The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 8, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Friday, April 8, 1927
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lOLA, KAN., FBIDAY WEEING, APRIL lUTE HAS HIGH WATERS AND DAMAGE Nearly Nine Inch Rain iri City Threatens to Flc»od Neosho as , Trains Aire TiedU^. Indepetidence,' Kans., Apr. 8. (AP)—Word from Benedict, hortli^ oi here on the VerdlijrK rlTer, Ibis aflemoon •ituteil thnt the rher there was fonr Inches higher than It lud >ter )>een! bef<in>. and xtHl rlslni; rapldlr-j TliN beiniir true, flooded rondl-; J tlun* are 'ex |>e4 >t«d here by to-1 ni <>rroM morninif a£i the late<it. Chanuie. Kan., A^ril 8. (Al't Tlie riuoil I in thin-j'county 1 h ' re-aclilnj! llsicr^Ht at Kri»* and St. Paul this afternoon and Is now within a foot of blKh wat- f <r mark with the river hiIII Blowly rIslWK. U .will !«' knowii In thlH Hection an the flood of the fieckHi. KH every creek in the riiiitily haH made new lilKli waler ,;"niarkM. Water, Ua^ hroken .nhrbuKli weak Hputn'in ' pracllriWly every one of (lie thirty ll 'Vee ili«lrlilH lli (lie county .anij flooded IhouHundH •of ;n:ivii. Pnt'iners howev -r wer" warned iti (due and no . lonK of life IH . ejtjiected. tOFFEYVILLE HA.<i . HKAVy KAI>KALL • tCoffeyville. Kalis.; Apr. S. • fAP)— .Three -quatters of an • Inch of rain fell liere this • j morning in a 30-ininute Uowu- pour beginning iat 7:4i> • o 't ^lock, fhMMling streets, and • inundating sidewaikK at sev- • cral points in the: city. Total f precipitation for tin; last II r • hours was brought lo 1 .15 f inches by the duWupour. • • • • « • TRACKS ARE OUT NEAR PITTSBURG Detour Necessary jFrisco From Kansas City to Florida'. Over I'jltsjjurg. Kan .M., Apr. 8.. (API — A mile of track the main line of the F*risi'o railroad from Kaii- sa.s City to Florida was washes I out last nlglit near here, making it lour trains over from Springfield Arcadia, norilli o; luceH .sary to d4-- lie ('Union branch to KaiiHas Cliy. Th'- KrIrii:o iigrnt at Arcadia r»-- poried b4twi -eii «jx and Heveii Inili- VH :o( Hill hIiic lilglit. \The dowi llil.-i iiioriilu«. 'I III -the name He<| I dimiuKcd' and ai I miles are under ; Iiieli III the <ll:<lri' „ ,, „ ,,,, 'lotil and »'>rvici> ChanuteKans. April K. (APj. - ,„„j, t^,„„i Clofte to nine inches of rain fell , , lieri- la.M night, sending local . f<'i'!t.eii fr.ight 8°. o'clock last npoiir continued lion were badly additional tl|rce Ivaler. Ail seijioii Htrealus out of their hanks, tying i soari I'acllic rrow. ars of ihe w*re derailed TRAIN GOES OFF TRACK, THREE DEAD Eighteen Persons Injor^ In M-K-T Accident North or Sd Paul Early [ Today. Parsons Kan<i. April 8. (AP) .Katy Workmen riearinir up the Hreckiige oi the deraOment at Kimlmll—jrain No. ii—iU. entered the mangled Wdr of un unknown nian.- , The body wis 'found between tlu tendier aiid Ihe baicgaffe car. The Iwd- hk oi £niflneer PhllUpii and KirenUin Ball hu«e been broDKbt lo Panons. The water Is recedlDfr rapidly Irom the wreclu % 1927. 1 Shows Trump Card Mrs. Harvey Davis Adii ^tB on Stand That She Wrote The Letter Which ThTjsatens Life of Mayberry---Caiisc8 Sensation. Pittsburgr, Kans., Apr. 8: (AP)—The defensj in the trial of Earl ilayberry, tiharged, with the murder of lis two children by meajis of a bomb l^t February 6, sprang its trump card;this morning in the tri^l at Gi'rard in a slens itional manner kn attempt to wreck the state's carefully biilt tip chain of circumstantial evidence. It Introduced a letter Mrs. Har-*: Parsons. Kan.. April 8. (AP) A wrecker sent from S<;dalia, )Io.. tii tile H4;elie of the Uerall- iiiiiit ij^ar,St, I'aul today is off I lie ir^ck near Kort Scott, ac-'- coidini; to word received here. Parsons, Kans. April 8. .(AP)~ ivsVi miles of ira'<k|Tw'. persons were killed land 18 were Injured, two serluusl): in thu wi) .M-K-T train wrecks liorth of ;here thlW morning.' .N'oneof the t have been c ,i |led ;{l'asseng<|rs on southbouni| train | room.