The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on November 19, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1892
Page 4
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Ho clinch- til that hand now inn fury of impotence-, nml cursed it that wlmn by strikini it inlirht liavo saved Madcap's llfo, it liad foruoruo tn lift itself; and so do was ruined and undone forever. Hester should die; but that would not Ivrini; Madcap back, and as tho miserable man trazod around tho deserted room, mcetiiiif atevery hand thosn innto tokens of Iter Into presence that make the pitiful lanifuaife by which our deal speak to us, vengeance showed to him us dust and nshes, and hatred of llos- er died in his breast, us, thinkiuir onlv of her, lie stretched out bis hands to the empty air. und curacil his Maker that be was not lyin^ in Iter onus beueatU tho sod. 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The scandals that had been afloat :oncerning Madcap wore forgotten in the horror her fate excited—only her youth and sweetness wan romnmboroJ now, and an indignant throbof pity for tho murdered, of luurod for the murderer, thrilled every heart. The disappearance of tho diamonds reduced the crimo to one of simple greed: but thero were persons, of whom airs. TriMisomo was one, who boldly de­ lated that they did not believe n word about the diamonds, but felt sure Mr. liv re ha 1 killed her in a (It cf jealousy tn" her llirtation with Lord Lovel. but this idea—for Mr. Eyre's devotion to his wife was well known, amino greater proof ot his love could be asked than the conscious, possibly dying, state '11 which he now lay—was received coldly; and, indeed, the llrsc confusion and horror had scarcely subsided, when it . became known that the man Digges was released, and the woman Hester Clarke, after 11 short preliminary inquiry, been committed to take her trial on the capital chargo at the next assizes. And then the public curiosity, that bad slackened a little over so dull a criminal as thetjardener, rose to fever heat, as. bit by bit, the circumstaucos oozed nut that were said to have led to her arrest. Lord Lovol had been at Ued Hall on that fatal night, and his discarded mistress hail followed him there, and, stung to a jealous madness, had gained access to Mi's. 13yro, and stabbsd her to the heart, then escaped before the murder was discovered; this was the lirst account bruited abroad. A second doclared that Mr. Eyre, supposed to be engaged below, had discovered Lord Lovel bidden in the house after lie had ostensibly left it, anil that in the struggle which ensued, Mr. Eyre had snatched up a weapon, that had C ierced Madcap as she threw herself etween the two men, her cries bring- ng tho gardener to her resell), who its forthwith seized by the servants us the murderer. A third account emphatically denied the two former ones, and said that the murder had bjencomtnittod by a tramp, bo bad been refused alms at the ser- ants' hall, and, banging ubout the place, saw her through the drawing- room windows with the diamonds on Iter eek and nrms, and by means of a 1ml der placed against the wall, had later on entered lier bedroom window, but nding her awake, had stubbed her, and escaped with his booty. The pathetic circumstances of Madcap's death, the knowledge of how she bail been but a dying woman when l)er child was born, silenced more than one pestilent tongue, and gradually, during the fortnight that elapsed between her death and the opening of the assizes nt Murmitou, the opinion that Bite had been more thoughtless than sinning, gained ground, while the strong ID* pression against Hester Clarke deepen ed. That after two days' flight she should have been arrested in the Red Hall itself, with the dead child of its murdered mistress on her knees, was held as but another proof of her guilt. It is the fascination that the victim has for the slayer that loads to so many con viotions. and Hester's affection for the child being unknown beyond the vil luge, her presence at his death was sup posed to be the result of mero accident Meanwhile the D'jko und Duchess bad unexpectedly returned, he to olTei his sympathy