The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 8, 1915 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1915
Page 3
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TriE^Qy^DAI^ MARCH 8,1915. New mgh Siibol DON'T FORGET that tinder . the law every boy or girl in Allen County who is fitted for |iigh -school may enter the lolai high school. DON'T FORGET that students living in Allen County but outside of Dist. No. 10 cannot be Excluded without a change in the law. DON'T FORGET that these students are not charity students, but are paying their way, DON'T FORGET that lola always has welconved such students and does yet. DON'T FORGET that it is our duty to furnish the necessary school facilities for all that come. DON'T FORGET that the real issue is whether we shall have a niew high school or not. DON'T FORGET that the $80,000 asked for is expected to erect and furn-- ish this building. D6N'T FORGET that lola has a reputation for good schools and this reputation ought t(| be maintained. ' ; DON'T FORGET that the interests of lola and of thp schools -are your interests. DON'T FORGteT that a vote for the new high school is a vote in the interest of your boy and your girl. DON'T FORGET that the polls are open from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m. DON'T FORGET to go early and vote. MILLER OIL CO. W 11OLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Majestic Line Oils and • Greases, Kerosene and Gasoline, lolsi, Kiiiisas^ •; BRANCHES: Chanut4 Kas. Clinton, Okla. Humt)pldt. Kaa. Cucter, Okla. '{ Wichita, Ka*. ii SIDT NEWS AND NOIES 'I:KATH OF MKS. LKOVARD WILSON AFTER A LO\(J ILL.NKSS. Fuucral Service Vias Held Saturday Afleriiocin—NOATS X«tes iind Ptr- MOHiil .Veiitiou. QIRT CHEAP! Oklahoma .l^iid- from lu to GIO acrtii, $'> Jicr :><TI! :iiid up;' half cash; balance terras to f-uit l)urcl!aser; O'r on unimiii bal- 10 acres at $n.r,ij, Jcfj cat .li, bal. tO :suit jHircliasor. 20 acres at $r ,i); |400 cash.; bal. to suit piircliaser. 40 acres at $y.0O; $l(ifi cash: baj. to suit 'ijurcbasor., 80. ayres at $»).00: -$200 cash; bai. to; suit imrchascr. 120 acres at $10; JliiO cash; bal. to'suit purcliiiser. IGO ^rcs at jn .po; %Am casli; bal to suit i)urcl)iiser. 250 fCcres at $5.j)0; ?S2.j c&sh; bal... 5 years C't. ; ;feo ^ces at cusli;. bal. 5 years 6%. The fetter Realty Co. Rouiti Old Court Ii<iu« Bidg. rhouc m. Mr. S. M- Snodgrass, wiio has been ; working with one of the drilling companies in .the Gushing, Okla., oil fields, i became v6ry til last week and it ,was hecessaryj: for him to return to-his hdme here, but it was said this niorn- ing that) he was recovering, which is good n&virfe to his frteuds. It wasjrc- po'rted yesterday that he had a Serious attacSt of pneumonia, but liews from his^ home this niorainR stoted that a severe congestion of the? lungs Hl'Mt^OLDT. March 8.—Mr. Sraidilc;.-. of Ogden, Utah, is iicrc li>r a few days visit with relatives. Many Humboldt people were iutrr- estingly entertained by Vernon, t:;"e great hypnotist, ' at the opera house i Friday and, Saturday nights. .Mr. \c:-- inon is certainly an artist in his line of I work, lie inade an introducinry •.•ipcctli, wherein he told of t!ic dc.fl- opiiients and US-CK of hypnotism ai'iia different scientific lines. "Three ciai^ii- cs," says Vernon, "are absylntely 'm- potisihle to .work with—weak-minded, intoxicated and these determined to resist the hypnotist." The artist per! formed many auiusing and intcrcstInK tests witli a cUiirS of young men from the audience. j The W. H. .\t. S. of (he .Melhi.^lhJ Uiiiirch met willi Mrs. A. M. Value Kriday afternooh. ' Ijr. ('ope rciiort.s t!ie arrival of tlu stork with a girl at the home of and Mis. llcighinan in Humboldt t'>v.