Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 8, 1915 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1915
Page 2
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•4 'i- H THE lOLA DAILY BEGISXER. MONDAY EVENING. BIARCH 8.1915. m EXCLUSIVE STYLES —For Women, Misses and Girls Indivtilual Styles mNew Thilormdde Suits to $25 New GifbarfHiies, Cliw'iks, Coverts, fcfc., in the new spring shades. 7 New Kid Gloves Sole 4gt *u<.s (or tli<» <«,'|<>- lirated (Ipnteiiicii K'd llhu-vx —all ui'vv tombiuiitioiis and colors. ' Womien*s ahd^Bsses' New ModaU Separate Skirts Exclnsivc models for and streei weiir in a variety o)C a »vuliiv. flai-c and pleated ! i and upward :\\ Mimnety JTow on Display. NeuD Corsets for the Spring Mode^$l60 to $10.00 ' , For Woiiicii 011 (1 Mhxcu. The mUr'inodeh iifhiptal to the f<iniuff motk 'H <iic now H'iuff KUOWH ill iomph'te (iHxintiin'titx, in nil of fhv po/nihtr makes, invltKliiiif ihv UOSHARD. SKMO, WAIiyHR, FERRFH. doimi)! iinil ('(irsct Wiiisl.s for qirh (niil ifn'.isrs —SOC'$LSO W0men*s and Misses^ Coats il r</>j -Cfic »iiilirr follrrlion of Coots in tillrii smart .stf/hs~- uew iiKitn -iats. VhiiihhiU. Coverts, VliediS, (Ialiardi lies, Mcnts $e:sOy $7 .98 ^$io,$isz ward Plain and Fancy Spring Silks Colli prixisKi tlif most ilcsinthlr irvt(vrs in Bhnkiikid ttic in'ic coIoniiff.H,. iritt offer r'T;/ .«;irr;'(j?. privr adninhnjn'. , The c|ri|rii)al I'O X «; 10 K SH.K. 4"J giivlirs wide, in N:>- turul. s|ioei<il, ^l,."iO \m- vanl. NE\A' PAlLLi: S^lLKiS, lid inehcK wide, in a wide ranpe of spring shades, tlie new materials for skirts or suits. Per yard, ITi ;;h (Jrad.- riUFKOX TAKFI:TAS . :',(; hinh Instri', soft finish, all shades, Spcci:(l.^ i»er yard. PBINTEI) SILK CREPE. 40 inches wide in large and siu.ili deyiff:!-*. on lipliT and :]-nk ground. Ciilc ]n'v yard. , .Suijerio^. C K K V E U E .CHINE. 40 in<Ii.>s wide, in ev- euiiiKand' streel shades, also flesh tint Coi- underwear; 8pe <-ial, ?lll'i> per yai-d. York Store United llretlircn rburcli. i 5 Servlceis throUBhout ilic day were attended, ttiouga :iot quite up to Jthe ubual fetanda^d. Mr. Moody pveaob \ tied moming and evening; using ae his j ^WOtnUig-text "Tlje Heart of a tctiier." i ;A iiaesBoio by S|[r. lluniilton was the; jmufiicat feature, v ' v.-Mr. Moody wa> at lits best at the' BVenlBg Herriee, delivering an elo- iqvcut, f.owerful "diBCOuife on "Tiio .^iyottae Mui ae a -Teacher." The piistor t\nV. at lenstti on tbf> reasons wViv "yowng men entering ooileges slioulrt I .follow the CtirlEtian lite, and tlie nuiny '^^Hisobs why., young men and wcmen ^K>ins <Mjt of tbe'coUeges and univer- .jgitfes as teachers eUbuld be abie to tile color of ja pure Cliristiau in- ^uence to their tttacliings. He aiig- ipcnted his .scnubn witii JeUcrs writ- to liim on.tlieisubjcct ^y such Krcat (^nta 'tors as W. N. AJasbn. H. -f Waters, W. S. Mali, ef .Vorth\Vesteni irni- virsity; W. D. Boss, L. \V. Mayberry. Jl^os, W. Butcher. Chancellor atrone of: Kansas Unlveiiity, and others. Mr. Atoody declared-'ihlmself in favor of X&e bond's for the^ew high School, and denounced' the personalities which li ^ve entered ln<|) thev ^present cam- jmign, clim&xlng' -his view with the efittcineht, "Go to the polls and vote f^r opinion TueSday, but for'theisalte fefSeducatfon. keen your personal feelings towiard those baclj of the niovc- ' ifiint to yourselfr" ••^he musical feiitiire of the evcniUK wqa 3 rendition of i"The Wayside ^r^BS,'.J>lr~ Eli Shai-pe .singinp the Are You Getting as Many EGGS As You Should; LEE'S ECG-MAKER, lyEE'S LICK KILLER, ; and GERMAZO.VE Willi remove almost trouble. 