and make anv investigation necessary to establish facts. In the event an application is disapproved by the board, the claimant shall have the right to appeal to the district court of the state of Iowa in and for the county of his legal residence within a period of thirty days from date of mailing by registered mail of notice of such disapproval. The appeal shall be perfected by filing in the office of the board, a written notice of appeal setting forth the order of finding appealed from and the grounds of the appeal. Within thirty (30) days after the filing ol such notice of appeal the board shall make, certify and file in the office of the clerk of the district court to which the appeal is taken, a full and complete transcript of all documents in the proceeding, including any depositions, a transcript or certification ol the evidence, if reported, including the notice of appeal. The clerk shall forthwith docket such appeal. The appeal shall be heard in such district court as in equity de novo. Appeal may be taken to the Supreme court from any final order or judgment or decree of the district court. Whert any application has been approved by the board, payment shall be made to the applicant in accordance with the provisions of this act. It shall be the duty of the board to prepare vouchers and transmit the same to the state comptroller in payment of the bonus claims provided for herein and other necessary administrative expenses; said state comptroller shall issue a warrant for the amount stated therein and the state treasurer shall pay such warrants out of said bonus fund. The board is hereby empowered to employ such assistants and incur such other expenses as may be necessary for such administration and carrying out of the provisions of this act, and the funds necessary for such administration and carrying out the provisions of this act shall be expended from said compensation fund; such assistants as said board may determine shall give bond in such amount as may be fixed by said board, and shall, whenever practicable, be tier- sons whithin the classes as defined in section four (4) of this act The board is hereby empowered to make, adopt and promulgate such rules and regulations for the carrying out of the provisions of this act as it deems necessary and expedient and which are not inconsistent with any provisions of this act Sec. 8. Before receiving any compensation under the provisions of this act, the claimant, or his successor in Interest, shall file with the service compensation board, application on forms provided by said board; such application must be so filed on or before December Sir 1950. Such application shall state facts sufficient to establish the status of such applicant within a class as defined in section four (4) of this act, and shall be duly verified. Sec. 9. Whoever knowingly makes a false statement pral or written, relating to a material fact in supporting a claim under the provisions of this act, shall be punished by a fine of not mor* than one thousand dollars ($l,O0OttOP or be imprisoned for not more than one year, or both, and shall (forfeit all benefits he or she might have been entitled to under this act Sec. 10. After payment at all of the above claims and expenses of administration of the board herein created, all funds up to and iWclud- ing three million dollars ($2,000,- IIi excess 1 State of Iowa, Allamakee County—ss. OFFICE OF COUNTY AUDITOR I hereby certify that the above is the Official Soldiers Bonus Ballot for Allamakee County to be voted upon at the General Election to be held Tueaday, November % M epuon 000) remaining in the hands World War II service compensil board shall constitute an additii compensation fund to be admi ed by the said board for the ration of the condition of r_ of this state within the classes fined in section four (4) of this who suffer from disability. Tin of the administration of such tional compensation fund tki paid from such fund. After ment of all said claims and es of administration of th herein created all funds in the hands of World War ice compensation board in three million dollars ($3, shall revert to and become of the permanent school fund of state. Sec. 11. All payments and lowances made under this act i' be exempt from taxation and 1 levy and sale on execution and I bonds issued hereunder shall tie < empt from taxation. Sec. 12. To provide for the pajj ment of the principal of said honi so issued and sold and the intc est thereon as the same .becoi due and mature, there is hereby iM posed and levied upon all oil 1T taxable property within the stt of Iowa in addition to all otr taxes, a direct annual tax for i of the years said bonds are on standing sufficient in amount fl •the payment of principal of sal bonds as it shall become due, ai sufficient in amount to produce al ditional sum's as may be needed' pay the interest on said bonds «a( year for twenty (20) years. Tl treasurer of the state shall ann] ally certify to the stale tax commi sion prior to the time for levy ( general state taxes the amount i money required to be raised to pi the principal arid interest on sua bonds maturing in the ensuing J«J and said state tax commission sha annually fix the rate percentuf necessary to be levied and assess) upon the valuation of the taxabl property within this state to prof uce funds sufficient to pay the prfl cipal of and Interest upon sua. bounds as the same become pay. and such additional annual dir tax shall be levied, certified, sessed and collected at the ti time and in the same manner as t taxes for general state purposes. See. 13. If any clause, senter paragraph, or part of this act « for any reason be adjudged by « court of competent jurisdicttonj be invalid, such judgment shall f •fleet impair or invalidate the i mslnder of the act but shall confined in its operation to * clause, sentence, paragraph, or j thereof directly involvedln thee trovetay In which such Judgm" has been rendered. .Sec. 14. This law, after lei publication shall be submitted to v people of this state at the gen« election to be held in Novem* nineteen hundred forty-eight, « shall not take effect unless at i election it shall receive a tnajoo of all votes cast for and tfatari Separate ballots shall be ptom for the electors which shall J* < substantially the following torn, (Notice to voters: For an afflra tive vote upon any question iu»w ted upon this baJlol, mark; en mark in the square after the "Yes." For a negative vote, m«i a similar mark in the square lowing the word "No." "SboU the following public measure, being an act of the 02nd General Assembly, be adopted and •pprovedT" (Here insert in full this! Sec. 16. This act aha» take a feet immediately upon K»**W W 1 and approval at such election. Approved May 18,1W. YES NO (law!

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