The New Haven Leader from New Haven, Missouri on February 21, 1963 · 1
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The New Haven Leader from New Haven, Missouri · 1

New Haven, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1963
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New Haven L eader ranklin County’s Second Oldest Newspaper — A Missouri Blue Ribbon Weekly — A Leading Publication of News and Views Dumber '49 NEW HAVEN MISSOURI THURSDAY EBRUARY 21 1963 VOLUME 68 Senate Committee Passes Package Tax Proposal v -a The Bureau Dr (North fl A lOUH 01 4ViLAwb ailUvldlA iuhh investigated by the! tain Twis was picking his men loyal he must likewise have been and great courage trim half pro- (i rc is a Iik k ! form a and Clark expedition had icHirned from the wilder- scriously curtailed activity particularly in tion BANQUET SPEAK-committee members State Historical Socir'tj-' Columbia Missouri “rial boars testimonyColter in his physi-plsrt was well fitted 1 —'res Above the lM‘ powerful of quick alert en during a fino shot he was the ideal frontiersman patient and areas but immune examples as behind his Leaves or lorida Mrs George Wolff left Tuesday via Eastern Airlines for Orlando Governor John M Dalton (right) is shown handin a proclamation naming ebmiry 24 March 2 a® “Missouri rm Bureau Week” to Olen Monsecs dairy tanner and president of the Missouri ann Bureau ederation speaker Springfield Mo Mr Walter Murray ranklin County Republican Central Committee chairman and Mrs Murray Union and Mrs Clarence Conrad and Mr Conrad of Union A capacity crowd was in attendance at the Immanuel Lutheran Auditorium in Washington — han Photo p m Proceeds will go to the Missouri Lions Eye Tissue Bank On the menu will be pancakes pork sausage and scrambled eggs plus dessert and coffee milk and soda Tickets are-21100 for adults and $50 for children Sunday via plane for Tampa lor-1 Wolff plans an extended visit to ida for a week's vacation ' lorida hours later And the mercury dropped to about 24 degrees by 5 pm The weatherman forecast yesterday that the temperature will be in the low teens by Thursday morning A light snowfall accompanied bv wind began at mid-afternoon Wednesday and the weatherman predicted more snow by today week of ebruary 24 -March the preservation of a Christian been proclaimed "Missouri nation" Bureau Week” in Missouri! In proclaiming arm 'I NA OR DON OWENS is pictured illustrating a point in hi remarks to the large crowd last week — an Photo eparate he- lironnmnts After Colter fore We reached St Louis woodsman of the West and the most c4ebrated member of the Lev is finally n iling were Airs Dorothea Anderson Rt 2 Sullivan and Edgar Barlage Union The idection will be held during the regular school ( lections on April 2 The present superintendent O E Burke who has held the office for the pa®t 32 vears will re'lro in June He is 75 years old Airs Anderson teaches in St Ixniis County and is a guidance court '! hi® will be the fir'U race for the office since 1943 Mr Burke who is the third Miperintcndcnt in ’ic hi forv of tie' uunty has run without opnorilinn ince that time He first took the office in 1931 LINCOLN DAY ERS and guests and seated at head table just prior to entering upon the program of the evening Seated left to right LeRoy Lerbs and Mrs Lerbs of Berger Mrs Owens and Sen Don Owens of Gerald Mr Jean Paul Bradshaw principal add valuable theme their E'erv eau In Week b‘ r- ib-ent the frontiero un-Liimi-d nr rurili'ltv at lea-t to return tr hi' frit nd® or hi- eoun'rv: yrt iusf at the moment when h" i® 'U'arwh inc the frontiers he i- tempted bv a huntinc ‘-rheme tn give tip those 'delightful prospects and co Mik - ! Wlinout uw least reiiKwmv unis and Clark Jour- mam in the country’ and trap for The incident is thus Next: Discover Yellowtfone two trappers that making 'hir way up the Yellowstone to These men — nd orrest Hand-'he lone journey ind wore nearing They derided to expedition to the i Colter hearing ile for County Superintendent Two candidates filed for the office of county superintendent of schools before the deadline ri- farm organization’s annual membership drive In his proclamation the gover nor nointed out that farmers continue to be increasing- arm !y efficient in producing an Services abundant supply of high quality belom'ing food at reasonable cost Governor's Statement "Missouri farmers a personal contributions to L'ovcrnnii nt as citizens" he said "and use their influence in devel- nr m t d frontiersmen in the winn- n ing of Kentucky and that he ae-! cepted his enlistment as the