and support to Mr, Eyre in his present unhappy position; she to count the hours till the opening day of the assizes, when, in company with certain other flue ladies of the county, she would occupy o seat whence she could see mid hear everything that passed in court, and once more behold the inau between whom nnd herself thero was uo Madcap to stand now. of which lav on rim tauie. From the manner in wlrch it was block MI up by stables and oilier buildings at the side, and by tho cliff in the rear, it won d ho shown how almost imposs'ibb it was to gain access to Mrs. Kvr .'s bedroom without alti'inpting it from tho friiiit. There was no question of Hi:-servants being iMincerned iu tin: murder, as they were all below stair.* at thu time, with tho exception of tin nurse, who was in conversation with Lord Lovel when the shriek wm hoard that announced some Intal event, and set every on 1 rushing toward the wing in which Mrs. Eyre's room was situated. Not one of 1he.n1 boro her any malice; even thu gardener, when arrested lor the crime, declared his inability to commit it, becauso she had always been k even b'yoiul those of his master. There was uot 11 single von[ who could havo an unkind Impulse toward her savo thu prisoner at the liar, who had been poss 'SSJII of that cruelcst. most unreasoning madness that can take possession of tho human heait—Joal- tiu y. !• or tho innonciit intercourse Hint had taken place between that 1 oor murder- nl young Indy nnd her old companion nnu playfellow. Lord Lovel. hud been exaggerated, by vulgar report, into a connection very different lo the one that existed; nnd 011 the evening in question, I lie prisoner followed him to the lied Hall, and, herself bidden, been witness to. end auditor of, a conversation IVal look place between Mrs. Kyre and Lord Lovel, Mr. Eyre having temporarily withdrawn to tho next room. It would bo shown in Lord Lovel's evidence bow. after wislingbis hostess pood iiieht, he wated awhile for .Mr. Eyre, but presently departed, the butler locking the. door behind him. Uut in the moonlight ho distinctly saw a figure cross to tho wing opposite Mrs Eyre's room, nnd in which the nurseries were sltiiatrd. and quickly following it, found, to till appearance, the rooms un tenanted, save by the sleepingchildren. The nurse shortly entering, he ad valued willi her to the inner room, and be had stood for, perhaps, some five or six minutes conversing with her. when the cry was heard of which mention lias been before made. It was to be remembered that Mr Eyre nnd 1I10 servants wero all below stairs; from the back her room was un approachable, and tho only possible manner by which the murderer could havo got ingress to it was by a ladder placed against tho wall hv the gardener Hint afternoon, and forgotten by him in the discharge of Ids duties until very Into that night; but on this oversight the most important evidence of the whole case hinged, and would bo gone into in due course. On reaching Mrs. Eyre's apartment they wero horror-struck to see her lileetliug nnd unconscious, while Mr. Eyre himself, roused by her crv, having reached her more quickly than they, by ascending the tiaircnso that defense, it was because ne was entirely in the dark as to what might be set up; nnd if it was urged that the prisoner neither gained by, nor could have any motive for the crime, he would reply that sueli was the intricate constitution of the human mind, that there were motives no 0110 could conceive. Perhaps tho prisoner had thought tint, her honorable, beloved rival ones removed, Bbe would bo lirst in Lord Lovel's affections, and in the heart of the child she profoundly loved; but if alio had uo motive, who could have h id one? True, the jewels Mrs. Eyre wore that night hail disappeared; but when it was to bo remembered that a crowd of servants hud been let looso in the room, The last Asthma The Afrlem Kom riiiut, dlecovered In Congo, Weel A Men, ie Naturo'e 6u» Cure forAilbma. Cum «»nHi '«iilwa or NO ISioort oiaoe, 11M Bro»uwii», Now York. Forl.ura U'rlel ifM!?