-.' ship March 2nd. On March ;ircl. daughter was born to Mr. and lAIiv. ,Iohn Dietrich, Southeast of town. The pie socjial which was fj le;ivc ii <(fh given Jasi. Saturday, night a! ti.i Fussinan hall by the ladicjs of the I're byterian ch'urch has been postponed until next Kriday, March 12th. Aft(n- a lingertiig illnes? of several months. .Vlrs. I^eonard Wilson pa.s.scd away at her home in this city. Thurs •il;iy I'venin .i? at 7:.'!0 o'clock. Tin; fun cial services were held Saturday af ! tcniof'ti ;U 2:."0, at the (^lirisSiar 'iliiirch and inlr^rnient was made in .\T; •M(-|)e cciiic 'pry. Mrs. Wilson's licat! Iliough .she has been side for ii ln .'v ,v.-li!)c. came a?, a sliocU to her iuiinv Iricnds and relatives, who mourn he I lose dcGuly. I The high school was pleasingly entertained b.v ilrs. O. C. Payne an<l Mrs \'irgil Linther P'riday liiornlng. Mrs. J Payne gave a brief talk on Ireland and jits musical achievements, after which 'assisted by Mrs. Linlner as accoin- Jpanist, she rendered several pleas- jing Irish songs. The school was very ; well pleased with this concert and"congratulate themselves upon receiving so able a musician as Mrs. Payne. Miss Alta Brown -visited the high school Friday morning. Mrs. A. M. Vance was a high school visitor Friday morning. Tommy—"Pop, there is no sue'- t'liag as the biggest half, is there?" Tommy's P O P T—"No, my son, in spite cf the fact that.most of us want it." • Ths only, time f^onie ue\- er| behind time is when it's time to Mrs. Friank Nicholson and her little 8pn, Frank, Jr., who have been visiting her mother, Mrs. E. \>..Ha,\e, tor nearly seven weeks, left lait niKht to return to their home in St. Louis. -^DraTte's. iPhone 909. Mrs. Lynn and Miss Detphine Lynn, of. Neosho Falls, were here shoitiiing and visiting friends Saturday and yesterday. -—For Kodak Finishing go to Mundis Drug Store. Mrs. C. S. Bishop spent yesterday jin Chantite visiting her son, Clyde, and daughter. Mrs. Carson Glore, who has just returned from California, whdre she has spent the greater part of the winter. ! .^Good I..uraR Coal tot your cook Stove at lowest prices at lola Junk Co. 409 N. Jefferson. PhoUe 317. Mre. J. S. Bra^y returned home to Chanute today after a visit here with her sister, Mrs. J. H. Wren and family. Mrs. Wren and children, Anona and I.«yle, accompanied her to Chanute to spend the week. . —Rugs, Rugs. Rtigs. Over 100 new floor Rugs at Ed Henninger's Furnlr lure Store. Probably there will be no meeting of the city commission tbmorrow on account of the primary and boiid election. —Let jUs move you. Phoiie !)0.!). Attornev B. K. Clifford is expected home tonight from Aleda, III., Where he has been for several days on account of the serious illness Qf his mother. She is reported to be improved. —Drug addicts successfully treated. Dr. Sutcliffe. O. B. Nelson, a meat cutter employ- fd by C. L. Cowan, is suffering severely from an injured foot. He stepped on a nail at the store Friday evening Infection has set in considerable j)ain. Phone 5S. and is causing iilm rtickman, Paper Hanger Mr.s. .r. P. Rose has gone to Chanute to visit her daughter for a few days. —l,ownev's and Tolinson's Caiulios 'It -Muiulis Drug Store. IMis .-J .Ara;y Marker will .si)cnd ;i rp<v davs in lluinboldt as the'guest of .Mr Mr.s. S. W. .McClaian. lioin. yesterday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Layman, a dauKhter. Miss Floi 'oiiic Mcl .cjiM was called Ir her home in I'ittsbiUK toihiy bv news of the death of her graiulmothcr. Mrs. S. II. Shawser. —Have good, careful men to handle -your gotfds. Phone 909. nr. .M. M.lMcFarJand went to Kincaid tl'.is afternoon to spend .irvrr.