Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 26, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 26, 1959
Page 6
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Junior Editors Quix on COOKING QUESTION: Where did fhe word "barbecue come from? ANSWER: In the last few years, cooking outdoors over charcoal has become very popular. Most people call this a barbecue. But the word has many meanings. H comes from the Spanish word "barbacoa," meaning an elevated frame or platform. These wooden frames were used for smoking or broiling fish and meats. In English barbecue originally meant the roasting of a whole hog, ox, or other large animal over sn open fire. The word later came to mean any outdoor celebration where animals were roasted whole and where large amounts of food were served. Many restaurants advertise barbecued meats, such as spareribs or chicken. In this sense, barbecue means that the meat has been cooked on a revolving spit or over an open fire and served with a sharp sauce. FOR YOU TO DO: There are still a great many old-fashioned barbecues held throughout the United States. Perhaps your parents will take you to one so you can see the meat being roasted. Perhaps dad will also let you help him the next time he cooks outdoors. (The S10 award for this question goes to Pam Hobbs of Fremont, Calif. Mail your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higqins AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. It duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Pop learned a lot of football! He got in the wrong seating section and started to root for usl" SIDE GLANCES By Gaibraith "I knew you'd be a fine lawyer someday, Robert. You were the only fourth grade pupil I ever had who could talk me out of a spanking!" SWEETIE PIE By Naditie Seltxcr , to-zl, "Butch was wondering about the dowry!" TIZZY By Kate Osartn Don invited me for a ride in his new car. I'm supposed to bring my own wrench!" Hodgepodge Answer to Previous Puzzle ACEOSS 1 Cowboy's seat 7 Restraining device 13 Eye part 14 Antenna 15 Pineapple 16 Bread makers 17 Retitle 18 East African coin (var.) 19 More savory 22 Solitary 25 Rowers 29 Hail! 30 Darkens 31 Suffix 32 Thigh (comb, form) 33 Corm 34 Mariner's direction 35 Rich fabric 37 Old 38 Forewarned 41 Chemical compound 44 Color (pi.) 48 Unpolished 50 Mother, for instance 51 Sickest 52 Everlasting (poet.) 53 Ogler 54 Slap again DOWN 1 European district 2 Finnish name 3 College head 4 Give 5 South American ruminant 6 Facilitates 7 Feminine nickname 8 Gleaners 9 Irritators 10 Perishes 11 Etruscan title 12 Princess of Brabant 20 Worker 21 Phonetic foot 22Elia 23 Above 24 Roman emperor 26 Chinese dynasty 27 Hireling 28 Require 30 Dandy 33 Flog 36 Horse gait 37 Idolizes 39 Small candle 40 Flush with success 41 Seed covering 42 Kind of slipper 43 Small island 45 European blackbird 46 Feminine appellation 47 Pace 49 Center (ab.) i> 17 48 8 18 10 II 12. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Vital Information BY EDGAR MARTIN OU - w~ P ft'-Crtt. |OVX,< ^r y -A / 1' 2!T" vxuu ?? •/'/ <• S /'^ OUT OUR WAY SY J. R. WILLIAMS HESEEf-THIS / IUSULT.' ^ BORM THIRTY VEAR& TOO SOOM ^ .«.«Vr.Jwr. OUR BOARDING HOUSE l»h . . - MAJOR HOOPLi TUP [.is• WAS fe AFTER LET ME see. V ^ vo ^ Ij <5f TWS5& V(H N0\M x~.£AW /:< r,r- c uS--.rO ; j , N cp|SATO,^S }\ O p A S3L "-•wFEKHAF^ /\ rt- JA .'-J A cr^ v M ,^ <f (^epLSD; .> HEATED IF T TRY IT < : • ^ t : -y Nic= • v 7,p PL AMS (-/GREENHOU ' ' < E \Wo wAY-'-•. \1 L-i-OV.__. u-- N " ;; -.-is; ^ u\MlN!6 1 R?f< r^i-jin*- 1 / /MO/— FAP/ !\ iNC-IJOr-c:^ i HELMET WlTrUl (?&ADV-TO- , ,DASH IT ALL// V^A rOLLVuX^;\^^ D 5f41ELD;\EAT POPCOR_W ,Q /> " " Ullt ""^ " "~ "^ J ^J \ BUGS BUNNY Fast Finish . MORE TIME T 1 RAISE TH'MONEY HRISCILLA'S POP Color Scheming BY AL VERMEER GOOD! THEN I WON'T HAVE TO CHANGE tV,Y BLOUSE FOR /'BUT PRI-3CILLAI S YOU DON'T HAVE / A &ROWN BLOUSE.' NO, BUT K^ I SPILLED \ COCOA ON MV WHITE )• ONE.' V - X/ 0 ALLEY OOP Who Else? BY V. T. HAMLlN YSOT . ajTWr^T- HEV? WHAT'S > \ EVER JT IS, IT'S RUN HISHNES5/JU5T AS SOON AS KICK THESE BARS COWM! R3RCTAT SAKE? IT'S OOP.' HE DOME IT.' HE MUSTA, CORRALLEP TH' PLACE IS \EVERV VARMINT IN CRAWLIN' WITH THIS PART OF .,TH' COUNTRY/ IT CAN'T BE! HE/ IT'S GOTTA HASN'T BEEN AROUND / WHO ELSE HERE IN A> I COULDA MONTH OF A DONE IT. ? TUESDAYS.' ,[i 1719 Lr NM 'j»u>t», fat, T.M. RB^. U.fc. MORTY MEEKLE Unimpressed BY DICK CAVALLI THAT MAN'S WEARING A HAT EXACTLY' LIKE YOURS/ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS © 1559 by NEA Stnlo», Inc. T.M. Rtfr U.S. Ptt. OH.' , .' \ Easily Done YOU MEAN YOU DONTMIND? BY MERRILL BLOSSER L KMOW IT WONt Bt? PATTERM YOUR.-/VES, THATS NOT AS RIDICULOUS AS I ALWAYS MAYE BEEAl A MlTe WeAK THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Hired BY WILSON SCRUGGS BILLV/ WOULD YOU LIKE -)OU, I TO US' WHILE MeS.MAKTlW A SHE'S IS<SOH6?/.OKAY. 1 WAVE A JOS, &WIW/ BHO OWE- MUST'KNOW ABOUT CAPTAIN EASY Too Early to Tell BY LESLIE TURNER i WHEN I RETURNED FROM V*Y • pip WBLL W VICAR,,,M{?#,WELLER I 6BBIN6 MBI V&T SURE THEV IVB F^SOTTEM 1 . WHyf/ PIP A& I AM OF THE OTHERS WHO ir *~* !««• «''«'• vr^n i ._,. . ,,_. ,.-,..-»,. ••)»•• TELL \)$ WHAT THIS IS / AREWT K6APY T0 MAKl ALL ABOUT VET? WHAT I IT PU&LIC. NOW WE M115T WITH 5COTLAWP VAKP \GET KOME. AUP KEB MEN CHECKIUO UP^/V AW APPOIMTMEMT WITH IttEIAl L

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