*: >>r Mill, addreea Mol IiueurtluK V'H IN Vina bt., Clttolimatl, Onto Cures SicK Headache itq»,euj!n BOOK III. WINNOWED. crurTETt i. O] llttlo did my mlthor think The day B)IO orndlou mc, Tho luiiils 1 was to trnvol In, Or the death 1 was to dlol The trial of Hester Clarke commenced on Thursday, November the Twelfth, and terminated on the- following Saturday evening, liy nlue o'clock In the morning the »est seats in court were occupied by Indies, and on the bench wore the Duke of Marmlton mid other county magnates, while immediately afterward those who could not be accommodated with seats on the bench, disposed themselves In the body of the court. The counsel for the prosecution were Mr. Montague, Mr. Chambers, ami Mr. Blmrp; and for the prisoner, Mr. Vnlen- tine and Mr. Flower. The attorney for the prosecution wu» Mr. Noble, and for the prisoner Mr. uny. At half past nine o'clock, a model ot the house in which the murder had been committed wus brought in nnd placed upou the table lu the center of the court. At ten o'clock the prisoner, Hester Clarke, wns.pluoed in the dook, and the clerk proceeded to reud over the indictment to the prisoner, after which the Jury were sworn, and the prisoner, in a losv voice, having pleaded not guilty, Mr. Montagus rose to address the Jury (or the prpMcutlort, x H6,ja0j»mfUPfld t>y jjaWrigjiipop them , ..„,„. .» tim tbfrtjr Wind* any im ed from his study to tlie bedroom, was stanching tho blood tlmt (lowed from her sido. Almost Immediately afterward, the diamonds she had worn tlmt night wero discovered to bo missiii;, and a man seen to bo peering in at the window, who was immediately seized upon, and 11 due course committed lor trial us the murderer. As prisoner, his lips wero closed, but when Mr. Eyro awakened from tho stupor into which Hie death of his wife hud thrown him, he immediately ordered the man's release, and demanded tho committal of the only person living who could havo desired lo liarm his wife, nnd so were able to obtain from his gardener tho real story of that un happy night. That evidence would presently bo re- luted, for the prosont it was stiillcient to say that ho had forgotten to remove the ladder from tho side of the house during the afternoon, nnd, remember, iugjt into nt night, and fearing Mr, Eyre's displeasure, had gone up to tho Hall, and after watching about some time, was In tho act of grasping it for removal, when, by its weight, ho felt that something was on it. and the next moment heard a shriek abovo him, und head foremost, at the peril of her nock, the prisoner laid come rushing down almost into Hie man's arms. It might bo argued that the shriek site cave was of horror nt something she had behold through the open window, but it was far more probable that it escaped her in the sudden fear that possessed her nt finding some one at tho foot of the ladder and so cutting off her escape, while nu innocent person would certainly have raised nn alarm, and, with natural horror, described what sho had scon above, instead of lighting with the man liko u wild cat (to use- his own words) nml so escaping him, not a truce of her b-3'mg found for two whole days. But on iho third night she returned secretly to the It >d Hall, supposing that the nurse, in whoso coiilldeiice slie ap- £ eared to bo, would admit her; but Lord iovel, who wus sitting up with Mr. Eyre's sick child, opened the door, mid seeing her disordered condition nnd band deeply gashed nnd stained with blood, in the name of mercy, and poss! bly on account of the past relations that hod existed between them, bade her escape while there was yet time, nnd before Mr. Eyro should awaken from the living death in which ho lay, to denounce her. lint in tho prisoner's perverted heart a ray of goodness was to bo found in the nffection sho hud always borne tho dying chiltl, in whom she found some fancied resemWnnco to tho one for whose murder Janof, Stork had in Hint court been tried in May lust; but certain evidence would be produced to show that even this ptiro nlfection was touched with guilt, ns BIIO long ago hud made her plans to steal the child, ami S o away with him, and in tho touth of anger was returning for that very pur- poso. when she found that the little ono was by death escaping to the mother whom