Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 13, 1972 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1972
Page 30
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Garlic in cooking history By TOM HOtih; AP Ncwsfcatures Writer For centuries, the versatile bulb known as garlic has perhaps been used to flavor more types of food than has any other seasoning. Despite the potent aroma this member of the onion family gives off-by scientific estimate one millionth of an ounce can be detected by the human nostril—garlic is delicate if prepared properly. In the Mediterranean area where garlic is used lavishly, cooks have discovered that crushing the bud reduces its potency. Boiling garlic also tames the scent. In fact kitchens in Provencal feature a soup composed of a couple of dozen garlic cloves, water and not much else. In ancient times, garlic served as a food rather than a seasoning. Historians tell us the Egyptian slaves who built the Great Pyramid in the 5th century B.C. virtually lived on garlic and onions. And the Roman poet, Virgil, urged reapers to eat garlic to help them withstand the broiling sun as they toiled in the fields. Garlic was also used for medical purposes in olden days. When one suffered from a toothache, a sliver of the bulb was placed in the cavity. It was generally believed in medieval times that, garlic could cure dog bites, poison-arrow wounds and the sting tf a venomous snake. One tends to link Italian food with the flavor of garlic and this is true of many dishes of that land, from the rich to- matoe sauces of southern Italy to the tangy dishes of Milan in the north. Good Italian cooks arc careful not to over-season a dish or sauce with garlic, but there is usually enough of an aroma to make it clearly detectable. In Naples they serve a pasta flavored with garlic and olive oil, and in Piedmont restaurants feature a powerful sauce known as bagna caucla, or hot bath. Made from butter, anchovies, white truffles and garlic with olive oil, this authoritative mixture is used as a hot dip for cold raw vegetables and makes a delicious antipasto. In Milan, they have several garlic specialties that have found their way to America. Ons ie Osso Buco, which consists of veal shanks braised witli vegetables, white wine and tomatoes. Before being served^ this pungent dish is garnished with a mixture of chopped raw garlic, lemon peel' and parsley. One of the most delightful garlic dishes for which Milan is noted is Vitello Tonnato. It consists of sliced veal flavored with garlic, wine and herbs, served cold with a sprightly tu- nafish, anchovy and garlic sauce. Vitello Tonnato is a specialty of L'Aiglon, a restaurant in midtown New York. The owners picked up the recipe in a small trattoria in the Milan region, and adapted it for their cuisine. VITELLO TONNATO 1 five-pound veal roast, boned and tied 4 cups chicken broth 2 cups dry white wine 1 bay leaf 4 chopped garlic buds 6 celery tops 2 carrots sliced Bag of mixed herbs (available in most food stores) Place veal in heavy pot and sear over hot flame. Add above ingredients, cover pot and cook slowly 1\k hours. Remove from fire and let cool. For the sauce, place in a blender two medium cans white-meat tuna, 4 anchovies, 2 ' teaspoons Dijon mustard, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, 1 teaspoon each powdered thyme, savory, salt, white pepper. Add 4 ounces fresh lemon juice and put blender on low speed, adding slowly 1 cup olive oil. Turn blender to high speed 1 minute, remove sauce to a bowl and stir in four ounces capers and four ounces chopped parsley. Slice cold veal and place In a shallow dish that has a cover. Pour sauce over meat, cover and keep in refrigerator 2 days. Serves four as a main course. Good with a chilled Soave white wine. The height of a horse is measured in hands from the ground to the highest point of the withers, or ridge between the shoulder bones. A hand is 4 inches, the width of v an average man's hand. The color of hair, its texture and the way it grows are determined by heredity, but may be influenced by environment. It may grow only on certain parts of the body, as in man, or it may cover most of the body, as in animals. Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, Sept. 13,1972 C-ll 6/y. •*-}. (Choice CHUCK - oa&t STORES Sale Prices in Stores Only —- Prices Good thru Sept. 16 WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT PARTICIPATING STORES Bailey's AG Market 6th ond Ferguson Wood River 254-6112 Floyd's AG Market 3rd & Penning Wood River, III. Closed Wednesday Goldman's AG Market 1324 Highland, Alton Dial465-8622 Horn's Elm St. AG Market Elm and Albv Sts., Alton DiaU62-6012 Neuhaus AG Market 201 Shamrock St., East Alton, III. Dial 259-7214 Rain & Rain AG Market 2,521 State St. —Alton Phone 466-6423 Smitty's AG Market 720EdwardsvilleRd,, Wood River, III. Open Sundays & Holidays Third St. AG Market 120Third'St., East Alton, III. 254-4511 Wegener's AG 901 AlbySt.. Alton, III. Open Friday 'till 9 CENTER CUT Chuck Roast IB BOSTON ROLL Boneless Beef Roast i b . TENDER JUICY Chuck Steaks Lb 69' $109 79' FINE FOR POT ROAST Shoulder Roast LEAN TENDER Swiss Steaks BONELESS CUBED Turkey Steaks Lb 89' Lb 99 Lb 99 :QUARTER PORK LOIN •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I HUNTER TABLE LEAN MAYROSE TENDER LEAN Lb -89c 6-7 LB BUTT PTN. HUNTER FULLY COOKED HAM s-7 LB: SHANK PTN. UNTER BOOKPACK OR ARMOUR STAR HUNTER BOOKPACK Sliced Bacon .vfr* W* ^ '&WSafa %i! .\ ARMOUR STAR ALL MEAT BOLO.-PICKLE LOAF Sliced Luncheon Meat '£'• 79' MAYROSE FULLY COOKED Brown 'n Serve Sausage"... 8P £ 69* DELICIOUS WAFER SLICED Boned Boiled Ham £ 59 C ARMOUR HOT DOGS OR HUNTER Skinless Wieners MAYROSE FOR OVEN ROASTIN Corned Beef KREY OLDE TYME Polish Sausage BY THE PIECE KREY OLDE TYME Stick Salami BLUE BONNET Shurfine FANCY ^^ Apple Sauce SO GOOD POTATO CHIPS «' 59c PEVELY TWIN POPS Lb. Lb. lb. $139 Lb. Roll Margarine CAPRI LIQUID LEMON Detergent 99« Rice's Chili 79' Freshliki SALE CREAM OR WHOLE Gold Corn Leaf Spinach Sweet Peas 4 Cut Green Beans 6 Pale. On. 29 C CREST MINT OR REGULAR TOOTH PASTE REGULAR 69c VALUE 0 Tube's 4/C Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Now In Season! Flame Red California TOKAY GRAPES 39 C LB. U.S. No. 1/Red Limit With AG Coupon $5. Additional Purchase BETSY ROSS SANDWICH BREAD .. SHURFINE GRAPEFRUIT SECTIONS SHURFINE TOMATO SAUCE ...... GOLDEN GRAIN DINNER MAC & CHEDDAR ..... SUNSHINE HYDROX COOKIES ... Potatoes 10,79 C 9 u, L , «;QO £. Loaves WW 37'i 25 C 39'( 79' 3 BAG 3 _ 2 ft 2 2 303 Can Cant 7V..Oi. Pkgs. Missouri Grown/New Crop Your Choice — Red Delicious/ Golden Delicious Apples . . . Washington Bartlett Pears Michigan/Large/Purple Plums ..... 5 New Crop/Green Cabbage ..... LB. 12* California/Vine Ripened Tomatoes ..... LB 39* PIECES AND STEMS AG MUSHROOMS Limit With AG Coupon AG OLD FASHIO I c ) SWEET PICKLES J CORN OIL ate \ SHURFRESH MARGARINE \5-Ot. Pkgt. CORN, MIX-VEG., PEAS, SPINACH 5 10 oz. $1 Pkg*. I (ORE IDA TATER TOTS 2 ft 53') in luuni r nioi/i rp 3 49') AG WHOLE PICKLES 4-Oj. Can 16 Oi. Jar Lb. Cm. 39' 39' 39' PETER PAN SMOOTH OR CRUNCHY PEANUT BUTTER DILL OR KOSHER 22-Oz. Jar 49 X DRIVE ^COUPON SAVE 35 ( 25* Off Label King Size Pkg. THE DRINK OF TODAY THTHE TASTE Of TOMORROW COUPON SAVE 10 COUPON TOWARD PURCHASE Limit On« Coupon P«r Family. Coupon E*pite» Sept. 16, 1V72. R20 t 3. One Coupon Per Family, n Expire* Sepl. 16, 1972. limit On* Coupon Per Family. Coupon Eipiret Sept. 16, 197). R20 + 3 COUPON COUPON SAVE 25' COUPON SAVE 30' AG ICE CREAM or Sherbet COUPON SAVE 25' 33-Oz. Btl. limit One Coupon Per Family Coupon Expi'ei Sept. 16, 1972 R10 + 3 Limit Una Coupon Per family. Coupon fc»pirei Sept. 16. 1972. RI8 • 3 limit Qn« Coupon Per Family. Coupon E»pirej S»pt. 16, 1972. NR

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