|A pin could have been heard A ill not be ir,..ip <o. I'l were seriously injured.; I dropp vey Davis, a member of thp alleged love quadrangle, admitted she ;wrote to .Vayberry, In which she ^aide a clearly inferred threat against, the life of Mrs. Mayberry. The defense object, apparently, was to shift suspicion from Mayberry to other shoulders. The effect of Mrs. Davis' admission was electrical |n the crowded court room. The jurors leaned forward with open mouthed interest. Mrs. Davis was undergoing cross examination when a defense attorney produced the letter. Seeming- lya little confoiknded, she admitted having nrritti in it. Davis was reproved by the letter's author for something be had 'done .which did not meet her approval. She referred to the pending divorce suit of Mayberry and declared she was "going away wherij nolKidy would know her," but bjefore. going so wi ^uld make 'sh» inferred as .Mrs. Mayberry, 'pay the price with her own blood." Afttjr this disclosure, the defense attorneys quietly dropped the cross examination. .Mrs. Davis left tbe stand land took a seat in- the court AIJfEE .HcPliEKSON I.\ BREAK mtk MOTHER niorninK at Kiiijlevale. iiifilh lif up rliroad traffic, doing great,,., . property damage and threatening i .'"t«''»iir«. by a track wa.<hout, to send the .S 'eoslio river to new i Service on the Joplin and I'ius-j high marks. I ;'nirg electric linJ' was badly crip-! .N'o loss of life has been report'^ i l'!»<*- i'itti^b'irg and Cirard arc uiulei- ed so far,, but there were .several narrow escapes. Six feet of water water. Btttlfcd in the Hantai Ke sub-way track connecting the east anfl west sides On of town, and W. L. Dolphin drove tween into it in; the uigbL His shouts miles .attracted the attention o"t, a family coverel. neairby and they threw blta aj>lank • Hea|i <:st. rainfall v[a.s ncrtli of on which he flo&ted out. i nttsbijrg. the Bovernmenl rain .Members of the fire departmeiit j'guage:]liere.sliuwiu^ only t\»-o indi- patroied areas along drainage ! es of uitches, warning residents of their;j Creek^ /4f danger. The rain began at nine j throu^iout tliis s.-.iiun. and motor' on the bi«liways was block- j K Two' miles of track between with •irequciit. stretches of Kashouts. he Krisco braixh line be- Pitlsburg and (jirard. two Ipf Frisco track were water domoraiizing: the service. (•Aattrr fell during the night. Were fluodSiig lowlands p.- m., last^ evening and at S a. m., i'traffic' this morning tbe ^^ goevrnnieut' ed IJy ^.^verflows,, gauge registered, 8.SJ inches and, Servpce on the Kansii-s; City it was .still raining.' Santa Fej^oiitlit traffic was tied up by the over- liow tif Village creeii which put water over the tracks north of the city,'Santa Ke now thinks it will be noon or /ater before trains can ^ cross the creek here. i .Missouri Pacifli! train—Coffe.v- : vilie to, Kansas f'lly blocked ijy ' tile overflow of Uuffalo creek at. Hi>p*ir, Woodson county, is also i liere waiting for Village creek to I go: down. The .Missouri Kansas; and; Texas, City—Paesons j line Is blocked at Krie, this coun- j ty. ." • • i Drainage ditches passing through the city overflow;'d, carry- iiii; away bridges and teiijing out r'taining walls. .Many lousiness hoiis(< basements wer<» flooded. Tbe teiephoiie company's nniler- Ki'ound cables were, flooded, and HiK) Nttfturiis are out of cottinilhslon, among them tile fire de^iarimeiii tiiatloii, the police siaxjotr (ind t1i« electric power plant, ' The tele-' lilione conipitiiy laid a upeclal lln« >to jlin nlfHirlc plum whl (;ft furnNh,- eil power.for iliM |<lliy, wiijjer piiiiipr i rnt pliini ufid iilM' |Mit in Npechil t'.