lie had loved above all else on earth. It would bo shown that tho f irlsoner was doubly jealous of the vie- im, both by her belief that Lord Lovel secretly adored, while ho profoundly honored, Mrs. Eyre, and because she wns unable to detach the child's superior love from his mother to herself, thus mixing the basest nlloy with tlmt pure affection which might have been her saving, had site permitted It full play. Early next morning the child died, nnd in the snme moment Mr. Eyre nwaken- ed from the deadly stupor tlmt had held him in its grip, nnd his just imptilso being to bring to Justice the slayer of his beloved wifo, and instinct guiding him in the right direction, he mustered strength to descend to the hall, wh 're. unknown to him, tho constnble waited with tv warrant for tho apprehension of the prisoner in his hnnd. Within five minutes she wns arrested with the little dead child on her knees, nnd on being led away und searched in jail, there wns found in. her noeket a long, narrow Knife, with a slender iiumiie, and a corresponding stain of blood In the pocket, proving that it must have been placed there wh ;n wet and dripping with the blood of the victim. Jitit there waaone piece of evidence more damning than all, which irrevocably chained the no- cused to the deed; it was this. The housemaid who hud been deputed to set the room In order after its unhappy mistress 's death, had, In the natural foar and honor ot the situation, performed herdntles butoarelessly, so that aha had overlooked a fact that the do- tlotlvehud the next day discovered, viz., a torn piece of a woman's dreg* impossible to say that, beneath that tomp.ation which creates thieves. Hie diamonds ha I not been snatched up and hidden nwav. to appear lit other form when tha hue and cry after tbem was past. Tue committal of tho man Digg s had been a blunder of justice for wlrch there was noao counting: had ho been guilty, he would not deliberately have shown himself to tho assembled household at a moment when all eyes naturally wero seeking for tho murderer. It would be said that tho evidence was merely circumstantial, ami this was so; but if nil the parts.- if each atom, of the evidence wer- complete, ho thought it was as conclusive evidence ns could bo had. The parts of evideuco must not bo considered separately, but taken altogether; and if the chain of proof wero complete, th3 objection to such proof fell to the ground. IIo would now call those witnesses who, if they contradicted ncitlier each other nor themselves, might ho considered to give something hotter than oven direct evidence. HJ then proceeded to tell the jury their duty in tho case boforohim. It was ono that required Arm minds and upright hearts, with clear and intelligent understandings. Should their vordict be an nrquittal, it must be. iu tho teeth of overwhelming testimony to Hie contrary. If, on tho other hand, they found a verdict of guilty, it would afford satisfaction to those who, taking into consideration tho youth nnd blumelessness of the victim, could tind no parallel to its cruelty in the history of crimo. Ho spoke for twenty minutes, but this wns tho gist o.' his speech. When ho reseated himself, from tho Judge downward, thero was only nuo person present who had not mentally registered n verdict of guilty against the prisoner. Tho first witnoss to tho accusation was the man Digges. Ashen-huod, trembling, his knees knocking together with fear, ho was placed mor,i dead Hum alive in the box. When called upon to take tho oath, he stared idiotically, utleringsnch uncouth howls, as set the whole court into stilled laughter, and could not be go: to touch the Bible, being fully persuaded that whatever he did would coiiducj to his ruin—and only on catching Mr. Eyro's eye nnd receiving from him a reassuring glance, showed any sign of recovering his scattered wits. And so tho inquiry into tho bitter tragedy of Madcap's death began with broadest farce, for the sense of what the man said seemed actually lost in tho absurdity of how he looked while saving it—though tho sum total dragged bit by bit from his unwilling lips, and omitting all legal wrangles, was as follows;— On