4- Glassb fitted Eyes Ebcamincd J ^tiftfaciioB Gojininteed or Yonr \. I Pot IMletn. Oh!l,think of the genius that'ii wasted, . Tti« talents just ruatiiig away, , While the pbt-bolllng stiainzas are , pasted , To somebody'a list day by day! Oh! thtnlc;of each 'gtoitt inspiration That'never knows ryfhin or feet. While poets all over creatioln Arc writing for something to eat! Oh! think "of the musical numbers Seep down in the tcells of e<tch soul The volume ofglory that slumbers, Perforce, while we grub tor life's dole! , , Magnificent lanthems ire dumbly Imploring some measure of scope. While we grind out our doggerel glumly, • And live upon little save hope. yearn to deslgh a brave sonnet On subject sublime or profound. To put our best efforts upon it— But-hbpels soon dashed to the ground. Pgr which of the multiple papers Would pay for a sonnet sublime? We hie ourselves back to our capers In rag-time and. ting-a-ling rhyme' • * i In income to still keep us eating, . Aside from the pittance we earn. And while every moment is fleeting Oh! how might our geniuses burn! What Muse would hot use his environ Kor chanting^ spnic brave raphsody,' And oh! where would Shakespeare and Byron And Wordsworth and i^ngfcllow be? ' —Lurana W. Sheldon in tlie New York Times. ,1 IT •l.'J .iL.'-0 TLvlK TO GET KE.\-JV TO SPRAY TlitllCS: EVANS BROS. fc'cil all thjs cl.-itiii p( eo,(2dH. Jf.l;o. itiggest Stock—-U-ast Prices! solo in declamatory .'tyle, and the Booster quartet responding with the chorus from the gallery.i John Muir. 'lue late John Mulr was one of those rare spirits who devote a large part of their lives -to making men ac- nuainted. with the beautieB anH won- dprs of iiatare. Besides belnt; « gifted wHicr, whoEO words have had a Bclfd attraction for a fine and sympathetic type of Kinds. Mr. Mnir was a Craetica! scientist—as a geologist and an explorer he h*s cdntrlljgted his Ebare to thi world 's ihteltectuai re-- •ources. The romaitc'e of Kls career va<A the mystery of that special gift '.vhich mndc; gisciers: a partietilar object of hia studies are matters over which' (heivoage man may weK pore wlt 'h wondernicnt. ft is not easy, tor the person of affairs to UUder- stand the Irresistible call which comas' to certiiin natures to make tliemselvfis masters of the secrets that lie only hslf-bfddeh In the physical world that .surrounds us. But that sons natures receive this call and - retpood to It nobly is I he testimony oreucb acareer Rs Jo!'.!! Muir's.—Spr ngfleld Repub '.lean. Bemorse is to ctten prompted by hea^«icbe,'or gottinsi caught, ^ ^ The Miirch study program for ttie Music club will be held tomorrow af tcrnoon at the home of Mrs. P. E. Wjiugh. and it Is hoped that all mera- hers may attend so as to be prepared to enjoy the next recital jirbgrani more thoroughly. •> « « Last Friday afternoon Mrs. S. S. Hllschor assisted by Mrs, .lames Weich and .Mrs. L. H. Wishard entertained tile Ex-Teachers Club. Guests always gather at Mrs. Hilscher's home with tjhe full: intention of enjoying themselves, and as this club was organized severa; years ago for plciisure alone it was of course a hap py meeting, ,;uul the presence of six guests, Mrs. Frank Riddle, Mrs. H. A. Ewing, Mrs. O. L. Garringiiouse, Mrs. .r. B. Kirk. Mrs. K. .1. aiiller, and Mrs. R. l\ Steveni^on, added to the i>leHS- ure. A iirnlty compliment to (he club wii-s tile arrangement of carnaiion;;, I he club flowers used for decoration anU v ;is ,?s of the fragrant flowers were I'laced here and there about the rooms. Because ;Of illness among the mem hers and for other reasons some change in the times' of meeting and the hostesses has been necessary, and so it wag decided that another meeting would be held this mouth with Mr.s. A. W. Beck, Mrs. E. 1. Crowell, and Mrs. H. H. Funk BS hostesses, the' exact date and place of meeting to be announced later. * •:• The president of the Un^ity club lias announced a change in the lessen for next Monday. Instead of preparing the lesson listed in the yearbook all members are asked to be ready to take iwre in the lesson on "Saul." Mrs. George Taltert, :20 South Walnut street, wilj he the hostess. The