>u io till* fire d'fparltncnt Htutloii. | Unknown Farmer Boy | Saves Marine Train! Into morj rn was not interrupted. r«ions, Kans. April S. (AP) Ail ankutnvn farm boy reHldlni; Wulnul, Kansas receives crriUt I'ur, sutinif a special Iralii of ifuirlne>i from jrolnu; the naslinul at Erie Ihls >li*. , The lad ran to Walnut and Informed railroad men there Ihe track! had been ed (jut. A flatfiimn then,halted the marine Iraiii when It came Ihn uKh tlierej a ien n^lnutes later. 'I 'lie special wni* In ha»e met the nrecked rini In sijulh of M« rtnt." Tip nuirlne upeclul nias or. der'l lo fori Si'nll./Kai ^Kat to dell ir bill II Im inarenned, !»«• twe'ii WHInnt und l-Virtl .Scutt I'HUh 'd HHXhouU'on Inilh Join. VH Mrs. • 4 • * J. • • • r to,Th.! lolit Dally Uealrffer. The ly H(H:oril, und tola Diiily .Index. EIGHT PAGES OF FIVE Los Angeles, Apj Indications were iiven today )• 8. (AP)— • by Mrs. -Minnie mother ; of Aimd McPherson. evau [elist and founder of.Angel is Temple here, that the two had come to a parting of the ways and that the evangelism leaving Los manently. Kennedy, le SempLe might be Angeles per- HOME BEAU IIFUL IS CLOSED TODAY Uairifall No Worry To lola Citizens Outside of persons desiring. Id go south from tola iioday. the heavy Kiinaas rains of laHt ^^iichl and,,this nioriiing did not Inconvenience I citizens hTe. A Mfesourl Pacific-1 train bound for Independence was tied .up here for several hour*., as .Were several Santa Fe trains soilth. The river went up only a short [ , distancif- and there was little ititli-' .cation .ol tiigh waters. SeVer il small i -reeks overflowed, but; did •little dumage. all recorded at the local NeomP'klver (Um \ I Over Erie Levees •I Tbi Ihe MHin*. Khii« April K (AP) l^Wchii lilM'r broke «»er leier«t nt Er> Ihlx i^fier. nnni i^nd Inutidalnl thnafmnd* of > rriN of Tarni Innil nlonirilhe ill* r. ijrrordlnjr to report« fnini ErI'. i .Maay, of the famieni Meip forced Iheir hoii , Rain weathe the 2 o clock ported Lebo, 1.26: Emporiii, 1 .S2 of i| alH> Inir ^.:^r "p :^:i-^E ^;.°r!Rai.^falI at Newton this morning. Rainfall re other towns follows ."^eosho Rapids,' 1.3S: felmdjUe. 1.02: Florence. 3.76; ChanuteI;8.S3. (Continued on! Page 8. No. 1) ' Last 2 iui'll irain fbday. II I forced lo flee, leavlnic eiinipt^ient and houxe^ irood.x Ijehlnd. Ser> Ice, nine mlle> eaxt arsons, the rher Is slightly e flood statre and Is creep- over the .lowlandv. The wat -r is risinir steadily; ut one foot an hour. All roads ^t of Par 'ons east are rIose«i. ^ Totals Two Inches .Vevttnn, Kans.. Apr. S. (AP)-^ Inlghfs niinfall here totaled e« with indications for more Wellington, Kans.. Apr. "8. (API— Twei^ty to thirty bonsea In the easfernpart o^ the city are under several feet of water tbi* morning as. tbe result of a cloudbumt last night ,in which 4.3f; incbeii of rnin fell, most of which fell belwetit 11 p. ro and mldolKb|. Harcl* criK-k. .•«irdlu»rily rurrylnu iiti|0 or no water,. I* a quarter of 4 rnite wld0 with tb», ourr<at twitttpinff through The dead: li K. L. Philtliis, Panions, engineer V'^' [on train So. 22. ; i Dave IJall. Parsons, fireman of rain S6. 22. j Seriously injured: ; | Kd S. Cory. Parsons, cdnductor i)f train Xo. 22." back badly snrain- d and lAJSsibie brain concu ision. Walter Davis. Parsons, c< loreil Jioiter on .N'o. 22. i -uts and briiises. Slightly Injured: | . vn train -Vo. 22 tnorthboundi All il. Stanton, Lampasas, Tex. ': Jack Oaviu, Cr^aton, Iowa, ji B. Garner, Kansas City, train ij all clerk. jJohn T. Catcrli'ne, Kansas City. "Franlt' Fisher, Parsons. . -M. E. Williams, Yale; Okla. F. P. Walsh, .Muskogee, Okla.' .Mrs. George X. Hinsley, Parker, ansas. H. C. Ross, Kansas City. K. E. Denton. Parsotis. ' i under Slightly injured on train Xo. 21 (jsoiitlibonnd) '.Mrs. E. T. Xcvin, Ivichlta. Kans. Rev. C. H. .Mack. Chicago. Conrad .Mann, Kansas City. \V. H. CoopPr, Kansas City. J. Corner, colored portdr. Fort Vorth, Tex. Swifty Walker, colored chef, Kaii.