chance Above m ati‘fy hi-- desire for adventure Dakota) p‘ I find in th- folk 4 meauirc and only by rarest good fortune did he live to tell the talc of many hi irbreath escapes- The record of John Colter with ixwi- and Clark is a meritorious vp The to this fact eal attribute for the vi common h frame physi th rough Wo Bureau organization memriers ocnevc in -iippor! principles tiveness would not go into effect until mid-October Therefore he argued the first revenue would not come into the state treasury until mid-January That would cut the yield for the first biennium to $100 million The package plan was developed after opposition arose to a flat bne-cent sales tax increase Legislators feared that would produce more than would he needed and could not be justified to the voters The Senate Committee defeated in a closed session efforts to the sales tax increase to a cent and to refer the whole blein to the voters in the history of the world” 'and his services might be dis- his pensea witn we agreeu mat ik pniVjHf’fl HOIK? Ul mu In the history of rest would ask or expect a similar indulgence to inis mey caretui-lv answered that Lhev wished Col-: i f I 11 I ana woula not'opmg w noieMime uniiiiiiiuiy ‘ ritni uuii'u'i i'-iiiuj mn e " their barm : vine to the world that tney ne-arni Bureau hevc in a vulunlarv farm organi- arin by Governor John M Dalton and 'Week Dalton commended the ob-signals the kick-off of the state servance of this week to all Mis- I suuri citizens urging their partici- I pation in making it notable Directing the statewide rnem- Missouri ! bership campaign is John Boiler Bureau director of ield "An organization worth to is an organization worth selling to others’ said Bel le further stated "Our this year will be ‘Invite armer tn Join arm Bur-’63 Dining arm Bureau llioiisands of dedicated w- gnvuro t of Now I lorida to he wi n nor aaugnter w her Hat on and her daughter Miss Bet-1 Mrs Dalzell who is a patient inde'en tv Sue Small felt of St Lottis left! Orange Mcmdrial Hospital Mrs nw A fiscal note auacnmi tn tne inn (Continued on Pace 8) Measure Would Raise Missouri’s Sales Tax Levy A package tax plan altered to lessen opposition to tax increase proposals reached the floor of the Alissouri Senate Tuesday after being passed by a small margin by the Ways and Means Committee The plan would increase Missouri's present 2 per cent sales tax levy to 3 per cent The package plan would raise around $833 million during the next two years This would be somewhat short of the $862 million Gov Dalton said his legislative program would require Here is the package plan: 1 A one-cent increase in the sales tax to produce an estimated $115 million in the next two years But about $11 million of this must be subtracted because trade-ins of automobiles and other things il to $500 would be exempt 2 Cui the lowest income tax brackets to one-half of one percent— to aid low income groups — and raise ’exemptions for dependents from $400 to $1000 This would save taxpayers and cost the state an estimated $20670000 for the two years 3 Abolish 1he intangible pro-nnriv hv id a c'aVinr fn tikniVPfS of about $4 million a jear The counselor in the Pattonville dis-state gets none of this money ex-trict Mrs Anderson’s husband cept for nominal collection fee Woodrow'’ Anderson was an nn-The rest goes to school districts successful candidate for presiding cifies and counties judge of the comity court last fall Challenges Estimate Mr Barlace is teaching in the Edward Staples director of the ( elcinentai v -yst'in in Sullivan He Alis'-oiiri J’uhlic Expenditure Sur-'wned throe terms as clerk of the vey Monday challenged before i’-iint the Senate Committee the csti-' mte of SI 15 million in new revenue for the tux’ two years Mr1 Staples said the sales tax bill winch does no’ cotv an emer-I’eney clause for immediate effec- COLDER3 TEMPERATURES 1 LiOllS tO SpOHSO JK Pancake Supper yesterday and the warm weather The New Haven Lions Club is here is bowing out to colder sponsoring a "Pancake Supper” temperatures and snow (n Tuesday ebruary 26 With the temperature near 60 1 yjlc stppCr will be held at St degrees at noon Wednesday it was1 peUr’s vnited Church of Christ near the freezing point only three njning HaI1 and will begin at 5:00 ihii rends like the impossible vet "nd 11 'uriety of articles which f no uscini to mm j ion us me ncxi nay t’ol'er's decision to go Hie w ilderness si emed to deep impression on the tion But ho was going hack The I’iddlc Journal continues: : The example of this man shows ns Low oasilv m n mav be w'-armd (r’in ih habits