announcement was made today ia order to .?ive every one an opportunity to study the new lesson. * * • Mrs. J. G. Mittlebach has' invite-? the Thursday afternoon Card f'liib to meet with her at the nsual liir:»- this week. * <• « Some jjcop-'j have an idea thyl tiie telephone girls have an easy time seated in comfortable chairg and saying very politel.v, "number, p' ;asc," -•lid then mixing up the numbers dreadfully, Imt subsciiuers don't always limit their requests to mere nuiiihei:^. The other day, for Instance a worried subscriber asks^ one of the jgirls at the teiephone olficc to help him find his cow. Finding stray cow.s is not exactly a |iait of :ho business, but courtesy is one of the first rnlcs. and after finding in which direction *he animal atrayed tlic girl begun calling the residentK n order ,'1 long the road and finally found a farmer who Jiad driven the missing cow into his barn for safe kecjjing until an ov,ner should appear. ' * •> • Tie-people of Triniiy church were *'ery busy rate last week having a good time .••nd a part of th? good times helped in adding necessary funds to the various treasuries. On Friday evening the senior class of the Junior J=:pworth league gatliered No Rear Reflectiong with Tories *rii« curvetl t^rle skape does awajr with' the unmiyancr «f rear reflecUoh* rntircly. lour tieM of visiM iti nideaetl aad tb« «lose.itefBg edges caa not later* ftre when foB -looli otf vt an aagle. ^ome ia aad see as alHiat Uwn. MD fOF THE IIU HffiiiS i'6raM>r 'Hayor ^oltlogW Says Oeatl^. mnulf Caadart of Teiin at'iiiildwiB .Wade His Heart Qlad. "I wish every citizen of this town roi.'Id have leen-the tola high school basket ball team during tlie lourna^ mcnt at Baldwin. Not only in their play on the ball court but on the street, <n the hotel aiid every wlt (src they were perfect gentlemen.' Their tratDing was so manifest in their der meanor that it was a source of conv- ir'ent) Gentle and refined, they were the most worthy representatives of lola and I-heard ai .'ove the roar during the game, the constant whisper: "They're gentlemen, every one. See how clean they play." That was the story of the lola basket ball champions at Baldwin as told by former mayor Charles O. Bollinger this afternoon. Mr. Bollinger simply can't forget that trip to Baldwin. "Let me say to you," he continued, "that if you could have seen our high school boys there you would have been as proud as 1 an4 you would be giy- ing the, same happy report. The lola school spread abroad its fame as a training school for .gentlemen as well as athletes at that district tournament." at the parsonage for s picnic supper. About eighteen girls were present'to enjoy a splendid spread and later they spent a merry hour or two w;ith games. At th^ same time the members of the young ladies' class of the Sunday school were entertaining their friends at a pie supper at the church, and the proceeds and the fun this afforded was very gratifying to those v;ho had it {n charge. And all day Saturday everybody joined in pre paring and serving dinner and supper at the G. A. R. hall. Because of the bad weather friends from the country who always attend these din ners could not come and so the pi-o- cccds arc not quite so large as had been hoped for, Imt the ladies who had chargt. |0f the dinner were well satisfied. The young m<vi of Mrs. Sampson 's class who attended the pie supper given by the young ladies were so delighted with the entertainment that they have decided to entertain in a similar way next Friday night at the rarsonage, but Uieir plans are even more elaborate, for they intend to combine a box supper and a pie supper, and the members of Mrs. Edith Graf's class wiU assist thsm and serve ico cream so that all taste,^ may be suited.' Mrs. Sampson's class has shown increased enthusiasm and activity . for several weeks and the young men are working very iiai^l to make ;l>vir first affair for thf v.