-<as City. Train .N 'o. 21 from Kansas City to Parsons went into the waters I (|f a raging creek near Kimball :^bout one o'clock this morning. a,nd tr:t\n .N 'o. 22 going from here to KaiLiaa City w*nt Into another wash -out about 4:3.'> o'clock, three [iiiies north of St. Paul. Tho two .jicclderitH happened on eparale tracks abont eight miles [ipari. The nortjibound ti-aln had leen lUttoiired because of' ilerall- nent of .N'o. 21. and went Into an- 1 liiher wash-out. It was trayiUIng ast and went into the washout river III a curve, the engineer belnK-nn- '', |ibl« to see waier on the tracks un- 'I tl he was almost upon If. Phillips and liall were ritrrled <"»< iiio the water tif their engine shorH irtieij -over and was sulimfrged. •'•'If' II coaches followed ihn engine: Off ii 'J wer<' jiarily nubttierged, one t 'oriM inch being Kpllntered when the rain came to n midden stop; Most down f Ihe Injured were In H. ihcy Five cnN on train No. 21 at an Ibo field. nif. The two Mayberry (hlldren. Earl Robert, six, and Florence .Mardell, ten, were killed Instantly and .Mrs. .Mayb« rVy, who lay asleep with her childr<n, was seirously injured by a dynamite bomb beneath their bed. DePlnedo Is Guest of U. S. Fliers in Plane The opened on acco Rainj Weather Sjiowing of Home Toila^. Home iieantlfil FIVE POWERS MAY PROTECT TO PEKINGESE Statement From Fok-eign Office of French lis I Not Affirmed hf Washington ! . Officials. ! .M.IKINE IXJfKJ5« BY S.MPEK'.S {;r.>EIRE Paris. Apr. 8. (AP»-.M ters of France. Great Hri the United States. Italy Japan, have been instruc,tj »ij liy their governments, sayp the French foreign office to lland a Joint note of protest to! the Ihis- jiin. iind Peking government against mistreatment of their country. the national!^'by Prevents Model Phofenix. Ariz.', Apr. 8. (APi-r Four United States naVy airplanes from ^an Diego, took off here today op tbeir retturn flight to Saii Dtegi.-, carrying as official pas8en4 gers. Commander- Francesco De Pineili, two companion members of thi destroyed Santa .Maria's i for visiting tbe lioi^s crew, and Capijain A.. Gradenigo, j probably will be anoth royal vice coitsul of italy,:at Los Washington, Apr. ,S. (.API—iState- nients by the F]rench foreikii office that the Pnltedi States. Italy. Great Britain. Francri ami Jiipan were preparing lo present a. Joint note of protest to llie Peking g'W'ern- nient over ini'stileatnient of th I ious foreign naiionalsin Chiiij ' ed to find confiHiiiation today state department. ; Secretary-KeUogg ami oiLJ fic'als of the depurtiiieiit di to, coiiiinent npoii ibe i'ari Shanghai, Apr S. (.API- Snipers operating from aliey- way.f and roof topsS firifd on a *i party of'..lapanese patrolling' the municiiKil road, Jn the ; northern district today. One marine was' wounded seri- *! ousiy. , * « « « * -> THIRD SHIPMENT OF U. S: MARINES Plans Call for Departure Within Short i Time. FROM SHIPS IN YANGTSE Prjecautions .Are Being, Taken to Prevent Any Similar Outbreak To the One at Nanking. ^yashington, April s; (AP)—, Frpjwning guns of 21 warships of five, powers at anchor off Hankow.' .Seat of Cantonese Xalionaiist' ab- tivi^ies hi the.Yangste river valley, bespoke today the apprehension' fell over conditions at that point. While respective naval commanders have' reported that every precaution is being taken tp 'pre- veni an outbreak such as occurred var- 1 fail- at the inent of foreigners at .N'ailkuig. CHINA'S CIVIL WAR COMES TO A H wa .H' not |jo the public his afternoon I patches for piiidicatlon. It nt of the rainy weather. It i evident, however, that they will nolt be open ttnlght, either.-!""' ••''I''"';""B "">' I"'"""*' .but will be opened a* am tomorrow!''