-'' hours tV.ure! on business. —Hefore you have your fire sale ace \rrowsmith of the Alien County Investment Co., about your ?'irc Insurance. . •^'r. and -Mrs. K. 10. llowerton and their two children who cnwe froir their home in Blue Mound to sn'entl ''iindfiy with Mr. Howerton's father, Phillip Howerton.j returned home today. —V\'atitn(', '^iirnace Men at Once. Mtoona Zinc Coiiipany. .Mtoona. K KIIS. .Mrs. .lessie Christy has jrone to Mo "•an for a short business visit. --f>t your best I^umn Coal at s"ra- Tier prices, f-rom. Tola Junk Co., first •'nor north of M. K & T. depot; 40" XortU Jefferson. Phone 317. .Mi.-5s FIcy ..McGIaslien who vi.sirn'' .Mrs. Will Porter over Sunday, returned home this afternoon. —Make the Mundis Drug Store you- meetins; place for either business o- ploasure. K. I' Kiplev. suiierintendent for the •-^.•iii 'a f"n. and .1 I''. McNally, asiiistJ 'n' -up'TinteiuIent, both of ('hanute, rim' F. A. Lehman, '.icni-ral supcrintcntlcn' < Vcwton, «c;c here on business to- I 'ay. --At *or,iov .lohn W f?rown has Ing where ho will be pleased to receiv, those desJrins professional services Mr.s. r. I J. Calhoon who has h""! visitinz her narents in C^rthase. Mo for t -.vo wcekp, returned home tliis af- tvrnoon. Mr. :ind .Mrs. Frjihk Bishop are |M--C "v^ rjjjiinsville Jpra visit with rcl- •tivi.'s. OUCH! LDi *iBAGb! RUB PAINS FROM SORE, LAME BA(^K II BUCUCIH) A.wuy WIUI SJUII Trta' BvUle.vf Old.^iit. Jfl«»b'« Oil.'' Back hurt you Can 't straighteri up without feeling sijdden pains, shari ache.s and twinges'? Now listen! That's lumbago, 'BclaUpa or maybr from a strain, and yoii'll get relief th( moment you rubyour back with so.ith- ing, pei^etrating "Sjt. Jacob's Oil.' Nothtiig else takes, out soreness, lameness, and stlffnesji .lBQ quickly.. You simply rub it oa, ypur back, ^nd cat ccnies the pain, ft is havmless ani doesn't l^jm the sfcln. . Limber, up! Don't st^f^er! Get a small trial bottle pf o)/l, honest ."St Jacob's Oil" frojn Any drug^store, atid ifter ttsin.g it; just once, you 'll forget that vou ever had baeknchc.' lumbaio ir e"i~»ip-.. -niiii'p v .oiir " back i''"V never hurt or c,aus0 any more mlscrri It never disappoint and has heen ruei American Feature. Two Parts, ••HI.S LE.SSOX" ••WHlriht Inilcd Stales Army iinn Friinciseo." Song—Miss Eva Hull -—ANY SEAT—^— Mr. and" Mrs. .Archie Brown, of Ot- i taws, are here for a visit with -Mr. Brown's sister, Mrs: 11. L. Pancoast. and Mr. Pancoast. —Prompt service at your comijiand. Phone 909. Miss Lucile Cress, who has been spending several weeks at the. Sanitarium, left today for her home in Cottonwood Falls, accompanied by little Miss Katherine Sutcliffe, wlio will spend a week with her grandparents, Mr .and Mrs. C. learner. —Dr. O. Li Cox, Specialist, Eye, Ear, Kose ud Throat. Mrs. J. Jones wlio lias been here since Saturday visiting Mrs. Frank WUianiB, returned home toOsawat- omie this afternoon. —Jlrs. Ifull X llull. Osteopathic I'kysielaBs. I'honeH 120 and 661. J. R. Heath left this afternoon for Superior ,.Vch., wiierc he will work. —The 0>vncrs' Exchange can sell or trade your property if it is worth the inoncyi Rooms 17 and IS, Old Court House BIdg. Phone G73. Ed Vodt^r. of Garnett,' was a Imsi- noss visitor here this morning, reliini- ing hoiiic at noon today. —Hot and Drug .Store. ("old Oiitiks at .Muiulis .- \V. ii. Ralston went to Wichita today, having been called, to app(iar there before,tlie United ^ates grand jury. Mrs., Ralph Conwell, of .Gas City, is quite ill at her home thehre. —rExchange your Old Furniture ami Stoves for New at Ed Heiinlnger's Stove Store. Mrs; Fraiik .Mable Itas returned home' to Geneva after a short visit with friends here. —Let us store and pack your good.". Phone 909. Mrs. H. E. Slanders and'her little son, Harold, liave gone to Garnett for a short visit with her parents. —-Eat dinner and supper with ladie^ «f Trinity church at ii. A. K. hall Sat. iirday. Everybody invited. I^wo new cases of (Tiphthoria were j reported from south of Gas City today. The afflicted are tlic two small child- i ren of Mr. and 'Mrs. Ivong. ! The 14-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs.| H. L. Harris, who live northwest of* lola. was accidentally shot through | the right hand while examining a rifle i yesterdii .v. The injury will- not result seriously. . The fourtccn-months-old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mock, who live on .Vortii Fourth street, is very ill. Last ni.sht at the Christi.-in church parsonage Rev. O. C. Moomaw soloinu- i;;cfi (he niarria .i?G of Frank Davis ;!nl1 .Mrs. ftelle Lee. • .Many frien;'ls knew .Mrs- Davis as Minn Belie Rickelts. Ilarlau Taylor came over from .Moran tor a short business \itfit this af- tCillOOII. Tile state supremo court Saturday returned an oinnion upholding the ruling of .fudge Foust in the case of K. Geppelt vs. The Middle West Portland Cement Company. As tlie case is recalled, the company had purchased sonic machinery from the Allis-Oial- mers Company giving a title note. The company did not record the mortgage taken and when the cement manage, meiit become indebted to Gep)>ell and others foi- labor, the latter sciured labor liens on tlie machinery. .ludge Foust held the liens to be good aud the supreme court has sustained him with one minor exception. For Women, Biy: Misses and Children. Women's Sti)rni Rui)hf-'!'s. hi^'h or loiv heels Women's Low Cut Rub^ei'.s, Women's Foothold,< Women 'sCloLh To;) ii'Mh'oer.-^ lit^h 01! ...75c low heels... 75c • ..65c . . .,.$1.00i Big Girls' Lnv.- CMI <.y Slovni Paibhcrs 75c | Misses' Ruhbei's, sizo< lO ^u to 2,. . 1 .6Qc' Children's Rubix'i-:^, ;^i;';es •> to 10. ...5Qe The great Vernon; 11;. imoiic t'tmied'y comiiaiiy will open- a li\o ii;;,'lit eii- gavement at the Princess Tliealre, beginning tonight. .Vlr. VeriKui is coiii- tngdirect to you from ih(: ivrincipal i cities t)f I'lie west where Ue lias been indorsed by press aud public :is "America 's fon lun;;!. H.v-pno;;.-;*." .Mr. Vernon is introducing an entirely new tlii,i!,g in the. Uyiuiolie line this yiar. Through long year.s of study and hard work, .Mr. Vernon is at last able to liroduce performances that were never before witnessed before (lie Ameiie.-in ''"^'x' will ( public. His inain idea in working out freel.y. .\o (he siih.tect is to bri.ig out tlie funny I'lowing. hci side of life. tnEAMlFOR CATARHH OPENS UP NOSTRILS^ Tells How To Get Quick ReUef from Udid-Colds. It's Splea4Mili In one minute your clogged nostrils will open, '^he air passages of .your Icar and you can breathe more hawking, snuffling, iidache, dryness.' No strtig> 'on "c coVulnuous "outburst fo'' bncath at night; your cold.or of laughter from start to finish, forget the date—March S to 13. Don'i It-atarrh wil j Cot a sn Balm from •J little of FOR A BAD COLD The surest way to stoii liven the liver and cleanse the bowels, and the nicest cathartic to do this is a lu-ecnt box of Cascarets. T;ike one or two Cascarets toniglit and your cold may lie gone by morning. be gone. all bottle of Ely's Cream your druggist now.r At^nly .. 1.1 uiiie uLj, tills fragrant, an ^lsetitlc, ? j healing cn'^'m in your nostrils. It pen- .?