of i'ihz-d life to the ruder bill ‘( arcelv less fas einatintf manners of the woods : hi ’’ii’P'T h I- now for hi tn veirs from!nd mi-’bt r-dtiralh to have some anxielv rick Gass in his journal® of the an act of meanness selfishness or dale ol August 15 and 16 1806xpedition cites instances of the bad temper is there recorded! “In the evening we were applied very high qualifications a man had against him” ' Io by one of our men Colter who to possess to be considered by Hi Place In History I was desirous of joining the two Captain Lewis Of the many who i colter deserves his place in his-: trappers who had accompanied offered few were chosen The re- tory if for no other reason thatius now proposed an expedition cord Colter left behind proves he was one of the high-class men ’! ’ the river in which they were that Captain Lewis used rare gnod:of the Ixiwis and Clark Expodi-lto find traps and give him a share 'iidgment on the day he signed ’ tion “This celebrated perform-' of the profits The offer was a Colter for the great journey to-ancc stands as incomparably the I 'er' advantageous one and as he I most perfect achievement of itsaa uiway-s (uwim kind wasl Another historian sums up alse Advertising Bill Introduced In State Senate By John R Jutton Missouri Pres News Service Sen Edgar J Keating of Kansas City has introduced a bill attacking misleading advertising and merchandising practices which would enable bilked persons to recover their money Such practices primarily are centered in the larger metropolitan rural Missouri is not Keating cites these being the reasoning bill: “A TV set is advertised as being new and selling at a ridiculously low price Then a prospective customer comes into the store and finds cither the advertised product has been “sold out” or is offered a three-year-old set instead” “Another case is where a person reads or hoars or sees an advertisement offering' cheap automotive repair service goes to the garage and is told his cur needs major repairs Then the garage merely cleans the old parts puts them back in and charges for installing completely news ones” Keating said he introduced bis bill after learning of success of a similar measure in neighboring Illinois SB 183 provides for flic attorney general’s office to step in and seek an infliction ag'in'f persons doing such business urther provided is Hie setting up of a receivershin whereby persons found to have i cheated can recover their a T ingle navigator landed at St i fired by the great and glowin The coming of this canoe and it® navigator a unh'Talded and very little thought of at the In rank-' k of his arrival This man had lust completed a vast journey from the mountains in his canoe am! his eom'ng marked the true “'ii-i” of the Lewi® and Clark Exp'di’i"’’ t-ihn Colter one of accidents in the county wa a dc-Jh- groan -t explorers and master creae of four from the 3o record- ed by Troop C in January 1962 Two persons were killed in Jami-ary this year 26 injured and pro-pertv damage was estimated aL $204"5 Troop C covers 10 cast1 by Dr E B Trail (Editor’s Note Dr Trail idem of Berger Missouri noted authority on Missouri His- ' on bteanwoai History in this state He has de- pital fund have mcreased tne total m-u c - - - - )nr fh ontin ter ev ry suciess to $170592 The fast rate of eon- ana the nrst pan m vvee-uvl a f( til t axaaainnc ri ti t in Li in i aun breaking of the drive thermome-j iter’s decision to join Captain ter in the German School yard one day in May 1810 a little Lewis on his great adventure we The hospital board had previously given the drive co-chairmen a goal of $200000 and at the present laitiis drive success it is apparent mat the goal will be reached soon Thirty-five accident lin County during January were investigated by Troop C of the Missouri Highway Patrol according to a report issued by CaptainV s Baton The number of first record vve have of central Missouri counties and ac-Tnhn Colter is at Maysville Ken-cidents listed in the report occur-j lucky where on October 15 1803 red outside of cities of 10000 or he enlisted as a private in the more population A total of 292i Lewis and Clark Expedition Cap- vnxirlAntit n'APCS 1 Patrol in the area There were1 carefully Life and Adventures of John Colter— Trapper irst Explorer of Yellowstone Park Region the Pacific Ocean Birth Of John Colter r 1 1 L2 TL1 we Deneve UlUt uunu vuivui na— born in Virginia and journeyed conception of the expedtion in mi h - tfwen wnrns i into KemucKy wnne a yuuiig - Two celebrated men of eariye’fplorationswiththcpossibleex-Kentuckv— S i m o n Kenton and ’’option of Alexander McKenzie arm Bureau Observance To be Held Next Week inj‘ i innzl ni'nnmini'P 1 ’ finished with Lewis and Clark he therefore supplied him as did his — oj - :irtl Mi farcer in the wet comraaes him iui yuouvi teuu In-a K 4Voi Cnllnr had been ' siartca OP rf- l arLl-r 111 lilt VLSI UUl IdiiUU wiuicu aiatw v ’ a i hnt ronrk ltk crirfAtne mrvlisrt nf ( IlWtrl nV inf' MPPMI Hlitl fcflUWAUBg i counts of the deeds of these two he survived and lived to reach SI May I mu T ranper ort Mandon the Lewis and Clark Ex lived tn have his desire satis- pedition m the homeward bound journey met were Misinuri and Hi-trap for beai ir Joseph Dixon n cock— had inidc up the Missouri the Yellowstone return with the Moudan vilkue' their plans decided to join them “When Lewis and Clark reached ort Mandan on lheir return Journey in 1805 Colter appealed to fhem in he relieved from further Wcla pivniAAi iiivi ujjui aav iuujv ( He well knew that for the sco’”® of references to service in order that he might re- o nerenne injured i the creat task before him required him in the I Aciima mnn nf cntonrlid nhv-sicil ahilitv nals show he performed his duties! beaver ed at $141397 and great courage Sergeant Pat- faithfully and well Not a hint of i recorded in the journal under the AREA NEWS — Plan $12 Million Veterans Hospital i At Columbia X 480-bed hospital with an estimated cost of $12000000 will1 be built at Columbia Missouri by i the Veterans Administration VA announced that the hospital which will be a part of a general nation-wide expansion will be I located adjacent to the University! of Missouri School of Aledicine and will be operated in affiliation with the medical school unds for planning work will be sought from Congress in the President’s budget of next January for spending after July 1 1964 An appropriation for actual construction would follow a year later The VA told Missouri Senators and Representatives that the hospital will have the most modern equipment for both surgery and medical care Two hundred beds will be allocated for general medicine 2401 beds for neuro-psychiatric care j and 40 beds for tuberculosis patients The University School of Medi-cine has been urging action on the VA Hospital project for two years stressing the advantages to the VA in having university research and other facilities nearby Until VA announced its construction plans last week it had been thought that favorable action was at least a year away The VA now has’ a total of 121-364 hospital beds around the country almost equally divided between general medical care and neuro-psychiatric On an average dav VA hospitals have 11919 patients and 119841 employees The veterans medical program covering hospitals and many other benefits is costing the government $1043182000 this year — AREA NEWS — 7 he annual sausage supper sponsored by the National armers Organization will be held Saturday ebruary 23 in Union Mis souri at the Memorial Auditorium Guest speaker at the eight o’clock meeting which follows the supper being served from 5:30 to 7:30 luill 1 rrliarrl 1 hngsten N O Vice-President Also on the pro- Eopcf of fl SerfeS gram win be vol im urcen or Mississippi Valley Stockyards Missourrm involuit wily out nf employment in January wuc p ud $5757213 in Unemployment Insurance benefits the Division of Employment Security reported last week LeRoy Schantz agency director said the amount is $2-i 815658 or 957 per cent greater than the $2941555 paid to the! state's unemployed during Decern- Knr tin him 1 1 ii !? attributed to the usual post-holi- lory and especially s 1 tf r m 1 V ft 1 1 n 1 1 ci 1 1 r I xnvrre weather in January which voted a ureat deal nf time and out-of-doors eiiort in rescan n oi jocai mauiy nnzt Vile elArTV' H Tglhn Pnl t 41® I i rnntiTHic- anu iim w " a Mill nf C11SR71 61 was one result of this research paid by the Washington office of I Trail’s story on John Colter fam-the unemployment service during I m's explorer and trapper who first the month of January discovered the region now known Contributions that have cuntinu-las the Yellowstone National Park ed to pour in toward the Hermann and who spent the last years of his Hospital Association's district hos-Hfe in ranklin County— -will ap-nitfli nind have increased the total ! pear in the Leader m senes form A i — J i l— nmf rtf ll 1 £ c — ’ M&ir - f ‘ ’ I i I W : ' - Wl ' 1 s (iiliOilwUMil wrwiMff rA ’J v ijii w K JpCi L Li- -Gkik-J practive and 'ilion drdnated to kpepmu farm dedicated to r ind ’h” r ifion free “ -Cj ' 'J - 4

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