•^'«'"»^ authorities over the afternpon and night if the streets and walks are dry. The Register is soiry to have to close the doors even or one of the nine scheduled dajs of "open house," but it t>eliev>s the public will understand 'that this much courtesy is due the luture owners of tbe'home, whoever they may be. anil Mr. Sleeper, who furnished the nigs. It is hard enoi gh on a ne.w Iiouse for five or-six 1 hou^and people to walk through iL even in dry w-eather. w ithout add ng the additional wear and tear 1 if' a thousand pair 's of wet shoes. \ I "Open Hoiwe" at thi Home BeW- tltafTwas ptanned^to «xtend ov ^j ALT Shanghai. China. Apr. .S. (l\P) •I .Angele^. The navy planes were take care of nine days in order to such an eventiiality ati this. There have already been six perfect 'days antl there r one or two — which siiould give ei[erybody who wants to a chance to see it before General Chiang Kai-Shek Shanghai for .Nanking this J emoon., It is belfeved his ; is to prepare for further ( • tonese military operatltons .north of the Yangtse river. IShanghai, Apr. 8. (AP)—f civil war is marking time wh leaders watch the incipient cat war between General lihiang r of- lined dl.*!was Were o the Washington, Apr. 8. (AP)—A third shipment of Aiiierican marines to China will be made shortlyia, .Nanking, more than 200 miles after the l.f.OO officers ami men! .i^.^^.^, ,1^^. river. wHIch resulted In new in transit to San Diego. com-|t,„. slayiiig of Dr. J. E. Williams, plete-their arrival at tiiat port.m, American missionary, and aev- ''''Dec-ision'tomove, the marines! other torelgners, anxiety over across tlje Pacific has been reach- the'situation, nevertheless, waa-; ed by thp Washington governinenl I manifest, here.^ I • ! and negotiations for their trans- 1 state-department offieiaiB had |M >rlation by commercial line nowi,resi, i„ their minds the detailed are in pi;t.)gress. ' i report f.'-om Consul General Gauss .N'o specific date for the dMpartiir.-jj,, .Shanghai, tellin;; of the shoot- of the third marine detachment basij„j,,j,f f,^ Williams in cold blood treat,-; ijeen made but by the time the las.t left aft- trip 7an-| unit of the forces now enroute i reaches San Diego, it is explainei! the transportation question will have been solved and arrangemeh's completed for them to move to China within a few days. by .Nationalist soldiers, and plainly showed concern over tlie Han­ kow developments even though advices from Consul General Lock', jiart on the mobilization of the fl'-et at that city, as made.public, i did not in.licate tliat the" concen- hini 's le the lioliti- dommand of Lieutenant Com-! the closing date, next Sunday inaQder A. E. .Montgomery. I night. Winifield Oil Fields Are Floode(| Today Southeastern Kansas Hit Hard Topeka, Kans., .Ap |by Floods «. (AP»— Winfield, Kans.. Apr. 8. (AP) A total of 1 .90 inches tjf rain fell j Flood conditions in s^ifthern Kan- here iaxt night ;Aid thik morning. The Walnut river Is 18 feet above nprmaiand rising rapidly. Timber creek i« also, rising. Some hail fell here portetl. Thi Churchill oil field In Sumner Ing fi 'bm the /lood in the ArkunsaM 1 .MlMonrl-Kansaj-Texak train wrerjk Ibut ^Jio damage has been re- sas, resulting from torrential rains > last night, had causeil Injury to a score or sons and great proi today. Train servlc«i I Impaired, withinany FOR KANSAS; Insettledfeath. er, proluibiy showers and local two deaths, 1 Ihnnderslorms, lonlKht und Satur- knore of per- |;da>: ni ^t much chamre lii tempera, ferty damage I lure. was badly Washouts and north of Oxford, is snffer- tracks inundated. The losH of life uciording to reports today, ver bed wells are in the river t one. Minte .