{'tr;'tes thr^uigh every air pas lage of cold i.s .'to Uio he-ul, soothes the inflamed dr swollen iiiueoufi membrane and relief comes instantly. ; It's just fine. Don't stay stuffefi-ap with a col(i or nasty catarrh— rUiet comes so c^'uickly. When you build your liome you will have many things to thinki df, things of which you liave heretofore thought vaguely, but of which you must now think definitely and closely. You will be forced to rely upon specialists in the various biiild- ing trades for advice in selection and arrangement, p The mason, the carpenter, the heating coi^- tractor, etc., will all be glad to helpyou and you will need their help, for each is a specialist in his own line and knows things about it which t^e avecage man does not know. ^ Above all, you will need the help of the architect, for he is the Master Specialist of home building. Years of study and years of practice have made him a specialist not only in design and construction, but in the multitude of practical details that enter into every building. He sees them as a complete whole as no other person connected with the building can. Each of the tradesmen can advise you in the problems of his own trade, but the architect, can advise you in the intricate correlation of all of these—tb the endyoti s^ ardently desire,^ the creation of an artistic home—beautiful because practical and harmonious. The trained architect sees the home as a whole, complete and^ occupied. He places the furniture in his mind 's eye' on the plans. He foresees the effects of decoration and. furnishings, and plans for those ejffects. He foresee^ the necessities of housekeeping and provides for them. He can with the most modest priced/materials obtain for his clients* needs a building most appropriate and with enduring charm. He knows not only what heating is b^t to use for your building construction and exposure — where the piping can and must go —what kind, size . and shape of radiator for each room, hall, etc.,—but where it can best be placed to exert greati^st heating effidcnqir. with the most artistic and unobtrusive effect. . ' ^ ^ .The leading feature of any home is comfort | There is one feature of a buildins which more than any other, all architects now, unitedly and strenuously, Strive to have adopted; Every architect knows that no matter how clever the plan, no matter how harmonious or in good taste are the completed structure, tritn and decorations, when the days arrivef of cutting winds and sudden temperature drops there will be trouble .for his cUeiit and for him if the heating outfit fails to respond. The finer the furnishings, the greater will be the contrast an(^ emphasis on any la^ of heating comfort. Every one of the million outfits of IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators now in use in both Amertcafl» . Europe, Australia and Japanis giving Jtppmost satisfaction and the fuel savings have already repaid, or are fa^t repaying the original cost — everyone is a paying-'invesiment, not an expense. - Further, each outfit will give ideal results as long! as the building eadlttw. in which it is placed' < i AlwajrsxonsuU an architect—even before you btiy ^ When you build your home, ybtir fiiat step—even before you buy your lot—should be to employ the trained architect. Tor he can^ help you choose the eomiet settinc.for the kind of btiildine you want to erect, as well as to dmst you in putting heart into your home by selecting and placing your radiator hesitiiig outSfe^ to do best work with the least amount of fuel 'and care-takinf. Ask your architect—ask any architect what heating he would^usf if be were buihUnc his (Mm-, home. HisJsnswerwiUbe: "IDEAL Boilers and AMERICMI Radiators are the best that money can buy, yet cost no more. 'They are/unyfiiorantectf,'* i Whedieryourbuildingisastore,o&ce.scheol,church, flat,/arm or city house, etc., ask to-day for fre« book: Ideal Heating," iuU of bifl facts you ou|^t to know. Put* you under no obUgation to buy. ( Mk «]—for ctttlog of the gtatJonsry .'geauiiie. unfailing ARCO WAWD Vacumn Cleaners—at ^iso ap. jg ^jn^ SoMbvaUdesJers MD eichwive apnts Writs ^pattmMt T4S I • • \ -3 m

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