the nfternoon of tho murder, he had placed a ladder against his mistress's window for the purpose of re- movip.g some weeds that were growing around it; but being wanted bv tho cook for some kitchen-stulf, he had forgotten tho ladder till reminded of it by his master, who had como into tho hothouse about four o'clock, and had told him to saddle a horse and rido to the nearest town wherj exotics might bo purchased, and to bring back all that he could And. In doing this he had forgotten the ladder, ami, after arranging tho flowers, had gouo homo for his supper, and to bed; but at half past ten ho had woko up, and remembered the ladder, and how his blaster who mioht be RirmVlni? a cigar out of uoorsthat'evening. would probably seo It, nnd be angry with him for disobeying his orders, on tho morrow. Ho hud, therefor,!, put on his clothes and gone up to tho llall, but to reach tho ladder ho must pass the drawing-room nnd library windows. Tho window of tho latter was partly up, and he saw his master sitting at n tub's writing, his head resting on his hand. Tho drawing-room window was also open, and ns much as could be seen ot the room behind, brightly lit ("art of a muck of candles," in Digges' vernacular), and he drew bock when ho saw two people in the window, so frightened that ho had much ndo not to cry out. Asked why he was frightened, he said that ono wus his mistress, and she had got Are playing all ubout her head, and neck and arms. Ho wondered Lord Lovol did not try to put it out but they were just talking quietly, as if there wus nothing the matter at nil. lie got n bit nearer and thought she must have got a sw«rm of llre-tllos dangling round her mndo into a necklace- ami headpiece, Diamonds? Ho had hivrd of such things, but ho hud never seen them, though ho sttppostd they meant n deal ot money. If those wero diamonds Bhe hud got on, he had many a time soon glow-worms give n handsoino light, and yet they weren't worth uo money to speak of. Did they seo him No, they wore talking "courting-llke;' and hero tho unhappy man, with n tor rifled look at his 'mister, relapsed Into contortions moro frightful than before. A slight smile of pity curled Mr. Eyre's lips as he looked at him, but Digges. seeing the smile, took hoart, mid thought that his master wus not angry. What were Lord Lovel mid his mistress saying? He didn't know that he could answer tlmt; folks haduo business to repent things that they overheard. But on being browbeaton and bullied, nnd on receiving a slight nod from Mr. Eyr*, Digges vory unwillingly nnd frowningly nv<d9 renlv: „ , „ one sum ns now sne'ti alius mv'd him, nnd ever should, and ho look her hand nnd kissed it ns if It was ever so," faltered out Digges; nnd all present turned to look at Mr, Evre, who stood, with lips and brow firm as a rock, 113 iu- different lo their gaze us though he Wero alone. U'o bo continued.)' year has been the most prosperous of the Sixty-five years of Tin- COMPANION'S subscribers. This support enables it to provide more lavishly than ever for 1S9 of Authors, Stories and Articles can be given here. history. It has now over 550,000 3. Only a partial list Prize Serial Stories. The Prizes offered for the Serial Competition of 1892 were the Largest over given by any periodical. First Prize, $2,000. Second Prize, $1,000. Third Prize, $1,000. Fourth Prize, $1,000. Larry; "Aunt Mat's" Investment and its Reward; by Miss Amanda IS\. Douglas. 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By the Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times, Why not be a Veterinary Surgeon? An opportunity for Boys; by In What Trades and Professions is there most Room ? by Shipbuilders Wanted. Chats with great shipbuilders on this Subject; by Admission to West Point; by the Supt. of U. S. Academy, Admission to the Naval Academy; by Young Government Clerks at Washington. Charles R. Miller. Dr. Austin Peters. Hon. R. P. Porter. Alexander Wainwright. Col. John Al. Wilson. Lieut. W. F. Low, U. S. N. By the Chief Clerks of Six Departments. caught in a promoting mill on the back ot the chat? in wliluh the victim hail' been aented when surprised by Shemuiv derer. q »ita