-tnU-V a real success. •:• • •;• Miss tirace and Mis.s lilantl!? Thompson arc here from CoUinsvillo for a visit with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Thompbon. -> '> '> On Wednesday of tais .v.^ok the member.s of Circle number fivo of the I-adies Aid Society of the First Methodist church are to meet at the hotiic of Mrs. L. L. Ames, riT2 South Cotton wood street, for an all day- meeting and picnic dinner. All ladies who be long to this circle are invited to take their sc ^-ing •dv.<\ spend the day. •:• * •> The social commCtee of the f'res- byterlan church appointed for this month vvill entertain the members of the church and congregation at the church on Thursday i-rening. • <• • Mrs. C. P. Day. 706 East Jackson street will entertain .the Golden Link ciub for the regular meeting toniir- rdw afternoon, '> • •:• Tlie first cf (hp .{-leniii:- ciaas iinr'-e Wiis he'd on S::;"rd:iv I 'voulr:!; Or lionic of Miss GUniuit; f.arielB who uas assi.stfd jn entertaining by Mia.. Octavia Munima. and if all the clas affairs are HK successful ui; this one it will doubtless I)« one of the most interesting ! classes in the history of the Kchool. In jiddition (o the members of the class the members of the Independence and lola High School basket ball teams were invited to join the fun. The feature of the evening's fun was a mock wedding. Miss Virgie Chilcote was the bride, Mr. Beatty Bay the groom; and Mr. Laury. one of the Independence players acted n the role of the miiji.^tnr. After the 'ceremony" the Wedding party and all the guests were inviiau to partake of an elaborate spread m which the menu and 'he decorat;onc were iirop- erly arranged to suit the "bridal" occasion,-' •:• •> Mrs. 'If. . I.. Henderson, who has been spending the winter at tlie homo of her son J. H. Henderson, is critical ly ill with pneumonia, and the many friends of the family join in hoping that the crisis may pajs soon and tavorably. * « « Ijist Friday evening Mi.'.^ Elizabeth •Sifers entertained the riiembers of her Sunday school class of the I'resby terian chnreh and the class tnaciu^r, Mr. Travis Morse. 'Two weeks ago the girls met in ^ir. Morse's office to form a club which is to meet every other Friday night. At that time they elected officers and decided on other points of organization. At the last meeting they co .iipittcd the or- ganixation except for naming the club^qy hi^K/'^ia 'to be deferred? until .a Southeast Cornell of the Square very aptly describes the new ^ Suits for Sirring We are showing. If you are not ^uite sure, that it is Spi'lng Suit time, the best proof can <)?er is the crowds that fill our! Siiit room every afternoon. Th^ very newest modes are here in the new shades, suieh as Putty, Sand, Battlieship Gray, the new shades grc<!n, blue and black, in the ^wanted materials: priced at $12.50, $15, $17.50. (0 $35.00 le^vbeautj^ul.^ew made of Silk Poplin and the new Snbwflakc Silk, in black, navy ant.d Putty sliades. Specially •priced at $17.50,$18.75^$21.75 $1.2.-. Silk Pi black and all yplin, 40 inches widei J4$jr| bolors. i)er yard.^-.l>lj# All colors ii( 36 inch Silk Messaline .'l per yard — ^1<^, Chiffon Taffjta Silk, black and.col­ ors, per yard J,- $1.<KI and UM 4n-1n. Crepe [de Chine, $1.00 yard. . Wasli Silks,-32 and 36 inches wide, jier yard ^-.^ f >9c and $1.00 .•\nd a beautiful showln); of Fancy Siiiis of all kitids at special; prices, •i' _; Wool Matj^rials for Spriol Our showing never was better thui now in all the iiew weaves and colors. Prices range from .'itle, 7 «ic, $1,110 npi to $'>..')tl vvr yard. New Draperies. We want yoii to come in and see the greatest line over shown in loia. The prices will snff you, too. I It .\qw Tipiiciary Leather Bags!, priced from _^_l__.$I.s>,51- Sec the !vinv( Uahby German SUver Coin. I'inscs atj to $1^ -N'fw .Kamy k ^onibs pf all kinds— :it^-^' ....