\o. 6, the water joMt up lo the floor of the rig reitile leudinx out from lb/ Workmen are keeping nff WINld. clnJH of Ihe Uoxana Petroleum rnlloii at Oxford said today that ifevej -al of their wells are shut on account of high water, but [have no definKe report from nrller hour. left tho tracks when | u. _ le roadlJed gave way. The; en-> VerdlgnS, RlVer Is KJIiie and several cars hail pnsaeil' ' ifely over the spot and a puilman If' was the first to | leave the acks. turning sideways andijam- ijilng against the other cars. There were no serious Injuries 1 that train.' , ' i Several cars of train Xo. 22i that riemained on the track" jwere rought hack to Parsons, by a re- I ef engine arriviiig here at 8 ! o'clock this morning. The Pnll- fians carried injured ' who. we're rjushed to local tiospitals. The injured who had been in a oach near the front of the train tild of being thrown to the top oJC the car and out of the windows ipto the water. Most of the pas- ngers in the -wrecked cars had I I (Continued on Page S. .Vo. 2) on Houses Are Barltially Un^er Water neigh (oring dwellings. Slate creek on tb! west edge of Wellington is from 1 half to two mile's wiile this morn ng, flooding the wheat lands snutlc ami west of this dtv". All train' tervlfe on the Rock Islandi is sto|i|>-d Slid Santa Ke service car- talie4 on account of bridges and track beln» washed out. Tbe Ar- kaniijii river at Oxford, Kiinsus is Infnki full and rtstng, Trjtln Hervlcm on ihrouKh 'itruinN will ]$o around Wallinitoa today, hrough itago and Mulvane, Kansas, he Santa Fe superintendent'ii of- [flce announced this morning. There jwill be stub service from Wellington to Wichita. • The Santa ex- jH'cts to have the lines cleair tojnor: Vow. Two hundred feet ofitraok «( rgonia went out Ian lilKbt, when Itte,water went over-^he irailroad ridge over the f!hlkaiikia, Slate rnek has inundated hundreds of pes and ihe damage aod Iom to I vtatbck la hnrj. 't:^- •• li ' 1,-w •l"j4.*ti-.'*'.j,;-!,. Up At Independence Independence, Kaiis. Apr. 8. (AP) The Verdigris river was' up 18 feet aljoye normal at 'one o'clock this afternoon and rising at the rate of two feet per hour. Elk River from the northwest was up only three feet and unless more rain fails tbe river ii not expected to go out of its banks. The Missouri Pacific railwa|y was detourlng trains over the Santa Fe line.b^ween this city and Chanute today due to Missouri Pacific -tracks beltig out at Roper. The rainfall bera last night' was 1.06 inches.- near Parsonii, wher train No. 22, northbound from San Antonio, struck ' u went into the ditch. i^ashout and K. L. Phll- llpK, engineer, and Di^ve Hail, fire- n their sub- ell or more in the de- man, wer > drowned merged engine, FIfi persons Were Injurei rallment. . Houtheaalern Kansbs w.-is hit hardest, with rainfall rrachlng cloudburst proportlOmi . From seven to nine Inches of rt^ln fell, some creeks reached the highest stage ever known, railroad .service was paralyzed and highwa)|8 inundated. Heavy Rainfall Reported Ojver State More Than 100 Homes At Parsons Flooded Topeka, ;Kan3. Aprijl Heavy raihs fell in hours throughoiit that part of Kansas south of the Chanute reported to bureau a fall of S:S {3 water. Dodge City received haK inches of rain, potteii three and thre ches. Xo' town in tti reported a inch. Parsons, Kans. April 8. (AP)— .More than 100 iomes in the low east Isection Of tl is city are flooded toda.y with water from Labette creek.. The water is several feet dcepj in many oi the houses but the residents are being taken out In bliats.- K *Wlhe|t._Cantoja«o;. mljitaryj mauler, and the ;centra! exe conimittee of the Cantont^: Ilatikow. • How long this Und factors will delay the Canljo: military campaign nortii, o Yangtse river remains to b' tern\ined. Chiang thus far his rf fiis -d obey the cent^aI executive committee's order to cease political.: ctivi- ties and resume military cohijmand at .Nanking. cpm- butive [e - at other uese the de- Jackets from American shii»s fn Chi- remaining there, nese waters. Admiral '\Vil'.ir..ins The report from Consul General commanding American iforces in f^auss on the slaying of Dr, Wil- China, will have-upwardi of COO-); •'^'H'* was a reaffirmation of pre- men for duty in^protecting Auifri- can lives. to vious dispatches that have been received in Washington. It was re- \' ! quested by the state department T .n!ine nf C^nnirn Ar<» ] following publication by ibe maga- ' LiOanS Ot C >fPirO Are sine Xanon ot a atatement fttrin * Assailed ReeU. correspondent tbdt tbe missionid7 . ' was shot only when he resisted. • •' Guass's message said that Dr. Williams was one of a group 6t Americans being searched and that he had protested the- theft of a but "without resisting "or '. i V Detroit. Apr. S. (AP)—"Two loans totaling |-i ,OOH from the; Los Angeles brokerage firm, of Weyl and jZuckerman through Aardn Sapiro { I to the organization committee of watca. the Idaho Potato-Growers Exchange; touching tiitlier the soldier or the were assailed today by Senator, watch: ; , ' James A. Reed,/of .Mi.ssouri, chief; Tljic Americans were all unarined, of counsel for Henry Ford, as eVi- he said, and the only protest by .dence of Iwd faith and defended as | Williams was made when a soldier Moreover, he ha,'; started ajn in-[ e,,|!rely ^proper by "Sapiro, who took his wkch was "that tlje watch tensive drive in the Sliangluii ijegion j s'-ek;; $UooO,000 upoii SG ailegatious i belonsed to his mother and that the ••-'-f' "-"I .soldi .irs would not want it. !_ - f ' against coinmiinisni. onlfM |inp the jji^gi r disarming of Chinese conjmlinists 1 and ilaborites who are reported to be numerous in ihe native cfty. THE WEATHER Temperature—liij^hest yesterday i72. at 2 p. m.; lowifst la,<t night .'i7 I at 7 a. m.; norma j for today, .14; cnrred in a I '''"^**'* yesteri^ay 10; excess since j pasH<mg<-r School Strike Gains New Converts Today Superior. Wis., April 8 .(AP)— Superior Central high- school's sirike gained two hundred ad-. diUonal recruits when tbe entire' student Ijody of the vocational school In the Iiigh scliool building 'failed to attend ' classes today. .Ninety per cent of the high school Onriillment of '.KM are out, as well as 100 students of Kant high school. : January 1st, .'tV .'i digrees; this dal< last year—IlIghe .Hf T,r,; lowest :(1. , ^ ^ , Precipitation for the 21 hourii; Nicaraguau Liberals ^ y^af io ^tir: .!x:! ^ Nearly Defeali^d Now c(-Hi« since'Janiiiiry tut, l.t'.i Im hi'. ' iteliuive hunildlt)i at 12 noon yesterduy, •!!•• ic-r <-eiit; 7 », ni. WaHhington, Apr. H, (>'jl»j- Nlca- rnguan C'oimervatlve Iri'.tops "vlr- trtilay, il? percent; bhromeier re-1 t'lally have lb«» Liberal jforces un- diiced to sen level, 'i'.i.h'i inches, Rain 'except HallMa, Cloudy; i!lttsbiirg, Wichita, partly cloudy, all roads muddy. Negro Boys Confess Kidnaping a Girl fhaftanooga. Teiin., Apr. S_ (AP) I In the belief liiat the kidnaping of little A'ij-ginia Jo Frazler'has, been J S. (AP) — the last 24 Kaw river, the weather inches of two lUtwrence re- fburths in|e rain area fail of lets than one High Watets Can Not Stop University Band pesplte high waters, th» f^an- •as university concert band «rill tie on decli for toblght'a concert, Sitpt. A. M. Thoroman announced today. He communicated with the a nd at Nffodeuba thtc morniog. d waa aaaurred that the baail would arrlr* oalaeliadal*. Dod^e City Tei-ritoryi Has Heavy!Rain Today Dodge City, Kans., Jipt. 8. i(AP) Rain in a heavy downpqnr ranging up ^ward to almost fiv^ jnchei fell in this territory early thi|i morning Creeks are swollen anjl the Arkan-; saM river spread over th| lowlands but haa now receded. Little damage waa done. j 1 | Some-biail fell bu,t Mused almost no damaee, except to vindow panes and car lops. Ingat s moat five inches of rain, Montezuma an(l Cimarron almost fonr Inches, Kinsley aboull three and Dodge City received almost two and one-half IncheM. From Inxalls to I.ajunta (he fall was (roin one-half to una ItU^ty. Satanta and Johnson reportail tha aame. ; jElkbart ^ad BO ralB. . ".At that poiijl." the message continued, "another soldier sihot Dr. Williams and killeil him. ~ ijwo o'th- ' er .soldiers looted Ills dt•^d body. Then they walked away | lincon- cernedly." ,1 | \ ~ Gauss also stated that the sqI- . diers de<.