fmgRwnt of QlMliminiRd. been found to oxttetly fit a p ! eoe mlas- ln« torn tbt front ot U>« prisoner'* Things to Know. What Is a Patent? by The Hon. Carroll D. Wright. A Chat With Schoolgirls; by Amelia E. Barr. Naval Courts-Martial; by Admiral S. B. Luce. Patents Granted Young Inventors; by U. S. Com. of Patents. The Weather Bureau; by Jean Gordon Mattill. Newly-Married in New York. What will $1,000 a year do? Answered by Mrs. Henry Ward Beecher and Marion Harland. Over the Water. How to Sec St. Paul's Cathedral; by The Dean of St. Paul. Windsor Castle. A picture-quo description by The Marquis of Lome. A Glimpse of Belgium. The American Minister at Brussels. A Glimpse of Russia; l>y The Hon. Charles Emory Smith. Adventures in London l-ogs; by Charles Dickens. London Cabs. "Cabbies;" ilieir "hansoms." Charles Dickens, Jr. A Boy's Club in East London. Frances Wynne Short Stories and Adventures. More than One Hundred Short Stories and Adventure Sketches will be given in the volume for 1893. Quality's Temptation. A Bad Night in a Yacht. Leon Kestrell: Reporter. Uncle Sim's Clairvoyance. How I Won my Chevrons. W. J. Baker. Strong "Medicine." The amusing effect of a brass instrument on a hostile Indian; by Capt. D. C. Kingman, I). S. A. Knlttln' Susan. In the Death Circle. A Mountalnvllle Feud. Mrs. Parshley's First Voyage, Bain McTickel's "Vast Doog.' The Cats of Cedar Swamp. An Able Mariner. Uncle Dan'Ps Will. On the Hadramaut Sands. An April First Experience. Riddling Jimmy, and other stories. A Boy's Proof that he was not a Coward; by "How I WROTE BEN Mini," by Gen. Lew Wallace, opens a series, "Behind the Scenes of Famous Stories." Sir Edwin Arnold Writes three fascinating articles on India. Rudyard Kipling tells the "Story of My Boyhood." A series of practical articles, "At the World's Fair," by Director-General Davis ami Mrs. Pott=r Palmer, will be lull of valuable hints to lliose vslio go. "Odd Housekeeping in Queer Places" is the subject of half a dozen bright and amusing descriptions by Mrs. Lew Wyllacc, Lady Blake, and others. All the well-known features of Tins COMPANION will be maintained and improved. The Editorials will be impartial explanations Of current events at home and abroad. The Illustrated Supplements, adding nearly one-half to size of the paper, will be continued. FREE Send This Slip with $1.75. To uny SBW Slllwrrllwr who will flit out nml semi u» tills flip Willi itiiniu mill uililii -KU nml S1.75, «e will KIMIII Tim Companion Kri>o to .Tim. 1, 181):i, und for it l-'ull Yrnr ft-um tlmt date, 'liila oBur IIH-IIIIII-K tlio Doulilu Ilnllility NUIIIIHTK at TliniiUsKivhiK, Clu-lntniiM, New Year's, Kaster ami l'olnlli or July. The .S'UHIVIHY «/ Tlw Ctuiumtimii i/limlmti-il in colors, •IJ pages, ttvicribiiig the Xew IliiiltUnrj, ivilh all Us ID departments, will lie sent an rteei/it or l-'rcu to mil/ out* retiitcstinti it who Sena's a snhser'uition Jar THE YOUTH'S COMPANION, will lit acitt on re to 1893 THE ROSE. illttol-y tiUuWh 'liiuv it. Imi* .\lwuyn lli'trn 11 X'..,ulllU .illli.UK I'lUiiVl'a, Old as U10 history ot tho world itself, is Uutt ol mo queeu ot nuwers. Tito uucli 'Uii Ureukb ana itutaaus ruvoi- cu in roses; moy wero used, tuvisuiy at Uiuir leasts, in tno umo ut' luc ropubuo tlio peoplo bail their cups ot i 'Uiui 'iiiau wiiio swimming with, bluonis, una 1^0 spui'tuu suiuiurs, iilfei' tuo battlo ol! Cii 'iTi .i, l'eiuseii to tlrmk it'iiy wluo that was not peiluineU. with roses, while at tuo logatui or liulito mo whole surl'aco 01 tho Luciiiio lake wits strewn with, tho tlowors. Nero ut his banqueting showered rose-water upon his fiiosts from ttu opening in tho coiling, and when honoring thu house ot n uoblu wltn Uis presence tho host was compelled to have his fountains playing rose water. In tlio repast itself roses found place lu tho form of it roso pudding. I Tho Sybarites slept in beds stuffed with roso leaves; tho tyrant Ulouyslus had his eoucli tilled with them; Versus would travel with a garland ou his head nml round his neck, and over his litter he had a thin not with rose leaves Intertwined. Antiouhus luxuriated upon u bed of blooms oven hi winter days and nights, and when