-.Or, io $1.50 Fanc.v I'l'ii ts. iV.c, 5(lr anf 'oCi 'I'riiiimings foj- wash I' M-. 2.1e. iiud 89c. Now \<ivcl(y dresses at f(»c, DUDLEY 9H Here Are the Coats That Will be Worn this Sprug The Kl .vlr.; uvc ccrtainl.v uilly (!•.!• materials I'ovrrt t'lotl). Cabanlinc. Popjins, f .-iiicy liU.vllirc;:. novelty checks, in belts, flareS' ami all of the latest effecl.s. Ser tluMii. Priced frorii $:.:,(> U> ^i'.MK A beautifii! lin*^ iif new Silk Dresses —they are certainly beauties. You should see thciu. J^ricos range from SlIMIi to sSi^.l.tltl. , .\ew Skirts, new Waists, new Silks i!:id ('rei.e KiiiKinas. new Silk Petticoats, ntw Middies, etc. Roiiieiiiber, loo, wo are headquarters lor l-adies' and Children's Rain Coats. New l ,aiM"i, KmSiroideries, new -Veeljwriir, new ((l<ives, new .lr( Woods, new .Bfl'liflus—in fact, a world of new things! •i I later dale, and after the iiusiuess session thero Were .siames and music for entertainment and the girl enjoyed a very liapjiy gathering. TJie liqstess and her mother, .Mrs. S. M. b'ir.ira, served daintv refreshments. • • • News has been received here of the serious illness of Mrs. Lncinda Root, j who went to .N'ew York early in the I winter for an extended visit witli relatives. Mrs. Root is suffering witli pneumonia: .:• • \ The newest small hats are (|ulle | without trimming save for pearl-liead- j ed hHtplns thtusl in from Uic tront. and often these pins are dispensed with. Many liats are made cntlrc-ly of black satin with upturiied brims narrowly piped witli. black, and their smartness lies in the snapc and in the angle at which they are, posed on the he;(d., Recently half a dozen of dluvlnutive hats—turbans and tricorns' —were counted at Giro's.—^Vogtie. , In spile of the fact thf|t some of the • members of the L. T. 1.. apeni Saturday morning playing with their sleds and making snow men they enjoyed their first springtime lesson about birds at the meeting at the home of ^ Mrs.C. P. Day on Saturday afternoon.' The story for the afternoon wits about the red tailed hawk and was very interesting, but us only a part of' the lesson appearefl in the magazine from which it was taken the story js to be finished at a later meet ing, and it is hoped that all members who were present will attend all the meetings for the next few weeks so as not to miss any of the story. Tlie attendance was good and several new members were present for the first time. * • • Mrs. J. F. Nigh, who lives at 614 South Washington" avenue, will entertain the Priscllla Club on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs! Nigh became a member of the club only tliig year and this is tl'e-firal lime sh;v lias entertained. It is asked that all inembers make an effort to attend. STUDY GERMS IN WAR ZONE British Get a Motor Bacteriological Laboratory f^r Use on the Battlefield, London.- England has just put info tho field a scientific novelty—a motor hncteri9loglcal l.-iboratory, fuily equipped, ihc gift of A wealthy man who wishes to rcmuin anonymous. The car and cqulpnient will be taken tq the front in France, where, in charge of a medical officer, it is to be, tho headquarters for advanced experiments and tests relative to tho many contagious and .infectious diseases to vhich troops always are gubject. ,\ motorcycle attached to the outfit, will make- trips to and from the trenches and hospitals, bringing back to the laboratory cultures for examination. lOc- -A Special Added Aftraction- -lOc JrKli>J V^JtL<5a Monday, Mar. 8 THE GREAT VERxNONl BIG HYPNOTIC FUN SHOW See the Funny Hypnotic CIRCUS 1000 FEET—OF FEATURE VlLM-r-1000 FEET 10c- Thc Funniest Show on Earljh! "One Hour and a Half of Fiin- CAMPBELL UNDERTAKING CO^ • I Phone 332 We Strive to Please lola, jKaiu ~ Our Want PagVis read 6y ALt buF riaders^tfip^ a^^^ good reason why your )»d. should be therd!

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