-laredj to the Ai lericans • that tiiey belonged to lh» Southern forces anil that after this sta^e- : meut the Anierii.aiis re-ognlzed ; their insignia cap and the usual .Nationalist neckerchiefs.; . | In reporting; the „fleet; mobiliza- tioir. Consul J»ckha''^l said that four Jaiianest'destroy^rii liad reached, till; city witliln 4h til der tieneral .Moncada »|nrroiinded III their mountain stronghold." Rear Admiral La'lmer. commanding j American nuval forces >;iin. reportHi today to drparttnent. Ten Mor^ Ranger^ Ordered to lours lafter he rioiliig of .April 'i iir Ihe Japanese i'DfiieMston, III uliich Japanestt ami I'liiiie'se were : killed. In ail ttiere ,'arv eiijhl Jnp|iiie«e naval craft, foiir, A'nerlinii, six Krltlnh, two Krenrli and one Italian now at Hankow. While f-the evacuation of the Jap- anes" aflil foreigners geiieniily ii* ';'''''Jfl'',V "7 i I'''<'<'''"''liiK'»t«'a'lll>'. a, half day n •^"•"^'• strike In protest against, firing I upon the f;hinese during the riot I in the Jajpanese .concession finH added to;the foreign anxiety. This • appreliension also was increased by Borger ''"^ Ka"'^'"'"8 large crowds in ithe former- (lerman concession th'- navy. Rorger. Tex., Aprils. (APi-Ten ' "'•J*'''''^ the" Japan- cleared up by the confession of two I additional Te.xas Rangers were en- I'^f*/-,, • ^ V negn. boys, AV. H. Hacketl. chief j route here today to help enforce precautions have beeij taken j Governor Dan.Moody's latest crime cleanup order. More than 200 per- of city detectives, announced today that charges against .Mrs. .Annie Tominson. and Frank Basset, wMII | sons, classed as undesirablesj were be dropped. [evdcuatfjd ifrom this oil Ijoom town ; yesterday., j Decision by Dawes Is Attracting Comment to insure evacua'ion of ail remaining: Americans should an i acute eiuergency arise." Gaiiss stated. VAn earlier dispatc-b also advised that a numiXrr of Americans were spending the nights aboard the ships as added precaution,! whlls the others were occupying ': places close to tbe water front. • j , The . consul's message made • no Tpv^a. Kans- April 8. f API—i f'T*'"^"" ?^f«''"ence to the reportire- Govemor Pauleii Has First Vacation Now Washington, April S. (AP)—Decision by Vice President Dawes., .x..,..^. that tbe senate campaign funds ] Governor Panlen took hi.s first va- I '•'''••ed yesterday from .Admiral committee has authority to tunc- cation from the governor's office Hough, commander of the .Ameri- tion during recess of congress, decision counter to that of party leaders, today provoiced considera- aj'in five weeks today, when he ;ieft for Fredonia to visit his aged" mother. He made the trip by . ble comment. Mr. Dawes made his train. The governor expected to j that eiglit; Japanese warships; had announcemetit yesterday. • : ! refnrn to Topeka Monday. 1 arrived- can Yangtsfe patrol, that the Japanese proposed to defend their ton- cession at Hankow, except to say Bath Tub Girl" Will Fight 's Freedom Chicago, April 8. (API—The Chicago Journal said today it had learned, from an authoritative source that Joyce Hawley, tlie "both tub girl" Is In seclusion in .Sew York and plans to attempt to ae« Attorney General Saircent and (tven President (!oolldgc in an at-! assistance in winning a pardon for tempt to save Eiiri Oari'oll, theatrical producer from ai prison term. Iiiformatioh concerning her plans came to friends' here, the Journal said a« a resuTt of a visit she mkdw Wednottday;' lo Federal Judge (loddard in New York.. She [Svaa baire :aaked the Judge'a (Carroll on the ground,, t4iat the story of the bath tub wjne party on Carroll's stage was "all wrong." Carroll's sentence of a year and a day was Imiiosed on a charge ot perjury growing out. of his tevti< mony Ih tbe trial of tho bath tui) caaelin which Joyce teatltled^ i - I K.

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