Cleopatra cutcrtahied Antony sho had roses covering tho lloov to tho depth, it is said, of an ell. | AVe tiro told that Hellogaualus supplied so ninny nt one of his bnuquetis that several of his guests were suffocated In tho eudeavor to extricate themselves from tho tibundauoo—victims of a surfeit of sweat odors. Doubtless tho humodorato use of roses by tho nnclents led In after days to their being relegated to their proper sphero in tlio garden, for although we (•loamy AudU'iu-e*. New York Weekly. Manager — "I don't know what's got into audiences. It takes it mighty good comedian now to inalto them smile." Lohhlc—"Perhaps they'd brighten up easier If you didn't chargo so much for tickets." 1 Tho total number of school children in Manitowoc county Is 15.021. George Horn, of Jauesvllle, died nt thu ago of 35 years. M »(1» to T .ook T .tltA Now. PrcftBCA, tleiil's {.IIol Inuj£, I<'eulliui's, flloves, i -lt'.. Dyed or (.'limited, l'lit*li (lunmiiit-t Sleitineil, nl Olio I'juliii'n l>.tu H'urloi,:JUI IV. U'Mur St., Milwaukee. Bund for circular. , VALUAULEI HINTS. Vegetables should always be put In cold water half uu hour beforo using litem; it »US freshen ihutn up wonderfully. A most excellent cement for fasten lug leather, nuiier or wood to uiuuil cuu he uutdo by uddlug u, tuasjaooufiU of glycerine to a glil iC.glue. , White ox>uts ou varnished furniture will disappear U you will hold a hut > lmvo had tho war of tho roses In our plate from the slovu ov\* them, or rub | modem times, tho fkAvora wero only them with osHeuco of puppurjuUdj or ' ' — - - •-• -•• -—• < sph'lhs of camphor. To cleuu biuus, use sweet oil and pulverized rotten stoue, when IUH upota oro removed, rub off tl< tmrfuce wiui u eleau minuet cloth and soiuo ot thu dry rotten stone, thou polish with oluunuls skin until perfectly brhjUt Mrs. II. B. Illusilnlo. a resident ot Kenosha county, since 1842, died at her houfb hi Kenosha aged 73. A (arm without & tool house IsUkeniuii- HillioulpocUutd. FITH —All File Klopimil rmi> l,y I >r. Hll .i.', 1 -iU. Nri-v* U--HIUI-,.I \ No l-'lie nrtor tint f 'e uee, MiirvMlotiH uuroB. TruutUu ami fi .lX) triiii lie tree ta Fit CIMU*. Suud tt> Or. Klluo, UJ1 truli St., i hi Iu., 1 'a. It In said that 33,000 varieties of goods an nittuuCuctuvud from wool. STATS or OHIO, CITV OP TOLEIIO, I 1.1' CAH COUNTY I FitANK J. CHUNKY makes oalli Unit lie is tlio ncnlor partner of lltu llrni of K. 1. C 'llHNEY & Co., duln}; business hi lltu illy ot Toledo, County unit Slate ufiiicsaM, nml Unit mild Ill-lit will pay tltu emu of ONIC UUNnUED DOI.I.AUS Tor eneh ami every case of tliiliii'iii Unit etiuiint be cured by lliu usu ot IIAM.'S CATAHIIII Cl 'llli. VltANKJ. CHENEY. . Bw'orn tn before me anil snlierlliud hi my presence, tills Utli duy of December, A. V. Isso. A. IV. 01.EAS0N, A'olory 1'ublio. Hob's Catarrh Cnro Is taken lntornnlly ana licit dlrui-lly on tlio blond anil mucous surfaces ot thu system. Bend for testimonials, frou. F. J. CHENEY A CO., Tolodo, 0. (S^-Sold by Druggists, 78c, When tieos <lo not (to oat as uswal, but keen In oir about tbulr lilvus, ruin muy bo ex poclod. If yon want a posltlvo euro for Bllllous Attacks ami Colds uso llllu liunus HmuU. TO DT1ACE UP f.v. Eystem cfter "La drlnpe." pneumonia, fovers, "ui:i. other prostrating neuto ii;.v euse-j; to build up uecikd Xlesil nml litivfigtli, nnd to restore, health mid vigor when you l'eel "rini-doivn" nnd iiistl-tip, the best thin lu tho world Is Dr. 1'ie.v. Golden Ih'dlcnl Diseown. It prometea all il.-o ludii/ functions, rou>;:-; every or G1111 into hculliit'ul tietion, iiuriucs nml tlio blood, and thro\if;li it demises, repairs, nnd iuvjg- oml«s tho entire- system. For tba most itr.liborn Berofulotis, Skin or Sculp Disensea, Dyspop- sln, Biliousness, and kindred ailments, tlio " Discovery 11 is tho only remedy tliut's pitnraiitefu!. If it doesn't benefit or euro, you liave your uiouoy back. SEAL > Can you think of anything more convincing than tuo promise that is made by the proprietors ot Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy I It is this: "If we eun't euro your Catarrh, *r»'u pay you $500 la cash." (;K.\J;I:OSITV. The Gi'l'illiili Knijmi 'OT, out ul onitituile I'm' I lie birth of his daughter, hits ordered that all female prisoners in Germany who tire now tiiiilcigoiii"; punishment for crimes committed in distress or in anger, thall he liberated. It is a well known fact, that consumption frequently renders a person insane and that this is often the first idea that his friends obtain that lie is ti filleted with pulmonary troitbb. Now i person dues not get consumption all at once. It is slow nml insidious iu its attack, ft always begins with a mill untl if tho sufferer will get ;i lioftln of If KID'S GKUMAN COUQII ANII KIDNEY CUKE ami take it free'; when ho catches cold, he will neve, lmvo consumption. Of course, if he ivunlil rat hur let it run than to spend U.i or 50 cents, ho is liable to iiileh this dreadful disease, lie can •j;i't. tint "rout remedy of any dealer, ilite bottle enresj^ any ordinary rouble-, whclher it is thfoat coin- •hiiiit- or even il''it'"liu*i settled into .> liiiiiniiin or pleurisy. ItEiiv'-t ! Kit MAN C0U«ll AND KlDNEY L'l'lt. •! lie best remedy in the world tur I ! roubles of this kind. Get it. ot ny denier. Small bottles 25 cents, ii-jte size 50 oents, SYLVAN KEMEDY Co.,Peoria, IL> 'Tho champion enter hum town itound lu tho pawow of a negro mimed Mver- uivru. at Uoabew lilt* Va, JleUuUy ut u Clutftw nwwh uu nw \m luitfe iM)V« ot broad, ttttwu \mm fcgu- iiiOuu wlio. <wu puuuUtt at imw,* pluoUed ns a symbol. Virst nnd lust tho roso has boon tho thomo of countless poomsj thore Is no poot worthy .of tho naino who has not consecrated it luvorso. FOR BRONCHIA!,, ASTHMATIC ANP I'UhMONAltY CUMl'hAJNTS„ "iliviw't Uniiu)M«l Twa/urn" liuvu reuiuiliulilo nurullyu properties, Haiti onto in WHta. ... ."ill i ' 1 " li'" ' !*« ClirysauHiuiinims, sui-vuil tia a salad, are » tiTorftu urtlelu u( diet mauug iu «jui>un«««. When tolllslinesa comes hi, smiling through onu door, lovo walks out, grieving, through iiniitlier. Will (lo good hi ulmost every cuseotslek- aeaa—HmuU llllu Ueiius, Tlio total production ot iimplo sugar In this country last year was !U,U.W,U37 puuude. All for Oa out-.t*. The' Motion Huulo bus milled .,„ „„. to iU ah roiiily upleiittlu oqiilpmoiit two ttranibuow tlht'UK V A M, IVUU'U ttru.liuw lU dully BUfvlci) ou tlttj ftiJit day tmlus bulwevu Clilcugu ami UmlnvlUu. . >i , Tltiisu i'ttrsor«iwoMel«ofoQiivuiiioiipq,fiuni. Oqwu AVAir-.ll'YottWiMt Tomtit If.not, tort, iiini lummy '•' 111 lUl -B 'tl HOW or UOKISIIQUSIUIIU 'Ull. In UUl 'tu iv, anil aru qpuriUud oil tin) « wliuii muuiiu ilia, ft piw«oiig«r Uiii lUMiVUqMfclf OV HoKISiiqutil)AXU'Ull. In uui'tu plan, wm»» •••«•» * r»™y," yiK ^tjl 'uoti|AO ^aJ )auys Cjnijijtt QUO t-un uel utiyUIIIIK IIUJVUIIUI mid lmyjiuU Mrs, E. J. Itowol), Moilford, Has 1 }., says mother lias boon cured of Berofula by tin use if four bottles of jfRXJ3!S|l nf ' cr boring had i>ucli other treat- |P»BCTS>|| meat, and bolng reduced to Quito n low condition of health, as It ras thought sho could not 11 vo. Cured my llttlo boy ofhoreill- poarod all ovor bis ^<£^2>^*'^ f ' ll!0 • rp * jyoarlbaa jtvonupallJiope »f Uis -rffX^Ss*^*^ roeovory, whon finally I wa» wj^^*^ lndueoit to usq Afuvrbo "^ttlesourodl;lm,andno lymptonia of too dlseaoo remain. Mas. T. !>. MATH ana, Mathotvlllo. Wsa. DwbHkH WM 4|» JS»IH UlwnnninedtVee. IW»r tf«q»ic r^ AUeJa. Oe. s.s.s. 0SHK0S9 BUSINESS COLLEGE il of SlortHaiil anil TypBwrltlJt iprp tlluatr^ttd Publication*, • Ub Ba Ideho, WuMnf »n »<1 Orejuo, th« FRI8 OOVBRNMBNT AND LOW PRIClf NORTHERN , PACIFIC R.I _ AkrTbeb«ltAjrll™""r«l,Qr«llnj»iidT,mVnr , I fTede now on.o lo eolllerl. Helled VRKK. AadreW . li. uuuMM, lul Cam., S. »•. K. B., uu real, »1» , Wutttncton end Ona 9| i' ^ )VERNMBNT LANDS $5 to $15 Mi? UOHTNINO km% Seen et |«tlr> teed ee »•», ee e'l eleiaeVeuul wile |el4, elliu e> ei4>< Je eaputetee, KeeeMMI. Oerj eeee, eeaieeili e«ee> b lei eleAe. WeeWle « n,M»i {tCyrtie »ieel»ie> ORTH DOUBLE TH8 ,8euil nt , ouee w Joun suuiu QblHMro, 111., «uu ricilv P..IVH,, OlilMUio, ... " a*Jt deekof iittiils you' pwk, fu eUtopaorcoia. I MKN TOTKHVBL Wtp»J W» to $ too j mouth Add MpUMt. W Bl.i.lMtTuW. MwlUoU. Wtl.

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